i cannot wait for this movie to be released

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Could someone who has seen Ragnarok let me know if it is okay to contact them regarding the movie, I need to check if a few imagines that have been submitted are actually spoilers. It would not be fair to allow them on the page just yet if people outside of Europe have yet to see the film and want to keep it spoiler free for another while. 


There will be NO Ragnarok Spoilers on this page for at least two weeks after the movie’s worldwide release, only what is seen on the commercials/adverts will be allowed so as to not spoil the movie for others. The page will accept all imagine that include trailer footage, so do not think you cannot have any Ragnarok ideas, just please, think of your fellow Loki fans here who are waiting for their chance to see it. 

Further to that, if there is a demand for it, I may, after the two weeks, make a “Ragnarok Spoiler” tag on ALL stories and imagines that have spoilers for a further two weeks, pending the demand, but that will mean those who wish to submit Spoilers will be allowed to do so, I will wait and see. 


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  • I am trying so hard today, but I’m just not getting anywhere. Monday is a day where I really don’t want to deal with a problem that someone else caused, but I am now responsible for fixing. Meh.
  • I am considering starting a secondary/side blog, but unlike the porn/nswf that a lot (not saying all) of you have, it will be mostly beer, and food.
  • For some reason I am feeling a great deal of anxiety today, and I am not even sure what is causing it.
  • You know that awesome amount of sleep I got the night before? Well not last night. Back to the usual waking up 90 minutes + before my alarm goes off, and tossing and turning until it does. Hurray!
  • Offshoot Beer release on Thursday, then fun plans for the weekend. I need to fast forward to Friday already.
  • I didn’t get out to the movies this weekend, but I am SO going to see The Kingsman on Thursday. I cannot wait!

Okay, that’s it.

Title: Paint Me in A Million Dreams // Author: Green_feelings @greenfeelings // Rating: Mature // Word Count: 110024 // Chapter AU - Enemies to Lovers // Completed: 07/03/2017 

Actual Summary: Harry’s one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, has made a name for himself in prestigious films and lives the life of a superstar. There’s just one thing missing to make it picture-perfect, but the one Harry’s in love with is completely out of reach for him. Enter Louis, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors himself, who just came out of the closet and taps new genres in the industry. When Louis sacks the role Harry auditioned for in Scorsese’s next big film, their irrational feud starts. Who could have guessed it would get even worse when for promo season, their teams decide to present them as a couple for publicity?

In short, Harry’s in love with someone and doesn’t care about dating anyone else, Louis never felt home in L.A., Liam writes love songs for someone he shouldn’t write love songs to, and Niall makes everything better with good food.

Green’s Summary: Louis and Harry are both actors. They’re both really good actors. Except that Louis has starred in more comedic roles while Harry has done more serious roles. So enter Louis with something to prove and a little bit of a chip on his shoulder and Harry an actor that’s been on the scene a little longer and is kind of bitter about not landing the lead role against Louis. So they hate each other until they don’t.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: bts member kim taehyung aka "v" has acted flawlessly throughout all of prologue and every story oriented music video has been an impeccable performance one after the other on his part, bts' new short film series "WINGS" allows him to once again show his immense amount of talent in the field of acting within his own video "STIGMA" which is currently marked as the third release in the series, with this i conclude that kim taehyung is one of the best, hopefully upcoming actors in the korean movie and drama scene and i cannot wait to see him act again

I read CMBYN back in January and loved it. Just finished reading it again while listening to the audiobook that Armie Hammer does wonderfully. It made me fall in love with the story even more. The story is written beautifully and I love how some of Elios thoughts are almost manic in a sense when he is worrying. I love reading stories where you can become apart of it. Reading this you become the character and feel everything. I could feel the urgency in his thoughts and sped up my reading just because it felt appropriate at those times. This story made me cry and ache and yearn for these 2 amazing characters. I cannot wait to see the movie and see them brought to life by these 2 incredible actors. I’ve always loved Armie Hammer but this Timmy kid is beyond amazing. I’ve watched some of his stuff and his talent is undeniable. I still have about 3 weeks till the movie is released here, until then I’ll scour for any tidbit I can find about the movie. Just wanted to put my two cents in about the story.

