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i’d like to take a moment to thank every single one of you for your constant support and love. it gives me motivation to write in a difficult period of my life. this is reaaaaally cheesy, but i just want you all to know that i really appreciate everything you’ve done for me! reblogs? messages? prompts? thank you.

i hope that you will continue to support me for the rest of my time on this blog. i can’t wait to improve on my writing skills and i’m excited for the journey ahead! ♡ 

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Sesshoumaru and Rin Official Info Translation Collection

@lettherebewisdomtalks​ sent me a collection of Japanese Twitter posts containing scans of official material talking about Sesshoumaru and Rin.  Since it is official material and some interview questions, I figured they were relevant to post here, and it’s easier than trying to post these long text pieces in a reply box.

[source] did not mention a source of this scan so it’s unknown who wrote this or where it came from.

Sesshoumaru is a man not concerned with ruminations of good and evil.  To achieve his goals, he has no qualms sacrificing others or resorting to murder.  And one other particular trait is his unusually elevated pride.  Thus he thoroughly despises plots involving manipulating others.  Conversely, he does not use others the way Naraku does.  He acts only for himself, and the grandeur in which Sesshoumaru refuses reliance on others could appropriately be referred to as “nobility”.
So for someone such as Sesshoumaru to carry the healing sword Tenseiga, it appeared a transformation was trying to assert itself.  When Sesshoumaru saved an unknown child, Rin, even his attendant, Jaken, was unable to hide his surprise at his unusual behavior.  The lonesome yet courageous Rin stimulated something in Sesshoumaru’s otherwise cool heart.

[source] does not provide a source, but it appears to be an interview answer from Narita Ken (Sesshoumaru’s voice actor)

– Do you think that Sesshoumaru saving Rin with Tenseiga was unusual behavior for him?
Narita: I think that he might have felt some sort of kindred spirit with Rin.  I feel like it was the first time he ever cared about anyone else.  I decided on my own that when he calls Rin’s name, to give it the feel of one calling on a disciple.

[source] says this is from an interview with Takahashi that appeared in the magazine “Stranger Sorento” in the 2015-04 issue.  “Stranger Sorento” ran a segment in every issue during that time called “Takahashi Rumiko Character box” that explored one of her characters each installment.  If anyone can find back copies of those magazines or other scans from these interviews, it would be greatly appreciated.

Takahashi: Sesshoumaru has a few of his own monologues, but Sesshoumaru’s follower Jaken ended up being a very important character for voicing most of his goals and motives.  Sesshoumaru’s actions are dictated by, quite simply, “I cannot abide by my esteemed daiyoukai father showing preferential treatment to my half-youkai younger brother (Inuyasha) rather than me, when I am a direct-line pure-blooded offspring.”  The readers understood that well enough, but in some circumstances I feel like they thought his situation was unfortunate.  So Sesshoumaru’s story in “Inuyasha” became one of “freeing himself from his father”.
– Thanks to meeting the human girl Rin, Sesshoumaru was able to learn the emotion of “Fear and sadness of losing someone precious to you: anger for someone’s sake other than your own” and finally matured into a powerful daiyoukai.
When I initially introduced Rin, I was thinking that there would eventually be a part where Sesshoumaru was killed by a human in order to protect Rin, but as I continued writing I dropped that idea from my head.  I thought this would be an easily-understood impetus for Sesshoumaru’s limited emotions to start coming to the surface and mature the sword he inherited from his father.  I think it’s fun to have a character’s emotional state gradually change over the course of a long-running series.

[source] doesn’t cite a source in this tweet, but another page posted later that appears to be from the same place says it’s from the Wide-ban release of the manga.

Feelings awakened from the healing sword

When Sesshoumaru was healing from his injuries, he met a human girl called Rin.  Under normal circumstances Sesshoumaru would have paid her no mind.  However, due to his injuries he was unable to move, and as a result he ended up interacting with Rin.  Rin was attacked by wolves and killed.  Sesshoumaru initially thought to just leave her that way, but an image of her smiling face came to mind.  Sesshoumaru drew Tenseiga for the first time and restored Rin’s life.  Emotions that he had never felt before were beginning to stir in Sesshoumaru’s heart, which had never held a shred of interest in others, to say nothing of a powerless human girl.  Likely a large part of it was also simply a test of Tenseiga’s effect.  However, as the revived Rin travelled with him, Sesshoumaru’s actions with her gradually began to indicate that wasn’t the case.  Through his strength, Sesshoumaru’s neglected heart was gradually showing signs of growth.

[source] gives this as being from Wide-ban volume 28.

