i cannot take their beauty


though she’s already flown so far beyond my reach
                    she’s never out of sight 


If you dance with your heart, your body will follow.


jaehyun comforting his crush about their body image and weight and confessing to them 💐 • requested



hufflepuff edits (1/?): luna lovegood & newt scamander; magizoologists

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Love Song for the Admiral

By @klickitats is hands down, one of my favorite Dragon age fics. If you like on-point characterization, slow burn, mega-pining, Cullen being problematic for himself, and Josephine being a fucking badass… THIS is a fic for you. I had never thought of Cullen/Josephine before, but man their relationship is handled so well, so tenderly, and honestly, and just beautifully, beautifully done. 

Here’s an exerp from one of my comments:

All of my favorite authors on A03 manage to have a couple of beautifully crafted sentences per chapter. Like “Yesssss that was so beautiful” – even if they’re describing something horrific. You seem to manage to do it one every paragraph. GODDAMN! Can we take a moment to celebrate the artistry of your wordsmithing.

So in honor of fanfic writer appreciation day, please accept this small token of my gratitude for all the hard work you’ve put into this, and all the rest of your fics – which I read voraciously. 

This also doubles as a prompt from @stardustlings - (A03′s Valyrias)- who asked for my fav non-protag ship, is a stellar writer herself (her Shatter Me is the reason I got an A03 account) and is the author who introduced me to Love Song for the Admiral, in the first place.

Ambreigns is such a fulfilling ship (Table For 3 Addition)

So as if Dean’s ‘I tasted cinnamon on his breath’ and ‘I need my Samoan now’ didn’t kill me already, I got my boys on TF3 and it was freakin’ glorious. This ship is so fucking pure my heart hurts 😭 

Roman’s constant heart eyes for Dean will be the death of me. Dean is such a puppy child but Roman keeps looking at him like he’s the most precious thing in the world.

We also found out that Dean loves the fact that Roman spoils him and is never shy of letting the world know that he’s got Roman wrapped around his little finger. He had Roman buying him fries on RA and at TO3, he was dancing with joy when his man got him beer. I am never getting over his ‘My boy knows what to order me’. Btw, who is never not amused by Roman and Dean proudly and publicly claiming each other as theirs? THIS GURL.

Oh, and I got major Daddy!Roman/Baby Boy!Deano vibes off of this bit 🤣

Lol, and then Dean couldn’t resist and flashed his man his ridiculously tiny waist (he was sitting and it was still SO FUCKING SMALL I CANNOT TAKE THE BEAUTY OF IT) and chest and he told Roman how he has a special glow on his skin nowadays and he tries to remain as shirtless as possible ON A FUCKING DINNER TABLE, and Roman was all like its a totally normal occurrence among them LMAO.

Dean is such a slut I swear 🤣

We also had Dean talking bout his hair issues and Roman mourning the upcoming loss of it. He appreciates his beautiful baby like the new born baby Deer that he is (😁) but he still love those bangs man!

Roman also knows bout Dean’s happy bowl sandwich and as we found out on RA, they are pretty tight in RL and have been a part of each others life, like legit. Ambreigns is real you guys 😭

Last but not the least, Dean’s classic single ladies impression while he let us all know they are 3 Beyonces 😁

                              (source for this Gif: ambrollin)

(he’s such a diva 🤣) & Roman’s comment got me like 😏

All in all, Table for 3 was such a blessing. Dean is an adorable puppy. Roman has the sweetest smile and the most beautiful presence in the world. & their bond is heavenly. 

I cry tears of joy cuz of my OTP.  

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i’m sorry for freaking out i just love this so goddamn much. please look at the Perfect Beautiful Boys

Yuri on Ice AUs that may or may not happen

When you have AU ideas, have no clue where to take them, but also can’t resist writing them: 

Edwardian times AU
Viktor brushed a kiss on his hand.“Was what we did last night proper?” he asked softly, eyes boring into Yuuri’s, breath hot against his skin. 

Miraculous Ladybug AU
Yuuri slapped a palm to his forehead and dragged it slowly down his face. “Yes, I’m male, yes, I’m aware Ladybug is a typically feminine superhero name, and no, I didn’t choose this costume.” 

Prohibition era AU
Viktor loved to tango. Sharp movements, all angles, with footwork so fast it had his mind spinning from the movements. Crossing the floor, they moved from one corner to another, blue and red flitting and whirling around each other without pause.

~~vvv~~ FICLETS BELOW CUT ~~vvv~~

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sorry and no offence to American TV but the cameramans and stage production isn’t that up to par with Korea and China music shows. Just some constructive critism, maybe you should learn a thing or two from them.

To tell you
the honest truth
I fell in love with you
the moment I met you,
my eyes suddenly glued
to the brightest thing in the room.
I was coming down from LSD
and all of a sudden
I was Alice down the rabbit hole
and I was tumbling
into Wonderland.
When you left that evening
(the way you always seem to leave)
I went for a walk to process the fact
that I had just fallen in love
and my acid brain was running so fast
that I momentarily forgot your name.
When it came back to me
it ran through my entire body
like molten gold
dripping from head to toe
filling my entire soul
with light
and from that moment
your name has always been metaphoric to me.
I say it
and it explodes in my mouth like
popping candy
or bubbles that burst
as soon as they leave the sanctuary of my lips.
I’ve always wanted to kiss you,
when you sat down on the pavement
when I showed you my favourite view
it could’ve been a fucking movie
if you didn’t have a girlfriend.
you had a girlfriend
and I couldn’t kiss you
but that didn’t stop me
wanting to
and watching you intently
because I loved you
and I couldn’t help it.
You no longer have a girlfriend
and it all comes flooding back to me
that affection for you
I had almost forgotten
but here it is
and you feel it
boy you feel it
boy you cannot help yourself
boy you fucked me
but it wasn’t special
it was a quickie on the couch
which you said meant nothing
don’t tell me
that night was special
it was
but not in that way
it was special because it broke me
because when you said
‘can’t go falling in love’
like there is something wrong with that
I thought
because I fell in love with you
six months ago
and I can’t exactly fall back out
but I won’t tell you this
because you don’t understand my concept of love
you’re just a boy
a beautiful boy
who I cannot take me eyes off
who will always leave me speechless
who will always have me tripping on my words
and when he says
be honest with me
I will only ever give him
a cut-down and emotionally censored version of the truth.
—  ‘The Honest Truth’ - @leatherbounddiaries

anonymous asked:

PLLEEEEAAASSEE for the love of GOD let viktor kiss Yuuriin the next chapter of the hog warts au I cannot take it anymore oh my lord (btw that fic is beautiful I love it so much thank you!!)

That fic is listed as having six chapters and we’re only on chapter two, if you think they’re going to kiss at only halfway through you’re very much mistaken ;) There’s plenty more rom com shenanigans to happen first