i cannot get him out of my head

she’s there (breathing and shining)

A short fic about Killian first coming home to Emma waiting in their bed, simply because I cannot get it out of my head. Rated G. 800 words.

For @starlessness who listened to me melt over these two.

Emma can sense him as he walks up to the house, as if somehow the sauntering of his footsteps matched the beats of her heart. It feels like a flooding of warmth in her chest, the way he enters the vicinity with her as his main destination. From her side of the bed, Emma cannot help but smile in relief, knowing that her love has made it home to her safe and sound. 

Her eyes fall shut, letting her other senses observe him as he makes his way to her. She first hears the front door open and close, the subsequent soft sounds of keys clattering on the front table and bootless feet padding up the stairs. The silence in the house makes it easy for her to hear him sigh, a soft sound that tells her he’s exhausted. 

The door to their bedroom opens and Emma smiles. She had shown him earlier in the day where their bedroom is, promising that if business with the Jolly took too long, she’d wait up for him. Truthfully, she did originally have intentions to make this a night they both would never forget, but the man staring at her in the doorway is two steps away from collapsing into a puddle of sleeping pirate. 

As tired as he looks, he still takes a moment to admire her from where he stands. After all, he would never want to forget this first, especially not with Emma Swan looking so beautiful in the moonlight as it bathes her from the window. 

“Someone’s sleepy,” she comments quietly. 

“Didn’t think that would take so long.” Exhaustion has grabbed hold of his accent, tugging on his articulation so that all his words slur together. “Sorry, love. I know you wanted a romantic evening.” 

Emma moves herself to sit at the foot of the bed, beckoning him to come over. He walks in slow steps, but soon finds himself in front of her. Her arms slide around his waist, head laying flat against his stomach. She feels the warmth of his returned embrace the second his arms are around her, his lips pressing a kiss to the top of her head. 

“We have the rest of our lives for romantic evenings. Go shower and come to bed.”

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i have had this thought for awhile and i cannot get it out of my head 


  • so 
  • lets say v doesn’t die from the gun shots
  • instead, he survives by a slim margin
  • so when he wakes up in the hospital- it’s slow and groggy.  he’s sore all over and it takes him a bit for his good eye to adjust to the light.  he does however, recognize the scent of medicine and sterilization, so it isn’t too terribly long before he realizes where he is 
  • and maybe he’s even….  disappointed (i’m not saying he wanted to die, but i am saying he does have some things he needs to work out)
  • and out of the corner of his eye, just as v is sitting himself up (despite the mild discomfort the action itself causes him) he see’s mc with their head down on the bed by his side
  • hair a bit of a mess 
  • clearly has been taken care of as well- bandages and gauze here and there.  he can’t see much seeing as they’re adorned their faithful thick sweater, but they seem pretty much okay (much to his relief)
  • he’s a bit taken aback frankly- because not only did he NOT expect to wake up in a hospital- they were also the last person he thought he would see…  so he moves without much thought and ends up waking them up 
  • and those first few moments of them slowly returning to consciousness are quiet- incredibly quiet and the seconds feel more like hours 
  • but when mc focuses their eyes on him
  • they juST JUMP UP
  • HURTS THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY’RE A LIL SORE STILL (which causes v to fret a lil because!!!  u look hurt r u okay pls don’t hurt yourself) 
  • and even though i feel like mc certainly isn’t the most frightening looking person- v kinda shrinks back like oh…what…no don’t look at me like that
  • like a confused puppy 
  • and then mc goes OFF
  • just
  • “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING do you have ANY idea how worried we were about you????  what were you trying to do- be a freaking martyr???  the hero????”
  • and v tells INSTANTLY that they weren’t really… mad
  • that it came from a good heart and concern 
  • so he ends up smiling a lil- just a lil 
  • which causes mc to shut up IMMEDIATELY because damnit mc is already weak, and v’s smile is something everyone is weak to
  • and when he apologizes for worrying them…  they simmer down a little more…  they still look mad- but a flustered type of mad 
  • and then they look like they’re about to cry 
  • and then v’s heart breaks a lil because he didn’t mean to make them cry???  don’t cry- he’s okay!!!
  • “everyone was so worried- you didn’t wake up right away.  we didn’t know when you’d wake up”
  • (aka he was in a coma for a few days)
  • and mc’s chin is tucked against their chest and v ALMOST reaches out to pat their head but…  doesn’t because they’re not SUPER close you know?  surely more than acquaintances but still strangers in a lot of different ways 
  • but he feels…  really guilty nonetheless, he doesn’t like it when he makes ppl sad. 
  • so he again, apologizes for worrying them
  • and then mc just lifts their head up- no tears!!  a little red but no tears
  • and just their hand up-pinky out 
  • “you’ve gotta promise me that you’ll cherish your life just as much as everyone in the rfa does- that…  that there won’t be anymore secrets…. that you’ll..”
  • “…you’ll let us protect you too”
  • (he doesn’t hear the last part tho)
  • and THAT gets him by surprise- mc was a pretty surprising person as is, always catching him off guard whenever he was in chat, or when he would read through chat logs just to keep up to date with what was going on with everyone.  pretty daring- not that he minded…  but sometimes throwing him for a loop.
  • and it’s not that he hesitates…  but it’s as if he has to process what they just said.
  • maybe it’s because it was said with such sincerity that he’s so thrown off guard (though that in itself makes him feel a little bad)
  • and then mc gets impatient/worried and just 
  • “well??”
  • which makes him smile just a tiny bit again because their cheeks are puffed out like a hamsters 
  • and if they were closer friends he would tease them 
  • but instead his longer slender pinky wraps around mc’s own and he nods 
  • “i…. promise.”
  • and for the rfa’s sake, he decided for this to not be a lie 

