i cannot into physics

I can’t think of anything lately but a rebellious Hermione.

She’d deem the school system non-fitting for actual education, realizing that at the tender age of fifteen and would argue with her Physics teacher that what she wants them to learn is utterly useless.

She’d ditch the subjects she thinks are unworthy of her time. She’d get worse grades just because she argued with a teacher. Not because there was a mistake in her essay - sure, there was a coma in the wrong place, but that would hardly be a cause of a weak ‘acceptable’. (she rolls her eyes)

Every single staff member would hate her, were she in a Muggle school. Her classmates would wonder if she’d gone insane after this much of fuss - because of her resistance.

Muggle Hermione Granger would just force the educational system on its goddamned knees by the time she hit eighteen. (fight me over it! [YOU CAN’T])

Hey, guys! Time management is something I generally struggle with, but I have come up with a few tips to help me with managing my time properly, and I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. GET A PLANNER!! Personally, I prefer a day to day planner as then I can specifically log in what I’m going to be doing, at what point during the day, and it clearly visible to me. Having a planner has really helped me to keep track of what I’m doing each day, and I can quickly refer back to it if I’m not sure when I have a club/appointment/etc.
  2. Learn how to prioritize. It’s coming up to exam season for me which means loads of studying and revision. What I do is I go through each of my subjects and see which ones I need to spend more time on. For example, I struggle more with Science and Maths than I do English and History, therefore I should spend more time revising those than the ones I am already capable in. Also, once I’ve worked out which subjects I should spend the most time on, I break it down further. Are there specific aspects of that subject that I really cannot do? Do I struggle more in Biology than Physics? Am I better at algebra than geometry? From there, I allocate a reasonable amount of time to each subject which will help me maximize the availability of my time.
  3. Use weekdays to study and weekends to have fun. If you’re like me and you enjoy a good party, or you like going out with friends, then I recommend using your weekdays to get all your work done, and then relaxing on the weekends (unless you have a major project e.g. art coursework, because trust me you will need the weekends to get that shit done). By working after school, your brain is automatically in work mode and you can quickly fall back into that routine of sitting down and getting everything done. This is the same for homework. DO YOUR HOMEWORK THE DAY IT IS SET! Honestly, you will thank me later when you’re not up at 11pm on a Sunday night trying to finish that essay you’ve had 2 weeks to do.
  4. Don’t waste ‘dead time’. For me, ‘dead time’ is when I’m eating, or getting ready in the morning, or on the bus/train. Use this time to squeeze in any small revision tasks. I have a German writing assessment coming up soon so this time will be spent going over my paragraphs and making sure that I know them all and can perform at my best. You could use this time to go over flashcards or learn key equations (if you’re like me and you’re a 9-1 baby then you know how annoying it is to have to learn all the equations and how difficult it can get).
  5. And finally, take advantage of after school clubs!! My school hosts a revision session in the library every Monday - Thursday, with sixth-formers so that they can tutor us and we can get in some extra revision time. There is also Art Catchup every Wednesday after school and every lunch time. And there are maths, English and science clubs that are always happening. Take advantage of these opportunities because they really do help!

I hope all of this was helpful to everyone! Feel free to add some of your own tips as well!


2 MORE EXAMS LEFT (I take triple science edexcel exam board) revising C3 chemistry which is on Wednesday. Friday is my Physics P3 exam which i cannot wait to get it over with!!! I finished my B3 Biology exam today! Which was quite difficult, I didn’t really like the last 6 marker🙃 Today’s weather is amazinggggg🌞🌞 30 degrees for Britain is the death factor but using it as an excuse to revise outside😛

ROYC Day 3: Power of Magick

Magick is hard to measure. Obviously, it’s not going to be strong enough to shoot lightning out of your wand, or to transfigure objects, or anything else movie witches do. I think that goes without saying. 

It cannot break the laws of physics. And while magick may alleviate some pain, it certainly will not cure any serious diseases alone.

Assuming that the laws of physics aren’t attempting to be broken, I’d say magick can be as strong as your will. It’s all about how much energy you put out into it.

Melkor and entropy

((what? am I posting weird shit again? Why yes I am!!  And I swear I´m as surprised as you, truly! oAo ))

Today during physics class we re-learned the concept of entropy (something I learned when I was fifteen, but that we are learning again because it is super important in medicine for some reason o___o )

So, I while being reminded of the concept of entropy, almost immediately after I thought about crackinthecup ´s post about Melkor chaos a destruction and also melkorslegacy ((yes you again xD)) which I loved to tiny pieces (and yes, again I´m not tagging so won´t be forced to read. But maybe you tow would prefer I tagged you as in officialy tagging, dunno x´D??) This is somewhat (I believe ) related to them.

