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Actual Request: “Can you do, where the reader is the youngest Mikaelson and she’s seems so nice and sweet (and she is) (basically likes pink and dresses) but people are more afraid of her than Klaus?”

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“Yes, yes, yes…” you tell your victim. He’s a ripper in New Orleans and wants to taste your blood stash - tourists. “Of course I can understand your thirst for blood. But the thing I cannot understand and tolerate is… your thirst for what is mine.”

The Ripper tries to make a sound but since you compelled him not to do so, he just looks like drowning in his blood.

“What was that, again? The dress? Yeah, I know. It’s Chanel. I really like this candy-pink, if you ask me. Anyways, let’s get in this horrific business, shall we? Elijah and Klaus will be mad if I can’t make it to the dinner. Not that they’re gonna dagger me or anything but… Red doesn’t look pretty on my dress.”

You rip your victim’s heart out and leave him in the basement.

The dinner at your house is wonderful as always. But tonight’s guests aren’t that bright. Lucien and Aurora.

“Freya, can you please remind me why don’t we kill that bitch for what she’s done to Cami, again?”

Freya smiles and gives you a glass of wine.

“Because Klaus wants to skin her.”

“Oh, right. But tell me, my dearest Aurora, how is your brother? Is he enjoying the bottom of the ocean?”

Aurora tries to throw a knife on you but you catch it immediately.

“No.” you say calmly. “Do it again and I won’t wait for Klaus. You remember me, Aurora, right? You can remember how much I love to make a scene, right? I’m not Klaus, I’m not gonna make you nervous by keep you waiting and I’m not Elijah who can kill you in a blink of an eye. No, sweetheart, us girls we spend time together in my chambers and you’ll suffer for what you’ve done. Come on, please, throw this fork on me.”

Aurora stays silent and Lucien chuckles.

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HI Y’ALL, I am still alive. All those times before when I was like “oh I’m so busy I cannot update this tumblr ~woe is me~” were just malingering! But in the meanwhile, here is my intelligent review of the latest Fast and Furious, a franchise that is near and dear to my heart as it should be to everyone’s hearts. I’ve also had to move laptops in the meanwhile and have lost all programs and presets – drawing anything feels incredibly OFF, which isn’t making this whole “let’s update a tumblr” thing any easier! – but anyway, enough from me, let’s focus on this delightful excuse for a spinoff setup.


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Are you bored again? You do too much of this thingys xD you'll only drown in asks again, ya know? *giggles and huggles you* ANYWAY... F, X and Y for Shuu? <3 one sentence for each is enough tho~ -w- luv chu <3


Mun: I know xD But when I see a nice post like this, I cannot help but reblog it
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Family (anything involving family, or if they seem like the type not to be that close to their family, their friends) 

He’d rather not have a large family– one kid will do. Less bothersome that way. However, he is not against having another; he does make a pretty decent father.

X (something that’s normally seen as fluffy that they don’t really like) 

Eskimos kisses are the type of affection he does not prefer, at least not as the one who’d initiate it. He does not deem it awful if his lover does it to him, though. He prefers to nuzzle their neck instead, for instance.

Your choice!! 

Whenever he’s forced to a situation that involves fire, he seeks the closeness of his lover. The more developed their relationship is, the less ashamed he’ll be of expressing his anxiety and ask for a supporting embrace.

dating j-hope.

t/n: just a list of things we see happening in a relationship with hoseok.

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  • screaming hoseok 24/7
  • he screams when he sees a snake he screams when he touches pond water and that one time he screamed when he saw how you looked when you woke up in the morning
  • just kidding he thinks you’re beautiful all the time
  • he’s so thoughtful and gentlemanly that he’s always letting you decide things
  • he’s afraid he’s doing something wrong sometimes so he’s careful with what he does around you and is always looking for signs of approval before he proceeds to do something
  • the pain you get in your heart when you see hoseok struggling
  • yet he still tries to be the happy sunshine he is in front of you because he doesn’t want you to worry
  • so you play along and bring him on fun dates to de-stress and get his mind off stuff
  • “hoseok did i ever tell you that i love you?”
  • he blushes and breaks into a gigantic smile you never even knew his lips could stretch that wide
  • he’s always hugging you and it’s not just simply hugging you he sways from side to side it makes you feel so secure and warm
  • he’s great at deciding stuff and taking the lead as a boyfriend but sometimes he gets indecisive
  • “should we have sushi? or pizza?”
  • “do you think the blue fits me better or the black?”
  • “should i get the latest be@rbrick or the one i’ve been eyeing for the longest time?”
  • but you’re patient and you love when he asks for your opinion because it makes you feel like a legit part of his life
  • most of your dates are in the practice room
  • he shows you the new techniques he learned and you just wonder 25/8 how the heck does a body move like that
  • you’re interested in dancing too but you’re shy to dance in front of a pro like hoseok
  • but he’s so soft and encouraging he teaches you how to do an entire routine and doesn’t forget to shower you with praises along the way to make you feel more at ease
  • thanks to him you’ve gotten more confident at dancing
  • he’s pretty private about his own matters but he always comes to you when he faces problems
  • worried hoseok is probably one of the cutest things in the world
  • he’s always worrying over the most trivial of things
  • “yoongi hyung looked a little down today, do you think something’s wrong?”
  • and because of this you’ve started to worry over the littlest of things too
  • he’s just so precious he makes you so happy and you’re always smiling around him
  • he’s always clinging onto you like you’re just sitting there and suddenly you feel someone wrapping their arms around you and snuggling into the crook of your neck
  • but you don’t mind one bit because you love how he’s always giving you physical affection
  • when you try to go to sleep at night hoseok gets all whiny
  • he constantly wants you to run your fingers through his hair it’s like he’s got some fetish or something
  • but you do it anyway because the look of comfort that goes on his face at your action just makes your heArt melt
  • he’s always taking photos of you whether it’s candid shots or posing for a selfie together
  • he tells you you’re so pretty every time
  • “what’s your secret to such a beautiful face?”
  • you’re both so cringe that the other members cannot stand the both of you
  • it’s all about the cheese
  • whenever you guys argue your heart goes soft seeing hoseok obviously hurt and vexed over the argument
  • you go over and backhug him
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean anything i said just now”
  • he’s so fragile sometimes he even cries when things get real
  • but you’re just as fragile so you end up crying together and things get solved and bonds are pulled closer
  • “i just love you so much y/n”
  • “i love you a lot too hoseok”
  • but tbh when hoseok gets pissed it’s really an entirely new level
  • even the members don’t dare to approach him because he has this intimidating aura and he’s just so scary when he’s actually really really really angry
  • he’s pretty kinky tbh but you love it
  • forcing you to dance for him
  • girl group dances together
  • he’d probably be better at it then you tbh
  • “y/n! it’s like this, not like that!”
  • “uh… like this?”
  • “oh mY GOSH”
  • he’s so random sometimes that you once got a knock on the door at 3 am in the morning and it was him with chicken and beer
  • he buys you gifts whenever he’s out and sees something that reminds him of you
  • you wonder all the time how you are so lucky to ever have landed such a perfect man

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What do you think would be the first slightly sexual thing that Nico and Will do? Could you write it? (Ps I think it would be really cute if they were super embarrassed afterwards) x


(I don’t have time tonight to fully write this out but ooooh boy have I got some headcanons for you.)

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