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Guang Hong Appreciation

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Y’all know that YOI is breaking barriers but I cannot stress how PROUD I am of the barriers it is breaking for Chinese people. 

Growing up in China in one of the very traditional and old families (we have a genealogy that is traceable to the Tang Dynasty), the first thing that you are indoctrinated with is that boys are almost always better than girls. Girls are the ones given up for adoption. Many doctors are even forbidden to reveal the sex of an unborn baby because if it is a girl, it is immediately aborted for many people. Girls are inferior because they will be “married off” or become the “property of another lineage”. Girls are trained from a young age, especially in poorer regions, to be wives (that’s literally all that we’re good for). This said, boys are treasured and are also expected to act a certain way. They are burdened with the pressures to be manly or to provide for the family. A “girly” boy is absolutely unacceptable because girls are (as previously stated) inferior. It’s seen as embarrassing and dishonorable for a boy to engage in traditionally feminine activities or like them. There is a HUGE STIGMA of opposing gender norms in China esPECIALLY FOR BOYS. 

So let’s talk about Guang Hong. Guang Hong opposes all of that. Not only does he have frilly pink curtains in his room, cute decorations, and very well-manicured (slightly tinted???) fingernails, he takes suggestible selfies and doesn’t even attempt to hide his beauty. Guang Hong is EVERYTHING that a traditional Chinese son should not be. From his aesthetic to his personality, he is feminine as FUCK. 

But does anyone in the YOI universe give a shit? No. 

Guang Hong is defined by his talent, his drive, and his courage. His cuteness is an asset and not portrayed as something disgusting and that is literally SPITTING upon the traditional expectation for boys to be masculine in order to succeed as a man. Victor’s impression of Phichit’s selfie skills include Guang Hong striking that SEDUCTIVE pose, which is seen as POSITIVE. YOI is an amazing show that literally gives zero fucks about your gender, sexuality, and everything norms. It is shattering barriers and making history. I cannot stress how proud I am of their team and everything they have helped reshape so far. 


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When I first saw that the Dewpider family were spiders, my immediate thought was this:

These are jumping spiders, and sadly these photographs are extremely staged. These spiders do not naturally carry dewdrops on their head for any reason, but they’re still cute enough, and slightly relevant enough, that I wanted to share.

More relevant, perhaps, is the Diving Bell Spider. These spiders, like most spiders, cannot breathe underwater. And yet, unlike most spiders, they spend most of their entire lives underwater, only coming up for air once a day. They can do this because these spiders bring air bubbles underneath the water with them, like little bubble scuba helmets:

Looks a lot like Dewpider and Araquanid, right? The Araquanid family, however, is the opposite: they can only breathe through water, presumably through some sort of gill system. So, to live on land they must bring a bubble of water with them.

A Diving Bell Spider’s abdomen is covered in tiny hydrophobic hairs. Hydrophobic, meaning “afraid of water”, refers to a material that repels water: so when these spiders go underwater, water stays away from their abdomen and a bubble is created. This is only the start of their bubbles, however. The larger “bell” bubbles which encase their whole bodies is created by their webs: their silk is thin and nearly invisible (like most spider silk), and so spinning cocoons allows them to build much larger bubbles of air.

The interesting part is that they won’t suffocate in these bubbles: despite the small amount of air trapped in these bubbles, the oxygen can replenish itself even while they’re underwater: oxygen from the water can enter into the bubble, while the water will stay out. Because of this, Diving Bell Spiders only need to surface about once per day.

Even though Araquanid and Dewpider have bubbles of water and not air, you can imagine the process is probably similar. Their heads must be covered with tiny, hydrophilic hairs which attract water. Then, spinning a thin net of silk allows them to keep larger bubbles of water with them at all times.

Araquanid and Dewpider’s bubbles are surrounded by their nearly-invisible spider silk, which keeps the water close to their heads so they can spend extended periods of time on land.


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DISCLAIMER: There is indeed a curse in the film, but it was directed at Nicolas Romanov. Rasputin said to him: “Mark my words; you and your family will die within a fortnight. I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov reign forever.” 

Then magic and the revolution happens, the royal family falls and Rasputin dies. But since Anastasia cheated death, Rasputin cannot rest in peace and is doomed to an existence in limbo. He feels the consequences of his curse, but Anastasia is in no way affected by it throughout the film. 

