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Envy (Part Two)

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Loki x Reader

Part One

“It is alright, let him out.” Thor’s voice boomed as he stomped to where Loki was locked away, watching people mill about with such boredom Thor wondered how his brother managed to keep himself slumped upright against the wall.

“Well brother what is it this time, a gift from (Y/N), words of insults reminding me how foolish I am?” To Loki’s surprise there was no retaliation, in fact all Thor did was let him out and lead him to the halls.

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409 isn’t flint vs silver. it’s silver, hunting flint, and flint turning around and refusing to fucking fight him. not for anything. not for the fucking world.  

even as silver stands there, sword drawn, about to kill him, 409 is flint digging his heels in and telling silver, “i trust you, please remember that you trust me, too.” 

james flint’s last, big, desperate plan, is to fucking surrender to john silver. 


baron | stupid cupid | corbin







Not much. !claustrophobic reader. antagonistic dean & corey. almost sex in an elevator.


I have to thank my girl, my boo @fan-fiction-galore for her encouragement on this and her input.  lot of the ideas in here are thing we discussed and I just love her okay? Also have ot tag my girl, my boo @mimicthephoenix because she’s amazing and her writing is too and she’s always encouraging these things too.Also, going to tag @writergrrrl29 my boo, another I love to dicuss stuff with on here, you are amazing!


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The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

A fic for @komadoriwonder​ .
Set in Cor Et Cerebrum Continuity and a follow up to “Jason’s Gots Kids?” 

Rated: G
Gen/Family Bonding
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Isaac Wayne, Damian Wayne, Kiran Devabhaktuni
6463 words
AO3 Link Here


The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

The ceiling fan whirs slowly above the bed while Tim stares at it and holds his cellphone to his ear.

“But why me?” he asks, in a voice that sounds too close to whining for his own comfort. “I don’t know what to do with a baby.”

“He’s not a baby. He’s three,” Jason answers. “And he likes you.”

This point seems feeble to Tim.

“Isaac likes everyone. What am I supposed to do with him? Why can’t Alfred watch him?”

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jackbum + sexual tension

 soooo this pretty little anon requested it -also gonna include what this other person asked for ;)- i’ve been wanting to do it for SO FUCKING LONG so why dont we get our hands dirty (literally) already??? BRACE YOURSELVES


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To the next girl who has the privilege to love you:

1. He is very shy. Even though he looks tough, he would be too timid to talk to you.
2. He would hold you as though you are the most precious thing in the world.
3. When his lips land on your cheek, you would be free of all the worry of the world, but only temporarily.
4. He’s stellar at making you feel special, but please keep in kind that he treats every girl like this.
5. You’ll never love someone the way you love him.
6. He’s not very good at taking care of himself — so please take care of him for me. Make sure he drinks enough water and eats enough food.
7. He hardly sleeps. Encourage him to nap please.
8. He really likes sugar cookies. Bake some for him — but don’t end up like me and leave a scar on your wrist.
9. Borrow his sweaters. He smells like heaven and home and I swear to god, you would feel so loved when you wear them.
10. Send him pictures of yourself — lots of them. He loves seeing you happy so don’t forget to smile.
11. He doesn’t get angry often, but when he does, you’ll cry. Not because he’s hurting you, but because you simply cannot bear seeing him upset.
12. It’s always friends before you. Don’t force him.
13. He says “I love you” a lot. You’ll remember every time he says it.
14. He likes walking you home, even if it means he has to walk an extra half hour alone.
15. Don’t tell him you cried for him. He’ll take it upon himself.
16. Kiss him a lot — while you can.
17. You’ll fall way too hard for him.
18. Please treat him well. He deserves the best and he always offers the best.
19. Don’t get mad at him, please. I made that mistake one too many times and I still regret it.
20. Give him all the love he deserves, please. I beg you to treat him right.

—  Where you are, I once was. (May 31, 2:41am)
jealousy has its perks

Summary: Sometimes, Jumin has to take extra measures to make sure you remember who you belong to.
Words: 948
Paring: Jumin/Reader

Since I’m still working on a JuminV fic and it’s nowhere near completed, here’s a reupload of one my Jumin x Reader fics ^^

Read on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8052403

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Sidlink Fic: Connecting Chapter 2


Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3

    “It is good to see Link again. After all these years it seems he is still the same, reckless as always. It seems that he is happy.”

    Mipha turned to face Zelda, her features soft and kind. She rested a hand over the Hylian princess’ own.

    “He has been taken care of, yes?” Mipha looked down. “Not to say that I do not trust you. I worry about him, I cannot heal from such a distance. He was always one to get hurt due to his need to be heroic.” Mipha dropped her hand, smiling softly.

    “I fear he does not like me very much, Lady Mipha. He has spoken not a fair word to me since our meeting though he has saved my life. I understand that I was cruel, but despite my efforts nothing has changed.” Zelda sighed, leaning against the brick of the wall. Although she had not known the Zora princess long, she had seemed to emanate a comfortable aura. It was refreshing to meet a friendly face amongst all those who sought to only oppress her and use her as an item of a long foretold legend.

    “He has a good heart. If your intentions are true, then give him time.” Mipha touched the Hylian princess’ arm lightly before turning to leaving as she came; on an air of grace.

    Zelda closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the watchful gaze of her knight return. He was ever-present, and silent as the wind. To the expressive princess, it was disconcerting.

    There was a light tugging at her sleeve.

    “Hey Princess!” A Zora child bounced up and down in front of Zelda, grinning broadly. She recognized him as Mipha’s young brother, Sidon.

    “Yes?” Her brows furrowed as she recognized what he held.

    “Princess! I hope you don’t mind but I looked through your things because it’s all really really cool! I found this book, is it your diary? You write really pretty. Mipha has a diary too, how come you both talk about Link so much, huh? Sister says says I shouldn’t-”

    “Give me that!” Zelda grabbed the book quickly, holding it closely to her chest. Her cheeks flared an embarrassing shade of red as she hunched into the book as if trying to encase it in her body.

    “Are you upset? I just thought maybe-” Sidon began with widened eyes, fumbling slightly over his words. The Hylian princess stormed away in a flurry, chewing on her lower lip and fuming.

    Sidon stared after her, a confused expression crossing his features. The Princess’ knight lingered back with the young Zora. He came forward from the wall he had watched on from, kneeling in front of the Prince to match his height a little better.

    “Link? Link! It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen you! Do you wanna play?” The young prince completely lost his confusion, full attention now on the Hylian Champion. Link shook his head, and Sidon’s expression dropped.

    “Awe, why not?” He pouted, arms crossed.

