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Second Time Around - (Taeoh’s  4th Birthday)

Synopsis: Jongin struggles to balance life as an idol and life as a father. His four year old son is growing up and beginning to notice his absence and attempts to find a fatherly figure in your boyfriend, Seunghyun. 

Word count: 5,538

Characters: Kim Jongin a.ka Kai (EXO), Oh Sehun (EXO), Choi Seunghyun (BigBang), Kim Taeoh, and other EXO members. 

Warnings: Eyebrow Shaving, Gum Stuck in Hair, Sehun’s dancing skills, and Taeoh and Kai’s cuteness. 

Part One

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The flight to Paris was horrible. It was ten hours of constant panic attacks from you, Taeoh fidgeting in his seat whining at the top of his lungs that he wanted to get off the plane, then there was Seunghyun who had lost his phone and made all the flight attendants help him look for it because he didn’t have a lock on his phone and had things in it that were not suitable for the public eye. To top it all off, you were sprawled on the bathroom floor of the plan for almost half of the trip vomiting because of altitude sickness.

When the three of you finally got off of the plane you were all half dead and beyond pissed off. You reeked of vomit and had dark circles under your eyes which contrasted your sickly green skin. Seunghyun had bags on every limb of his body and apart from having to hold Taeoh’s hand, he had to half-carry half-drag you through the airport because you were so weak your knees wobbled every time you took a step. Taeoh looked like a train wreck, his usually silk hair resembled a bird’s nest. He had snuck a piece of gum out of your purse and somehow managed to get it stuck in his hair. You were honestly too sick to care.

Seunghyun looks at you then Taeoh before chuckling to himself. “Thank god for masks.”

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hahaha guys the musical version of Romeo and Juliet is just so quality, honestly:

French? Hungarian? You can listen to the soundtrack in English probably, but pick a language and prepare for An Experience

French version is Romeo et Juliette, and it’s the original play/music

  • the Montagues and Capulets are color-coded. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be red and blue, but honestly, it’s more like magenta and violet. Sharkboy vs Lavagirl, omg
  • everyone’s hair is so Extra in this version
  • the d a n c i n g
  • Les Rois du Monde. Just that song/scene 
  • everyone looks like MCR Killjoys era, and the general visual and musical theme is like, Mad Max if governments still existed
  • everyone! is so! gorgeous! and amazing!
  • i just love Juliette a lot in this version, okay?
  • dialogue updated to more modern language (as far as my subtitle-reading self can tell) and it works really well
  • nobody cares about Romeo’s lonely soul because everyone is too busy TEARING UP VERONA IN SYNCHRONIZED DANCE STEPS

okay, so I’m a bit biased. I think you should watch both! Definitely, you should watch the French version, because it’s amazing and original!  but actually, if you’re going to only watch one of them, you should watch the Hungarian version because:

  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • Benvolio is like 97% more Personality in this version
  • alas, the color-coding is not nearly as obvious, but do not fear, because the hair is cranked up to 300% to make up for it
  • idk if this was a mistranslation or if this is genuinely the closest English meaning to match the Hungarian, but somewhere in the middle of a really serious song, Romeo says something like “my buddies, my friends” and I can’t stop laughing 
  • Juliet is so pretty and cute and she’s just so excited to fall in love! and meet someone who is cute and nice and wants to kiss her! 
  • if you didn’t already ship R&J you’re freaking going to now they’re so cute i’m literally covering my face with my hands and squealing 
  • pretty much every time Benvolio and Mercutio are sharing the stage, I cannot stop smiling
  • this Romeo is like Romeo+Hamlet. he’s all introspective and premonitions of doom, so it punches you in the feels that much harder when it turns out he’s RIGHT
  • the Montagues are a pack of young, feral, hedonistic, heathens and it’s fantastic
  • frickin’ Tybalt
  • the serious parts are actually serious, and they’ll tear you up, let me say. if you didn’t feel feelings about the deaths and the suicides before, you will while watching this musical
  • (those last 6 are true of the French version, too, I just stuck them in here because I’m biased)
  • this link really says it all tbh: http://indigo-night-wisp.tumblr.com/post/94954703234/theghostparty-to-reign-in-hell
  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • he bears repeating

Links w/ English subtitles:

Hungarian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikESnkpQBR8 (Act 1! Act 2 in sidebar)

French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi21XHWV0D4







I sighed as I closed my laptop and threw it on Nates bed. I was out visiting him in LA for the next 3 weeks and he has been posting about it non-stop. Most times, our relationship gets alot of support, but since I came out here, the hate seems to have gotten so much worse. Why do they hate me so much? What did I do? I mean I know I look nothing like Gilinsky’s girl, Madison(and trust me I am glad), but that’s who the fans always compare me to and it really hurts that Nate and I have been together for over a year and they still can’t accept me.