Lets briefly define the concept of entropy first:

Entropy = A measure of the number of specific ways in which a thermodinamic system may be arranged, commonly understood as a measure of disorder

Now, before  we start the relation of Melkor with entropy (no, this is NOT going to get too scientist or technical, be at ease -_-), let explain the relation of entropy and our universe a little bit.

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thin ppl rly do not understand the concept of sizing istg 

i could hold a skirt that’s literally half my waist in front of me and someone could be like “try it on!”

like arent you seeing this?

“don’t say that! I’m sure you can fit in ;n;”

like, its not self hate. i could not care less. it’s physics i literally cannot squeeze a single leg in this.

How to Survive a Sick Week| A Study Break Post

It happens to us all. We’re healthy and fine, with only a slightly sore throat and a blocked nose. Next thing you know, you’re exhausted, your body aches and you can’t move without coughing. A occasional cold or flu is natural when you’re surrounded by a couple of thousand strangers every day, and it can be quite difficult to keep up your good work ethic or even make it to class when you’re drowsy from cough syrup. So, here’s my guide to surviving a sick week at university. [Disclaimer: this guide is meant for surviving a short, generally harmless illness like a cold or flu. For serious or chronic medical problems, speak to professionals].

1) Get to a doctor ASAP. Most of the time, your cold or flu won’t be too serious and you’ll get better on your own pretty soon, but you do need a doctor’s note or medical certificate. As soon as you have your medical certificate, get it scanned and onto your computer, because you’re going to need it for the next step.

2) Email your lecturers and tutors. If you’re missing anything compulsory, like a tutorial or a practical, have a test while you’re sick, or have anything due, the people in charge need to see a medical certificate. Ask for extensions on assignments and to be excused from your tutorials and practicals. If you can, move whatever deadlines you have to the following Monday or Friday. You can catch up when you’re healthy again.

3) Decide what you absolutely can’t miss and only attend those sessions. For me, this is physics lectures. It’s easy for me to catch up Astrophysics, or Maths, but not physics. It’s the one course that I cannot afford to fall behind on at all. This will at least keep you from falling too far behind, but also allow you to get enough rest and recovery time.

4) Stay in bed and get lots of sleep. Your body needs sleep to heal and you will feel tired enough to sleep for a few hours during the day and another 12 at night.

5) Do what you can from your laptop. Many of my lectures are recorded and uploaded to my university’s online learning website, so I can download ones that I missed and watch them while in bed. While I can’t exactly sit and puzzle through a physics weekly problem set, I can take the data from my astrophysics practical and start processing it on my laptop. Doing this reduces your workload without it becoming too strenuous.

6) Don’t think too much about the work you’re missing while you’re recovering. Do what you can, but relax. Stressing yourself out will double the amount of time it will take you to recover. Make getting better your focus.

As soon as you’re healthier:

A) Make a list of all your upcoming assignments and tests. This will give you a good idea of how much work you have to do and how long you have to do it. Start with whatever is overdue and running on extension.

B) Get notes from your friends, but don’t just blindly photocopy them and think that’s okay. Rewrite your friends’ notes in your own words and make sure you’re processing the work you missed. If there’s something unclear in your friends’ notes, cross-check it with the lecture slides or your textbook.

C) Keep up with the class. Don’t fall behind, skip lectures or assignments because you’re still catching up. You want to be in class if they’re starting a new section. Work hard and fast to fill in the gaps you missed.


Flash Forward to 3B - Charlie Vs the Nogitsune

Hey guys, so I had a scene that wouldn’t leave me alone.  I was writing season 2 and something popped into my head and I couldn’t do anything else until I wrote it down.  Anyways, I like this scene and I can’t stand the idea of it sitting in word document for God knows how long until I make it to 3B, so I figured I would post it here and now.

So this scene is from the end of ‘The Fox and the Wolf’ when the nogitsune is in Derek’s loft.  Charlie is the first one who enters, and she’s carrying her dad’s revolver.  Let the chaos ensue.


“So boring,” the nogitsune sighed out, the voice tinged with disappointment.  “What, so you’re going to shoot me now?  You really thing that will help get your boyfriend back?

Charlie sighed heavily and swung the revolver, unlatching the cylinder and dumping the shells out of their chambers into her hand.  "No,” she whispered quietly, placing five of the six shells into her pocket.  “I’m not going to shoot you."  She took the remaining shell and lifted it up, almost admiring the way the light glinted against the cold, smooth metal.  Then she allowed her eyes to drift past it, focusing instead on the monster wearing Stiles’s face.  And she smiled.  "We’re going to do exactly what you want to do.”

A low, menacing chuckle bounced off of the brick walls and echoed through the room, making Charlie feel as if she was surrounded.  “You think you know what I want,” the voice sneered at her.  “That’s cute.”

“You want to play a game,” Charlie answered simply.  “I found one for you.”