    “You really hurt her feelings, you know.” Link said, looking in the direction Zelda had left in. Sidon’s shoulders slumped, and his gaze fell.

    “I did? Oh no! I just wanted to be friends with her! What did I do!?” Sidon snapped up, frantic.

    “You really shouldn’t look through other people’s things. It’s not very heroic.” Link rested his hands on the Zora’s shoulders, assuring.

    “It’s not? Link, what am I supposed to do!?”

    “Apologize to her when she’s calmed down.” Link said, giving his shoulder a squeeze. Sidon nodded vigorously.

    “I wanna be a hero, just like you, Link. One day I’m gonna be big and strong and I’m gonna be just like you. I’ll help lots of people and I’ll fight for my people, and I’ll be a nice king.” The Prince balled his fists, eyes sparkling. Link chuckled, standing.

    “You want to be a hero?” He asked. Sidon nodded again, determined.

    “Of course I do!”

    “You need to remember one thing while you’re fighting for what’s right, Sidon. You need to in order to be a brave hero for your people and your sister.”

    “What’s that? Anything, I’ll do it.”

    “Show the enemy no fear.”

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Ramsay x Reader Imagine

[Imagine: Ramsay, your childhood friend, takes you to his castle after the war begins, fearing for your safety. You are the only person he has ever truly loved and you love him for the way he treats you but you know what Ramsay is like towards others] / smut

Winterfell is not what is used to be like anymore. You remember it from some of your earliest memories when your father showed it to you when you were a little girl. Your father is dead by now, killed in the war. 
However, Winterfell is a ruin now and the Starks can no longer call it their home. “What have you done here?”, you ask Ramsay, who rides next to you.
“This is a war, (Y/N)”, he says. “This is what castles look like in a war.”
You know what Ramsay did. What his father did. But you thank the Gods that he did not forget about you, ever, found you, and saved you.
As you get closer to the castle, you smell an awful smell and before you can wonder where it might come from, you see it: Skinned people, hanging there like on the Bolton’s banner.
You close your eyes. You know exactly that is was Ramsay who did this.
Trying to hide the fear in your eyes you look at him. “Who are they?”, you ask him.
“Stark loyalists. They begged me for mercy and when I was about to grant them mercy they begged me to kill them. It was easier than I thought it would be.”, Ramsay answers and smiles at you.
You don’t say a word. He had something cruel about him ever since you knew him, even as a child. But he never harmed you. Instead, he protected you from the kids who tried to harm you. And then their little bodies were found in the woods, their skin pealed off. 
You always knew what Ramsay is capable of. And you’re scared of him because of that. But now that you have no one else left, you trust in the Gods that it may stay like this, that Ramsay may never hurt you, that his intentions with you are pure.
“You’ll be safe here, (Y/N)”, he says to you as you enter the gates. “You may call it your home.”
You nod. You never felt more like a stranger than in these walls. It’s like you’re an invader, like the dead Starks are watching you with their rotten eyes.
The thought of it makes you shiver.
Ramsay helps you off your horse and gives your bags to a servant.
“Bring them to the Lady’s chamber.”, he tells him.
You smile at the man and whisper “Thank you” as he takes your bags.
“No need to thank them, (Y/N). He’s my servant, he’s doing what I told him to.”, Ramsay says roughly.
“Well, my bags are heavy and there are many staircases in this castle. A little kindness might brighten up his day, I thought.”, you say softly and look up the the destroyed towers of Winterfell.
The terrible smell of death and rotting bodies is in the air and some parts of the castle are burnt. 
“Let us go inside.”, Ramsay says and you look at him again.
He takes your arm and you go inside. On your way you realize how frightened everyone is of him. When he walk in, people don’t dare to look at him.
A little girl in the hallway drops a wet towel as you walk by.
Ramsay stands still and stares at her. You can feel the girl’s fear.
“Leave her.”, you whisper to him. “Leave her, these things happen, she can dry the floor.”
He looks at you again and starts walking again. “It seems to me like everyone here is scared of you.”, you say as you enter Ramsay’s rooms.
He takes off your coat. “That is none of your business.”
You know it’s better to shut your mouth now. 
“I hope you enjoy your stay.”, he says and you sit down. “If something doesn’t please you, tell me about it.”
After a while of silence you say: “I thought you had forgotten about me.”
He smiles. This smile makes your stomach tingle.
‘What a stupid, naive girl you are’, you think. 
“Never.”, he says. “Nothing has changed.”
You remember how he kissed you when you were 14. It was the days his father took Ramsay with him.
You feel like there is so much to say but you don’t dare to. Seeing who Ramsay is, what he does, keeps you quiet.

The next morning you decide to walk around the castle. You imagine what it must have been like when the starks were still alive. You had always respected them but now you have to be quiet about that.
Times have changed.
Down in the court you see a little girl rope skipping. It’s the same girl that dropped the towel the day before.
You go to her. “What is your name?”, you ask her.
“Ellys.”, she answers.
“Hello, Ellys. I am (Y/N).”, you say and smile at her. As she smiles back at you you see that almost all of her teeth have fallen out.
You end up rope skipping with her. She is so cute and she tells you that her father works for the Boltons. 
“(Y/N)!”, you suddenly hear Ramsays voice yelling. It scared the hell out of you and you turn around.
But Ramsay just walks past you and grabs the little girl.
“Ramsay, no!”, you scream and try to hold him back.
“You don’t talk to her and you don’t touch her, do you want to see what -”
Ramsay seems like he completely lost his mind.
“LEAVE HER!”, you scream on top of your lungs and he stops.
Ellys uses the opportunity to run away.
“These people are dirt!”, Ramsay says to you.
“These people are terrified of you and now I understand why. I am terrified of you, too. You’re a monster, Ramsay.”, you whisper with tears in your eyes, scared for your life.
“What do you want me to do?”, he asks and your clearly hear the aggression in his voice.
“Stop hurting people for no reason but your own amusement.”, you say and as you want to walk away, he grabs your wrist.
You close your eyes.
“I want to show you something.”, he says softly.
“What is it?”, you ask quietly. You cannot even tell whether he wants to hurt you or not. His face doesn’t say anything about his intentions.
“You’ll see.”, Ramsay says and smiles. This time his smile causes you nothing but fear.
“H-have I - angered you?”, you stutter.
He comes closer and kisses you. “You’re afraid?”
You nod.
“I would never hurt you, (Y/N).”, he says. 
You know that you actually have no choice than to follow him - and so you do so.
He takes your hand and takes you to a small hat where you hear dogs barking.
You know about Ramsay’s hunting hobby.
“Are you crying?”, he asks you and his voice got even softer.
“Please, don’t hurt me.”, you whisper, struggling to keep your voice steady.
“Love, I’m not going to hurt you.”, Ramsay says and takes you to one of the smaller spaces inside the hat.
You see something sitting in there, you can hear it breathing.
“This is…Reek.”, he says proudly. 
In this moment you realize that there is a human sitting inside. 
“Who is that - Ramsay?”, you ask, out of breath.
“Reek.”, he repeats and gets excited.
You see that ‘Reek’ has not enough fingers or skin on his body and his face looks empty, as if he was dead.
“What have you done to him?”, you ask, crying. “What has he done to deserve that?”
“I played with him!”, Ramsay says. “He has done nothing. My torture happened for absolutely no reason. It was fun, just for fun.”
You take some steps away from him.
Then you walk away.

