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I know JK, I know ;-) *his face tho*  *V’s sexy back*


161130 ○ LAYnyDays ○ from 0:30
Sulay’s discussion about Yixing not wanting to be called cute anymore

Yixing: I’m already 25, I cannot be kawaii anymore.
Suho: Then do a cute expression, let everyone decide if it’s cute or not.
Yixing: Didn’t I say no more kawaii?
Suho: Then do it here for the last time.
Yixing: It’s really the last time~ Wait, if I do it today, I have to do it again tomorrow.
Suho: Just think of today. *starts chanting “Lay! Lay!”*
Yixing: But I don’t remember when I was cute…
Suho: *makes a cute face at Yixing*Expressions etc~ *counting down* 3, 2…
Yixing: But today’s hairstyle is not suitable~
Suho: *sighing* I’m sorry.

(trans: xnejane)

Loving one who is depressed is hard.You sometimes feel like depression is taking them away from you.Like a thief that leaves them still.Like you don’t know them anymore.It feels like watching your home slowly drift away. And I know it’s hard.But remember it’s harder for them.So please don’t give up on them.They need your love more than ever.And I promise you ,they are trying their best to bounce back.Even when it doesn’t seem like it.Remember you cannot see the battle they bravely face in their own minds.You have to always remember this.
—  You Just Need To Stay // Conee Berdera
I can’t stop falling asleep on the phone with someone I made up inside my own head. I keep digging through all my memories trying to remember when I ever loved you, if I ever did, and how it felt. I passed a beautiful girl on the street today and in my head I asked her to run away with me. I keep running away from love with my feet because my hands cannot stop reaching for it. I keep praying to a God who never answers me. I’m not even sure if I’m praying just to pray anymore or if it actually means anything to me. I cannot remember the last time I kissed someone and didn’t cry. I saw your hands in a dream and all I wanted to do was hold them. I still reach for things that have been moved a long time ago. I find myself searching for your face on the train even though I know I won’t find it. I keep writing letters to myself and asking myself for forgiveness. I’m not even sure for what. Maybe because of the scars on my arms. Maybe because of my empty stomach. I started writing a poem and it turned into a suicide note. I kissed a girl and I can’t remember if it was in a dream or if it actually happened. I picture you in my bed so much I'm actually surprised when I reach for you and you aren't there. There are a lot of ways to harm yourself and I didn’t realize this could be one.
—  m.o.w

the two best moments in the sense8 christmas special were Hernando’s “Art is love made public” speech and Lito’s “I can’t live a lie, I am gay, I won’t hide it anymore. Fuck consequences” speech, those moments saved 2016


Jon x Reader

Requested By Anon

“You must be pleased to have Jon back.” Sansa sighed as the two of you walked the length of the courtyard, watching the snow fall around you as people hurried around, pausing only to accept the grateful greetings that were muttered to Sansa.


“Perhaps, it does not feel as if I have him back, he is worrying.” You admitted and she stopped turning to you with a set frown on her face.

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i know this isn't that important a detail but cor i cannot stop thinking about how hinami and ayato are talking in that place!!! out of all places she brings him to that place! ayahina is so pure i cannot take this ship anymore ;;

It is an important though! Hinami went to Aogiri to gain strength so she could protect her loved ones and be powerless in the face of losing someone important. She couldn’t save her Mother, or help Kaneki when Anteiku fell but she finally felt her strength when she was able to fight off Takizawa and save Sasaki at the Auction. And here we have Hinami feeling vulnerable again, going back to the ruins of the Aogiri Base to seek out solace and the courage to face Akira and her own personal demons. 

