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Just because Adam said they're shooting scenes for some previous episodes doesn't make them "reshoots" - ie, changes to the episode/story after the fact. People need to remember that. Adam has made it pretty clear that they film some scenes throughout, they aren't always confined to that episodes week or so filming slate. It can do with availability of cast, locations, etc. For instsnce, Rose McIver filmed for 6x14 later on. It wasn't a "reshoot." Giles filmed later for 6x11 as well.

Yup, all of this. 

I think people need to just take Adam’s word. I mean, I cannot even believe the audacity of some people trying to tell him that he’s lying and that they know that it’s reshoots. 

I mean, I get that people are worried about their favorite show being gone but they are actually harassing people who don’t know if they have a job come July so … get some perspective, people.

I honestly cannot believe that the year of 2016 was literally saved by Black Mirror, Wynonna Earp and Supergirl in regards of wlw media representation.

On one end of the spectrum, Black Mirror’s San Junipero had me in tears with its beauty. Even though I can’t personally relate to the story, it’s easy to see how carefully and thoughtfully it was made. From start to finish, it was respectful and gave the starving for representation audience a chance of forever. I fucking love Charlie Brooker.

In the middle, Wynonna Earp defied the “burry your gays” trope in an almost comical way, literally giving the gay character a bullet proof vest, and opening a door to a less threatening future for wlw in television.

On the other, less vanguard end, we have Supergirl, portraying what is, to me, the most relatable coming out story ever seen on open television. The arc of Alex is painfully close to home and, for the first time in my 31 years of life, I could watch a character on a show and think “fucking hell. I know exactly what you mean. I know exactly how this feels.” which is extremely refreshing in a world where a lesbian character is killed more than once a month in television.

I really hope that this is a little ray of sunshine when it comes to proper queer representation for the years to come in television because I am sick and tired of seeing myself dead or miserable all the time.

I cannot believe what JP is doing to Bonnie’s character. For the first time, I think I may have disliked my fave female character. Julie is assassinating Bonnie as a character and all has to do with that damn piece of shit toxic relationship she has with Enzo. BONNIE SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN DAMON! Even Sybil thought Bonnie made the wrong choice! That should tell you something!

im really enjoying how katie mcgrath is literally in supergirl for an entirety of like, five seconds, but almost the entire fandom ships her and kara together. in fact i’m pretty sure 80% of the supergirl fandom is just made up of katie fans even with what little screen time she has and i cannot believe how happy this information makes me my little baby all grown up since her merlin days

Okayyyyyyy so earlier today someone posted a pic of Luke captioned “he’s not fat anymore” and I messaged (very nicely btw) them saying it’s not ok to comment that buttt instead of responding LIKE A MATURE ADULT THEY MADE ANOTHER POST ABOUT CALUM (which I can’t reblog) saying “he’s so skinny he’s not that big” so just an fyi THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR IS NOT ALLOWED YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMMENT ON ANY OF THE BOYS WEIGHT (or lack thereof) WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AS TO WHO WEIGHS HOW MUCH AND I CANNOT BELIEVE I EVEN HAVE TO MAKE THIS POST and if you see any other people making posts like that CALL THEM THE FUCK OUT THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMMENT ON SOMEONES WEIGHT like how would you feel if someone commented on your weight I know it’s a very slim chance that the boys will even see it but still don’t talk about it it’s none of your business and just another fyi being fat is NOT a bad thing AT ALL but people are sensitive to the topic. so do. Not. Talk. About. It. Just… please don’t make any comments on how much the boys (or anyone else for that matter) weighs like why?? would you do that it’s not cool it’s not nice please just stop. And tbh I don’t think that post will do much but I just had to put this issue out there bc I will not stand for this type of awfulness on my dash

Oh boy. I cannot believe that but this happened O_o I recently hit 10k hosta– followers (which is a huuuge milestone and when I made this blog I couldn’t even imagine there would be SO MANY of you but I digress). Thank you all for sticking around with ME and enjoying the content of this blog. xoxo 

Enough said, so here’s my FoLLow fOReVer:


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y’all rock and thank you for making my dash so much FUN!

Reactions to binge-watching season 2 in 24 hours

I’m in love with Noora Saetre. 

She and William made me believe in true love for a beautiful moment.

But then I remembered that they are broken up in season 3 and I started to cry.

Then I watched the new clip from season 3 and Isak and Even fucked me up more. I didn’t even know that was possible.


                         ✨ NOLLAIG   SHONA   DHAOIBH !

