i cannot thank you enough omg

LittleMix: Well…where do we even begin with this?! Four albums down the line and you’ve only gone and got us our first ever number 1 album 😱😭😝 Your reaction to ‘Glory Days’ has been bloody incredible and we’re so grateful to every one of you that’s supported our journey over the past 5 years 💗 We say it all the time but we really believe we have the best fans in the world and we love you to the 🌙 and back! LET THE GLORY DAYS ROLL 💖the girls x
@Jesymix14: Omg fu**ing God!!!!!!!!!! I cannot actually believe it 🙈 guys we cannot thank you enough for making this album no1 this is insane! You literally are the best fans in the whole entire world! We love you guys more than you will ever know and we cannot thank you enough for all the support you have continuously given us for the past five years!!!! Wow oh bloody wow is all I can say here’s to GLORYDAYS

jesymix14: Omg fu**ing God!!!!!!!!!! I cannot actually believe it 🙈 guys we cannot thank you enough for making this album no1 this is insane! You literally are the best fans in the whole entire world! We love you guys more than you will ever know and we cannot thank you enough for all the support you have continuously given us for the past five years!!!! Wow oh bloody wow is all I can say here’s to GLORYDAYS 💃🏻🍾👭👭👭😁💪🏼



honestly i???? cannot thank you guys enough! it’s been such a great journey and as of 2/18/2017 it’s only beEN TWO MONTHS AND ALL OF YOU ARE HERE??????? like omg

in all seriousness, i could not be luckier. i’m here roleplaying one of my favorite characters and i have all of you to support me! i absolutely love this community and i love all of my friends i’ve made here so far! some are newer, and a few have been here since i started this blog! i’m just incredibly happy that i get to share this experience with you all, i really am!

so without further ado, i give you this speedpaint!

i knew i was going to do a speedpaint for one of my milestones, i just didn’t know which one nor did i know if people would like the idea. i’ve never really heard of anyone doing a speedpaint for a milestone on here before, so i hope the idea spreads a bit! i figured with how much i drew i would want to share the whole process with you guys and it would be something special for this celebration! anyways! i hope you guys like it! i think it took about 3-4 hours give or take.

programs used: paint tool sai, photoshop, bandicam, sony vegas 8
songs used: five finger death punch - coming down [piano mix], thomas edwards - evil in me _ requiem for a dream remix, castle - halsey (official corvyx cover)

and considering how i can’t celebrate followers without mentioning some, here are some people that brighten up my day!

@impxvidus, @broughtpain / @wholemeasure, @miidgeklump, @powerofpain, @lasiiurus, @lcstgraces, @pastichemuses, @frankcasxtle, @thekojicharcorner, @nowyouowemeafavor, @incensus / @vacinla, @fantcstic, @fallcnandlost, @bluethreepilot, @boypariah, @therussianandthefinn, @brokenbirthright, @theresalwaysmcre, @youcantknowthat, @silverheartsilverskin, @gunkanjiima, @aintncgrave, @idyllicism, @whichmorgan, @absumpsi




i’m still thinking about it! All you lovely sweet darlings, i cry. I HAVE TO POST UP PHOTOS. i took waaay too many.. so i’ll have to see omg oTL BUT STILL I CRY. TO YOU DARLINGS OUT THERE WHO CAME TO OUR TABLE! THANK YOU! YOU GUYS ARE DARLING DEARS! qwq

SO I HAVE LEFT OVERS FROM THE CON. BUT. there are only FOUR LEFT OF THE RHYS BEATING JACK IN THE FACE. if there’s enough interest, i’ll open pre-orders because i’m broke as my back -cry-

BUT YEA! i’ll be opening my store soon! then ya’ll can whip up some bat! jacks and what nots! I’ve labelled the images, so check out the sizes there ;w;/

otherwise! I’LL BE POSTING PART 2 WHICH WILL CONTAIN BUTTONS AND MORE PRINTS! and maybe the link to my store! 8)


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hi your fics are awesome i cannot possibly give it more love please do keep writing because youre bloody fantastic at it. i dunno your writing is just so damn refined and then your tumblr wallpaper is gahahhaha yellow n red heart and dork!ben in a top hat like whaaat ... do you have any writing published? (oh im on ao3 as spiffycups)

DARLING. Let me squeeze you! You have given me the most delightful grin and fuzzy feeling and I can’t thank you enough. I’ve loved watching you comment your way through all my fics! There is no better feeling. x

And I’m glad you like my silly wallpaper, hehe. I made it screwing around in photoshop years ago and haven’t been arsed to change it because it always makes me laugh. 

