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Q&A Cristina, Kieran, Mark and the politics of trust

“clockwork-artifices said: Hello, Cassie. I<3 Cristina, so i wanted to ask about her. She’s been described as someone who’s been hurt and betrayed in the past (and recently), therefore she doesn’t really trust people that easily now, so with that in mind i couldn’t totally understand 


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Okay but seriously

It’s been wonderful seeing all the Dad!Gabriel and Dad!Jack ideas going around for when Jesse first joins Blackwatch, but y’all are missing the PRIMEST OF PRIME opportunities here:

Jesse with not one BUT TWO Commander Dads with bad puns, dad jokes, and a whole slew of embarrassing ideas.


Gabriel basically rescues and adopts Jesse from Deadlock

Jack: …well. This is it, Jack.
Jack: you’re a dad now.
Jack: time to be a loving and supporting partner to your husband in this endeavor, and a responsible and warmhearted role model to this poor kid who has had so much go wrong in his young life.
Jack: …
Jack: guess I gotta learn how to golf now.  
Jack: …
Jack: and also buy all my clothes from Costco.                      

Five minutes later

Gabriel: …what the actual fuck are you wearing
*Jack in Hawaiian button up, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jack: …
Jack: we’re dads now, Gabe.
Gabriel: …
Gabriel: shit you’re right

Five minutes later

Jesse comes outside into the break area of the Watchpoint.

Jesse: hey, y'all seen my hat anywhere? I think Fareeha hid it - CHICKEN ON A DONKEY WHAT THE FUCK
*Jack and Gabe practicing really bad golf swings in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and socks and sandals*
Jack: hello, kiddo
Gabe: sup, chico
Jesse: …
Jesse: Hey uh
Jesse: can I choose to go to jail instead      

Twenty minutes later

Ana: I should have expected this from you, Jack
Ana: but you too, Gabriel?? I expected better from you
Torbjörn: …you expected better from Gabriel “I wear my beanie in New Mexico” Reyes?
Gabriel: I detect some sarcasm there
Jack: Ana…Ana, don’t you see?
Ana: ??
Jack: we have a TEENAGER living in the base with us
Ana: …
Torbjörn: …
Reinhardt: …team, we know what we must do

Five minutes later

Jesse: still can’t find my hat - CHEESE WHIZ ON A CRACKER WHAT
*Entire Strike team in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jesse: …
Jack: …we’re all dads now

Twenty years later

In the theater on the Hollywood map

Jesse: …
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
Shiver Reaper: hey, chico
Golden 76: how ya doin’, kid?
Jesse: …
Hanzo: …do you know these people, Jesse?
Jesse: …nah
Lúcio: introduce us to your friends!
Jesse: …extra hell nah
Golden 76: hey Jesse
Golden 76: watch this!
*Golden 76 starts doing push ups*
Hanzo: …
Lúcio: …
Sombra: …
Jesse: how.  why.
Shiver Reaper: …like you’re one to talk
Shiver Reaper: you look ridiculous
Jesse: …
*flashbacks to late adolescent and young adult years of his foster fathers in bad polo shirts and ugly plaid pants and Daredevil 76 and Pumpkin Reaper*
*Jesse McCree has left the game.*
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
*Reaper and Soldier: 76 high-five*
Golden 76: We still got it.

(I cannot believe I have to add this but do not tag this as mc*/reyes//76 or any variation thereof)

Did I ever tell y’all that I got bored one day and thought AU where Jack is a literal prince as a joke and then completely failed to let go of the concept

Turns out it’s not easy to invent a royal family. Of Canada. Living in Quebec. With the last name “Zimmermann”. I basically had to reinvent Canada’s entire history and constitution just for a stupid joke and now I’ve accidentally got this extremely detailed alternate universe with centuries of history and genealogies of old Canadian families, and absolutely nothing to do with it

Some features:

  • Jack is the last in the Zimmermann line. Since no one actually knows who comes next, no one is very sure what will happen if anything goes wrong
    • There’s a centuries-long dispute between the Armistead and Chevalier families
    • There was an aborted constitutional crisis when Jack overdosed where everyone in politics panicked for a few days
    • Early in a relationship, Jack has to have an awkward “I know this is too early but I need to know if you’ll want kids because… Canada” conversation
  • He’s still known as the Hockey Prince because he insists on playing professional hockey even though he’s a prince, Jack, what are you doing?
  • Inviting his friends to the palace this is hilarious to me
    • Kent “I’ve fucked a prince but I can’t tell anyone” Parson
    • Bitty cannot believe anything about his life
    • “Shits you have to wear pants in the palace”
    • T a t e r
  • Everyone is just a little bit hesitant to check him too hard. Partly because he’s a prince and partly because his long-suffering security guards are watching and also are possibly armed
  • As a result of a minor tiff with the English royal family that included some world-class mocking on the part of then-Queen Joséphine, the Zimmermanns own all Canadian geese in Canada
    • “They can beat your swans in any fight” said Joséphine, probably
    • They also own all the Canadian geese in the US, as part of a minor clause in some treaty or another, which was inserted after a few friendly drinks. No one has done anything about it since so it’s technically still law
    • There’s a long tradition of the Zimmermanns issuing a formal apology to anyone attacked by a Canadian goose
  • There’s been a rumour for as long as anyone can remember that the Zimmermanns are secretly vampires or witches or werewolves, etcetera, depending on the variant you hear. They have never commented on this rumour

I love Sanji. I love him so much. I love how fragile he is, how sensitive. I’m so glad Oda gave us a man like Sanji, it’s so important to see man who are incredibly strong but who are also able to just break down and cry, ask for help when it’s needed. Sanji is completely shattered, broken into tiny shards, yet he tried to keep it together and relieve his real family (the Straw Hats) of the burden he sees himself as. But Luffy can’t take that shit, hell no he can’t. I’m glad he punched him, Sanji needed it. He needed to show his fragility and moment of complete helplessness to Luffy. To all of us. He isn’t alone, he never was. He cannot see his worth, but there are still people who remind him of it. He is loved and cared for, and he just cannot believe it, because he was brought up to be seen as a failure, a dud, a nullity.
But what really is Sanji… Reiju told us. He is the kindest of them all. The sweetest. The most thoughtful. He doesn’t have it in him to leave his awful biological family to die, because… Because of what Reiju said. And my heart is so full of love for this boy, I can’t even begin to explain it. Thank you, Oda. This year of Sanji is really incredible.

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Hello! You mentioned for the Voltron Family au that Shiro and Keith would have once a year sex and sometimes they don't really. Will you ever write one for them? How it usually goes for them? I can imagine Shiro being gentle with Keith. I read one prompt that Shiro's legs turned jelly the following morning a bit implying he bottomed? Does he usually bottom for Keith? Thank you c:

Ah yes, their yearly sexy times HAHAHHA I have to be honest, I can’t write smut to save my life so I’ll leave that to the pros. However, I can give you a gist without turning explicit. :D