Yes, she looses her grandmother and suffers from hallucinations and amnesia for 10 years, but these things are not connected to the curse from the beginning of the film. 

Anastasia - “Let me go! Please!”
Rasputin - “You will never escape me child. Never!”

So - back to my random thoughts on this animated classic from 1997!! The more I think about this, the more frustrated I get. My problem with the magic in this movie would have been SO EASY to fix. The only thing needed would have been a curse cast on Anastasia, something along the lines of: “You shall forever be apart from all your family”

When the curse is first taking effect, that is when Anastasia is separated from her grandmother (instead of grandma just having a weak grip), and then Rasputin´s magic keeps her away from her family. There could have been a short montage her grandmother coming back to look for her granddaughter, but the curse is making it impossible for them to find each other.

Grandmother - “Hold onto my hand!”
Anastasia - “Don´t let go!”

Even Anastasia´s amnesia would have been more intriguing his way; the curse is actively forcing out her memories (instead of being the aftermath of an unrelated accident). But throughout the film the memories are trying to re-surface as best as they can in the form of hallucinations and dreams (que “Once Upon A December!!”). Imagine the ball-room scene slowly but surely becoming more and more green in color, as the curse is doing it´s best to hide the memories of her family. This way it would also make more sense why Anastasia cannot recognize her family (or even herself) when looking at the paintings in the palace (btw, why hasn’t all the shit been stolen during these past 10 years???)

It isn’t until Dimitri comes along and forces Anastasia to meet her grandmother again when the curse is finally broken. All in all: the whole idea of Anastasia being a victim of dark magic would have been more suspenseful from a storytelling POV, but this way we would also have had a much better connection between the main character and the villain. Not only are they both cursed, but now the magic that Rasputin possesses has been affecting Anastasia all this time.

Anastasia - “That face…”

As the movie is now, Anastasia is not in any way aware of Rasputin after she accidentally hits hear head as a child. And when they meet again in the movies climax he is simply the man who swore revenge on her family (and has been trying to kill her during the past couple of days without her having any clue about it)

But THIS WAY he would be 100% responsible for all her misery - her memory-loss,  the separation from her grandmother, her hallucinations - Everything would now be connected to Rasputin instead of being mostly based on a series of unfortunate events.

Rasputin - “And me… A rotting corpse… Last seen at a party like this one.”
Anastasia - “A curse!”
Rasputin - “Followed by a tragic night on the ice. Remember?”

Notice how all of these lines would have been more impactful if Anastasia was cursed too!! :o

The point of all this? 

IDK. It´s 3.30AM and this is what I do when I cannot sleep - Ramble on about animated movies. But admit that this should have been canon. :P

Thank you Taylor Swift...

The only impression we have of stars is what we see in the media and our interpretation of their social media accounts.  IMO, that is a cruel and unfair way to judge a person. I have been fortunate enough in my life to come across a few celebrities and one thing I have learned is you cannot judge them until you experience them in person. It takes about 6 seconds to form a first impression.

Taylor Swift proved herself to be someone of very high integrity and character. She did not draw attention to herself when she entered the room, no “Hey look it’s me, Taylor Swift”… She seemed flattered and appreciative from our thunderous cheering. She smiled and even appeared to blush a bit…. She even seemed humbled from our welcome. She never tried to direct the flow of the gathering, she simply said, “I can do whatever you all want, I am just happy to be here with you.”

Her parents were there, they became part of the crowd, it was easy to see where she gets it from.. They were wonderful, friendly and just as humbled by us as we were by them.  

She wanted to walk around the room, meet everybody and take pictures with us. She was very attentive to Popo, which was the reason she came in the first place. She ate fudge, She hung her coat on the kitchen table, she toured the house, she smiled, laughed and seemed genuinely interested in every single person there.  If it weren’t for the fact that she was Taylor Freaking Swift, we would have thought she was a friend stopping by to say hello.

IMO, Taylor Swift is a very down to earth young woman who faces intense scrutiny and judgement because of who she is.  Everybody has two sides to them, a professional side and a personal side.  We only see her professional side… WE..were fortunate enough to see her personal side and I can tell you one thing… She is a wonderful young lady who took time away from her family at Christmas to bring happiness to a family when they needed it the most.

She made our Popo happy, which made his family happy.   We know there is no way to repay her for what she did, all we can do is be grateful she entered our lives for one hour on a Monday afternoon and made us forget, for just a moment, how tough the past year was…. something for which we will forever be grateful.

