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I’m really disappointed in the Fandoms I’m apart of right now.

1. Mcr Fandom has gone down hill so much. A “fan” attacked the guys because they have solo careers now and are happier than being in a band. Okay so they think they are better off like that. Either support them or fuck off.

2. There’s too many fans blaming youtubers for picking favorites. I literally just saw people complaining about how jack and mark pick favorites and don’t ever talk to certain people.
If you’re going to say that, take up some facts first please. Mark and Jack probably get thousands of messages all day. Did anyone see that video of Mark opening his dms on Twitter up?? That was ridiculous. They don’t pick favorites. THEY DO NOT PICK GOD DAMN FAVORITES. Understand that they cannot reply to every single human that tries to talk to them. Can everyone hear okay??? Okay.

3. #IStandWithEthan is all fun and games until people take it too far. That girl that did the game is getting attacked by Ethan and Mark fans as well as people are spamming Phil with the hash tag.

This is ridiculous. These Fandom are better than this what the hell happened???? Why are you guys being so fucking hateful all of the sudden. Can we go back to being nice? Sharing each other’s creations or favorite moments or something. All of these Fandom are better than this. No one should be uncomfortable with the Fandom.

Okay okay I’m done ranting sorry (but not really)

Zistopia PSA

People following this blog may have caught on that the project is coming to a temporary standstill until further notice. Everyone on this planet has had a rough year, including my collaborators, who voluntarily sacrificed their personal time to help bring this story to you. They are some of the most dedicated, intelligent, good humored people I’ve ever had the joy of working with- and I care about them and their circumstances. For that reason, any deadlines were called off, and they’re all getting a well deserved break.

The story will continue. I cannot say exactly when, but when someone in my team is hit, I am hit, and I will wait.


Brock’s a player that not many people talk about. Fans don’t wear his jersey around the arena, and he’s just starting off his career in the NHL, but that doesn’t matter.

Brock means a lot to me. He’s the first person to tell me I should play hockey and helped teach me how to ice skate. He’s been an inspiration and my mentor for close to a year now. He’s gone out of his own way in order to make sure I’m happy and we get to talk whenever possible.

If you guys are ever looking for a player to love and support, let me suggest one guy.. Brock McGinn. His heart and talent on the ice are not unnoticed, but his kindness off the ice is not really known. Brock is by far the sweetest player I’ve ever met, and I cannot thank him enough for inspiring me to play hockey and for being the best friend ever. 💕💕

Day 6/100 days of productivity.

Damnit I have such itchy fingers and am desperate to get back into studying after the kids have been off on their October break. Back to school for them tomorrow… I cannot wait!

Managed to get a little reading done today but I’m not sure how much it’s sunk in, what with Adventure Time *and* Skylabders Imaginators on at the same time in the background (so not in the background 😬).

I’ve cleared off my desk space completely and organised it so I can get my head down as soon as I’m home from drop off.

Genuinely don’t think I’ve ever been this eager to study before, lol! You guys in the Studyblr community freaking rock for motivation!! 🤗🤓

No okay this isn’t funny. If you do this, you’re actually an asshole.

First of all, your entitled ass doesn’t get to decide whether or not you think someone “needs” skim/non-fat milk. That is the customer’s choice, and you respect that whether your high and mighty ego likes it or not.

Second of all, I don’t get “skinny” because I want to be thin. I get it because I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I have basically since I was born. You know what happens when I drink full cream milk? Stomach cramps - and not just average stomach pain cramps. I FEEL the pain from INSIDE. Ever felt a stabbing pain from inside your gut? It’s excruciating, and most of the time I am hobbled over because I cannot walk.

Even if I didn’t have IBS, YOU DON’T DO THIS. It’s beyond douchebag-y, and it shows how much of an entitled ass you are. Get off your high horse and if you ever gave me full-cream milk (and I know), I will ensure I stand next to you while the cramping and agony you have caused me passes via a gas that would rival a smoke bomb. I have no shame admitting that.

It’s about Ruby

I cannot believe how many people are convinced that Armed and Ready is about Bumblebee. The song is told from Yang’s perspective and has her mention that she’s rushing to someone’s side. At the same time the episode has her literally running off to find Ruby without her ever even once considering going towards Blake. I don’t think she’s even mentioned Blake all season. Yet people are still utterly convinced that it’s somehow about Blake just because she also talks about Adam and getting her arm cut off in the song, despite the fact that there’s literally nothing in the song saying the person she’s racing towards is connected to those

Again: We know for a fact that Yang is running towards Ruby ate the cost of her pursuit of her mother. In the song she mentions that she’s running towards someone who she’ll do anything for. People conclude therefore that she’s singing about running towards… Blake!

