i cannot draw animals

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anonymous asked:

Could you draw Alistair? I really love how you draw him in those cheese wheel comics! It is very cute! Though for a bit more of a prompt, maybe him playing with some puppies? Or maybe Shale at a tea party that it's too big for?

This is super late but Alistair with puppies! Thank you so much for the prompts, anon! <3



hey lads i’m finally up and running to do some drawing with my new tablet and at my work it is currently SLOW SEASON!! meaning i’m struggling a lot. some people have asked so here’s all the info if you want a drawing done by yours truly!

if you wanna see more of my work here is my art tag on tumblr

base prices

  • sketch - $5
  • lineart - $15
  • flat color - $20
  • full color - $30
  • painting - $50

all prices go up depending on additions which vary by the commission type. i base these heavily off of hourly work load, and i’ve tried to make them as cheap as i can.

things i don’t do: anthros, most animals, basically i cannot draw animals

this time nsfw/+18/gore IS in fact an option, but prices do go up there. contact me for details on those.

if you want info or have interest in a mission, either DM me here on tumblr, or email me at johnnychasepowers@gmail.com. you’ll be given a commission form to fill out that will then determine your end price.

do not send me an ask on tumblr, i will likely not get it since the website glitches a lot

thanks so much!


(As a thing for being so quiet and finally returning with my tablet, I did a thing. Here’s Arthur in various stages of his life (which are specified when clicked on). Hope you like it!)

hipsofsteel  asked:

If you could have any normal job (since I'm assuming being a personification is a full time job), what would it be? Or, if you do work on the side, what do you do?

AME: If I could I would totally join the Major Baseball League! I love watching the baseball games!

AUS: I would definitely work as a full time zookeeper! I love any wildlife, particularly the animals that live here in Australia! When I have some free time I usually spend my time volunteering at a zoo!

(( I cannot draw animals for the life of me LMAOOO ))


Some genderbend sketches if no one minds.

I wanted to do a Yugi so badly. (Her elastics break off when she turns into the Queen.) I also did a design for HEBA AS WELL.

Reference was used for Atem riding her horse. I cannot draw animals I pretend like I can ; u ; and that’s what’s important everyone..

Also everyone knows that peachshipping picture. hurhur. I feel you Yugi.

Man I do.


thank for the 700+ followers

omg this is my first time to do an Art raffle * smiley face* 


  • you must be following me!! butt you shouldn’t just reblog before you follow me
  • your inbox must be open so i can inform you that if you’ve won!!!
  • you can reblog ass many times
  • if you didn’t reply in 24 hours i will choose another winner


1. nsfw


3.animals ( butt if its a furry then i allowed it)

the deadline will be on Dec. 31

i can only choose a three winners!!! thank u ily and wish you luck


1st prize is full body

2nd prize is lineart

3rd prize is tradition (my shitty tradition)