i cannot with both of you

the raindrop prelude

pianist au

pairing: yoongi | reader
genre: angst and fluff
word count: 14.859
warnings: implied smut, mentions of alcohol
author’s note: this is a revamped version of a story I wrote ages ago, which some of you might have read already (was simply titled raindrop back in the day). the plot remains the same, only the writing was heavily tweaked, almost entirely rewritten. If you did not read it before, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Since music is a very important part of this story, I suggest playing the songs on this playlist whenever they’re mentioned. :)

You feel exhilarated.

You would never be able to describe such feeling properly, and you are sure other musicians would agree. Being up there, hands surfing above the keys while the music floats seamlessly, turns your body weightless and takes your mind away from it, faraway from the dullness of reality. It drifts and glides away smoothly, silently, towards a remote place where you can finally shine.

Your senses are still heightened and your heart is still pumping vigorously as you leave the stage, fingers starting to tremble. They feel numb and sore after torturing them for almost ten minutes, and the pleasing sound of applauses still rings in your ears as you trudge in the direction of the bathroom.

You did it. Be proud. The cutting words are deafening in your head, mixing with the echo of the melody your hands conjured up only a few minutes ago. That voice, both sharp and unrecognizable, faintly resembles that of your best friend, your colleagues and your teachers, but you are unable to believe them. You just can’t.

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cassiebones  asked:

Okay but Lena being convinced that she’s dating Kara and holding her hand and cuddling with her and Kara thinks that they’re just friends so she doesn’t think it’s odd until one day Lena pecks her goodbye and calls her “babe” and Kara practically combusts on the spot and is like “what? Oh ok...”

It’s not that she doesn’t want to be dating Lena.

She does.

Rao, she does.

But Lena’s called them friends before, and to Kara, that means that she only wants to be friends.


So Kara lets herself love Lena the best way she can. 

In all ways.

But only as her friend.

So certain things… certain things stay in her imagination.

And she thinks it’s her imagination when one day, Lena kisses her on the cheek – Kara’s heart leaps, as it always does – and tells her, “see you tonight, babe.”




Kara’s heart leaps and it twitches and for a moment, she’s flying. 

She must have misheard.

Or maybe she hallucinated.

Maybe there’s something in her brain that’s being attacked by some alien, maybe she should get herself to the DEO, maybe –

“Kara? All good?” Lena asks, and Lena is touching her arm, and her face is so close, and her breath smells of red wine and perfection and –

“Lena, I… did you… I… you know what, never mind, yes, yeah, later, dinner plans, our dinner plans, I’ll see you for them. For the dinner plans, yes.”

The skin behind Lena’s eyes scrunches slightly and normally Kara finds it attractive but today it’s increasing her panic, her confusion.

Her being convinced that she’s having some alien-induced visions, because Lena Luthor cannot possibly have just called her – 

“Babe, what is it? Did I… did I do something wrong?”

And now Kara’s stomach really sinks, because that’s worry in Lena’s voice, that’s panic in Lena’s eyes, and suddenly both of Kara’s hands are on her upper arms because no, no, no, she cannot panic like this, question herself like this, not because of Kara.

“No, Lena, of course not, I just…” She steels herself and she breathes and she lets herself fall, just for a moment, into Lena’s eyes. “You called me ‘babe.’ And I… no, no, shh, it wasn’t wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, Lena, I… it felt nice, but I… maybe it felt… too nice, or… I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m sorry, I – “

“No, Kara, please, tell me. Whatever it is you’re thinking, I want to know, so we can deal with it. That’s what relationships are built on, right? Communication, and… and trust?”

“Rela… friendships. Friendships, huh?” Kara chuckles and adjusts her glasses.

Lena squints.

“Kara, if calling you babe is too fast, that’s fine, that’s okay. Or… or if you’d prefer another pet name… I often think of you as… as my darling, in my head, if you’d prefer that to babe… I just… I thought… I’m sorry, Kara, truly, I didn’t mean to – “

“Wait, Lena, I… what – what?”