You hate yourself for still having feelings for Ramsay.
The past days he made you many presents and treated you like a queen. You rode out and spend most of the time with him.
After all, he was still your friend. Your childhood friend, yet a psychopath. 
But he never hurt you.
The village where you had lived before was burnt down by southern troops and you realized that Ramsay actually saved your life.
“I scare you.”, Ramsay says as you sit in his chamber, having dinner with him.
“No.”, you say. “I’m only scared of your deeds. I realize how you are so different to me than you are to others. You have always been like this.”
He sighs. “I showed you Reek to show you who I am. So you don’t get false impressions - we haven’t seen each other for years now.”
“What does it give you? Hurting people?”, you ask him.
“Satisfaction.”, is Ramsay’s answer. “It feels like justice, it satisfies me.”

“Do you love me, Ramsay?”, you ask him after a while of silence. 
“I always have.”, he says. “Every day, ever since I met you.”
“Would you do anything for me?”, you ask.
“You want me to stop.”, he says and you cannot recognize the sound of his voice.
“I want you to know that well treated servants are more likely to be loyal towards their Lord. I want you to stop hurting these people, stop scaring them because it hurts and scares me, too.”, you explain.
Suddenly his facial expression becomes softer than you thought he was capeable of.
“Do you love me, (Y/N)?”, he asks you and gets up to come to you.
“Yes.”, you say and get up, too.
‘How can a single person be so naive?’, you ask yourself.
Suddenly you feel his lips on yours, harder than ever before.
But you push him away.
“Promise me you’ll try to change.”, you beg him.
“I swear it.”, he says. “I want to be good for you.”
You cannot believe him yet but nevertheless you let him kiss you again, lay you on the bed.
“Ramsay, no.”, you whisper, breathlessly.
You feel where this will lead to. 
“You’re still pure.”, he says, it’s not even a question.
You stare into his eyes, breathing heavily. They’re blue and cold like the sky in winter.
Then he kisses you again and suddenly you feel his hand between your thighs.
It’s good.
You would ask him to stop but you actually don’t want to. You enjoy his touch.
Never had a man touched you before, you are nervous.
“Spread your legs.”, Ramsay whispers into your ear as he kisses it.
“Ramsay, no -”, you moan quietly.
With one move he spreads your legs and you let him. 
He touches your inner thighs first and then moves on. His fingers on your sex feel like heaven. It makes you forget the things you know about this man.
“No, please,”, you moan between the kisses.
“Tell me you want me to stop.”, Ramsay says and looks deep into your eyes.
You don’t say a word.
He undresses you really quickly. You feel weird lying there, naked in front of his eyes.
But this is what you want. It feels as though you always wanted it.
“Spread your legs for me, love.”, he says and you do it.
This time he sticks his fingers inside of you. Only a little bit and it doesn’t hurt.
When he starts treating your sex with his tongue you feel nothing but pleasure.
You grab his hair and pull it, these dark curls. Moaning, screaming his name.
He stops and looks at you again.
“Are you ready?”, he asks you.
You nod. 
Ramsay kisses your breasts and plays with them, kisses them, kisses you.
Then you feel his sex on yours, moving. 
“I can’t promise you that it’s not going to hurt.”, he whispers. “But the pain will be pleasure soon after.”
You wrap your arms around his neck.
He sticks it inside of you and you want to say “Stop”, because it hurts you but he does it too quickly.
You scream a little, closing your eyes. He’s too big, you think. 
Ramsay doesn’t move. He just keeps kissing your lips.
“Get it out”, you say. “Please.”
“Wait, just a minute.”, Ramsay whispers.
You can feel his fingers rubbing your sex again but he won’t get out of you.
Ramsay starts moving, very softly. It feels strange but it doesn’t really hurt anymore.
“What did I tell you?”, he says, smiling mischievously at you.
It doesn’t take much time until he gets rough. But he was right, the pain turned into pleasure. You can’t get enough of it, enough of him.
“You’re so tight, I -”, Ramsay moans. “I think I can’t do this much longer.”
You moan his name, over and over again.
One last stroke - and the world turns around. You cum.
“Ramsay!”, you scream and in that very moment he pulls out of you, moaning.
But it’s too late.
He kisses you before you can say anything.
You can feel his cum running down your legs.
“It doesn’t matter.”, he says. “It doesn’t matter, we’ll get you some moon tea.”

they look at you and say,

they look at me and say,
     look at him
     look at those red-stained hands
     look at those cracking bones 
     look at those ghosted eyes
          those serrated teeth
          those hellbound feet
he is the wretchedest picture i’ve ever seen

i look at them and say,
     listen to him
     listen to this haunted breath
     listen to this trembling pulse
     listen to this creaking skeleton
          this shotgun voice
          this hollow footfall
he is the purest melody i’ve ever heard

i call up to god and say,
     see the holiest blasphemy that i know
     see the sweetest damnation that i know
     see the happiest tragedy that i know
i swear even you cannot wrest him from me

—  your name is the only prayer i believe ( j.p. )
Sweet Dreams

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Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1 | Part 2 |

Pairing: Eomer x Wife!Reader

A/N: FLUFF. Mention of pregnancy. Daddy Eomer is very contagious.

Sleep came to you easily once you hoisted yourself onto the cot. Never would you have believed it would feel like you were floating on air. Perhaps it was the grueling day you were dealt or the growing tension amongst the men. Maybe it was the stress, but it was most likely the same reason why your husband refused to let you ride long distances at fast paces.

“How are my loves tonight?” Eomer asked. He peeled his tunic from his body, allowing you a view of his rippled torso. The light from the lantern didn’t reveal too much in the darkness, but it was enough to see his matted dark blonde hair and a glimpse of his dark chocolate eyes. The setting made him look almost ominous, but that sweet smile broke through the façade.

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Love Me Again 3 || Newt

For all you people who love this series so much.

Undeserving, I am.

Day 8/12.

Minho insisted on you getting up when it was still dark, claiming it was better to walk in the cold than in the sun.