Gruncle Drunky

Context: I made a character for one-shots with “dwarven naming conventions” which to me means an adjective as the first name (like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), and the last name Nounverber (of the Noun family in the Verber clan). To make it more confusing for other players, she is a human who was raised by dwarves.

Fighter: I start drinking from my flask.

DM (super intelligent orc we are trying not to piss off): You think you are capable of fighting this beast I cannot get rid of when he (pointing to fighter) is doing that while we are talking?

Me(Tacky NounVerber): I’m sorry. I’m sure we look like a bunch of bubbling assholes to you. He (the wizard) is odd, she (the druid) is really weird, I confuse everyone I meet, and he(fighter) has a drinking problem. I was raised by dwarves, that is saying something! He’s almost as bad as my great uncle Drunky


DM is describing smell of putrid gas I managed not to inhale.

Me: Ugh, that is worse than Great Uncle Drunky’s last bender"

DM: Do you really call him Uncle Drunky?

Me (OOC): That is his actual name. All the people in my clan are named like that.

I forget what caused it, but later on in the session in an OOC chat we figured that Gruncle Drunky was a cleric as well.

I cannot bring myself to be in any way upset or angered by Hillary’s statement about having “both a public and a private position” on things. This is basic pragmatism. This is code-switching. It’s uncomfortable to hear, and it leads many (especially straight white male Americans) to feel that they’re being lied to, but it’s how our social fabric is woven.

As a woman, as a queer person, as a feminist, and as a first-generation immigrant from a multicultural family that spans three continents, I absolutely have both public and private positions on many things, political issues included. Brains are complicated and any intellectually-aware person is able to hold some slightly contradictory viewpoints–not because one is “authentic” or “genuine” and the other isn’t, but because shit is complex. There are things that go on in my brain that would horrify you, and things that go on in my brain that would horrify my family, and things that go on in my brain that would horrify my clients and coworkers. I’m allowed to choose whether or not to horrify any particular person at any particular time, and which one of my many equally-“authentic” sides to express in any given situation.

Furthermore, effective politics is in part about persuading and compromising with a variety of people with diverse viewpoints, and the language that’s most effective for one person may not be the most effective for another. The language I would use to convince a Libertarian to support a basic income is not the language I would use to convince a socialist to support a basic income. The language I use to discuss race with my parents isn’t the language I use to discuss race with my Facebook friends. Sometimes different language = slightly different nuances of opinion.

Hillary gets this better than most people, which makes her a terrifyingly effective politician. People are uncomfortable with that. That’s fine. Be uncomfortable with it. Realize that that’s how laws get passed, treaties get negotiated, and international crises get resolved.

You don’t *want* a President who seems like a cool fun chill person who says what’s on their mind all the time. Maybe that’s who you want in a friend. But I don’t, because I wear enough different hats to really understand the value of being intentional about what you express to whom and in what terms.

look okay i’m sorry but i just can’t get over the whole izzy & raphael thing this ep??? like it was so ooc?
like okay, breaking it down, the first scene was good, it was raphael being a good, caring person and it worked fine.
but then okay the second scene??? i’m sorry but i cannot understand why those two had that conversation about raphael’s turning and family and stuff??? it was like the least impactful person for him to talk about that with. they didn’t /know/ each other. to raphael, izzy is just someone who ///killed his clan members (whilst rescuing simon)/// and helped break out camille and burned him while doing it??? and izzy didn’t even have the same drive as clary and simon (to save their mother figure). and lmao i could talk about how izzy should definitely have stopped them as the more experienced and less naive shadowhunter but that’s a wholeeeee other can o’ worms.

raphael having that conversation with her was honestly confusing and made the whole thing less impactful. have him have this conversation with Simon, showing how he’s a good person and how he’s actually caring and showing the struggles he had as a fledgling and how he /understands/ family loyalty. show how he’s not ready to forgive simon, but he /gets it/.
have him have this conversation clary, who herself is still new to this world and doesn’t quite understand the complexity of it. have raphael show clary he isn’t evil like she thinks, and that he has his own back story. have him show her she was wrong in what she did in more ways than she understands.
have him have this conversation with magnus, a heart-to-heart with his old mentor about his past. (imagine instead of the 2nd izaphael scene that raphael went to magnus ashamed of drinking from izzy and unsure of how to get her off yin fen).

also lmao izzy shoving her blood is raphael’s face when he clearly wasn’t morally comfortable with it was #toxic has hell. miss me with that whole 2nd izaphael scene.