Ayato finding her there, where he once sat and planned to save her from her impending death at Cochlea among the roses. The first time he had shown such concern over a comrade (Eto: that’s sad (a first))

It’s an important place for them both and I have a lot of feelings over that exchange ToT

Dear Jackson

Originally posted by got7official

Warnings: None

Characters: Jackson 

Word Count: 2.1k

Dear Jackson,

I understand that this is a cowardly way to do this. I just knew that if I did this face to face, I wouldn’t be able to say it. I’m truly, truly sorry that things have ended up this way. Just know that when I say I am undoubtedly in love with you, I mean it. You are my sunshine, you’ve always kept me happy in life. I am not doing this because I no longer love you or that I am unhappy with you. I’m doing this because I just cannot take it anymore. The secrets, the hiding, everything. I understand you have to think about your career, but I have to think about myself. I am only doing what is best for the both of us. I know that you’ll do fine when I’m gone, and look on the bright side. You won’t have to be with a woman that is too much of a coward to break up with you to your face. I love you, and I’m sorry.

Jackson read the letter left for him by his girlfriend. ‘How could she do this?’ He thought. He frantically looked around for his jacket, grabbing it before running out of the dorms. He ran the few blocks from the dorm to her apartment, hoping that she would still be awake by the time he arrived. He ran up nine flights of stairs to the floor his girlfriend lived on. He banged on her door, not caring if he woke the neighbors up.

“Jackson, go home. You don’t need to be here,” She said from the other side of the door.

“I’m not going home until we talk about this!” He yelled, continuing to bang on the door.

When the door opened, he leaped into her arms. He held onto her as if she would float away like dust in the wind if he let her go. He heard her sigh, managing to shut the door behind him.

“Please don’t leave me,” He cried. Every tear he shed hit her heart like a hammer. She knew that it would come to this, which is why she left a letter instead of breaking up with him face to face. She should have known that he would have this reaction, but she hoped he would silently accept it.

“It’s what is best for both of us,” She coldly replied. She managed to break herself free from his iron grip, distancing herself from him immediately. Jackson would never admit it, but she was his ultimate weakness. He was a fool in love and would do anything for her. However, he was also a selfish man in love. He didn’t want to let her go, fearing the possibility of her meeting someone else. He wanted to be the only one to have her.

“Tell me why you think this is what’s best,” He pleaded. She refused to speak, so he asked again. This time, grabbing her wrist and turning her around to look at him.

“I’m tired of the secrets,” She whispered. “I’m tired of hiding our relationship. It’s not healthy for us to have to act like we are nothing to each other. Having to hide our relationship from everyone except the other members is not good for us. No matter how much this hurts, I know it’s what I have to do… I will be hurt further if I continue being with you,” She finishes, her words lacking all emotion. He heard his heartstrings snap at the sound of her words.

“I can’t live without you… I love you so much,” His tears started flowing more and more as the situation continued. If he couldn’t have her, he would never be the same. She was his muse, his inspiration. He could do and be anything with her beside him. If she were to leave, he would crumble and fade away.

“You are going to have to, baby. This is what’s best, and you know it,” She argued. His sadness turned to bitterness and anger. “I do not know that!” He yelled. “This isn’t what’s best, and you know that! What do you want me to do? Do you want me to just reveal to the world that we are dating? Do you want me to go against JYP and let our relationship be known? What do you want me to do? Tell me what you want me to do and I will do it. I would do anything for you. Just give me my orders!” He was on his knees begging by this point. No matter how weak it made him look, he was nothing but putty in her hands.

“Please, leave,” She said softly. He nodded his head, knowing that arguing was no use. Much like himself, she was a fighter. She wouldn’t back down, no matter what. He was the same, but she was his kryptonite.

In the few weeks following that night, she had forced herself to move on. Jackson tried to contact her many times since that night, but she ignored him every single time. The first few days, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She usually would spend her off days with Jackson, but now she had a free schedule. She knew that sitting and sulking wouldn’t help, it would only make matters worse. She forced herself to get more consumed by her work, deciding that working would be the right cure. 

