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I know it’s Sunday, but the update of The River’s Curse should be up tomorrow

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UPDATE: I will be postponing major work on this edit until I can upgrade my equipment, my computer is finally showing its age and cannot complete the work needed. If money allows, I might still get it done by mid-December. Thank you for your support, and I hope you all get to see it someday!

My first fan edit has been announced!

A fanmix of The Return of Godzilla and its Americanized recut, Godzilla 1985, known as Godzilla: Resurrection. While the original Japanese version of the film is still the definitive one, I’ve always held a soft spot in my heart for Raymond Burr’s scenes in 1985, and had always wondered what the final film would have been like had he been present in the Japanese cut.

This re-edit seeks to accomplish just that, while also streamlining the slower pacing of the original cut with suggestions from 1985 to combine the best of both worlds. The film will still be highly critical of both the United States and the Soviet Union, and will work to marginalize the more humorous aspects of the added Pentagon scenes. Finally, this cut will feature a brand new opening to the film, one that seeks to definitely tie the new Godzilla to the original beast in an eerie and unforgettable way.

A very special thanks to @redmenaceofficial for the use of his reconstruction of Godzilla 1985 in this fan edit.

Read more about it on themoviemaestroblog.wordpress.com and follow Temporal Productions on YouTube and Vimeo for upcoming videos!

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Hi Mama Kauffie!! I if it's no trouble can I request some Herc of Laf fluff where the reader is sick and they take care of them? (Been sick in bed all day🤒)

I’m such a bad mom, I meant to post this like a week ago! (How about both?) Side note: Lafayette had a lot of loss in his family, basically everyone he loved was dead by the time he was 14 and by that age he was already high ranking in the French army. Kinda like Alex, I imagine Laf isn’t a fan of sickness, it scares him; he just can handle to be around it and not be avoiding the person, more so taking care of them.

Everything hurt. You felt dizzy, nauseous and tired, but there was so much homework left to do, simply abandoning it was not an option for you. You shifted slowly in bed, coming to a sitting position, letting yourself adjust to the new stance. Head still spinning you slid off the side of the bed, letting your feet touch the floor; it was cold. A shiver shot up your spine, but you pressed on. You made it as far as the hallway, bracing yourself against the wall for a moment, trying to be as quiet as possible. Someone in the house had incredible hearing, especially for you. 

“Mon ange?” Laf peeked around the corner, sighing as he spotted you. 

“H-hey, baby,” you attempted to say sweetly, but it only sounded stuffy, “you look so pretty!”

“Hmm, bonjour,” Laf perked an eyebrow, indicating your antics weren’t working on him, “what did I say about getting out of bed?”

You suddenly frowned, while Laf set his hands on his hips.

“Okay,” you whined, “but can I at least have my homework? I have to get a lot done, I need to-”

“Non, you cannot work yourself to death,” Laf ushered you back into your cozy bed, “now try to get some rest, okay? Mon amour?”

You agreed reluctantly, silently thinking about your school bag in the other room, but opted to stay in bed, if not for you betterment then for Laf’s. You dozed off here and there, but sleep wasn’t your friend, coughs, sniffles and headaches seemed to be the best of friends to you at the moment…. It wasn’t too long before Hercules arrived home from work. Laf was busy in the kitchen making your favourite soup, homemade! 

“How’s my beau?” Hercules asked, watching Laf add dashes of spices to the soup as he came around the counter.

“She is in bed, sick as can be, she refuses to sleep and keeps trying to do her homework,” Laf said, a hint of hurt in his voice. 

“I was talking about you,” Herc placed a kiss on Laf’s cheek, “but that’s good to know too. How are you doing with this?”

“Fine.” Laf answered in short. 

“She’s gonna be okay, it’s just a cold,” Herc tried to assure Laf, who smiled at him and nodded.

Next stop was you. Hercules opened your door slowly, seeing if you were awake or not, of course you were well awake and pouting, until you saw Herc.

“Baby!” You perked up and smiled, extending your arms for a hug.

He gladly gave you what you wanted, sitting at the edge of your bed.

