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Sole says “I love you” to Dogmeat and the (not romanced but interested) companion thinks Sole is talking to them.

(This is a good one Anon, thank you!)

Cait: She freezes in place, taking in what she just heard. Wow, Sole, actually just said that. Cait turns and runs up to them, giving them a kiss before walking away. This leaves Sole very flushed and very confused.

Codsworth: “Oh I love you too Sir/Mum!” he says, as Sole begins to chuckle at him.

Curie: “Ma’am/Monsieur!” she whispers, a little too loud. Sole looks up and mumbles a ‘huh?’. Curie gets too excited and fans herself in the heat. “You just said that you love me, did you not?”
Sole snorts and then begins to laugh. “Curie, uhm, I was talking to Dogmeat.”
Curie stops and her face pales.

Paladin Danse: Danse watched as Sole rubbed Dogmeat’s belly and made a fuss of him, playing with his ears as he barked and wagged his tail in happiness. It was just the way their voice wavered slightly and he could sworn he heard his name. “U-Uh.. Soldier… I..” He stammered out, already feeling awkward. “Hmm?” Sole hums, not looking round at Danse.
“I think I.. Like you too…”
Sole freezes and Dogmeat looks at Danse, panting. Sole looks around and simply says, “You.. Are.. Such a nerd… I cannot believe you thought I was talking to you…”
Danse mentally smacks himself and dies a little inside as Sole can’t stop laughing on the floor.

Deacon: “Wait. What was that.” Deacon asks, pushing his sunglasses further up his nose. “What was what?” Sole asks. “What you just said.”
“I was telling Dogmeat that I love him, that was all.”
Deacon mutters something inaudible and quickly says that he couldn’t hear the first time due to the sound of Deathclaws in the distance. Sole ignores the comment, knowing it’s very clearly a lie…

Hancock: “That’s real cute trouble” he says, wrapping his arms around Sole from behind. “Thanks, hun.”
“Thanks for what?”
“The whole, I love you thing.”

MacCready: Freezes. Completely. He doesn’t want to utter a word. Did they just really say that? To him? They did didn’t they. Oh god.
“Ahha cooool…” he finally says, walking away slowly. Sole’s confused as to where he went and when they question him about it later, he doesn’t even say anything. Remaining quiet.

Preston Garvey: “General. Did you.. Just?” he asks, kneeling beside Sole.
“Just what?”
“Say that you, love me?”

Sole goes quiet whilst in thought, but then bursts out in laughter, causing Preston to awkwardly laugh along to fit in. Dammit.

Piper: “Wow, Blue, that was sudden… Where’s the huge speech about my eyes? I was looking forward to that”

Nick Valentine: He laughs at first. But then shuts up as he realizes he’s being impolite. “Yeah, sorry kid, uh…”


X6-88: “I do not know how to respond to this Sole. I think I may feel the same. But I do not understand these complex human emotions.” he says, stood still. Sole looks up, surprised at his comment before laughing, confusing X6 even more.

Takarazuka GRAPH May 2014 Translation "Ranju Tomu x Asumi Rio Talk DX"