[The Voltron Family] Shiro and Keith’s Yearly Sexy Times

  • Who tops or who bottoms? They kinda both share that, really. But who does it for that year? It’s all determined by fate. And by fate, I mean Shiro and Keith plays rock-paper-scissors
    Keith: GDI. I bottomed last year, Shirogane! It’s not fair!
    Shiro: You’re the one who started this game, Keith. Face your destiny like a man!
  • When Keith wins, he’s so smug about it because YES FINALLY! So when he pins Shiro down on the bed with brutal force out of excitement for winning the game he goes
    Keith: Oh my. Idk where all that strength came from. Ooops?
    Shiro: Stop playing innocent, you little shit. *smirks*
  • THEY KEEP LAUGHING LIKE IDIOTS. In fact, you prolly hear their laughs 90% of the time. Which is a bit hilarious cause if someone passes by their room, you wouldn’t have guessed their real activity. 
    Shiro: Be quiet Keith! Oh my god. 
    Keith: IDK Why I’m dying of laughter when you just told me the lamest joke in the history of lamest jokes??? Like, WHY???
    Shiro: Awwww, maybe because you love me?
    Keith: Or maybe because I’d feel bad you’d give up all together telling me knock knock jokes. And I don’t like quitters. 
    Shiro: So you do like my knock knock jokes.
  • They love calling each other nicknames. Sweetheart, darling, sweetie, babycakes, sweetcheeks… you name it. These husbands have already done that. That’s why it’s so easy for them to call their kids using pet names because it’s their thing and they love it.
    Shiro: You’re really ticklish here aren’t cha? You’re so cute and sexy, babydoll.
    Keith: Wow. Is this your attempt of dirty talk?
    Shiro: Maybe? I dunno. Is it working?
    Keith: Try harder, pumpkin. I’d say a 2 out of 10.
    Shiro: Keith! That’s such a low score!
    Keith: S’okay. You can make that a 3 next year.
    Shiro: KEITHHH!!!!!!
  • Shiro’s really really gentle with Keith. And as much as possible he’d like him to enjoy it even if Shiro knows Keith doesn’t even need it. He’s just happy Keith would even allow him to be intimate with him, so he treasures it all the time.
  • They talk and tell jokes most of the time because it calms Keith down, makes him not remember the things that happened in the past (hint: when he got kidnapped) It keeps him distracted and Shiro always loves talking to Keith. They discuss the most ridiculous things to making sure the whole family doesn’t wear crocs to friggin politics—in Japan. 
  • They whisper sweet reassuring things to each other in Japanese and as corny as they are, Keith actually loves them secretly. 
    Keith: Did you just get that from a shoujo anime?
    Shiro: Did you just insult my pick-up line? In my own bed?
    Keith: Newsflash, honey. We’re in a hotel room. *laughs*
    Shiro: Bed that I paid????? Room that I paid???
    Keith: *laughs even harder* You’re so melodramatic. 
  • But gods, this just proves even more that Shiro really really loves kissing Keith in places he’s allowed to. His fave spots are Keith’s hands, Keith’s lips and Keith’s neck. 


Jin just graduated from Konkuk University. Despite his VERY busy schedules, the comebacks, the award shows, live performances/concerts, photoshoots and others, he graduated.

I believe he must be super sad right now as he can’t attend his own graduation ceremony, something that he worked hard for himself, on his own, can’t celebrate it with family and siblings. Even Jimin said so, that he must be pretty upset but pretended to be okay with it. But I hope he’s feeling okay and happy as his 6 bangtan dongsaengs are there to congratulate him. 

 If you feel like giving up in studying, you might wanna take him as an inspiration. Also, it’s okay if you cannot graduate on time. Nothing to be ashamed of and as long as you manage yourself, take care of your mental health, I hope you guys can keep up with your study. Fighting! 

Again, Congratulations Kim Seokjin! 🎉👨🏻‍🎓 Be happy and stay healthy! I hope you and the rest of the bangtan get to rest well and thank you for all of your hardwork. I love you my PINK PRINCESS! 💗

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Do you have any facts about Robert Gould Shaw?

Someone… wants… to know… about my longest history crush?? I love this man with all my heart (ALL) even my blog title is a mention towards him?? Because I love him so much!! But here are a bunch of facts about his beautiful beautiful guy:

  • Robert Gould Shaw had eighty-five first cousins (McFeely 2)
  • Robert was a HUGE mama’s boy.
  • After being sent to boarding school at the age of thirteen he hated it, he hated his teachers because they “scolded [him]… because [he] didn’t do something [his teacher] didn’t tell [him] to do…” He was so terribly homesick that he cried in front of his classmates and was very embarrassed. He even ran away twice. 
  • He played the violin, piano and did theater.
  • Once at a “fancy-ball” in February 1855, Shaw shaved his blond beard and dressed as a woman. He “made such fools” of his friends, none of who recognized him until he spoke. Basically all his friends thought he was a girl and hit on him until he revealed himself. (McFeely 9)
  • Robert grew to be 5′5 in height and looked a lot like to his two sisters (whom he was close to). 
  • He confided in his letters about how upset he was at how short he was and that he was not growing anymore. 
  • When going to Harvard, he played football and regularly got beaten up by larger, taller players. (McFeely 12)
  • During the Civil War, he lost many of his close friends including Theodore Winthrop. He lost friends at Cedar, South Mountains, Antietam and Gettysburg. He felt guilt for Theodore’s death because he himself hadn’t been hurt yet and he’d been in the army for twenty months and Theodore was only in the army for a month when he died.  
  • He marched with a descendant of Alexander Hamilton, Philip Schuyler (1836-1906).
  • [Excerpt from a letter sent on November 25th, 1861: “…Often the latter sit round the fire and talk till you get perfectly sick of hearing them and wish every one of their Yankee noses were cut off. Instead of getting accustomed to the Yankee twang it becomes more and more disagreeable to me, and everything I hear a “What sayyyyy?” (every two minutes) I want to go out & kick them all round.”
  • At a party held by his sisters Susanna, he met his future wife Annie Haggerty. That night he decided she would be his “young woman”. 
  • Shaw had photos taken of him which he sent to his mother and got embarrassed when he took those photos and flaunted them around to the girl he was interested in. 
  • He began to teach himself how to write with his left hand in case his right hand had to get amputated one day. 
  • One time, he was shot by a bullet and didn’t even know he had been shot until he was undressing and found a bullet in his pocket watch that gave him just a small bruise. He lived only because he put a pocket watch in the direct place where the bullet nearly killed him. 
  • He also nearly died at the Battle of Antietam when a battle passed through the side of his neck. 
  • [excerpt from one of his letters] “I went to comb my hair, it was all frozen up”
  • Robert Gould Shaw is an important figure of American history and the American Civil War because he was the first to command an all black regiment of soldiers–the 54th Massachusetts. 
  • After he saw his mother for the last time he went into the backroom and cried. 
  • His reputation was slightly ripped when his regiment was commanded by General Montgomery to burn down the down the town of Darien, Georgia–to which Shaw refused but was forced too and received the blame for it. 
  • Before his death at Fort Wagner at the age of only twenty-five, Shaw confided to his second in command, Hallowell, that be believed that he would die in the forthcoming battle. He had this fear of death but got over this fear just before the battle occurred. He told Hallowell, “If I could only live a few weeks longer with my wife, and be at home a little while, I might die happy, but it cannot be. I do not believe I will live through our next fight.”
  • On the charge of Fort Wagner, 1863, Shaw made it to the top of the parapet before a confederate bullet killed him and he fell first into the fort. In his last moments, he waved his sword around, urged his men forward shouting, “Forward 54th!”
  • The Fort’s commander, General Gohnson Hagood, ordered Shaw’s body to be striped and thrown into a ditch with his men and then shoveled sand over him and his fallen men. They refused to return the body back to his family even though it was asked and Shaw’s father remarked that they would have no place other for him to buried than with his men. 
  • His last later is signed off simply as “Rob”, something he hadn’t done in any of his previous letters. 

I love what GRRM built in House Lannister. I love the themes he explores via Lannisters. I’m just gonna ramble here…

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I agree with the tags on that post tbh, kinda disgusting how everyone seems to be looking past the fact that he didn't consent, he was quite literally pissed, and not to mention emotional and vulnerable and the fact that she took advantage of that and the next day literally called him pathetic and Chas said he wasn't a part of the family pisses me off to such a large extent you cannot believe, holy shit.


he literally was in no position to consent. i’ve seen people all “he pressured her etc etc” which is all well and good but how pressuring can a person who’s drunk a whole bottle of whisky be? before the final scene he could barely sit up of his own volition and then were supposed to believe he sobered up enough to sleep with her?

robert didn’t even remember texting her. she told him things got intense but i honestly believe he doesn’t remember. robert is a terrible drunk and we know this.

but the fact that he is legitimately compromised physically and emotionally makes me feel sick.

i’ve kept quiet because most of the people i’ve seen around have been fine with this and/or adamant that robert should lose everything.

as someone who’s suffered sexual assault this frame of mind genuinely disturbs and makes me feel sick because of how dubious his consent is. anything remotely close to drunken sex like this makes me super super uncomfortable.