Emotions Sesshoumaru has never felt made to surface, his soul grows

Sesshoumaru steps into the Meidou in order to mature Tenseiga and grow Meidou Zangetsuha’s power.  He believes that by going there he can widen Meidou Zangetsuha’s circle, but he is forced to make an unexpected sacrifice.  The living are not supposed to set foot into the Meidou but he and Rin entered, and thanks to Sesshoumaru being a powerful youkai it had little effect on him, but Rin, being a mere human girl, lost her life.  Furthermore, even Tenseiga could not save Rin’s life.  For the first time in his life, Sesshoumaru felt incomparable grief and fear at losing something precious: the feeling of remorse.
Then, when faced with countless dead souls, he embraced a compassionate heart.  Holding Rin to his chest, when he purified the souls of the dead with Tenseiga, the Meidou created by Tenseiga widened.  Originally ruthlessly seeking only power, Sesshoumaru knew nothing of compassion.  But in the Meidou, Sesshoumaru learned both grief and compassion.  Tenseiga was able to mature by Sesshoumaru maturing himself and growing his soul.

[source] does not cite a source for these but they also appear to be from the Wide-ban, however they’re written as someone’s thoughts rather than a glossary summary.  It doesn’t say whose words these are.

The souls of the dead bound to that world were purified, so their dead souls could pass on… This was because Sesshoumaru, faced with Rin’s death, finally knew the grief and fear of losing something precious, and was able to wield Tenseiga’s true power.  Thanks to that, Tenseiga’s Meidou Zangetsuha grew and became closer to completion.
I think the story of Sesshoumaru’s journey and return from the Meidou was fairly important.  It was a story of Tenseiga, first of all.  By the end of it, Tenseiga had matured, meaning Sesshoumaru had matured as well… I feel like that means it was a significant story.


“Will they just go and get a room, or, I don’t know, just go get married?”

“They still insist they are just friends.”

“…I am so done with them.“


Sorry as their heads are too big so I cannot find a way to let Steve standing on Tony’s boot (without kissing Tony in the process) so please ignore that bug XDDD

A fluffy Stony short comic for all of you and as a little celebration heehee

MY TUMBLR HAVE REACHED 1,000 FOLLOWERS!!! THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!!! I have never thought it is possible when I start drawing! Thanks for putting up with all my babbling and complains and all the silly fluffy ideasXD And I can’t say enough thank yous to all the likes, reblogs and especially the kind and encouraging messages, they all mean a lot to me and I would re-read the messages you sent me when I am upset, and I always feel a lot better after that ;D

Thank you, again, and I hope you would enjoy the Stony arts as much as I do! (*´▽`*)✿ Hail Stony!!!

I was unsure whether to call this a follow forever or a fic rec post, since it is somewhat a combination of both? Shit, I don’t know. But I reached the 3,000 follower milestone today and honestly, I cannot thank all of my readers enough. I know I always say that I write for myself, because I do – but every single one of you helps me to push on and pursue my writing dreams with your wonderful comments, likes and reblogs. There is no feeling greater than seeing your personal opinions on my pieces, no matter if it is a detailed review, or if it is incoherent, caps lock screaming.

Thank you for supporting me, whether you have been here from the very beginning of my persona journey, or if you have only just discovered me now. I think, throughout all of my blogs, I have never created a follow forever so I believe now is about time that I show some appreciation back to the writing community of the BTS fandom. They never cease to amaze me, and I am absolutely positive they will floor the rest of you whom may have not happened upon some of these incredible writers just yet.

As a writer, your greatest source of inspiration, support and encouragement can not only come from your readers, but your fellow writers. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favourite writers who have always, without a doubt, left my hands overflowing with infinite inspiration and have left me awestruck, laughing from the pit of my belly, and even in tears at times over their phenomenal works. Feast your eyes!

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blackpaintedpanda  asked:

Hi Cassie! Hope you're doing well! Personally I can't because the emotion and hype for LoS is consuming me! However, my question is the following: How did the necromantic spell to revive Annabel end up in a children book? Maybe I've missed it while reading LM and I'm sorry if I did, but didn't the Unseelie King give the spell only to Malcolm? How did it spread out and became a part of Lady Midnight's tale? Thank you! Lots of love!

It’s mentioned in Lady Midnight that the rhyme about the Blackthorns was well known in Faerie—well enough known that it was used to tease Mark at faerie revels:

“…You cannot imagine they would show mercy to a half Shadowhunter boy.” His lip curled. “They even had a rhyme they would mock me with.”

“A rhyme?” Cristina held up a hand. “Never mind, you do not need to tell it to me, not if you don’t wish to.”

“I no longer care,” Mark said. “It was an odd bit of doggerel. First the flame and then the flood, in the end it’s Blackthorn blood.”

Cristina sat up straight. “What?”

“They claimed it meant Blackthorn blood was destructive, like flood or fire. That whoever made up the rhyme was saying Blackthorns were bad luck. Not that it matters. It’s just a bit of nonsense.”