❛ 🔥 ❜ ——————   Tis the season m’ lovely Free Folk baes !! Wilde Fyre here to spread a little holiday cheer. Still cannot believe that my three year ( how ?? ఠ_ఠ ?? ) blog-anniversary is fast upon us. By the by, I took a moment to write up this list to show my love & appreciation of all those stunning folk who have mattered most. I offer my sincerest gratitude to those who have made my writing experiences exceptionally memorable. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without you lovely, precious gems gracing my dash. *raises a skin of true northern grog* Here is to all of you who continue to write even when your muse is being terribly fickle or you just felt your writing / portrayal was utterly inadequate. Here is to all of you dealing with real life & still finding that time to write as a way of escaping the drudge of daily routines. Please ( & I cannot stress this enough ) remember to always write first & foremost for yourself. It is your muse + your blog after all. & always remember that you all matter, even if you don’t feel that way, & you are ( at least by me, your foxtado / Free Folk mum ) loved (◠‿◠✿)

          So, here’s to an upcoming new year & I hope to see you all there. May your new year be fortuitous & filled with good vibes. Cheers to you all, I thank thee !!                      ————————— Wilde Fyre

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  • “sometimes for the greater god, sacrifices must be made.” 
  • “but there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith.”
  • “and your problem is that you don’t care at all.”
  • “i shall teach you what to say”
  • “though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.”
  • “so don’t you abandon us.”
  • “don’t worry, no one will even notice us coming in,”
  • “so everything i thought, everything i am, is a lie.”
  • “there can be miracles when you believe.”
  • “i will not be dictated to, i will not be threatened.”
  • “nothing you say can change what i’ve done.”
  • “when did god start caring about any of us?”
  • “once i thought the chance to make you laugh was all i ever wanted.”
  • “i did not see because i did not wish to see.”
  • “well, you are rather pathetic.”
  • “we were moving mountains long before we knew we could.”
  • “do you know somewhere he can live free?”
  • “i won’t be given to anyone.”
  • “why is it every time you start something, i’m the one that ends up in trouble?
  • “when all you’ve got is nothing, there’s a lot to go around.”
  • “can hear your people cry?”
  • “why did you choose me?”
  • “i will be with you.”
  • “is this what you wanted?”
  • “no kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves.”
  • “now we are not afraid, although we know there’s much to fear.”

Wᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ɢʀᴏᴡɴ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏᴏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ… ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ʟᴏᴛ ʜᴀs ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇᴅ, ʀɪɢʜᴛ?

How the Kuroshitsuji boys admit their love to you...

Ciel would suppress it for some time. He believed falling in love could make him potentially vulnerable and perhaps make you a target to those who wished to see him fall.

Your protection always came first to the Earl. Upon his realization that he was indeed in love with you, Ciel would become far more protective and would even go as far as avoiding you all together to ensure your safety. 

And eventually, you made it apparent that that was an issue… 

“Why? What have I done to make you ignore me like this Ciel?”

“I…I cannot risk your safety because..” 

“But Ciel, I want to be around yo-” 

“Because I love you (y/n). Far too much to continue putting you in jeopardy.”


Sebastian was rather reserved in his feelings for you. Though you were made aware that he had interest in you immediately by his witty but flirtatious nature but soon, the flirting became genuinely affectionate gestures. Such as very soft and lingering eye contact or when he’d press his lips to your forehead before you’d be off to bed.

Sometimes you’d have emotional outbursts due to his very hot and cold displays of affection - it’d make you uncomfortable feeling as though you could never know his feelings for certain - however Sebastian always made it up to you. Whether it’d be showering you in gifts like bouquets of roses or wandering into your bedchamber late at night to stay with you. 

“You are very dear to me, Lady (y/n).”

“Mm… I love you too Sebastian.”


Lascelles concocts a plan after the incident with Lady Pole
GIFTset for cakesandsnouts​  ♥

Guys, I literally cannot believe that I made it to 50 followers! Where do I even begin thanking you?!

I’m so grateful that each and everyone of you took the time to look at my crappy little posts about my crappy little sims but still saw enough potential there to click the follow button.

I do have a little something planned to celebrate but I haven’t sorted it all out yet so that’ll have to go up when I get back from school. All that’s left to say now I guess is thank you (again)!

Almost 5 months on Tumblr

Over 500 posts

Now 50 followers


Originally posted by aminotfemme

Rose. I cannot even thank you enough for the reading you gave me. It was so inspiring and truly I connected with it SO much. I know I have written quite a bit but I feel speechless. I mean, watching the video my jaw was literally dropped because all I kept thinking about is what that lady told me. I can’t believe the connections that were made between what she told me to what you told me. I am just, mind blown. You are right, I am a fighter. My strength has always pulled through and got me through the flames. And you know what, you said you couldn’t understand why that Details, Details card showed up. I feel that came up because I am just so fucking curious. I have been wanting a past life reading for awhile, I was saving up for yours actually. Then I felt today was just the day to do it. And even more strange, we were talking about the ocean today. I mean, everything just aligned up so beautiful. Your talent just outstands me in awe.

I loved my reading and just, thank you so much. I will defintely be watching that over and over again, meditating on how this.
Have a beautiful rest of your day <3 <3

(Removed portions of this review to conserve client confidentiality.)

—  A.; The Otherworld Reading

We have roughly one hundred days of water left, the dams are at 19% capacity (and the last 10% of their capacity is mostly unusable silt so we probably have less than a hundred days’ water supply in the province), and the water trough in Abba’s field has stopped refilling. She and I did not ride today, because you can’t do that to a horse when it is oppressively hot and they’re running short of water. I’ve let the barn owner know, and as I luckily had extra water with me I tipped it into her bucket after she was done eating and made her bob for her treats, to get more water into her. 

Also, I cannot believe that the provisional government is relying on the winter rains, which have failed for the last three (four? five?) years, to end the drought. Even when they’re good they are not exactly torrential. 

Have to say I’m scared for Abba. How do you keep a horse’s need for water met when there is no water left?