i cannot wait to see the commercial

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Could someone who has seen Ragnarok let me know if it is okay to contact them regarding the movie, I need to check if a few imagines that have been submitted are actually spoilers. It would not be fair to allow them on the page just yet if people outside of Europe have yet to see the film and want to keep it spoiler free for another while. 


There will be NO Ragnarok Spoilers on this page for at least two weeks after the movie’s worldwide release, only what is seen on the commercials/adverts will be allowed so as to not spoil the movie for others. The page will accept all imagine that include trailer footage, so do not think you cannot have any Ragnarok ideas, just please, think of your fellow Loki fans here who are waiting for their chance to see it. 

Further to that, if there is a demand for it, I may, after the two weeks, make a “Ragnarok Spoiler” tag on ALL stories and imagines that have spoilers for a further two weeks, pending the demand, but that will mean those who wish to submit Spoilers will be allowed to do so, I will wait and see. 


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I want to see a Mastercard commercial with Gansey where he details all of his Glendower Quest expenses (with a video montage of him trekking the globe, cave diving & exploring with the Gangsey, etc.). It’s getting to the end and he delivers that cheesy line “The cost of waking my sleeping king? Price—” this is when Adam Parrish pops out from behind a tree and is like “Wait, what about that favor he’s gonna bestow on us?” And Gansey is blushing so bad and trying to shoo Adam away (“Priceless, Adam, we literally cannot put a price on my life’s work!”). Blue is (not so) silently judging Gansey for making the commercial (“But Jane! There would be no quest without the GOLD Mastercard.”). Ronan is chasing the flock of sheep that have been brought into the shoot for “country aesthetic.”

Honestly cannot wait for press and promotion on The Spy Who Dumped Me to begin. It will be so interesting to see how Sam and his personal management team decide to market him as opposed to the fuckery currently being produced by STARZ. Will side pieces be gone? Will the geniune smiles (even without his usual leading lady by his side) return? Will he stop dressing like he’s walking off the set of a 2007 motorcycle commercial? The possibilities are endless but I don’t think it can get worse from here.


Commissions! Finally! And yes, that is a sparkly croissant, I couldn’t resist.

- 3 slots for now and if they get full, I’ll put you on the waiting list and contact you whenever I open the slots again to see if you’re still interested.

- Busts are up to the waist.

- I will happily draw OCs and fanart (I don’t necessarily need to be in the fandom, as long as you give me enough info to know who I’m painting, I’ll do it)

- I have the right to refuse a commission. I won’t do furries, robots, explicit nudity, etc.

- I retain full rights to the commissioned image. It’s for personal non-commercial use only and you cannot claim is as your own work. You can use it as your online avatar or on your blog, etc, as long as you credit me, of course.

- Backgrounds will all be simple. More complex commissions (full body, scenes, etc) in the future. If you want two people in one image, ask me and depending on a few things I may do it - for an increased price, of course.

Tell me what you want with lots of detail! If you want me to draw your OC please provide me with physical and psychological description of your character. If you have face claims for that character give me pictures. If you have any idea for a pose, an expression, light, anything else that you want, don’t hesitate to tell me. Jewelry, clothes, etc:  give me references. I need to know who your character is and what they look like so I can provide you with the best work possible! Sometimes little details will give me inspiration!

After that I will do a loose sketch of what I’m thinking of doing and if you agree on it (tell me then if you want something changed and if you agree with what I’m proposing to do) I’ll send the invoice and once you pay, I will finish it and send you the full final image.


If you have any questions and/or if you are interested in commissioning me, you can send me an ask/fanmail  (to either my art tumblr, my personal one or even a note to my deviantArt. makes no difference) but since tumblr tends to eat messages I recommend that you send me an e-mail to eleonorpiteira@gmail.com.

Thank you for the attention! :)

[Edit: These prices no longer apply. For new information regarding commissions, please see my tumblr.]