i cannot with all these feels

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i just love the idea of daenerys falling pregnant.

like yes, okay, it’s a big cliche but all pregnancy plots are. but for dany, who’s adamant she cannot ever have children again it’d be an incredible twist. i mean we have the famous quote of ‘when the sun rises in the west and set in the east etc…’ but if something happens which i think it will in the finale it could possibly shift the world a little. seas dry up, mountains collapse, you know.

but i just love the idea of her feeling a little nausea, or she misses her monthly bleed, or she feels something changing inside of her and it’s just like … what. i mean all this foreshadowing, is it for nothing or is it for something huge in the making of season 8? im excited to find out.

probably like.. ¾ of the things i’ve done in my life that were Big and impacted me in strongly positive ways/have aided in m’growth as a person were so.. fucking uncomfortable, dude. they were. like, absolutely. it wasn’t fun and a lot of situations were like pulling teeth lmao i was very stubborn and afraid and have personal aspects that make a lot of things (most things) difficult but once i started to actually DO the things i’d been dreading for yrs, i slowly started to realize that.. nothing was ever that bad. uncomfortable? yes! especially initially! but you reach a point where you’re tired of being stagnant and that outweighs the fear in specific areas so you just… go on. and do.. whatever it is you feel that you cannot do. bc once you do it and live it and survive it, it’s.. just a thing. it’s not some giant monster looming over yr shoulder at all times. big changes are just not comfortable things (especially at first) and you really DO have to step outside of yr comfort zone to reach certain goals.. this sounds like something that would provoke a “you sound n*urotypical lol” response from some freak (whom knows nothing about me as a person) probably but like the thing is that like.. i’m not and that’s part of my point like sooooo many things are downright excruciating physically, mentally, and emotionally, for me to drag myself through but the point is that i’ve done it and i do it and i manage.. and that’s. all you can do. at whatever pace you can

Do u ever feel like a weird feeling is on your chest and you just wanna scream or cry or moan in pain (non sexual thoughts pleas im im serious there) and yoy cannot breathe correctly but at the same time you have no idea on how to react as your heart races faster
But all of this is happening suddenly
I was having a nice day but then it happens
It’s not the first time of course pft but this time it happened while I was wearing my chest binder + in a train + felt nauseated

Because if u do I really hope you know what the fu kn it means because of course I don’t

Ok, nobody likes Melody and we are glad the whole “Hide your Nathaniel route from her” is over.

But I felt so bad for her in this episode because while it’s true that she has a talent for denying evidence, Nat was never 100% honest with her. She said it herself: “He always told me he was not ready for a relationship”.

He was not ready for a relationship.

Clearly she is a overreacting person, but I don’t think I would have been much different if a guy I had had a crush on for a long time told me he didn’t want to get serious and then got totally serious with one of my best friends.

Truth to be told, I am sure I would have reacted the same because this actually happened to me. And it’s honestly heartbreaking and mindblowing. You feel betrayed and just cannot believe they did this to you. You cannot believe it, even if you try.

I don’t like Melody all that much, but her crying face made me sad. I don’t understand how people could find it enjoyable to watch…


HOLLYYYY SHIT. ok. alright. let me tell you a story. i dont want to be emo but ive been emo as late and like…this is just gonna be emo. if you dont feel like sitting through it, here is a summary: i cannot believe this is happening and happening so quickly. you are all the most amazing people, the kindest people, and im doing something special like…right after i post this so just sit tight. sip your coffee. eat some fudge if you have it - you deserve it!

if you want to sit through emo story time, HERE WE GO!

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listen i just watched a woman all dressed up looking great looking Amazing do that slow walk across the room to her date who –guess what he did, he stayed sitting until she got to him & got up & was like u ready then? what a fool?? what a Buffoon??? i honestly cannot wait until i have someone who does that to me, who walks across the room to me dressed up & feeling good so i can make an absolute fool of myself losing my damn mind over how good she looks like????? wow

Dear Daddies Long Legs

[In continuation to this]

[two letters are found tucked away in one of the seat on the private jet, given to their intended recipients by the well-meaning cleaning staff weeks after they’ve been written]

My Sw Dearest E Darl

Dear Eggsy,

I am perfectly aware that I have probably lost the right to call you mine forever, but I cannot call you anything but dear to me. I apologize if this make you feel uncomfortable. If it does, consider it the last time I will ever write it out.