I have the syndrome of “I’m writing -insert number of fanfics (2 in my case)- but… what if I start a new one?

because I cannot get out of my head an AU fanfic with Mage!Soul and Angel!Maka so I had to sketch them to calm down

and I love their hairstyles, are like an asymmetric Kid’s nightmare, specially Soul xD

Angsty Kallus Thought

Okay so this idea came into my head a few days ago and I cannot stopt hinking about it so imagine this: If/when Kallus is discovered as Fulcrum I wonder if Thrawn would hesitate in killing him because Thrawn realizes theirs a risk of creating a martyr. If people found out someone as loyal as Kallus defected, people might start to wonder what horrible things the Empire is doing to drive someone like him to defect. 

So Thrawn would have two options: find a way to make it seem like the Rebels killed Kallus so word wouldn’t get out that he defected like with Tua, or ensure he can never use his voice again. 

Course this idea could just be the lack of sleep talking. 

(M)ALEC Headcanon

I just cannot get that scene out of my head in which Alec is a tad late for a meeting at The Institute which is weird enough and basically never happened before since he is taking his job or rather vocation very serious. But at that particular morning staying in bed and sleeping in with his favorite Warlock had just been a bit too enticing and Magnus – aside from never wishing to cause his beloved Shadowhunter any trouble – had just given in to the feeling of having Alec so near, all for himself and had not wanted to share him with the world yet now.

So a few minutes after the set date an unkempt Alec Lightwood, the one calling the shots now, with still damp hair from a quick shower (a planned quick one that has been prolonged by a certain someone), shows up at the place he grew up in and is first greeted by an also late Parabatai who eyes him with a bright grin and then frowns when examining the other one’s clothes.

”What the hell is that?”, Jace asks, tugging at Alec’s sleeve.

”I dunno what you’re talking ab-”, Alec starts his usual grumpy reply, then follows his brother’s gestures over his appearance, furrowing his brows.

That”, Jace thinks he clarifies.

”A jacket”, Alec replies and rolls his eyes because he has better things to do than having this talk.

”It’s none of yours”, his Parabatai states with a self-confident smile, putting a hand on the other one’s chest to keep him from walking away. “Did someone have a hot, wild night including ripped off buttons and torn clothes?”

Alec sighs, rolling his eyes again. “If you need to know, yes, I had. Hot due to the weather, wild due to encountering a Scavenger demon that just did not want to believe me when I told it I had better things to do than being torn apart by sharp, fugly talons.”

”Is that so?”, Jace grins and Alec gives him a ‘da fuck, of course it is, if not why would I tell you’-kind of shrug.

”And it ripped the shirt, too?”, Jace continues to tease and his Parabatai just stares at him.