Gilmore Girls revival thoughts

What I loved:

    This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I was so hoping this song would be featured in Luke and Lorelai’s wedding and when I heard the first note I started bawling like a baby and finally stopped crying about 3h later. The whole wedding really was perfect. I could hear my heart beating in my years, so happy (and sobbing) I was.

  2. Everything Richard.
    The funeral, the flashbacks, the portraits. It was such a great homage to Ed and to Grandpa Gilmore, I bawled my eyes out through the entire thing and I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I watch Emily/Rory kiss his portrait and I won’t start crying. I get chocked up just thinking about it. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. So well done.

  3. The Lorelai & Emily’s storyline.
    It was simply perfect. Lauren and Kelly knocked it out of the park. The fight in the kitchen is going down in history. I particularly loved how Emily treats Lorelai before they start fighting in the living room, like she’s 6yo again.
    “Lorelai, not a single word.”
    “Don’t follow.”
    Just so freaking perfect. I loved it and it was so in character for both of them. It was perfect. And don’t get me started on the phone call in Fall because I’m too dehydrated to start crying again.

  4. Lauren breaking character.
    She did it in a number of scenes. Once with Sookie, twice with Rory, once in the scene with Richard’s smaller portrait. If Lauren Graham can’t keep it together how do you expect me to do that? Also, give the woman ALL THE FREAKING EMMYS NOW. It’s long overdue anyway. You owe her, Academys.

  5. Jess’ growth.
    He’s the only character who’s really shown some growth when he appears on screen, everyone else seems to be stuck in their life, like they can’t move forward, but Jess has got his shit together and even stirs Rory in the right direction, I was so proud of him.

  6. Every single Jess/Luke scene.
    Each and everyone of them. Milo and Scott are buddies in real life and you can totally see that on screen, they’re hilarious and a joy to watch.

  7. Paris. In all her glory.
    She’s still our old Paris and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Liza got back into character so easily and she was absolutely brilliant. I laughed my socks off at her antics. The whole bathroom scene and the stairs conversation. Just hilarious. Loved it. Missed her.

  8. The Life and death brigade.
    Oh my God, that whole sequence was so cinematic, the director of photography and Amy nailed it there. Simply nailed it. I was in awe watching it. Really made me happy to see them all together again. I cried when Rory said goodbye to them. Yes, I cried even then. Leave me alone.

  9. “Still best friends”.
    Of course I cried through the whole thing like the little bitch that I am and I regret nothing. Seeing Lauren and Melissa unable to keep back tears…I was a mess. Beautiful. Well done. Thank you.

  10. Michel out of the closet.
    Need I say more?

  11. Emily and the help.
    I laughed so hard at that. Cannot actually believe Emily kept a maid for a whole entire year and even welcomed her family with open arms in her house. I’m so proud of you, grandma Gilmore.

  12. Cornstarch.
    Again, sobbed. I feel like ASP treated only Dean with some respect in this revival. He’s happy, got his own family and Rory was actually nice to him and the whole “you taught me what feeling safe is like” speech had me sobbing. Only people who had a great first love can relate to this, I guess. I’m glad they gave them that scene. They both deserved it.

  13. Luke and Paul Anka.
    Cried my eyes out. Loved it. Gimme a spin-off.

  14. Kirk’s second movie.
    That’s all.

  15. The swearing!
    Lorelai saying “Holy shit!” and Emily saying “Bullshit!” 3 TIMES IN THE SAME SCENE. Amen.

  16. The music!!!
    Wow. It was everything I could have asked for and more. Sam Phillips, Grant-Lee Phillips, Dolly Parton, Nancy Sinatra, the Carpenters. PERFECTION.

What I didn’t love (Oh boy, sit down and grab a drink):

  1. Rory.
    Just Rory in general. And not because she was 32 and rootless, living a vagabond life. I actually liked that she didn’t have her shit together and didn’t know in which direction to go. In this day and age it is very realistic and I’m glad Rory is not the perfect 16yo we first met in the show. But the the whole Logan affair that ultimately resulted in an illegitimate child was just not for me. I hated it. Not necessarily the pregnancy, just how we got there. Am I supposed to believe Rory Gilmore, my Rory Gilmore, would be fine being the other woman like that? There were never actual signs that she was in love with Logan or Logan with her, it felt more like they were comfortable being with each other and it was simply fun. They didn’t want for their thing to be anything more than it actually was. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Logan made it clear he wouldn’t have left his fiancée for her, so she was settling for second best there. And hell no. Just no. It was a disservice to the character of Rory, really.
    And don’t even get me started on how she treated that poor Paul guy. What happened to you Rory?

  2. ASP (almost) total dismissal of S7.
    Hadn’t it been for the mention of Chris and Lorelai’s wedding, none of what happened in it was taken into consideration. None of it. Good or bad. And I get ASP didn’t want to acknowledge it, but it was a year worth of storylines completely ignored and I think it did more damages than good, ultimately.

  3. Logan.
    He’d grown up so much in S7 and now he’s back to the little snobby cheating careless kid we met in S5. He asked Rory to marry him, am I supposed to believe he’s totally cool now with having her as nothing more than his mistress? The guy was in love with the girl, if I were a sophies shipper I’d be livid right now.

  4. Jess’ conclusion or lack thereof.
    If you want me to believe Jess, who’s literally the only character who’s got his shit together in this revival, is still pining for Rory after more than a decade, then I’m gonna need some follow through, some more intel at the very least.
    Otherwise, just keep it to yourself ASP. Please and thank you.

  5. Scott and Lauren’s chemistry.
    That’s the thing that probably hurt the most, aside from Rory.
    WHERE HAS THAT CHEMISTRY GONE? If we don’t count every scene in Fall and a couple more here and there, they’ve completely lost their sparkle and it made my heart ache. Some scenes were unbearable to watch because you could definitely tell something was missing there. Some scenes were great and it felt like no time had passed at all, but some others were painful to watch. Just painful.

  6. The whole Luke and Lorelai pre-fall story line.
    No bueno. So they’ve spent 9 years together with zero progress in their relationship and dealing with the same communication issues they’ve always dealt with? You’re telling me that after a whopping 11 years in total of relationship these two still make the same mistakes over and over? Well, THAT is disappointing.
    Didn’t they learn anything from the past? At all?
    Everything Emily says to Lorelai about Luke was SPOT ON, as much as it pains me to admit it. And you can definitely tell Luke would do anything to make her happy, he even says so himself at the end, but when will Lorelai do something for him?
    The whole baby talk/surrogacy thing drove me up the wall. So he wanted a child, never brought it up, she wanted him to have a child - their child,  never brought it up either. Now they’re 50 and childless. Great. Just fucking great.
    I mean…ASP should have given them that kid. They just should have opened the revival with a 8yo Gilmore-Danes kid running around and if Amy didn’t want them to have one, then fine, I can respect that, just spare me the whole “ooops, too little too late” thing because it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I’m a nice person, I didn’t deserve that.

  7. The way Rory mourned Richard’s death.
    Did she mourn at all? Okay, except for the scene when she goes into Richard’s office and that one scene when she kisses the portrait, she seemed a bit unfazed by the passing of her beloved grandfather. Rory loved him to pieces and he loved her just as much and, maybe it was Alexis’ fault and not the Amy’s writing, but it just felt like Emily and Lorelai were having so much more of a hard time adjusting to life without Richard than Rory was. Made me really sad.


  9. Christopher’s existence.
    I did appreciate the fact that Amy officially patented him as an asshole though. That was nice. “It was supposed to happen that way,” oh give me a break! You weren’t there to raise Rory because you didn’t want to be there, not because it was supposed to happen. You were a joke of a father by your own choice. Shut up.