Not that this is the only thing I apologize for. I have been horrid to you and for no better reason than because I was angry at myself. Unfortunately, it is easier for me to lash out at someone else than it is to accept my own shortcomings.

I had no right to speak to you like I did. No right to be angry because you’ve kept you precious innocence and refused to shoot a dog at the say so of a man you had no reason to trust.

If only that was my only sin concerning you…

You must know that I was lying when I pretended I helped you simply out of guilt for what I let happen to your father. Of course, I cannot pretend I didn’t bail you out because of the debt I will forever carry, but when I made you my proposal, it was only because of the man you let me glimpse at.

Not even who you can be and will without a doubt become, but the one you already are. Loyal, kind, determined…

Is it a surprise that I’ve wanted to impress you so much? You bewitched me completely and I had hoped to keep your favor forever…

I don’t even need Merlin to tell me that I’ve cock that one up badly.

I hope you won’t hold my mistakes against him. There is something wonderful between the two of you and I hope that even if you cannot stand to be in my presence anymore, that you’ll allow him a chance to stay at your side. I would understand if you do not want to share his heart with me, but let him have your friendship. Please.

I am deeply sorry and ashamed for how I acted.

I should have told you all of this before leaving the house, but it’s too late now. If you allow it at my return however, I will apologise for every of my wrongs.

With my undying affection,


I don’t know why you allow me any contact with others unsupervised

You won’t be surprised to find out I managed to fuck up your chances

I don’t know how I could have thought for a second I was any kind of gentleman

What you’re still doing with me is a wonder I’ll never understand

I fucked up. I fucked up in a big way and I just hope it won’t affect your relationship with Eggsy.

I don’t think it will however, Eggsy would never make the mistake to hold the mistakes of another against someone. So if he still wants your friendship, if he still wants that something more you can offer him, you better give your everything to him.

And don’t think this is me trying to get rid of you, you know I couldn’t function without you by my side.

But he makes you happy… Not that we aren’t happy, at least, I don’t think we’re not, but he can make you happy in times that I cannot. I wouldn’t want you to miss on any scrap of happiness Lady Luck offers us with.

Even if he doesn’t find it in his heart to forgive me, I am sure we could figure something out. I won’t ever give up on you, but I won’t let you give up on him either.

I wish you could be more than a voice in my ear right now, that you could be holding me and reassure me that even though I’ve buggered all my chances with Eggsy, I couldn’t chase you away even if I tried. That as long as your heart is beating, you wouldn’t let me jeopardize my own happiness. You’ve done a pretty good job all those years.

I think I miss you more than I have ever done and I cannot wait to be back in London, just to breathe you in.

I do think you’re the reason I am the oldest active Knight alive.

I cannot bear the thought of never coming home to you, to one more of your kiss. One more of your smile.

I love you.
Tu me manques.

Always yours,

(Dear Daddies Long Legs is a on-going collab story/rp that I have the pleasure to write with @insanereddragon and @trekkiepirate)

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I hate Islam and Muslims. I don't care if that makes me bigoted. But we can't trust as single one of them.

I don’t hate the people. In honesty I feel pity for the many who are decent people and who were born in a place where their religion was never an optional thing. But, despite this I don’t trust Islam, I am fiercely opposed to it as an ideology after much study and contemplation on the religion itself. I feel it is entirely incompatible with our way of life and core values of freedom and equality. I feel even more for those born to Islam who are trapped in a society where they cannot be who they long to be, where they are oppressed, where their happiness could mean their execution. Even still, much as others may see me as a bigot, I am wary of all Muslims, because the radicals (true Muslims following the mandates of Mohammed) hide amongst the “moderates” and you never know when one might turn on you. Islam is not a religion of peace, it was NEVER a religion of peace, it never will be a religion of peace.

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I am afraid. I am very afraid of where America is going. I feel bad, in a way, saying this. I know I'm very privileged and very lucky to be born in a first-world country, I know it could be a hell of a lot worse, but nonetheless, I am afraid. I'm afraid because I am a woman and I am gay and I feel very unsafe. I want to leave. I feel bad saying that, but I do. I want out. It's terrifying. It's awful. We're headed towards hell here.

the thing is, the wonderful thing is, you are not alone. You may be afriad, but there are so many people who are in your situation. If we all stand together, they cannot tear us down. And the guilt that you feel for your privilege can be transformed into postive energy. Use your voice in that place of privilege to speak up for those being marginalized. We will get through this together, i promise ❤

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You know what? Do Tail Cropper for the character ask thing. 😂

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!!!!! A+ CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I feel about this character: AHH!!! HE SCARES ME!!!! AND? YET?