She was scrolling through her phone on her lunch break when she saw a link to a video. ‘Jackson Wang Opens Up About Mysterious Girlfriend’ it read. She feared the worst but clicked on the video anyway. The video was taken from a variety show that Got7 had recently been on. One of the MC’s asked about any love interest, and Jackson spoke up.

“Being in love when you’re an idol isn’t an easy thing to do. What is harder, though, is being in love with an idol. My love has had to hide our relationship for so long, and I think the pressure finally became too much for her to handle. We haven’t seen one another in weeks, and honestly, it is hurting me so badly. I have tried to throw myself into music to occupy my mind, but she is in everything around me. She is my muse, some of the best things I have created have been inspired by her. She is the love of my life, and now I fear that she will be gone forever,” Mark pulled him into a hug, rubbing his shoulder as he broke down in tears. The MC was at a lost for words, and so was she. She didn’t even finish eating lunch before she bolted out the door.

The roles were reversed this time as she banged on the door to the Got7 dorm. When someone opened the door, she pushed past them and barged into the room where Jackson laid on his bed.

“Have you lost your mind? What kind of stunt was that? Do you know what this could do to your career?!” She yelled.

“What’s the point of having a career when I don’t have my inspiration with me?!” He yelled back.

She felt all of her strength left her body. She fell to her knees on the floor. Jackson got down on his knees and cried with her, the repercussions of his confession lingered in his mind. He knew, though, that whatever the outcome it would be far easier than trying to live without her. They cried in each other’s arms, and he kissed her head and told her everything would be okay.

“What’s done is done. It’s all out in the open. There’s no more hiding. I would rather lose popularity than lose you. I want to become a better Jackson not only for myself but for you, the other members, and iGot7. Keeping a secret like this hasn’t helped me become a better Jackson, it has done the opposite.”

He grabbed his phone from on top of his bed, typing in his passcode and opening Instagram. He went to his page and tapped on his most recent post. It was a picture of them taken on their first date. 

Jacksonwang852g7: I am sure by now most of you have heard my recent confession. This is the woman that I am in love with. We have been together for almost a year and three months now. I took this picture on our first date. Please do not think that I lied to all of you about her. At the time, letting our relationship be known to the public was not something that could be a reality. I placed such a massive burden on her shoulders by making her keep this secret. Despite knowing that we would have to hide our relationship, she always met me with a smile and warmth. I know you are worried about me, but I am wonderful I promise 😊 I let my emotions get ahold of me too much in that interview and I am sorry that I worried you all.

 I hope that my relationship with her doesn’t change my relationship with you. I did not intend on this being how I told all of you. I want us to have as close of a relationship as we can, without secrets. I promise from here there will be no more secrets. I love every single one of you and wish you nothing but happiness and good health. Please take care of us and accept us with love and open arms. With all of iGot7 supporting me, I can become a better Jackson. This is only the first step for me ❤️

“You are such a fool…” She sighed, handing his phone back to him. She knew that most of his fans would support him no matter what, but she also knew that he would receive a bit of hate for being in a relationship. She also knew that his company wouldn’t have nice things to say to him about the situation. He didn’t care about either of those, though. He was ready to take responsibility for his actions.

“You’re right. I’m just a fool. A fool in love with you.”

She wondered why she ever thought that breaking up in the first place would be the best thing for them. They were best for each other, secret or no secret. She found that it was part of her selfishness that first gave her the idea. She wanted to be able to show to the world how amazing her boyfriend is. She wanted to be able to go out in public and kiss, hold hands, and hug out in the open without worries of someone seeing them. Not being able to do that drove her mad. 

Despite that, even if he hadn’t come out about their relationship, they wouldn’t have been able to stay apart for long. His own selfishness would have gotten the best of him and he would make sure that they were together, but she wouldn’t have put up much of a fight after long anyway.