The rhyme made its way from Unseelie Court (we have no idea whether the King told Malcolm in private or in court, or which of his courtiers might have knew and talked) into Faerie, and then gradually became a part of faerie folklore. This was probably wise of the King: hiding the truth in legend and stories is one of the best ways to conceal it.

Over the years, bits of that folklore seeped out into the realm of Faerie and into Shadowhunter tales, probably because Annabel was a Shadowhunter and the rhyme involved a Shadowhunter family in a way that most faerie folklore doesn’t. And remember it isn’t as if Malcolm kept his mouth entirely shut: he told Edgar Allan Poe!

That’s all I’m going to say for now, because you’ll learn more about Blackthorn family history, Malcolm’s desire for revenge, and the Unseelie King in Lord of Shadows!


So helloooo my amazing fellow Taylor Swift loving sunshines!
My name is Lucy, I’m sixteen and for those of you who don’t know, I was on the Voice Australia this year! This is so long, but it would mean the world to me if you could read it.

I just want to take this moment to thank you all for being so wonderful to and supportive of me always and throughout my time on the show. Thank you for the messages, the words of kindness and the love. You guys freaking rock and I am so lucky to be a part of THE BEST FANDOM ever.

I found out the hard way that being in the spotlight is very difficult. I assume we all kind of think being a celebrity must be hard, but I got a minor taste of what it’s like and it was one of the most difficult times of my life. It was life changing, exciting, I got to do some super cool things and experience priceless and beautiful moments in both my music and personal life (music and personal blend for me anyway!). But I was also under constant barrage of hate comments. You know, people would say horrible things about me, my family and performances on the show. The performances bit I totally got- my singing in the live shows was easily the worst I’ve ever performed. I can’t really blame anyone except myself because I believe regardless of what song you’re given, it’s your job to make it a great performance. Maybe it was because I was more of a songwriter than a singer. My mental health deteriorated quite a bit. It was hard knowing that I more than likely was going to get hundreds of nasty messages and humiliate myself in front of millions, regardless of what I did in my performance. One of my old best friends, whom I actually met Taylor with, joined in with the nasty comments. Even her new best friend and her best friend’s mum started commenting stuff all the time. It was so heartbreaking. I literally do not know how you do it Taylor, but I have so much respect and love for your beautiful strength.

And it made me stronger. It also made me realise that music is exactly what I want to do. Despite the hardships, I still was so excited to go to every rehearsal and sing with the Voice band and dance around on stage. I was excited to play with the arrangements of the covers the producers got me to sing. And Taylor, if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that you played a huge part in getting me through everything that happened this year. Because seeing you pick yourself up and be the best version of you in the face of your hardships meant I was motivated to pick myself up as well. And keep working hard and smart, just as you do Taylor. You are just so incredible to have as a role model and inspiration.

You were the reason I picked up a guitar and started this musical journey. Breathe was actually the first song I ever learnt on guitar and I would play nearly every song from Fearless when I started busking at 9 years old. As I kid, I honestly didn’t realise you could really make a career from being a musician and a songwriter until I saw your passion and success with Fearless as a young woman. Seeing a young girl kicking ass set off this lightbulb in my head and here I am. Your music has been a soundtrack to my life. Each album has accompanied different eras of my life and I could not thank you enough. Your songs are the ones I always go back to and fall more in love with every time I hear them. Every time the online hate from the Voice got really hard, I’d get back to the hotel apartment room and blast your albums and have a dance party in the kitchen and everything would be ok. Thank you for writing beautiful lyrics, melodies and making me feel so much. Thank you for inspiring my own musical creations.

And because you inspired me to pick up my guitar and follow my ridiculous, naive and wild dream, life has gotten so incredibly wonderful. I wouldn’t change anything about this year. Taylor, because of you, I’m now a signed recording artist with Universal Music and UMPG. I’m doing my first headline show in my home city, Canberra, and we’re on the way to a sell out. I freaking did a TEDx Talk performing songs I wrote. I get to do my own gigs at events and festivals nearly every weekend. I cannot thank you enough for being there and inspiring young girls like myself to get out there, work hard and achieve their dreams. I cannot thank you enough for inspiring me and being there for me. My gosh, I’m literally crying of happiness writing this because 7 year old decided she was going to love Taylor Swift and chose an incredible person to look up to. You freaking rock Taylor. This is such a ramble. But thank you for everything. I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!