Originally posted by americanlibraryassoc

I’m sort of in awe of him. He’s just a murder horse, doing murder horse things! He’s terrible, but he’s supposed to be. The tension in that scene is so masterfully written, I can’t be mad at him. BUT I CANNOT FORGIVE HIM FOR WHAT HE DID TO POOR POOR PUFFIN!!!

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Skata, perhaps, because then their spawn would be the SCOURGE OF THE SEAS MWAHAHAH!!!

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Dove’s lean-to fence. They’re really close, and Tail Cropper is always testing the limits of their relationship, but the fence is strong enough to stand up to him, and Tail Cropper needs that!

My unpopular opinion about this character: The description of him—his shark egg pouch ears and his thin, long nostrils and his fish’s eyes that prompt Puck to say “it’s barely a horse”—is so mystifying to me, my brain just sort of skips over it and pictures a regular horse, because somehow that’s less scary. Better the devil you know, etc.!

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: THAT HIS NAME WASN’T TAIL CROPPER (EVEN THOUGH IT’S THE BEST NAME EVER) BECAUSE THEN PUFFIN WOULD STILL HAVE A TAAAAAAAAILLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, also, maybe, I’d like Sean to catch him because I want to know if he’d be all THIS HORSE IS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE or if he’d be like WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY MONSTER!!!!

book review

my rating: 5 stars

This book deals with death. It deals with grief. And it doesn’t do it in a way that glorifies, or simplifies, or complicates them either. This book felt far heavier after reading it than it did prior to doing so. I wept at times reading this book, and pretty much non-stop for the whole last quarter of it too. All the emotions that these words caused me are now in between each page. This reading experience was down right cathartic.

Zentner just gets it. He gets grief, he gets young adults, he gets it all so damn right. I’m actually in awe of this book. I feel like it’s flown under the radar and it really deserves more attention. The content is not sugar coated, or glossed over. The weight of grief, the permanence of death, the burden of guilt, and the power of memories are all so carefully explored and entangled in the narrative that you cannot help but feel deeply and passionately for our protagonist, Carver, as he endures the tragic loss of his three best friends.

Be warned that this book does, as advertised, deal significantly with grief and death. It’s a very emotional book, and certainly had me feeling a heck of a lot. I think it’s also important for everyone. If not now, than probably at some point in your life. This is a new favourite book of mine.

Letters (part 5)

OH LOOK I’M ALIVE. Kanan’s not (or is he)


How does one word hold so much meaning.

Master. Teacher. Leader. Friend. Father. 

You taught me all I knew. All I thought i needed to know. How wrong was I. 

You never even finished your training, so I was foolish to even think, in the first place, that you could possibly teach me how to become a powerful Jedi. 

Not that being a Jedi could ever be enough. The light side is so weak. It hold you back, limits what you can and cannot do. Limits what you can and cannot feel. The dark side is much more… liberating. I am free to feel, to make my enemies feel pain like never before. I can get results. 

You and Hera tainted me so much that I was almost blind to the power that was right in front of me. Thank god for that scum Maul. He was never good enough, would never have been good enough. He was bested by a Jedi who was in hiding, an old man no less. Both weak and pathetic. But he showed me my potential.

My new Master would have killed him with a flick of his wrist. But no matter. 

I know your presence. If you think you can hide from me, you are wrong. I will find you, don’t worry. 

By the way, I ran into Sabine not much more than an hour ago. We fought. She really is quite impressive. She’s always been impressive, captivating, but now… she’s wonderful. Her skill with the saber, my saber, is incredible, and she held her own against me wonderfully, despite not having the gifts on her side. 

I could have killed her, obviously. I didn’t, but I will. She, it seems, is the only thing standing between me and full power. She pulls me to the light. She is the light. I cannot have her stop me. 

I’m going to kill her, old Master. 

And then I’m going to kill you.

So I am pretty upset because I can’t stop thinking about The Royal Romance. I am madly and deeply in love with Liam and Drake. I cannot decide who I love more and this is the reason why I play on two devices so that I can be devoted to each separately. I think that if this was real life how horrible it would play out for all parties but they are going to sugar coat it and not portray it as horrible as it would be in reality. I honestly feel that my MC loves them both and cares for them but no matter who she truly loves she will end up with Liam.

