i cannot wait for season 3

I joined tumblr back in November 2012 because of CS and their beautiful journey that has just begun.

I remember tagging everything “emma x hook” because we didn’t come up with a name yet. I remember everyone analyzing the hell out of Tallahassee and giffing every second of it. I remember how we called each other “beans”.

I remember freaking out about 2x09 because someone posted these photos WEEKS before that episode aired

I remember analyzing pictures from set in which Hook was in docks with Cora and a swan and headcanoning it as cursed Emma (still… why the hell did they brought swans on set???).

I remember crying from joy because look at this gif! In this shot Emma is so close to Hook’s hook! almost like a….. FORESHADOWING??


I remember dying because they gave us hospital scene sneak peek from 2x12 (it happened on my birthday okay, my friend who came over was really scared, that’s how much I was freaking out)

I remember PaleyFest 2013. When the possibility of CS was mentioned for the first time out loud.

And dying again because



I remember how we had nothing for MONTHS. Only a 5 second long scene in 2x15 where Emma knocks Hook out and then talks with Neal about him.

But then the unthinkable happened. We were blessed with these photos from set!!! Memes were made! Hundreds of edits! And we all had to wait over a month for that episode to air!

You think that’d be enough to make us go crazy? Hah! You have no idea what happened after this

and then being dead after season 2 finale…

…and resurrected again because Comic Con happened. THIS happened

and then all the talk about CS being kindred spirits??? (x) (x) I MEAN….

That’s enough to kill us before s3 even starts right? NOPE. THIS HAPPENED.




Anyway, my point is it all happened before The Kiss. Hell, before season 3 even started! We were called delusional so many times, I lost count. But we endured. We had to wait months for a little scene but we never gave up.

And look where we are now. CS are married and rode off into the sunset to catch bad guys together. And they lived happily ever after.

I cannot tell how grateful I am for being a part of this fandom. You guys and this ship will always be a part of my soul. I won’t come back for season 7 but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving this fandom. We’ve been through too much together for me to give up so easily. Even tho ouat has been slowly deteriorating with its plot holes and lazy writing, CS has always been magical to watch.

It pains me that this is the end and we’ll never see some milestones but I’m so happy for experiencing what we did with you. That was one hell of a journey. But remember guys…

Peace out!



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I get to see these babes again

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and these lovely ladies 

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lets not forget about my otps, gaytps, and ot3s

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pls no hate on me liking steo 

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but remember to not forget about the old pack and people:

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So like every other piece of Voltron trash I am hyped for season 3.  Mainly because my favorite character, Lance, is going to get screen time.  I’m so excited because Lance has been my favorite character since season one.

Also seven episodes (well that’s short =_=) and it’s going to be darker.

So this post I wanted to talk about some of the pictures I’ve seen and how I feel about it, and what season 3 might have.  Now I could be wrong on some of these but it’s just fan speculation.

So first this:

Can I just say these two look so fucking beautiful in these pics?  I mean you can see the blue in Lance’s eyes, I love it when you see it cause Lance has got some pretty eyes man!

But this is showing that Lance is the first one to comfort Keith about losing Shiro, I think that’s sweet. (I found other pics that showed everybody looking at the person next to them to see who’d talk to him and it landed on Lance)  Their relationship has come so far for only three seasons.  Then the others try to help and comfort him, and I freaking love it.

But I can’t get over how pretty those two look!  

Then I found this:

I don’t know what it’s about but Keith seems pissed off about something.  I don’t know what it is but these pics alone has got me wanting more.  Why he so mad?  What wrong smol one?  All joking aside this pic not only excites me it scares me, like he seems so upset.  When I look at this face I get a sense of angry, but scared.  Like a sad kind of scared, worried is the word I’m looking for.

I can’t really say for sure what this is but seeing how it jumps from one expression to the next means something tragic has happened or something is about to go down.



Please tell me this doesn’t relate to the pics of Keith above.  I’d rather have a fight about to start than this ^  I love this boy and he’d better not die… please don’t be so dark that you’re going to kill the fluffy baby!  PLEASE DON’T KILL MY FLUFFY BABY!

Now that I’m done screaming about that… I saw a pic earlier that showed Coran looking at a black hole (or something) and someone said it tied into this, not sure if that’s true but that would explain why Blue is kind of just…floating around aimlessly, wherever she is…  I don’t think they’d kill of Lance, I mean this is HIS season, why kill off Lance if this season we see him grow as a character?  It would make no sense.