“How you feeling?” Herc asked. 

“Okay, I guess,” you shrugged, “Laf refuses to let me do anything, at all. I feel like such and invalid…”

“You know why he does this,” Herc rubbed the side of your cheek with his hand, a soft smile on his face, “he doesn’t want anything to happen to you and he’s seen a lot. You know that, princess. Just try to make him feel like you’re gonna be okay, he’s just worried, plus rest will help you get better too.”

You nodded in agreement, Huffing, but understanding what Herc was saying. Laf always acted so okay, so sure of things, he was the glue that held you all together, it was a rare sight to see him uncertain or even scared. He was always the one you went to crying or with problems, Herc was a great listener, and you had no problem going to him either, Laf was just… always there. 

“I hope you’re not wearing her out, mister,” Laf entered the dim lit room with a tray in his hands. 

The soup smelled wonderful, there were three plain crackers next to the bowl along with the spoon and a napkin. Laf set the tray down across your lap, warning you that the soup was still hot. He got you a bottle of water and another blanket, setting all of this down within your reach. After kissing you on the forehead he headed back for the door, intending to leave you with Hercules.

“Thanks, Laf,” you said in a soft voice, “hey, Laf?”

“Oui?” He stopped, turning to face you.

Walking back towards you, you opened your arms for him. He dipped down to hold you in his arms, somewhat reminding him of his harsh childhood. You clung onto him.

“I’m gonna be okay, I promise.”

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Could you a a scenario where mc accidentally touches Prince's private parts


“Mmn, MC, what are you trying to tell me..?” As soon as her hand reached below his abdomen, he smirked.

“I’m trying to tell you that this was an accident, and to forget this ever happened!”

He chuckled, his eyes sparkling like a little boy. He took the back of his hand and ran it across her warm cheek.

“This blush says otherwise.”

When she jutted out her bottom lip in frustration, he ruffled her hair, his expression filled with glee.

“I believe you, just be prepared to finish what you started.”

“Huh!? You! How can you say that with such an innocent face!?”

As she grumbled, he laughed even louder.


“Ah! I’m sorry!”


When she saw the scowl on his face, she flinched and shut her eyes tightly, waiting for the yelling that would sure leave her ears ringing for the rest of the day. But it never came.

“Hmph. Silly girl.”

She opened one eye, and saw a crimson curse spread across his cheeks.

“You’re not angry?”

“Are you saying you meant it?”

“No, not at all!” She waved her arms frantically, but stopped when he grinned.

“You were playing with me this whole time, weren’t you!?”

“You’re so easy to provoke,” He poked her reddened cheek.


“Good idea! Let’s skip all of this work and go back to my room!” He already had her arm in his grasp.

“Wait, I didn’t do it on purpose!”

“Aw, shucks,” He slumped back in his chair, looking crestfallen, his eyes shaking.

She knew that look.

The puppy dog eyes.

“I just wanted to spend time with my darling, all by our lonesome, but I guess some dreams cannot be made..”

“That’s right, now get your work done,” She ordered him, trying to cover up her embarrassment.

“Are you saying that you don’t want to spend time with me? At all?” He pouted.


“One walk in the hallway, and we are not going back to your room, okay?”



“H-Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”

“I didn’t intend to do that!”

“..Watch where your hands are going next time.”

“All right.”

However, when he shifted his gaze back to the book he was reading, he looked..


“Of course I’m not!”

Shit. She didn’t mean to say that out loud.

“Why do you look so sad, then?”

She was all of a sudden lifted up by strong arms.


“Fine, I’ll admit it. I was disappointed.”

And carried to the bedroom.

“Put me down, Prince Joshua!”


Once he had felt your hand, he blushed deeply. But that blush disappeared once he saw your own.

“Looking for something?” He smiled.

“No, I’m fine, thank you very much!”

“Taking advantage of someone younger than you isn’t very proper, you know.”

“Will you stop? I’m not even that much older than you.”

Her breath got stuck in her throat when his face closed in on hers.