What The ScriptX Family Stands For // So You Want to Start A ScriptX Blog

With all the bloglets cropping up in the last 72 hours, we’ve been doing some soul-searching on what it means to be a part of the ScriptX family. I wanted to give a little guidance on what it means to be a ScriptX blog, and a flowchart for those considering starting one.

First, I wanted to say one thing: we cannot stop you from starting a blog, and if you don’t want to be a part of the ScriptX family, go forth and do what you want! Writing advice blogs can have any kind of name. We’re just picking this name.

We cannot stop you from making a scriptX-handled blog even if you don’t agree with us or follow our guidelines. But we really hope you will. We’d love to be able to call you family. And we want to clarify what that means.

What does it mean to be a part of the ScriptX blog family?

It means asking for permission. While we can’t stop everyone from gobbling up tumblr handles, recognize that the ScriptX family is ultimately built on one woman’s–my–user handle. You imply a connection when you launch a ScriptX named blog. Would you start a burger chain called McDonaldson’s?

It means being a content expert. The whole point of the ScriptMedic blog was to bring professional, expert advice to the writing community. The way we’ve decided to define expertise is, comfort with a topic to the level of being cross-examined in court. I have been cross-examined in court. It is not fun.

It means being ethical, above all else. When we don’t know, we don’t try to guess. Either we research to the point of comfort, or simply say “Sorry, I don’t know. Can someone else help?” Between the ScriptX blogs we’re already developing an internal Ethical Mandate that deals exactly with this question and these choices. We also have guidelines in place to help blogs that stray from the guidelines find their way back, and a process to move forward after that. We even have an idea for how to respond to mistakes–because they’re going to happen.They’ve already happened. And we’re working on both handling them well, and preventing them down the road. Every blog makes mistakes.

It means working with the other ScriptX blogs. There are a group of us now, and we’re constantly talking, interacting, and cross-referring to each other. Everyone needs a consult sometimes, and the ScriptX blogs are a family.

Not All Blogs Starting with Script… Are Part of the Family

There’s a whole separate post announcing this, but here’s the list of who’s an official member of the family, who’s a “script cousin”–blogs with the scriptX-style name but not actually affiliated–and who’s just a damn good blog to read.

flow chart graciously made by @script-a-world to whom I am incredibly grateful.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Goku’s Absences

I cannot get over the amount of posts I see here on Tumblr using Goku’s absences from his family to either bash him or explain why he is the worst father/husband in DBZ.  I don’t usually do long posts like this, but I have to say my piece.  First, his absences:

1) the year after Raditz

2) the year and a half (or so) after Namek

3) the seven years after Cell

4) his occasional visits to train on King Kai’s planet

5) training with Whis and Beerus on their planet

6) leaving to train Uub at the end of DBZ

If I’m missing any, feel free to add, but I’m pretty sure that’s all of them.  Let’s take a closer look at each incident:

1) Goku died sacrificing himself so Raditz wouldn’t be able to kill his son.  He spent a year dead, because Kami urged him as the Earth’s only hope, to prepare for the Saiyans with King Kai’s intensive training.  Saiyans, who by the way would be coming in a year to destroy the planet and were much more powerful than him.  Is there really an alternative that would have made him a better husband/family man here?

2) Goku almost died when Namek blew up, and made his escape by fleeing in a spaceship that took him to Yardrat outside of his control.  Sure, he could have allowed Porunga to grant the wish of returning him to Earth (which, by the way, I still don’t understand how he was given that choice, seeing how other wishes work), but he claimed he needed more time.  We know he learned instant transmission, but he was also filled with rage that King Kai said was making him lose himself.  He could have been training to control that, he could have felt IT was necessary to keep the ones he loved safe, and he could have been training that technique just for the fun of it as his accusers like to look at it.  But we’ll never know.  Still, that’s a year and a half.  I might give you that one.