You shoved Newt’s jacket back in his hands despite his persuasion as you walked, hoping that out of the blue, the Right Arm would emerge.

Minho wasn’t happy that Newt hung out with you instead of standing as the voice of reason. Ergo, he wasn’t happy with you.

Part of you thought that Newt was using you so he could unfold more of his past.

That part was probably right.

But your heart told you that he was here, and that’s what matters most.

And that’s why you were giving Newt the letter he wrote you right after he found out he was going in the Box.

You shuddered, recalling the last time you saw Isaac.

You had refused to see him being thrown in the Box - not that he’d let you anyway - he’d kissed you until your lips were swollen. He full-out cried, commanding you to never forget how much he loved you.

He had made Dominic promise to take care of you - make you sleep and eat - but not force you to do your work.

Even Janson was considerate for the first few weeks, letting you rest and cry in your dorm.

And seeing Isaac again… even more broken than you last saw him… it took every ounce of will not to cry.

“I was going to wait until we become close,” you explained to him as you walked. “but Isaac would want me to give this to Newt.”

Newt smiled gently, unsure of what to say as he took the piece of paper.

You took care of it quite well, so the paper was still smooth and flat.

He didn’t read it out loud but he didn’t have to. You had that letter memorized by heart.

My dearest Y/N,

     I hope this letter serves as a constant reminder of my love for you.

     I cannot say I’ll be lost up there without you - I won’t even remember your name.

     But, my love, please forgive me.

     Forgive me for failing you in the worst way possible.

     Please take care of yourself like I have taken care of you.

     Is it selfish that I’m glad I’m the one who’s being sent up in the Box, and not you? It would be terribly frightening to have you wrestled away from my arms. I would not be able to take it.

     Please let someone else take care of your heart.

     Let him swear his life to you, let him kiss you good night before you go to bed.

     Let him do all the things I should have done.

Suddenly, Newt put the letter away, breathing shakily. “I will read more of this later,” he promised, “this is just a bit much to take in.”

Minho called for a break then, when he found a rock you all could get some shade under.

Newt walked away from you much to your dismay. You sat alone, trying to get some of the little air there was in the Scorch.

“So, you and Newt, huh?”

You looked up to see Minho beside you, looking at you with an unamused expression.

You cleared your throat. “No, it’s nothing like that.”

“Right,” he laughed bitterly, shaking his head. “you knew him before?”

“Yeah,” you nodded slightly.

“How about me?” his expression softened.

“Yep,” you boldly chuckled. “you were quite the guy.”

“We weren’t…?”

“We weren’t dating.” you smiled reassuringly. “We were close. You were like my big brother. My protector.”

“Huh.” was all he said.

Not being able to help yourself, you went on. “You used to sneak to my room all the time when I couldn’t sleep. You’d tell me stories about what happened that day until I fell asleep.”

You continued, “you always told Isaac to take care of me or-”

“Isaac?” Minho scrunched his nose in confusion. “Boyfriend?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

“Boy, must you miss him.” he said in a sarcastic tone.


“When was the last time you saw him?”

You sighed, giving in. “Don’t tell anyone,” you warned.

He nodded.

You took a deep breath and pointed to Newt, who was playing around with the letter, not really reading it.

“That’s messed up.” he sighed. “We knew each other? That shank and I? That’s kind of cool.”

“Yeah. You were buddies.” you smiled lightly.

“He knows?” he asked.

“Yeah.” you nodded. “That piece of paper he’s holding was his last letter to me. I kept it.”

Minho didn’t reply, obviously lost in thought.

Winston started to scream in agony, getting all of your attention.

Thomas was the first to reach him, yanking the gun away from his hand.

Before you could even stand up, Newt looked at you sternly, telling you to stay away silently.

After a few minutes, you got enough time to see Newt place the gun in Winston’s hand, stand up silently, then walk toward your direction.

He offered you a hand. You took it, and he pulled you up to your feet. 

“Let’s go,” he muttered, walking ahead with all the other Gladers behind, frozen in place.

You walked in silence. Soon you felt the other Gladers’ footsteps behind you.

“You knew him?” he asked quietly.

“Not really. He just smiled at us from time to time.”

He only nodded, obviously torn over the loss of another Glader.

You were miles away now, but you could still hear Winston’s gun from that distance.

You all froze in place. Newt’s hand pulled your head to his neck, surprising you both.

“I don’t think I can handle losing anyone else.” he sighed, walking again.

You hugged his torso - you felt him tense for a second, but he returned it by wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

You were conscious that all his other friends can see you behind you, but Newt was having none of that. He stopped you from looking behind you, knowing exactly what was on your mind.

“I’ll protect you, Y/N,” he vowed. “I may not be the person you love anymore, nor are you, but I will honor Isaac by protecting you.”

You didn’t know whether that promise brought you joy or sorrow.

But it kept you going.

It gave you a new hope that maybe - maybe - Isaac would come back to you in the form of a broken Glader.

Betrayal and Healing

Drabble request from @cheddah-gold for

4. “I can’t believe you… You betrayed me.”
5. “I will never be able to trust you again.”
16. “Alright Y/N, calm down.”

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Robb X Reader
Okay, so I was going to leave this all angsty and stuff but I honestly couldn’t see it ending that way especially with how big of a puppy Robb really is. With love, Kat.

Words: 1369

“Robb?” you poked your head in the hall, where you thought your betrothed was. You frowned when you realized he was not there. You huffed to yourself and set off to your bedchambers. You had searched half the castle by now and couldn’t find that damn Robb Stark anywhere. You had to ask him a few questions about the upcoming wedding, where you would become Lady Y/N Stark.

Gods, you loved him. You didn’t always love him though. When the two of you met, you both argued quite a lot. You were both quite stubborn and protective over yourselves and your family, as well as being loyal to the death. You were originally betrothed to a lord from Dorne, but he was defeated in battle. Since you were a lady of the Riverlands, the Starks found it advantageous to have you marry their eldest son, Robb. So you were sent to live in the North with the Starks. Robb was handsome and kind, but not happy that he was being married off to some girl he’d never met. You weren’t happy either. After getting to know one another well, however, the two of you quickly fell for the other. Now the wedding was only days away and there were things to get done. You still had to find Robb.