Ranju: We’re halfway through performances but time really flew, didn’t it? I guess because it wasn’t easy for me this time that I felt the rehearsal time was really long.
Asumi: I heard that Mayu-san wasn’t able to sleep at all during rehearsals.
Ranju: Somehow there was a lot more to do than usual. It also took me quite some time to remember my lines. Now that I think about it, I’m onstage a lot this time. (laughing)
Asumi: That’s right!
Ranju: I also wanted to adapt to Kentô Mori-sensei’s choreography quickly. There were a lot of things that took a long time.
Asumi: During the first half of rehearsals I thought I was quite relaxed but ever since the schedule was packed with rehearsals for the play I felt more and more hunted by thoughts like: “There’s not enough time!” or “The opening day is going to be soon!”.  What’s more, this time I play a character opposite to Mayu-san.
Ranju: And our ages (onstage) are reversed.
Asumi: That’s right. He (Pat Brady – Asumi’s character) knows Monroe (Monroe Stahr – Ranju’s character) from when he started out in the movie business.
Ranju: In the lyrics, he is called a “young boy” but I’m sure he himself represents “youth”.
Asumi: Is it 10 years? 20 years? Anyway, we really are far apart, age-wise.
Ranju: I guess around 10 years. “I” (Monroe) am 43 years old, I think. (laughing)
Asumi: Yes, “you” are. (laughing) This is also where Brady “opposes” Monroe and lies about his age.  Because he is very vain. (laughing)
Ranju: (laughing) At first he (Monroe) is just a student in Brady’s care but somewhere along the way he becomes rather self-important.
Asumi: That’s why I (Brady) get angry. At Mayu-san, no less.
Ranju: Ah… (laughing)
Asumi: Brady is always thinking about Monroe and telling him off. And although he is jealous he is telling him off for the sake of the company. However, Monroe isn’t listening. (laughing) It’s Monroe who is going his own way but because of that the unexpected outburst. (1)
Ranju: Like “I will remember that!” ?
Asumi: This too, but for example when he (Monroe) is saying something there’ll be an immediate retort (from Brady)… I wonder if he’s thinking “What an annoying old man.”…              
Ranju: Like he’s thinking “Although I’m right…”? (laughing) It’s because Monroe has his own philosophy. He strongly believes in his way of handling things.
Asumi: I (Brady) also try to compete with you (Monroe) in the “Cononuts Grove” (Note: A nightclub).  
Ranju: We are dancing, right? Brady as well. Because Monroe himself is quite the talented dancer. He’s even dancing the tango. (laughing)
Asumi: Then I compete with you and after that I get worked up about myself dancing.
Ranju: It’s like you were led on (by Monroe). (laughing)
Asumi: It’s embarrassing. (laughing) I (Brady) am like: “If he can look so cool while dancing so can I.” He is really jealous of Monroe.
Ranju: He is admitting it?
Asumi: Yes. He came to realize it when watching a movie Monroe had produced.  And also because Monroe looks really cool in a suit.
Ranju: (laughing)
Asumi: What I personally think is the charm point of Monroe, that is the balance of his shoulder line and the hips which the fans will find hard to resist too, I’m sure. This time, you have to change (costumes) a lot, right?
Ranju: I feel like a have to change many times during the whole play. That’s because Monroe has a lot of clothes. (laughing
Asumi: Even when you’re backstage you’re so busy. And still, even when you (Mayu-san) go offstage to change you give a refreshing feeling. (2)
Ranju: Refreshing? (laughing) But nobody can see that.
Asumi: Ah…
Ranju: It’s a rare sight. (laughing)
Asumi: Even if I recommend it the audience won’t be able to see it. But…I wouldn’t be able to look that cool/refreshing while running off the stage. Your toughness is amazing, Mayu-san. Well then, my recommendation for onstage…I like the scenes with you and Ran-chan (Ranno Hana). This top-class smartness while delivering the lines. That’s something only Mayu-san can do.
Ranju: You mean the scene by the sea?
Asumi: There too, but also the dialogue when the two of you (Ranno’s and Ranju’s characters) as a couple start falling apart. Like “I love you” – that’s something only Mayu-san can say!
Ranju: I love you…(laughing)
Asumi: It sounds totally natural!

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Going to do a bullet list to make this easier and so I don’t clog up people’s dashes.

