i cannot get over her hair!!

“Sweet mother, I cannot weave. Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.”

A girl whose nose crinkles when she laughs, whose brown eyes gleam in the sun.

She smiles into kisses and hugs me from behind.
She likes to dance.
She’s not too good at it, but she looks so beautiful when she tilts her head back and giggles at her movements that I love to watch her anyway.

She is sunflowers, lazy mornings, reading books aloud.
She is boardwalks with too big a sweatshirt pulled over her bikini, watching the sunset, hair pulled sloppily into a bun, a mess of half-dry hair.

She is mine.

Sweet mother,
“Sweet mother, I cannot weave. Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.”

—  O.R.E. {how did I get this lucky to hold her in my arms}
LoS Part 1: Snippets from Tumblr

From tumblr:

1.  “Actually, it’s short for Maximum Lightwood,” said Magnus. “As in the most amount of Lightwood you can have.”

2.  Far below them the world spun by, a patchwork of summer-gold fields, green hills, and luminous, winding rivers of blue and green. It was beautiful, but Julian could not take his eyes off his brother. So this is the Wild Hunt, he thought. This freedom, this expanse, this ferocity of joy. For the first time, he understood how and why Mark’s choice to stay with his family might not be an easy one. For the first time he thought in wonder of how much his brother must love him after all, to consider giving up the sky for his sake.

3. And even odder, when Mark and Kieran had come into the library, Kieran had gone immediately over to Max and picked him up, delighted by his blue skin and his tiny horns.Max had stuck his hand into Kieran’s wavy hair and pulled. Kieran had just laughed. “That’s right, it changes color, little nixie-like warlock,” he said. “Look.” And his hair went from blue-black to blue in an instant. Max giggled.“I didn’t know you could do that on purpose,” said Mark, who had always thought of Kieran’s hair as a reflection of his moods, uncontrollable as the tides.“You don’t know a lot of things about me, Mark Blackthorn,” Kieran said, setting Max down.Alec and Magnus had exchanged a look at that, the sort of look that made Mark feel as if they had reached a silent and agreed-upon consensus …

4.  “You’re going to have to learn to live with it,” Jules said. “Even if it horrifies you, Emma. Even if it makes you sick. Just like I’m going to have to live with whatever other boyfriends you have, because we are forever no matter how, Emma, no matter what you want to call what we have, we will always be us.”

5. They threw their weapons down and hurled themselves toward the row of horses, one after the other — Livvy leapt at Julian, throwing her arms around his neck. Mark flung himself from his horse and landed to find himself being hugged tightly by Dru and Tavvy. Ty came more quietly, but with the same incandescent happiness on his face. He waited for Livvy to be done nearly strangling her brother and then stepped in to take Julian’s hands.And Julian, who Kit had always thought of as an almost frightening model of control and distance, grabbed his brother and yanked him close, his hands twisting in the back of Ty’s shirt. His eyes were shut, and Kit had to look away.He had never had anyone but his father, and he was sure beyond any words that his father had never loved him like that.

6. “Clary, what are you not telling me?”There was a long silence. Clary looked out toward the dark water, biting her lip. Finally, she spoke. “Jace asked me to marry him.”“Oh!” Emma had already begun opening her arms to hug the other girl when she caught sight of Clary’s expression. She froze. “What’s wrong?”

7. There was a long silence. Magnus sighed. “I have to hand it to you,” he said. “I never thought Jace and Clary would be topped by anyone else in terms of insane, self-destructive decisions, but you all are giving them a run for their money.”“I really had nothing to do with this,” Kieran pointed out stiffly.“I think you will find many poor decisions led you here, my friend,” Magnus said. “All right, you — all of you — wait here. And don’t do anything stupid.”He strode out of the room on long, black-clad legs, swearing under his breath.“He’s getting more and more like Gandalf,” said Emma, watching him go. “I mean, a hot, younger-looking Gandalf, but I keep expecting him to start stroking his long white beard and muttering darkly.

8. There was a commotion atop the pavilion, and a single blast from a horn shattered the murmuring quiet in the clearing. The gentry looked up. A tall figure had appeared beside the throne. He was all in white, salt-white, with a doublet of white silk and gauntlets of white bone. White horns curled from either side of his head, startling against the blackness of his hair. A gold band encircled his forehead.Cristina exhaled. “The King.”Emma could see his profile: it was beautiful. Clear, precise, clean like a drawing of something perfect. Emma couldn’t have described the shape of his eyes or cheekbones or the crook of his mouth, and she lacked Jules’ ability to paint it, but she knew it was uncanny and wonderful and that she would remember the face of the King of the Seelie Court for all of her life.He turned, bringing his face into full view. Emma heard Cristina gasp faintly. The King’s face was divided down the middle. The right side was the face of a handsome young man, luminous with youth and beauty. The left side was an inhuman mask, gray skin tight and leathery over bone, eyesocket empty and black, mottled with red scars.Kieran, bound to the tree, looked once at the monstrous face of his father and turned his head away, his chin dropping, tangled dark hair falling to hide his eyes.

9. When Emma came out into her bedroom, wearing sweatpants and a tank top and rubbing her hair dry with a green towel, she found Mark curled up at the foot of her bed, reading a copy of Alice in Wonderland.He was wearing a pair of cotton pajama bottoms that Emma had bought for three dollars from a vendor on the side of the PCH. He was partial to them as being oddly close in their loose, light material to the sort of trousers he’d worn in Faerie.If it bothered him that they also had a pattern of green shamrocks embroidered with the words GET LUCKY on them, he didn’t show it. He sat up when Emma came in, scrubbing his hands through his hair, and smiled at her.Mark had a smile that could break your heart. It seemed to take up his whole face and brighten his eyes, firing the blue and gold from inside.“A strange evening, forsooth,” he said.Emma put her hands on her hips. “Don’t you forsooth me.”

10. “It can’t last,” Emma said, staring at him, because how could it, when they could never keep what they had? “It’ll break our hearts.”He caught her by the wrist, brought her hand to his chest. Splayed her fingers over his heart. It beat against her palm, like a fist punching its way out of his ribcage. “Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”

11. “I have always needed you, Kieran,” Mark said. “I have needed you to live. I’ve always needed you so much, I never had a chance to think about whether we were good for each other or not.”Kieran sat up. “That is honest,” he said, finally. “I cannot fault you there.”

12. Cristina spread her hands apart in bewilderment, and winced. Mark’s expression turned to one of concern.“You’re not in pain?” he said.“No,” she said. “Are you?”“You’re near me,” he said. “There is no reason for me to hurt.”

13.  “I know.” Mark brushed his lips across her forehead. Cristina could feel his heart pounding. “We’ll figure it out. We’ll fix it.”

14.  Kieran sat up rather reluctantly. The waves of his hair had lightened to blue; he turned around, and leaned back against Mark, rather as if they were on horseback and Mark was behind.

15. Kieran shook his head. “I cannot do it,” he said.“Kier —“ Mark began angrily, but Kieran had his head down, like a beaten dog. His hair fell, sweat-tangled, into his face, and his shirt and the waist of his breeches were soaked in blood. “You’re bleeding again. I thought you said you were healing?”“I thought I was,” Kieran said softly. “Mark, leave me here —“A hand touched Mark’s shoulder. Cristina. She had put her knife away. She looked at him, levelly. “I’ll help you get him over the wall.”

16. “Not one of my best,” said Magnus, to Kieran. “I apologize — I’m not a big fan of your father’s.”“My father does not have fans.” Kieran leaned against the edge of the table. “He has subjects. And enemies.”“And sons.”“His sons are his enemies,” said Kieran, without inflection.

i still can’t believe snape mocked hermione’s teeth? first off as a teacher that is completely disrespectful and just bc he can’t come to terms with lily’s death and his unrequited love (read: cannot get over a crush) does not mean he has the right to treat students in such a way. also, dont tell me lily didn’t ever come over to him, crying bc an older student had mocked her red hair and green eyes, and telling her that the wizarding world didnt need freaks like her. petunia calls her a freak for being magic, the blood purists view her as a freak and demand that all mudbloods are dirty and lowly because of their heritage. 

how could he. if he loved lily so much, how could he have treated all of his students so cruelly? we all know that neville wasnt the only one scared of him. 

he is not a hero. being brave and resilient doesnt excuse people from their actions. i dont deny he’s done some great things, but i can never forgive him.

You’re my Master Piece - Blind!Levi x Reader

A/N: This is a modern AU and it contains no reference to Attack on Titan. Besides, the character is a bit OOC, for he is only based off of Levi.

(Y/N) was a nice girl, she always has been. No, actually, she was the nice girl.
Yeah you know which one. The one that everybody is friends with because you just can’t hate her, she’s too nice. The one who has soft, wavy hair no matter what, and a clear skin, but once again, you cannot really jealous her to the point where you’d hate her. You simply can’t.
But she was also that girl that everybody took for granted and enjoyed pushing her buttons, to try her limits. The nice girl people underestimated and never took time to get to know, because what else is there to see? She’s just a nice girl.
“Hey, who’s that chick over there?” “Oh (Y/N)? I’m in her math class, she’s a nice girl.”
“I heard that Blake didn’t finish the night alone at your party last night! Do you know who it could be? Probably a girl from your class…” “Well, it can’t be (Y/N), she’s too nice for that.”
Isn’t is weird how ‘nice’ can go from a compliment to a bitter insult depending on who speaks?
That fact took a long time before (Y/N) finally acknowledged the fact that, regardless how she would behave, people would always find her nice. The spectrum went from the genuine 'that’s so nice!’ to the sarcastic 'huh that’s nice’. However, that period of her life was over, and today, in her late twenties, (Y/N) was a fulfilled photographer, with her own art gallery in Chicago, and a nice little apartment in an old brick building that she took pleasure in decorating.