You pushed open the door to your bedchambers and your heart stopped as your jaw dropped open. Robb was laying back on the bed still fully clothed, being straddled by that awful servant girl that had been making eyes at him since she showed up in Winterfell. Her lips were on his neck and all you could do was scream.
“By the gods, Robb Stark! What the fuck are you doing?!” you punched the wooden door, sending splinters into your hand but you didn’t care. The love of your life was cheating on you and you just caught him. How long was he doing this? Was this the first time? Or the hundredth? Tears were stinging your eyes and you braced your hand against the doorframe to keep yourself from falling to the floor.
“You” you pointed at the girl, “you get the fuck out of my bedchamber before I take your head off with my bare hands.”
Robb looked terrified… and sad? No, that fucker was not allowed to be sad. He cheated on you!

I can’t believe you…” you said, pacing and giving Robb a look so harsh that if looks could kill, he would explode on the spot, “You betrayed me.
He had never seen you angry, let alone this angry. Your sadness was quickly replaced by unbridled rage and the scariest part was the level tone your voice kept when you spoke, as if your heart had gone cold.
“Y/N, I can explain” Robb said, holding his hands up, half in defense, half in surrender.
“I don’t want your explanation” you said, flexing your hand that had blood running from it and splinters poking out from your knuckles, “I want you to leave me the fuck alone. For good.”
You moved to leave the room and before you could leave Robb got up, grabbed you by the wrist, and spun you back around.
“Y/N, my love, I’m so sorr-“ and before he could finish you cut him off, by putting a hand up.
I will never be able to trust you again” and with that, you were gone.

You ran through the halls of the castle, tears flowing freely from your eyes now. You had to find Lady Catelyn. As awful as it sounds, she’d understand exactly what you are going through right now and you needed to talk to her. She treated you like her child from the second you moved to Winterfell and with your own mother not here, you needed her comfort. You burst into Lady Stark’s bedchamber and luckily for you she was there, and not with Lord Eddard.
“Y/N, my dear. What’s wrong?” she said, immediately coming to your side and putting a hand on your shoulder, moving for you to sit down on the bed and her sitting next to you. She put her arms around you and you simply sobbed harder.
“Lady Catelyn..” you said, trying to control your breathing, “I w-walked into the r-room t-to find Robb and the s-servant girl..” you were still sobbing, trying to get the words out, “and s-she w-was on t-top of h-him!” you broke into uncontrollable sobs now, crying into Lady Catelyn’s furs.
“My son did what?” her words were so sharp you were sure they could cut you. She stared straight ahead with anger flooding her vision and held you tighter to her.

After collecting her anger after a moment, she put her hands on your shoulders and pulled you to look her in the eyes.
Alright Y/N, calm down” she said, smoothing your hair, “We’re going to fix this.”

She noticed your hand and called someone to come in and fix you up before it festered. After you were bandaged and much calmer than before, Lady Stark told you it was time to fix it and the two of you headed up to your bedchambers.

The second you entered the room you broke again. Images of your love’s betrayal flooding your mind and causing the tears to begin flowing again. When Robb saw the sorrow on your face, he broke too.
“Y/N I’m so sorry” he ran to you, cupping your face in his hands.
“Robb Stark. Explain yourself” Catelyn said, her words still sharp and angry.
“Mother, Y/N” he said, looking back and forth between the two of you, “she climbed on top of me, I didn’t want her. I want you, I love you Y/N. I would never do that to you. You know my loyalty is what I live by.” He grabbed your hands in his, pleading for you to look at him.
“Robb I cannot even look at you without seeing her on top of you” you said, still staring at the floor.
“Y/N” he said, getting down on his knee in front of you “at bended knee I swear on my life and by the gods that I would never and will never betray you. I want no other woman but you, Y/N. I love no other woman but you, Y/N. I will do anything and everything in all of Westeros to prove my love and loyalty to you. Whatever you want, I’ll do it. Just please, please come back to me.” Robb was crying now, kissing your knuckles repeatedly. In your heart you knew that everything he was saying was true. You met his eyes, both of you a crying mess, and smiled at him.
“I love you too Robb, and while it may take me a while to fully heal from what I saw, I will do my best to forgive you and trust you.”

Lady Catelyn couldn’t help but smile at the moment she had witnessed. She knew too that Robb was being honest, after all she could see right through any facade her son was trying to pull. Suddenly, she grabbed Robb’s face by his jaw and looked him in the eyes and said,
“Robb Stark I swear by the gods that if this girl ever comes into my room crying ever again and it’s your fault, I’ll have your head.” She released his face and whisked out of the room, leaving the two of you alone. He looked over at you and embraced you immediately, your head resting on his chest.
“I love my mother, but gods if she doesn’t scare the shit out of me when she’s angry” Robb laughed, you could feel the vibrations of his chest on the side of your face. You laughed along with him.
“Yes love?”
“If you ever do cheat on me, I’ll rip your throat out with my bare hands before your mother can blink” you said, kissing him on the nose.
“You scare the shit out of me too.”
“Good. Gotta keep you Starks in line” you winked.

The two of you burst into laughter and hugged again, you knew everything was going to be okay after all.

Sami | better man won | Zayn



Okay, so Seth is your ex of 2 years and you’re called up from NXT with Sami Zayn, to the main roster. You’re put into a valet gimmick with Seth, who promptly begins to pursue you.. Meanwhile, you have fallen in love with Sami, who has no idea and has fallen for you too but he thinks you only view him as a friend. 

After !Heel Seth pushes too far with the over the top gestures to win you back, you wind up letting your feelings pour out to Sami in a steamy first kiss that gets caught on camera backstage.








and a huge thank you to @fan-fiction-galore who is amazing and helped me so fucking much with this!!!

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“Did someone die in my dressing room or did I miss something?” I shut the door firmly behind me  sneezing and eyes already beginning to water… It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the gesture, but… Seth had done it again, he’d mixed up what I actually like and what he ‘thinks/pretends he knows I liked’ and he’d gotten nothing but daisies for some reason totally unknown to me.. I’m allergic to them and you’d think that after 2 years of dating the jerk, he’d at least attempt to learn that..

I promptly groaned when I saw Seth making his way over. Naturally, that smug and self absorbed jerk had something to do with it. Biting my lip, I prepared to once again ward off his advances.

“Did you get my surprise? Happy Birthday! I remembered you love daisies…”

“It’s not my…” I started but Seth, as usual, but in. And when New Day made their way over and Xavier raised Francesca, ready to play, I shook my head. “Don’t.”

I turned my attention back to Seth. “We dated for 2 years, Seth… And not one damn time in those two years did you get my birthday right.” I opened the door to my dressing room and turned my gaze back to him, tapping my foot. “Seriously? It looks like the CCU or a funeral parlor in here!” I whined as I pursed my lips.

I hated the way his face fell, but I hated the way lately he seemed hell bent on popping up everywhere I  was, usually with some off the wall ‘token of his affection’. Creative, however, seemed to like it and as soon as I got called up, they put me into an angle with my ex. Which I’ll admit, was hard at first.. It was hard not to give in to him, to go back to the way things were. But almost as soon as I realized that his behavior hadn’t changed a bit and the only difference now was that he bought me gifts or bribes, well… That quickly made me see the light.

