i cannot get over that this is his favorite movie

My beloved daughter,
I’m sorry that when you cry at nights, I’m not the one who will sing lullabies and tell stories till you back to sleep
I’m sorry If you have nightmares, I’m not the one running to your bedroom to make sure you safe beside me
I’m sorry that I will never hear your first-footstep, all the laughter, innocent face, and watch over your back when you’re outside
I’m sorry that If daddy’s mad at you or being annoyed sometimes, but regardless he will always protect his princess
I’m sorry If you sad for getting jealous with all mothers in this world, I wish I could hug you at the moment
I’m sorry that I never be able to cook for your breakfast and dinner
I’m sorry that when you’re afraid of ghosts I can’t give you faith in God
I’m sorry that we cannot stay up late together watching our favorite movie cause I believe we have lots of things in common
I’m sorry I never kiss your forehead and say “good night”
I’m sorry that I never attend to your school graduations
I’m sorry when you getting accepted in college, I can’t share my happiness there
I’m sorry when someone breaks your heart, I’m not be able to give my best advice for you sweetheart
I’m sorry I can’t accompany you doing some assignments and 3AM wishes
I’m sorry that I never be able to teach you important things for your future
I’m sorry that you never know me like I want you to
I’m sorry that I’ve never know you deeply than anyone there
That If I had one chance a few minute I would have chosen to meet you once
I’m sorry when you struggling with life, we cannot hold each other’s hands and through it together
I’m sorry If you see daddy’s being melancholic
I’m sorry that you find life is difficult but let me say that easier things seem not to be fun either
I’m sorry when you meet your soul mate, a charming guy wearing tux and handed a bouquet of flowers,
I’m not there listening to your heart beating and all best vows
I’m sorry and I’m really am
My beloved daughter,
Even you never know me before
I promise you that I watch you from afar, you’re not alone