“Kara, you’re my girlfriend. You’re allowed to tell me what you like and don’t – “

But Lena doesn’t finish her sentence, because Kara’s lips are on hers, and Kara’s breath is her own, and Kara’s pulse is her own, and…

“You can call me babe all you want,” Kara whispers into her mouth, and Lena swoons, and Kara steadies her with strong hands and a trembling heart and soft, soft lips.

“Excellent,” Lena smiles into Kara’s mouth, and they dive into their first kiss with just as much synchronicity as they dive into everything else.


Anonymous said:

Your spite towards Shoma has reached new levels of hypocrisy: you on Hanyu’s SE as Axel entry: “Next difficult entry is the spread eagle.” Also you on SE as Axel entry (in Shoma’s case): quoting ISU regulations and interpreting them to live the impression ISU considers SE as easy entry, while gushing over SE as *difficult entry* several posts before this one. You don’t even care to remark, that Shoma can jump Axel from outside (which you regard as the more difficult version) and inside SE.


One, on Yuzu’s entry. I never said that it’s difficult just because it’s a spread eagle. I explained in that post the reason why I think it’s difficult: his control on curve and edge, his ice coverage, and the ease of transition. Funny how you read one sentence of mine and refused to read the next.  

Two, the quote I picked up is in the ISU technical handbook, I did not invent it, nor does it require any special interpretation. As far as ISU rule goes, that is one of the easier to understand phrases.

Three, why should I remark on the fact that Shoma can enter Axel from outside SE or not? The question I got was on the relative difficulty of inside SE vs outside SE as entry. How, specifically, would the fact that Shoma can enter Axel either way help with that assessment? 

Sure, I admit it might have been a nicer gesture if I had used an outside SE entry from Shoma as comparison instead of using one of Yuzu’s, but I was too lazy to go out and make new gifs, and I’m having an existential crisis. Sorry not sorry.  

Anonymous said:

Hi there. This is in no way a criticism of Yuzu, I love him to absolute PIECES, but in your post about SE’s, you not that the ISU rulebook states “a single spread eagle… cannot be considered as meeting the requirements” for the non-Axel solo jump. However, in his 2017-18 SP, Yuzu uses this exact movement in his jump (4Lo). Why is this counted as having connect steps? It also happened in his 2015-16 SP for the 4S, but I don’t quite get it. I’m pretty sure a few other skaters do it as well…

Yuzu’s 4Lo and 4S were both counted as having connecting steps because he didn’t just do a spread eagle leading up to it.

His full entry for the 4Lo in Let’s Go Crazy was choctaw LBO/RFI - counter RFI - choctaw RBI/LFO - three-turn LFO - chasse LBI/RBO - spread eagle RBO/LFO - cross roll RBO/LBO - change of foot RBO - jump.

And for the 4S in Ballade 2.0: rocker RBI - counter RFI - mohawk RBI/LFO - three-turn LFO - three-turn RBO - mohawk RFI/LBI - spread eagle RFI/LBI - three-turn RBO - mohawk RFI/LBI - jump.

In both entries you would see no break in his rhythm leading up to the jump, no long edge hold, no protracted setup, no significant loss of speed. The connection between his sequence of steps and the jumps is watertight, in other words, so the credit for connecting steps was well deserved.

“Can’t this thing go any faster?” Thalia demanded.
Zoe glared at her. “I cannot control traffic.”
“You both sound like my mother,” I said.
“Shut up!” they said in unison.
—  Percy, Thalia and Zoe, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan’s Curse (Ch. 16, Pg. 249)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any hc about Celine and Damien as siblings

YES but only a few!!