Okay I am done.  I cannot wait for August now.  I want to see what kind of shit they’re going to do with this season.  This fan speculation is over.  :3

After Zero

Just a little Kalluzeb I had to write after that damn fanalie. Spoilers for season 3. Also available on ao3

Kallus was still standing at the back of the Ghost when Zeb walked up to him.

“Hey Kallus, I was curious, if - ah - if anyone had looked you over…” Zeb trailed off while gesturing at Kallus’ face.

Kallus managed to hold back a wince as he gave a half smile. “No. It’s fine really. There are others that need the attention more than I do.”

Zeb rolled his eyes and his ear flicked, “Come on, I’ll patch ya up.”

Kallus hesitated for a moment, but the look Zeb threw over his shoulder was too much. He couldn’t refuse.

While walking to the small medbay they had on board, Kallus felt like everyone was staring at him. He felt so out of place, still in his ISB uniform.

Zeb gestured to a seat, while he grabbed some supplies. “This really isn’t necessary, Zeb. Honestly. I’ll be fine.”

“Shut it. You kept us from dying. Now sit still, this is probably going to sting.” Kallus pretended not to notice the smirk Zeb had while saying that last part.

Kallus winced, but didn’t move. Zeb’s hand was gentle on his chin, as he helped keep him steady.

“You know,” Zeb started after a moment, keeping an eye on what he was doing. “We really are all grateful for what you’ve done for us. You gave up everything just to help us, to help the entire rebellion. I - we want to thank you for doing that.”

Zeb still hadn’t attempted to make eye contact, and if Kallus was honest with himself, he was grateful for it.

Kallus wasn’t able to say anything for a few moments, trying to decide the right words. “It was the honorable thing to do.”

Zeb smiled as his ears perked forward. He took a step back as he wrapped one hand around the other, doing the small traditional bow.

After a moment Zeb placed one of his large hands on Kallus’ shoulder turning him around “C’mon Kal, let’s see if we can get you set up with some new clothes. I’m sure we’ve got something,these are a little outdated for you.”

Kallus gasped, he definitely landed on that shoulder at one point, “Fine, but if you hand me a one armed sweater, you are dropping me off at the next habitable planet.”

Zeb laughed heartily. Kallus was glad to have had the chance to hear it, and hoped he would hear it much more often.



Reactions to OUAT S6 Finale

1. “When Good and Evil both did the right thing, the Final Battle was won.”

Rumple and Emma were BOTH Saviors! They both needed to be in order to win the battle. I cannot express how much I loved this.

2. Rumple vs DarkImp/Clippy!Rumple

FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this since season 5 (that one other time doesn’t count because Gold couldn’t see him and they weren’t in the same frame). I wish it was more involved, like the Regina / Evil Queen scenes, but I’ll take what I can get.

3. Baby Gideon

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This was the only way they could fix Rumbelle, honestly. I loved Giles in the finale, but this was beyond expected (plus, I had just said, “Wait, where did Gideon go?”).

4. Emma brought back the Happy Endings

All of them (see above). I’m happy nobody died (except Fiona, of course). This is quite possibly the best season-finale-that-could-have-been-a-series-finale that I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t have created a better contingency plan.

5. I’m excited for season 7

I loved the nostalgia, the new look on the old curse, and Adult Henry! I’m confused and intrigued by the scenes with Adult Henry and his daughter, both in the Enchanted Forest and in Boston (it was Boston, right? because parallels?). And I need to know who her mother is!

6. Mayor Fiona’s Demise

She reminded me so much of Cora more than Mayor Regina. Oh, but I’m so proud of Rumple for not trusting her. Also, her death was elegant and fitting. A nice parallel to Pan’s Underworld death. Did I mention I’m glad Rumple didn’t have to die again to save everyone? Oh, and did I mention how thrilled I am that Rumple killing the Black Fairy broke the curse??? He was a Savior after all! And he felt bad about killing her, which means (gasp!) he’s becoming a Hero!

7. Rumple got invited to the family dinner

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I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him there. And he looked so happy too! Also, the Last Supper set up was hilarious, but fitting for a show that’s been talking about Saviors for 6 seasons! I guess the Charmings finally got their Family Thanksgiving Dinner! Maybe it’s a new holiday celebrating the end of the Final Battle?

8. Beauty and the Beast

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So sweet and unexpected! (And Belle’s wearing her ring again!) I’d add a gif of their kiss if I could, but I can’t find one yet.

