i cannot with this season finale

Sherlock- No Spoilers, I Promise

I just wanted to say that- and this is my opinion, which I am entitled to have- I think this series of Sherlock has been the best yet, and I bloody loved the finale.

I cried, I gasped, I really started to question my life choices.

And I thought it was amazing.

So, Moffat, Gatiss. Whatever else anyone says, whatever it did or didn’t have, however glaring the continuity may have been- I didn’t notice. I was too caught up in an excellent story, one that I hope to God you’ll keep telling.

God job, boys. Whether it’s the truly final problem or not… good job.

no, this wasn’t queerbaiting nor was it a disappointment. just because we didn’t get the johnlock kiss doesn’t mean johnlock isn’t real. look at this pic. look at them. listen to what is said at the end of the episode. everyone who claims that they’re disappointed are just seeing, not observing. you cannot tell me that this wasn’t the gayest version of sherlock holmes and john watson ever. and even if they’re not (which i highly doubt) this series is something incredibly special and nothing will ever change that.

Respect the LGBT+ Community

I honestly cannot say how disgusted i am with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. 

I this supposed to be a joke? Are you fucking kidding me? Whats the worst thing you can do, to your very best friends? Your loyal fans, that trusted you, the ones who made Sherlock become as big as it now is. How can you betray us like that? 

Is there ever going to be anybody, who has enough respect, to take this community seriously and represent us the way we deserve it? We are the ones that everybody is going to make fun of now. The ones who created this idea of johnlock, that believed in something that turned out to be just queerbaiting all over again. A can’t hear it anymore. Will there ever come a time, when we are the ones who get delivered? Not just the ones who were silly enough to trust somebody to change something, to trust somebody who says goes on about the importance of lgbt representation who gives who so much hope, who has the power to change something and in the end its all just a dirty lie. 

Even if this wasn’t it, even if there was something to follow, there is only so far you can go. you had your opportunity, you blew it, and i will never trust the media (which you also loved to joke about, saying never trust the media and you are nothing better than all those corrupted fake, homophobic media out there) or you ever again. This meant so much to so many people and you broke my heart with chickening out in the last minute. 

how dare you mention oscar wilde in this? How dare you betray the love of your friends. this is a grotesque joke. 

Oh and thank you for the fact that the people you’ve chosen to make explicitly queer on the show are psychopathic killer villains.. I am sure that is enough LGBT representation. 

Do you have any respect for the LGBT community? this is an honest question, i want to have an answer


Sherlock began when I was 14. It helped me through a dark place in my teens when I was very lonely, and now I’m 21. I’m about to do adult stuff and I honestly cannot face the prospect of Sherlock ending forever. Those characters were my friends, in a very literal sense, during my darkest hours; and I’m scared of the thought that they may only continue to live on my mind. I worry I’ll forget them one day and they’ll be gone forever.

I’m not ready. Don’t take my dear detective just yet.

My problem with apple tree and the final problem

What I am trying to say is that I have this friend
I’ve talked about her before
She is anti Johnlock, she is certainly homophobic and she has really shallow views on the show
And I cannot for the life of me talk to her
Because she thinks she has been right all this time
And even if they air a fourth episode next Sunday she will not care
For her season four is over
She loved the last episode
And she thinks I’m overreacting
Even if they air the episode Sunday
In her eyes i will always be crazy
And that is because Mofftiss threw away their shot at shuting up all these homophobes
They could have made history
But I don’t think they can pull this off after all

Viral Warfare
  • Viral Warfare
  • Vargskelethor
  • Skeleton Metal III: The Final Bonemageddon

Demo from the final skeleton metal album.

No cure for the common cold
Viral disease spreads tenfold
If you cough phlegm my way
I’ll kill you with an ashtray

They call me viral warfare
Immunity I’ll impair
Not deadly just annoying
With your immunity I’ll be toying

Can you feel it in the air?
Grocery stores you should beware
That’s the place most people get sick
Just letting you avoid that shit

Have you ever wondered
“How did I get sick?”
Here’s your stupid answer;
Its me, I’m a dick

Walking sick nightmare
I’ll infect you anywhere

Oh its the seasons
Its the flu
I’ll cough on you

Get the nyquil

Cannot get rid of me
Modern science wont disagree
And tea
Its all crappy


Something that I really wish mp100 had done in the final fight of season 1 would have been, instead of Mob giving Reigen his powers, we discover that Reigen is literally so bad at being a psychic that psychic attacks just don’t even detect him.

Like he’s the perfect Psychic Insulator; he can never have any real psychic abilities, but he also literally cannot be affected by them.

He is the Psychic Void.

Cam’s acting

i finally got it why Cam was so freaking bad these past 2 seasons. he is one of us. i bet he despises what they have done with ian for the last 2 seasons. and just cannot act it. because he does not understand motivation for the actions. (well, because they is non. season 6 and 7 up until now was just OOC) look at his face when they’ve said mickey’s name. it is THE Cam of first seasons face. there finally is some acting!