”Looking for more info? Read my report!”

The grin spreading across Jace’s face is bright and cheeky as he lets his fingers run over both the black silky blazer and dark blue shirt that are 100% High-Warlock-of-Brooklyn-style, but not his brother’s.

”Sure, will do”, he says and ignores Alec’s confused frown.


Just in case there are still people out there who don’t believe we Germans have some kind of humour.

So if you want some second hand embarrassment or just have a bad day - this video is always good for a laugh!

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your story and cannot wait for the companion fic! I loved your world-building in your posts. They have actually given me a hc that I can't get out of my head. Even though it probably won't happen. I imagine that if Viktor ever saw Yuuri playing the piano on one of Phichit's SM accounts it would be of him playing a song for Phichit's bday. Then I had this idea of the Detroit skaters having a surprise party of Celestino bc that man deserves a medal for putting up with everything!

That is such a cute HC!

Congrats @11thsense on 4,000 followers! That’s nuts and I’m so happy for you cause your art is fantastic. I cannot art but I can write so here is my submission for your contest (I wanted to go with one of your aus cause I love them so much but I couldn’t get your one of Jason and Duke sitting at a bus stop wearing crop tops and drinking smoothies out of my head so this happened).

Jason slammed the door to the dryer shut and looked over at Duke who was sitting just behind him on top of the row of washing machines. Duke had an old Gameboy in hand and seemed to be swaying from side to side, mimicking the movement of the character on the screen. Suddenly he groaned, “Come on!”

Jason walked over and was able to just catch sight of the screen as it flashed the words You Lose. “Well that sucks, man.” Jason told his friend with a less than sympathetic grin.

Duke glared, picking up the book Jason had been reading between switching loads. The younger boy opened the washer Jason had just filled with Kori’s, Roy’s and his own T-shirts then held the worn copy of The Horse and His Boy aloft. “Don’t make me,” Duke said with a cruel eyebrow raised.

Jason’s eyes widened in true horror as he gasped. “You wouldn’t.”

Duke smirked, “I would.” He dangled the book above the soapy water.

Jason’s gaze darted between the novel and his friend’s face, trying to judge whether Duke was bluffing. The risk was determined to be too great. “Ok, I’m sorry! I’ll try and cut back on the biting wit!”

Duke nodded and closed the lid of the machine, setting the book back on top. “Thank you. I also believe a smoothie is in order.” 

“Now you’re pushing it,” Jason replied and hopped up beside him.

“You could’ve just gone to the Manor with this.”

Jason shrugged. “Nah. I get a kick out of the looks the little old ladies give me when I come in wearing my crop top.”


Weak (Bad Girl Prequel) (M)

Characters: Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Other GOT7 members

Genre: Smut

Warning/s: Use of drugs, Orgasm Denial, Cursing, Begging Jaebum ASKLDHGAOSUDGOI

Length: 2,739 words

Plot:   (I forgot to include this earlier askhdagh) THIS IS THE REQUESTED PREQUEL OF BAD GIRL WHERE YOU CAN ACCESS here.

You love it when Jaebum is dominant in bed.  He will always fuck the life out of you and act like an angel right after.  However, sometimes, you would like to be the one’s in charge; but he doesn’t allow you.  One time you became so desperate and annoyed already that you decided to do whatever it takes for you to have him under your control.

A/N I cannot seem to get this out of my head and this is abrupt writing, my apologies for the lack of proofreading and such.


“Does that feel good, Daddy?”  You smiled at your boyfriend’s helpless form on the bed, as you pump his hard cock up and down, thumbing the head and the slit, and spreading the precum all the way down to the base.  You repeated the same process, only to squeeze his cock a bit tighter than earlier, when you didn’t hear any response from Jaebum.

“Do not fight it, Daddy.  I know you want to groan so damn bad, what’s stopping you?”  You murmured as you gripped his cock and began pumping it faster, as Jaebum’s head fell back on the pillows, with his head still feeling slurry and his whole body tensing as you continue your ministrations.  When you press your nail on the head of his erection, Jaebum let out a groan that made you smile victoriously; finally getting what you want from him.