“Y/N!” Skate called walking through, the door of his apartment. “Lil'Mama, I’m home” He called walking up the stairs. I zoned out, ignoring his voice. I stared at myself in the mirror. I lift up my shirt and examine my body at every angle. I sighed, the fans are right. I’m not good enough for Nate. I mean, I’m not skinny. Far from it. I don’t deserve someone like Nate.

“Y/N?” Nate spoke quietly at the doorway of his bedroom. “What are you doing babe? Whats wrong?” He asks puzzled.

I looked at him, I saw the hurt in his eyes. I can’t believe I cause him worry. My eyes start to water as I look at his face. “Y/N? Are you okay?” I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I shook my head, “No.” was all I managed to get out before I ran to Nate latching on to him. He pulled me close, holding me tight and kissing the top of my head. Nate took my hand, leading me to his bed, while I sobbed into his chest. He sat down and put my legs on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him, hoping he’ll never let me go. We stayed like that for a while until I heard him sigh. I looked up at him to see him broken. “What’s wrong baby? Tell me Y/n.”

I breathed out, and spoke quietly, “They’re right, Nate.”

“Who’s right? About what?”

“Your fans. I-I don’t deserve you.” I said, trying to fight back my tears.

“Why would you think that Y/N, you know not to listen to half the bullshit they can say.”

“Look at me, Nate. You can do so much better. Im not skinny, and i’m far from perfect. I’m just some fat nobody that doesn’t belong with someone like you.” I looked down, ashamed to look at him.

He put his hand under my chin and kissed me. “Y/N, stop comparing yourself to other girls. If I wanted to be with someone other than you, why would it hurt me so much to see you breaking? Would I have stayed with you for over a year? I love everything about you. I look at you and see perfection. If anything I don’t deserve someone like you because you accept me for who I am. ”

I smiled at how big of sap he was being. I straddled him and slammed my lips against his. He knew how to make me feel special. His roamed my body and landed on my ass where they rested. His lips trailed down my neck, leaving sloppy kisses. He looked at me and smirked before plunging his head between my boobs, motor boating me. I squealed and started giggling. He knew that when he does that, I cannot stop laughing.

“NATE! s-ST-STO-STOP.” I managed to get out between laughs.

“See lil'mama, you’re perfect.” He smirked. “Your smile, your eyes and don’t forget about your curves. I love your curves.” He said before moving his hands along the sides of my body, “And my favourite part of your fucking amazing body is your ass, It gives me something to hold onto when we get wild. If you were a stick, how would I make you feel half as good. How would you make me feel half as good? hmm? You’re fucking beautiful Lil'Mama, its so hard for me to control myself around you.”

I looked Nate and smirked pushing him back on the bed, “Well let’s see how hard it will be to control yourself around me today.”

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im not sure if you're still about that verkwan life, but do you know if they're still close these days? :( hansol used to be really grabby with seungkwan in the predebut era but now he looks awkward even standing next to him

dear anon, I am ALWAYS about that verkwan life. I still see it. Lemme take you on a journey.

A lot of verkwan predebut was touchy-feely, always hanging on to each other, sitting on laps, holding hands, piggy back rides, enjoying their time together, never being apart for too long. The way I see them now is that they’re so comfortable with each other, they don’t need to spend every waking hour together. To be honest, I still see vernon as the closest person to seungkwan, and vice versa. A lot of seungsol moments these days are subtle moments because I think they’ve also become a lot closer with other members rather than spending all their time with each other. So even though their moments are less, if you look deeply into it, you can see they’re not awkward with each other at all.

K on the DL


“Hey, can I have an imagine with KDL? Like, I’m Swazz’s adopted sister and I’m 21 but he acts like he’s older and he heard me talking with Delany that I have a crush on Kevin and she said that she would help me with him and he get all jealous when he sees me with him but he accepts our relationship at the end?”



Delany puts her hands over her mouth. “Stop it! You do not have a crush on Kev?” 

I blush and nod, smirking. “A big one.’

“Holy shit you guys are going to be so cute, Girl. I’m gonna make it happen for you, don’t worry babe.“ I laugh slightly. 