Love from,
Lucy xo

PS. @taylorswift hiiiii ❤️❤️

BTS as Flirty Starbucks Guys - Yoongi

Request by@belikelasagna: Annyeonggg Request: Them as flirty Starbucks guyss Hope you don’t mind me requesting reeeally often!! :))


Thank you so much for the request lovely😘I’m so sorry it took so long for me to get this out but as you’ll be able to see, it’s not texts I did but rather drabbles, so they each took me quite a while because I wanted to make sure I captured each member as well as I could🙈

I really hope you like them and continue to request because this was a really fun one to do!🙌🎉

I’m going to be posting 1 a day for the next 7 days (a member a day) and it’s going to be in the order in which the ideas came to me and I wrote them😋

They all vary in length but I’ll give a word count before each one💁

I’m getting so close to 800 followers and I’m still honestly so amazed at you all! I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support💖

Let me know what you think and, as always, feel free to make requests (HERE)

I will update my Masterlist soon and I promise another update for Heartbreak Girl is coming, but I was busy working on this😅



Member: Yoongi

Length: 901 words

“He’s staring at you again.”

You looked up at the sound of your best friend’s voice, words of dismissal already on your tongue, but they die right there as you make eye contact with said person who was – evidently – staring your way.

“How could you even tell? You’re not even facing him.” You turned your gaze to look at the person sitting opposite you and it was her turn to look up at the sound of your voice.

“I don’t have to, I can feel it.” She said simply, shrugging, reaching forward to grab her coffee and take a sip.

“Maybe he’s only looking at me because he can’t see your face and actually wants to look at you?” You retorted, your own hot chocolate cradled between your hands, savouring the warmth the mug radiated.

“Yeah and I’m also a part-time unicorn who gives rides to the Easter bunny on the weekend.” She deadpanned and you had to cover your mouth to keep from laughing and spitting out your drink you had just taken a sip of.

You managed to swallow your hot chocolate and as the sound of your laughter died down, you heard the end of a soft chuckle from somewhere in the room and looked around, pinpointing its location quite quickly.

Cute Coffee Guy – as you and your best friend had dubbed him not so long ago – was again looking in your direction and you could see his shoulders moving slightly as if he’d just finished laughing about something but still found it amusing, with a soft, gummy smile on his face.

“10 bucks he’s looking at you again.” Your best friend was now smirking and you could feel the blush colouring your cheeks almost instantaneously.

“Shut up.” You mumbled, putting your mug down and covering your heated cheeks with your hands, avoiding any and all eye contact now as you tried – and failed – to hide your embarrassment, all thanks to your lovely best friend.

Your lovely best friend who was currently getting up and looking like she was about to leave.

“Wait, where are you go-?” The words died on your lips as you saw who was currently approaching you and you shot your best friend multiple death glares as she grabbed her bag and backed away towards the entrance of the Starbucks you were currently in, shooting you winks and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

You were just about to get up and follow suit, when the person approaching you came to a stop at your side and you were forced to acknowledge his presence.

“Uh hi.” You mumbled, feeling your cheeks start to flush again while simultaneously plotting your best friend’s murder for the thousandth or so time in the last few minutes.

“Hi. I wanted to come over and see if you needed another drink. Hot chocolate right?”

Cute Coffee Guy was looking at you, Cute Coffee Guy came up and spoke to you personally AND remembered your order, Cute Coffee Guy… was waiting for an answer.

“Yeah, I had hot chocolate but I’m okay for now, I don’t need anything else.” You managed to get out while your heart had picked up its pace in your chest when he smiled at you again, his eyes crinkling, adorable gummy smile out in full force as his right hand went up to push the soft, black hair of his fringe from his eyes when they opened again.

“Right, no hot chocolate, how about a date then?” He said softly but straightforward and you had to bite your lip to keep yourself from breaking into a grin.

“Only if I can have your name?” You replied cheekily and that seemed to have caught his attention even more, his own smirk making its way onto his face to match the one that was currently on yours.

“You can have my name, if I can have your number?” Cute Coffee Guy teased lightly and a giggle escaped your lips.

Reaching for the serviette you had gotten with your hot chocolate, you grabbed the pen that was next to your notebook in front of you and scribbled down your number, before folding it up and passing it to him. Then, grabbing your bag and putting all your stuff back inside, you stood up and took a few steps back.

“So do I get your name now?” You smiled, your fingers on your right hand playing with the rings on your left.

You got another gummy smile from Cute Coffee Guy as he looked up from his phone where he’d been busy typing in your number, and ignored the vibration of your phone in your pocket which you figured was just him texting you so you had his number.

“I’m Yoongi.” His smile stayed on his face as he walked away backwards before he gestured to your pocket, “check your phone,” was all he added, and then he was back behind the counter taking another customer’s order.

Pulling your phone from your pocket, you felt the blush colour your cheeks for the third time that afternoon as you read the message staring up at you, obviously from him.

It took me about 3 weeks to get up the courage to come up to you, but you looked so beautiful when you blushed I couldn’t help it. Friday night, dinner at 7, on me?