You know what I’m hoping for from I, Tonya (and, ya know, his other movies)? I want to go to RT or wherever and I want to see some damned reviews that TALK ABOUT HIS PERFORMANCE. There are times when I still get frustrated thinking about how Bucky was such a vital part of the CW storyline and yet most of the reviews barely mentioned him at all. Did they MISS the part where he went from docile, questioning Bucky to enraged, brainwashed Winter Soldier? What about the exchange on the plane with Steve or the way he spoke in his apartment or just his facial expressions, when he was out on the street in Bucharest? Sebastian gave a slam-dunk performance and was barely a blip in HUNDREDS of reviews.

And damn it, I want to see I’m Not Here and We Have Always Lived in the Castle and I, Tonya, and The Last Full Measure hit the circuits and actually have reviews that talk about Sebastian’s nuanced portrayal of younger Steve or his overtly creepy, scene-grabbing performance as Charles Blackwood or his scary, realistic handling of buffoon, Jeff Gillooly, laced with a thread of perfectly delivered humor or his heart-warming, moving portrait of a man seeking to do the right thing, as Scott Huffman.


Yes, I want him to “become” his characters - make them believable - just… I don’t want him forgotten. I want those reviewers to be dumbfounded and say stupid things like, “Err, THAT GUY was the Winter Soldier?” so we fans can scream, “YES, YOU IDIOTS!! FINALLY!” ffs 

And that is why I’m excited about his other roles. That is why I’m sitting with baited breath, waiting on each new movie to be released. I cannot wait to cheer, as I read the reviews….gimme it


The journey has come to an end. Over he course of the eight last months this has felt like a project that I would never complete.

And now I can say: it is done!

Done before Christmas, so it can be gifted, and done in time for the knit 1 geek 2 hobbit along, right as the final hobbit movie is released, it is done.

Over the course of the last eight months I have put around 80 hours of work into this scarf, all without the intended recipient ever seeing his scarf, which is a feat as we spend a lot of time together.

I cannot wait to gift this, and to start a new sweater for myself.


that being said, i cannot fucking wait until the day when the 1st new movie of the “Transformers reboot” is released like 10-20 years from now and it’s actually good with like robots and plotlines and characters with personalities who aren’t killed off and we’re all sitting in the theatre with tears of joy pouring down our faces thinking “was Bayformers even real

It actually warms my heart that batman v superman broke records in its opening weekend despite everyone bitching about the trailer and the casting and the countless poor reviews from critics.

I think it really shows just how much dc fans waited for this movie, how long comic fans waited for a superman story that was more than just his origin, or a batman story centred around his constant character development rather than constant angst, and how god damn long fans waited to see wonder woman on a big screen. I was in awe for more than half the movie because I couldn’t believe how well Ben played batman, and how Henry perfected superman’s kind naivety, and how Gal really made the wonder woman character come to life. I truly cannot wait for the rest of dc’s film releases.


War on Everyone UK trailer released on June 20, 2016 - Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Peña, Theo James, Tessa Thompson, Stephanie Sigman, Caleb Landry Jones, Malcolm Barrett, Paul Reiser. Directed by the John Michael McDonagh.

My screen caps -  I’m in love with this movie! It’s so funny and I cannot wait to see it again.

#1 You have to kiss someone else in front of him


so this is my first preference or whatever it is called and I hope you like it. And if you don’t mind tell me if you liked it or not.