Jackson ran his hands through her hair as she rested her head on his lap. He placed a kiss to her temple, his heart at peace. He was a lot of things, but most importantly he was just a foolish man. A foolish man in love with a woman that is far too good for him. Despite that fact, he knew that he would do his best to love her and protect her as long as he lived. He was never going to let her slip through his fingers again. Even if he had to chain himself to her, he would stay by her side forever.

“I love you, with all of my heart I do.”

“I love you too.”

Dear Jackson,

It may be difficult to love Jackson from Got7, but loving Jackson Wang is as easy as breathing. You may be a fool for loving me, but I am as much a fool as you. I let my own selfishness get the best of me, and that was a mistake. I understand my mistakes now and I will never make those mistakes again. I will push you to be the best that you can be and will stay by your side through even the most difficult of times. I know you will also do the same for me. I love you, you sweet fool.

- Forever and always ❤


i cannot beleviie i drew this im so embarrassed bcuz i hate writing dialogue lmao,,,, 

its rly simple sfw and just me stress relief drawing but i feel like sleeping for 1000 years,,

plz dont read this like the weebs i kno we are 

Never Be Ashamed

Title: Never Be Ashamed

Characters: Sam and Reader

Word Count: 1,062

Warning: Absolutely none

Request: @jared-padaloveme said: Hey! I’m sorry for requesting so much but I love your writing! I just read a story where the boys try to make xmas special only to find out the reader is Jewish. Can you do the something similar but with a Muslim reader?

A/N: Guys, this was a seriously amazing piece to write. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it meant to me that I was trusted to write this. Jude, thank you so much for giving me the amazing information for this piece and sharing part of yourself with me. I hope you like it. Enjoy!!!

“Sam, I can’t do this anymore. My eyes are starting to cross. Can we please be done?” Leaning back in your chair you ran your hands over your face as Sam laughed.

“We’ve only been at in an hour Y/N, just take a deep breath and keep reading.”

Groaning you rocked back to the table and found where you left off. It was just so boring! Plus you weren’t even sure if you guys were on the right track. But, you would be a trooper and help Sam figure it out, even if it might mean you die of boredom.

Ten minutes later and you were still stir crazy. “I’m grabbing a snack from the kitchen, you want anything?”

“Do we still have those super good apples?”

“Yeah, I’ll grab them.”

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Fuck America,

Fuck Americans. I can’t believe this, I cannot believe we let this happen. There ain’t shit about America that’s great anymore. This is the most humiliating outcome and I hope that the half of the nation that isn’t white/male/straight/able/christian finds ways of coping. This is shameful, so not what the younger generation of Americans want the rest of the world to see us as. As a First Generation Latina I cannot begin to think about the hardships many Latinos are about to face. The American Dream is dead to me.

azuremessenger  asked:

I've never unfollowed a blog so fast. There are more ways to be racist then just systematic racism, and also saying 'whites don't face racism' while using the false definition that racism can only be systemic erases my family line who survived the Armenian genocide by fleeing to America. Sorry- I hate terfs and am extremely pro ace but I cannot support your blog anymore.

Idk man I base my beliefs on POC’s words and experiences because I’m white in mainly white country and I have never faced racism so I can’t really speak about it and I don’t want to go out of my lane as somebody who has privilege ~🐱

We Don't Talk Anymore Pt. 3

Genre: Angst, Slight

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: No

Inspired By: “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

Summary: Everything was going perfect for you. But then he changed.

Author’s Note: This part I slightly wrote last minute so forgive me if there are a few mistakes here and there. But on a good note I’m really glad with how this series is going. I cannot wait to post the next part. But for now please enjoy Part 3!

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

Chanyeol follows through on his promise to watch a movie with you. He got home pretty tired but for the first time in awhile you were actually happy to see him.

“Hey.” You bounded over to him excitedly with a big smile on your face. A smile tugged at the one corner of his lips. He had an exhausted look on his face. you would have let him rest but you were pretty sure a little quality time together would make things better for him.