Fingers crossed you say yes Y/N.


-Yoongi x

Okay, I’m managing to do this during a hurricane and flooding so literally nothing can stop me because its bae’s birthday. I don’t know how to make fancy edits and gifs but I do know how to do this.  So LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO!

Dear, Kim Namjoon, 💗

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First, I have to thank you for everything you do. I cannot stress that enough. 💘

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From being the beautiful and fearless leader of BTS, 💓

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To producing, composing and writing amazing works of music that truly bring tears to all of your ARMY’s eyes, 💕

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And to being the amazing, dorky, and intelligent man you are, Namjoon. You inspire so many young people to follow their dreams because of your drive and passion. You’re really something special. 💖

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You always bring a smile to my face on my darkest days and I’m so happy and proud to say that you’re my ultimate bias. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I will actually fight someone for you. 💚

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I wish you nothing but happiness and success in the furthest future. I want you to reach all your goals and go to bed without a worry in your head. I want you to be happy and take care of yourself because it’ll literally kill my heart if you’re in any kind of pain. 💛

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There’s a high chance of you not seeing this, but I want you to know that if you ever feel alone just know that ARMYs love you so much and we’re here with you. All the way to the end of the road. 💜

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I love, support, appreciate and cherish you. 💞

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Happy birthday, my lovely Kim Namjoon. ❤️

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                                   wlntrfell’s 3k follow forever!

First off, i just want to say a really big THANK YOU for following me and loving my blog and keeping me motivated to do what I love. I have always loved tumblr and have evolved over the years and you have all stuck with me and I could never be more grateful!  This is a tribute to the blogs I adore and who keep me motivated, make me laugh, and inspire me to do new and exciting things! You are all such lovely people and I cannot thank you enough for existing and being apart of this amazing community. 

This is only the beginning of my 3k celebration! There will be lots more to come, so stay tuned and up to date by following the #wlntrfellcelebrates3k tag! x

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I start my new job today March 27th, 2017 after wrongful termination from my previous job March 1st, 2017. I went through something very traumatic, I had never lost a job before. Not only that, I had never had to make sure I could pay my bills and slip by on skipping out on meals or so. Never before. I struggled night and day trying to find a profession. I had numerous interviews, I had no luck in call backs that were good news. I was defeated and disappointed because now I needed a job, instead of just wanting one for my own income. I have bills to manage and keep up with. I didn’t have a choice to be lazy. Thankfully I am not out on my own, my parents kept telling me to take it easy but me being myself, that wasn’t happening.
I kept that job on my resume to prove I had experience in jobs I was applying for and despite the wrongful termination, I allowed those jobs to contact for proof of work experience. This was a life lesson for me; anything at any point can happen. Your parents and teachers inform you of that throughout your entire life, but they don’t discuss how realistic it is in adulthood when you not only can “expect the unexpected” but you can damn well sure to be terrified when the “unexpected” could very well send you into mental breakdowns. On my resume I had certification for the jobs I was applying for, hours I put into making damn sure I could use those later in life for these purposes. I was rejected. Because Susan was fifty with twenty years of experience while I was twenty with four years of experience. Of course with odds like that you’re going to lose. And that breaks your heart, how could you lose like that? So once again, I was defeated. Then I ran across this post that @kimreesesdaughter posted about how to finesse an interview and how to “bone up” on your resume. It was a blessing because I took the advice. On that same post @dickprintbandit commented telling people she could finesse resumes and fix them up for you. I decided that I needed some help, so I called to her. She not only fixed my resume for me, she gave me life tips and pointers for even if you have all the experience in the world, an employer will still doubt your abilities. I didn’t lose hope thanks to her. She fixed my resume, made it more than just professional and presentable, she made it my own and it is heart warming to inform people of this, of how she helped me land the best job I get to start today. My dream job.
If you’re struggling with a resume or how to finesse an interview I highly recommend @dickprintbandit because she was more than a blessing for me, she became a long time friend. She will make your resume the experience they are looking for and will boost your confidence with it too. She does them for no cost, although I say give her a follow and a shoutout once she turns your life around for you. My resume helped land me a job before the month ended, meaning I can continue my career without a break in cycle. I can pay my bills and also have fun at my new job and my world is coming back together again thanks to her help. I cannot say thank you enough to her.
She’s also a great listener and has wonderful advice. Please consider her if you need help, she’s quite a joy.



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800+ Watchers raffle!

We interrupt your badly scheduled red horse program to bring this message to your attention…


Originally posted by samisoffthewall

Ahem. So yeah, 800 watchers! Holy damn!

So since I haven’t done anything for the 700 watchers (lack of ideas, motivation and whatnot) and I reached 800 so damn fast (thanks to all of you!) I figured I’d ACTUALLY do something for this milestone!