  • They’re twins!!! Though Celine acts as the older sibling!
  • Damien was a total fuckin dweeb in school and got pushed around a lot, Celine got suspended many times for beating up the kids who picked on him
  • That being said Celine herself picked on Damien a lot, but it was never in a more than OBVIOUSLY kidding way. Little pranks and just sharing embarrassing stories is as far as she took it.
  • They both vented to each other often, even if they didn’t understand one another’s problems. Y’know that kinda, “Can you BELIEVE that?” “I CANNOT believe that!” “RIGHT!?” kinda way
  • Gossip Twins™
  • Celine would make him good luck charms for his mayoral campaign
  • Their parents weren’t really bad but they weren’t very….good either. They did their basic care stuff for their kids but never really spoke to them. So, yeah they were kinda neglectful.
  • Damien was the one who walked Celine down the aisle at she and Mark’s wedding instead of their father

sopherfly  asked:

I know I'm supposed to be feeling for Tony and everything he's going through, and I am, but having been on the receiving end of the kind of silence the family is dealing with, the family is just breaking my heart. UGH having someone going through something and not talking to you and not checking in is SO HARD and I appreciate that you're portraying both sides of that struggle. ❤️



I cannot stress this enough— there are always two sides to grief— what you are going through, and what you are putting everyone else through!!

Just because Tony is the victim doesn’t mean the people around him aren’t hurting! Just because it was HIM who suffered physically doesn’t mean that the people who love him weren’t ALSO SUFFERING!

Grief is two sided and I think people forget that, and that’s why most relationships/ friendships don’t survive a tragedy!

shepardmoreau  asked:

Francy 💕❤💛

❤: who is more affectionate in public? in private?

i cannot see nancy as the pda type, although frank, who is very clearly a hopeless romantic in my eyes, probably LOVES the idea of it. (although they probably have a rule to not be all that affectionate in general when on a case together because they have a job to do and joe probably slaps frank upside the head every time they so much as share a loving look.) in private they are probably both very reflexively affectionate, ie: reach for each other’s hands a whole lot, fall asleep naturally curled around each other, lean in for lots of congratulatory hugs and kisses when they figure something like a puzzle or a clue out, if i keep going i am probably going to melt into a pile of sugar so I’M GOING TO STOP HERE

💛: who believes in soulmates?

oh my god PRAGMATIC NANCY DREW??? BELIEVE IN SOULMATES?? I THINK NOT. nancy is very Logic and Science and Proven Results Only so this is absolutely frank. absolutely. and he doesn’t admit it out loud ever because joe would take the piss for months and he, too, wants to give off the air of a Reasonable Detective who doesn’t believe in any hogwash but secretly, internally, he is SO the type to think soulmates are real. probably the second frank met nancy he was like yup, yup, there she is, my soulmate, and the more he learned about her the more he was convinced of this.

💕: who is more likely to make huge declarations of love in front of other people?

I FEEL LIKE A BROKEN RECORD BUT FRANK, DEFINITELY FRANK. i think what we’re getting out of this is that i fully believe that frank is secretly (or sometimes not-so-secretly) a total schmoop monster who is in love with love and even MORE in love with nancy. i think frank would be the type of boyfriend who would continuously be so overwhelmed with how much he loves nancy that he’d often just blurt out how much he loves her in public, much to joe’s chagrin, who is almost always eye-rolling in the background.

2 fools inlove
  • zelda: the stars look beautiful tonight.
  • link: *nods*
  • zelda: do you know what else is beautiful?
  • link: *heart racing fast and blushing like crazy* what?
  • zelda: *leans in*
  • zelda: *smiles back at him*
  • zelda: *whispers* ancient sheikah technology

Aaron: Says some mean words to get a reaction out of Neil 


Andrew: Assaults Katelyn and belittles her 



people talk about the danger of violence or overt sexuality in children’s entertainment, but i swear that nothing, nothing fucked me up as badly as the totally family-friendly, g-rated trope of “woman who is not traditionally attractive flirts with our male lead; aren’t her romantic and/or sexual desires inherently disgusting, and thus hilarious?”