“Alrighty then. But, John cannot find out. He will go crazy. He doesn’t think anyone is good enough for me, especially not Kev”

“Just between us for now. Don’t fret” Delaney pats me on the back and I sigh. “Girl you guys are going to be too damn fine together!” She squeals and I giggle. 

Swazz’s POV

“John cannot find out. He will go crazy. He doesn’t think anyone is good enough for me, especially not Kev”

Y/N’s voice is barely audible as I walk past her and Delaney’s hotel room, but as soon as I catch on, I cannot believe my ears. My sister, my sweet, beautiful sister cannot like Kev. Kev was insane and was always drinking or smoking. Don’t get me wrong, he was a great friend, but NOT good enough at all for my sister! 

I decided to not confront Y/N now and let things settle. A week or so later, nothing had happened. It seemed that it had just been a phase, a fleeting crush. But, that night I went to go get ice from the ice machine when I heard Kev’s voice. 

“I finally stole you away from everyone. You’re so popular” He says. There is a pause and I hear Y/N’s laugh as clear as day. 

“Well it’s nice to be alone, but I should go soon. We promised no funny business for a while because I’m really into you, got it?”

“Of course, gorgeous. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kev says. 

“Thanks for the movie night and dinner in bed, though” Y/N’s voice gets closer to the hall and I sprint off, not wanting her to find me. 

Taking it slow? That did not sound like Kev at all. Maybe he isn’t as bad for Y/N as I thought. Maybe she is just what he needs. 

Y/N’s perspective

Kev and I have been secretly hanging out for the past three weeks. I watch movies in his room, we make out, we get up early and go out to breakfast. Nothing too sexual just yet, just the sweet getting to know you stuff. He is as perfect as I thought he would be, a true gentleman. Last night I was cold when we went running errands and he gave me his jacket and rubbed my shoulders when we got to the car. I was pretty sure about us, there was only one thing I wasn’t sure about.

John. He was my best friend, my older, not older, brother. I understood why he was so protective, but I hoped he could see how happy we were together. Just as all of these thoughts are sorting out, Kevin texts me and asks if I have a few minutes to spend with him. I smile and meet him in our usual spot. He presses his lips to mine and runs his hands through my hair and all of the things I have been worried about fade. Right now it is just us. I cannot wait until we tell John so I can finally sleep with Kevin’s sexy self. I am about to pull away from his lips when I hear a cough. I turn and see big brown eyes glaring at me.

“John!” I exclaim and jump back from Kev a little. “What are you doing here?”

“I should ask you the same, Y/N. How long have you been sneaking around with him, huh? Three weeks or so, right?” I am shocked. How could he know? “I heard you and Delany talking about a month ago and have been keeping an eye on things since then”

“John. We haven’t done anything major. I promise. He is actually such a prince to me. I was just thinking about how polite he is”

“Really?” John looks over at Kevin and then back at me. 

“Yes” I say, meeting his gaze head on. John is silent for a long time and I can sense how nervous Kevin is. 

“Well, Kev” He pauses and I hang on his words. “If you do anything, and I mean anything, to hurt her. I will pop a cap in your head and your dick, I swear to God” 

Kev nods. “Your sister is precious to me, man. I would never, ever want to upset her.” 

I look over at John. “Does this mean we have your blessing.”

John pauses and shrugs. “Yeah I guess so. But, no more kissing in front of me. And I don’t want to ever hear intimate details. Got it?” He points a finger at Kev and then at me.

“Got it,” We say together and John walks away. I squeal and turn to Kevin. 

“That wasn’t that bad! I can’t believe it!” I throw my arms around my big teddy bear.

“Now where were we?” Kev smirks and our lips meet once more. 


I hope you like it! Sorry if it is too short or bad lol


jeonkachu [jungkook&you]

Summary: Jungkook gifts you a Pikachu outfit for Christmas, but you have a better present for him.

a/n: thanks for requesting, @leebaram98!! i hope this was something you were looking for!! i did my best at making it cuddly while throwing in some cuteness as well. XDD 

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“Guess what I have for our early morning Christmas present?” Your adorable husband Jungkook asks, while pushing out quite a huge wrapped box towards you.

Staring at him while sucking on a candy cane, you squint your eyes. Something is up and you just know it.

“It’s Christmas Eve, Jungkook. Why would I want to open my gift now?” You ask curiously, eyeballing at him instead of the present.