  10. April.
    As much as I was dreading seeing her, I knew we had to see her at some point, so I prepared myself. One would have thought the girl would have had more screen time and at least showed up for her father’s wedding. But I laughed my ass off at that scene at the dinner table, so she was good for something at least.

  11. The cameos (especially Peter Krause’s).
    Too many of them, didn’t really need them. Also, the whole Lorelai/ranger talk made me cringe, I get that they’re together in real life, but Lorelai was full on flirting with him and it was so inappropriate and as a java junkie shipper made me vomit a little in my mouth. Could have done without.

  12. Amy Sherman - Palladino’s stubbornness.
    Last but not least, I think what bothered me the most was exactly this. Don’t get me wrong: her show her rules.
    I learned that lesson the hard way in Partings already. If she wants to piss fans off she will and she wont even think about it twice. I respect that kind of integrity and I wouldn’t want her to refrain from exploring this world she created the way she wants to, just because she’s scared of making fans unhappy. You can’t please everybody, some people will always be unsatisfied and that’s okay. That’s life, no harm no foul.
    What I really don’t get is why she had to ignore completely season 7 and also make it feel like no time has passed at all in Stars Hollow. Let’s take Richard’s death aside for a moment, what the hell has happened in those 9 years for our girls? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Many characters are in a stalemate. Lorelai didn’t get married to Luke, didn’t have any more children, didn’t do much at or with the Dragonfly, she’s exactly where we left her. Rory is jobless, homeless, still trying to figure out what to do with her life, 9 years later. Luke is the same old same old, which is in character but also…what the hell? Did time stop there? Hadn’t it been for Ed’s death - may he rest in peace - Amy would have had 0 ideas for a revival. What would have moved the plot ahead? I’m not sure she had this grand vision of how the show was supposed to end, after all.
    Also, I’m glad she stuck to her own ending and to the infamous “last 4 words” - again, I appreciate the artistic integrity - but it was a bit out of place here, in this context at least. So, correct me if I’m wrong, Rory is Lorelai 2.0? I spent 16 years watching this show, only to see the daughter make the same exact mistakes her mother did? And can we call a child “a mistake” even when the mother is a Yale graduate world traveler 32 year old? I don’t think so.
    It didn’t come full circle, not in the way it was intended to when Amy first thought of the last 4 words.
    Also, side note, those 4 words? Predictable as fuck. Just saying.

All in all, I loved going back to Stars Hollow. It was like coming back home after a long time. It comforted me, it made me laugh and it made me cry far too much, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Stars Hollow is home and always will be.

Was A Year In The Life perfect? No.
Was it everything I wanted it to be and more? Probably not.

But that is not what this show is about or was ever about.

If there is anything Amy Sherman-Palladino and this show have taught me is that life is not perfect, that I am allowed to make mistakes and screw up from time to time, that things don’t always go the way we planned and that’s okay.

So no the show didn’t live up to my unrealistic expectations, but then again neither does life. We take the good and deal with the bad the best we can.
So I’ll take the good, because there was SO much of it, it really outnumbered the stuff I didn’t love anyway. I enjoyed every single minute of those 6 hours and that’s what matters the most.

I never thought I’d get the chance to go back to Stars Hollow again. Ever. This was a gift, a blessing truly, and I am forever grateful to each and every person that has made this possible.

And now, let the third rewatch begin…

I smell snow… ❄

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Edward Ferrars seems weak to me. He impulsively proposes to someone he barely knows (Lucy) because he's feeling lost, he shows clear interest in Elinor despite being engaged to someone else, he kind of leads Elinor on and then withdraws without telling her why, and he jst generally seems to let his mother and sister railroad him despite knowing they're awful. I feel like Elinor would ultimately do better with a stronger, more independent man whom she could fully respect.

None of Austen’s heroes are perfect, to be frank, and I wouldn’t wish them to be, but this is a very strong scrutiny of Edward’s flaws without much balance given by considering his circumstances, or even the part Elinor played in everything, or her own flaws and circumstances as well. Edward’s not an evil actor in all he does, and Elinor is not a put-upon paragon. (Also where is this Better Man Elinor’s gonna find and love? She has no social life. She is not a girl for the London style of courtship. Why sacrifice the Edward we actually see and know to some abstract dude who never turns up and is unlikely to? Elinor and Edwards’ hearts are already lost by chapter five. The rest of the book is them trying to deal with that.)

Edward proposes to Lucy when he’s nineteen–and there are very few people who could make a sensible proposal of marriage at nineteen. For his era and his position, Edward couldn’t honourably continue his flirtation with Lucy without any intention of doing right by her and making her an offer, and so he does–because he knows that’s what a just and honourable man would do. He’s foolish and doesn’t know what real regard is, but imagines he does for long enough to get himself bound to a promise to Lucy. This happens throughout Austen–perhaps the most famous fall-out of such a situation being Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet’s marriage. I don’t know that Edward would end up displaying such obvious contempt for Lucy, and Lucy herself is much cleverer than Mrs. Bennet. The pain of a hasty match would certainly take its toll on any couple, but it’s also not exactly the end of the world. In a society which insists upon marriage as a provision for genteel women and a strict form of honourable courtship, there isn’t much room for a young man like Edward to behave in any way other than what he does. He’s not a rake. He’s not got his father taking him up to London and letting him run riot among sex-workers to blow off some steam and realize that superficial flirtations are just that. He’s isolated and lonesome and has no guidance on true wisdom, and every encouragement from those he considers his closest friends at Mr. Pratt’s to pursue Lucy.

For your second point–does he show a clear interest in Elinor? These are young people to whom the lines between friendly accord and courtship get very blurred, indeed. Marianne and Mrs. Dashwood presume there is something deeper going on, and even Elinor may privately hope that perhaps there is, but Marianne and Mrs. Dashwood are noted as being intensely romantic-minded and eager to see what they wish to see. Elinor protests to her own family that she has no definite proof of her own admiration for Edward being mutual. When Marianne brings it up, Elinor is deeply uncomfortable and tries to deny it all, because she sees the very danger she wishes to avoid–and which Marianne, later, does not–in believing in a deeper attachment to exist without any solid proof. Elinor feels her own perceptions may be coloured by wishful thinking, and this is apparently not an entirely unreasonable presumption. Edward has been living at Norland with the family in a very intimate fashion, as Fanny’s brother, and beyond his shyness, he is a good person. Friends are rather thin on the ground at Norland, so if there is natural accord between Elinor and Edward, Elinor especially may be drawn to him. Does it follow that Edward is displaying a clear romantic interest and intention to Elinor? With his shy nature and his own knowledge of his being honour-bound to Lucy, I really doubt that he gives any overt sign to Elinor that he is harbouring any deeper feelings for her, unless it is entirely subconscious and against his will, which would then have to be signs so subtle that it’s entirely right that Elinor cannot hold them up as proof of his intentions, if indeed he has any intentions at all. (Which we know he cannot, due to Lucy’s existence.)

So, no, Edward does not show clear signs of interest–unless simply getting along well with somebody is a sign of clear interest (which Marianne and Mrs. Dashwood definitely think it is, but look where that gets Marianne,)–and he does not lead Elinor on, unless Elinor picks up on some vague sense of feeling and runs with it as a certainty, (which, c’mon, this is Elinor, she would very much resist doing that.) Elinor amends her own words in explaining to Marianne her feelings for Edward, that it is not even a suspicion but a hope of his returning her affection. She begins to say she suspects but must immediately retract and clarify that to acknowledge that she only hopes. Even Elinor acknowledges that she has no real reason to firmly believe that Edward cares for her enough to warrant any expectation. In her heart, she harbours a few doubts, but generally will allow that she believes he likes her–which is not unreasonable–but must acknowledge that there are many difficulties in their way which would make a proposal more and more unlikely…and she does not even know about Lucy! Even without Lucy, Elinor has more than enough considerations to keep her from truly believing that Edward owes her a proposal. Elinor even often observes in him a kind of depression, which we later find out is likely due to his feeling the increasing contrast between what he feels for Elinor and what he owes to Lucy. Edward is by no means playing the scoundrel with Elinor, and has this tendency to withdraw into himself in a morose way and put up these walls in his unhappiness as he considers his future. This only gets worse as they spend more time together, after forming their easy and natural bond: “…the longer they were together, the more doubtful seemed the nature of his regard; and sometimes, for a few painful minutes, she believed it to be no more than friendship.

