i cannot with these boys ugh


I have his true friendship, and so he’s going to have mine. And as long as that is true, I cannot imagine what is possible.

Ugh…..Okay, I am so upset rn. Why this boy can get laid and i cannot? Like he is an idol and working his ass 24/7 barely finding free time in his busy schedule. And I am here literally (sexy)free&single (ready to bingo) and still no one want my ass. F u Jeon Jungkook.  

*playing “Single Ladies” in the background*

Why i hate Naruto, SPECIALLY SasuSaku

The following will be my opinion so if you can’t accept other people’s opinions, please move the fuck along. If you want to fight me at least bring solid evidence. Thank you 😊.

Many times I’ve been told to watch Naruto, i tried, belive me, i did. I started the original and i got bored and annoyed by all the characters except Kakashi. Sakura is annoying, Sasuke was too emo, and Naruto was a brat. I didn’t watch after episode 8 cuz i fell asleep halfway.
Then, a friend was like, skip it and start with Shippuden, so i did. I didn’t understand shit so i dropped it. However, since it’s so mainstream, i pretty much know the basics. I liked the relationship between Naruto and Hinata cuz she was cute and she had an obvious crush on him since episode 1, but i didn’t really know much about it.
Fast forward about 4 years and I’ve seen/read around 100 anime/manga titles, I’m more experienced with romance and I’m more knowledgeable about my own and others sexuality and genders.
I’ve slowly read about the moments between Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. I began to realize that Sakura could do better, Sasuke had no interest in her, SPECIALLY not romantically. He’s abusive towards her and treats her like shit. I don’t really like Sakura but she doesn’t deserve what she got, she deserves better. Yes i ship NaruSasu, but because, as far as I’ve read/seen about the two, they have more chemistry than NaruHina and SasuSaku COMBINED X10. Most of the plot of this show is Naruto looking for Sasuke and trying to bring him back even knowing he has hurt his “friends” and was basically working for a cult.
SasuSaku is an abusive relationship where Sakura gave up everything for Sasuke and he just leaves her and his daughter to fend for themselves and is gone for 10 years!!!!! I don’t know the trauma some children face if they are missing a father figure since I’m a wierd person who had more than 3 step dads before the age of 10 and is not affected because my grandpa is my one and only father figure, but I’m sure that Sarada probably has some trauma.
And i can’t even begin to imagine Sakura. The poor girl married an over emotional sociopath who is most likely either gay, bisexual, or just ace. I mean i imagine they had to fuck at least once since, you know, Sarada is a thing, but i cannot imagine how bad she most be feeling. He was gone for 10 years!! That’s worse than going off to war.
This shit is worse than the bleach ending, where at least Renji and Rukia had chemistry and Ichigo might or might not like Orihime but they also fucked at last once so fuck it.
But seriously, i prefer to be alone forever than have a relationship like SasuSaku. It’s stupid, it’s abusive, and has no chemistry. It’s like those relationships where the man is like “ugh, my wife never shuts up, i don’t care what you did with your life, so shut up and make me a sandwich.” I’ll repeat, it’s annoying, it’s wrong, and it’s abusive.
I’m not going to read a story where female characters are thrashed and thrown off, leaving them as unimportant characters that can’t fend for themselves.
You want a story with great female characters and no forced romance between characters just because “a boy and a girl cannot just stay friends” read one piece! Nami and Robin are amazing and unique and have never been damsels in distress because they are strong and independent and have dreams they want to accomplish. They are three dimensional characters who you can relate to and feel for.
What would i have done with Sakura as a character? I would have made her realize that she deserved better, either give her someone who will love her and respect her or leave her alone as a strong independent woman she should have become.
Thank you and I’m sorry for the long rant, i really, really hate Naruto.

Drunken Love

Originally posted by suhyngho

Pairing: Yuta x reader
Genre: bartender!au, fluff
Warnings: alcohol involved
Word count:  2,182

The loud bass boomed through the big speakers, making the ground pulsate with each beat of the upbeat dance song the DJ was playing. Bopping your head along the music you leaned against the counter of the bar and observed the sweaty bodies pressed against each other as they danced away on the dancefloor. 