I think my writing feels refined because it takes me approximately 372 years to write a single story. So, no, definitely not published! But add me to the long list of people who would love to accomplish that in their lifetime. 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading and commenting and coming here to give me love! 

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ACTUALLY GONNA CRY. Mad got mE FEELIN SOME TYPE OF WAY. I didn't think I'd get this attached to a story but you found a way, my goodness. I cannot praise your writing ability enough!!👌👌👌 I bow down to you, the almighty😭🙌

I do not deserve such a grand title omg, you’re too kind. Thank you so much lovely 🙈❤️💕❤️💕❤️


Okay, I’m like – SO over the moon right now. So I just got home from work and found this amazing surprise from my baby @thefirststarinthesky waiting for me – LOOK AT THE AWESOME, HOLY SHEEZ. I am falling over myself with glee. THEY’RE SO BAD-ASS. Cannot thank you enough, sweetheart – thank you, thank you for the amazing, wonderful gift!! I cannot WAIT to wear them on my next day off!!

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Caitlin’s (mine hehe) 16th Birthday!!!

hey taylor!!

soooooo… I turn 16 in 3 days (February 11th!) and it’s crazy to think that I won’t be FIFTEEEEEEN anymore. I won’t be able to blast fifteen still being that age– wait did that make any sense? haha– anyways, I cannot thank you enough for this past year. You’ve been there for me through thick and thin, always seeming to like my posts when I needed it the most. I know you’re swamped with posts and probably won’t even see this.. but I love you with all my heart and I’m looking forward to another amazing year with you here by my side. I mean 16 minus 3 equals thirteen so am I lucky (PLUS THREE). I’m so sorry I make no sense haha. But I love you taylor and thank you for everything. I couldn’t have made it though 15 without you! I’m sending hugs from SoCal– near disney ayyeeeee!

love (forever and always),


PS: I’m going to NYC March 28th - April 1st as my birthday present!! Do you have any suggestions for any places to go, food/ shops/ anything? It would be SO amazing if you did, especially since you’re basically a pro at all things NYC!

Omg What?!?!

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There are 500 of you following me??? Oh my god. 

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say whaaaaat?!?!?!??!!!! 

I cannot thank y’all enough!! Holy shitballs. 

I really want to do something for y’all bc omg you guys make me feel so loved but I really don’t know what to do… 

For now, until I decide to do a huge celebration (which will probably also involve christmas!) I wanna thank a few of you. 

@abaddonwithyall you’re amazinggg, even if you enjoy giving me heart attacks 99% of the time with your damned fics. Like legit one of my fav writers. You always laugh at my reactions to your fics, or just sass me. It’s wonderful. KEEP WRITING OR I WILL FIND YOU . (please?) 

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(i’m kidding… kinda. please continue writing I love you)

My bitchachos: @thinkwritexpress, @autoblocked, @cestladoulerexquise @samtomydeanwinchester @winchester-with-wings @writingsofwinchesters @castihelloboys @talesoftheimpala @wayward-wheels

Y’all are the best people ever. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. Even though we’re still relatively new, I love y’all. We’ve been through so, so, much, and I’m forever grateful I got the notification that Britt announced that I was, by default, part of The Order of Ohana. 

You guys have given me so much support and love and have helped me through times where I’ve doubted, freaked, panicked, and practically cried, and y’all were there for me. 

I hope you know I’m always here for you. 

I will be pushing this celebration to line up with Christmas, so HANG ON TIGHT, WE’RE GOIN ON A CRAZY ASS RIDE. 


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Well I wonder who this could be from? Just look at that packaging omg <3 ferret kisses! And as if the package wasn’t cute enough, look at all these goodies!! I cannot wait to stick those paw prints everywhere and those koozies are adorable >:) thank you thelifeofmyferrets​ - you spoiled me! Your half of the trade is almost done! Oh, and by the way, a trip to NY is in my future (I don’t know when but it is) 

PS guys, as soon as she lists those koozies online - go get them cause you need them <3 Dooks and Spoons

Now to peel off/ cut out all the cute from that package so I can keep those too