There’s a reason I’m ashamed to admit that I ship Bumblebee a lot of the time. I feel like half of the people that do so are conspiracy theorists sometimes. There are days when I go into the tag and feel like I’m on r/conspiracy or r/Pizzagate. Confirmation Bias reigns king, and everything is twisted into the most bizarre possible knots to somehow come to the conclusion that this or that was about Bumblebee and confirmation that it’s going to be canon. 

EDIT: I’ve gotten a few people saying that those parts of the song are taking place in Yang’s nightmares about V3E11, but if you look at the lines just before and after them:

My eyes are open wide
I’m racing to her side
There’s nothing that I won’t do for her
But this is not a dream

It appears to not be part of a dream sequence

Don’t kill me or anything but I just need to get something off my chest about Samuel “Troy Baker” Drake. To this day I cannot get passed that ending of the Madagascar chapter. Sam literally stands there or leans casually against a wall w/e and watches Nate’s life and marriage fall apart. I guess it’s no big deal at all watching your brother unknowingly lie to the people he loves and trusts just because for your own selfish reasons you think you can take advantage of some guilt complex Nate has on your behalf. I just…..can’t. No. Not to mention that they all almost died because of this shit. SAMUEL WTF. 

Misc Batfam Headcannons
-There’s a whole bookshelf in the livrary devoted to comic books, old ones new ones, some of Bruce’s from when he was younger. They’re kept in the best shape possible, and Damian isn’t allowed to touch them. (‘Tt. As if I’d ever want to, Drake.’)
-Tim is not allowed to make popcorn in the manor. Even in the microwave. He. Burns. It. Every. Time. And he still eats it. Bruce just couldn’t stand it anymore and. Tim now cannot make popcorn, in the mannor.
-Lightsabers are banned. Even making the noise. Because it normaly ends in a fight.
-Glitter Nail polish is banned after Bruce had to go to a charity event with sparkly purple fingernails because Steph had painted them while he slept, and he couldn’t get it off.
-Once Dick dressed up in the batsuit just to annoy Damian ('Damian, I am your father’) Neither Damian or Bruce were amused.
-Jason once bought a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. He was so disgusted that he threw it into the fireplace, ('It deserved it!’)
-Damian is not allowed coffee. Ever. And Tim is not allowed to give Damian coffee, or Tim will not be allowed coffee either.
-Cass got Tim to teach her photography, and together they put together a family photo album.
-Jason wears reading glasses, he chose a gold plated frame because Bruce offered to pay for them.
-Steph, Cass and Damian have a mutual truce to prank Dick, Jason and Tim (who has no idea as to who put glitter in their hair at night).

i just wanna say, if it wasn’t actually confirmed that credence did survive and is gonna be a major character in the next movie, i would’ve been beyond mad. like absolutely and tremendously pissed.

because i’m sick of this trope where the character who’s troubled, traumatized and broken and due to their instability are a danger to others and themselves, cannot be healed, so they just get killed off in order to save the world. wtf. like that is exactly the message a lot of movies and tv shows deliver us, that if you’re mentally ill you can’t be saved. just die. i’ve seen it happen so often. troubled character has unwillingly become a ‘villain’ and the protagonists offer their help, and just before the troubled character can say okay, i want your help, i want your help because i realize i can’t get out of this on my own, some asshole appears and kills them off because they’re ‘dangerous’. this trope is so fucking toxic and needs to disappear.

if any character deserves to be a survivor and get better, if anyone deserves happiness, it’s credence.

Where does Robbie Rotten even get all of his money from? Like, I know a certain suspension of disbelief is necessary but the dude bought a set of full-sized pyramids with actual gold artifacts and that is something that I cannot ignore. (The shipping and handling costs alone… Just thinking about it destroys me.)

If this were a high-school, slice of life anime Robbie would be that one kid who was Richer Than God who everyone would flock to despite his abrasive personality and I’m not sure how I feel about that, my gosh.

Does he know the secret of alchemy and spends his days turning trash into gold? Did he take part in a few really good heists and then decide to go into an early retirement? Is he from old money?

Does he patent his machines? Are there other villains out there who watch that shopping channel and decide to drop loads of cash on pieces of tech that Robbie had a hand in creating?

Where does his money come from?