Being a bartender was no easy job, working in the nightlife you had to endure a lot of things, especially as a woman. You managed to find joy in your job, albeit all you had to go through. Sighing heavily, the corners of your lips turning down in a sign of disapproval, you watched as a small group of very boisterous boys took shots after shots, completely wasted after their fifth one. No matter how many times you’d seen people like this and far worse, it still amazed you how they found bliss solely by drinking so much they cannot walk straight and probably regretting it and swearing to never drink again, but repeating it all again days after. Sure, you were in for some drinks to loosen up and get in the mood, but getting wasted was not your cup of tea. 

Your gaze averted from the group of boys, to a boy who slumped against the bar and judging from the way he was staggering and trying to balance himself on the stool, was also just as drunk. 

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Top 10 Bias List

I was tagged by my (evil, making-me-pick-out-my-top-biases-even-though-it’s-insanely-hard) love, @rudeboywonho (shockingly I also have a thing for rappers??? this is weird)

Imma tag @memecook (this one’s gonna be rough for you, sorry Julianne!!), @21stdopecenturygurl, @jeondulce, and @malikscofield if ya wanna do it!!

1. Kim Namjoon - my love and heart and soul. My sunshine. I about died at that vlive he did yesterday and the way he was smiling at the camera and singing Drake just fuckign fucked me UP hfdjhfbdfdk

2. Jackson Wang - ooooooo this boy has been doing some DAMAGE lately. I always think about Jackson too, like why?? I’ll just think about him at random points in the day and ugh I adore him he’s such a gentleman but also hilarious and is REALLY giving Namjoon a run for his money

ok I have to put two because there are two sides of Jackson Wang and I love them more than I love myself bye

3. Lee Jooheon - he is the literal embodiment of cuteness and I cannot handle it, how tf am I going to deal at the Monsta x concert in July??? plus like, his dimples ruin me

4. Moonbin - I CANNOT with this boy. He makes my heart flutter and his laugh. his fuckin LAUGH. I WILL ATTACH A COMPILATION OF HIM AND HIS LAUGH HERE BECAUSE HE IS SOMETHING EVERYONE NEEDS IN THEIR LIFE 

5. Kwon Jiyong - ask @memecook, I am LITERAL and UTTER trash for G-Dragon. That is all

6. Kim Taehyung - Now I UNDERSTANNND that I already have Namjoon on here but Taehyung has wrecked all of my bias wreckers…..knocked Jimin out of his spot, then threw Yoongi out the window so I think Tae deserves a spot here. There are a shit ton of reasons why Taehyung is the most beautiful soul on earth but..you get it

7. Kim Yugyeom - Here’s another from Wreck7, who continuously wrecks my entire bias list on the daily. Yugyeom makes me feel some typa way and idk what it is, but I want to hug his giant maknae ass 24/7

8. Kim Byungjoo - ToppDogg is not really active, but B-Joo will always be active in my heart ok

9. Shin Hoseok - worming his way into my heart honestly and I find myself thirsting over his beauty and also his sincerity towards Monbebes threatens to rip my heart out

10. Chae Hyungwon - an awkward tall bean like me and I love how adorably sweet he actually is and I want to hug him??? so badly??? wow Monsta x is ruining me


I’m back with another one of these. Okay so this Ep was slower paced to start but it was a great one.

