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Not really a Q, just wanted to say a huge thanks? - your books were the first I ever read that taught me gay people (myself) could exist? Might have spent forever trying to figure out what I'd read wrong and which one had been a guy all along in WOTE, and might had had a parent ban me from the public library when she found out your book i'd checked out had ~lesbians~, but, growing up in conservative nowhere, i can't imagine where I'd be today without it. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

I cannot tell you adequately how much what you said means to me. I am so very sorry that you had to grow up with so many blockages to discovering who you are. I’m so glad you won your way through. Stay strong, and may you have a life filled with love and discovery. 

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Okay but I cannot accept the trans Albus headcanon. That kid is currently only ELEVEN and you're sexualizing him like that?!?! I'm sorry but that's just wrong. Imagine he's real, and he sees that sort of stuff. How do you think he'd feel?!?! How would YOU feel if people not only thought you were a fictional character, but wrote meta about you being trans, gay, bi, and the whole nine yards?

“sexualizing him”
sorry did you pull a muscle making that reach????
first of all I knew I wasn’t straight when I was 9 and knew I wasn’t 100% female at 12, so miss me with that “too young to know” bs. several trans people realize their identity at very young ages.
how would he feel??? uh he probably wouldn’t care that much seeing as it’s just a theory and I’m not forcing anyone to believe it so if you don’t like the theory just keep scrolling
how would I feel if I was written as gay trans and bi??? uh I wouldn’t care seeing as I’m a bisexual trans guy

Y’all ever noticed how dropping the “mental” from “mental illness” instantly makes you feel better and less judgemental about it?

“I can’t currently work because I’m recovering from an illness.”

“I have a hard time forming social contacts and relationships because of a condition that I have.”

 “I should be taking better care of myself to improve my health, but being sick makes it difficult to properly care for myself.”

 “Sometimes healthy people don’t really understand I really cannot function on the same level as they do.”

 Like throwing yourself on your back and announcing that you’re beyond redemption is the wrong course of action, but sometimes it really does help to remind yourself that the brain is an organ and that suffering from an illness caused by an organ dysfunctioning is completely valid.


[ 16.10.17 / Monday ]

Last week’s spread had some vintage vibes. It’s been crazy busy since I started teaching, but it’s so much fun. 

Currently Reading: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

“I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with all. I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.”

@haikujitsu replied to your post “Do you think Danny’s hazmat suit ever came with a goggled-hood? I can…”

Jazz has one (Maternal Instincts), which would support that theory.

*choking sounds* I cannot believe you replied to one of my posts! You’re one of my favorite writers for DP.

That’s a good point, though that was implied to be one of Maddie’s jumpsuits that she was wearing. Still, it makes the most sense to think they’d all come with hoods and goggles.

I’ll make you a deal, little lee… ;)

You may cover your eyes with your hands as I tickle you. But you have to keep your eyes covered for the entire tickle session, which means your arms will be up.

Which means I can tickle along those soft undersides of your arms into your armpits…

Which means you cannot stop me from squeezing and/or counting your ribs to make sure you have all of them…

Which means your sides will be covered in so many squeezes and spider-crawls and skitters and slithering like serpent slides, or random drawings of my own design….

Which means your belly is all mine to blow raspberries all over and do those exact same techniques that I performed so skillfully on your sides… Can you feel those tickle butterflies already? Especially when I mention I plan to do my giant swirl trick with a feather that ends at your bellybutton, and the feather transforms into a tickling tornado… ;)

I wonder how long you will last when I tickle all around your knees…

And then there is your feet, which I promise will not be spared a single inch when it comes to the tickles I have in mind. Your poor soles… all of those wiggling toes as I glide a feather through them over and over again. Or some of my softest yarn…

Still wish to be tickled blindly, my darling? My sweet, so, so ticklish little lee…? ;)


  • me when i think about the concept of someday marrying a man: marriage is an evil construct based on ownership of your spouse as property and i hate it and weddings are disgusting and i would rather just uhhhh shoot myself right now
  • me when i think about the concept of someday marrying a woman: ohhhhh my godddd i cant wait for me and my love to design our matching engagement rings made from cool rocks we find bc diamonds are bullshit and then to pick out our wedding dresses and god she'll look so pretty and oh all of those hours of doing calligraphy together for the invitations it'll all be so perfect and everything will be the absolute best at our gay ass forest witchcraft wedding and OH MY GOD im crying she's gonna look so pretty and GOD i love her so much already and i cannot wait... to marry her.... the love of my life... and spend every day with her and help her through every bad thing in her life and know that we fully support each other and every moment is so happy and fun and all of the small details of stuff that's unimportant in the grand scheme of things like the public appearance of the wedding will be so fun and important to me because it will be based on decisions we will make together...... god i can't wait to get married someday

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Hey do you know of a good dating website/app where a Bi woman could find a girlfriend?


so i do not have any experience with dating apps, so i cannot give you much information, but i have head good things about HER

i regularly heard about it for a long time and then i just stopped hearing about it all of the sudden tough so i don’t know if that means there’s something off with the app or if people just simply stopped bringing it up..

other than that i don’t know much, sorry i couldn’t be more help, but hopefully some of my followers know more and can add to this post :)

Thank you guys!

Hi, guys! Thank you so much for participating in Chocobros Week! I’m glad to see some great content was created! You all did a wonderful job, and we cannot be more thrilled to see such great stuff!