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'such a good friend'

‘such a good friend’ i say while clarke nuzzles his hand

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke just about loses her caucasion mind seeing bellamy held hostage by the ice nation

'such a good friend’ i say when bellamy loses his se asian mind when clarke doesn’t pick up her walkie

'such a good friend’ i say after he almost confesses on the beach

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke sends someone to kidnap him and haul his ass down to the bunker before it’s locked

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke, the queen of ‘i have to make this impossible choice for my people’/ ‘i was ready to let my own mother hang for this last season’ can’t bring herself to shoot bellamy

'such a good friend’ i say after they get into a car crash because they too busy eyefucking instead of paying attention to the road

'such a good friend’ i say when he loses his se asian mind again when clarke takes off her helmet and coughs up blood

'such a good friend’ i say he knows she’s on the verge of a breakdown so he gets up and scoops her into his arms just as she was leaning into him because she wants nothing but his comfort at that moment

'such a good friend’ i say when they flirt over oxymorons and he uses it as an excuse to brush the hair away from her face and she goes off on a speech about how she didn’t like him at first but now he’s her person while telling him that he has heart but he needs to use his head but bellamy cannot fathom a world without clarke griffin so he says ‘i got you for that’

'such a good friend’ i say when she realises that she’s not going to make it back and will probably die so she says ‘bellamy?’ in the smallest voice possible over the radio because she wants to hear his voice one last time

'such a good friend’ i say when he’s on the verge of tears because he has to leave her behind, when he thinks she’s dead and they’re going to die too because she didn’t get it done and he would have rather stayed on earth and spent his last few minutes with her

'such a good friend’ i say when he can’t even bring himself to say ‘she died in vain’ properly while staring down at earth and clutching the bottle of alcohol while he thinks about all the things they left unsaid, the weight of regret heavy on his chest

'such a good friend’ i say when clarke calls him everyday for 2199 days because it’s her way of staying sane (’you keep her centred’), when she refuses to believe that he’s dead, when she sees a ship and gets tears in her eyes because she thinks that they’re finally back, that bellamy is finally back and she missed him so much but it’s not them.

such very very good friends.


// In which the first date with Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV occurs //

part 2 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Warning Contains Mature Content*

enjoy and see ya next chapter in san fransisco - drea🌿

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I cannot be her. I cannot be better than her.
Maybe you prefer brown hair over blonde. Or green eyes over blue, but I cannot be that.
She has skin like silk and a body like an hourglass. She spends hours getting ready to make her appearance cover the fact there is nothing else to her.
I will not try to be that. I do not want to be that.
There are days that I don’t like myself and days that I doubt every piece of me. But I have love for who I am. I have love for my light blonde hair that reaches the arch of my back and I have love for the blue eyes that remind everyone of clear oceans and I have love for the contradiction that is my existence in the way I’m constantly changing how people perceive me the harder they look into who I am.
I may not be in love with myself yet, but I have enough love for myself to realize that trying to be anyone else would be a mistake.
—  v.m

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Ash give me patience someone said that rick loves daryl more than michonne and that we (richonners) need to get over it. Lucille give me strength i cannot deal with these people in denial smh

Oookay. The delusion is strong with that one. I guess that’s why he’s leaving Daryl at the Kingdom and going home with Michonne? Thats why he spent his entire day with Daryl searching for toothpaste for Michonne? That’s why he constantly looks to and for her at his side, and he’s caressing stray locks of her hair and walkie-talkies when she’s not there? He literally breathes her like she’s his air.

Daryl is his brother, and that’s all well, fine, and good. He loves him, of course. But Michonne is his wife, the goddamn love of his life. Mother of (his) children both living and dead. Most bomb pussy. Who, because of him, sleep evaded (that one morning in 7x04). (I’m gonna stop before I recite all of Lemonade. 😄) Point is, Michonne is Rick’s everything. And for anyone still questioning it, I’m pretty sure that this half season will make that clearer than ever. So we don’t have to get over anything. Not so long as Rick is under (or on top of, beside or inside) Michonne. 😬

Jimon Coffee Shop AU

Author’s Note: For Theo. @petertheromaniwolf I love you happy birthday!! Idk if this is good but I hope you like it! Also, could this title have been better? Yes, but I’m an unoriginal bitch. 

Word count: 2.5k+

Ships: Jimon obvs and implied Clizzy and another one if you find it. 

Plot: Pls see the title. 

Simon stood behind the counter on a Saturday night, finally able to catch his breath as the crowd began to thin. He glanced at his watch—and groaned. There were two whole hours left. He was never going to cover for Clary again.

His eyes were starting to droop when what he hoped would be the last customer of the night came in. The boy seemed a little older than him, and his hair looked very swoosh-y.

“Hi, welcome to Garroway’s, what can I get you?” Simon asked, putting on his customer-smile.

“Um, actually, I saw the sign out front. I’m looking for a job?” Swoosh said.

“Oh, right.” Simon said, straightening up. “I’ll go get my manager.”

Simon walked over to the small door and knocked twice before he heard the faint “come in”.

“Luke?” Simon poked his head in. “A guy’s here about the job.”

“Alright, Simon, send him in.” Luke said, nodding his head at him.

Simon nodded back and left to tell Swoosh to head inside.

He made a black coffee and a frappucino for a really pissed off-looking guy and his friend and then played around on his phone for a while before Swoosh came back.

“Hey!” Simon grinned. “Did you get the job?”

Swoosh smiled back, small and cute. Simon noticed his eyes were really interesting. One of them was completely, brilliantly blue and the other was blue mixed with brown. They were one of the prettiest things Simon had ever seen.

He realized that he’d been staring and that Swoosh had said something.

“I’m sorry, what?” Simon asked, feeling his cheeks heat up.

Swoosh smirked. “I said I start Monday. 4 pm.”

“Oh, nice!” Simon grinned. “That’s my shift too.”

“I’ll see you Monday, then.” Swoosh adjusted his jacket and made his way out the shop.

He’d almost left when Simon called out, “Hey, wait! What’s your name?”

Swoosh turned around and flashed that smirk Simon was already getting familiar with. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”


For Jace, Monday couldn’t come fast enough. Not only did he need the money, he was also mildly interested in the cute barista. He wasn’t really his type, with those glasses and the Harry Potter t-shirt but there was something about him.

He stepped into Garroway’s, breathing in the scent of coffee and sugary treats. He hopped over the counter before pulling his apron on.

There weren’t many customers so Jace cleaned up the counter and threw away the trash. Simon burst into the café’ at 4:30, breathless and sweaty.

“I’m so sorry.” He said, putting his hands on his knees to catch his breath. “I fell asleep.”

“It’s alright.” Jace bent down to grab an apron and threw it to Simon.

“Luke’s gonna kill me.” Simon mumbled, before tugging the apron on and joining Jace behind the counter.

“It’s fine, he doesn’t know.” Jace assured him.

“You didn’t tell him?” Simon asked, reaching over to grab a cup. His arm brushed against Jace’s, making him want to scream.

“No.” Jace said, shrugging.

“Oh.” Simon smiled before his eyes drifted to his name tag. Jace noticed it was a different smile. Not the smile he’d showed the first time he’d seen him. “Thanks, Jace.”

Jace let out a noise that sounded more like a laugh than a scoff. “Customers.” He said, nodding towards the group of teenagers that had just entered.

“Right.” Simon sighed. “I hate these ones. They always have the most complicated orders.”

He put on his charming customer smile as they approached the counter. “Hi, welcome to Garroway’s, what can I get you?”

As promised, the kids all had extremely complicated orders and Jace struggled to keep them all in his head. The café’ he’d worked at before only had normal things like coffee and cappuccino, not freaking unicorn dream flower soy latte half and half extra shot of espresso macchiatos. That’s probably why they closed.

Simon, however, was completely at ease, having done this a million times.

“You need any help?” He asked Jace.

“No.” Jace responded, starting to make the first drink.

“Really? Because you look like you need some help.” Simon insisted.

“I said I’m fine.” Jace responded, grabbing a packet of sugar.

“No!” Simon shouted, grabbing Jace’s hand before he could pour the sugar into the drink.

“What?” Jace said, annoyed. And he was also a little bit flustered because his hand was still inside Simon’s.

“That guy will kill you if you add sugar to his coffee.” Simon warned.

“But he asked for extra sugar?” Jace asked, confused.

“No, that was his boyfriend.” Simon said.

Jace groaned. “I give up.”

Simon smiled, softly. “How about you accept my help and just do what I tell you?”

“Fine.” Jace mumbled. “Thanks, or whatever.”

“Okay.” Simon chuckled and pulled his hand—and the packet of sugar—away.

Jace decided he liked his hands better when Simon was holding them.


It had been a couple weeks since Jace started working at Garroway’s and he was finally able to keep up, according to Simon.

He no longer went into the bathroom to scream when someone gave him a super-long order and he didn’t secretly record those orders on his phone either.

He was making progress.

He and Simon had gotten fairly close during their time working together, as they did have to spend about 5 hours together five days a week.