Louis: “I can’t live without you” You hear him say. He leans over and you close your eyes as you are told to do, while you are trying to look like you are deeply, madly in love with this boy you are going to kiss. Suddenly you are interrupted by a loud noise. “CUT” the director yells. You all turn to where the noise came from and see Louis standing there with a whistle in his hands. He looks everyone in the face, pretending to be innocent. “Sorry I thought it won’t work. Didn’t yesterday” He smiles at everyone and winks at you. You shake your head, smiling because you cannot believe his action. “Okay, everyone to its place. Ready? Action” The director yells. “I can’t live without you” your co-star says again as he leans over again and you close your eyes trying your best to look like you are in love with him. And then you hear something fall on the floor. “CUT” Everyone looks in the direction to where the noise came from, aka to Louis. Louis looks at you all, acting not to know why you are looking at him and then he looks at the bottle that lies next to his feet. “Oh that?” He asks. “That wasn’t me. I swear” He says. The director sighs and lets his head down. “Okay everyone get ready. And this time NO disturbances” he says while looking at Louis. Louis doesn’t pay any attention to him his eyes are on you and your co-star. You give him a confused glare, asking him without words if everything is okay. He shakes his head. “I can’t live without you” your co-star says for the third time and leans over to you again while you do the same as the other two times. And then you get what is wrong with Louis. He is jealous although there is no reason for him to be. This is just a movie, he is just your co-star, Louis is your boyfriend you try to calm yourself down, ignoring the nagging feeling in your chest. You cannot wait to finish this scene and be with Louis again, cannot wait to kiss him. Your co-stars lips touches yours and you have to pull yourself together and ignore the urge to push him away. You force yourself to kiss him back. It’s just for the movie, you think. “Aaand CUT.” You step away from your co-star, releasing yourself from his grip. “Great shot. I think that’s it for today. See you guys tomorrow” the director says and goes away. Your eyes search for Louis but he is nowhere to be seen. You ask one of the workers who tells you that he has gone outside. You follow him and see him outside, opening the door of his car. “Louis!!!” He turns back, looking surprised and then sad. “Where are you going?” “Oh just…you know…back.” He stutters. “Without saying goodbye?” He looks down. “Louis why are you jealous?” “Why did you kiss him?” he responds with a question. “It was for the movie. I didn’t want to but I want this” you say as you push Louis against his car, leaning his head down to you and crushing your lips on his.

Harry: “Stop…Harry…I mean it” you say while laughing because Harry is tickling you. He is visiting you at your school while you have drama class. You have the main role and he wants to see your acting skills. “Stop goofing and start with the rehearsal” your teacher yells and claps her hands to get everyone’s attention. Harry lets you go, unwillingly. “To be continued” he whispers in your ear. You smile at him and go to the stage next to your teacher. “So today we are going to rehearse the scene where you” by that your teacher looks at you ” tell Jesse that you will never give up on him and he lets his facade down.” You nod and look at your classmate. As you try to rehearse you look down to where the seats are and see Harry sitting in one of them in the front row and making weird faces at you. You giggle and try not to laugh as your teacher gives Harry some death glares what makes him stop. You concentrate on your classmate while he is saying his lines, waiting for your part. “I believe in you and I won’t give up on you like you did” You say to him. He acts surprised, grabs you by your waist and leans in. “Oi” you hear Harry yell. You turn to him and free yourself from your classmates grip. Harry jumps on stage, not caring to use the stairs and walks towards your classmate with a death glare on his face. “Back off” he says through gritted teeth and your classmate obeys. You put your hands on Harry’s chest to calm him and to prevent him from attacking your classmate. “Harry” you whisper. “What’s going on?” your teacher asks visibly annoyed by Harry. “He was trying to kiss MY girlfriend” “Yeah that’s his job. This is the last rehearsal and we have to rehearse the kiss” your teacher explains. “Why do they even have to kiss?” Harry asks. “Because it’s written in the script. Y/N either he stays quiet or he goes.” Your teacher says strict to you. Harry looks you in the eyes, expecting to take his side as you do. “Do we have to rehearse the kiss?” you almost whisper. Your teacher sighs. “At least once” You look at Harry. “Once? It’s just a rehearsal. This is nothing. You are my boyfriend” you try to explain. He sighs and goes back to his seat shooting angry glares to your classmate. You repeat the scene, your classmate grabs you by your waist,pulling you in to him and kisses you. The whole time you think about Harry watching you as you put your hands on your classmates neck. After two seconds what seems to you like two decades you take a step back not daring to look at Harry. “Great. Good work everyone.I see you all on Saturday for the performance” your teacher says and goes. You turn around just to see Harry standing behind you. With a smirk at your classmate he suddenly grabs you by your waist, pulling you close to him and kissing you long and passionately.