We hope that we can do this again in the future!

Now, if you didn’t get your stories, art, etc. finished, don’t worry! Just make sure to tag us and we’ll share!


- You all right?
- Are any of us? I mean, it’s information overload. One could pull a muscle trying to digest it. First, Ziva. And now a child.
- Not a typical day.
- Is that really all you have to say?
- Keep your eye on the ball, Duck.
- Jethro, I know that Trent Kort is our primary goal, but we cannot lose sight of Anthony and the enormity of what he’s going through.
- We’re not.

I’m choosing to believe this is the writers’ way of explaining Gibbs’ reaction throughout this episode. Because while I see some flickers of recognition throughout, I do see how some people think he’s being cold or unfeeling.

But I think Ducky’s reaction here is kind of like the audience surrogate in a way, calling Gibbs out on his even-more-than-usual restraint, and Gibbs’ answer (”not a typical day”) is the beginning of an explanation. As I said earlier, I’d like to believe Gibbs’ restraint is merely the understanding that this is one time he can’t fly off the handle, because it’s too personal, and has to carry the burden for everyone, including Tony, because Tony is in turmoil, and he’s been there. So he has to be even stronger than usual to lift the team. So he won’t give into grief for their sake (especially Tony’s), and will keep his eye on the task at hand, catching whoever did this to Ziva. After that, the grief can kick in.

Which I think is what they’re implying after Ducky “reminds” Gibbs not to lose sight of Tony’s pain, and he replies, “We’re not.” He’s all too aware of what Tony is going through, which is why I would like to believe that he is so single-minded in this case. He can run on auto-pilot so that Tony doesn’t have to. He’s got a mission, and he’s going to lead his team through it.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Oh, sweetie, a couple of weeks ago I felt the need to tell some of your anons to step outside for a take down... and that need is back. I do not for the life of me understand how far people can be from just having civil disagreement... why, oh, why is the urge to be derogatory and plain ole mean so abundantly seen on tumblr? I happen to adore you, and on your behalf, I ask those who cannot give their opinions respectfully to move on; don't respond to what you don't like if you can't be nice.

Thank you, anon. This is very sweet and gracious of you. I am still hopeful that the human race is not all trash.

the best part is if i tell peers how stressed i am they’ll just say “therapy!!!” which is great and all but therapy would take up valuable time and way more spoons than i can afford right now. im really just focused on surviving, i dont have the time or energy to try and get better yet 

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Jenn's contract was up and she had every right to leave and pursue new projects. She has said she loves directing and OUAT does not give her that opportunity. She did not have to come back for one episode and yet she did for the fans. As far as I'm concerned she owes us nothing more. I am happy for her. Let me ask you this. If a publisher came along and said here's a contract to write a book, but you cannot take the time to finish your fanfiction's. What would you do?

I’m guessing this question is in response to my answer to this message about feeling bitter over Jen’s decision to leave and whether that’s OK.

Look, I am very, very glad that Jen graciously gave us 1 ep more to end Emma’s story and I understand that Once is not the be all, end all thing in her life. Reading her comments about how she’d done 13 straight years of network TV and was tired of the grind, plus constantly having to travel back and forth from Vancouver to see family and friends, I have tons of sympathy for that. She can’t (and shouldn’t) make everyone else happy, she needs to put what’s best for herself first, and that was to leave and do other things. But I’m not going to change my stance that some mixed emotions among the fans about her decision are understandable, it doesn’t have to be 100% either way. I’m not against Jen or anti Jen now just because I had some negative thoughts at first.

As to answer your question about fanfic, yes, I would take an offer from a publisher if one came along. And if I did, I would hope that people would be happy for me (and I think they would) while also knowing some would probably be upset and that some would be feeling both ways about it. Heck, I’ve seen comments directed at other writers who have taken fics down because they’ve moved into publishing them and I know flat-out that there’s people who only want the fic versions with their beloved characters and not revised versions. It does give me pause, but I would do what was best for me. 

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You are trying to see what you did. You’re trying your best to reconcile. That’s all you can do, and I think you’re handling it pretty well honestly.

As far as I can tell, I didn’t do anything. I said I’d be happy to chat. They said I replaced them. I cannot reconcile those two because I can’t see the through line. None of this makes sense to me. 

Answered prayers!

Sometimes we pray and pray so much about something and are disappointed when we don’t get a miracle or an extraordinary thing happens BUT we can never know Gods way of doing things! He acts in a way that we cannot understand and predict, so keep your eyes open to whatever encounters you in life and in whatever (seemingly) strange manners, your prayers will be heard!

I prayed a lot for a good start at the university here in a new city where I don’t know too many people and that I would be able to start anew. Now, I spent a weekend with all the “freshmen” of my study course and INSTANTLY, like, in the first minute became friends with 8 people who are so nice and looking back I was thinking - wow, I really changed in a different way than i thought God would make me! I realized I stayed myself but became so much more comfortable with myself and confident within Christ that I no longer held myself back because of doubts and self-consciousness, but I said what was on my mind and people respected me for that! I laughed so much this weekend, didn’t have to think if they would find the things I said funny or cool or whatever but I just said them and they laughed about my jokes (that has never happened to me in school!!) And just appreciated me the way I am and I am so thankful that God made me so radiant and full of joy this weekend and that he put so many awesome people INTO MY ROOM and made them such good company for me ❤️