So, this will be another simple raffle, as I have plans for something better and bigger if I ever reach 1k followers.

Here are the rules:

  1. Must be a follower! New followers are welcome tho!
  2. You must reblog this post to enter! 1 reblog = 1 entry!
  3. You don’t HAVE to put a ref on the reblog, but it would help! Altho the winners will be contacted directly anyway for how they would like their prizes to look like!
  4. You must wait until september 28th for the winners to be announced!

As for the prizes:

  • First place will get a fully colored and shaded image by yours truly (colored lineart if wanted) as well as a little pixel chibi, both of any characters of their choice!


  • Second place will get a simple colored and simple shaded image by yours truly as well as a little pixel chibi, both of any characters of their choice!


  • Third place will get a flat colored image by yours truly and also a pixel chibi, both of the characters of their choice!


  • And lastly, Fourth place will get a flat colored chibi image as well as a pixel chibi of any characters of their choice!


Chibi heads examples:

Thanks a whole lot again to all of you guys. You guys give me the motivation to keep drawing and keep trying to get better and I cannot thank you all enough for this! Thank you infinitely!!

The Letter

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word count: 812

A/N: This fic is based on ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure - it just reminded me of Bucky. I hope you like it! xx

Originally posted by oreo-wonderbatch

Bucky woke up to sunbeams dancing on his lids, a small smile on his lips. He turned to pull you against his chest, but to his surprise he found that not only was your side of the bed empty, it was also cold to the touch. Ice-cold. Groaning, he sat up against the headboard, rubbing his eyes with his flash hand. As his eyes fell onto the envelope on the empty side of your bed, he felt his heart stop for a moment and his breath hatch in his throat. He gulped thickly, nervously licking his lips. The letter looked so surreal, so misplaced, as if it didn’t belong there at all. Although your scent still faintly lingered on the sheets, it seemed like you had never slept in this bed, had never hastily dropped your clothes on the floor or laughed until the wee hours of the morning, your legs dangling off the bed. Bucky’s lower lip quivered as his metal arm reached for the blush paper. Without even so much as opening the envelope, which you had addressed to him in your beautiful handwriting, he knew exactly what the letter was going to say. Carefully, he opened the envelope, the paper weighing as heavy as a stone in his hands.

Keep reading

I was extremely lucky to get some gorgeous fanart for one of my fics (The Way He Looks) and @thecheesecracker was kind enough to send me the physical copies! I can’t even begin to explain how holding my writing in art form in my hands made me feel, but it was a pretty wonderful feeling. I truly cannot thank you enough!! <3 (check out their art, it’s amazing)


if you guys haven’t noticed by now, i have been much less active these past few months on this account. The primary reason is because I have been extremely busy and absolutely EVERYTHING that could be a stressor has been one. I thought I had a queue running but I guess I was gone for long so it ran out.

Another issue that has arisen is simple. I am not as big of a GOT7 stan now then I was a while ago. This is going to cause some controversy but I think a combination of their problematic actions and just me simply having been a bigger stan of other groups this whole time has been a factor.

This account is about to hit 27,000 followers. 27,000. That is an absolutely insane number. I cannot thank you guys enough for following this silly blog even after all my bullshit and failure to interact and be active.

I’m not saying I’m deleting the account or leaving, I’m just saying there’s many things I need to think about moving foreword in regards to this account’s longevity. I need time to think.

In the meantime, I apologize. Thank you for putting up with me.

BTS as Flirty Starbucks Guys - Jungkook

Request by@belikelasagna: Annyeonggg Request: Them as flirty Starbucks guyss Hope you don’t mind me requesting reeeally often!! :))


Please remember I’m going to be posting 1 a day for the next 7 days (a member a day) and it’s going to be in the order in which the ideas came to me and I wrote them😋

They all vary in length but I’ll give a word count before each one💁

I’m getting so close to 800 followers and I’m still honestly so amazed at you all! I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support💖

Let me know what you think and, as always, feel free to make requests (HERE)

I will update my Masterlist soon and I promise another update for Heartbreak Girl is coming, but I was busy working on this😅



Member: Jungkook

Length: 1389 words

Jungkook didn’t know what to do.

Not because he was confused or lost or hadn’t been taught, but because you were standing in the queue, next in line to order your coffee (Cafe Mocha, 2 sugars, extra milk) and you had your hair down and your cheeks were flushed from the cold outside and you looked so pretty and… Crap!

“Jungkook-ah, you have to watch what you’re doing! You could have burnt yourself, or someone else for that matter.”

“Sorry Hoseok-hyung,” Jungkook apologised to his elder sincerely after being scolded for almost spilling hot milk on himself and his hyung, “it won’t happen again.”