Liam: “No it’s stupid” you say to him while he begs you to show him what you have to do in the commercial. “You’re going to see it in a couple of seconds.” “Please.” He pouts his lips and gives you a puppy look. You look into his brown eyes, feeling yourself get lost in them and weaken. “Okay” you give in. A smile appears on his face and he sits straight. You take the gums the commercial is about show them off in your hand and say “Chews. Chew it and feel yourself carefree” You smile as you pretend looking into a camera. Then you turn to Liam who is sitting on a couch just to see him holding back his laughter. “I told you it’s stupid” He grabs you by your wrist, motions you to sit on his lap what you do. “No. It was great. You were great” He whispers and gives you a small peck on your bare shoulder. “Okay everyone come here” the director yells. You take Liam’s hand and drag him with you to where all are gathered. The director talks about what to do, how to stand and a little change in the script. “You have to kiss at the end” the director says while pointing on you and the male actor. You look at Liam whose eyes are widened a little bit and mouth open. You look back at the director. “And why do we have to do that?” you ask. “To stress the fact that this gum prevents bad breath. Why? Is there any problem?” Again you turn to Liam. He shakes his head after he needed a couple of seconds to realize that you were staring at him. “No” you say while turning to the director. “Then great. Everybody get ready.” You go back to the couch and Liam sits down. You kneel in front of him forcing him to look at you. “What is it?” “Nothing.” “Liam?” “It’s…just for the commercial. It’s…o-okay” he stutters. “You mean the kiss? Should I say no?” You stand up your eyes already looking for the director. Liam grabs you by your wrist and pulls you closer to him. “It’s okay. It’s just a stupid little peck for your job.” “Just a stupid little peck” you agree while nodding like you have a disorder. “Are you sure?” you ask after a while. “Yeah. You can handle all those Directioners screaming ‘love me’, ‘I want your child’, ‘marry me’ and all the hate you get. I can handle that.” “Y/N” your director yells. You kiss Liam’s forehead and prepare yourself. The director tells you about the changes and you get ready. “Chews. Chew it and feel yourself carefree” you say your line. Then you feel two hands around your waist as you turn to face your co-worker. Within a second his lips are on yours and you close your eyes trying to ignore the urge to step back. After two seconds you give in and free yourself from your co-workers grip. “Good work everyone. We’re done.” You go to Liam who is pressing his lips on each other and tipping with one foot on the floor as if he is nervous. He looks up and stands up. “Done? You go change and I wait here.” Although he is trying to hide it you can see that he is jealous and a little annoyed. Not at you. No. He is angry at himself. He always is although it is never his fault. You put your hands on his neck, stay on the tip of your toes and kiss him.

Niall: You are waiting for everything to get ready so that you can start filming the music video. You just have to dance in this video with the singer and Niall is visiting you just to watch, spend some time with you and make weird stuff. Right now he is pretending to be the singer and is making weird moves while he is holding an invisible microphone. You laugh so much that you hold your stomach in pain and cannot make a noise. “Stop…Niall.Please” you beg him. So he does and sits next to you. He wraps an arm around your shoulder and says “Admit it. That was great.” You laugh. “More than just great. There is no word to describe it.” He gives you a little peck on the cheek. You stand up because one of the workers is motioning you to go to the set. Niall goes with you, holding your hand. “So today we only have to film the last part, then we are finished. Oh and the kiss” the director says. “The kiss?” You turn to Niall who was looking confused. “Yeah Y/B/N and I have to kiss. Just a little kiss. For the video.” you try to calm him. He nods with lips pressed against each other. Everyone is looking at both of you because it is really obvious that it is getting on Niall’s nerves. “You cool?” Y/B/N asks Niall. “Yeah. Totally.” Niall answers a little sassy. You suppress a sigh, give Niall a little peck on the cheek and go in front of the camera. It takes a while since the last scene is shot. At the end of it Y/B/N spins you around, holds you tight and kisses you. You frown a little and automatically close your eyes because you cannot kiss someone else than Niall and even look him in the face while doing it. After a couple of seconds you back off. “So that was good. Do you think we can do the last scene again?” the director asks. “No” you and Y/B/N say in unison. The director sighs. “Okay then pack up.” You sigh and look at Y/B/N “Thanks.” “It’s okay.” he says. “I should go now. Someones waiting” you say. Y/B/N smirks at you and hugs you slightly. “It was nice working with you. We should hang out sometimes. You, Niall, me and my girlfriend.” You smile and nod walking to where Niall is sitting. He tries to look normal but fails. “What did he say?” he asks. “He asked me if we could hang out.” He frowns. “Me, him, you and his girlfriend.” Niall looks surprised and opens his mouth to say something. But you don’t let him. You sit on his lap, lean in and kiss him.

