i cannot express my love right now

I don’t want to make this long and I’ve debated about whether or not I wanted to post anything, but I feel it necessary to those of you that follow to say a little something.

Due to some personal stuff going on in my life, I’ve had to take a severe step back from certain projects and things related to this website and fandom. I still love Mass Effect and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, but I may have to take a short hiatus or two while I get things in my life sorted. Clearly, I hope you’ll all stick around during those times of absence, but I understand if you don’t. DME has been posting daily since late October 2015, so I think that taking some time off isn’t necessarily a BAD thing overall, anyway.

Even in the midst of what’s going on, I do want to say that scheduling my queue and seeing all the Mass Effect content that this community continues to produce is a wonderful and happy distraction for me. Things in my life are drastically different than they were just a month ago so having this place to dive into to take my mind off of things is really nice.

I’ve had some spectacular folks supporting me behind the scenes (a few tumblr peeps on top of some very special real life peeps). There are those of you who are helping me without even knowing it by making me smile and allowing me see that there are still beautiful and wonderful things going on out in the world.

In the beginning, I started this place as an homage to this series that helped me through a VERY difficult mental time in my life and I know I will continue to look to it to help me through this as well.

If Shepard can do it, so can I.

Thank you all.
Much ❤
~ Marina / Dustie

Firefly’s MP100 Fandom Appreciation Post

(Which Nobody Asked For But Y’alls Getting Anyways)

There are too many incredible artists and writers in this fandom, so this is an incomplete list of people based on who I interact with regularly, and whose stuff I silently fangirl over.  Many of them have been supporters of my art, my fics, or the collaborative comics at Kiddy Corner, like On The Subject of Change.

Thank you to everybody, followers and friends alike, for their support!

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I cannot say enough about this artist. She was a pleasure to work with. She responded so wonderfully to ideas and suggestions and everything came out so incredibly. Honestly, this exceeded my expectations in every way. You should all go commission @orsane right now! Do it! Throw your wallets at her, she’s more than worth it!

I am so in love with Isala and Cullen in this I can’t even put it into coherent sentences. Eeeeee! The lighting, the textures, the expressions….SWOON!

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"Katara is beautiful and she's my wife and my life." -Zuko

…..“But she’s more than that. My wife is a proud daughter of the Southern Water Tribe; a skilled fighter, a born healer, and a Master Water Bender. Not to mention the only Blood Bender in the world. She’s compassionate, intelligent, and kind. I’ve never seen her turn her back on anyone in need and the wellbeing of her people is the most important thing for her as your leader.

When she presented the proposition for the construction of a national medical university here in the Fire Nation, she was met with strong opposition; opposition which quickly learned their Fire Lady would not be so easily dismissed. They’d learn of her stubbornness, of her sheer power of will and tireless determination. The rest, as they say, its history.

And so today we not only celebrate the fifth anniversary of the National University of Medicine here in the Fire Nation–we celebrate the woman behind its creation as well. We celebrate her various contributions to the field of medicine and her pioneering work for women’s rights in both North and Southern Water Tribes. We celebrate the Fire Lady, the wife, the war hero and the healer…the unconditional friend, mentor, ambassador and now….the mother as well.

It is with immense pride and joy that I announce the pregnancy of our first child and my future heir.

Katara, my love, words cannot express how thankful I am to have you. You’ve given me peace. You’ve given me love and understanding. You’ve stood by my side during the good and the bad-especially the bad. It is an honor to have you. I hope you know how much I love and respect you.

And so I ask you to raise your glasses—To Katara! Thank you for all you’ve given us all.”

–Fire Lord Zuko. [At the National Medical University Anniversary Dinner Celebration.]

Video of Fukui Daisuke posted by Itton (@korockitton) on Instagram

Text: I received a comment from Daisuke-san.
Itton: Okay, Daisuke-san.
Daisuke: Yes?
Itton: Umm, please say how you honestly feel right now.
Daisuke: How I honestly feel right now? Umm, I want to hurry and go home. *laugh*
Itton: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Daisuke: Eh?! Why?!

Thank you, @jae06, for showing me this! ♡


So, any of you that have been following me for some time now (or even in the last 2 ½ months) will know how much I love the Backstreet Boys.