“It’s okay Kookie, we’ve all made mistakes like that. At least you’re not as bad as Namjoonie.” Yoongi piped up from his spot on the chair behind the pastries and cakes (seriously, it was his spot. If anyone sat there it was immediate war, which is probably why none of the newer employees lasted longer than a week).

Jungkook laughed slightly at that, his oldest hyung in the Starbucks at the moment knowing how to make him feel better, but then it was your turn and you stepped forward and, what was his name again?

“Hi, how are you today Jungkook-ah?” You asked sweetly, dropping the formalities after he had sputtered out that you didn’t need to use them a couple months ago, a week or two after you’d first gone there.

“F-fine, I’m… hello… I’m okay and you Y/N-ssi?” He stuttered out and rejoiced at the small victory of not forgetting how to speak (no really, it happened last week when you had walked in late in the afternoon one day. Legs clad in leggings and fuzzy boots, giant a sweater hanging off your upper body, the longer than normal sleeves giving you sweater paws which you happily waved as you greeted him just as nicely as always, and Jungkook forgot how to speak. All the words he’d ever learnt left his brain, so he did what any man would do and pretended he was sick and had lost his voice, which – of course ­– was not his best idea to date. That only made you coo and worry over him, telling him he should be home resting and – Hoseok swore – if Jungkook had gone any redder, he could’ve blended in with a fire truck).

“Jungkook-ah, if you say I mustn’t call you Jungkook-ssi then you don’t have to call me Y/N-ssi. I’m in here often enough that I consider us friends, don’t you?” You huffed playfully, remembering that you had actually spoken about being friends when he told you to drop the formalities, and realised then that you actually really hoped he at least thought of you as a friend.

Jungkook just nodded once shyly and shot you a small smile, his big doe eyes not really meeting yours, as he motioned for you to order by pointing at the menu (smooth… not).

Instead of ordering straight away however, you leaned forward and rested your hip against the counter, arms crossed loosely in front of you. This of course made Jungkook’s eyes widen slightly at your proximity and you could see his Adam’s apple bob when he swallowed gulped.

“Say Hobi,” you started, leaving out the honorifics after he too told you that you didn’t have to use them, “hypothetically speaking,” you glanced away from Jungkook to Hoseok, smiling sweetly. “How would one ask out the person they have a crush on?”

You risked a glance at Jungkook and saw that his eyes were wider than when you had rested against the counter, and heard rather than saw Yoongi choke on a laugh.

Hoseok chuckled more openly, his cheeks tinging red as he rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and face palmed with the other before sighing and looking back at you.

“I don’t think he’s the best person to be asking Y/N.” Yoongi’s laughter had broken through and he choked out the statement, raising his hands in a ‘sorry’ gesture when Hoseok glared at him but not looking sorry at all.

“Hyung, can you please just drop it already?” Hoseok groaned, shaking his head in frustration and Yoongi shot him a gummy smile, shaking his own head in an obvious ‘no’.

“What am I missing here?” You asked, looking back and forth between the older two boys as Jungkook did the same, looking slightly less bewildered.

“Oh nothing, nothing at all. Just that our one and only Jung Hoseok, caught his girl with some of the most God awful pun/pick up line monstrosities.” Yoongi was basically cackling now and Hoseok looked like he either wanted to murder him or for the ground to open up and swallow him whole, he wasn’t picky, whichever would be easiest.

“You’re joking?” You raised an eyebrow incredulously and looked to Jungkook who just nodded his head and shrugged, his cheeks flushing slightly when you started giggling.

“Why do you ask though?” Hoseok asked, turning your attention back to him, to which you smiled and then quickly winked when Yoongi and Jungkook weren’t looking.

“My friend and I were just talking about it the other day so I was curious about a guy’s opinion, that and I knew you had been crushing on someone.” You grinned and turned back to Jungkook, straightening up from the counter. “I think I’ll switch it up for a change, I have a long day ahead of me. Can I please have a Vanilla Bean Latte with a shot of espresso? Oh and a brownie please Yoongi-ah?”

Jungkook nodded, a small, shy smile on his face as he keyed in your order and started making it, while Yoongi grabbed you your brownie and placed it in a small takeaway packet.

“Can I have a name for your order?” Jungkook asked out of habit, the marker paused in his hand, already done with your name.

“Can I give you my number instead?” You cheekily retorted and 3 things happened simultaneously.

Yoongi groaned and face palmed, mumbling, “Not another one.”

Hoseok burst into laughter, his body folding in half as he clapped and hooted, stumbling towards you for a high five.

And Jungkook… Jungkook knocked over the small glass milk pourer he’d put out for you to add to your Latte, eyes as wide as saucers with his mouth hanging open in a gasp as he flushed from the tips of his ears, all the way down his neck.