- That opening shot was beautiful.
- I like how we continued straight from where we left off.
- “CAN WE GET A BREAK PLEASE, ONE BREAK !” Coulson is me. This show i swear.
- Let’s just take a minute to appreciate the Vfx this Ep. Considering how much there was the quality was pretty damn good.
- That Philinda tension. The shippers are probably going crazy.
- Yoyo getting the cable before Jemma finished her sentence, I live for this shit. (Daisy’s “you’ve got to be kidding me.” - she is me)
- I LOVE PIPER SO MUCH I AM SO GLAD SHE DIDN’T DIE. (Her lil “WOO” when she shot the jet- she’s me)
- ugh Aida and Fitz on the beach I wished she would’ve drowned in that ocean. Bitch isn’t human or inhuman she still got the basics of a robot.
- Mallory is killing it though, her acting is superb. “This first thing I choose is you.” I threw up in my mouth.
- That Yoyo and Daisy argument was important and well done by Chloe and Natalia. I like how Daisy was like yo I’ve known him for longer we both care for him. Yoyo’s idea of forcing Mack was my initial thoughts when Mack said no but then when he was talking about Hope I know I would’ve done what Daisy did. As much as I love Mack, I still side with Daisy on this.
- I hate Talbot
- I felt a bit sorry for Aida with the overwhelming emotions. But she asked for this (Can Fitz not call her Ofelia)
- Fitz did such a brilliant job with making Aida do the right thing. And for a moment I actually liked her and appreciated her for saving Mack. I love how Jemma wasn’t gonna take any of AIDA’s shit and iced her straight.
- Yoyo and Jemma wanting to kill Aida. “People don’t name themselves Madame Hydra if they’re open minded.”, “Better safe than sorry.” They are me, I 100% agreed.
- See I liked this little opening up of Aida and Fitz. “I’m just like Ward” I’m glad they explored this again and showed how Ward was also shaped by those he was brought up with.
- Can someone teach Aida about personal space.
- “What do you mean her, what about me?” Ladies and Gentlemen that is where Fitz knew he fucked up.
- This whole Aida going ape sequence was great. (BITCH STOLE MY CHILD LINCOLN’s POWER I HOPE SHE DIES)
- Talbot can die tbh
- RIP the two agents. Glad Aida didn’t touch Piper because I would’ve lost my shit
- It was satisfying seeing Aida get shot. IAINS ACTING UGH HE DESERVES ALL THE AWARDS.
- Daisy threatening the military (I live for this shit)
- I’m still confused what power healed Aida, reminded me of hellfire but I’m not sure ?
- Fitzsimmons reunion. I cannot, I love these two. No words were required. (Once again Iain and Elizabeth killed it)
- Aida brought this upon herself stupid bitch, I knew everything would be too overwhelming for her.
- I like this evil look thooo
- GUESS WHO’S BACK, MY BOY ROBBIE REYES LOOKING ALL BADASS. Cannot wait for him to drag AIDA’s as to hell where it belongs.
- Yoyo why you being so reckless girl :( (by the looks of it shield has overrun Hydra and she was just about to be tested on hence the straps ?)

I enjoyed this episode, gave Aida a bit more development. I still hate her and will never trust her. (I’ve never hated a villain on this show this much).
Acting from everyone was on point. Also how many Russians are there ? Will we see Vijay or his powers come into play ? My love for Piper increase more and more. This show is so underrated. I’m looking forward to the Finale.

JEALOUS (GOT7 Oneshot)

Characters: You x GOT7 x 2PM

Genre: Fluff/Comedy (IDK)

Length:  1814 words

Plot: The GOT7 boys get jealous because they caught you watching a different boy group while they were performing.

This just came out of nowhere after watching the sexy version of If You Do and iKON’s perf in Hunan TV HAHAHA - 

Apologies for putting in Noona again!  I was so used to it already but I promise to make scenarios for younger readers :D


It is the year-end programs again. You, as one of the rising celebrities in Korea, got invited to host the MBC Gayo Daejun along with some other artists from different entertainment companies.

Being part of JYP Nation, there is a lot of pressure on your part hosting a very prestigious year-end program from one of the leading TV networks in South Korea, though you are confident enough that you can do well. It is also good that your sunbaes and friends from JYP like 2PM and GOT7 are there to perform it makes you feel secured and more confident.

“Are you okay, noona?” JB whispered on your ear and wrapped an arm around you. You nodded your head.  

“Everything will be OK, noona! I am positive that you will slay.” Jackson winked at you and you smiled dearly.

“Thanks, boys, I will do my best.  Good luck on your performance too!”  You raised a thumb up.  

“Make sure to watch our performance later, noona. We are going to perform a sexy version on If You Do! You will see our manlier side.”  Bambam butt in and you laughed at them.

“Of course, I will make sure to watch you guys.”  You gave them taps on their shoulders before your name was called to signal the opening of the program.