This past Wednesday, the boys announced that they are having their 6th BSB Cruise May of next year (2018). And I have some news for you guys…

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No matter how many times I say “I love you”, it’ll never be enough. I cannot express how you make me feel. I cannot express how crazy I am for you. I cannot express how valuable I feel when I am with you. I cannot express how badly I want to spend the rest of my days with you. It happened all too soon, but this did feel so right, I could hold you forever and kiss you along the happy and dark times. I want to hold your hand and be proud to call you mine. You are my goals. You are my little secrets. You are my smile. You are the first thing I want to see and your name sleeps on my lips. You are mine, through all time, space and universe. You changed my life, all I know now is “I love my life.”
—  BINI //love
Unwanted >> Baekhyun, you (Part 4 - End)

Finally it’s here! First of all I’m not satisfied with this part. But I rewrote it like three times so… I hope it is okay :) Enjoy reading

 Part 1| 2 | 3

I don’t love you anymore

The words cut fresh in your heart, as if they were a knife blade, stabbing hard.

He could have meant it. You said to yourself, trying to convince the poor soul of yours. It can’t be like this.

You had always debated his love for you, but with a simple sweet gesture from you would forget about it all.

You couldn’t help but to think what you had done. Were you not the one he wanted? Were you, bad for him? What could it be you had done for him to leave you? Even though you knew Baekhyun didn’t share the same strong affection you had for him, but he never said that he didn’t want to be with you.

Now he was saying it clearly that he didn’t love you, that the picture you drew for the both of you was just an illusion, the silhouette of your feelings for him.

It hurt too badly the tears won’t come out. You stood frozen in the middle of the street. You were on your way home, now you didn’t know where to go. Why would you go back if he won’t be there?

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“I really am glad you tried out.”

“Me too, Bright Eyes.”


Keep Your Head Up is making me insanely happy right now and I die a little bit in a good way when it’s updated I canNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE

everything about theatre AU just


Izzy (can I call you Izzy? Imma call you Izzy ok) you are perfect and I love you for writing this and making my day every time you post a new chapter you are horribly fantastic

Thank you so much, Alex! I’m so happy, right now I’m crying. When I made this blog I never thought that you would take notice of it, but if you did I wanted to show you how much people love and support you. Words cannot truly express how happy I am right now. You didn’t just make my day, you made my whole year. I love you and I’m looking forward to more of your future activities! :)

fallen out of love

I’m learning a lot right now 
living the way i pretended to months ago
being in a state i pretended to be in
thinking the way i pretended to think
feeling the way i pretended to feel

now life seems to be so easy
so effortless
so beautiful

and i wanna talk about it
let it out

but i can’t
because i cannot express
how wonderful it feels
to be finally there
where i pretended to be
for such a long time

finally not caring about the two of them together
finally being able to think about sitations independently
finally not caring about what he thinks
finally being able to make my own choices
finally not being in love with someone
who never felt about me that way anyway

finally having fallen out of love


why you should love namjoon: his tweets and fancafe posts

“If someone asks me what my wish is, I won’t hesitate when replying with, “My wish is for the people who love me to be happy.” If that can’t come true, then I can’t be happy either! Thank you and let’s all live awesomely!” (trans cr; wonnie @ bts-trans )

“To all who are standing strong and living the lives you’ve paved for yourself, breaking free from discriminatory views and objections of others, I’m supporting you. But again to those who are bound by the present reality, I’m supporting you too. I understand what it’s like. The whole thing about life being smooth sailing and what. But when there’s something significant and that you want for yourself, that’s the most progressive step to getting closer to this concept we call Happiness. Though it’s like this, we can’t blame this on people who don’t agree. It’s all very real. People who are fighting with the Angels and Demons within them, you’re all beautiful. It can’t be so that happiness is ours to begin with. Can it be that we’ll win that demon? It’s almost like a mirage that God created. It’s true and slowly, I do think that if we become more honest we’ll all see that in ourselves. However it is, all who’s lost are also lovely. Today too, tomorrow too let me and you be so obsessed with happiness and live. As much you’re unable to see that (happiness), just be happy. There’s no need to punish yourself for moving forward. There’s no need to listen to my words even. I simply want to say that the answer you know of right now, is the right answer.” (trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans)

“I hope people who always love me live each day better. Sometimes, I want to listen to your story, not as Rapmonster, but as Namjoon… Due to multiple invisible walls, though a person’s loneliness and sadness cannot be held, it clings even more in music. Though I cannot entirely know your loneliness, it would be nice if my expression, my tone and my voice are able to hug you.” (trans cr; Tiffany @ bts-trans)

“Even though I’m just a dust in the universe, I don’t really like dust. It blurs my vision, it makes me cough, it makes me feel timid so I hate it. But today while I was walking and dust suddenly got into my eyes, I had a thought: then won’t it be that the world looks like it’s a pointillism painting with all the dust of various colors?…I wonder what dust color I am to the universe. Again, I spend tonight blowing away my day that’s like dust.” (trans credit:  © letmesuga)  