and like, at least when i was growing up, it was everywhere: disney movies, saturday morning cartoons–i think it was maybe even more common in stuff aimed at kids, because when you’re not allowed to go blue, there are fewer ways to get a lazy, cheap laugh.

i was freckle-faced and chubby as a kid (both, of course, common cartoon shorthand for “this girl is hideous”), and i literally cannot remember being too young to feel bad about how i looked. i’m sure my baby fat didn’t bother me when i was an actual baby, but my body issues are at least as old as my conscious memory. thank god i had access to feminism and cultural criticism from a comically young age; it rarely protected me from pain but at least i’d heard that it was wrong to send a message that beautiful princesses are protagonists and ugly girls are punchlines.

(as if we have to earn the right to even just want romantic love, to even just feel something for somebody else, as if we have to cash in tiny noses and perfect lips and tiny bodies like fucking arcade tokens before our heartsong is anything but a mean joke)

and granted, there were other issues at play; i’m not pinning all my baggage on, say, that part in aladdin where the fat lady with a gap in her teeth catches him while he’s running for his life and sings that she thinks he’s “rather tasty” and aladdin’s face is all “UGH, OH NOOO,” but i swear i didn’t start to internalize “no decent human being would be grossed out by your romantic interest, or even just find it so ludicrous as to be funny” until about six years ago

and i am five fucking days away from turning thirty

There’s a Ball?

So, this was a prompt. I have included the ask at the very end this time because I don’t want to give away the spoiler! Another one that was slightly longer than expected. Oh well. 


            “Did you hear?” A boy whispered in delight, voice echoing around the now silent corridor. Draco rolled his eyes heavily. What was with immature people being obsessed with gossip? One would think that there would be better things to talk about than mindless shite.

             “Harry Potter is coming back for the Remembrance Ball next month!”

               Draco froze as he fought the urge to demand the boy to spill his sources. It wouldn’t do well to bring himself attention, especially about Potter.

               Excited whispers broke out as they all waited for Slughorn to open his door for class.

               “Where did you hear that?” Smith asked doubtfully. “Someone else brought up Potter at the beginning of the year but it turned out to be false.”

               For once, Draco was rather grateful for the Hufflepuff’s insight. He just hoped that it wouldn’t be a recurring thing.

               “I overheard McGonagall telling Flitwick about it when I was passing by the staffroom.”

               Draco furrowed his brows. If Potter was stopping by for a visit, Granger or Weasley would have acted like it, wouldn’t they? He shot a look towards Granger, who had a book on Modern Goat Conspiracy Theories compared to Anciently Deceased Theories open in one hand and their Potion’s book in the other. Surely, she couldn’t be reading both, right? Weasley had his head resting on Granger’s shoulder and appeared to be asleep. His mouth was open and Draco was pretty sure he saw drool.

               The clang of the door opening had Draco putting this behind him. It was no doubt just gossip.


               “If Potter is coming back for the ball, who do you think will be his date?” Abbott asked as Draco sighed heavily, a few seats away from her in History of Magic.

               “Who says he has to have a date?” Macmillan asked with a scoff. “I’m going stag and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

               Finch-Fletchley snorted loudly. “You’re going stag because everyone you asked turned you down.”

               Draco was incredibly sick of everyone talking about Potter. This was getting out of hand. What was with everyone being obsessed with the savior? Merlin, there had to be better things to talk about.

               “That’s because he is blind to Abbott’s desperate pining after him.” Draco snarked, not bothering to turn around. He was just fed up with the whole conversation.

               There was a stunned silence that filled the room. Macmillan sounded as if he was choking on his own tongue and that was certainly the highlight to Draco’s day.

               “Is—Is Malfoy telling the truth?” Macmillan whispered, sounding awed. As if he hadn’t noticed that the girl had been in love with him for seven years.