The nogistune’s eyebrows shot up and a smirk pulled at the corner of his lips.  He clasped his hands behind his back and took a single, steady step towards her, the floorboards groaning under his weight as he moved.  “Really?” he said, a curious lilt in his voice.  “And what game is that?”

“The oldest one there is,” Charlie said with a shrug.  “We’re going to play death.”

With that she made a move to slip the last remaining shell in the revolver and and swung it shut.  They could hear the sound of the chambers rotating ominously until they slid into place.  Then Charlie lifted the gun, pointing it not at the nogitsune, but raising it to her own temple instead.

“Oh,” the nogitsune said, sounding oddly happy about how the situation was unfolding.  “You are a surprising one aren’t you?”

Charlie glared back at him with as much venom as she possessed.  “I try.”

“And what makes you think this is what I want?” he sneered, taking one more step in her direction.

“Because it’s the definition of chaos,” she shot back.  “Sheer, senseless destruction, right?"  Her eyes darted to the right, looking at the gun in her hand.  "Or does it not count when you’re not the one who made it happen.”

An unearthly laugh came out of the figure standing in front of her–a laugh that didn’t belong to that body.  “What makes you think I didn’t make this happen?  Maybe I am the one who brought you here.”

Charlie’s hand began to shake with doubt.  The movement was almost imperceptible, but the son of a bitch standing across from her was perceptive.  That knowing smirk widened even further.  He thought he had gotten to her, but he hadn’t.  She wouldn’t let him.  She forced her hand to stop shaking.  “You say Stiles is gone,” she declared, her voice as steady as her hand now was.

“Yes,” the nogitsune answered casually.  “I do.”

“I don’t believe you.”

He let out a snort and stared at her like she was an idiot.  “I don’t care whether or not you believe me.”

“You will soon,” Charlie spat.

“Will I?”

“Yes, you will,” she repeated through gritted teeth.  “Because each time I pull this trigger, he’s going to fight a little harder to come back again.”

His face contorted into something that came pretty close to disgust.  “Ugh.  No matter what year I come back to, it’s always the same, isn’t it.  Children convincing themselves that their love is enough to save each other.  I hate to destroy your illusions, little girl–"  He paused for a moment, cocking his head to the side in consideration.  "You know what?  No.  I don’t mind ripping your juvenile sensibilities to shreds. When it comes to life and death your feelings amount to absolutely nothing." 

He let out a sigh and meandered over to the one table in Derek’s bare apartment.  He reached out a single finger and slowly pushed the glass sitting on it to the table’s edge until half was on the surface and the other had nothing to support it but air.  The glass teetered there for a few moments until it tipped over the edge.  Charlie watched the glass fall almost as if it was in slow motion.  Her heart actually jumped when it crashed to the ground, sending shards of glass skittering across the floor.

"That’s all life is,” the nogitsune said, gesturing at the glass.  “Things break, and as hard as you try you can never but them back together.  It’s entropy.  It’s physics.  It cannot be avoided.  Now I–” he gestured to himself “–I see that for the beautiful thing that it is.  I help it.  I see something that you and others like you are too limited to see."  Somehow that smile on his face became even more sinister as he spoke.  "This isn’t one of the things that you can put back together with glue and Scotch tape.  Stiles is gone.  And now you get to become one of those beautiful broken things.”

Charlie began to feel the tears forming at the corners of her eyes, but she stood fast.  “First shot,” she said, her voice low and harsh.  “That puts it at about a 17% chance I’ll get my brains blown out..”

She didn’t flinch when she pulled the trigger and that loud click echoed in her ear.  But then again neither did the nogitsune.

“Second shot,” she announced.  “33% chance.”


“50% chance.”


“67% chance.”


At that point Charlie began to shake.  She only had two chances left.  It should have worked by now.  Stiles should have shown himself.  Unless maybe he really was gone.  Maybe she was about to become that glass, broken and shattered on the floor. 

“Getting a little worried, are we?” the harsh voice rang in her ears.  “Please, do continue.  It was just getting to the good part.”

Charlie’s eyes narrowed and she glared at the figure, trying her best to see through the water that was now clouding her vision.  The images were swimming, so she had to look close.  And that’s when she noticed that there was something missing in that hostile face staring back at her.  Mirth.  The smirk was gone.

“Fifth shot,” she spat, jutting out her chin defensively.  “83% chance.”

She pulled the trigger, and just as that hollow click echoed in the loft there was another sound.  A chilling, desperate cry.


Charlie froze as soon as she heard it.  It was the same voice, but it had belonged to a different person entirely.  That scream had belonged to Stiles.  Charlie blinked the tears away long enough to see those scared, horrified eyes–the eyes she actually recognized–before they were buried back beneath those years of anger and cruelty.  Charlie let the gun drop from her temple, letting it hang uselessly in her hand.  Exhaling sharply, she wiped the tears out of her eyes and stared evenly at the nogitsune.  “You were saying?” she asked with as much levity as she could muster.