It’s at this point that Fanny sees or hears enough to interfere, though as Marianne and Mrs. Dashwood are already treating Elinor and Edward as if an engagement must exist, it’s impossible to say if Fanny picks up on that or on some subtle element of her brother’s own behaviour, or a combination of it all.

Elinor attempts to guess at the cause of Edward’s melancholy, and presumes it is to do with his difficult family situation with his mother, which is still keeping him in this kind of limbo with his hands tied, idle and unable to do anything he really wants to do, even for an active career, much less for his choice of a wife. This is a delicate and painful enough situation that she knows better than to inquire, and, honestly, knows she has no right to know the particulars. It would be extremely weird and awkward for Edward to even broach the subject with her, and he knows that would possibly lead to conjecturing about how all his family issues are bound up in his hypothetical marriage, as well. And he cannot tell her about Lucy. I know in the 1995 adaptation he seems to begin to explain, but this never happens in the book, and never ought to happen at all–Edward has a duty to protect Lucy’s reputation, and even telling Elinor would be a pointless betrayal of his honour. As Elinor herself fights the notion of harbouring any expectations, and represses her own feelings, Edward believes he can simply safely say nothing about any of it, to anyone. To confess to Elinor about Lucy would be to openly admit that he does feel something deeper for her, and only be giving Elinor greater pain in confirming their mutual regard at the same time as acknowledging that they can never be together. We see no direct interaction between Edward and Elinor on the page in those early days–it is all second-hand recollections as they are narrated or discussed between the Dashwood women.

Edward is in a kind of stasis as regards his mother and sister, with his inheritance and career and marriage–basically all the pillars of his future life–in a very uncertain position. He knows he has made at least one promise to Lucy, however, and he knows enough of his own mind to know that he does not wish for a life of public glory and distinction in the world of fashion, as Mrs. Ferrars and Fanny would like. So do they railroad him into doing what they want? They want him to be someone grand in society, and to marry Miss Morton, a lord’s daughter with 30 000 pounds. He…does not. He treads delicately and doesn’t seem to do much of anything for a few years, likely not wanting to upset the family balance, or wishing to find a way to be happy in his own way within the mess of the Ferrars’ family dynamics and his tyrant of a mother and insipid siblings. (Family dynamics are complex and we probably all have awful relatives we maintain some degree of contact with because family. And people raised with awful parents and siblings know that these relationships are rarely cut-and-dry, and it can take many years and a lot of strength to even begin to question the toxicity you’re raised to view as ‘normal’.) Yet in his quiet idleness, Edward is still resisting. He is not shoved into a career he despises, he does not take Miss Morton and her fortune. He keeps the peace as he’s probably trying to figure out what the hell he’s supposed to do with his life without burning bridges unnecessarily, and along the way he meets Elinor and oops he falls in love.

Ultimately, of course, his engagement to Lucy is exposed, but when the shit hits the fan and he’s served ultimatums which now will decide the course of his future life, he is given the opportunity to maintain a ‘good’ relationship with his own family by at least agreeing to marry Miss Morton and be ‘forgiven’, but Edward at this point digs deep and doubles down and knows that it’s now or never. He upholds the honour of his promise to Lucy and resigns himself to a precarious and poor position as he scrambles to find a way to make even the barest living to support a wife and family, giving up all else for the sake of a woman he now knows he can neither love nor respect. Until he hears of Lucy’s dealings with Robert, he does truly believe she is simply an ignorant girl who truly loves him, and that for him to break off his engagement to her would be a cruelty she does not deserve. He is willing to burn down every certainty of material and emotional comfort in this world to stand by who he is and the choices he made for himself, so I don’t really see him, at any point, being truly pushed around by his mother and sister. When the chips are down, he knows what he has to do in order to at least be able to look himself in the eye as an honourable man.

Edward finds his strength and his independence, and in the end, when Elinor knows everything and knows exactly how terrible Lucy is, she sees what he’s done, and she respects the heck out of him for it, even as she knows he will be unhappy, and is sorry for him. She’s long known of the secret engagement, so she’s been doing her best to pack away her own feelings, but for Edward’s sake she can at least see the virtue in his final freedom from his family’s interference, and the self-respect he will have in pursuing the life he wants, even if it is not with the woman he wants. Edward is not flashy, he is not overtly romantic, but his honourable intentions cannot be doubted, and the strength he requires to go against his family when there is no possible benefit to himself apart from Knowing He Did the Morally Right Thing gives him a deep and abiding dignity which cannot be denied.

Elinor is not her sister–she does not dare display her feelings for Edward at any point. Though she later does reproach Edward for remaining at Norland and apparently giving rise to expectations from their families, as well as her own hopes, he can point out that he had no idea he was putting Elinor in any real danger of falling in love with him. Whatever Elinor’s own mother and sister might have fancied they saw, Edward either did not know the nuances of Elinor’s character intimately enough to recognize her feeling, or else Marianne and Mrs. Dashwood may have exaggerated what they perceived because they wished it to be so. Edward admits that he fell in love too gradually to suppose there was any risk to himself or Elinor, and, after realizing his own feelings, still did not believe he could rely on Elinor’s returning them–and at that point he could have no desire for it, knowing he was bound to Lucy. Even Mrs. Dashwood is ultimately rather surprised to find out how much Elinor felt for Edward, having long since convinced herself that she must have been mistaken at first in believing Elinor to have cared for Edward very deeply: “[Mrs. Dashwood] found that she had been misled by the careful, the considerate attention of her daughter, to think the attachment, which once she had so well understood, much slighter in reality than she had been wont to believe, or than it was now proved to be. She feared that under this   persuasion she had been unjust, inattentive–nay, almost unkind, to her Elinor:–that Marianne’s affliction, because more acknowledged, more immediately before her, had too much engrossed her tenderness, and led her away to forget that in Elinor she might have a daughter suffering almost as much, certainly with less self-provocation, and greater fortitude.”

While I’d hesitate to say any or all of the misery is one or the other’s fault in all of this, as we see Elinor and Marianne react to similar situations in very different ways, and both suffer mightily for it; I wouldn’t be quick to condemn Edward, who in actuality appears so little in the main portions of the narrative. We never even really hear his own true thoughts and feelings until the very end, when he is open with Elinor about all that has passed. His behaviour towards Elinor is viewed through the lens of the Dashwood women; and his behaviour to Lucy is then viewed through the lens of Elinor’s knowledge of the secret engagement, and later through all the gossip of Mrs. Jennings and her circle. (Naturally we find it difficult to believe it when Lucy speaks of Edward’s glowing protestations of deepest love after their engagement is revealed, knowing word of it will all eventually get back to Elinor. He likely does his best to re-assure her that he will stand by her and that he appreciates her constancy and affection even after he has been cut off with no prospects, but doubtless this is not in such profuse and animated terms of violent passion as Lucy would like everyone to think.)

Elinor does fully respect a strong and independent Edward–and it is even she who must encourage him to reconcile with his mother, where Edward for a time remains too proud and angry at Mrs. Ferrars to even consider reaching out to her for any kind of forgiveness, even if it could result in some material advantage which would enable him and Elinor to marry sooner rather than later. In the end they are both able to see where their own behaviour unwittingly led them into painful circumstances; but as they are now together and happy, reproach for what each did without being aware of the effects upon others is rather pointless.