Things We Got in The Finale that I Can’t Believe

1. Victor literally wanted to bang Yuuri wearing nothing but his gold medal. LIKE THIS IS A REAL THING ACTUALLY PRESENTED. i cannot. this show i swear.

2. Victor and Yuri skating together next season!!

3. Shout out to my precious son Yurio for stealing the Gold with his earth shattering performance; and thus ensuring Yuuri doesn’t retire.

4. Yurio and Otabek. – THAT DUMB LITTLE THUMBS UP!! I’m dead.


6. All of my children’s BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCES!! Phitchit is such a cutie and I’m so proud of him. I love them all.

More to be added later

I just am so amazed at how Nico is strong not only physically but also mentally. He went through a lot of shit but also got a lot of shit not only from fans but also from his teammate and I cannot tell yoy how proud I am of him. How proud I am that he came out on the top today despite everything.

He did so good this season, he fought every second and he always wanted to prove himself…and he finally did it!

2017 Reading Plans // Part 1

These are some of the books that I’m really looking forward to read next year, specifically during the Winter season: 

> All The Light We Cannot See // Anthony Doerr

> Between Shades of Grey // Ruta Sepetys

> The Snow Child //  Eowyn Ivey

> The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle) // Patrick Rothfuss

> The Final Empire (Mistborn Trilogy) // Brandon Sanderson

> Caraval // Stephanie Garber

> A Little Life // Hanya Yanagihara

> The Queen of the Tearling // Erika Johansen 

> The Goldfinch // Donn Tartt

Do you have any books you are really looking forward to read next year? :)

To The Antis

I’ve accepted that Johnlock probably will never happen, however I have a right to be angry. Because besides the plethora of evidence in the show supporting our reading you cannot deny that the cast and crew added fuel to the fire. In fact many of us didn’t believe it was actually going to happen until they started filming last year. 

They kept saying the season was going to be ‘groundbreaking’ ‘something that’s never been done before’ ‘the final episode is insane wish fulfillment’  and last but not least, from Benedict himself ‘love conquers all’. Oh and there was also Arwel Jones tweeting about elephants every week and the cast retweeting TJLC content. Oh and a representative on the official Sherlock Youtube channel calling it ‘the greatest love story in history’.

Sherlock loving a woman has been done before, Sherlock loving Irene has been done before. There exists a show where Watson is an Asian Woman and has a fling with Mycroft, where Irene is actually Moriarty so technically Sherlock slept with Moriarty. 

Sherlock loving a woman is not groundbreaking, Sherlock loving his sister is not groundbreaking, Sherlock caring about John in a platonic way is not groundbreaking.

And what was that that Mofftiss said once? That they took a lot of inspiration from The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. A movie where the director said that Holmes is gay and in love with Watson. And what was the other thing they said? That they think ‘everyone’s been getting it wrong’ and they want to make it right. What exactly are they fixing? There is literally nothing exceptionally groundbreaking that they’re doing with this current adaptation.

So to those saying it’s our fault for believing, consider that the cast and crew led us on. Consider that the BBC released a survey of viewers demanding more diversity in their shows and promised to deliver. Consider the fact that there is barely any lgbt representation where characters aren’t immediately killed off or are the punch line of a joke. Consider the fact that there hasn’t been a deep gay love story as deep and dramatic as Johnlock would have been. Why do you think everyone is in complete hysterics over Johnlock not happening and not Destiel or (insert ship name here)? Because of the mountain of evidence that backed up our reading.

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I got some Caryl feels coming at ya! Ready??

After all the shittyness Daryl has gone through, you could imagine his reaction when he finally has a breath of hope back in his life. Like at the end of season 7… And honestly, I cannot wait to see ‘victory’ written all over that beautiful man’s face!

So imagine this:

S7 Finale, TF had just defeated their first battle against Negan, and everyone’s hyped and excited about their new victory. Now keep in mind, before this moment, Daryl had found Carol but had to leave her b/c she couldn’t be with him or their family, he would’ve had a long talk with Maggie about Glenn’s death and that’s going to be a sad conversation, and TF would’ve had a really crappy time finding the other communities to agree to fight against Negan. 

So all in all, things had been pretty crappy in Daryl’s mind up to this point.

So if you could imagine, as the leaders are making their big speeches, you can see Daryl in the background, with the largest smile we’ve ever seen on his face as he looked to the crowd with a sense of renewed hope. For in that moment, they had both the Kingdom and the Hilltop at their side, they had just defeated Negan, and Carol had just come back to him, saving everyone’s asses in the process. 

For the first time in God knows how long, he’ll feel good, he’ll feel excited, and even hopeful for the future!

And as the crowd cheers towards their leaders, you can see Daryl’s very rare relaxed state as he draws Carol closer to him, his arm wrapped around her body as he settles his chin over her head. She sighs into his chest and smiles genuinely for the first time in ages as she finds comfort in her other half.

That’s when, even for a moment, he would feel unstoppable, that they can overcome anything in this world with each other.