3) He died sacrificing himself not just for Gohan, but for the entire Earth.  Because he was already revived, Earth’s dragon couldn’t revive him.  He chooses to stay dead because it will keep others safe.  Being naive as Goku is, is it really so hard to believe that he truly believed he was the cause of all of this, especially with his friends saying it to him?  Even if his absence wouldn’t solve anything as his accusers like to say, how do you expect him to be revived?  The people he cares about would have to go on another adventure in space to find New Namek (of which they didn’t even have a location), and possibly encounter more unknown dangers like what happened on Namek, but without him there to help this time if something went wrong.  Do you really think he’d want to put Gohan and Chi-Chi through that again?  How is relieving them of that responsibility inconsiderate or selfish?

4) Goku is often shown after the Buu saga training on King Kai’s planet.  But it seems pretty obvious to me that those visits are not long stays.  He often asks Chi-Chi if he can go, and catches himself forgetting Bulma’s birthday party while he’s there, like ‘oh, that’s something I was supposed to do later in the day after my morning training’.  I don’t see how these spurts of short visits can make him an absentee father/husband.

5) Goku practically begs Whis to train him because Vegeta has already been there for months and beat him to it.  When he does go, Chi-Chi tries to stop him, but he goes anyway.  After which, she immediately thinks it’s no big deal and he confidently states to Whis that his wife won’t mind, she understands.  To me, this is just an example of Chi-Chi being strong-willed, not feeling deserted by her husband.  The understanding they have is really sweet, imo.  Aside from that, the lengths of these stays with Beerus and Whis aren’t explicitly stated as far as I know.  You can correct me if I’m wrong.  But his family is fine with him being gone, and he knows it, and he definitely is not gone for more than a few months in this case.

6) Thanks, @erasa-with-an-e for reminding me of this one.  I’m not surprised I forgot it.  I don’t count GT, so I’m not even going to address that 10 years he supposedly stayed with Uub and failed to visit his family, because it’s not canon, and it’s ridiculous.  The other reason I’m not surprised I forgot it was because I absolutely hated this ending and tend to wipe it from my memory, LOL.  But that’s me personally.  Since it is canon that he left and it was the end, it’s a really hard one to address, because we don’t know how long he was really gone.  He could have just left that day and returned the same day.  He has IT, so it would literally take no more than a few minutes from his training to say hi every once in a while.  And we’ve seen the way Goku does long-term training in the Cell saga: he recognizes the need to relax every once in a while.  He could have stayed away for months like he does with Whis and Beerus, which seems realistic.  Given his behavior towards his family in Super, it’s really hard to believe that he left in the manner he did and didn’t return for a year or longer when he was residing on the same planet.  He would know that would’ve upset his family if he didn’t check in every once in a while, and if you look at Goku’s character, yeah he might do what he wants for himself and be impulsive about it, but he also doesn’t like to hurt people.  There’s way too much unknown on this one to make a solid argument either way.  This one’s just subject to speculation.

So, where do we keep seeing this pattern of Goku deserting his family and not caring about them?  He doesn’t care about some of the trivial events humans get excited about and want him to attend, like Bulma’s birthday party.  That doesn’t make him a bad husband or father.  I like to think it’s part of being a Saiyan, because he is a Saiyan, not a human.  Judging him on human standards isn’t right.  

Look at Vegeta.  He runs off to train and avoids parties and social events just as often, but I don’t see the fandom harping on him for it.  Ever.  Fighting is in their blood, and they’re going to want to train and fight because they can’t help it.  It’s what they thrive on.  If this is understandable in Vegeta’s case, why isn’t it understandable in Goku’s case?  

If you’re comparing Goku to Krillin or Gohan or Mr. Satan or Ox King, sure they might be better fathers by human standards because they’re always present, but I really don’t see any difference between Goku and Vegeta in this regard, and I don’t fault either one of them for it.

Goku’s a Saiyan.  Let him be a Saiyan without downplaying the love he does have and often shows for his wife and his sons during the several peaceful years he does spend at home with them, farming, working, and relaxing.

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Reflections on Beyonce’s Grammy Performance:

“It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror — first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammys — and see themselves,” she said (Beyonce Grammys 2017).

Beyonce’s Grammy performance speaks to gennerational traumas, to womanhood, to mothers and those who give birth to us and who are then punished for the act of pushing us out of their wombs. Her performance speaks to the Divinity within Black bodies, coloured bodies, marginalized bodies that have been taught that God cannot exist within us.

I see those who say her speech was too long, her words self indulgent, her image overated? I ask then, have you really listened and received what she is saying?