A (Printer’s) only son, and wealthy: an alternate Enjolras interpretation

A couple nights ago, @robertawickham and I were complaining that Hugo took so much from Charles Jeanne’s story to make his Ideal Barricade Hero (Enjolras) and then class-bent him to be a bourgeois student, instead of the working-class guy  Jeanne actually was. 

And then we realized Hugo doesn’t ..actually say… Enjolras is a STUDENT. Just “an only son and wealthy”.  And he LOOKS like a student (a ‘college escapee’)  but that’s in the same sentence that claims he looks like a pageboy and we’re all pretty sure he’s not that.  And hey, workers can BE wealthy! Class often correlated with income (very often) but it wasn’t dependent on that; it was dependent on what sort of work a person did– manual labor was working-class, intellectual labor was bourgeoisie, to oversimplify a ridiculously complicated social strata.  So after like five minutes of shouting TO HECK WITH YOUR CLASS ISSUES, HUGO, WE’RE TAKING ENJOLRAS BACK FOR THE WORKERS we realized we…needed a plausible profession? 

@amarguerite mentioned that printers could, depending on their job and position, be quite wealthy, and gave us a bunch of wonderful details and info which are included under the cut. And lo, IT IS GOLD.  All of it goes together to make Enjolras being the wealthy  only son of print-shop owning family work SO WELL?!? 

A SMALL  AND  ONLY  PARTIAL list of the ways   that Enjolras being the son of a printshop-owner makes Everything Better and Nothing Worse 

-As a printer Enjolras is a logical point of connection for many interest groups; people need printing done! I cannot even believe how easy this makes plothooks! 

-Also as a printer, Enjolras would be in a position to earn trust very quickly, despite his age and appearance, by printing illicit materials, serving as a message center, and so on. 

-Wealthy or not, he likely wouldn’t have the formal education needed to be student; but he would have access to a lot of books and a professional advantage in learning what he could. This explains his occasional slips with Latin and the like, as well as why he’s apparently managed to get an education that so much inspires his Republican convictions–he chose his own reading material, apart from the standardized curriculum. 

- He WOULD be in a position to have the kind of knowledge we see him display in Enjolras and His Lieutenants–awareness of who’s ramping up their revolutionary discussions, who’s getting cold feet, what the general mood of the radical groups in the city are. He’d know because THEY WOULD TELL HIM, with the kind of work they give him and how often and what the tone of it is. He’s  as close to an internet hub as they’ve got. A GREAT person to help organize your activist group! 

- Printers, whatever their more abstract politics, could hardly help knowing and caring about the various censorship and speech laws, which directly affected their business. A printshop owning family wouldn’t have to totally support Enjolras in his more dramatic views to agree with him taking dramatic action, especially in 1830; but they could still like Louis-Philippe, be more conservative– or very radical! So many options! (more on this under the cut)

- Printshop culture generally leaned heavily on the sort of jokes and teasing and goofing around the Amis are seen to love, and narratively applauded for, at least equally an evolution of working-class culture (which it really should be) as of student culture (which it still would be!)

- but as an expected heir and future manager of the shop he’d still be used to interacting with bourgeois clients and businesses! And probably dress quite well when out of the shop, in a subdued, professional way. 

-Gavroche is mentioned as doing the occasional odd bit of work in a printshop.  If anyone  wants, this gives a really easy hook for Gavroche and Enjolras’ interactions at the barricade. 

- Wait! (I panic.) Isn’t Feuilly the only workingman in this group of students?? **checks**! Wait, no, Hugo doesn’t actually say that! He only says that Feuilly IS a worker.  Enjolras ALSO being a worker takes away nothing from Feuilly; a wealthy shop-owner’s  only child and obvious heir will have dramatically more advantages than  an orphan. But it does acknowledge that the working class wasn’t a homogenous block or single sort of life experience. 

-Enjolras and Feuilly’s relationship is so much more interesting this way?? and it stops Feuilly being the Token Worker in a city full of workers in a worker-led movement.  Seriously, Hugo, screw your class issues so much. 

 -I have an excuse to draw Enjolras in a printer’s apron with his sleeves up. :Like, ALWAYS.   That is SO what I’m doing today. 

Below the cut: Longer discussion and more explanation, and some  Q&A with Amarguerite (shared with permission!)  for the use of anyone else who wants to adopt this headcanon/alternate reading!  (please consider sharing this headcanon it’s so great I am so happy right now)  Warning: VERY LONG. 

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Since gaiden not only features sss, but also team 7, I just wanted to explain why you shouldn’t take arguments by bitter NH fans seriously
Disclaimer: No, not all of them. Just the extremists,

Do not let anti team 7 people make you believe that their ‘theories’ and ‘facts’ are actually based on canon evidence and neutral perception. They’re driven by jealousy and hurt feelings and that’s not even anything new, it’s always been that way. Though back then, they at least tried to hide it somewhat, because they used SS to fight NS. I have no problem admitting that the fandom has ruined NH for me. But that doesn’t mean I cannot see what is right inf´front of me. I do not believe Naruto doesn’t love his family, he most definitely does. He loves his kids and he loves his wife, that’s what is canon. However the anime or the manga decides to showcase that, that’s another issue.

Point is, I don’t lie about the real reason a ship was ruined for me and make up and defend theories that are right on par with bullshit like the infamous claim the entire Naruto ending is just a genjutsu dream. But a lot of anti team 7 shippers do. And that’s because they see Sasuke and Sakura as a threat, even though they aren’t. Naruto is very much capable of loving more than just one person, he loves in different way. The bonds he shares with Sasuke and Sakura are unbreakable and demanding the franchise to cut these two precious people out of Naruto’s life, even though the manga has shown that he needs them to be happy, is just disrespectful towards Naruto as a character. He can spend time with his team, talk to them, fight with them etc without it having any negative effect on NH. Likewise, NH has no negative effect on team 7. Naruto still calling Sakura ‘Sakura-chan’  isn’t worth being concerned about, in fact, it would have seem more ooc if he didn’t call her that.
And yet, people feel threatened. Why you ask? It’s simple.
They’ve always been threatened. They were pissed when Naruto didn’t answer Hinata’s confession and the manga followed with an Uchiha arc instead, calling the Uchiha cancer, they were pissed when Sakura got compared to Kushina by Minato, they were pissed when Hinata didn’t get to fight Kaguya by Naruto’s side, they were pissed that SS got confirmed in 699 after they predicted it would only be implied while NH would get a kiss, they were hella pissed about Gaiden being about the Uchiha and not Uzumaki and now they’re pissed about something as trivial as Boruto wanting a Sasuke ninja card in the Boruto manga instead of Hinata.
They pretended to support SS because they needed Sakura’s love for Sasuke to make NS seem impossible to happen, and dropped the ship the second they got canon and thought now that Hinata is Naruto’s wife, she deserves the heroine status and the ship deserves to have the entire franchise be centered on. To be at the top in everything. And every time they don’t get that, they bash SS to hell and back, having no shame in supporting absurd theories like Sarada being a testtube baby, even though it makes them look silly. Logic gets thrown out of the window the second they feel their ‘#1 otp’ is threatened by SSS.
Try to remember that the next time you see one of those bash SSS/team 7.

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What do you think about the new Star Trek: Discovery coming out next month?

I am very excited. As I said the other day, I love MORE so even though it’s not the era I’d prefer I’m very happy it exists. 

  • I have loved Michelle Yeoh since The Heroic Trio and I cannot believe she is going to be in Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have a massive crush on Jason Isaacs. He is my favorite Captain Hook and the Malfoys are forever my favorites in Harry Potter and everything I’ve heard about his character makes me think he will be my Problematic Fave™.
  • I have a lot of feelings about the extended Sarek family!!!!!!!! The lack of Amanda is really the only thing bothering me about the series. Frain recently confirmed she is introduced, at least.
  • Women supporting women!
  • Canon gay relationship!
  • I don’t care about ship design, I barely ever even notice it. 
  • I like the Klingon redesign, and I think it is smart. 
  • I’ve had CBS All Access since The Good Wife season 6 so that’s a non-issue for me. 
  • The uniforms are AMAZING. The metallic cording is TO DIE FOR. I want a jacket and I want it NOW. 
  • I love Star Trek! We get new Star Trek! I’m so excited!!!!

