i cannot stop myself


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

nerd!aro!dean who’s 110% more interested in fictional universes and earning his phd in some kind of engineering than he is romance

nerd!aro!dean who sits in the impala the day after valentines day, just waiting for the store to open so he can put a dent in their discount candy stock

nerd!aro!dean who likes to go down on girls and gets really flustered around attractive guys - they’re inTIMIDATING OKAY - and once he tried dating lisa braeden in college but he realized he just wanted to be her friend, and besides he has too much studying to do to have any time for a girlfriend

nerd!aro!dean going on “dates” with his best friend charlie, and he pretends to propose to her for the free dessert and compliments. when they have enough money they like to go on honeymoon retreats, and charlie schmoozes free or discount stuff out of everyone, like a free couples spa pass or an upgrade to the honeymoon suite. (of course mostly dean and charlie play video games in their room and enjoy feeling special and pampered, and charlie picks up girls on the beach). sometimes - and it’s TOTALLY a coincidence - their honeymoons coincide with con weekends. totally a coincidence

nerd!aro!dean who eventually publishes with his best friend artist!cas the first comic with a canon aromantic character. it becomes one of the publisher’s most successful comics

annytecture  asked:

The scene where Robin tries to stop Killian from getting the dagger. How is it that even in pain/heartbreak/anger he still looks so damn sexy?!? He makes emotions look sexy. And I'm here curled into a ball because of all the feels.

Ann, I feel you, love… this is killing me. He does angst so well. He does everything so well, but since we have established I am a Colin’s angst whore; This really, really, really gets to me. This does things to me. And it’s not just that… he looks SO hot. The hair, the nose, the jawline, THOSE PANTS. I am like Chandler in here saying “someone comment on the pants!”

realising have pretty much written Phasma as Honoria Glossop. But a tough, military, Honoria Glossop so that’s all fine and canon-compliant then.

Wikipedia, that veritable Alexandria de nos jours, describes Miss Glossop thus:

Honoria Glossop is a particularly formidable young lady from the Jeeves stories by P. G. Wodehouse. She is of a rather muscular, sporty temperament, and as such remains unattached. Honoria is the daughter of the renowned nerve specialist Sir Roderick Glossop and his wife Lady Glossop and Bertie Wooster once described her voice as “like a lion tamer making some authoritative announcement to one of the troupe”.

Does Diet Coke with Lime count, @marilivinglife? It’s the only caffeine I have at my fingertips!

Rough times in mental health land, ladies and gentlemen. The semester starts in a week and I cannot stop: a) being anxious about it, and b) browbeating myself for not making more progress on my dissertation. Perhaps counterintuitively, I’ve decided to take this week off working on it, in hopes of calming down and coming back to it with a fresh head once the term is underway. That means turning my brain off and immersing myself in the Olympics and The Americans, finishing this ridiculous book by Holly Madison about the Playboy Mansion (I reject your judgment), and running my various and sundry back to school errands. 

Thrills and chills here, y’all. Thrills. and. chills.