              Draco spared a miniscule moment of guilt as the girl sounded positively miserable. But it was for the best. He knew how this would end. And really, what was a little pain as long as it ended in happiness? Well, if they actually lasted as a couple that is. As a realist, he predicted those two would break up after one or two children.

               “Would you like to go to the ball with me?” Macmillan’s tone was scared, which had Draco rolling his eyes.

               “Yes!” Abbott squeaked out far louder than was necessary, causing Draco to nod approvingly.

               And if a small smile also escaped, well, no one had to know.

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Things Jimin is horrible at:

1. Accepting Hobi’s love. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

2. Letting someone else love Hobi.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D


it all began when taylor nation followed me on tumblr on october 11th. they then messaged me on tumblr on saturday night. i’m not going to go into detail about the message because it’s *confidential*. 👀 they then called me the next day and told me i was invited to a secret event in nashville and asked if i’d like to attend, i wasn’t sure if i’d be able to make it on such short notice but my mom told me accept the invite and that we’d figure a way to get there. we dropped everything and started driving to nashville on tuesday morning and got to nashville on wednesday.

i arrived to the secret location and got checked in and met so many people including bree!! it was honestly so surreal and everything felt FAKE. we got onto the bus and the driver drove us to taylor’s parents house and we could see TAYLOR’S HAND THROUGH THE BLINDS TAKING PICTURES OF THE BUS ARRIVING. I HONESTLY WAS SO SHOOK.

we then went into the pool area and ate food and i got to talk to a bunch of amazing people. THEN TAYLOR’S PARENTS CAME OUT. i got to talk to them but i obviously can’t talk about what they said because that’s *confidential* 👀 but let’s just say, THEY KNEW WHO I WAS.

i then had to use the bathroom so the security let me inside the house to use the bathroom and when i came out taylor’s entire team was waiting for me, they told me to wait and one of them was like “niko, this is going to be very exciting” AND MY POOR LITTLE HEART STARTED BEATING SO FAST. they then took me into the room where the secret session was going to be held and told me that i could CHOOSE WHEREVER I WANTED TO SIT BEFORE THEY LET ANYONE IN THE HOUSE. i obviously picked the floor pillows that was TWO INCHES AWAY FROM THE CHAIR TAYLOR WOULD BE SITTING IN.

everyone then came in the room and sat on the floor cushions. we had to wait about 20 minutes before TAYLOR SWIFT WALKED IN THE ROOM WITH ABIGAIL. i didn’t get to hear what she said as she walked in because everyone was screaming, including myself. she looked so GENUINELY HAPPY AND EXCITED. she then pointed to abigail and said “SHE JUST GOT MARRIED” and abigail started flaunting her ring. IT WAS LITERALLY SO ICONIC.

taylor then walked to her chair and sat down and instantly locked her EYES ON ME. SHE HAD THE BIGGEST SMILE ON HER FACE AND SAID “oh, hi there niko!!!” AND PUT HER HAND OUT SO SHE COULD HOLD MY HAND. YOUR BOY WAS VERY SHOOK.

she then started playing the album but that’s all *CONFIDENTIAL* 👀

taylor literally talked to me during the actual secret session. she kept grabbing my hands and dancing with me. *shook*


((the album is so good btw y’all are going to be wigless on november 10th))

once the album was over we all got in line to meet her and someone from taylor nation called my name and two other people because SHE WANTED TO MEET US IMMEDIATELY.

as i walked down the stairs taylor has the biggest smile on her face and opened her arms and said “NIKO!!!” and she HUGGED ME. she then hugged my mom and started telling my mom how i’m the sweetest person in this fandom and how everyone loves me and i’m the peace keeper. she even said i was the key to this community. (it took everything in me not to ugly cry in front of her)

she then looked at me and complimented my outfit by saying “YOU LOOK SO SHARP” and i thanked her and said “really? i picked out this outfit last minute!”