  • MISCA on Misha’s trailer door. Omg. And then MISCAH
  • ((It’s around this point where I realize this is a joke and of course Misha is being a silly being, acting like it’s a usual thing))
  • Gina’s voice: Oh My God It’s Jensen.
  • Bullshit he does Yoga. Liar Lol If he does Yoga, I’m the fucking Pope.
  • Scratch that, if he does Yoga, ten bucks says he does it with Dee and Misha
  • Maybe Misha taught him. Mmm yes. Let’s go with that.
  • LOL Jensen meditating. What the actual fuck.
  • OOh Jared working out. I could watch a good ten minutes of that.
  • Fucking Jeremy Carver.
  • Misha taking pics of himself on his phone. You fucking dork.
  • Also Look at the fucking Misha sweater from the French Mistake. I need to get that. That’s online somewhere right?
  • “This is where they make us look pretty” Fuck you and your fucking face. You know damn well you are already pretty.
  • OMG *dies laughing* Jensen in a face mask. I love this image so much. What the fuck are you doing Jen?? You are such a fucking doof. Did Misha put you up to this? And you just went along with it? Really?
  • Seriously though, I want to know how that conversation went.
  • Yeah, Jensen can you do like a mud mask thing? Like all over my face with the cucumbers and shit? Yeah. Yeah I’ll do that.
  • If you do something for me later…
  • Okay maybe not that last part, but THIS IS MY LIVEBLOGGING FUN TIMES, OKAY?!
  • “Jensen this is your playlist on your iPod.” Dude, this is just making my night. This is fucking hilarious.
  • Ugh Jensen, you are a gorgeous fucking asshole. Look at your face. Look at it. Just. Stop it. I can’t breathe over here.
  • “Floppy eared, dopey teddy bear”. Weird. That is also how I describe Jared.
  • Misha’s bedhead–Christ–Okay, can we just bask in that for a minute. I want that woman’s job. I want to run my fingers through his hair. Seriously.
  • I may have blacked out. Jay in a beanie is my weakness.
  • Riiiiight Jared needs a hairpiece. Mhm. Sure.
  • I may have blacked out again. But fuck can you blame me. Man is looking really fucking good. Really really fucking Good. Yeah. Good not, good. Capital fucking G.
  • *Flails for the next three minutes straight* RIICCHHAARRDDD
  • *dies for a good five minutes*
  • Timothy fucking Omundson. CAIIIINNNN
  • *is revived*
  • Lol at Richard running away
  • Lol at Jensen peeking behind a corner. Winchester hiding skills at work
  • Again with Jared working out. I could watch him all fucking day. Really I could.
  • Fucking Jeremy Carver.
  • Jensen you are…a fucking. Dork. Capital D.
  • Misha is wearing off on you bby.
  • Jensen reads poetry huh?
  • Does he read your poetry, Mish?
  • Jared working out with sunglasses on? Really?
  • I would also not mind being the mirror holders for Jared.
  • What even is this shit.
  • I am just
  • I cannot right now
  • I cannot
  • Jared you are just as big of a fucking doof
  • Stop iittt.
  • Honestly this is cool and all, but I want to see what it’s actually like behind the scenes. We all know this is bullshit, so the real stuff is probably coming soon, right?
  • “Your welcome” *dies laughing*
  • Jeremy calling Jared an asshole is just super fucking funny to me. Pot meet kettle.
  • Not that Jared is an asshole. Obviously I know this isn’t how he is.
  • Oh my God, Misha didn’t wait for her. That poor girl.
  • Yes, I blacked out again.
  • I want to touch it. Just pet her. Just once.
  • Fuck you Jeremy Carver.
  • Just…
  • Fuck off you fucking fuck.
  • Your face annoys me.
  • And offends me personally.
  • What
  • the
  • actual fuck
  • is going on now?
  • Jensen with the dog screaming has officially made my night.
  • Aww Misha bby
  • You look like you need cuddles
  • You look tired as shit
  • You can’t act that.
  • Look at him for a moment.
  • 15 mins in.
  • Bby you look beat.
  • :( Is he okay?
  • Mr. Krushnic *fans self* I sometimes forget he isn’t Misha Collins and am always pleasantly surprised to hear Krushnic.
  • Aww Bby
  • “Look what you did!” *giggle fits*
  • Okay so obviously a big joke and yeah funny, but I would like to see a real version of this shit. It’d be awesome. Like an hour long thing. Fuck yeah.
  • Okay, the credits are fucking gold
  • Jared “Blue Steel” Padalecki
  • Jensen “Where’s the Steak” Ackles
  • And Dmitri Krushnic as Misha Collins
  • Can I hear Jensen call him Dmitri just once??
  • I’m sorry cowboy hat? What fucking cowboy hat?
  • Not really, but a girl can dream
  • Special thanks to Mark Sheppard. Did I miss him? Was he in there and I missed him?
  • Fucking cowboy hat. I want to fucking know. Okay? All the details.
  • All of them.
  • Of course you will be remembered Mishy
  • And his little giggle
  • That little giggle gives me life.
  • That gummy fucking grin. My God. He just makes me so happy. And those eye crinkles.

Okay, so all in all, this is good shit, but I mean it. I want to see the real deal. That would be super interesting to me. They did that stuff on the season one dvd, but there was no Misha then and I’m super interested to see actual behind the scenes stuff.

So yeah, overall, I was basically like this:

The entire time.