A TDA fanfic. Can also be found here. But this is the edited version,

Basically, it’s about a nice, quite evening in the LA Institute with our favorite parabatai pairs. Hope you enjoy!


It was quiet in the LA Institute even though it was quite crowded. People of different ages were scattered around and inside of it. Outside, at one table, Mark and Kieran were talking about their various adventures across the world and Cristina Rosales was soaking it all in. In one office, Diana and Gwyn were discussing Shadowhunters’ and faerie’s prejudice against mundane medicine. They believed that some medicine needed to be included in their daily lives in order to increase the quality of living of everyone. Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, was sleeping on the floor of a brightly colored room, two children quietly playing next to him, one of them being his own son Rafael, the other one was the youngest Blackthorn child Tavvy. They were building a castle out of Lego blocks. The kitchen was occupied by four people, Alec Lightwood who was holding a blue baby in his arms, Emma Carstairs who was cooing over said baby and Tessa Gray who was waiting for some cookies to be baked.

However, most people were gathered in the library where most of the seating could be found. At one table, Jace Herondale was sitting, pouring over one map he found in the library. Next to him, in an armchair, Jem Carstairs was studying a collection of family trees and when he saw one in particular, he frowned and thought This is wrong. How did this get published?

On a sofa not far away from them, Kit, Livvy and Ty were huddled together and going through some old Shadowhunter family photos, giggling quietly. Dru was on the floor next to them, sorting the same photos based on the date on the back of them. Julian was at another table ordering new weapons for the Institute. It was all very peaceful and serene. Suddenly, Ty looked up from the photo he was holding.

“Jace, Uncle Jem, what is like having a parabatai? We have Emma and Julian here but I doubt that every parabatai pair is the same or behave and act the same way.”

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I need a pre-Weirdmageddon showdown between Ford and Gideon in an au where Stan and Ford already reconciled so he can be righteously angry at Gideon not just for his treatment of Dipper and Mabel, but also at stealing the shack and summoning Bill into his brother’s dreamscape.

Idk like.. Ford showing up and hiding his face and all that, busting Gideon out of prison for one night, revealing slowly his 6 fingers, letting Gideon feel the awe and admiration that the Author of the Journal rescued him! The Author of the Journal is here!

And then when Gideon is bursting with excitement and the ways Ford’s journal has helped him gain power, he asks for his name. And Ford slowly reveals himself by drawing off his portal hood and face wear, revealing the image of Gideons worst enemy, speaking his name, “ Stanford Pines.”

Gideon doesn’t believe it “No!” He shouts, backing away, bumping into a wall. “No, you’re not Stan Pines, it cannot be. I don’t believe you!”

And Ford just scares the hell out of Gideon for hurting his family. For not treating Mabel right, for attempting to kill Dipper, for summoning Bill and for coming after Stanley, from stealing from him.

Gideons blubbering and trying to make sense of it all, but Ford cuts him off and leaves him with a final warning to leave his family alone, or he’ll use the full knowledge of the three journals against him, and not even Bill (he says in a manner that makes Bill sound like a joke) could help him out of.

He steals Gideon back into prison and goes home. Gideon is scared straight, his idol having set him on a different path. Ford gets home in the early morning and Stan asks what he’s been doing all night, did you even sleep a wink?

Ford answers he was taking care of some family business and leaves it at that. Smug smile on his face.

Idk also maybe Ford asked Gideon how he found his journal before scaring him? Having a normal ish chat first? Idk. Just something that sounds interesting.

Name Suggestion

I don’t know why but ever since I stumbled into Kuroshitsuji, I have always quite liked the thought that Our!Ciel’s name is Cedric - after his grandfather.

And why? Because I think that’s something Vincent would do.

He lost his mother when he was 15, and he either lost his father around the same time or even earlier. We have no idea how their relationship was, but I cannot really imagine Vincent not having loved his parents. And when he had finally become a father, wouldn’t he name one of his sons after his father? At that time, so many people named children after family members or themselves. Queen Victoria, for example, named her first two children Victoria and Albert. I also believe that if Vincent ever had a daughter, he would have called her after his mother.

And wouldn’t it have been terribly sweet if Vincent had named one son Ciel - sky - and the other Cedric - a name with no real meaning, but which is meaningful to him? Especially when the son he named Cedric was the younger one? The youngest son who would not inherit anything? The youngest son people may consider unimportant, but who isn’t? Just like his name, he may not seem important on the outside, but in reality, he really is - he is loved and liked, and nobody thinks of him as unimportant. That he has a meaning.

And in case if Cedric K. Ros- is Undertaker - perhaps, Vincent knew about him and Cloudia? Or perhaps, he didn’t but he heard Cloudia once calling Undertaker “Cedric” (or anything like that) - Undertaker, whom he had known for so long; Undertaker with whom he was surely close. Undertaker who was surely important to him; and this would give more meaning to the name “Cedric.”

Also, I always had the opinion that whatever our Ciel’s real name is, it should have an “c” in it because every Phantomhive by birth (like Edward and Elizabeth are Phantomhives by blood, but weren’t born into the House of Phantomhive) we know so far, has a “c” in their name: Cloudia, Vincent, Francis, Ciel.

And “Cedric” has two “c”s and he’s the second son.

I am absolutely fine if Our!Ciel’s name turns out to be Astre because I think it is a lovely name, especially in regards to the “theme names” thing for twins (and it adds more to the title of my other story than I’ve actually intended (Ciel is, in fact, one of the Stars the title refers to.)), but I still like Cedric better.

Crack Suggestion for the Lulz:

What if Our!Ciel’s name is Diedrich?

Like Diedrich came to visit Vincent after the twins were born, and…

Diedrich: So… what kind of terrible names did you give your children?

Vincent: *points at one of the twins* This is the older twin, Ciel. Isn’t he cute?

Diedrich: Hmpf, hmpf. It won’t save him from his terrible name. Did you flip open a French dictionary and point at a random word? And let me guess, the other’s name is Croissant?

Vincent: *picks up baby number 2* Diedrich, can I proudly present you my second child? The Honourable Diedrich Phantomhive. (Note: I read somewhere that the younger sons of Earls don’t hold the title “Lord” but “The Honourable.)


Vincent: *grins*

(This would also be interesting, considering Rachel may have had some miscarriages before having the twins. Alphabet naming and so on.)



THANK YOU SO SO MUCH @ask-kimdaily FOR MAKING MY DAY(ly) *finger guns*










in short, thank you and I will treasure all of these lovely goodies~ ;u; <3

Wedding Speech - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N - Hi can you do a Joe one where it’s the reader and his wedding and the buttercreams do a really embarrassing speech for them x If you don’t want to or can’t that’s fine ❤

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” My smile grew even bigger as I felt Joes lips on mine. Hearing everyone around cheering and clapping, I felt the tears building in my eyes. I finally married my best friend. 

Walking down the aisle hand in hand with my now husband smiling and waving to all our friends and family. My feelings right now wouldn’t process. I am literally over the moon with happiness. All I could hear were people cheering “Yes Sugg” “Go On My Boy” and a few faint cries. I still cannot believe this is my wedding day. The wedding day I have been planning since a little girl. I was now living it out. Everyone else was gathered into another room with champagne, me and Joe were guided around the building for photos. We had photos on the stairs, in arch ways, in the gardens, and in front of the country side view. We were then joined by the bridesmaids who happened to be my sister and Zoe, the groomsmen Caspar, Josh, Oli, Jack, Conor, Mikey and our parents. Lastly We had photos with the whole group and I stood there being grateful to be surrounded by the people i love most. 