I just saw Rogue One again, and Vader’s castle was even funnier and more fulfilling the second time around. I still haven’t really paid attention to anything either of them are saying in that scene, because both times I’ve just been like “ohmygodthisisanakin’shousenowiamdyingivediedimdeadicannotbelievetheygavemevader’scastleincanon” while taking in the surroundings. 

THE PLATFORM that he talks to Krennic on. IT IS AN UNGUARDED PLATFORM (of course) and appears to be at least partly suspended over lava. ALSO THERE IS A LAVA WATERFALL COMING OFF THE CASTLE. And of COURSE the place has a terrible and hilarious lighting scheme. OF COURSE IT DOES. 

I still cannot get over how gigantic it is. How many rooms dedicated to his “hatred” of Obi-Wan (…sure, Vader, we all believe you) does this guy NEED.

The whole scene is TWO EVIL GUYS IN CAPES TALKING DRAMATICALLY TO EACH OTHER, one of whom entered the room in a cloud of smoke because he is the MOST RIDICULOUS PERSON WHO HAS EVER LIVED. 


I loved this part so much. SO. MUCH. I feel like Star Wars Santa got my letter or something. I may never get over this. 

Rewatching The Wedding

This weekend I decided I needed to rewatch Season 1 of Outlander. I had not watched it since the season premiered. Today I watched The Wedding. As many gifs, photos, and discussions that I have seen and read, they cannot compare to the visual feast this episode is. The beauty of Claire’s dress, the dialogue between ancillary characters, the nuances of Sam and Cait’s performances; all of these and more add up to a beautiful, brilliant experience. Top that off with the most gorgeously filmed sex scenes I’ve ever seen. As aggravated as we get with DG and RDM, this was a masterpiece thanks to them, as well as many others. But most especially I want to recognize the genius of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. Without these two, we would never have the show we love.

I literally cannot get this off my mind, so can we talk about hard-boiled ships for a minute???

They’d meet each other in a bar; the lights are real low and there’s a thick haze of cigarette smoke hanging over everything. Smooth piano blues is playing in the background.

Women that wear long, skinny dresses with slits up the sides, tall heels, and dark red lipstick. 

Men that wear long coats over suits, carry fedoras, and say, “this is a dangerous line of work, sweetheart.”

Neither one of the pair ever actually says what they’re thinking. They dance around the subject with veiled innuendos and sly glances, yet both of them understand clear as day what the other is thinking.

If they have sex it could only be one of two ways: in the penthouse suite of a luxury hotel with silk sheets and a couple bottles of champagne, or in a dark alley after all the other lights in town have already gone out.

When they do get to spend time together, they don’t talk about their lives or their work. They’re mostly just quiet, enjoying the respite from the worries and dangers of their routines. Each would instinctively trust the other with their life in a heartbeat

Drarry Christmas

.Draco and Harry going to multiple Christmas tree farms because Draco has to have the perfect tree.

.Taking at least a day to decorate the tree as Harry and Draco squabble over which decoration goes where.

.On Christmas eve Draco takes the tree topper off and replaces it with a photo of him because “I’m the star Potter.”

.Harry getting Draco a massive scrapbook filled with photos, cinema tickets and messages from the past year of their relationship.

.Draco tearing up because no one has ever thought this much into a present for him, they always thought he wanted expensive clothing because he’s a Malfoy.

.Draco proposing right there and then spontaneously because he knows he cannot and will not spend one more day without Harry Potter.


(Official Disclaimer)

Holy cow, never ever ever let stress get to an INTP. They honestly cannot handle it. They must not be used to it or something, because in my experience INTPs freak out in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable and start micromanaging everything that moves. It’s truly horrifying. Like good grief, guys. An INTP I knew was freaking out so badly he was trying to micromanage a very, very capable team of two ENTJs and one ISTJ. Like, whoah… we’ve got this. Chillax.

Another thing INTPs can stumble on is not knowing when to back off the joke. INTPs have this adorable Super Troll hidden behind their cute little faces and innocent demeanors. Sometimes that’s great and funny and cool. Other times INTPs can take the joke way too far and create serious resentments and enemies. Just be careful.

Also, get your shit together. Being weeks behind on your homework is not cool. Pull it together, manage your time more wisely, realize that being busy is not a valid excuse (everyone is busy, guys), and turn your stuff in on time. This is for your own good, I promise. Punctuality is a life skill.

