i cannot into physics

[01/100]  Nice to meet you all, I am currently attending 11th grade & study Physics, Classical Studies (Ancient Greek and Roman studies), Geography, Japanese, English literature, Mathematics, and Irish. (All A levels or as we call them here Higher level subjects)

My most enjoyable subject is Physics - starting to love math too and I cannot wait to study Philosophy ( currently reading Plato). 

My hobbies include; Reading, drawing, and obsessing over stationary.

I have been watching the study blog community from afar for two years now, and finally decided to join in after joining a study group chat! -New year new me right? 

I will be starting the 100 day challenge to kick off my study blog! 

Thank you for your time :) 

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Oh my god, idk if it qualifies as spam, I'm sorry I need to say things lmao. Alright, so if you ever really want to write a computer science/programming fic, the friend from the dab incident? Yeah, she's hella good at that - if you're into that stuff, I commend you, me and programming is like CF!Victor and Physics without Yuuri... also, fics for other sciences (cough, cough chem), would be wonderful I love the puns and the metas so much? And can someone appreciate Yuuri's curves? - Dab Anon (DA)

AYYY me and your friend can co-write a comp sci au lmao. LOLOLOLOL for me history is like CF!Victor with physics I literally cannot handle history, unless it’s certain topics. And economics ugh.

A chemistry AU would be incredible!!!! And a geometry AU lololol “Yuuri listen I’m going to need to find the function of your curves real fast come closer”

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four similarities between mun and muse:

● The astoundingly high tolerance for alcohol  -  though,  Leggy still beats me,  what an asshole.
●  We’re both pretty emotionally immature,  though in different ways,  admittedly,  and for different reasons.
●  If I could climb trees for a living then I would.  Just for fun,  for a gander.  He feels this.  We’d bro down.
●  Neither of us can play a musical instrument.  No,  Leggy cannot,  he will not.  You can’t make him.

four differences between mun and muse:

● I feel little,  he feels…  well,  look at him,  what a wreck.  Damn shame.
● I cannot defy physics and curse the deities every day for this disgrace.
● I hate the ocean,  it is hell,  it is literally hell in salty form on Earth and it is slowly eating away at what’s left of the land,  like????  That’s concerning.  Legolas thinks the ocean is ethereal in its beauty.
● He’s a lot more eloquent than I am,  i’m a straight up yob.  Even his broken Westron is better than my English,  I am a chav,  he’d cry if he heard me.

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raspberry, kiwi :)

kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?

• ironically stars ? and astronomy ? but i cannot remember anything in physics to save my life ,
• c h e mistry ! it’s such an amazing subject and bonus ~ our teacher is the sweetest little angel ☁️ (and he went to cambridge ! nice)
• plantspla ntS pl
• bees !! they terrify me so much but ? i love them :(
• poetry , and the art of writing ! i find it so incredible and beautiful that words can fit together and sound or feel like drinking in sunlight and petting a dog
• just science in general then i guess ?
• art ! and the fact that anime isn’t ? wtf it’s a style @ literally every art teacher
• eyes ,, they are so complex and beautiful and can express emotions words can’t