“_________-noona Hwaiting!!!” Youngjae screamed and the others clapped at you happily. You waved and winked at them before making your way towards the stage.

The show went on pretty well and your hosting part has been finished. You will be staying on the backstage for the meantime until your part comes on again (which aint gonna happen in the next 392362 hours) so you just happily rested on the dressing room you shared with GOT7 and 2PM. You are watching random performances of other boy groups and realized that your favorite groups are going to perform as well. Unfortunately, it is for a different year-end program… and it is in China.

You took out your phone and search for live stream links where you can watch the year end program. Gladly, you found one and accessed it immediately, hoping that your favorite group hasn’t performed yet.  

Luckily, you made it just in time because iKON was just announced to be taking the next stage. You happily watched the boys as they sang to your favorite rock version of Rhythm-Ta. Smiling and grinning from ear to ear like a teenager while singing along with them.  You didn’t care if anyone on the room hears you because you were too absorbed by the boys’ performance.  The performance ended and you still have a good hour to spare before you come up the stage.

You stood up to grab a bottle of water and yelped when you saw the GOT7 boys staring back at you with not-so-satisfied faces.

“Hey!  I didn’t know that you came in.  How are you guys?” You looked at them innocently. No one responded.

“Uhm, why are you guys looking at me like that?” Asking them while looking up to their sweaty forms, still not realizing what you have done wrong or why these boys are staring at you weirdly.

“Noona, may I check your phone please?” Jinyoung asked, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion.

“Uhm, why? Do you need to call someone?” You said, still oblivious to the point that the boys are trying to make.

“Well, we just wanted to know what you were up to while we are performing.” Mark said bluntly and you looked at them one by one. You gasped when you realized one thing.  Before you can even react, Jackson came running in with a towel on his hands and a bottle of water.

“So, noona, how was our performance, did you get to see it? We’re so sexy, aren’t we?” Jackson tells you happily, a very wide smile plastered on his face while wrapping his arms around Mark’s shoulders.

“Aigoo…” You did a facepalm and swiveled your chair around to face them.  Jackson spoke again while you try to come up with an excuse to what you did.

“Hey, what’s up with everyone, why do you look so sad?  Is there something wrong?”  Jackson asked everyone.

“Why don’t you ask ______-noona what is wrong.” JB said loudly and you close your eyes in frustration.

The realization took over and you totally missed watching their performance, despite the multiple reminders of Bambam before the show started.  You cannot look at them because they all have this serious, disappointed look on their faces but Jackson.

“Huh?  Noona, what’s wrong?  What is JB-hyung talking about?”  Jackson asked, looking at you.

“Ugh, mianhae, boys.  I was so caught up with… with the video that’s why I didn’t notice the time… but I really took note of it, I was about to watch you guys…”

“But then you were watching iKON on your phone…” Bambam reacted and you ran your hand through your hair.

“WHAT?  DOES THAT MEAN YOU DIDN’T WATCH US?”  Jackson shouted and before he can even react again;

“I know that you are really a fan of YG, noona, but at least you could’ve watched us first?  I mean… you told me we are your younger brothers, right?  And you love us?”  Yugyeom pouted and the rest just bowed their heads.

“I am really sorry, JB, Jackson, Mark, Yugy, Bam, Youngjae, and Jinyoung.  I was just really caught up with iKON’s performance-“

“Do you prefer them over us, noona?  I am so hurt.”  Jinyoung clutched his chest and put on his actor face.

“I cannot believe this.  I thought that we put our family first.  We treat you as our older sister and you promise to support us all the way, and then you forget to watch just because…”  Jackson shook his head dramatically, Mark began stroking his back as if to comfort him.

“Don’t worry, Jackson.  You have me; I will always put you first, unlike noona.” Mark said and you rolled your eyes.

“I put in a lot of effort to look sexy at that performance, because I know that you will be watching – noona how can you do this to us?” Youngjae hid his face on his hands, JB soon wrapping an arm around him.  

“OK GUYS, enough of the emotional blackmail.”  They finally allowed you to speak.  You stood up and cross your hands over your chest.