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Alfred is studying over in Russia and takes a form of public transportation early in the morning to get there and Ivan takes that same route. Somehow, the two start talking but Ivan isn't so good with English and Alfred isn't so good with Russian but they find their own silly way of talking to each other like with pictionary and charades. Cute adventures ensue like falling asleep and leaning on the other and drama as well.

Alfred stood in the snow as we waited at the bus stop. His nose and ears were bright red from the cold and his glasses chilled against his skin. His earmuffs and think coat did nothing to keep him warm, so he shivered as he watched the bare road. The sky was jet black from dark clouds, though it was late in the afternoon and Alfred’s feet were already buried in snow after standing in it for only ten minutes. When he saw Ivan next, he’d tell him off for sure. It’s not as if he’d understand him.

As if on cue, the crunching of fresh snow alerted Alfred to his friend’s presence. “About time you got here, ya Commie,” Of, course Alfred knew Russia wasn’t a communist country anymore, but he was American and he had a bit of a thing against that sort of government. However, that didn’t stop his brother from moving to Russia for school and Alfred sort of tagged along. It seemed like fun, until winter reared its ugly head. Minnesotan winters were nothing compared to this.

Ivan stared at him blankly before attempting to speak, “Uh… How is you?”

“I’m good, thanks,” Alfred said out of habit, even though he knew Ivan wouldn’t fully understand. “Oh, check this out!” Alfred bounced on his toes with excitement and ended up digging himself deeper into the snow. Alfred held out a small dry erase board and a marker with and eraser on the cap. “We can draw pictures and communicate like that!” Ivan didn’t seem to understand, but he mimicked Alfred’s excitement all the same.

The bus came to a squeaking stop in the road and they entered, paid their fees, and took their seats. “Let’s see,” Alfred muttered and pulled the cap off the marker with his teeth. The marker squeaked over the white board, leaving behind a drawing of… something. Ivan really couldn’t understand what it was. There was a circle and a question mark, with squiggles that hovered above what appeared to be a mass of cotton. Thankfully, Alfred was not majoring in art. Ivan raised an eyebrow at his blue eyed friend. Alfred pouted, “You can’t tell what that is?”

Alfred continued scribbling, “Can’t you see, like, the clouds and… and the sun? What if I added more birds? I’m asking about your day,” Ivan shook his head and took the marker from Alfred’s hand. He managed to find some empty space on the board and attempted to draw. “нет, very bad,”

“Hey! You’re one to talk! D-draw something,” Alfred stumbled over his Russian, but Ivan didn’t seem to mind. Ivan took the board and carefully ran the marker over it. When he handed it back to Alfred, he smirked. He had drawn various animals someone would keep as a pet, a dog, a cat, a bird, a snake, etc, all around a question mark. Alfred pursed his lips and glared down at the cute and well done drawings. “I guess the Commies just a good artist then,” Alfred grumbled. “Are you asking me if I have a pet?”

Ivan said nothing.

Alfred circled the cat. It was the only pet his apartment complex would let him keep. Ivan nodded and circled the snake. “Figures,” Alfred said with a shrug.

Alfred took the marker back and tried to draw again. It didn’t end well. Alfred’s drawing looked so much like nothing that Ivan burst out laughing. “What?!” Alfred exclaimed and examined his masterpiece. It looked like any old family of stick figures. Underneath, he had even written ‘Family?’ in Russian to make it earlier. Maybe the mother didn’t have enough hair.

“That is so bad,” Ivan squealed between gasps for air, “You cannot draw!”

“I can to!” Alfred said and hugged the board protectively to his chest as if it was his fragile ego in need of protection. “I’m the best artist in my family!” This only Ivan into another fit of laughter and Alfred’s ego quivered somewhere inside his chest. “Stop laughing, I… Wait a minute!” Alfred shouted as he came to a monumental realization. The rest of the bus was watching them now, but Alfred couldn’t care less. Ivan had just spoken in fluent English. “You can speak English!?”

“нет,” Ivan said quickly, smile quivering with laughter and eyes watering from tears. “I don’t,” He snorted.

“You do! You do! You lied to me!”

“I didn’t. You assumed,” Ivan chuckled.

“I…” Alfred paused. He had no argument. He pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. “Whatever,” Alfred’s ego was fatally wounded. “Still your fault cuz you didn’t correct me,” Alfred muttered, but smiled and chuckled along with Ivan in the end.

“Ты мне нравишься, подсолнечник,” Ivan said when their laugher tapered off.

Alfred frowned, “What does that mean?”

“Я люблю тебя,” Ivan replied with a smile.

“You know I’m not fluent, right?” Alfred asked.