“F-fuck you.” He said annoyingly, teeth gritting as his head began to swim with lust.  He wanted to touch you so bad.  He wanted to slap your ass, pull your hair, and choke your neck, but his whole body is feeling so weak that he cannot even lift his arm without putting an effort.  He wanted you underneath him, to hear you beg, whine, and moan as he pounds in to you relentlessly.  However, seems like the world just turned upside down and he is the one begging for release, which you have been denying from him for a while.

His legs started to quiver and his whole body tensed as he steps in to his release, but Jaebum kept his face straight – showing you that he is not going to boost your ego.  When he is about to cum, you pulled away from him, and he looked up to you with disappointment plastered on his face.

“I didn’t hear you beg for it yet, so, why should I let you cum?”

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“No, no please no” Henry breathed out, feeling tears well up in his eyes.

“We are afraid you must wait here, my king. The birth is going to be a tough one” the maid had her head bowed respectfully.

“How is my wife? How is (Y/n)?” he dared to ask, feeling his lower lip trembled. Fearing edged inside him more than ever before, more than any battle he had been in.

“She is handling well… for now. We cannot predict how the situation will be later but- she is being strong, my king. Our queen is not willing to give up so easily” she tried to smile reassuringly.

“I must- I must see her. I need to see her” he breathed out, ready to get up from his throne where they had forced him to stay till you had given birth.

“My king, I am sorry but you must not- you cannot enter.” the maid said in a low but still audible voice.

“That inside there is my wife! And I will not stand here, doing nothing while she in there is giving the biggest fight of her life for all of us!” he roared.

“My king-”

“I will see her. Now. And I won’t hear a single word. I am the king and you will do as I say. Take me to her.” he commanded full of authority and they had no other choice.


“Just a little more my queen, please try to hold on a little more. It is not just the right time yet” the maid was trying to sooth you down, not that you could hear much in your pain and screaming.

The doors burst open and all the maids that were inside the room turned to look at who had entered. All of their eyes widened as they saw Henry as a small whimper left your lips.

“Hal” you whispered his old name and a small, sad and loving smile appeared on his lips.

“Go on!” he commanded the rest of the maids that had stopped, freezing int their place. He quickly rushed by your side and took hold of your hand.

You turned your head to look up at him, your lower lip trembling as tears had welled up in your eyes.

“I’m scared” you whispered to him, one tear running down your cheek.

“I know my love. I know” he whispered kissing your forehead “I know. But you must fight my queen. You shall fight because I know you can. That’s what made me fall in love with you so many years ago. Your passion and will to fight for the ones you love. You shall not stop now. You must not stop now” he said firmly and you smiled at him.

“I will fight. For you. For us. For this baby.” you said back just as firmly.

“Yes my love” he whispered kissing your hand “Yes, that’s right. And you shall win. I know it, my beautiful angel. I know you will.”

You gave him a nod squeezing his hand and put all your will in fighting this battle for him, for you and above all for the kid.

A Day in the Life

Chapter is coming along.  It should be a big one by the time I am done.  Still have to edit but getting closer.  A little fun tease.

“Oliver, get out of my bed.” Oliver looks up at her with puppy dog eyes and shakes his head.  Felicity does not know what she wants to do more, kick him or pat his head!

“Oliver, where I am supposed to sleep if you take my bed?” She cannot believe the gall when he pulls down the covers on the other side of him like she should just jump into bed with him.

“No, that is a bad idea.  You can sleep on the couch tonight.  Out of my bed,” Oliver shakes his head and pats the bed.  Looking at the twinkle in his eye, Felicity knows he is not going to move and he is too heavy for her to force him.  

“Fine, I will sleep on the couch tonight,” before she can turn around an arm snakes out and grabs her pulling her down.  It happens so fast that she is taken off guard.  Falling she feels arms like steel wrap around her and then she is lying down next to Oliver.

“What are you doing, Oliver?” Trying to get up, Felicity finds herself tugged closer to Oliver.

“I want you here with me.  I missed you last night,” Felicity feels his nose in her hair and ….

“Are you sniffing me?” as she hears a big inhale from his nose.