“I sincerely hope all of you too have some sort of a shelter in your mind. Like a place you could go to as a last resort. That’s how people can live. I always feel lonely and pained but it’s a new feeling. Being able to do something feels like a luxury.” (trans credit:  © letmesuga)

“I know very well that no matter what, there can’t always be good and pretty things, things can never last forever and you can’t always get what you want.
However, you and me, we’re all the same. This selfish heart wishes for the people I love to always be happy. I have no other words to say but I’m really thankful to all of you who willingly gave a piece of your heart. All I can do is to just do my best at any time. That is my way of love. Please take good care of me today as well “
(trans credit: © letmesuga)

in regards to my fix-it fic

What is it? 

A rewrite of season two which consists of basically taking the bulk of season two and tweaking most if not all of the elements and completely rewriting certain aspects of it. The last thing I want is for this fic to be a disappointment to those who, like me, were already disappointed with season 2 in many ways.

A post here pretty much explains some of my thoughts for what I want to explore in the Fix-It fic, as well as how it could potentially lead to me writing a fan-season three. I’ll preface this by saying right now the fic will be more Shallura than Klance centric due to the narrative arc I’m developing, my comfort level with characterization, and personal preference. That being said, all relationships between the characters will be explored and developed, none shall be romantic aside from the two previously mentioned.

I am currently working my way through chapter one and hope to have it finished by the end of the week. However I do not think I will be posting it right away because I want to have more chapters written in hopes of giving you guys a more regular update schedule than I typically have.

Many of you have expressed interest and support for this project, which I am already so so grateful for. If anyone has suggestions for the fic I would love to hear them, although I cannot promise that they will find their way into the fic, so please don’t be upset if I am unable to.

I’m thinking right now of taking on two or more Betas, however this will be a new experience for me as I’ve never had any Betas before with any of my fanfiction. 

As for this post, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on most of the characterization and relationships; however, I do not have much practice in writing them, so I was hoping you guys could give me some tips on what to keep in mind when writing these characters we all love so much.

  • Hunk: Goofy, intelligent, observant, bit of a worrywart, likes bad puns, supportive towards Lance, gets along well with most people, dramatic af, deadset and headstrong in what he cares about, loyal, attaches to people rather than a cause or ideology, loves his family, engineer
  • Lance: insecure, a flirt, rational thinker when he’s not trying to actively prove himself, has the need to prove himself, kind of lazy, boastful, cheerful, smarter than people give him credit for, homesick, LOVES his family, adventurous
  • Keith: hot headed, impatient, talented pilot, scared of being abandoned (??), determined, impulsive, risk taker, lonely, resourceful, kind of pessimistic, biting, tries really hard, does have fun
  • Pidge: fixated, fascinated by technology, extremely dedicated to her family, secretive, sassy, can be mean, can be selfish, a quick thinker, talented fighter, inventive, night owl
  • Coran: carefree, optimistic, worries about Allura lot, was close with Alfor, a follower

If anyone has any tips please feel free to share! :)

Today was a very important day for me. I came out to my family. 

I have been in the closet for so very long because of their biased beliefs and misogynistic views. I have never felt safe to come out to them, and I have only been expressing my true self for a short time. Now that I am out of their home, I am finally free to be true to myself. 

Every day has been a struggle to unlearn the anger and hatred that I have internalized through my family. I cannot begin to express the relief that I feel this day. 

I called them over the phone, and when I told them that I am a trans feminine person, they replied that they already had figured so. They have been waiting for me to be open with them, and they said that they accept and love me for who I am. 

I am still in shock. This changes everything about my life, I feel so free from the limits that have been literally killing me. Now, I can finally be the person I have always known was hiding inside of my soul. 

It will still be a difficult time, to teach my family what it means for me to come out. I know, that as calm as they were today, they will have a difficult time accepting more of what I have to say. It will not be easy… But I feel that it will be worthwhile. 

I am so happy right now, I can not stop crying. I’ve been crying all day. 

Thank you to everyone here, who have been so kind and caring in helping me learn about myself. I would not be here without the kinship of the Trans femme community on Tumblr. I cannot express my gratitude to you, my dear friends.

Please, be kind to yourselves. Love yourselves. 

I am privileged to be able to come out safely into an accepting family. I honestly thought this would never happen, and for this to happen… I am so very privileged. If you cannot come out safely, please be kind to yourself, and know that we can support each other. 

Thanks for reading my little story.