While everyone moved to the reception room to take their seats, me and Joe waited back a bit giving everyone time to settle. 

“I cannot believe we did it” Joe turned to look at me with a beaming smile. 

“I’m still in shock, I’m generally so happy” I smiled back taking his hand in mine. 

“After 6 years of being together and 8 years of friendship I can officially call you a Sugg” 

“I finally fit in the Sugg family!” I cheered laughing. 

“You’ve always been classed as a Sugg babe” 

“But now we have it in writing”

“This is the happiest ive ever been, even though we’ve been in a relationship for so long, our next adventures start now”

“Our honeymoon, new house, new projects. Im so excited”

“Same love, it’s going to be something to treasure” 

“I love you” 

“I love you too”

“Are you two ready to go in?” The staff member asked. We glanced to each other and nodded. We followed the member of staff and waited behind the doors until we were told to go any further. 

“Can i have your attention” The staff member started. “We’re all there to celebrate the newly weds, so please put your hands together for Mr and Mrs Sugg!” We walked in and everyone was on their feet, cheering. Glad we got someone to film this day, I can look back and remember this moment for a life time. We took our seats in front of everyone while they all settled down and allowed us to get comfy. After all the food was served and drinks were topped up Zoe got out her seat to walk in front of the table with a microphone in her hand. 

“Hope you all are having a good time!” A few yeah’s and whistles flew around the room. “To kick off this evening, we are now going to move onto the speeches” Zoe turned to smirk at us both while i groaned and Joe nervous laughing knowing how embarrassing this was going to be. We watched as Josh took to the stage first also smirking as Zoe handed him the mic. 

Joe placed hand on my leg and lent in close. “You know this is going to be interesting” 

“I’m dreading it” I laughed turning to face Josh and linking my hand with Joes.

“I get the pleasure of starting this off. I remember meeting you Joe for the first time then i didn’t leave your apartment for months. I basically followed you and Caspar round like a lost dog. You used to get grumpy when i finished your milk or i didn’t wash up after myself. I can clearly say you haven’t changed. You’ve been a good friend buddy you’ve helped me through a lot of shit and i’m grateful to have a friend like you. I’m glad you found a girl like Y/N, she’s kept you in place but at the same time you’re still the Sugg i first met. Y/N you have a lot of work now that your married, he’s going to become even more lazy. You’re a talent women and you’ve been there to listen when i needed someone to. You’re like my sister and I wish you both the best for the future. Ill be round soon so you can cook me food” I’m glad Josh went first because he wouldn’t embarrass us. He’s the nice one out them all. 

Next was Mikey. 

“Cor i get to do a speech. I’ve always been the target and now i can target you two. You’ve been good friends to me over the past few years. Despite the bad things Joe has made me do or forced me to do such as having a leaf blower in my face to wearing tight red lacy boxers to trying to light my farts. I’ve even had to eat dry protein powder ruining one of my many black t-shirts. Joe your crazy ideas make you as a person, you’re one heck of a guy and you are very lucky to have Y/N, anyone would be. Y/N thanks for looking after me making sure i have eaten. No wonder i cant shed weight. I look forward to raiding your new sweets draw by the way”

Next was Conor. 

“I would like to thank Y/N for introducing me to Joe, because of you i made a great friend and because of Joe I made even more. Y/N i would like to thank you for staring in so many of my covers and even on my album. I mean i still say i have the better voice but I’m not going to judge. I cannot believe you two are married now, I’ve seen your relationship grow these past years and I look forward to having something like this. You two are literally a perfect match. Joe i dont even know what to say about you. You are one of the most hilarious down-to-earth guys i know. You deserve to be happy. I’m glad it’s Y/N who has to deal with your strange ass. I’m surprised she can handle it. She has to wake up to you farting, coming home drunk but then again thinking about it you are both as crazy as each other. I remember coming round once and you both swapped clothes pretending to be each other. That was a weird sight. I wish you both the world of happiness you both deserve it” 

Next was Jack. 

“Suggy got married! To a gorgeous girl also i should have started youtube sooner maybe i could of snatched her. Im joking im joking. Seeing how happy you two are together makes me want this but it also makes me sick but in a good way. You are both good friends to me i couldn’t ask for better people in my life. Well sometimes i could replace Joe after what he’s made me do. Clamping my hand, sticking sellotape to our heads and ripping it out our hair and daring me to run down the street naked. I hope you enjoy people licking your ears Y/N because Joe will be doing that a lot when he’s drunk. trust me. I remember Joe telling us he was going to propose and how nervous he was. You should of heard the other plans he had. They weren’t as romantic. Y/N thank you for appearing in my videos to give me more views. Thanks for the many shout outs too. Like i said, you’re a beautiful women inside and out i know how happy Joe makes you. You’re both weird and I’m glad i know you. Hears to the future”

Next was Oli. 

“Mr Joe Sugg? The Joe i know is actually married now! It feels so weird saying that. I’ve known you for so long and you haven’t changed one bit in a good way though! You both have helped me through a lot over the years with projects, videos, and life in general. I do appreciate it. Joe you are an absolute nutter. Seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better friend what friend would draw penis’ on your body or do jump scares every time we meet or would make me stay up will ridiculous times in the morning to set up pranks. I mean what friend would have a cardboard cut out of me? You better move that into your new home. I’ll always be watching then. Your relationship is probably the strongest i know. You’re both so open and that can be taken in different ways. I’ve seen them both naked. It was a few strange moments. Some moments i wish i could take back because i can still see them imagines in my head to this day. I also remember when i turned up at your apartment Joe was wearing this horse costume and Y/N was dressed like a cowgirl. I didn’t want to ask what went on. They said it was for a video but i dont believe that. I dont like to think what goes on in their minds. Moving on, Y/N you are one in a million you’ve been that one friend i can always rely on even if i’m in a bad mood you put up with me and i can speak on behalf of the other guys as well. You have so much patience and i respect you for that. You have a wonderful mind and a heart of gold. You are both lucky to have each other and im glad to call you both my best friends” 

Lastly, Caspar. 

 “I would like to start off with thanking Y/N for breaking my heart, you killed jaspar. I’m joking jaspar will always be round. I have known you both since we all started Youtube together. Remember our gang when we first started? The 3 of us, Zoe, Alfie, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi and Louise. Then it grew bigger. But look at the two of you now, i know you both never expected to get this far in life. I respect the both of you because you don’t take the famous title seriously, you just see yourselves as normal human beings doing something you love. It’s been amazing watching you both grow and seeing the success you’ve achieved. I couldn’t have wished it on better people. Joe, You are one or the bestest friend i could ask for. You are also one of the craziest dudes i know. Very spontaneous also. I could stand here all day and tell all our stories but i don’t want to bore you. Thank you for being my travelling buddy over the years. I’ve had some of the best memories with you such as doing Hit The Road. What an experience that was ay?  and for everyone’s information i am still the best pizza maker here. Im not thankful for the pranks though. Filing my room with cups of water, setting many alarms, posters of my face all over the walls, filling the room with balloons then Oli popping out with a clown outside and the best one turning my apartment into a slip and slide. I’m also not going to miss seeing you naked when i walk into your room. I am defiantly not going to miss hearing you and Y/N have sex either. You loud buggers. The amount of times i’ve walked in on you both, i still do it today it’s like a curse! Y/N, i still remember meeting you for the first time. You were so shy and timid and now, now i cannot get you to shut up. You are like a boy only when it comes to burping though. Ive seen you when you only had a few thousand subscribers and now you are the top female Youtuber in the UK. I am so proud of your achievements. You seriously deserve it. If i ever needed cheering up i knew you were and still are the person to text or call. You are a positive soul. You and Joe have always been perfect for each other. You are literally the same person. I hope you both the best as a married couple. I love you both.” 

I continued to wipe away the tears which were flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t of asked for better friends or a better husband.