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there’s never going to be another john watson like the one martin freeman gave us and i just can’t get that out of my head like- i cannot believe that this show has failed an actor like him so spectacularly?? like its the saddest thing to be- because we’re going to write more and more, and we’re going to sing praise for him until the end of time but it just /isn’t fair/ that they reduced someone like martin to THAT. like my bi-montly spark issue came in a few days ago and someone wrote that martin’s john was positively electrifying and its just haunting me like SERIOUSLY haunting me. i’m still tinhatting, but in the grand scheme of things i really do believe they’re done. and i’m left mourning something that made me into who i am today, and its so dumb but like they deserved so much better. i can’t believe i’m being left in the cold like this, that i had to watch mofftiss kill EVERYTHING that they spent years perfecting. its just heartbreaking- and i wish there was a grave for bbc sherlock because the more i look at it, its been dead since season 2 ended. its just the worst. im so sad.

Soundtrack Spotlight: Bedtime by Annie Eve (soundcloud link)

Scene: Damon starts spiraling in the wine cellar.

Why: I love this song for this scene for so many reasons, but especially because it starts off with that eerie wailing sound that straight up sounds like the pipes screeching (and continues throughout the song). And then there’s the insistence on ‘can I get a second ‘cause I cannot get you out of my head’, which sounds like Lily and his general past closing in on him, as well as the ‘and my blood is a stream, is a stream of what I’ve done, where I’ve been, it’s not clean’, which is poignant because Damon is so convinced he’ll never be clean. He’s just ruled out the possibility of ever being normal. And then the kind of sexual implication of ‘come to bed, bring a friend, it’s a party’ touches on the unproductive, hedonistic way he deals with everything. This is just one of those rare songs that feels like a perfect match for a scene to me.

I have a bad habit of falling in love with the idea of a person instead of who they actually are.
I made up a person in my head that you could never be, and I ended up constantly disappointed when you didn’t meet the image in my head.
I have a bad habit of falling in love with people I could never be with because then they cannot challenge the version of themselves that I have in my head.
yet I still end up breaking my own heart because they are too far away, because I spend my nights dreaming of holding his hand and kissing him and laughing and then I wake up with the cold reality of an empty space beside me because I am alone. because WE only exist in my head, we are not real even if my feelings are.
but then he starts to love me, he gets close to me, he will get so close to asking me out, then we will date and then I end up breaking up with him because I feel nothing, because I feel more empty with him than I did alone. because although he is sleeping right beside me I still wake up feeling cold.
and thats how it starts and ends, It starts with a distant dream and thinking I have no chance and then he is beside me holding my hand and then with a blink, its over. 
and its not his fault, he could of done everything good in the world for me and I probably still would of ended up breaking up with him because the idea of who he was in my head will never be the reality of him. 

and in the end I still break my own heart because when you break someone elses heart you also break your own. 

and I don’t want to be in love because I dont know what love is anymore. I’ve spilled the words “I love you” so many times to only wish I never said it in the first place.
I’ve been told “I love you” so many times but it only sounds like some kind of apology.
like “I love you but your too cold” ,
“ i love you but you stare at the walls too much." 

"I love you” sounds a lot like guilt tripping to me than sincerity and I am one messed up kid and thats why I live in my head with the ideas of people instead of the reality of them because I have a bad habit of leaving when it gets too real and you can’t leave your own head.

—  messy collection on not knowing how to love a person properly 
Honorable Ones

This is just a little thing I wrote thanks to the episode mentioned above. I legit cannot get this ship out of my head. Thanks to @itsybitsylemonsqueezy for being the best beta.

Kallus is sitting alone in his quarters after the whole ordeal on the moon of Geonosis, and all he can do is rub that damn meteorite and think about his time with Zeb. He had done his research on the rebel, but Zeb had surprised him in so many ways.

Kallus objectively knows that all Lasat are covered in fur. It’s in all of the datapads, not to mention he has had plenty of interactions with Lasat. But he did not know how soft they were until Zeb picked him up in that cave on the moon of Geonosis. He had to physically stop himself from actually petting him. Are all Lasat this soft? Is it just Zeb? How had he never noticed? In all the holos it looks so short, barely even noticeable. When Zeb hiked him up on his back to keep him from falling he felt a pull on his uniform and realized that his fur is actually rough going against the grain. Kallus had absolutely no idea what to do with this new information and had to force it down to deal with later. Hopefully after they get out of this, alive.