Besides, these days, I had my eye on someone so much better and lately, I was starting to suspect that Seth was only even pursuing me further because somehow, he knew that and he hated losing at anything.


I shook my head, stopping him from speaking further. “Just don’t talk, okay? I can’t with you because all you do is talk. You never stop and listen! Did you learn nothing when we broke up, Seth?”

“Oh come on! That’s not fair! I learned, okay? Besides,  I’m just trying to make sure you know that whoever this other guy is, he’s nothing like me! Who is it, huh? Tell me and I’ll go show ‘em you belong with me!” and that was enough for me, I growled to myself and turned on my heels, stomping off down the hall, leaving him standing there, holding a bouquet of the daisies he’d gotten me.

I was more worried about finding someone else at the moment. Sami was supposed to be in the arena already, talking to Creative, something about his debut match tonight. I’d been waiting rather impatiently to see him all night. I hadn’t seen him yet and frankly, that worried me a little bit. I had a plan, sort of.

Sasha said that the reason he hasn’t responded to any of my flirting is because well…. I’ve been doing the same things I do around friends to him and naturally, the giant goofball thinks that I’m just being friendly. Tonight I was going to go for it, I was going to find those little friend boundaries that he seemed to think he was stuck in – because Sasha said that he confided in one of the guys that he really, really liked me and they’d told her- and I was going to steam roll right over  them.

It was obvious to me that I was going to have to make a really, really big move.. And the sooner I did it, the sooner I could be happy, the sooner Seth would see that yes, this time, the word no was my final answer and yes, he’d lost me and all the over the top grand gestures in the world was not going to bring me back. That my heart completely and totally belonged to Sami Zayn and my mind was made up, nobody else was going to do.

Lost in my own thoughts, I turned a corner, still fuming about the flowers and I found myself chest to chest with the very person I’d set off to look for in the first place. Large and warm hands steadied me and Sami looked down at me with a friendly look of concern. “Are you okay?”

“Flowers.. Too many..” I bit my lip, wanting to punch myself in the throat because naturally, this whole bold and brave approach was harder than I thought, especially if every single time I set eyes on Sami Zayn, my brain turns to tapioca pudding and I’m soaked and tense and practically begging for him on the inside and I literally cannot think straight, I swear I have it worse than a teenage girl.

But it’s not just that; this is nothing like my usual pursuits or relationships.. I want to kiss him goodnight, I want to share a shower with him, I want to steal his shirts and sneak up from behind him and hug him, give him massages when he’s had a rough day at the gym.. The guy even has me trying to learn how to BAKE, for God’s sake and that’s not.. It’s just not who I was before, okay? It’s not. But I like this so much better. Being his friend used to be enough, or I was doing a fair job convincing myself it was, but… I wanted more. I was crazy in love with Sami Zayn.

He eyed me; a confused look.

I bit my lip again, harder this time because my nose was filled with the scent of his cologne and his chest was pushing against me and it was firm and oh dear God, he was tall.. taller than I realized… and his eyes were almost this golden brown, like pools of chocolate and again, I was staring like an idiot and hypnotized.

“Interrupting something?” came the all too familiar voice from behind and I tensed a little, looking up at Sami as I mouthed, “And he found me.” and it must have kicked in a little, part of why I’d been practically running when we collided and he stopped me from knocking us both down because he chuckled and eyed Seth. “Actually, Seth, I was kind of talking to __. She is my friend.”

And there it was, that word again.

The word I definitely wanted to disappear from any and all conversation between Sami and I. I swallowed hard and I could feel the cameramen surrounding us because like… This was intense, it looked that way, it certainly felt that way and some of them must have thought it was a new storyline.

The thought had my stomach churning, but carpe diem, right?

I took a deep breath and I moved closer to Sami, further away from Seth, looking up at Sami apologetically as he raised a brow, a little confused. My hand curled in the fabric of his olive green t shirt and I gave this giggle that I can only describe as three parts nervous energy and two flirtatious.. Yeah, it wasn’t flattering at all, and trust me, I can assure you that I’m normally nothing if not at the top of my flirting game when I’m in full blown flirt mode..

Well, obviously not always, Sami just… He throws me for a loop every single time, okay? I don’t know why because if it’s not obvious already, it should be obvious by now that before I met and befriended and then fell for Sami, he’s kind of the polar opposite of the type of guy I thought I wanted?

But hey, that’s love for you, am I right?

Sami eyed me, cheeks reddening. Seth was gaping in sheer confusion because of all the guys on the roster he somehow never had a thought that I’d fall for Sami and he was shocked beyond belief.

“___” both men said it at the same time, but I gently pressed a fingertip to Sami’s lips, cutting off whatever he’d been about to say while raising to tiptoe, sliding my arms around his neck and my fingers through his hair, molding myself against him, careful to leave a little distance just in case he wanted to push me away, to save face if he shot me down like I was so afraid he was going to. At first, it took him a few seconds to realize what I was doing, but when he did, his hands slid down, moving from my hips to my ass, lifting slightly so that I didn’t have quite so far to stand as I nipped at his lip and his tongue slid past mine, finding my tongue, taking dominance in the kiss.

“Him?” Seth was coughing uncomfortably now, and still gaping in shock and all I could honestly do was laugh into the kiss as Sami asked with a curious look into my eyes, “___?”

“Yeah?” I mumbled in a huskier tone, eyes fluttering open a little wider to look up at Sami.

“Not that this isn’t completely fantastic but… Is there a reason you’re kissing me?” Sami’s voice was deep and gravelly and it literally ripped through my core, further soaking my panties. My response to that and to his question was to grab onto his t shirt harder, molding myself completely against his body and I nodded.

“Why the hell are you kissing him?” and the question had me turning slightly, I was fully aware of both sets of eyes fixed on me, and the fact that Seth was angry, the look of jealousy making his eyes burn a brighter shade of brown.

“Because, Seth… You wanted to know who, right? It’s Sami.. I want Sami. Not you and empty promises and a literal fuck ton of flowers and weird gifts. I want Sami.” I made sure to slow down the last three words really slow because sometimes Seth has a hard time comprehending the word no, or being shot down in general and I wanted to make it crystal clear to Seth that yes, this was happening. I also wanted to make it crystal clear to Sami too.