Maybe we should start hanging out outside of work, Simon thought. I mean, we’re friends now, right? And friends hang out all the time.

Although, Simon had to admit, he’d thought about being more than friends a couple times. There wasn’t much to not like about Jace. He tried to be all cool and badass but Simon knew he was just a puppy in a leather jacket.

“Um, hel-lo?” The obnoxious voice snapped Simon out of his daze.

“Hi.” He said to the middle-aged woman glaring at him. “What can I get you?”

“Ugh, are you really going to make me repeat my order?” The woman snapped.

“Sorry, I just, um, had something on my mind.” Simon apologized.

“Clearly.” The woman pursed her lips before repeating her order.

“Uh, your name please?” Simon asked, once she was done.

The woman groaned. “Are you serious?!” She was starting to get loud now. “I’ve been here for the past three days and you don’t even remember my goddamn name!”

“I’m sorry but we get loads of customers everyday .“ Simon said, trying not to show his frustration.

“Whatever. “The woman rolled her eyes. “It’s Karen.”

Simon heard a snort and turned to see Jace watching the exchange with a glint of amusement in his eyes. Simon subtly mouthed “helped me” which only made Jace laugh more.

“Um, could you faggots stop eye-fucking each other and start making my order?” Karen snapped.

Both Simon and Jace snapped their necks towards her. Suddenly, the glee in the air had disappeared.

“Excuse me.” Jace licked his lips, eerily calm and his eyes steely. “What did you just say?”

“That kind of language really isn’t necessary.” Simon said.

“Well, I was right, wasn’t I?” Karen demanded, pointing an accusatory finger. The line behind her was getting longer and everyone was shooting her disapproving looks. “That’s all you fags do, anyway.”

“I’m gonna ask you to leave now.” Jace said. Simon noticed his hands were clenched tightly, the veins popping in his arm.

“What?” Karen seemed bewildered. “Listen, I’m not gonna get discriminated against by the likes of you! I demand to see your manager.”

“Listen.” Simon said forcefully. “Either you leave right now or this is gonna turn ugly.”

“Bring me your manager!” Karen screamed.

“What the hell is going on out here?” Everyone turned around to glance at Luke, who’d appeared behind Simon. Karen took one look at Luke and the corners of her lips turned down.

Jace shuffled closer to Luke and quietly explained the situation.

Luke sighed and glanced at Karen. “Mam, we don’t tolerate that kind of behavior here. Please leave.”

“And why should I take orders from…you?” Karen folded her arms and looked at Luke as though he was something disgusting.

“Okay, that’s it.” Simon said. “Get out.”

“Why should—?”

“Get out now. Or we will call the cops.” Jace said, shifting closer to Simon. He took Simon’s shaking hand into his behind the counter and Simon could breathe again.

“Fine!” The woman yelled, turning to march out. “But I’m leaving the worst review on Yelp!” She shouted before she left.

“I cannot believe that just happened.” Jace mumbled, running his other hand through his hair.

“Why don’t you guys get going?” Luke suggested. “Your shift is almost over, anyway.”

“Luke, are you sure?” Simon asked.

Luke nodded. “Yeah, I got this.”

“Alright, then.” Simon removed his apron and Jace did the same.

The other customers kept staring at them as they left the store. Simon was fairly sure he’d see this event from their perspective on Tumblr or Twitter.

Simon breathed the cold night air in and leaned against the wall. Jace stood just in front of him, his eyes focused on him.

“Well, that was fucking awful.” Simon said. Jace nodded in agreement.

“Do you want to go get a drink?” Jace asked after a while.

Simon’s eyes widened. “Oh. Yes! I mean, uh, sure.” He tried and failed at not letting his glee show.

“Okay.” Jace smiled and held out his arm. Simon chuckled before taking it. “Let’s go.”


Jace woke up in what was not his bed in what was not his room. He sat up in confusion and looked around. The room was a complete mess, with clothes and CDs lying everywhere. There were loads of posters on the walls and a picture of Simon and a red-haired girl on the nightstand.

Was it his girlfriend? Did Simon have a girlfriend?

More importantly, why was he in Simon’s bedroom? They hadn’t..…of course not. Jace was still wearing his clothes from last night.

“Oh, you’re up.” Jace looked up to see Simon in a band t-shirt and sweat pants, leaning against the doorframe. “Good morning, sleeping beauty.”

“Too loud.” Jace mumbled, rubbing his head. “Why am I here?”

“You got black-out drunk last night and I didn’t know where you lived and also I couldn’t just leave you in the club because bad things happen to pretty boys in clubs so I brought you here.” Simon said. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

Jace tried hard not to concentrate on the fact that Simon called him pretty.

“Simon.” Jace licked his lips. “Last night. Did we—?”

“No.” Simon said firmly. “Like I said, you were black-out drunk.”

“Oh, okay.” Jace relaxed. He would’ve liked to remember if it had happened.

“So we don’t have work today or anything so do you wanna hang out?” Simon asked. “We could order in some pizza, watch some movies and stuff.”

“Yeah.” Jace grinned. “Yeah, that sounds great.”

“We’re gonna have to start with Star Wars though.” Simon said.

“Sounds good.” Jace nodded. “I’ve never seen it though.”

“I’m not even surprised.” Simon shook his head. “But it’s alright. I can show you a whole new world.”

“Don’t quote Aladdin at me.” Jace said, finally rolling out of bed.

“So you’ve seen Aladdin but not Star Wars.” Simon said. “You truly are a mystery, Mr.Lightwood.”

“Shut up.” Jace mumbled, smiling. “Where’s your bathroom? I wanna take a shower.”

“Oh, right.” Simon straightened up but not really. “Follow me.”

“I hope it won’t be as filthy as your bedroom.” Jace said as Simon opened the door. His apartment was slightly bigger than Jace’s.

“It won’t be as filthy as your mind.” Simon responded.

“I’m an angel.” Jace responded, looking around at the bathroom. It was fairly clean.

“Well, you definitely have the hair for it.” Simon said. “Oh, by the way, towels are inside and there’s a spare toothbrush in the cabinet. Oh and I’ll go get you some clothes.”

“Cool.” Jace said. “Thanks.”

Jace had just finished brushing his teeth when Simon returned with a bunch of clothes. He smiled at him in the mirror and Simon smiled back before leaving.

While he was in the shower, Jace tried and remembered some things from last night. He had drunk a lot but he never really was careful and also he was super pissed off with Karen, the straight white asshole.

He also remembered other things, like his arms around Simon’s waist as they danced and his lips ghosting over his neck. He remembered how many times they’d almost kissed but Simon kept stopping it, claiming Jace was too drunk. Maybe they had at the end. Who knows? Certainly not Jace.

He stepped out of the shower and dried off before pulling on the clothes Simon had left him. They fit him well but were probably a bit loose on Simon, which was adorable to him for some reason.

He got out of the bathroom and found Simon in the kitchen, with a bowl of popcorn in his hands.

And suddenly, he had to know.

“Simon.” He said, making the other boy glance at him. “Who’s the girl in the picture? On your nightstand?“

Simon gave him a disbelieving look. “Are you serious?”

“What?” Jace asked, starting to feel awkward.

“That’s Clary! You’ve seen her like a million times! She works at Garroway’s too and um, in case you didn’t know, she’s dating your sister.” Simon said.

“Oh.” Jace said. “Oh.”

“You’re such an idiot sometimes.” Simon said, putting down the popcorn and rummaging in the cupboards.

Jace bit down on his lip. He had another question on his mind now.

“Simon.” He said. The other boy hummed in response.

“Simon.” He said again, making him turn around.

“What?” Simon asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Did I kiss you last night?”

“No.” He said, crossing his arms and leaning against the counter. “But you can now if you want to.”

And so he did.

And it was a moment he would play over and over again in his head for days to come and something he would remember for the rest of his life.  

Dad, Can We Get a Cat? // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 1.2k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Emily Lester wants a cat and doesn’t understand why she can’t have one.

A/N: This was just a lil dumb idea I had. Hope you enjoy :D

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Bar Sinister (pt 1)

Summary: You make a deal with Negan to save your friend Daryl’s life. But when you can’t give Negan the child he wants, you ask Daryl to help make it happen.

Pairings: Daryl x Reader, some Negan x Reader

Chapter: 1/?

Word Count: 2,020

Warnings: Language, threats of violence

It was stupid of Daryl to return to Alexandria. You knew it. Rick knew it. Everyone knew it. But fuck if he wasn’t a stubborn asshole. Even Rick couldn’t talk him round. You knew there’d been no chance of him staying at The Kingdom in the middle of their endless LARP game but you thought he’d at least have the sense to go to the Hilltop.

But he hadn’t. He’d come back to the place he felt he never fit in. He’d come home, to the house you shared with him. It was quieter now, with Eugene and Carol gone, Maggie at the Hilltop and Glenn… well, you were glad to have Daryl back.  He didn’t talk about what happened with Negan – of course he didn’t – but you could see that whatever it was had taken a massive toll on him. He’d stayed strong and fought Negan relentlessly but there was an exhaustion to him. A loneliness.

He should’ve gone to the Hilltop. The thing he needed most right now was Maggie’s forgiveness.

But he was here.

And the familiar sound of Lucille banging against the gates told you that Negan was here too.