“What are you doing?” She avoided his eyes.

“Proving your statement,” He chuckled boyishly.

“Oh, you!”


“Oh?” His lavender eyes moved across your hand and the position it was in, not quite expecting this event. She, on the other hand, wished she could die in a hole.

“I apologize..” She folded both of her hands in front of her chest, dragging her feet in front of her.

“No need, it was an accident, right?” Even at a time like this, he understood her perfectly, and his pearly teeth seemed to sparkle just like in the commercials. He truly was a prince.


“Shall we be going, then?” He offered his arm, which she took in response.

But, something bothered her..

“Is there something wrong, my dove?”

“You’re being so calm about all of this, I would have practically died in embarrassment..”

“We’ve already had our intimate engagements, have we not? Unless..”

He leaned down so that his nose brushed hers playfully.

“You wanted me to react differently?” He smiled.

She shook her head so fast it could fly off, and when she realized he was teasing her, she slouched and jutted her shoulders forward.

“I’m..going to die..”

His joyous laughter filled the room, and he surrounded her face with the warmth of his hands.

“I’ll be there to revive you thoroughly, then.”

[april study challenge] -10.04.17-
day 10: what are some of your general study tips? 

this is funny because i’m a writer for my university paper and i’m actually working on a piece about strategies for preparing for finals week!! anyway, these are some of my favorites: 

  1. use the pomodoro technique. alternating between bursts of work + relaxation are proven to be more useful then say, studying for four hours and then taking a break. what’s the idea work/break time? i use the 52 minutes of work, 17 minutes of break schedule. it works for me and hopefully it’ll work for you!!
  2. flashcards. i love flashcards. i switch from making them handmade out of notecards and creating quizlet sets. the only reason i don’t like paper flashcards is because it seems like every time it rains in my city, they get rUINED somehow. ugh. 
  3. turn your phone on airplane mode. this is something i just recently started doing. i basically put my phone on airplane mode so i don’t get any distracting notifications. (i have imessages on my mac for emergencies, so if my phone is on airplane mode but someone just *has* to get in touch with me, they can)
  4. study someplace you won’t get distracted. easier said than done. sometimes, i can be productive in my dorm; other times, my roommate asks me if i want to play soccer (yes, inside our dorm) and i actually cannot say no. if you really need to get work done/study, make sure you’re in an environment that’ll allow you to do so!!
  5. find the methods that work for you. not every method you hear of is going to work for you and that’s okay! everyone is different. it’s cliche but true. sometimes you just have to do a little experimenting to find out what works well with you. 
He's back!

Please give a big orange welcome to welcome back National Championship winning coach, Phil Fulmer! On December 1, 2017, AD John Curried was fired and who better else than Filmer to step in. Filmer was hired as the permanent Athletic Director. We can FINALLY get some work done! I cannot wait to see who he hires. I have full trust in him. LET’S WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

finished version of this post! can’t say i’m satisfied but it’s ok  ┐(︶▽︶)┌


“…I will call you Ruby, and you will be Bob, her knight in neon green armor,” Lila mutters contentedly as she picks up two of her dolls. “Ruby, you want to kiss Bob so you can get fat and pop out babies, but Bob, you are in love with Princess Periwinkle. She thinks you’re kinda cute too, but last week her stepmother, the evil queen Kit Kat, tricked her into marrying the Mushroom Man! Okay, now Bob, let’s go over here to visit Ru-”

“Lila Grace!” Theodore snaps without taking his eyes off the computer screen. “If you’re going to play up here, you must keep it down. I cannot possibly get my work done with all that racket!”

The child visibly deflates at his scolding. “Please don’t make me go to my room,” she whispers. “I promise I’ll be quiet.”

Theo grunts in acknowledgement and continues pounding away at his keyboard, seemingly oblivious to his daughter’s sudden despondency, but Lila Grace doesn’t feel much like playing anymore. Setting down her toys, she takes a deep breath and tries to hold in the knot of sadness building in her chest, but she can feel the warm tears spill down her cheeks anyway. She hates disappointing her dad.

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