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Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown

November 11: Favourite character arc/development

Amy Pond, The Girl Who Waited

Amy was introduced as a child and the Doctor was part of her life for so long, he was bound to have a large impact on it. 

She started off as a young girl, who wanted to go with the Doctor because she’s scared. She’s scared of the crack in her wall. And the Doctor came to save her. He was the answer to her prayer, even if he wasn’t actually a policeman. And she was lonely, the only Scot in the English village with just her aunt. The Doctor came with the offer of saving her from the crack and being her friend.

The second time, she was scared. She was scared of growing up, getting married. And the Doctor came to save her again. 

And she believes that the Doctor will always come and save her. In The God Complex she has a room because she believes in the Doctor. She believes he will always come and save her. In The Girl Who Waited as well, she waits for the Doctor to save her and when he doesn’t, she blames him. It’s always the Doctor who will come and save her. 

If you contrast that with The Angels Take Manhattan, she is the one who does the saving. She doesn’t wait for the Doctor to come and make the decisions for her. She chooses to get on that rooftop with Rory, she says “I won’t let them take him. That’s what we’ve got”. She’s not waiting for the Doctor to come up with a plan, she is going to save Rory from the Angels. Even Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, when separated from the Doctor, Rory and Brian,she takes control of the situation. 

And when there is no saving Rory, she’s grown enough to make her mind up that Rory isn’t a “sort of boyfriend”, he’s the one person she cannot live without. She gives up all of time and space, just to be with Rory. She’s still scared, but she doesn’t need saving.