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Unpredictable (Roman Reigns x OFC)

(A/N) I’m sorry it took so long guys, I was in Disneyland Paris for the weekend🙈. I hope y’all enjoy it. I live for detailed feedback!😚

Chapter 2 


 I looked back one more time, seeing Alani grabbing the plastic bags and disappear as she walked inside. She seems like a really nice and sweet girl who I cannot wait to get to know better.

As I was approaching my house, a knot formed in my stomach, not wanting to get back inside. Why?  Let me tell you; I’ve been married to Gianna for over three years and in the beginning, we were both so in love with each other that we married a little too soon. We had been dating less than six months before I proposed to her. Normally, you take the time to get to know each other; what he or she likes, dislikes, etc. I made a mistake by not taking the time to truly getting to know the person I would commit my whole life to, finding out she had some habits that were really getting on my nerves; leaving every room she goes in behind like a tornado had passed, demanding that everything had to go her way, and the most frustrating ones: her famous mood swings. One moment, she was the sweet and enjoyable, fun woman I fell in love with, and the other moment, she could be ignorant, cold and arrogant.

I have no idea in what mood she’ll be in when I get inside, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. As soon as I walked through the door, I could see the living room was a mess through the glass door, making me sigh. I kicked off my shoes and walked inside, finding Gianna on the phone. She turned around once she saw me, she ended her phone call and jumped up.

‘’Joe, baby,’’ she squealed and jumped into my arms.

‘’Hey An, how are you?’’ I briefly hugged her back as I walked over to the kitchen.

‘’Good, how’s my baby doing?’’

‘’I’m good,’’ I grabbed a beer from the fridge and checked my phone.

‘’I was thinking,’’ she bit her lip and grabbed the phone from my hand, caressing my chest, ‘’why don’t we have some husband and wife time tonight? We haven’t been intimate in quite some time,’’

‘’I can’t, I’m sorry,“ I apologized and walked over to the couch, ‘’Dean and I are going to the bar to catch up a bit.’’

‘’Seriously? Again? You always say that when I suggest to do something together. But whatever,’’ I heard her coming my way and she sat down. ‘’Where were you anyways?’’

‘’I went to the store and ran into our new neighbor so I talked to her for a bit,’’ I told her calmly. I could tell she was going to make a whole point of it by the way her body language changed.

‘’The one whose house was being built, disturbing us 24/7?’’

‘’Disturbing you, hun, not me. And yes, her house was being built.’’

‘’So you just started to talk to her?’’ The tone of her voice changed from frustration to jealousy in a split second.

‘’What’s wrong with that?’’ I chuckled. ‘’It’s not like I was hitting on her, don’t worry.’’

‘’But she was hitting on you, wasn’t she?’’ Gianna stood up and placed both hands on her hips.

‘’An, you for real? You haven’t even met her, so making assumptions is not in your place.’’ I said and stood up. ‘’By the way, I’m going over to her place in the morning, getting to know her better, so I won’t be around for breakfast.’’ A part of me felt guilty about how I said those words, but it was the frustration talking.

‘’What on earth are you going to do there?’’

‘’As I said, it’s just getting to know our new neighbor. Jheeze An, chill out,’’

‘’I’m going to bed.’’ She hissed.

‘’Already? It’s only 7,’’ I chuckled. She shrugged and slammed the door behind her, stamping her feet on the stairs in annoyance. I threw my head back and grunted. This is just one of her outbursts and it was a mild one. Gianna never showed this side of her before we got married. There were times she screamed and even threw with things. Luckily for me, that hasn’t happened in a good while and I wish to keep it that way.


I was half asleep as I heard the doorbell ring; that must be Dean. I got rid of the blanket and rubbed my eyes as I walked to the front door. It was indeed Dean, a huge grin spread on his face.

‘’What’s up with you?’’ I raised one eyebrow in confusion.

‘’So my car broke down somewhere in the beginning of the street and this hot ass girl came to help me out. I’ve never seen her around tho,’’ he slipped past me and kicked his shoes off. ‘’She new?’’

‘’Alani? Yeah, her house was the one being built. I told you about it.’’ I closed the door behind me, ‘’but aren’t we supposed to go to the bar? And where’s your car now?’’

‘’That was the original idea, but uce, tell me everything about her.’’ He fell back on the couch. I raised an eyebrow, still not having an answer to my question. I know that Dean loved his car way too much to leave it somewhere broken and unguarded. ‘’Oh yeah, the car,’’ he rubbed his beard and sat up, ‘’I told you, she helped me out. As in she fixed it for me.’’  

‘’She did?’’ I asked impressed. Not many women I know have experience with stuff mostly men are involved in. ‘’Wow, that’s amazing.’’ I sat in the corner of the couch.

‘’It is, yeah, but now it’s your turn to answer my questions I have about her,’’ he smirked and leaned back, ‘’Is she single?’’

‘’I knew that question would be asked,’’ I laughed, ‘’The only things I know about her, are that she is new in the neighborhood, she’s really nice and that her house looks magnificent.’’ I chuckled.

‘’It seems like you were too much of a pussy to actually have a good talk with her,’’ Dean concluded. ‘’Let’s go over to her place right now, I’ll do the talking.’’

‘’If you want me killed, let’s go. But I’d rather stay alive.’’ I sighed. Dean knows everything about the often problematic and unstable relationship me and Gianna have. She doesn’t know I tell him literally everything, so every time she sees him, she acts like nothing is wrong. ‘’I am going to her place in the morning though. Just for some coffee, getting to know each other better.’’

‘’Oh you are?’’ He said, a smug smile grew on his face, ‘’how did Gianna respond?’’

‘’As usual; jealous, frustrated, annoyed.’’ I nonchalantly said.

‘’Y’all should get into therapy bro,’’ he shook his head and zapped through the channels, ‘’this can’t go on for much longer. Sooner or later, something’s gonna happen and it ain’t gonna be pleasant,’’

‘’Thank you, soothsayer Ambrose,’’ I sarcastically said, ‘’I appreciate you looking out for me, but it’ll be fine.’’

‘’Whatever you say, Reigns,’’ He chuckled and got the blanket, tucking himself in as he watched TV.


‘’Roman, uce, wake up,’’ A voice said in the distance. I knew Gianna never called me ‘uce’ so it must be Dean. ‘’You gonna be late, get up.’’

‘’Late for what,’’ I groaned and hid underneath the warm blanket.

‘’Your coffee date, dude.’’ His hoarse voice grinned. I sat up quickly, worried that I overslept, and looked at my watch, relieved that it was only 8.30 am. ‘’I thought you’d wanna be woken up so you can get ready.’’

‘’How nice,’’ I chuckled and sat up. ‘’Did Gianna come down?’’

‘’I don’t think so, but then again, I sleep through everything y’know.’’ Dean handed me a cup of coffee. I took a sip and was glad to have it just as I liked; hot with a little bit of sugar. He knows me too well. ‘’So what time were you planning on leaving?’’

‘’We live in the same street, so I was thinking ten minutes before nine,’’ I took a sip of my coffee, enjoying the taste of the first sip and stood up. ‘’You want anything to eat?’’

‘’Nah thanks, I’ll go to that breakfast bar thing nearby, my mom wanted to meet up. So get dressed and I’ll drop you off.’’ He yawned. I looked at him confused. ‘’I wanna see her again.’’ He smirked and walked over to the kitchen. I chuckled and shook my head.

‘’Alright, I’ll pretend her house is an hour away so you have to drive me.’’ I got away from underneath the blanket. ‘’I’ll be right back,’’

‘’If you’re not here in ten minutes, I’ll go to her on my own.’’ He shouted as I walked up the stairs. I laughed and shook my head as I entered the bedroom. Gianna was watching TV, not even acknowledging my presence.

‘’Good morning,’’ I said as I opened the closet. No response. ‘’How’d you sleep?’’ I asked, hoping to get any kind of reaction back. No communication is something I hate. ‘’An?’’

‘’Good morning, I slept fine and what?’’ she spat. I frowned at her reaction, slightly taken back by how fierce it was.

‘’Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,’’ I murmured as I looked through my clothes.  She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. ‘’I’ll be back by noon,’’

‘’You’re seriously going to her place right now?’’  Gianna sat up on her knees, ‘’You always have an excuse for when I want to spend time with you; you always hang out with Dean or Seth or whoever your friends are, you’re almost always on the road. You seem so uninterested in anything that has to deal with me,’’ her voice growing more intense.

‘’I’m not doing this now, An. We’ll talk later.’’ I said cheerless and walked to the bathroom. I was in no mood whatsoever to have this conversation right now. Not only will it bring me in an awful frame of mind, people around me will probably notice and ask me what’s wrong and I’m not jumping from excitement to tell anything considering my problematic marriage.

I brushed my teeth, wore my jeans and favorite black shirt, sprayed some cologne on my chest and neck, pulled my hair straight back in a bun and I was ready to go. I peeked into the bedroom a last time; Gianna pulled the covers over her head, her back facing me. I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs. Dean was leaning against the door, playing with his keyrings.

‘’Ready to go?’’ He smirked. ‘’I cannot wait to see her again,’’ he excitedly jumped up and down.

‘’You’ve only seen her once,’’ I reminded him as I got on one knee, lacing up my shoes, ‘’besides, she may be taken.’’