i then told her how much i loved the new album and at one point of the conversation i started chanting “GRAMMYS GRAMMYS GRAMMYS” and she started jumping up and down laughing and said “YEAHHHHH!!!” and then gave me a high five. (best high five i’ve ever received)

i was then able to tell her how i was born profoundly deaf and how grateful i am to hear her music and she was holding my hands the entire time while looking directly into my eyes. she looked so caring and loving.

i also thanked her for giving us a platform to make friends. i told her that i don’t have any friends but because of her i was able to meet my two best friends, kylee and makenna aka @justreputatixn and @this-luv

she was like “what are you talking about you have no friends??? EVERYONE LOVES YOU” and then i was like “OK BUT I DON’T HAVE REAL LIFE FRIENDS” and then she just hugged me so tightly. my mom then chimed in and told her how me, kylee and makenna met and went to see ed at the divide tour and she just smiled and said “good kids, good kids” she then told me to say hi to kylee and makenna for her and i told her she should definitely follow them on tumblr and she said she would once she stalked me. a WOMAN™

she then asked what poses i wanted to do and i asked for just a hugging picture and one with my mom. we took our picture and i asked if i could hold the grammy in the picture with my mom and she said “wouldn’t you rather hold a moonman? this is the one that got stolen” and she started laughing and my mouth literally DROPPED. so i obviously took that one while my mom took the grammy.

i then turned to her and was like “ok. you need to perform all you had to do was stay in houston because i’m still mad that you cut it off the setlist” and she started laughing and said “I ALWAYS SEE YOU BEING MAD AT ME FOR THAT” AND WE BOTH STARTED LAUGHING. THEN SHE GRABBED MY FACE AND SAID “NIKO YOU’RE SO CUTE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. WHY AREN’T WE BEST FRIENDS?” THEN I WAS LIKE “MAKE IT HAPPEN.” so, if taylor performs it in houston, y’all know who to thank.

i then hugged her again and told her that i loved her so much and it was honestly the best hug ever.

as i started getting ready to leave, i said “don’t become a stranger. i’ll see you on the internet” then she did something that i can’t mention yet because it’s *confidential* 👀

i then got in the bus and i was so very shook. i got to sit across from bree and we talked about what had just happened and we were both in shock about everything that just had happened.

i then went back to my hotel and ate mcdonald’s and fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face. ❤️🍔🍟❤️

i have never felt so special in my life and i honestly cannot thank taylor enough for inviting me to her parents house so i could listen to her album 15 days early and for being so amazing and kindhearted towards me. i will NEVER forget these memories.

long live october 25th 2017 ❣️


So, to help with the withdrawal we’re all having this Sunday, have a video to cheer you up a little!

saltkettle  asked:

i wish you would write a fic where Alicia convinces Bitty to star in a film with her while he and Jack are still on the DL. Maybe like, the boy-toy to her James Bond.

For the record, and Bitty would like to be very clear on this, he did not set out to be any kind of actor. He liked talking to his little camera and he liked his youtube channel and, sure, he’d picked up a few tricks of the trade but he was never going to be an actor. Not a real one. Certainly not in a movie

Then came Alicia Zimmermann. 

(Okay, well really, then came Jack Zimmermann but the point stands. This is Alicia Zimmermann’s fault). 

It started during a snow storm over Christmas break during Bitty’s senior year. This storm meant that Bitty’s flight back to Samwell was cancelled and apparently, the actor they had hired to play the small (but speaking!) part of “shy, polite, yet oblivious barista who is caught in the shoot-out but somehow doesn’t realize it” in Alicia Zimmermann’s latest badass female action star spy film. 

“You’d be perfect for it,” Alicia said to Bitty when she heard the news the night before. “Just come in with me tomorrow morning. The director’s a friend. He’ll be fine with it. It’ll be fun.”

Yes, Bitty thought, as he takes a deep breath and prepares to open the door to the limo. It will be fun, she said. Just one day, she said. Maybe two depending on how the stunts go.

