i cannot get over how cute they are ah

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GOM + Kagami+ Takao + Imayoshi+ Kasamatsu seeing their crush in bikini first time ohoho

oh shit, we all know what ‘ohoho’ means *evil smirk*

thank you for your ask, annonie! enjoy~

Kuroko: This shadow may still have his usual poker face on, but if you look really closely, there is light tint of pink on his cheeks. His crush looks really, really good in a bikini. ”_____-chan, you look freaking sexy cute.” 

Kagami: THIS SHY DORK WOULD BE A BLUSHING MESS. His face would be redder than his hair and he’d just stand there frozen like some tomato. He wouldn’t even be coherent. Should his crush approach him, he felt like he might faint on the spot. “_-___-_____-chan??!!?!?!?” *looks away desperately so as not to get a nosebleed*

Kise: He would be super excited. He’d stride over to his crush and fawn over her like some puppy. “Oh my god! ____-cchi is super cute-suu! Won’t you take a picture with me??" I can already see his eyes sparkling with his face just a tad bit pink as he stares at her.

Kasamatsu: He. Cannot. Handle. It. He’d be blushing more than that bakagami and he’d be sweating nervously. As his crush approach him to ask him how she looks…he passes out. "Kasamatsu-senpai! How do I look?” “Y-yo-you l-l-look g-great —-” *dies* “Ah! Kasamatsu-senpai! Are you alright??”

Midorima: This tsundere won’t admit it, but he secretly loves the bikini. Blushing red, of course, as he secretly steals many many many glances. “Midorima-san, how do I look?” “Y-you look hot as hell fine, nanodayo.” *pushes up glasses*

Takao: He would be a little surprised and blush a little bit. But seconds later, cheeky Takao is back. He’d tease her and compliment her openly. “Ahh, ____-chan is really cute! Pink bikini huh~” *grins widely*

Aomine: THIS MAN LOVES THE BOOBS. I can see him drooling already. He would be straight on staring at his crush, thinking to himself this is freaking heaven. Of course, his cocky and confident self would stroll over and say, “Looking sexy, ____-chan.” *smirks*

Imayoshi: He won’t even be shy about it. He’d just walk straight to his crush and tell them, “You look absolutely hot, ____-chan. Care for a swim?” *smiles widely* Nobody can really resist this manipulative bastard. 

Murasakibara: He didn’t know what got into him, but for once, he was distracted from his snacks. “Ehhhh~ _____-chan looks nice to eat~” What are you even saying you purple hair giant don’t act innocent.

Akashi: He smiles in approval. He is liking what he is seeing. Like a gentlemen he is, he compliments her politely, ”_____-chan, you look nice.” BUT, when the other guys start looking at her too, they could feel a cold, harsh emperor eye glaring down at them. “Be careful not to let your eyes stray.”

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