‘’That’s why you’re going to get to know her,’’ he opened the door and jogged to his car, ‘’for me,’’ he grinned as he unlocked it and got inside. I got up from my knee, automatically brushing off them both. I wanted to leave the house on good terms with Gianna, but I know that that’s not possible when she’s in a state like this; angry, jealous and not willing to understand that I also have my friends. Just like she has hers.

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the passenger’s seat, sitting down as I opened the door. ‘’You seriously need to clean your car, uce,’’ I chuckled as I grabbed some empty water bottles and opened chip bags from the floor. ‘’How did she not run away when she saw it?’’

‘’Because she didn’t look in my car, it was an engine problem,’’ he absently spoke as he looked in the mirror as he drove backwards. ‘’I would’ve thrown everything in the back though, I’m not as dirty as my deeds.’’

‘’That was the corniest thing I’ve ever heard,’’ I laughed loudly.

‘’For someone who knows what I mean, yes, but for someone who isn’t familiar with what we do, it can be an interesting thing to find out.’’

‘’I can’t with you, man,’’ I chuckled and shook my head. It literally took us less than one minute to get to Alani’s place, but I was secretly happy he drove me. ‘’Thanks for driving me, I wouldn’t have made it on time otherwise,’’

‘’You’re more than welcome, my friend,’’ he nodded. ‘’You go, let me know everything.’’

‘’I will, greet your mom for me.’’ I gave Dean a quick hug before getting out of the car. I walked up to the shiny white door and knocked twice. Probably 30 seconds had passed with no one opening the door. I turned around and shrugged at Dean who was still sitting in his car. As I was about to walk away, the door flew open and Alani stood in the doorway.

‘’I’m so sorry,’’ she apologized, ‘’I was half asleep so I didn’t know if someone really knocked or if it was just a dream,’’

‘’Don’t say sorry for that,’’ I smiled, ‘’If you need time to freshen up, I can wait outside?’’

‘’Oh don’t be silly, get in,’’ her small hands grabbed my arm, pulling me inside. ‘’Oh hey! Dean, wasn’t it?’’ Alani waved at Dean who was smiling brightly.

‘’Yes, it was,’’ he happily shouted back, ‘’you guys have fun. I’ll see you around, doll!’’

‘’Bye!’’ she smiled and waved one last time as he drove off. ‘’I hope I look somewhat presentable,’’ her hands quickly reached for the waistband of her robe, tying it together.

‘’You look better than most people who just woke up,’’ I assured her. She closed the door behind her and chuckled.

‘’Well, let me make you jealous by showing you around then,’’


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What was your vampire diaries otp?

*16-year-old me comes bursting into the clearing*



These fuckers!

Oh, I was happy and dandy, completely fine watching The Vampire Diaries as a sort of guilty pleasure. It wasn’t the best show around, I didn’t really follow the storylines, found Stefan a bit boring, Elena dull, Damon your average ‘vampire bad boy’, but I really stayed watching it for the minor characters, like Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, Tyler and Caroline because I felt like they were really kind of the flesh of the show. Their dynamics were the meat of it, and that’s what kept me tuning in.

Then Caroline Forbes got turned into a vampire. This bright, peppy character suddenly had a power she never expected to have. A strength I never expected the stereotypical cheerleader in this sort of show to have. It changed everything.

The Vampire Diaries basically became the Caroline Forbes Show, for me. I wanted more of this sunshine with this unlimited life and power.

And then Klaus Mikaelson rolled up. Your standard vampire villain, with a tragic backstory of shitty dad being shitty, and a bloodthirsty need to take over the world via the conversion of numerous mortals into vampire/werewolf hybrids.

So, those are the two pieces on the chessboard. The white queen, Caroline Forbes, socialite vampire grappling with the organisation of prom and her own immortality. The black king, Klaus Mikaelson, British-accented vampire villain with a penchant for witty one-liners and slowly making his way up the list of favourite characters. Destined, pretty much, never to meet until the end of the game.

Then the show kicked things up a notch, some hybrid stuff happened in badly lit scenes, and Caroline ended up, on her birthday, slowly dying in her bed from a bite given to her by her boyfriend. Klaus shows up. Laying out the red carpet of faux concern: “oh my gosh Caroline got bit by Tyler, a hybrid??? Sired to me??? What an amazing coincidence!!! Now invite me in, there’s a good girl, toodle pip”. Obviously part of some bigger plan that’ll come into play. Sherriff lets him in.

So here’s the black king standing in the doorway of the white queen’s bedroom. There lies the white queen pale and sickly, dying, with ironic ‘Happy Birthday!’ cards arranged artfully on a bedside table. The king is in a position of power; this is acknowledged as soon as he walks in the door, as it always tends to be when Klaus Mikaelson walks into a room but hey, let’s focus here. 

Some standard 'you’re the Big Bad, I’m the friend of the Holy Good why the fuck are you here’ dialogue is exchanged. Klaus Mikaelson, the sage old king, mentions that he likes birthdays; that Caroline, the newly appointed queen, as a vampire, is duty-bound to celebrate the now non-existent commitment she has to human conventions.

“You’re free,” the old king breathes.

“No…” replies the new queen. She flicks her eyes up and meets the old king with a stare as deep as his. “I’m dying.”

A-ha! The playing field is equal. The moves have shrunk. They shrink further still as the king admits he still holds the ace – her life. He could indeed, let her die. At this moment, I expected some corny claptrap about how her death wouldn’t affect the grand scheme of things, how she was never to be a part of his plan—

“I thought about it myself.” Hello? What’s going on here? “Once or twice.”

The old king leans closer to the new queen, young and green in her reign, and tells her that there is a whole world out there, and suddenly, immortality pales in comparison to the promises of music, and art, “genuine beauty”. Immortality ain’t beautiful. The world is.

She can have it all, “a thousand more birthdays”. If the new queen just asks. She can reign everywhere, anywhere she wishes for as long as she wants. Human conventions be damned.

Textually, it’s obviously a power play. Klaus is gaining an alliance from Sherriff Forbes, and a debt from Caroline Forbes, which he will no doubt call on. Caroline surrenders, admits that she doesn’t want to die after all.

But what’s she saying yes to? She’s saying yes to all those birthdays, the art, the music, the promise of genuine beauty.

So drink up, whispers the king. The queen drinks, she sleeps, and she wakes to find a bracelet of astonishing, genuine, beauty contained in a black velvet box with a neat white bow and a scrawled note. “From Klaus”.

Then, nine episodes later, at a 1920s themed dance, the old king makes his intentions very clear to the new queen. It’s clear she knows the debt that hangs over her head, the connection that haunts Tyler, so she acquiesces to his request for one dance. “I don’t bite,” he says silkily. There’s the old 'Big Bad/loyal to Holy Good friend’ dialogue exchange, as before. Then, a reiteration of his promise of the whole world, worded differently, but still there. The old king speaks of waiting for 100 years for her to accept his offer, his promises, as if to do so is easier than breathing. Oh, the new queen side-eyes him, but the pieces shift, the game changes and she’s looking at him in a whole new way. He looks at her with a depth not found in the eyes of a small town boy. She breaks it with a scoff, and there’s your standard 'Big Bad is pissed off’ dialogue from Klaus before he storms off. And, quite crucially, she looks back.

Anyone who has watched any period drama ever knows the importance of looking back.

And just one single episode later, Caroline Forbes is running down a corridor, your standard horror film shot. She is alone, scared, frightened. She is caught by Klaus Mikaelson, her saviour not ten episodes ago, who has twice offered her the world and all its beauty. Not its glories, not its triumphs. Its beauty. 

He promises to save her friend and brushes his fingers over her hair as if it’s already second nature to him to treat her this kindly, this intimately. (Do not get me started on how he cradles her when she drinks his blood, do not.) He tells her, fiercely, to get home and stay safe.

“Do you understand me?” barks he.

“Thank you,” she says. She looks at him like she still cannot work him out, and is afraid because of it. But the thanks is as easy as breathing.

For reasons that are known as ‘I cannot put up with this shit writing for a moment longer’, I give up on the show come season 3 finale. I watch clips of their scenes on YouTube, scrabble for any desperate hope that the potential I saw and shipped and loved is still there. It falls down, down the drain and I personally like to pretend anything past season 3 doesn’t exist.

So now, here I am. 22 years old with 16 years old me screeching the dying screech of a frustrated fangirl whenever she sees a gifset of Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes together on her Tumblr dashboard because you had a queen with power yet to be unlocked and a king willing to give her that power in exchange for being allowed to worship her as he always wanted to, and because of some shit to do with hybrids, it all went tits up.

But those fuckers called Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes? They have a portion of my heart (the right ventricle, to be specific) that continues to beat for the queen and king that almost ruled together. #foreverbitter

Drunk Texting (2)

AN: if you think I’m going to write multiple drabbles about my beloved brotp while still mixing my otp in it just so y'all may eventually fall in love with my brotp too…you damn right.


“You know, its not bad. Nothing to be embarrassed about…” Ino said sincerely. “However, I do we’ve reached like the peak in our friendship now.” She lifted her hand above her head.

Sasuke crossed his arms. Never had he had a woman so close to his “junk” before…for no reason other to just look. How did she even talk him into this? “Are you finished?”

Ino lifted a finger, still examining him. “I’m not ever gonna see the real show, so I might as well enjoy the opening act.”

He squinted his eyes. “What?”

Turquoise eyes lifted from his…private spaces to his eyes. “I’m going to talk to Hinata for you.” The blonde gasped. “Did it really use twitch on the mere sound of her name?”