Kallus also knows that Lasat are stronger than your average human, by quite a bit actually. But when Zeb picked him up like was the weight of a loth cat? He may have griped about carrying him later, but Kallus could tell he wasn’t actually struggling with his weight, just with him being dead weight because he couldn’t actually hold on properly without the use of one of his legs. Kallus can’t deny he’s just a bit impressed with himself, and how he’s held up as an opponent against Zeb. He will also willingly admit, at least to himself, being thrown both by his leg, and bridal style out the cave were some of his least favorite experiences ever.

He was surprised with Zeb’s reactions to both the admissions of the origins of the bo-rifle and his story of the mercenary Lasat. Kallus had no idea that giving your weapon to a superior foe was a Lasat custom. It gives him a weird swooping feeling in his stomach that Zeb seems to really respect that. Zeb also seemed to never have heard of a Lasat becoming a mercenary, especially one so brutal. He’s not sure why he finds that endearing, that he only sees the good in his own people.

When Kallus is startled awake when he hears a ship land a short ways away. After him and Zeb startle apart he immediately misses Zeb’s warmth. He is astonished with how warm Zeb was. Is he an actual furnace? That must be some great insulating fur; it must be like down, soft to keep all that warm air in. It’s no wonder Zeb kept letting him hold the meteorite, he must not be anywhere near as cold.

Kallus realizes while sitting alone in his bunk, that he actually surprised himself a few times as well. He surprised himself when he shot the creature rather than an easy clean shot of Zeb. He surprised himself in how much he revealed himself to Zeb. He’s surprised at how much it hurt to not have a similar happy reunion with his troops. He surprised himself in realizing just how lonely it is without the big Lasat at his side.

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((“calibrations accounted for.” Greetings to the grumpy Shockwaffle and mun! C: I would have brought gift baskets. But alas, I cannot shove them through a screen at this time. So imaginary baskets of gifts will have to do.))

{{OH god someone actually summoned the mun, DON’T YOU KNOW THEY ARE MORE TWISTED THEN THE MUSE-}}

“Baskets of gifts are always welcome! Especially imaginary ones, you get to imagine what c͏̬͉̤́o̘̙̜̣͓̹͙ṇ̜̼̖̲̲͘͜͝ͅt̻̕͝ẹ̴̦̯͇̱̲̪̫̠͢͢n̡̠͍ț̫̳̘̫̥̭ͅs̢͚̪͉̼̦̜̬͔ ͉̗̥̠a̬͙̱͟r̶̙̹̙̘̠̗̪e̷͉̗͕̕̕ ̝͕͍̖͔͍̹̀o͈ṋ̸̣̰̭͍͈̞̠̀ ̷͎͉͓̖̬̜̭͚t̨̫̦̫̳̣̖͝͞h̸̦̣̻͍͓ę̼̦̺͉̩ ͉̮̼ị̭̣̝͙̳̦n͓͖̖̹͚̭̜͉͍ś̸̟͚i̵̡̖͘d̦̥͠e͕̟̠.҉̩̱̘.̜̹̰͝.̸̭̼̯̪̬̀͡"̡̞́͘

they pause, tilting their head.

“Don’t mind the muse. I won’t let him rip you to shreds. YET. He’s a tad protective over that adorable conjunx he has- I h҉a̷d t̴o͡ ̵ground͞ h͡im the last time he tried acting out. Thank you for reading my rules though, little one.“

I just cannot get the mental image of Vladimir and Anatoly reacting to Deadpool out of my head. Like. Just Team Red and the Ranskahov brothers. They all end up getting Mexican food. Wade flirts shamelessly with Anatoly and Peter then back to Anatoly. Vladimir wants to kill him but the fucker just keeps getting back up. In the end Matt would explain this to Foggy and Foggy just “WHAT THE FUCK MURDOCK?! YOU ATE MEXICAN WITH SPIDER MAN AND DIDN’T INVITE ME?!” “I’m a super hero too you know.” “Yeah but I know you and you’re not as cool as Spider Man!” “You obviously don’t know Spider Man that well.” “I WOULD HAVE IF YOUD HAVE INVITED ME TO LUNCH WITH YOU GUYS BUT NO!”