Yet another snort forced its way out of the nogitsune’s nose and he looked her up and down with a sort of calculation.  “I wonder what it would be like to be in your head,” he mused to himself.

“No thank you,” she spat.  “I’ve had more than enough people in my head recently.”

“You would have been much more accommodating,” he said, circling around her.  “There’s a recklessness to you that you that I can definitely appreciate, given my tendencies.  I doubt I would have even had to try very hard.”

“I’m not reckless,” Charlie replied bluntly.

“Really?” the nogitsune asked, raising his eyebrows at her.  “You just shot at yourself multiple times.  That doesn’t seem a little reckless to you?”

Then it was Charlie’s turn to snort.  She lifted the gun and swung it open to reveal six empty barrels.  She shook her left arm, allowing the one remaining shell tucked up there to clatter to the ground.  “For a centuries-old being, you fell for the 'slight of hand’ pretty easily.”

The nogitsune chuckled.  “What can I say.  I’m accustomed to young love being as idiotic as it is annoying, boring, and predictable.  But you still came to meet me alone.  That’s fairly reckless, wouldn’t you say?”

“Who said I came alone?”


I’m also taking commissions for figurines! Is there a character with NO OFFICIAL FIGMA? I can probably make it*! However, since they are time consuming to make and there are many variables from figurine to figurine, I can only estimate a price after I know exactly what you’ll be requesting.

*I am in no way a professional so my skill is limited. There may be some that I cannot make due to, well, laws of physics. Small mascot keychain figs (like the Jack Frost and Pyro Jacks in the photo) start at $30.

Email me at kaybai.zero@gmail.com for inquiries!

anonymous asked:

I'm a second semester freshman and last semester I did OK I finished with a 3.45 and I had 14 credit hours. This semester I decided to take the max 18 credit hours and it's destroying me. I feel so discouraged that I won't be able to make it into medical school. My real question is, how did you deal with awful grades? I just want my GPA to be perfect :(

Get over that.

Right now.

Get over having a perfect GPA.

There are so many reasons that this idea of the perfect 4.0 is ridiculous and damaging.

Here are a few:

1) GPA DOES NOT REFLECT LEARNING. Just because you got an A+ in the class does not mean you learned the material. Just because you got a C does not mean you didn’t learn. For example: I got an A+ in a programming class I had to take in college. If you asked me to program something at this moment, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I did enough work to get through the class but I didn’t learn. Seriously. I learned nothing. I retained nothing. I learned a hell of a lot more about things where I had to struggle or things where I had to bust my ass. And sometimes the numbers on the tests didn’t quite reflect what I had learned… But i learned and that was way more important than a damn number.

2) There will be some class you cannot get an A in. Sorry. Get over it now. There will be something you are not good at. It’s okay. We’re all not good at something. Physics makes no sense to me. None. Zero. I did not get As in physics. That’s cool. I hate physics. It hates me.
You cannot get all As all the time once you get into higher education. There are things that you will not be the best at. You work hard. You learn. You do your best. And sometimes your best is a B or a C. That is okay.

This brings me to number 3.

3) If you want to do anything successful in your life it’s time to learn how to fail. It’s time to learn how to not be perfect at everything the first time you try.
The truth is that if you pick a challenging career there will be way more things that you suck at the first one or two or twenty-seven times you try it than there will be things you’re good at.
If you don’t learn how to be proud of your best attempt and then learn how to try harder next time you won’t succeed in life.
You try, you fail, you try again, you fail again but the next time you fail better. And then you fail and fail and fail and one day you succeed–that’s learning, that’s success.
(And that’s a secret successful people never seem to tell you–is that they fell down a hell of a lot of times on the way to where they are now.)

That sounds harsh doesn’t it?? But it’s true.

You learn so much more from trying and failing than you do from doing something perfectly.

If you’re working hard and doing your best that’s what you should be focused on. If you did your best and your best was a C…well be damn proud of that C!!!!

If you didn’t do your best, then that’s something to work on. But the goal is to improve yourself and your knowledge, not the numbers.

fringe 2.16 peter

Carla Warren: “I am become death, Destroyer of Worlds.”

Walter: Don’t you quote Oppenheimer to me.

Carla Warren: Knowledge cannot be pursued without morality.

Walter: You sound like a pious sanctimonious Southern Preacher!

Carla Warren: I may go to church every Sunday, Walter, but I also have three degrees in theoretical physics, and I am telling you you cannot do this. We both know the amount of energy required to create a portal will forever ruin both universes. For the sake of one life, you will destroy the world. Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things are God’s.

Walter: My son is dying, Doctor Warren. I will not allow that to happen again.