Giggling softly to yourself (because where the heck had that confidence come from?), you grabbed a spare drink sleeve and one of the pens on the counter, writing down your number. Then, capping the pen and putting it back, you picked up your drink, put on a lid and blew slightly before taking a sip and grinning.

You could feel your own cheeks starting to heat up when you slid the other drink sleeve over to Jungkook, and the longer he stared at you the warmer they got.

After a minute or two you ducked your head, letting your hair fall forward to partially hide your face and took the few steps over to Yoongi to grab your brownie, offering him a small smile to which he just wiggled his eyebrows.

That – doing the opposite of helping – made you duck your head even more and you took a sip of your Latte, hoping the caffeine would help.

“You’re a cu-tea, you know that Y/N?”

You choked on your coffee, your eyes widening for a change as you whipped your head to look at Jungkook who had suddenly spoken.

Jungkook, who was slowly freaking out inside because that is NOT what he had wanted to say, was still flushed and looked concerned about making you choke, like he wanted to come to you but you just waved him off.

Coughing a few times, you finally met his gaze again and neither one of you looked away, shy smiles curving both of your lips.

“I swear to God if I hear one more line I’m quitting.”

Jungkook would want to hit his hyung for ruining the moment, if you weren’t laughing so hard at the seriousness in Yoongi’s tone and the fake disgusted look on his face, so he left it instead to conclude that he was already well and truly whipped.

No pun intended…

inmyblindspot  asked:

A little prompt, if you feel like it! Jane and Kurt's first night with baby Bethany after Jane returns home. Bonus points for family cuddles 😍

Dude, I cannot thank you enough for this prompt. It completely shattered my soul writing this little drabble. I hope you enjoy it.

She got a text from him while she was out following a lead with Tasha saying that he left the office early and will see her back at home. He promised her everything was perfectly fine, and that he just needed to run a few errands. They’d only been back home a week and she thought nothing of it.

So when she came home, the last thing she expected to see was Kurt sitting on the couch with baby Bethany in his lap.

Only she wasn’t a baby anymore. She was over eighteen months and more beautiful than of the pictures than Kurt has shown her over the past weeks.

Jane gasped when she stepped into the apartment. Her hands came up to cover her mouth and she felt the tears burn her eyes. He hadn’t told her abut any of this, obviously. Kurt looked up at her and smiled when he heard her walk in, but Jane’s eyes were fixed on the little girl in her father’s lap, babbling away.

When Bethany noticed her father was looking somewhere else, her gaze followed his and found Jane.

The little girl squealed in excitement and all but leapt off her father’s lap. She rushed towards Jane, who dropped everything and went down onto her knees to catch the little girl in her embrace. Bethany wrapped her little arms tightly around Jane’s neck and Jane could not stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks then, especially when Bethany smiled against her neck and whispered, “Mama Jane come home.”

The spent the evening playing with Bethany, feeding her and bathing her, and the whole time it felt like Jane had never left. She knew she owed all of this to Kurt, and Allie and Connor, of course, that they made sure the little girl knew about her and remembered her. She did not know what she had done to deserve any of it. It was all too much.

When Kurt took Bethany into her bedroom, to read her a story and tuck her in, Jane excused herself for a moment. She found herself in their bedroom, sitting on their bed, trying to calm herself down. She suddenly felt so overwhelmed.

She stayed there for a few minutes until she heard Bethany’s voice across the hall. “Mama Jane,” the little girl said, “story time!”

Jane chuckled and wiped her cheeks. “Coming,” she called back and made her way to the nursery.

She walked in to find Bethany lying in the middle of her new bed with Kurt on her right. He carried a large story book in his lap. “You better not have started the story without me,” she teased as she made her way to the other side of the bed. Bethany giggled and shook her head. “No,” Bethany said and shifted to make more room for Jane next to her and her array of stuffed animals.

Jane could feel Kurt’s eyes on her and she glanced quickly towards him, nodding with a smile to reassure him she was ok. Kurt waited for her to be settled in before he started to read the story. A few minutes later, Bethany was already starting to fall asleep, so the adults were both surprised when she started to sit up. But she didn’t say anything. All Bethany did was crawl into Jane’s lap and snuggle against her chest.

Jane wrapped her arms around the little girl and ignored the fact that she had tears rolling down her face. She looked towards Kurt, who had since stopped reading and was just staring at the both of them. She gave him a smile and whispered, “thank you.” Kurt leaned towards her, brushing his lips against her forehead, and then kissing the top of Bethany’s head.

The girl was fast asleep within minutes, and Jane carefully laid her down, pulling the blanket over her shoulders and kissing her cheek gently. She waited for Kurt by the door and when he met her there, he quickly wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

“Welcome home,” he whispered and tightened his hold on her when he heard the sob escape her lips.

Forexcapism’s First Follow Forever!

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