“Hey,” He planted a kiss on your forehead. “You ready for movie night?” Your smile grew wider. “I’m so ready!” You cheered. The microwave beeped. “Ooh! That’s the popcorn.” You ran to get the popcorn and movie ready for you to watch while Chanyeol went to change out of his suit and into comfortable pajamas.

When you were ready to watch the movie you sat down on the couch. He reached to take the popcorn from you. You moved it out of his reach. “Nope. Uh-uh!” “Why?” He asked. “Because you’ll probably eat it all and leave none for me.”

He muttered something under his breath. “What was that?” You turned to him. “Nothing.” He defended quickly. “That’s what I thought.” You pointed your finger at him scoldingly.

He put his arm around you while you watched the movie, but something felt…off.

You should be enjoying the movie and his presence but you no longer felt the warmth he would give off. In all of your past movie nights you would look at him when you thought something was funny or wanted to see his reaction.

He would return the look with a warm smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

As you turned to look at him he didn’t respond. There was no warm smile, in it’s place was was a slight frown and a dull look in his eyes. You shifted a little to snuggle up closer to him. But you still felt uncomfortable. You drew your attention to his arm on your shoulder. Had you not seen him place it there you were sure you wouldn’t have felt it’s weight.

You didn’t feel his presence in your mind. You didn’t feel that one special thing anymore when around him.


Chanyeol changed over the next few days. you spent more time together. But something always felt different. You never felt the love radiating off of him like you used to. He wouldn’t really smile ear to ear like he used to. He would always wear a small frown on his face.

Chanyeol came home from work, just like every other day, he came home tired and would try his best to do something with you. But today was one of those occasional days where he would be way too tired to do anything.

“Good night.” He said kissing you on the cheek. You were disappointed but you would have to will yourself to understand. After all, you knew what work was like as well. Although you get home earlier than he does.

“I love you.” He called out before entering our bedroom. Your heart dropped as you felt a constrained feeling in your chest. He hadn’t said those words to you in awhile. You hadn’t even realized it. But now that he did, you wished that he hadn’t.

The words that would normally bring a warm feeling to your cheeks and heart now made you feel entirely lost. You didn’t know if he truly felt that way anymore. He said it like it were a casual thing. He didn’t say as if it were special, as it should be.

You decided you would sleep on the couch. You weren’t sure what to feel anymore. But you knew you didn’t want to go in there to him. If he asked you would tell him you accidentally fell asleep.

You woke up the next morning to a text message. ‘Why would anyone text me?’ You pondered as you reached for your phone. It was four o'clock in the morning. So it definitely wasn’t Chanyeol. He wakes up at six to go to work.

You checked your phone to see who had the audacity to text you at this hour. “Hey” The text message read. It was from Yixing. A really good friend of yours that you had to unfortunately leave behind when you moved here.

You responded, asking why on Earth he was texting you right now. He said he was way too excited and couldn’t wait to tell you that he recently moved in a few minutes from here.

You smiled to yourself and let him know how happy you were to hear that. It was really starting to get lonely. In the countless hours you had to think, you found yourself really missing him.

He said he definitely wanted to meet up with you. You told him you’d be pretty busy but he could come visit you at your workplace if he had time. You texted him the address and it was settled.

You and Yixing kept on texting about how things have been going. You didn’t tell him about how things have been going between you and Chanyeol, but when he did ask you told him things were great.

You would have to tell him you were lying later today when you met up but you just didn’t want him to become concerned. You wanted to keep the excited atmosphere you had going on for a little while longer.

You hadn’t noticed Chanyeol walk out of his room until you heard shuffling from behind you. You decided to ignore him and keep on texting Yixing.

He noticed you weren’t paying him any attention so he tried to get a peek at your phone from where he was standing.

“What are you doing?” He asked. “Texting Yixing.” You responded still not looking up from your phone.

“Yixing?” The tone in his voice shifted. “Isn’t he one of your old friends from high school?”