“да. Oh, this is my stop,” Ivan stood and began walking toward the front of the bus.

“Wait! Come back,” Alfred only made it to the front of the bus when Ivan had already stepped out into the snow and disappeared into the crowd. The driver asked Alfred something he didn’t quite understand, but he shook his head and sat down near the front. He’d see Ivan tomorrow anyway. Now, where was his Russian to English dictionary?


(I hope this is okay. It took a bit for me to figure out what exactly i wanted to write. Ivan says what I hope is “I like you, sunflower” then “I love you”. I used to Google Translate, so it could be wrong. This is my first time posting any of my own stuff online. So i hope ya’ll like it.)

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How would the vi goal ring holders and Varia react to they're S/O saying something embarrassing in public??

Sorry if this is too vague! I didn’t know what kind of embarrassing thing their S/O would say, so it’s not as specific…

TSUNA: Tsuna let out a small squeak and quickly looked from side to side to see if anyone else had heard. Letting out a sigh of relief, he physically relaxed and let out a sharp laugh. “It’s a good thing no one heard, right _____-chan?”

GOKUDERA: Gokudera immediately pounced on his S/O and covered their mouth with his hand. “Oi! Shut up! You’re being embarrassing!!”

YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto would let out a carefree laugh and ruffle his S/O’s hair as they blushed. “Shake it off, yeah?” He smiled down at his S/O before kissing the top of their head. “You’re so adorable, ya know?”

RYOHEI: Ryohei would blush a bright red as his S/O blushed and looked away. He gently rubbed their back while quietly trying to explain that it wasn’t embarrassing in the slightest. “I-it’s alright. No one heard…I think…”

HIBARI: His S/O would have to dodge a flying tonfa as Hibari swung, a very pale pink blush spreading across his face. “Don’t embarrass me in public,” he muttered, putting his tonfa away and grabbing their hand, squeezing tightly.

MUKURO: Mukuro let out his creepy laugh. “Kufufu,” he chuckled, enjoying the blush that tinted his S/O’s cheeks. “Well, don’t you look just adorable?”

CHROME: Chrome would blush as well, all while trying to comfort her embarrassed S/O. “It’s okay, _____-san. No one heard. Except for me. B-but that’s not a bad thing!”

XANXUS: Xanxus would let out a little growl before turning his head away from his S/O. “Watch what you’re saying. That was embarrassing.”

SQUALO: Squalo’s cheeks turned a slight pinkish color. “VOI! Don’t say that kinda shit in public!” he practically shouted. He flushed an even darker shade of pink as more people turned to stare.

BELPHEGOR: His signature laugh bubbled at his lips as his S/O turned a bright shade of red. “Better stop and think before you speak little prince/princess. Wouldn’t want to say anything embarrassing now, would we?”

LUSSURIA: The man simply giggled before lightly shoving his S/O’s shoulder. “I cannot believe you just said that, dear!” he squealed as they blushed profusely.

LEVI: The stoic man turned a light pink. Awkwardly patting their head, he tried to comfort them. “Um, it’s okay, I think. Everyone slips up sometimes?”

FRAN: Fran would look at them, no emotion in his eyes. “Haha,” he’d laugh monotonically. “That was funny, ____-san. You should say stuff like that more often.” Nevertheless he’d pat their shoulder somewhat robotically until his partner batted his hand away.

Temptation, Part 2

Part One can be found here

You can find part 1 here.

Part 2 of 3

TypeI want to say this is a one shot?

PairingLuke Hemmings / [Y/N] 


Warning: There is a spanking scene so if you don’t like that then don’t read it.

A/N: There are a lot of random characters that I modeled after some friends of mine so just pretend they’re your friends too. And I accidentally made the intro kind of long so I’m sorry for that. Also, Luke is sorta punk in this not necessarily in appearance but just in attitude.

Word Count1,560

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EXCUSE ME WHILE I TAKE A SECOND TO TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZING SINQUA WALLS WAS THIS WEEKEND AT EYECON. He sincerely was absolutely awesome! I asked him Boyd questions and he was pumped to answer. The top photo is of my autograph (which he retweeted). I said to him, “You know, if you just want to write my name on your arm like a tattoo I won’t complain,” and he laughed and wrote, “here’s your ticket to the gun show.” So at the photo op I told him “I bought my ticket to the gun show” which resulted in the bottom picture which I literally cannot stop squealing over because Sinqua. Walls. Is. Fucking. Giggling. Talk about perfection!