Zayn: You, Zayn and Y/B/N, your fake boyfriend, walk along the street and laugh. You have to date this boy for publicity although you like Zayn. Not that Zayn would not boost your career but unfortunately you met him just a month ago and you are in this publicity-relationship since almost six weeks. Too short to break up your manager had said. This is why you have dated Zayn secretly. It is difficult. You can’t be seen in public and you have to either meet at his place or yours but that sucks. Once you were seen holding hands in public, it was just a friendly gesture, it was at the beginning when you met him and the media went crazy. You had gotten so much hate that you had burst out into tears. Your manager had scolded you to break up with him or stop seeing Zayn and you would never stop seeing him. You would rather die. You broke up with him and since then no physical contact in public. Y/B/N puts an arm around your waist and you look at Zayn wondering how good it would feel if he would put his arm around your waist or hold your hand in public, show all the world that you like each other. You sigh. “Everything okay?” Y/B/N asks you and you see how Zayn looks at you from the corner of your eye. “Yeah.” Y/B/N does not continue asking but Zayn is not relieved. He still looks at you concerned. You do not dare looking at him. After a while he looks at the floor. Y/B/N is talking about something but you do not pay any attention to him. You look at Zayn and think how good he looks with the blond dyed end of his hair. You sigh again. It’s compulsive. You cannot stop yourself from it. Zayn’s head shoot up. “What is it?” he asks. You shake your head. You know he would ask you until you tell him but not when Y/B/N is around. He does not know about your feelings for Zayn. Suddenly Y/B/N stops walking forcing you to stop too. Before you can ask him about anything he pulls you close to him and presses his lips on you. You are surprised and shocked and do not know what to do than kiss him back. You two were in public, he must have seen some paparazzi’s. You look over to Zayn who looks angry? Jealous? Then he looks away. You step back from Y/B/N. He smiles at you and you force a little smile too. After that all three of you walk to your apartment. Y/B/N tries to talk to both of you but neither Zayn nor you answer him properly. In your apartment all three of you stand there awkwardly. “So you like my girlfriend?” Y/B/N asks Zayn. You are shocked. You thought he would not guess. Zayn looks at you and then tries to explain but is cut off by Y/B/N.  “It’s okay. We’re just dating for publicity. I must’ve been suspicious when I saw the picture of you two holding hands. I’m sorry that I didn’t. I hope you two can work it out.” You look confused at Y/B/N. “Y/B/N what are you…?” He cuts you off. “We tell everyone I broke up so you won’t get any hate. Management can’t force us. But you two should wait about one month before you go public or some rumours will start that you were the bad one and all that stuff. Bye Y/N and good luck. Hope we can stay friends.” Y/B/N gives you a hug. You cannot do anything else than be quiet. “Bye mate. Oh and treat her good” Y/B/N says to Zayn, walks out the door and shuts it behind him. You look at Zayn with wide eyes and mouth open and see he is doing the same. “Zayn I..” Before you can say anything else Zayn grabs you by your arms, presses you against the wall, his body against yours and crushes his lips on yours.


Ok. First off, I feel like such a shitty spashley fan because I just found out yesterday that the fucking South of Nowhere Movie GirlTrash: All Night Long musical was already released.

But overall, my emotions cannot be contained!

And when the movie was already starting:

And SPASHLEY was on screen! 6 YEARS after South of Nowhere!