Why is it so contreversial for God to exist in the body of a Black Woman? Why is it so contrversial for Black and Brown and Coloured bodies, on who’s very shoulders our societies have long stood on to be built but is overdue in recounciliation and recognition, to embody the Divinity of Motherhood? To speak to that Divinity? And that glorious celebration of that Divinity?

Beyonce, with all her privileges and under privileges is using this platform to tell her story, and through her story to speak to generational healing of those who have been abused and brutalized by the toxicity of colonial masculinity.

It was perfect to me, Divine, and speaks to the reality of Divinity within bodies that embody God within our blood, our sweat, our tears, our triumphs, our healing, the revolutionary reality of our very existence, in a society that would make us invisible. When we become invisible no more.

I see you. I see you. I see you. 🔥🍯💋❤🔥

#Beyonce #Crying #AllTheFeels

One Day at a Time season 1 Elena character predictions like

Episode episode 1-5

Episode 10-13

Originally posted by tiredwitch

but seriously folks.. One Day at a Time is a tv show about a Cuban single mom who is both a nurse and a U.S Military veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who lives with her mother (played by the incomparable Rita Moreno) and two children ages 12 and 15. One Day at a Time covers issues of combat related mental health issues, addiction, divorce, immigration, sexual orientation, sexuality, pornography, feminism, religion, single parenthood, family relationships and Cuban heritage

I’ve highlighted three things above because in recent memory, I cannot recall a family comedy dealing with such issues in the way One Day at a Time does - so perhaps this is a first for television - certainly a first for Netflix 

Apologies for the above spoiler also, but you know… had to get your attention 

Watch One Day at a Time on Netflix. It’s so worth it. 

Can y'all even imagine what Miroku must have felt when his infant son first gripped his dad’s finger with his chubby little hands? When he knew without a shadow of a doubt that there would never be a black hole of a curse in his baby’s palm? When he knew he’d get to stay and raise his children and see them grow and climb trees and fall and get scabby knees and cry and laugh and fall in love for the first time, because he wouldn’t have to be a wanderer and defeat some elusive monster that tried to take his chance at happiness and a family away from him? I truly cannot fathom what Miroku’s heart was doing when it dawned on him that every day, from there on out, he would have a home and a wife and babies without a ticking time bomb in their fists, and he’d get to stay, and he’d have somewhere and so many people to call home.

no offence but like……. does it ever just make you Emotional to think that maggie is literally ‘It’ for alex, and that she’s her first and last love, like…………… alex has questioned herself and denied her feelings for so long and she’s put others first always and has never experienced love that wasn’t familial or platonic and now she’s found maggie and they’re gonna have their ups and downs but ultimately they’re gonna come out stronger together on the other side and be better and more in love than ever what sort of Gay ass shit i cannot bELI EVE

I know I’ve said this before but I’m gonna say it again… I cannot freaking wait for Caryl to go canon!! Ya know why?? 

Because neither Carol nor Daryl have ever had a relationship with someone who loves them unconditionally. 

From what I understand, Carol had decent parents or at least a good upbringing. So at least for her, she knew familial love. But of course she had an asshole of an ex husband, so she’s never had a healthy intimate love. And the closest thing Daryl had to love was his brother, and he’s wasn’t the best example for a good familial relationship anyway. 

So if you could imagine, seeing Caryl’s first time together, both of them will be so overwhelmed by the love they feel between them, especially Daryl. Carol’s going to finally have the man who loves her as her equal, a man that would never hurt her and would protect her for the rest of their lives. And Daryl will finally feel the love that he has been so desperate to feel all his life. 

We’re going to see Daryl’s tough exterior crumble as he gives her all of him, hugging her as close to his body as humanly possible, and Carol will tear up with joy as she’s overcome with his love for her. 

I’m just so excited to see this because those two deserve more happiness than anyone else on that damn show! 

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Pride, Prejudice, and more

author:  Jajungmyeon



Morden Day Pride and Prejudice AU

Description: A re-telling of the classic piece of work on finding love while dealing with issues of individuality and status, dreams and obligations, and promises and betrayals.

In which
Jimin cannot decide if he loves or hates Min Yoongi;
Seokjin tries not to, but has his heart broken;
And Taehyung constantly surprises everyone.