“Look, for the nth time today, I am sorry for not being able to watch your performance.  I really took note of it; however, you already know since day 1 that I am a huge fan of YG artists, right?  I really tend to fangirl over them… Just because that’s how it is.  Please understand and forgive me.”  You plead and they looked at you with sad eyes.

“That’s still not a good excuse for me, I am not convinced.  How about you guys?”  JB looked at the members and they all shook their heads.

“Ugh, JB come on!”  You pouted, you saw Youngjae smile at the corner of your eye.  JB nudged him with his shoulder and he put on a straight face again.

“Seriously, you are taking this too far?”  You put both of your hands on your hips and stared at them.  The maknaes including Jackson looked scared, but the hyungs glared at them and they tried their best to look disappointed.  You caught it pretty well and decided that eight can play this game.

“Are you really that jealous with iKON, huh?”  You asked everyone.

“Of course not!”  Jinyoung exclaimed.

“I am not jealous with them.  In fact you can watch their video again if you want to, I don’t care.”  Jackson spat and you smiled.

“Why will I be jealous if I can wear this kind of shirt on live TV, I am sexy and I know it.”  Bambam bluffed and the members rolled their eyes at him.

“Okay, fine.  Convince yourselves that you are not jealous with them.  I mean, I like iKON, but I LOVE GOT7.  There is a huge difference, and you guys should know that by now.”  You blurted and they looked up to you with gleaming eyes.

“Did iKON get the chance to eat my home cooked food? Did they get the chance to play video games and basketball with me?”  They shook their heads and I smiled.

“Do you really love us, ______-noona?”  Youngjae asked this time.

“Of course!”  You said confidently and the boys looked at each other.  Mark whispered something on JB’s ear and he nodded enthusiastically.

“If you really love us, you will do aegyo. Right here, right now.”  JB said, still with a smug on his face.  You rolled your eyes and stomped your feet.  You suck at giving out aegyos.  It’s just not your personality.

“UGH JB PLEASE!  You know I cannot do those things.”  You cross your arms again on your chest.

“Then you don’t really love us – I told you guys, she really loves iKON more.”  Bambam says.

“I wonder if it is BI who will tell her to do aegyo, maybe she’ll do it in a split second.”  Jinyoung stated as a matter-of-factly.

You rolled your eyes and began singing gwiyomi.  The boys are now looking at you even your 2PM oppas, which made your face as red as a ripe tomato.

“GWIYOMI, GWIYOMI!”  You screamed as the song ended. The GOT7 boys started laughing so hard, your 2PM oppas, who are a bit far from you, clapped their hands and shouted saying that you look cute.  You hid your face on your hands.

The boys are still laughing their asses out so you stood up and slapped all of their shoulders.

“Yah!  That wasn’t funny at all!  I am so embarrassed.”  You pouted and Bambam approached you all of a sudden.

“Noona, look at this.”  Bambam showed you his phone and the IDIOT ACTUALLY TOOK A VIDEO OF YOU DOING THE AEGYO THING and you didn’t even notice because your eyes were closed the whole time.  Your eyes widened and tried to take the phone from him, but he immediately pulled back.

“Yah!  Bambam delete that video right now!”  You are so mad and about to grab it again when Jinyoung took it before you and speak up.

“Hmm… Noona, we will only delete the video if you will treat us for dinner tonight.  Deal?” He wiggled his eyebrows and you shot him a death glare.  This boy really is an evil backstabber.  Since you really don’t have any escape, you nodded your head and the boys cheered in delight.

“Noona really loves us, now I know.”  JB winked at you before wrapping an arm on your shoulders, the rest followed suit, engulfing you in their large embraces.

“Aish, these boys will be the death of me, I swear to God.”  You cursed under your breath.

anonymous asked:

I picture Harry being super encouraging in bed, do you agree?

OH MY GOODNESS, YES. You cannot convince me otherwise. The boy LIVES to please and trips over himself to make you feel good and I feel like he’d be no different when it’s you making him feel good. He’d still be so tender and loving. and making sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re doing. 