Goodnight. <3

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If we were dating... Dating is something new and strange to me. In my 18 years of life I have only "dated" one other soul. I cannot fathom dating another person but the way you express feelings of love and loss make me want to take the risk and dive right in. I hope you continue to do what you love and be with whomever you wish to love. Have a great day!! -a traveling soul

I hope that one day you decide to take a risk. Doesn’t have to be with me (😂) but I would hope you do. For now, though, I hope you fall in love with yourself. I wish you the best, and I hope you have a great day as well! - A random poet from NYC

10 things writers get wrong about EMS

I love y'all, but nothing jars me out of a story like something glaringly wrong with describing an EMS response in a story.  I don’t expect things to be 100% accurate when it comes to medicine by any means but here are the more obvious things.

1.  EMS does not come rushing into any violent situation.  Or at least we’re not supposed to.  Police needs to be on scene and declare that the scene is secure before we enter.  (We’re trained that if you enter before that you’ll just become another patient and tax resources.)

2.  We do not describe every treatment.  We’ll do our best to assure bystanders of treatment, but when shit gets real we will just load and go.

3.  If you decide to ride with us, you ride in the front.  A family member/friend riding in the back is just another distraction/stress.  We don’t have time to explain to you what’s happening.

4.  Doctor’s never automatically dictate treatment.  If you’re a doctor you need to prove to me your medical credentials and speak to my medical control and legally assume care of the patient.  The same goes for hospitals.  You cannot enter and automatically assume an ED or A&E is going to obey your commands.

5.  Seizures are generally short.  Somewhere between 60 to 90 seconds.  Anything longer than 4-5 minutes is considered Status Epilepticus and needs pharmaceutical intervention.  Anything longer than 2-3 minutes is generally abnormal but still below the range of SE.

6.  CPR is generally performed for 20-30 minutes on scene depending on your regional protocol.  Many urban systems now have something called a LUCAS device that mechanically does chest compressions leaving responders with free hands to deal with drugs and airway issues.  CPR is not performed for hours except under perhaps extraordinary circumstances, such as a child or somebody that was submerged in icy water.  (You’re not dead unless you’re warm and dead.)

7.  Call takers are generally not medically trained.  In my region they are but my understanding is that in many areas they are not.

8.  At least in my service areas the Fire Department responds on many critical medical emergencies.

9.  EMS personnel do not perform mouth to mouth.  Like…ever.  Even when I’m off duty I keep a mask in my car to provide mouth to mask ventilations.  

10.  Not related to writing at all but just expressing a personal pet peeve.  No you cannot follow the ambulance in your car.  I don’t care if you have your emergency lights on.  You following me is risking another patient.  There is nothing you can do for your loved one right now.  STOP 

Messy messy sketch of Sans and Reader in bed..complete with awkward boob touching and all..
Words. Cannot. Express my love for this fic! Thank you for sharing it with us sinners here sitting in the trash bin!

(submitted by  thejinichan)

Poubelle: OH MY GOD! It’s so cute I can’t even! <3 Look how cuddly he is I love it. I wish I could be reader right now. Her expression is darling by the way, loving the sweatdrops BUT DONT PRETEND YOU DONT SECRETLY ENJOY THIS READER. 

basically, im totally eating up the awkward boob touching. <3

ahh. thank you so much for reading and for drawing this :) 

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I am currently drawing requests for two art memes that I am doing at the same time. It's a crying expression meme and an outfit meme. Right now I am drawing the requests for the crying meme. :)

Ah memes, I love memes. If you post them I’d love to see them! Send em my way! As someone who cannot draw for shit I love seeing artist’s work.

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My mom’s a nerd-fan of your artwork & "humor-sense", she calls it. She O__Os her face all up in my computer screen just to see if you have any new drawings up, haha. So, to her favorite OC, dear purple hoge, please enjoy deliciously: *gives him Ma's homemade, made-from-scratch bowl of noodles & plate of dumplings!!* Thanks for making my mama smile :]!! On the serious- she marvels at your work; & says you have great talent for capturing hilarious & moving facial expressions extremely well :].



never in my wildest dreams would i ever imagine an anon, LET ALONE A REAL LIFE MOM, would lovE one of my OCS!!!! 111 PURPLE AHOGE ESPECIALLY AAAAAAAA

thank you anons mom ;;;____;;; youve really encouraged me to keep making others happy with my art and ill try my best to make more comics soon!!! and maybe even start writing the comic for my ocs!!! im so thankful for the both of you omg… ;;;___;;; i never thought someone would find my comics or humor remotely funny but im so haPPY 

heres a gift for your mom anon, ill make sure to post more pictures of purpleahoge too