So this is why I think she will end up with Liam and why I am so pissed off. I think no matter how much Liam or Drake love and care for the MC, they love and care for each other much more. Their friendship runs so deep that they are more like brothers than just friends. Drake knowing that both men are in love with her is willing to sacrifice the girl he loves for his friend and friendship. So even if the MC chose to be with Drake he would make sure that she ended up with Liam no matter what.

And what pisses me off is that I feel that if Drake went and talked to Liam the moment he started to have feelings for the MC, they would have fought but figured it out because their bond is stronger than all of this stupid bullshit. I feel that Liam would sacrifice being with the MC because he would want Drake’s happiness above his own. They both want each other to be happy more than their own!!! Because drake won’t speak with Liam they all will suffer if the MC loves Drake, if she doesn’t Drake only suffers.

So in reality if Drake forced her to be with Liam she would comply and she love and be happy with Liam but would always yearn for Drake. They would have their moments, their secret hidden moments of happiness and torture, but he would always sacrifice for Liam. Those damn boys would be better to cut her off and walk away. Ugh sorry for my rant I am just stressing.

Let’s talk about this

I didn’t know why people felt that it was different how Danny reacted to Jorah volunteering vs. Jon volunteering. Until I watched it again.

Then I saw it

This was her reaction to Jorah:

Shock, confusion, worry, the casual ‘what-the-fuck-do-you-mEAN-you’re-going?’ look. but then eventually…

Acceptance… five seconds later.

And then Jon starts talking. when Davos goes “They won’t follow Ser Jorah”, and Jon goes “they won’t have to”. Davos got it right away what the hell this boy was planning to do. 

And Danny… Oh, sweet summer child:


She didn’t get it at first. It went from … ‘what..?’ to “oh god..”

THIS is the look of utter f e a r. She is terrified right now, and she does not know what to say. Her inner feelings are conflicting with her job as a queen.

And what face does Jon give?

That face a guy makes when he’s screaming ‘I’m sorry’ in his head.

Now… here’s one of my favorite parts…

Jorah even fucking looks at Danny, waiting for her to SAY something (I think this is also the moment Jorah knew. He just knew)

And Danny… her breathing is so uneven… She is legitimately scared for Jon.

“I haven’t given your permission” 

 I don’t care what you say… This is not Danny being a Queen. This is Danny being selfish. She let her personal feelings get in the way.

But Jon’s entire speech. About strangers trusting strangers, pulls at her. Jon forcibly pulls the Queen inside of her.

And Danny looks at Tyrion. Hoping for his counsel.

And she finally breaks. She doesn’t accept it, No, no no, she is absolutely 100% against this. But if you are anything like me or probably 99% of people in this world, when you want to say something you cannot say because you are trying to hold yourself together, all you do is nod.

So she nods.

when u see ppl saying they miss exo after seeing them in concert 400 times but the closest you’ve ever been to an exo concert is watching a periscope livestream that looks like its being filmed with a calculator

In a world where Symmetra has interactions
  • Zenyatta: You recite the mantra of illusory life and death, yet work for a corporation motivated by physical gain.
  • Symmetra: A mind unburdened is easier to enlighten, wouldn't you say? A cleaner, better world is the first step.
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can someone so hyperactive be quite possibly the most balanced one here?
  • Tracer: Dunno! I just like to let loose and enjoy life, I guess!
  • --
  • Sombra: You should get a life outside of your work.
  • Symmetra: You should live your life entirely outside of yours.
  • --
  • Zarya: Could you make a construct so heavy I could not lift it?
  • Symmetra: I would have to ascertain there is something you cannot lift, first.
  • --
  • Hanzo: I want to ask you: Is the path you walk in life one you know is right?
  • Symmetra: I can only believe it is right. Though even that...
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can you so gratuitously waste money blowing up your mech?
  • D.Va: Chill out, I got sponsor money for days!
  • --
  • D.Va: It's kinda weird chatting with somebody my BFF hates.
  • Symmetra: And his feelings should affect yours because?
  • --
  • Symmetra: ... I mean, a peg leg, really? I could make a prosthe--
  • Junkrat: Don't even think about touchin' me!
  • --
  • Doomfist: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are complacent, and unchallenged.
  • Symmetra: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are chaotic, and dead.
  • --
  • Mercy: I know you might not hear this much, but, I truly admire your ideals of a world to benefit all, Ms. Vaswani.
  • Symmetra: But it is your selfless desire to help others that is to be praised, Doctor Ziegler.