Comments: First of all, I would like to thank the person who told me to read this YoonMin fic based off of Pride and Prejudice. I forget if they did it anonymously or from their blog.  Because of you, I read this awesome 30 chapter and over 70,000 word story, till the sun was rising again.  And I regret nothing.   

This story is based off of Pride and Prejudice, which deals with themes of family, friends, love, misunderstandings, social norms, social statues, unbreakable bonds, trust, betrayal, parental pressure, and misconceptions.  Is so wonderfully.  It is told in mainly Jimin’s POV, but the other characters POV’s are added to give a different prospective on the story.  

Everything about how Jimin and Yoongi meet, to how they try not to fall for the other, to how they fall. Will have you on a roller coaster you don’t want to get off of.  The other members of Bangtan, some EXO, some GOT7, and an orignally character,  are wonderfully in this also and add so much dept to the story.  This is a long read but it will so be worth it.  So read it in one seating, like me, or several seating, just read this story.

shadowhunters as that 70s show quotes
  • jace: I'm what's known as man-pretty
  • clary: Everybody wants their first make-out to be special. Someplace romantic like Ireland, or Disneyworld.
  • alec: Life is too short to spend it with people who annoy you
  • magnus: The beautiful cannot be held responsible for the havoc our looks create
  • isabelle: the sooner you realize I'm a genius, the better off we'll both be.
  • simon: if I were a bird, I'd fly into a ceiling fan
  • luke: Government pawns and missing limbs. That's amore.
  • jocelyn: All families are embarrassing. If they aren't embarrassing they're dead
  • maia: you are about to read a book my foot wrote.. It's called on the road to in your ass
  • raphael: When I die, I want to be buried face down, so that way, whoever doesn't like me can kiss my ass
  • alaric: You should suspend me. I need a vacation.
  • raj: kiss my brown ass!
  • meliorn: Where Zen ends, ass kicking begins
  • sebastian: if you dont get caught, everything's legal
  • lydia: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.
  • maryse: Everyone is happy and nobody went to jail. What a waste of time.
  • robert: You know I love my family. But sometimes, I just want to get in my car and run them all over.
  • max: if this is about maturity i want nothing to do with it
  • valentine: I've been working since I was sixteen. I fought in two wars. Hell, I've killed people. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it...

I am so happy to say I am now a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!! 

My experience was amazing!! I was nervous and scared before, but afterwards I was overcome with feelings of happiness and overwhelming joy! I felt so good! My confirmation also left me feeling full of joy!! The family I’ve been learning with helped me all the way through the whole process, from first going to church, to meeting with the missionaries - and they were so lovely in buying me my very first set of indexed scriptures with my name on the front cover :’) They also printed photos of the baptism of me and my best friend (aka SISTER!!!) and the Sister Missionaries who have been by my side since August! 

I feel so happy to have made this decision - I cannot wait for the rest of my life within the church, although finding ways to be more constructive with it rather than just being at church and when i meet with the Sisters is a bit difficult - I’ve been proud of myself in the fact I’ve kept the Word of Wisdom since the start of October! :D 

Again, if anyone has any advice/tips for a baby LDS child like me please feel free to PM me!! :’) 


BRIAN MOLKO: You guys okay? You! No? You need some help? Is somebody hurt? Is somebody hurt? Da? Nyet? Nobody’s hurt? Okay, my brothers and sisters, here’s the deal. This is a Placebo concert, this is not a fucking Limp Bizkit concert. And at a Placebo concert we are all family, and family takes care of each other. Now we can’t responsibly continue the concert if somebody is going to get hurt. Yeah, that’s right, you catching this, Mr. GoPro? I can see you, you get to see that flashing light. Mr. GoPro, down! So, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we cannot continue if there is a risk of anybody in the audience tonight getting hurt, okay? So, I’m gonna ask you to do two things, right? The first thing I’m gonna ask you to do is to be mindful of the people around you, to take care of the people around you, to not push the people around you, okay? The second thing that I’m gonna ask you to do, everyone! Well, apart from you guys that are… you can tinkle your jewelry up there, y’know. Just tinkle your jewelry. You guys down here, everybody is going to take three steps backwards. Now, it’s very simple. If you don’t take care of each other, then we can’t play. So it’s your responsibility for this concert to continue. Shall we continue this concert with selfishness, or shall we continue this concert with love? What’s it gonna be? Let me hear you! I’m gonna hold you people to that. With love! Now, shall we?

Moscow. 26.10.2016