“What? No.” He looked down. The betrayal.

“Hinata. Hinata. Hinata. Hina-”

“You’re done.” He turned away quickly, pulling up his pants. Ino grinned seeing her friend’s ears an interesting shade of pink.

“The caveman has feelings. What an interesting day I’m having!” She clasped her hand. “Listen…despite everything… I think I may respect your wishes.”


“Hinata, you deserve a shot. I’m going to stay sober tonight just for you.”

Opal eyes lingered on the small glass filled to the brim in vodka. Sakura was already on her third shot. “Do it! Do it!”

Hinata bit her lip. Ino smiled, “You’re always there for us…you deserve to have fun.”

“R-right…” she mumbled, picking up the glass. “Just three. I’m only taking three…”

Seven shots and one and a half mixed drinks later. “I’m not - drunk.” She pointed.

Ino was holding Sakura’s hair back as she vomited in the toilet. Honestly, being Sober Mom was no fun. “Hinata, look in the mirror.”

The very drunk young woman stumbled towards the sink. Her makeup was ruined, her was an absolute mess and her mouth was full of fries that she didn’t remember ordering. “Hinata, do me a favor,” Ino called.

“Mm? Elmo-chan?” She answered.

Ino looked back in horror. Who? What? She shook her head. “Call Sasuke and tell him I’m going to need help.” She gave the woman her cellphone.

“Call Sauce, got it.”

Ino took a moment to realize maybe that wasn’t such a great idea but it’ll be great hearing about it in the morning.


Sasuke opened a water bottle from the fridge and noticed his phone was ringing. He picked it up, “What?”

“Hey Sauce-”

He immediately looked at the caller ID. It says Ino but that’s definitely not her voice. “Hyuuga…” he said slowly.

“Sauce, Elmo said that she needs, um, your help. Sakura…is drunk.”

“Are you?”

“Nope. Yup.”

Sasuke grabbed his keys and a jacket.

When he finally got there, dealing with a drunk Sakura was worst than dealing with drunk Ino. She was right up there with drunk Naruto.

“I got her, I got her,” Ino huffed, getting Sakura. “You go grab Hinata.”

“I - can’t.” He mumbled as she basically herded Sakura in the apartment. The Uchiha sighed and walked to the passenger seat.

“Hey,” she smiled, navy hair falling over her face. “I really didn’t mean to drink this much.” She reached out, rubbing his arm. “You forgive me?

He nodded, leaned against the car door. “You want to get out?”

She nodded. “But I cannot walk…” she swung her feet.

“I’m going to pick you up, okay?”

“Kay,” she lifted her arms and opened her legs.

“Not - like that.” He kept his eyes open, damn near at the sky. He was not about to charged with shit! He moved her to the side a bit, before sliding his hand under her knee and bringing the woman to his chest. Somehow, he got her out and closed the door.

She was just smiling, “Ne, Sauce?”

“Yes.” He answered.

“If you really were a Sauce…I think it’ll be hot sauce. Spicy sauce.”

He looked down at her. Wow. If she remembers this in the morning, that’s really gonna haunt her. Still grinning, she looked up at him. “I really do like hot sauce too.”

“You should stop…” he tried. He was carrying her to his room when Ino grabbed the back of his shirt.

“What the hell are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m sleeping in the damn living room,” he snapped. “I’m not sick.”

“Making sure,” she patted his back, smoothing out the wrinkle. “Just making sure.”

He placed her on his bed and pulled off her shoes. “Sauce,” she asked, as he put a trash can by the bed. “You do have a nice penis.”

He choked on his spit. “What did she say?” Ino hurried in asking. “She said what?”

Hinata smiled. “Elmo-chan, my best friend…” she covered herself with a blanket. “Goodnight to the four of you guys.”

Sasuke glanced over. Ino took a deep breath, “Maybe she won’t remember?”



Hinata walked out of…Sasuke’s room. It took her a minute to remember he brought her in here. It was in that moment everything came rushing back.

Both Ino and Sasuke were sitting at the kitchen table. Sasuke was reading the news paper and Ino was reading a National Geographic magazine. Was this a normal Saturday in this house?

“You’re awake,” Ino smiled. “And you don’t even have a hangover. That’s amazing.”


She looked at Sasuke. “I…” Ino walked over to her and pushed her towards the table, claiming they had much to discuss and that she should check on Sakura. “I…said things last night.”

“Its has happened,” he said.

She cleared her throat. “…the sauce thing–”

“Forgotten,” he nodded.

Her face felt like it would explode. Honestly, she did like something about the Uchiha. She really did…but it was innocent, or so she thought…because-

“It’s all forgotten,” he said.

“No, no,” she said. “I don’t think it should be.”

He stared at her for a while. She was still in her old clothes, hair and makeup still a mess and she was wrapped in his blanket. He put his news paper down. “Alright then,” he decided.

She finally averted her eyes. All the confidence she mustered up had withered away. “…alright.”

Starting Over

A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the Reader argue before they both leave for work. Her workplace gets taken over by terrorists and Spencer promises to himself that once she comes home it’ll be their fresh start. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn

Warnings: Domestic terrorism, implied smut at the end


“Spence! I can’t do this anymore!” she screamed, angrily slipping on her scrubs as Spencer buttoned up his shirt. “I get that your job is unbelievably stressful, but you don’t get to come home and take it out on me and start yelling at me over stupid shit because you refuse to talk to me about your job. You just don’t get to do it. I love you more than anything else in this world, but I cannot do this anymore! Figure out what you want in life. Do you want me? Because if you do, you need to change the way you handle things.” In her heated state, she’d dressed quickly, taken a brush through her sleep-mussed hair, and stormed out the door.

When Spencer walked out of the bedroom with his head in his hands, he heard the door open again. She must have forgotten her bag. “There’s a reason I don’t talk about these things,” he muttered into his hands.

“Yes, I know,” Y/N said pointedly. “I’ve heard the same thing over and over again. You don’t want to put that crap in my head, and while I appreciate it, it makes you bottle up shit and then get angry at me for nothing. So take your pick, talk to me about work, so you can work through your issues, or bottle it up and lose me! Your choice!”

The slamming of the door sent a single shiver through his spine. Leaning back into the couch, he stared into the void for a few moments, trying to think of where they went wrong and what he should do. Eventually, he looked at the clock and realized he was going to be late, so he stood up, finished buttoning his shirt, and walked out the door. Later, they needed to talk.


“Woah, Pretty Boy,” Morgan said, noticing the younger agent’s sunken eyes and downturned smile. “You and Y/N have a fight this morning?”

Spencer mumbled, sitting down at the round table. They were going to be having a briefing on a rare budget increase for the Bureau. “What happened?” JJ asked just as Hotch walked in the room. 

“I don’t talk about work with her and she’s mad,” he said. “I don’t want to put that shit in her head. Why doesn’t she get it?”

JJ glanced at him for a moment, trying to read his features. “There’s something else you’re not saying,” she said. “I’ve met Y/N plenty of times to know that if that were solely the issue, there wouldn’t be an issue. You get pissy because of work things and then take it out on her when you get home, don’t you?”

He said nothing, just staring at his friend. That was enough confirmation for JJ that she was right. “You don’t get both, Spence. Talk things through or lose her.”

Morgan and Rossi seemed to understand Spencer’s plight. “I wouldn’t want to put that on someone either,” Morgan added.

“But if you’re snapping at her because of shit here, that’s not fair to her either,” Emily said. As the group of them went back and forth, seemingly split down the middle with the men understanding Spencer and the women siding with Y/N, Chief Strauss walked in the room to give the briefing on the budget increase. Basically, it all boiled down to, the team was good as it was, so they’d all be getting a slight increase in their paychecks for having closed the most cases of any team in the Bureau over the course of the past year. 

A five second long conversation that took nearly an hour. The team was losing their minds from boredom. Thankfully, Strauss got a call. Spencer assumed that she’d get distracted from the meeting, having said what she needed to say anyway, and end up leaving, but as the seconds wore on, she stood in the center of the room, her face dropping by the second. “Thank you, Sir.”

“That was the Director,” she said. Without even asking, she reached over Garcia to grab the remote and turn on the TV. 


Those six words nearly ripped Spencer’s heart out - because of the picture paired with it. “That’s Y/N’s building,” he said, his hands coming up to cover his mouth. 

Chief Strauss’s stoic demeanor softened for a moment as she took in Spencer’s fear. “I’m sorry, Agent Reid, but you and your team are on negotiations. Director’s orders. They are making demands, but won’t speak to anyone that isn’t with the FBI.”

Hotch stood up from the table, placing his hand on Spencer’s shoulder. “Let’s move.”


“Reid, are you okay?” Hotch said as the rest of the team and the other members of the Bureau were setting up outside Y/N’s job.

Spencer swallowed hard, peering inside to see if there was any sign of the woman he loved. “Hotch, the last thing we did was fight. We always say I love you before we leave in the morning and we didn’t this morning…if she doesn’t come out of there…”

“We’ll get her out, Spencer,” he said softly. That’s how he knew things were bad; Hotch never called him Spencer.

Once everything was ready, they waited for the unsubs to make a call. After what felt like an eternity, they called, demanding a platform to “get their message out” lest they killed another person inside. The speakerphone was on, which immediately sent Spencer into a tailspin, wondering who they had killed. 

“We need to get things set up for you, but we need a token of good faith,” Hotch said. 