Because of course, the director for some reason agreed to this stupid plan and of course, Bitty was too relaxed (too “well this will be fun and then I can go home to my very hot boyfriend”) to be nervous, and, the kicker was that Bitty did have to go in for another two days and that gave him time to bake some pies which the whole crew loved so he’s pretty sure they made the sequence longer and then, in the greatest twist of all, he became a fan favorite

His character, who hummed as he made coffee and managed to drop things and duck right in time to avoid getting shot, was suddenly the subject of conspiracy theories (HE’S REALLY A NATURALLY GIFTED AGENT!! HE WAS JUST PRETENDING TO BE OBLIVIOUS) and was giffed and he thought the whole thing was a bit blown out of proportion by the team who loved to send him any article who mentioned him but fan favorites are important apparently.

And also, he is quite certain Alicia didn’t help. In fact, he is quite certain this is her fault. She is the one who talked about how important it is to have your own career and how you can work your schedule so you are working more during the season so you aren’t just sitting home alone and he was a bit confused, to be honest, because why is she telling him this?? 

Then she finally gives him the news. The script. The contract. 

And it turns out, she had been telling him this because he had been picked up for the sequel. And in the sequel, he is not “clueless Barista.” In the sequel, he is “Newest recruit training under the famous spy, Torri Ford” and he is not so much “in the sequel” as “co-starring in the sequel” and suddenly he has an agent and there are scripts and oh my god, he is becoming a movie star and–

“You ready?” Alicia asks him. She is taller than him even as they are sitting. In her heels, she is going to tower over him. He cannot believe this is his life now. 

“Oh lord,” is all he says. He is about to be on a red carpet

“Come on,” she says and when she grins like that, all sly and mischievous and delighted with his nerves, he wonders why he ever thought it was a good idea to date Jack Zimmermann when both his parents are certifiably insane. “This’ll be fun.”

Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…”


  • i used to want to save the world.
  • what one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you think.
  • i learned this the hard way. 
  • and now, i will never be the same.
  • where are you going?
  • a scorpion must sting, a wolf must hunt. 
  • what if i promise to be careful?
  • fighting does not make you a hero. 
  • war is nothing to hope for. 
  • can i see it?
  • it’s beautiful. 
  • you’re safe, and there is nothing you should concern yourself with. 
  • you keep doubting yourself. 
  • you are stronger than you believe. 
  • are you hurt?
  • i love her as you do.
  • you’re a man. 
  • don’t i look like one?
  • men are easily corrupted. 
  • is it true you saved his life?
  • you let this little thing tell you what to do?
  • you can either do nothing, or you can do something.
  • i am willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
  • who will i be if i stay?
  • it’s hideous. 
  • a deal is a promise, and a promise is unbreakable. 
  • you’ve got to put down the sword. 
  • is there anything else you want to show me?
  • this is a terrible idea. 
  • who gets paid for honour?
  • i am both frightened and aroused. 
  • you should be very proud. 
  • everyone is fighting their own battles.
  • i may as well teach you how to dance. 
  • they call us heroes. 
  • i don’t drink.
  • we work well together.
  • now i see that you’re attention is, elsewhere. 
  • you know nothing of the gods. 
  • what i do is not up to you. 
  • you don’t believe me. 
  • what are you?
  • why are they still fighting?
  • they don’t deserve our help. 
  • we’re all to blame. 
  • it’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe.
  • i believe in love. 
  • i am not your enemy.  
  • i wish we had more time. 
  • i love you. 
  • you can save the world. 
  • only love can truly save the world. 
The following question arises for a prince: whether it is better to be loved than feared, or the reverse. The answer is that one would like to be both the one and the other; but because it is difficult to combine them, it is far better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both…He must only endeavor, as I said, to escape being hated.
—  Niccolo Macchiavelli, from The Prince (1513).