I heard Sami coughing a little, I turned back to look up at Sami again just in time to see the look of shock on his face change to a smirk as his hands gripped my hips, pulling me closer. “You want me, huh?” he mumbled against my lips, giving me a gentle peck as he looked over my shoulder at Seth and made it a point to tell him firmly, “Obviously, Rollins, she’s not gonna walk you to the ring tonight. You can go now, buddy.”

Seth pointed to himself, a brow raised as he shook his head. “Did you seriously just dismiss me?” and then, he eyed me. “And have you lost your mind? Him? Don’t make me laugh. It’ll last a week and you’ll be begging to come back to me. Have fun with this whatever the hell it is.”

“Seth?” I asked in the sweetest no nonsense tone I could muster, “Kindly fuck off? We’re trying to have a moment. You know, not everything is about you, right?” and finally, Seth turned and walked away.

“What did you mean when you walked up though? You said flowers… too many.” Sami chuckled as he bought up what I’d said earlier while trying to make my brain work properly around him. I sighed and then bit my lip as I rested my head on his chest and laughing softly, “I arrived at the arena to find my dressing room crammed full of flowers.. Like it was so full I couldn’t even get in.. It looked like they were holding a wake in my dressing room? I think that a stagehand is getting the flowers out right now… The worst part?”

“What’s that, tiny?” Sami was trying not to laugh and I lightly smacked at his chest, pouting. “They were frickin daisies..For my birthday..” as Sami raised a brow and then asked, “Aren’t you allergic to those? And wasn’t your birthday last week? Wow.. that’s just.. I mean, E for Effort, right?”

“Mhmm.. So I had to get away, get a crew member to get them out. I’d give him an E for effort but he was only doing it because this is all a game to him.. And there’s someone I want so much more..” I was leaning against him and he slid me up into his arms, squeezing me against him as he smiled into another long and slow kiss again caught by the cameras backstage, neither of us really caring at this point.. “Can I change in your dressing room? I mean since I’m not walking Seth down tonight.”

“Anymore. I mean if you… If you want to.” Sami cut in, licking his lips as his eyes fixed on me and he leaned in, brushing hair out of my eyes, nervously shuffling his feet  as I nodded and I gave a soft laugh, correcting myself. “Anymore.”

“That’s better.” Sami scooped me up and carried me down the hallway and into his dressing room.

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Jealous Taehyung

@sxnnyiver smut ”
This is literally what I found in my docs from October 15, 2015. Exhibit A as to why I’m trash, I can’t even remember to finish requests. (so freaking sorry, jeez)
… …. … ….

“You and Hobi hyung have friendships bracelets?”

“Oh yeah,” you say around a mouthful of rocky road. “I got us a pair for his birthday.” Shiitt, yours eyes widen. Thomas nearly got stung by a Griever.

“Why don’t I get a friendship bracelet?”
You glance over at him, amused.

“Because we aren’t friends, silly.” You frown at the the sullen glare he gives you in return. “Tae, this was like nine months ago. Why is this a problem now all of a sudden?”

He pouts for a moment in thought. “It’s just.”

You raise an eyebrow in encouragement. “It seems like you—” He huffs in frustration. And usually you’d give him time to struggle this one out but this is one of the few days you get to have a whole day together, being that ninety percent of the time his schedule is packed, and since he made you swear on all lifeforms as you know it including the many other species of higher intelligence that mankind has yet to find, you absolutely cannot watch the Maze Runner without him. This is literally your only chance.

“It seems like I what?”

“It’s almost like he’s your boyfriend.”

You drop your spoon onto your lap, astonished. “Why would you think that?”

He whines in frustration. “It’s the way the two of are so comfortable with each other, and skinshippy. Hell, you’ve even got his and her jewelry!”

You laugh. “Yeah, that I got from a street vendor for less than five dollars, Tae.”

He grabs at his bangs and shakes them out, disgruntled. “If it’s that easy then why don’t we have couple items.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Tae, your idea of couple items consist of mutilating our wardrobes so we match.” That earns a high pitched cry of distress.

“If we don’t do things like have couple items then what’s the difference between Hobi hyung and I?You guys cuddle, hug, talk, play—it’s the same thing!”

You place the now empty tub of ice cream at your feet and clasp your hands together. “Think about it in terms of specific physical activities, Taehyung. Because the way I see it, the relationship between Hoseok and I is completely different than what we have.”

V stares at you, puzzled. As it becomes obvious that he isn’t getting the hint you take a deep breath and let it out.
Another movie night interrupted.

But then again your methods of proving a point have always been much more fun.

In one swift moment you’re sliding into his lap, V’s warm hands coming to cradle the curve of your hips on instinct beneath the makeshift nightgown you’ve made out of one of his t shirts. One hand goes to tug at the hem, lifting it a bit so he can see the crimson red of your panties compliment the deep brown of your thighs like a pretty picture.

“Do you think I’d ever do this to Hoseok?”

Taehyung blinks at you, lips parted. You sink down into his lap until your gazes meet, his glazed over in anticipation, yours sparkling in mischief. You move hair off his forehead enough to get a view of his furrowed brows, fingers tracing an imaginary line up his cheekbone, down his jaw to the erogenous zone right below his ear. Without warning your lips take their place. Taehyung shivers, hands sliding lower to grip your ass, ruffling you closer to align your crotches. A jolt shoots through you as he grinds against you.

“You think I’d ever let him touch me like this?” And your mouth brands these words onto his skin.

Taehyung presses greedy thumbs into the dips of your rib cage now, forcing the air to leave your mouth in a hiss. You undulate your body in retaliation, a fluid motion that drags the heat between your legs over the length of his aching cock. “Fuck,” he gasps. The slow curve of your lips sear a crescent shaped burn into the straining tendons of his throat.

You reach down to pull him out from the confines of his sweats, dick pressed hot and hard against your covered slit. Taehyung’s eyes flutter closed at the ever thinning boundary, your core acting as a radiator against his throbbing cock.

“Go on, V,” you whisper, and his gaze flicks up to meet yours at the sound of his stage name leaving your lips.

“Prove to me you know the difference.”



A Court of War and Starlight: Part 26

(Read: Part I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI | XVII | XVIII | XIX | XX | XXI | XXII | XXIII | XXIV | XXV | Nessian I | XXVI | XXVII | XXVIII | Elucien I | XXIX | XXX | XXXI | XXXII | XXXIII | XXXIV | XXXV | Elucien II | XXXVI | XXXVII | XXXVIII | Nessian II | XXXIX | XL | Feyrhys I | XLI | Elucien III | XLII | XLIII | Elucien IV | Nessian III | XLIV | XLV | XLVI | Elucien V | Azriel I | XLVII | XLVIII | XLIX | L | Elucien VI | Moriel I | LI | LII | LIII | LIV | LV | LVI | LVII | LVIII | LIX | LX | LXI | Nessian IV | LXII | LXIII | LXIV | LXV | LXVI | LXVII | LXIII | LXIX | LXX | LXXI | LXXII | LXXIII | LXXIV | LXXV | Epilogue )


Rhys and I received a message from Hybern that night.