“That’s it, baby. Jus’ like that. Good girl. Such a good girl fo’ me.” Moaning and whimpering, and it spurs you on. “Ugh, right there, baby. Don’ stop.” With a little choked off: “Please.” 


If he’s making you feel good, he’d be telling you how much of a good girl you are, how pretty you sound, how good you taste, how you can give him “Jus’ one mo’, baby.” xx.

the thing is: i love all SHINee members nd i really think they r so damn talented nd have improved a lot through all these years. so thats why i want SO badly that everybody sees that TAEMIN is more than a dancer this kid really sings well; that MINHO is not just a pretty face he can sing not just rap nd his acting skills r becoming better; that KIBUM isnt just a fashion guy for gods sake he can dance sing act is there anything this boy cannot do?; that JONGHYUN is more than a cry boy (or a sexy guy) he makes art he writes composes and produces his own songs he even wrote a book!; that JINKIs occupation is NOT break things with his finger (!!!!!!!hELp) his voice is pure honey his acting is amazing wth is wrong with those tv shows?! idk… i just wish ppl could hv more respect for who they r nd what they do. is there any sense in what im saying? whatever~

check please au

where johnson still knows everything but he has a completely different personality.

like right now, johnson knows he is in a comic but he seems pretty chill about it. he knows whats going to happen and encourages everyone to stay calm. 

but what if, instead, johnson was more like “OMGGGG THIS IS THE CUTEST STORY!”

he meets Jack, finally, “omg. little baby frog. you are going to have SUCH A GOOD TIME HERE I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO LIVE ALL OF IT!! here’s shitty, omg you two are going ot love each other so much, so SO MUCH, like, ugh, i have to leave so you can connect but i will be right behind that tree. watching. friendships are so important. I LOVE IT ALREADY.”

all their freshmen year, johnson is very huggy and likes to pet their heads and “yes shitty definitely grow the mustache and the flow. AH ITS HAPPENING!”

holster and ransom arrive: “oh you TWO. fan favorites. FINALLY HERE. look at you two. so tall. YOU DO FIT TOGETHER SO WELL JUST LIKE I KNEW YOU WOULD. holster, here is a book on panic attacks; ransom, DAMN you are gonna be such a good doctor. DOCTOR RANSOM. DOC-TOR. No firefighting. DOCTOR! YOU KIDS GO HAVE FUN!”

bitty comes to samwell. johnson, for three straight minutes: “omg omgomgomgomgomg, there he is, its happening, omg i cannot even-!!!!! omgomgomg he is going to say hi to me. HE IS ABOUT TO MEET JACK, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???” other boys on the team: wtf dude? Johnson: I JUSt LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. LOOK AT IT.

jack is mean to bitty: ugh bitty heis the WORST but also the BESt and I PROMISE YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE SUCH A HAPPY LIFE!!!!

Jack and bitty are friends: Johnson cries with joy for a week straight.

Johnson hangs out around Samwell, just watching his two boys be happy. He just loves the story so much. It doesnt even matter that he’s not really in it.

Little Lightworm...

Just imagine Magnus Bane meeting Maryse Lightwood and her little band of brats and thinking “ugh, like we need more Lightworms around…” and little Max is setting things of fire, Izzy is playing with boas and sparkles (Magnus likes that one), Alec is always standing like a church boy at his mother’s side. Shadowhunters will be Shadowunters…

But Maryse leaves the room for two seconds and already Alec has spilled something on Magnus’s silk jacket and is extremely apologetic and “by the angel I am so so sorry” and he cannot wait to get out of there but he feels bad for the runt. Being raised to feel like a walking mistake sucked. Magnus would know.

And then Magnus comes back some ten years later and realizes, wow, that boy is exactly the same. Hidden inside himself, waiting for someone to realize he was wrong, wrong, wrong and fix him to how he was supposed to be. And Magnus feels the same pity he felt then but he can actually do something about it now… so maybe he could stop someone from growing up to hate himself just like his own mother had tried to do to him.

He wouldn’t let this Shadowhunter become just another mindless robot Shadowhunter.

I don’t know… something about Magnus knowing Alec all his life and wanting to help him grow into a healthy and happy person no matter what is just really endearing to me.