Within minutes, a woman stumbled out of the clinic, a patient who had been there for a breast-cancer screening. “They killed a doctor,” she said, before being taken away to an ambulance. Spencer hated himself for how relieved he felt; Y/N wasn’t a doctor, she was a nurse, which meant she was still alive. He was relieved at another person’s death. 

As Spencer battled the thoughts inside his own head, Hotch told JJ to call everyone she knew from the media. They needed the unsubs to believe they were getting a platform, but Hotch would be damned if they actually would. “Tell them that the cameras are to remain off. We just need to make it look like they’re getting a platform.”

JJ called everyone she knew, speedily gathering a group of trusted media into a room to “broadcast” their message, but they refused to let go of each of their three hostages until the message was out. 

Spencer watched in horror as the one that spoke kept his arm firmly pinned around Y/N’s neck. The strongest woman he knew was taking deep breaths and calming herself, giving soothing looks to the woman next to her in the other unsub’s arms - likely a patient. “We will no longer stand for murder,” the man said, smugly letting go of Y/N and ushering his sidekicks to the do the same. They allowed themselves to be taken into custody. “That was all we wanted. A message. We realize your type are going to put us in prison now for free speech, but our message is out.”

Now that they were in handcuffs, Spencer couldn’t help himself. “You brought a gun into it. That negates free speech. And if you were paying any attention, none of these cameras are actually on.”

Morgan smirked as the men tried to lunge at Spencer, but he, Hotch and another Bureau member were keeping them at bay. As they were ushered away, Y/N sent the patient to an ambulance and ran up to Spencer. “Baby,” she breathed. “I’m sorry I didn’t say I love you this morning.”

“Me too,” he cried, clutching her tightly. “I’m sorry for being such an ass. I choose you, okay? I’ll work on myself. I-I promise.” He took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to her nose. “I love you.”


Nearly five hours later, the Bureau had finished clearing the area and Y/N had been checked out by the EMTs. She’d suffered a couple of cuts and scrapes, but not much else; she’d be okay. 

As she sat down on the couch, the events of the day seemed to way her down, anchoring her in place. “Spence, what happened with us? Since when have we not been able to communicate?”

“It’s me,” he said. “It’s always been me. I’ve kept you at bay to keep you safe from the things in my head and in doing so I’ve pushed you away.” When he looked up at her, there were tears in his eyes; he’d nearly lost her today, and if he had it would’ve been in anger. 

Y/N climbed into his lap and rested her forehead against his. “Just talk to me, or someone about work, it doesn’t have to be me,” she said. “You can’t keep it bottled up because that’s not good for you and it’s not okay to me. I deserve more respect than that.”

Spencer lifted his hand up, combing his fingers through her hair and pulling her close to place a kiss on her lips. “You do,” he replied. “I’m sorry…I-I-”

“What is it?”

“When the patient came out and said that a doctor had been killed…I was relieved, Y/N,” he cried, the tears finally overflowing. “It wasn’t you and I was happy. I-I feel so…so awful. I was relieved, Y/N.” His lip quivered at the thought that; could he truly be that cold?

Y/N got comfortable in his lap and rested her head against his chest. “It can be hard to reconcile the two, but just because you were relieved that I hadn’t died, doesn’t mean that you were glad he did. The two happened together, but they aren’t one in the same.”

Spencer cried against her, his tears falling into her hair for a short while before she turned her head upward and pressed her lips to his jawline. “It’s gonna be okay. We’ll be okay. Just talk to me, okay?” He nodded and gently grabbed the side of her face and tilted it upward, his lips gliding over her skin. 

Slowly, their bodies mingled as clothes were shed - the events of the day causing them to cling to one another. Nearly naked, Y/N stood up and reached for his hand, more than ready to get lost in the one she loved and forget today’s events had ever happened. As Spencer stood up, his bare skin against her, she breathed into him. “Start over?”


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what hair products do you use? such luscious hair cannot be just shampoo, condition and go

Seana Gorlick!!! She’s my groomer, they call her Seana the Sauna, she gets heated very quickly. 

Anyway, for years she tried very expensive products, heavy duty stuff, but I kept telling her I use hotel hand lotion in my hair! She didn’t believe me so she kept trying different things. Then she asked Chris McMillan who does Jennifer Aniston’s hair, “what do you do with curly hair?” and he said “nothing you cant do anything with it, just leave it”…Later that day he walks over and goes, honestly “I just use hand lotion”. 

Sauna comes to me and goes “this is the last thing I wanna say, but you’re totally right, I guess we’ll have to use hand lotion” The best one: trader joes -mid summer’s hand lotion, has to be heavy but still greasy, Im a real grease ball. 


                        - PART I

(requested by multiple anons
                - keep reading the next parts too ;) )

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 482
summary : Reader is a Trybrid (witch , werewolf and vampire) and very close with Klaus (like a daughter to him). She ends up in the Prison World where Kai is accidentally , trying to help a friend.
NOTE : This is the story with Kai / Kol / Reader , apologies for Kol missing in this chapter , but he will be in the next ones. Gotta start somewhere before we get to the fun part… ;)
*gif by vampirediaries

“What the hell ?”  she said getting up from the cold floor and looking around.
Y/N had been out in the woods helping a friend with a spell and suddenly she found herself in one of the hallways in her old high school. It was the middle of September , Tuesday … yet the hallways were deserted , no sounds came from the classrooms or anywhere from that matter. Well , almost… There was something but Y/N wasn’t sure if she was imagining it or not. She walked the empty hallways and got out of the school looking around , trying to find someone but there was absolutely no one. For a moment she thought maybe she had passed out and it was all some weird dream or something. Using her vampire hearing she headed for the only sound she could hear , leading her into an empty looking house.
The place seemed familiar , like a memory of a memory or a dream of a dream … then she realised why the house looked familiar - she had walked past it while going to school when she had been a kid. Y/N walked up the porch and knocked on the door. A few moments passed and no one opened so she decided to see for herself , but just as she was about to put her hand on the door knob , the door opened and in front of her stood a young man. He looked surprised to see someone standing on his doorstep , his facial expression went from shock to surprise to suspicion in seconds.
“Um … Hi.” she said smiling nervously. “I’m Y/N. Sorry to bother you , I … I kind of just found myself here , could you tell me where everybody is ?”
The young man stood frozen at the door for a few seconds before stepping away , letting her walk inside. Y/N took a few steps looking around the place.
“Thanks. Nice house..” she said , a moment before she dropped on her knees her hands reaching for her head trying to fight off the spell causing her the worst witchy migraine ever , then the world went dark.When Y/N woke up , she was tied to a chair with vervain ropes around her wrists and ankles. The mysterious young man was standing a few feet away from her , his eyes locked on her.
“Well that’s new…” she muttered trying not to move much before she has figured out the situation. Clearly there had to be some kind of misunderstanding.
“It’s not the only thing that’s new.” the young man said taking a step towards her. He was very handsome with blue eyes perfect chizzled jaw and judging by the purple - black veins showing under his eyes , he was also a vampire.
“Ooh-kay. Look , I don’t know who you are but there has to be some misunderstanding here. I was trying to help a friend and the spell must’ve gone wrong because I ended up here … except I have no idea where ‘here’ is or who you are.” she said.
“Oh right , sorry manners. I forgot to introduce myself earlier.” he said smiling. “I’m Kai. This is my home … not referring to the house , tho it is my home. The world outside is my home or … prison to be more accurate.”

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Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part 8 (Jax Teller x Reader)

Summary: After receiving the ‘message’ from the strangers, (Y/N) doesn’t know if she’ll live to see her friends again.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Mentions of torture, sadness, anger (it’s Sons of Anarchy, what do you expect?)


This was the second worse pain I had ever felt, the first one from being shot. My eyes were refusing to open, feeling heavy. I could feel myself being jolted around on a metal floor, my hands and ankles tied up. As my hearing came back I realised I was in the back of a van. I was alive….for now.

They suddenly stopped, opening the back doors. I felt hands on me, lifting my body. I screamed out, panicking that they were dumping me somewhere where no one would find me or even killing me. Instead I was thrown out of the vehicle, landing on my side. They quickly drove away, leaving me wherever I was. My eyes finally opened to show where I was. It was still dark out, making it impossible to see anything. Any move I made hurt like hell, it was hard not to cry out. Our of the corner of my eye, I spotted a sign; Teller Morrow.

“Who is that?” I heard a voice. It sounded like Juice.“Guys, someone’s been dumped here!”

“Help.” I croaked out, hardly hearing my own voice.

He stood over me, his eyes widening as he realised who I was.“IT’S (Y/N)! GUYS IT’S (Y/N)!” he shouted.

Juice knelt down beside me, taking out a knife and cutting the ropes. I heard running footsteps coming towards us. Clay, Gemma, Tig and Chibs surrounded me, all of them with shocked faces.

“What’s happening?!”


“Who is it? Guys who….”

Our eyes met, his viewing bigger just as Juice’s had. Without hesitation, he crouched down beside Juice, his hand grabbing mine tightly.

“We need to get her to the hospital.” he stated.

“And what about when they start asking questions?” Clay snapped.

“How can you think about that when she’s lying like this right in front of you?! Juice, bring the car around.”

“On it.” I saw him sprint off.

“You’re going to be ok, (Y/N), we’re going to get you to a hospital. Someone call the girls, well then we’ll meet at the hospital.”