“Yes, I’m actually meeting up with him later today.” You were still too blind from excitement to realize Chanyeol was now standing right in front of you.

“Why didn’t you ask me first?” He asked with his arms folded across his chest. You looked up at him and immediately you heart began beating faster.

It took you a bit to register his words.

Slight anger consumed your facial features. “What?” You had put your phone down.

“You can’t just make plans with him without asking me first Y/n.” You stood up at this. “I can make plans with him if I want to, he’s my friend. And you don’t own me.”

“I don’t care if he’s your friend.” He said walking over to the mirror near the exit. “I don’t know him, I don’t know what his intentions are.”

I opened your mouth to respond but stopped yourself. Anger boiled inside you as you realized what was going on.

“No.” You said, raising your voice slightly. “No, Chanyeol, no. You can’t do that.”

“What?” He said, turning back to look at you.

“You don’t get to ignore me for the longest time, come back, be a cold jerk, and then act like a jealous asshole.” Tears were building up in your eyes as you let the words spill out of your mouth.

“You’re my girlfriend I have every right to be jealous.”

“No you don’t, this is insane! Yixing is just my friend!”

He shook his head and began walking towards the front door. He picked up his suitcase and adjusted his tie. “We’re not done talking about this.” And with that he closed the door and left for work.

You sat down on the couch wondering what the hell had just happened. You cried into your hands as your mind ran at one hundred miles an hour. You didn’t know what to do anymore.

You had so many questions. Why is he acting this way? Was it something you did? Did something happen at work? Why is he always so grumpy? Why did he just act like the last few months didn’t happen? Does he not love you anymore?

You went to work and served absentmindedly that one question constantly running through your head. You needed to know. You needed to talk to him.

You thought about how Chanyeol was before you moved in together. He was always happy, smiling, and annoying in the best way possible. Your heart beat faster as you now served customers with a genuine smile on your face. You would do anything at this point to have your old Channie back.

You were sure he would change if he really knew how much he was hurting you. But as you smiled you thought, what if he really doesn’t love you anymore?

i swear im not selfish its just that when i ask how you are and you say you’re okay, i probably won’t be and i will probably spill something that doesn’t need to be told and i will probably tell about my greatest fear and how im so scared to let go because the memories and thoughts are climbing up my throat and i cannot keep it in anymore and i have tried swallowing it down but but swallowing down unsaid feelings feels like swallowing glass and the shards are stuck in my throat and i cannot speak how i feel so i spill and blood gushes everywhere and i swear i am not selfish, believe me, i meant to ask if you were okay. i am sorry that when you ask if im okay i will say yes. i will say yes even when the tears are streaming down my face because those pieces will not come out and every time i get so close to speaking how i feel, something inside me breaks even more and i can’t open my mouth. and i swear, i know you’re there for me, i know you want to help me but i can’t let you and i swear im not selfish its just, im so scared to bother you. im so scared that one text is gonna push you away forever. im so scared that i am too much and i swear i am not dark, i try so hard to be the light but its so hard for me to be warm for everyone else when i am so god damn cold and i swear, i would be a flame for you if i had the strength to but i am so god damn weak sometimes that i cannot move without collapsing and i am so sorry for not focusing more on you. i swear to the sun that i am trying. i am trying so hard but with every step i take my whole body creaks and aches and i try so hard to make sure everyone else is okay and believe me, when you smile at me i want to smile back but im so scared there will shards of glass stuck between my teeth and maybe that will gave me away and i can’t have anyone think that i am not okay. because im okay i swear. it’s just things have gotten tough and breathing suddenly feels like too much and i swear i am not selfish but when you ask how i am and i say im okay, please, i am begging you, please ask why i am just okay because i am spilling, seeping, i am a mess brimming over the edge of a breaking point and i need your hands to clean up the mess and hold me tight but no one is around and i am so fucking alone.
—  i swear, i am not selfish, i just need someone. // ig writingmyself