And then more Spashley Feels!

Then this line came up:

Because duh! Gabrielle Christian!

But overall? Everything is Spashley and nothing hurts!

But seriously, the music!

Because I just can’t construct proper sentences right now!

And GIFs are my only outlet for all these fucking emotions.

I’m gonna need my FANFICTION FIX because I just can’t with all the Spashley.


Honestly I, as a fan since the beginning cannot express how proud i am of cam. he started off as a kid who couldn’t fit in school going to be a vanity teen then travelling across the country and making friends who are now like his brothers, releasing 2 movies and being in 2 episodes of American Odyssey, releasing a single, and now being the new face of Calvin Klein which tbh is a great honour. I cannot wait for what he’s going to do in the future, he’s honestly such a sweet person and he deserves this, love you cam.


here’s my plan re: a black widow movie. i will trick twitter into giving me a verified account. i will call scar jo’s agent pretneding to be a lacky from marvel studios. i will say “if hypothetically scarlett were to be free to film a black widow movie, when, between 2015-2017 would be best” then i will write a script with the help of my very talented friends. i will send it to scar jo. she will text back*thumbs up emoji* i will tweet something like: cannot wait for 2017 summer release of my new project, the official untitled black widow film with an attached picture of me and scarlett drinking starbucks drinks

i will get sued but marvel will have to do it. i will sacrifice myself into the void for this

Cannot wait for Crayola to release the limited edition "Fuckboy" collection of colours including fan favourites such as:
  •  "Bucket Hat"
  • “Menimist
  • "It’s 10 inches I swear”
  • “Do u have a kik??”
  • “Come over, we’ll cuddle and watch movies (:”
  • “Do u even lift?”
  • “bruh”
  • “Weed socks”
  • “Ball is life”
  • “I’d totally suck your dick dude, but no homo”
2nd FT Movie + Manga + E.N.D.

About what will happen in the next chapters of the manga…
Honestly I don’t know, I’m not psychic, but I will tell you my assumption about relatively E.N.D…

To tell the truth I don’t think even the time has come to awaken END, and therefore, this transformation that Natsu is going will not at all a success because you know, Lucy will appear and stop all this shit (If we notice it, Natsu isn’t yet in the form of demon in manga, so Lucy is still time to save him), or I can be wrong… :/

I say this because it will supposedly be a second movie of Fairy Tail, and as the cover poster of the movie is Natsu almost turned into E.N.D. (in fact the movie will relates about E.N.D.), so even if I continue to say that Natsu will not turn into END in the manga for now, I think there is still a lot to develop the sleeve before transform E.N.D., only if the manga is ending, I don’t know… :’<

Oh Mother of God, I’m so anxious to be released once the second movie of Fairy Tail!! It has spent more than a year Mashima announced that there would be this movie!! I cannot wait for more!! ;A:

*ps. I’m sorry for my English, I cannot write better than that… lol

philcosby777  asked:

I cannot recall a movie that still has me smiling 48 hours after seeing it. Just when things get serious there is some comic relief. Why can't life be like that? Please oh please let us not wait forever for blu-ray release. There were so many times in the theater that I wanted to just press pause, and stare at the screen an undetermined amount of time. GotG will be my go to movie when I just need some cheering up.

Something there!!!

From Tim:

If you go to jack morriseys Instagram he just released a snippet of Emma singing something there taken from the hasbro dolls they are going too to release!!! She sounds amazing 😁🌹

It’s true!

🌹 Well there it is, straight from the shelves at Toys R’ Us…😉 ・・・ @The_West_Wing_ : Get ready for this one guys… FIRST LISTEN AT EMMA SINGING “SOMETHING THERE”!!!! I am officially floored, if she wasn’t perfect enough this has absolutely nailed her as #Belle! I cannot wait for this movie!!! 😍🌹 Recording taken from the singing Belle Hasbro doll! Not sure who to credit though, sorry! . #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #EmmaWatson #Belle #BillCondon #BeOurGuest #taleasoldastime

A video posted by Jack Morrissey (@therealjackmorrissey) on Dec 29, 2016 at 7:00am PST