**Disclaimer** None of these points were in any particular order other than as they came to mind as I wrote. **

I want to take this moment to say that watching Sense8 Season 2 is/was an amazing experience. For those who are involved with the show from the creators, the cast, writers, directors, editing and production… I mean everyone. You should be very proud of yourselves because that was one fucking ride. That was (more than) quality story telling and I for one cannot wait to see what you’ve got in store for Season 3 👏👏👏

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I was wondering how you think Dean is going to be in season 13, in regards to Cas' death and everything that happened in the finale (like how he is going to react to all of it!) You are one of my favorite blogs, so I thought why not get your view on this (:

Hi :D

Here is how I personally see his arc next season, based on what we have so far:

In s13 I expect Dean’s story to centre around his continued path to self discovery and self acceptance that came to a climax in 12x22 and 12x23.

His mourning/pining for Cas will be central as well as and helping Sam alongside his personal endgame arc of self forgiveness around Jack, teaching Jack that he doesn’t have to do as Lucifer planned, that he can make his own choices etc, while as @postmodernmulticoloredcloak says, Dean will also learn important personal lessons himself re: Jack and I’m just going to quote them here because I agree :

“Jack will help (more of less directly) Dean and Sam to face the legacy of their father. And there will be some kind of chiastic structure, because Dean facing Mary in 12x22 talked about how being forced in a parental role made it so Dean couldn’t protect Sam. So I expect that, though Jack, Sam will face how John’s parenting affected Dean. You know all we’ve written about the story being sanitized for Sammy? Well, I expect that Jack will destroy that last mystification. So yeah, Jack’s narrative will be about Sam but in a way that is about Dean because first Carver now Dabb care about Dean because the only way for them to definitively undo the toxic legacy of their father is for Dean to openly acknowledge how John affected him personally, and for Sam to realize how John affected his brother in a way that wasn’t for Sam himself.(I trust Dabb to make that explicit because so far he’s done everything I hoped he’d do.)So Jack as a catalyst for everything that symbolically revolves around John, which includes Dean’s perception of himself, Sam’s perception of Dean, and even Cas’ relationship with humanity as his humanity has been associated to fatherhood in multiple ways.”

Alongside this I’m sure Dean will keep the other side of his story going and develop it, 12x22 was a catalyst for the deconstruction of Performing!Dean, but we are yet to see it really happen blatantly, so we will get lots of this, but it will be more snippets alongside the main plot arc rather than the mytharc itself.

I really really want to see a hot waitress hit on Dean while he’s in the middle of pining for Cas and for him to outright ignore or reject her, it’s the next logical step from all the others up to 12x18… little things like this and maybe delving into more detail about who he REALLY is, like a whole season of 12x11 subtext coming out in the text…

We need Dean to start caring about his health a little more (think Dean Smith but not such a polar opposite, a nice medium), to accept and admit to others that he likes things he previously refused to admit, think cucumber water as a giant in your face metaphor for this… I know certain people made fun of meta writers for the cucumber water analogy but I give a massive middle finger up to those guys because 12x22 proved that we were absolutely right about the symbolism of this and season 13 and moving forwards to endgame for Dean is going to have huge fallout for 12x22 and 12x23 combined with the loss of Cas and Mary so… they will have to suck it as this metaphor is going to become textually part of the show very soon.

Personally I like the idea that Dean takes a little bit of a backseat from the mytharc for a while, interacts with Jack more from a passive, teaching and learning POV than necessarily leading the plot, as we watch Sam come into his own and face his character arc, meanwhile Cas’s has been bubbling away alongside Dean’s for a while and will continue to do so in season 13, again, hugely influenced by Jack. Jack will have a central role for all 3 of TFW’s character arcs between now and endgame, it’s going to be amazing to see how they all intertwine too… I honestly cannot wait as the writers may have had their issues this season but this side of things they have done amazingly well.

Dean’s story will still keep continuing, we will see the further deconstruction of performing!dean, the facade coming down, see more of what really makes Dean tick when he’s not repressing it, see him trying to find a way to win Mary and Cas back, work with and teach Jack, be the mother figure, while Cas is the father figure and Sam is no longer the child, is now free to really become his adult self and accomplish his endgame goals and be Dean’s true brother instead of his child, meanwhile Dean will show Jack the “righteous path”, continue alongside Sam and Jack to save the world… 

Dean will continue to be the beautiful human being that he is and accept himself more because he finally acknowledges that he is this beautiful human being :D

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1. Iris, hot Damn 😍🔥
2. Looks like the main villain is a Samuroid- a robotic soldier with a jet pack, indestructible armor, and electrified swords
3. Our Fearless Leader looks like she means business. (ง'̀-‘́)ง In the video she walks up to the Samuroid and they fly away together (maybe to his leader?)
4. Iris vs villains is my jam. ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

“The Flash Reborn” is starting off the season strong and I. Cannot. Wait.