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So I started to write for the Frat Au, and I must be a better writer than I thought. I have one of my friends reading it as I write, and she is SO infatuated with Dark. She just cannot get enough of him. Now she is pissed off because he is the bad guy (like, to the point she threw my book bag at me). I'm scared that if I continue writing he will eventually manifest...

duuuude, keep on going!! write till your hearts content!! i literally cannot WAIT to read it omg. this whole au got so much bigger than i ever thought, and it was all because i posted a gif set??? like you guys did all the rest, and i’m in awe. i’m so excited to read what you got!! 💜

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Your work is inspiring! How long have you been cosplaying for? Obviously you're talented with a ton of different methods of making materials, do you have a suggestion for one that a first timer should master (I'm friends with a lot of cosplayers who suggest Worbla and foam, so I'm going to tackle that). I'd love to pick your brain on tons of stuff. I must ask, do you have a big ol 3D printer?

Thank you so much! I have been doing this off and on since college (~10 years ago omg). Back then there were so FEW resources so in the early years I kind of just winged a lot of stuff, made a TON of mistakes and learned a lot from that process. Now days there’s sooooo many resources a google search away and many more cosplayers share their knowledge. It’s like the cos-Renaissance. Blah blah blah, anyways.

I do NOT like worbla personally, I cannot get that shit to work for me, like ever. I much prefer the more pain-in-the-ass processes of sculpting/casting and vacuum forming. Although, those particular methods are not really beginner level. That being said… I actually have really liked using EVA foam! It’s cheap (great for making mistakes, yes I said great/mistakes same sentence). Check out Evil Ted’s videos on foam costuming!

(Also yes, we have le-3D printer.)

Imagine taking Kylo’s mask off for the first time.

Originally posted by skylorennn

He was different with you. Yes, he was still cruel and reckless, but there was something underneath the surface that propelled you to reach out to Kylo, to take the time to get to know him, to realize that he feared himself more than he could ever express.

He was scared. He was lost. And it pained you to think that beneath the mask, there’d be a man you couldn’t help save, put back together, love. 

Despite it all, despite your state as his prisoner, Kylo began to trust you. Over the months, he displayed snippets of his personality, his quirkiness, his emotions. And you didn’t feel appalled when you realized that you were falling in love with him. 

His hands took yours and you gasped at the feel of his bare skin. He was never without his gloves. What was happening?

“Take it off,” he said, bringing your hands up to his mask. You looked at him with wide eyes. “I want you to see me. I trust you.”

With trembling fingers, you lifted the mask away. Your breath hitched at the normalcy of the features beneath. He wasn’t the monster you had imagined. 

“Kylo,”  you whispered.

“Ben,” he muttered, a corner of his lip quirking in a half-smile. “Call me Ben.”

“Ben,” you said, stroking your thumb against his cheek. He tipped his head to kiss the flesh of your palm and you felt an electric jolt. You leaned forward, head tilted upwards. He dipped his own and you could feel his warm breath fan out on your lips.

“Commander,” a Stormtrooper barged in. “Excuse me, sir. You are needed in the control room.”

Kylo’s jaw clenched and you saw rage pour into his dark eyes. You grasped his his chin and looked at him firmly. “We’ll continue when you come back,” you winked, kissing his cheek. 

He stiffly nodded before putting on his mask again and striding out of the room.

Dear Future Daughter,
Here’s a few things I want you to know:
-Love yourself. Always, anywhere, forever. Do it.
-Never fall asleep feeling sad or unloved. Come cuddle with me on the couch downstairs or let me kiss you goodnight before you drift off.
-Keep yourself healthy. But that absolutely does not mean you can’t have three chocolate bars one night. It’s just balance.
-Always always ALWAYS tell me if you’re hurting. My mother was immune to my sufferings and I cannot tell you how alone that made me feel. I never ever want you to feel that way. Come talk to me. You will never be judged or harassed or laughed at. Hell, I’ll probably be crying with you my sweet. It’s okay to cry.
-Do your homework. Get through school. Try. You’ll look back and be a hell of a lot prouder of yourself. Trust me.
-Smile. Beam sunshine through your teeth and let people see rainbows in your eyes. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy person.
-Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be vulnerable. Get your heart broken by a shitty boy, by a wonderful boy, by a boy you don’t care too much about. Hearts get broken, but they do heal.
-Do what you love. Find your passion and run with it. When you’re 80 you’ll be happy you didn’t follow the money, but the dream.
-Please, please don’t self harm. Pretend every cut you make in your skin is cutting into my wrists. You wouldn’t do that to your mother, so why do it to yourself?
-Lastly, remember that I love you with every ounce of my being. I’ll be here for you until the day I die and even after that I’ll be watching out for you from above.

Your Future Mother

—  cherish your momma. she’s trying her best. (TRM)