One moment we were curled up beside each other sound asleep, his fingers on my bare waist and my head tucked against his shoulder, and the next we both jolted awake, stricken by the force of the invasion into our minds.

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something-resembling-gumption  asked:

So. Each direwolf reflects their Starkling. But I never got how Ghost reflected Jon? Or is he not supposed to...? Maybe I need to read more carefully...

Hey, sorry this sort of got lost amidst the wreckage that is my inbox, and while I’m sure there’s a discussion like this already out there, I’m gonna go ahead and put together the evidence I gathered because both Ghost and Jon are very important to me, and Ghost is my favorite direwolf as well as the one who is downright chockfull of symbolism.

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anonymous asked:

Hello. Can I have a Suicide Squad imagine where the reader is in the squad but no one actually knows why she is there ( excepting Amanda of course) and she hates Diablo and Harley and they always fight but when Diablo dies the reader, that has the power to resurrect the dead, brings him back to life and promise to Harley that she will bring Joker back to life too. So when J comes to Belle Reve Harley asks him to take out Diablo and the reader too.

A/N: So, school started and I don’t know how I’m going to survive the following 9 months. I’m literally terrified and I’m sorry if this isn’t good but my brain can’t function properly with all the stress. Anyway, thanks for request and I’m so sorry if this is terrible


Going on a mission where you’re almost sure you’ll never come back from wasn’t easy, but going with people who hated you, now that was worse. I don’t even know how it all started but i fought all the time with Diablo and Harley. It’s not my fault they were annoying as hell, but Rick didn’t like our attitude.

“Y/n did you hear me?” he snapped me out of my thoughts. I nodded but I wasn’t exactly sure what he had been talking about.

“Is it so difficult for you to focus on something for more than a minute?” Diablo asked me rolling his eyes.

“Shut up fire boy” I snapped at him.

“Why is she even here? She doesn’t have any powers” Harley whined. I swear this girl cannot speak normally. If only she knew

“Sorry to remind you that you don’t have any powers but we have to drag you along” I replied. She went to say something but Flag stopped her.

“Enough. This is an important mission and you have to be focused if you want to live through it” he warned us. We all nodded and he explained the plan again. Because barging in a place full of evil creatures and two ancient spirits seemed like a good idea obviously.

—Time skip— (A/N: I’m using this way too much lately)

Originally posted by therisingalleria

We all watched in awe as Diablo turned into a giant burning skeleton and shot waves of fire against the monster Enchantress called her brother. We realized this was our chance to beat her and went back to fighting. It seemed like Diablo was winning but the monster caught him off guard and threw him down. He started getting smaller until he was back to his normal shape, but the thing was still holding him.

“Blow him up” he yelled.

“You’ll die!” I replied. I don’t know why I cared so much, he hated me, but I couldn’t let him die.

“Just do it!” he said. We wouldn’t have another shot at this and we knew it. Rick gave the order and the bomb went off causing a massive explosion. When the dust settled down they were both gone. Everything happened so fast. Harley tricked Enchantress into believing she wanted to side with her and we managed to kill her.

Flag ran to June’s side as her body fell limb on the floor. I could see the heartbreak in his eyes, watching someone you love die is cruel. I hated my powers but I couldn’t do this to Rick. I stepped up and placed my hand on her forehead. I felt a spark and pulled  back right before she gasped for air. Slowly she woke up but she was still into shock from everything that happened.

“Let’s give them a moment” Deadshot said and everyone started walking away.

“Wait! What about El Diablo?” I exclaimed.

“He’s dead. You saw it happen too, no one could survive this explosion” Harley snapped at me.

“She’s right, Harley. He would want a funeral” Deadshot replied. I was ready to tell them that if we found him there wouldn’t be a need for a funeral but I didn’t want to push it.

“I found him” Boomerang yelled after a few minutes. I helped him move the pile of concrete and then I saw Diablo. It was the first time I saw him look peaceful, he almost looked like he was sleeping.

I took a deep breath and placed my hand on his forehead like I had previously done with June, but this time there was no spark. I focused on Diablo and closed my eyes as I felt my power pass to him. I open my eyes for a second and saw black smoke surrounding me. I felt the spark in Diablo’s mind and the last thing I remember before passing out is feeling life returning into him.

I woke up feeling weak and sore, but that always happened when I used my powers. I could give life to someone but it always took a toll on me. I opened my eyes slowly and realized I was in a cell. No way… Wait, was it all a dream?

“Good morning hun” I heard Harley’s voice, but I couldn’t see her.

“Harley? Where are we?” I asked confused.

“That bitch lied. We’re back in Belle Reve and probably will be for a while” she said chuckling humorlessly.

“What?” I exclaimed and tried to get up but I felt dizzy and sat back down.

“By the way what you did for Diablo was amazing. I didn’t know what you can do, it’s impressive” she said.

“I hate it” I replied “And I couldn’t leave him like this. Just because you guys hated me it doesn’t mean I’ll leave you to die”

“We didn’t hate you. I don’t know about him but I just found you annoying sometimes” she said causing me to chuckle. At least she was being honest with me.

“Good to know, seeing it’s going to be the two of us for a long time”

— Time Skip —

Almost a month has passed since I woke up back in prison. Nothing has changed, except the fact that I can chose my food and I have a CD player in my cell. Yes, food and music are the most important things in my life, don’t judge me. I have grown really close with Harley and I realized she’s nothing like I first thought she was.

Bohemian Rhapsody is playing and I’m singing along when I hear an explosion. I stop the music and listen Harley’s joyful voice. She’s talking with a man with a deep voice.

“Mr J, can we help Y/n out too?” she asks and I freeze shocked. The man she’s talking to is the Joker and she’s asking him to get me out. I knew we had overcome our differences but I didn’t think she’d care about me.

The Joker groans and yells at his goons and a few moments later I hear another explosion which creates a hole in my cell. Harley runs to me and hugs me.

“Thanks Harls” I tell her when she lets me go.

“You’re my best friend, stupid” she replies chuckling “Mr J this is the girl I told you about” she says turning to Joker.

“So, you can bring people back for the dead. Interesting… Well, as you can see I’m not dead but I know you offered. Maybe I can find a job for you” he says looking straight at me making me shiver uncomfortably.

“Thank you sir” I reply

“Let’s go puddin” Harley says and we make our way out. I have a chance to start a new life and this time I won’t screw it up.