I have been shipping emison since 2014 and there were times (aka the great emison drought of seasons 5B-6A) where I thought they no longer stood a chance at being canon. But me being the relentless gay I am, stood by as irrelevant love interests were shoved down our throats and waited literally years for them to finally kiss again. Now almost 3 years later, I cannot believe we are finally going to see them have a real relationship where they talk openly about their feelings AND I JUST HAVE WAY TOO MANY EMOTIONS


I couldn’t help myself….I think they are perfect for ech other and there is no other person who could make them more happy than when they are with each other. This kind of relationship is not usual and it could become an EPIC LOVE.

Thanks to Barranco.mary for the video.

“What's in a name?”

- Names I cannot wait to see Claire react to hearing for the first time after 20 years:


Mo nighean donn


- Names I cannot wait to see Jamie react to hearing for the first time after 20 years:


 Simple words, but spoken by a heart neither thought to ever see/hear/feel again. That initial, wordless reaction, experiencing those names again for the first time, is something I’m really looking forward to seeing in season 3.


Looking through old Olicity videos I came across this one of @mrseclipse555 and realised, if you listen to the lyrics, it fits them PERFECTLY as they are NOW. 

Cannot WAIT for if/when Tanya returns to do another. Their reunion has been on a steady incline for several episodes (it was put on halt in season 4) but something changed very recently. It’s started its own beat so to say. A beat, a rhythm - a heartbeat - that wasn’t there in season 3. 

For me this BEAT started thumping in my chest in episode 10 of season 5 but for some reason, in episode 14 it kicked up a notch. It’s still a slow beat but I think it’s going to rev up. It’s telling of a very different kind of love, one they haven’t let us see just yet but… I feel a build up coming. Maybe. Or something. there’s just something coming up that’s GOOD for them and I can’t put my finger on it.

It might even be sexy as hell.

Maybe I’m full of it. Maybe I’m just seeing things and I’m sure I am - @n4r4nch4 @louiseblue1 @dust2dust34 @scu11y22 am I? - but what if I’m not? Listen to it. :)

We’re coming up to episode 15 now where - normally in Arrow, ep 15 is the one where something happens that decides the tone of the next few episodes (S1: Felicity officially joins the team, they develop a rhythm and Oliver starts dating McKenna. S2: Oliver meets Slade again after 5 years and the first thing Slade does is let him know that he’s ere to ruin him. S3: once again Oliver ignores Felicity and goes to rescues Malcolm and gets kidnapped by Ra’s and offered a kingdom + Felicity sleeps with ray. S4: O+ F break up. S5: ????).

Exciting the possibilities are endless.

But I feel a rhythm - something like lava flow far beneath the surface… eventually eruptions are necessary to offset pressure .

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But… um… that part (the above) is just me. I’m gutter minded and all sorts of hopeful.

Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1

So I didn’t get the time to post last night, buuuuuuut…………. LAST NIGHTS EPISODE WAS AMAZING! Although I loved that camsten kiss, LIKE LOVED IT, I also love Tim he’ s great lol Cannot wait for episode 2, it’s gonna be a good one!  

A few things.

1. BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON. Frankly, best episode of the entire series thus far.

2. THE DAMN GOOD ACTING. Elizabeth EFFING Henstridge. Iain EFFING De Caestecker. Chloe EFFING Bennett. Ming-Na EFFING Wen. Seriously, no seriously. THE ACTING IS INSANE.

3. Is Brett Dalton back?!? LOLOLOLOL.

4. WHERE THE EFF IS JEMMA?!?  She can’t be dead, because does that mean she’s dead now?!? WTF.


6. I don’t even know what to think. So the Darkhold is basically an offshoot of Hydra? 




[ 10th December 2016 ] wew hello everyone! here is this week’s spread that I whipped up in 30minutes (surprisingly) before I had work and was away from home for 5 days ;-;
I’ll be away for camp next week so I won’t be as active but I’ll try to queue some posts so y'all don’t miss me too much (who am I kidding)
*ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT YURI ON ICE???? ITS THE BEST ANIME EVER MADE WITH THE BEST MAINS AND I CANNOT GET OVER IT* *I’m also sad that haikyuu season 3 is over omg I CANNOT wait for season 4 kekekek*
have a good weekend!! 💕✨🔥