so i haven’t been able to really listen to All Night, like REALLY listen to it intently until this very moment so i’m going to be very camren-y delusional right now, forgive me. especially to lauren, i love you and you’ll hate me if in some magic world you’ll be able to see this, so forgive me.

at first i thought the song was all about tyren because it’s easier to like succumb into the thinking that everything lauren’s involved with right now (romantically) is about or with ty. so i’m ready to feel that pang in my chest hearing how, supposedly, drawn she is to ty even though i love her and support her and such.

ps. i think i’d finally enjoy In Your Phone in the future days wherein tyren doesn’t exist anymore. like, i’m all for lauren’s happiness and all, and if she ends up with ty, then so be it. i’ll still love her. i’m just saying, i’ll enjoy the music more if she find love with someone else, preferably a cuban-mexican with that signature butt. or already found it but whatever. 😁

back to the music, since i like listened really carefully to it, the lyrics is giving this vibe like the person that lauren’s (or steve’s) referring to is someone that they’re not really “dating” but someone that they have a strong pull towards. so tyren is not it, because as i’ve said, lauren’s romantic life is currently revolving around ty or atleast what she’s letting us on. and also, it shouldn’t be about laucy because she wasn’t really that private about it either. i mean, they even did a photoshoot. and the lyrics of the song implies that this love is kind of under the covers, secretive and sensitive. 😁

let’s strip the lyrics now shall we?


My heart beats a little faster, when our eyes meet in the middle of a crowded room. I’ve got a feeling, and I don’t know what to do with you

1. we’re seriously not strangers with camren’s secret looks and secretive stares. i mean, it’s one of the very reasons why this camren ship started, right?

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2. all of us also knows that “camren” and their very relationship has been really rocky.


You got me paralyzed, and I think I like it. Caught me by surprise, I’m not usually like this, no. Got me paralyzed, don’t think I can help it. Why’s it feel so right?

1. we’re all not strangers to lauren getting distracted by camila. i don’t keep tabs but i don’t forget. lauren have her moments. we can all agree to that.

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The crowd fades, tunnel vision. In a maze, and the only thing I feel is you. In perfect syncopation. Face to face, tell me do you feel it too?

1. i just recently saw this tumblr and lol i just want to include it

2. “in perfect syncopation.” — genius lyrics got it all covered. ; so again, we can rule out tyren because i don’t know, i think they started dating way past the day they met. not that they should fall in love easily. i’m just saying that we might know two people who instantly connected when they first met. 😉

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< ALSO, don’t forget when they harmonize together >


But maybe I should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause I keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way. And I don’t wanna (I don’t wanna play), these emotional games (emotional games). Only you bring me closer, and I cannot deny that I want you to stay.

1. “but maybe i should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — if this is about ty, why would she wait, lol? let alone let it fall into place when they’re both so happy and all? with that being said, if camren, let’s say, was real or is real. it was suspected that they are keeping things on the low for years now because of the push and pull of their relationship. some even concluded that they were so problematic before because one wants to be on the out (lauren) and the other is not ready yet (camila). basing on their tumblr reblogs. SO IF I’M GOING TO LET MY DELUSIONAL THOUGHTS TAKE OVER; lauren outed herself on her trump later.

– next, is camila’s insinuation in her Havana Music Video, which is…

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2. “'cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — lauren had a hard time accepting her sexuality #fact , and IF camren was or is ever real… do the math. she was finally proud of who she is, and she can’t fully show it to the world IF the supposed love of her life is not ready yet. (OR I’M BEING DELUSIONAL AGAIN) OR it simply implies that her attraction to the person is really THAT strong that it overwhelms her.


  • Counselor: I believed in the wrong people. By the time I realized it, the damage was already done.
  • The Director's ghost: You mean the damage on Florida? That you caused? By BLOWING IT UP?! I didn't tell you to blow up a fucking state, Price. I just wanted you to delete his data from our system but NO, you had to go the EXTRA mile!