“Jax….Jax.” my shaking hand clutched onto the collar of his shirt.“I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have gone.” I was struggling to speak.

“Shh, don’t speak now. Just stay awake for us.”

Jax scooped me up gently, placing me in the backseat of the car with my head on his lap. Chibs and Juice sat in the front, immediately driving away as soon as I was settled. I couldn’t be sure of any major wounds because everything was hurting. Jax kept a good of my hand the whole way, talking to me to keep me awake. Luckily it was a short ride, I was soon being rushed inside.

It was hard to stay concsious. I just wanted to rest. As the doctors and nurses checked on me, I desperately tried to answer all of their questions. Jax stayed in the room with me, staying as close to me as he possibly could, looking pissed off as the staff pushed him away.

“Miss (Y/L/N),” a doctor caught my attention,“you are very lucky not to have torn or broken anything. But we would like to keep you in overnight to keep an eye on things.”

“Can someone stay with her?” Jax asked.

“Only those who are registered as her emergency contacts,” the doctor looked annoyed now, flicking his papers on his checkboard to make a point,“which you are not Mr Teller.”

“Well, until they do get here?”

“Fine. We shall call them.”

Jax did not tell them that we already did that, happy to be allowed in. As they left, Jax pulled up a chair beside my bed, holding my hand again.

“Cops are gonna be coming soon. They’ll want to ask you questions while it’s fresh in your mind. But I know this wasn’t just some run in, what happened to you?”

I didn’t say anything, instead closing my eyes.

His grip tightened as he shook my arm.“Don’t fall asleep on me! We need to come up with something.”

“I’ll just say it was a run in with some members of the Predators. They have it on record, they know that there are still members out there.”

“Get the details in your head. You-”

Jax was interrupted by the door opening. Two officers, one young and one old walked in, looking surprised when they saw Jax. The younger man looked more disgusted actually.

“Uh, Miss (Y/L/N), I’m Chief Unser from the California Police Department, this is my Deputy Chief Hale. We’re here to ask you some questions about your attack.”

I just nodded.

“Me Teller you’re going to have to leave.” Hale ordered.

Jax tensed his jaw, standing up slowly.“You gonna be alright?

Again, I nodded.

Jax left hesitantly, scanning his eyes up and down the officers before he finally left. I didn’t really want to be by myself but I knew that if Jax was here he would give his own statement which could fuck things up. The officers stood either side of me, Hale with a notepad ready.

"How did you meet the Sons, eh?” I knew Unser was trying to mask his question as a joke.

“Aren’t you supposed to be asking me about the attack?” I mumbled, still exhausted.

“Miss (Y/L/N), those men are very dangerous. They could get you into serious trouble.” Hale sternly said.

I scoffed.“It’s a bit late for that, don’t you think?”

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Normally I was good with the police, the girls would always rely on me to be the polite, obeying one so that they would not get into anymore trouble. Hopefully they would think that I was acting like this due to the recent events, not because I was friends with the Sons.

“How did this happen?”

“I was going for a walk when these men jumped out at me and started to beat me up.” I simply stated.

“What time was this?”

“I’m not sure. We had all been round at Gemma Teller’s house for dinner and I had been drinking. I started to feel sick so Jax took me home. I don’t know how long it was till I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. Then it happened.”

“Where was this 'attack’?”

“I honestly couldn’t tell you. I still haven’t got my bearings and it was dark out.”

“Do you think this could be linked to the Devoted Predators? We’ve recently had sightings of them and you seem to have quite a past with them.”

Yes, they were assuming it was them.

“They weren’t wearing kuttes and it was so dark that I couldn’t see their faces. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was them.”

The questions carried on like this, trying to get as much information out of me as possible. However they were getting no where, soon being asked to leave by a nurse doing the rounds. It was now only family members allowed for the remainder of the visiting hours.

“Thank you Miss (Y/L/N). We’ll be in touch later on. Hopefully we can catch these guys. I hope you have a speedy recovery.” Unser left the room, Hale staying behind for a second.

“Get out while you still can ma'am.”

I glared at him as he left. How dare he say that?! As if I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. It wasn’t hard to see that he hated Sons of Anarchy. Pushing it out of my mind, I settled down into the bed, finally getting some peace; of course I was wrong.

“(Y/N)?!” Three voices called as they burst into the room.

I sighed.

Frankie threw herself on me, momentarily forgetting that I was injured. She instead grabbed a hand, multiple apologies pouring out of her. Alex took my other hand, kissing the back of it as Bea stood next to my head, stroking my hair back. I had never seen them cry, ever, this was a weird experience.

“I’m alright now guys.” I smiled, getting emtional myself.

“We’re going to kill whoever did this to you. The fucking cowards, why would they target you?”

“Don’t ask questions I cannot answer.”

“Visiting hours are going to be over soon. (Y/N), you can tell us what happened.” Bea said.

Frankie pleaded.“Please, we need to know.”

“Why?” I asked bluntly.“Why do you 'need’ to know?”

Bea suddenly turned serious.“You’re our friend, our family. Tell us what happened so we can fix it.”

I sighed, closing my eyes.

“No, you know what?” Alex sounded angry.“Why did you leave Gemma’s in the beginning? The only reason we didn’t call or go after you was because Jax was so persistent on it.”

“I didn’t feel too good, wine got to my head a little.”

“What are you hiding? Why are you hiding it?”

“I’m not hiding anything. Look, I’m really tired and I need to rest. I love you guys, see you tomorrow morning.”

Laying down properly and getting comfortable, I curled up beneath the covers, ready to sleep. I heard the others sign before leaving. That night I simply cried myself to sleep.


“(Y/N), how are ya’ feeling luv’?” Chibs greeted me as I entered the clubhouse.

We hugged.“Better though still sore.”

He gestured for me to sit with him at the bar.“That’s good, I’m glad you’re out. Wha’ about the girls?”

After being released from the hospital the next day, I pretty much received the silent treatment from the girls. They still helped me around the house along with caring for my injuries; but whenever they could, they wouldn’t speak to me.

I sighed.“They’re still not happy with me.”

“They said tha’ you didn’t tell them the truth.”

“But I did!” I lied.

“What’s all the shouting for?” Jax walked in, smiling as he saw me.“Hey darlin, you’re finally out.”

His arm went round my shoulder.“Thanks. Have you seen Frankie?”

“Yeah, she’s fixing up a car. Did Alex and Bea come with you?”

I nodded.“They said Clay wanted to call Church and they are invited.”

Chibs stood up.“Best go round up the others.” he patted Jax on the shoulder before walking off.

Jax took his seat.

“I know it’s about me. But you guys just need to drop it.”

“(Y/N), how are we supposed to forget something like that? This is clearly a threat to you and the club!”

“Maybe or maybe not! But how the hell are we supposed to track down these guys?”

Jax grabbed my hand, leading me out of the bar and towards the dorms. As soon as we entered his room, he slammed the door behind us.

“Jax, what was that all about?” I asked in bewilderment.

He ran a hand through his hair.“I’ve gotta tell you something. But there is no way you can tell the others you know, especially the girls!”

“Jax, is this about the Devoted Predators?”

“How did you know?”

“Because you’ve all been acting weird. Tig gave it away.”

“Tig? What the hell did he do?”

I remained silent, sitting on his bed.

He knelt in front of me, taking my face in his hands and slightly shaking it.“(Y/N), stop fucking around! What did Tig do?!”

“You think I’m just fucking around?” I threw his hands off me.“Jax, you realise that this is history repeating itself.”

“Tell me.”

I hesitated.“I got a weird call and he was just there at the time. I wanted to confront him about the Predators but he wouldn’t say anything.”

“I have a feeling that Clay is going to tell you about that in Church.”

“I’m not invited.”

Jax decided to change the topic.“Phone. Now.”

“What? No.”

“That weird call must be linked to all this. Let Juice analyse the call.”

I got off of his bed, storming towards the door before Jax stopped me. I was about to protest when he pulled me towards him, capturing me in a deep kiss. Without hesitation I started to kiss back, my hands instantly reaching up around his neck as his went to my lower back. They started to travel further down, grabbing my arse, causing me to out a small moan. What was I feeling? Lust? Love? Some sort of warm emotion? But before things got any further, the door was swung open.

“Jackie boy, time for church-oh, sorry for interrupting.” Chibs said, trying to hide his smile.

I pulled away from Jax, facing away from them both as my face burned from the blushing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jax acting as if nothing happened.

“I’ll be out there soon.” he replied.

Chibs left, leaving me in total embarrassment. I covered my face with my hands, peeking through my fingers to see Jax smirking.

“I don’t know how long we’ll be in there. Feel free to take from the bar if you get thirsty.” he pecked my lips, swaggering out of the room.

And that’s when I saw it.

He had my phone. The sneaky bastard had got my phone during the kiss. He was just using me. It wouldn’t be the first time a biker did that.

I was going through my hard drive and found a little something that I had forgotten about; a Frozen edit where I corrected Elsa’s magical/physics-defying braid. (It annoyed the heck out of me so I fixed it… Sooo satisfying!)

Program used: Photoshop CC (ca 2-3h) PS: I am a digital compositor, not an animator.

EDIT: To those whom cannot see the difference - In the original, Elsa’s braid goes right through her left arm, while in my edit it folds and falls over her shoulder. If you focus on the end/tip of her hair in the first one, you will notice that it never goes over her arm, but still manages to get in front of it.