i cannot handle his face



I know JK, I know ;-) *his face tho*  *V’s sexy back*

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So I just watched the 1996 SAG awards where G's husband gets a "thanks for bearing with me," then D gets an "I love you," but HIS FACE I cannot handle when they pan to him. Puppy love forever ❤️

All the 90s ceremonies are priceless. Some were painful, but i’d give everything I have to have them redoing one of them today!

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Don't worry, we are seriously bizarre so you're very much like us. Well my bias is Wonho (obviously) and my bias wrecker is fucking Lim Changkyun and HE'S HELLA RUDE. His deep voice and he's the youngest. Like wtf bro?

Changkyun is legit the worst. I mean? His voice does things to me, and his face? I cannot even handle that. He is actually the manliest in monsta x but he can also be so soft like??? Did you hear his song with No Mercy, Giriboy and Mad Clown? If not, LISTEN!!1! “Wassup, wait a minute nuguegen no manner shit” ugh, kills me Every. Damn. Time.


Sebastian Stan’s long hair appreciation post


Day 23: Witches Brew

“That looks disgusting,” Castiel commented with a half judgmental, half horrified tone.

Dean rolled his eyes, flicking his best friend’s cheek, “Well, it is called a witches brew, it’s not going to look that beautiful is it?”

“Hmm,” Cas continued to stare at the drink, squinting at it suspiciously.

“Cas,” Dean turned his voice soft, “You don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to. But it’s not that strong,” he reassured him with a grin, “it only sends me tipsy so you should be fine Cas.”

Thinking about it for a while, Cas wrapped his hands around the glass, eyebrows pinched together. Dean tried to stay patient, knowing that Cas could be particular when it came to these kind of things. He rarely liked going out to big things like this and Dean had never saw the guy drink before, so it was no surprise that Cas was considering his options properly.

“Okay,” Castiel decided with a smile.

Spreading his lips into a grin, Dean clinked their glasses together, “Okay.”

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