i cannot deal with this cast

I cannot believe people are out there buying tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen and then being disrespectful during the performance, checking their phones, and treating the actors horribly after the shows. This is ridiculous. It’s not hard to have some respect and common decency. Do you seriously think they want to be shouted at and grabbed at and even followed?? I feel so bad knowing they all have to deal with things like this, it makes me sick. Seriously. Just have some respect.

cont in comments bc I got mad again this is so gross literally so gross
I am seriously concerned about the casting directors on Reign...

Guys, are they ok? Are they even trying? Do they think we’re stupid? Have they employed a script adviser to check the consistency of what they’re making? If they have, they need to fire them real quick, because whoever they are hasn’t seemed to realise that CATHERINE’S CHILDREN ARE ALL REAPPEARING AS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE who are WAY TOO OLD!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the good old days when Reign was kinda alright.

Remember this little guy? This lil’ cutie from Season 1? Lil’ Charles. Just in case this picture doesn’t make it quite QUITE clear that this person is a young CHILD, here’s another one: 

He’s tiny right, I mean Megan Follows is small, and he barely reaches her shoulder. Ok good, we’ve established that Charles in Season 1 was a young child of around eight years old. Good stuff.

Now I know Reign has a habit of stretching, embellishing and basically destroying history. Mary and Francis are supposed to be like 14 at the start, and clearly they’re older, but that’s ok, that’s fine, we’ll roll with it.

 The show begins in 1557:

Nice, some fluffy goats and fluffy clouds just to prove this. I’ve done my research people.

So in real life, ol’ Francie Boi was supposed to die in 1560 after being King for roughly one year

And sure thing, as I said, Reign likes to stretch history like, BEYOND the breaking point. So it’s entirely plausible that on the show Francis was king for a little bit longer, maybe we’ll give him an extra year or two. Which means the next time we see young dude Charlie he’ll have aged… hmmm around five years or so? He’ll be approx 12, right? 

WRONG! What the FuCk ma dudes, this guy right here is NOT CHARKLES I don’t know who he is, but Catherine and the rest of them should all be really concerned, they’ve been hella duped! He’s frickin old enough to fool around with this random chick

He’s aged like 10 years in 5, and NO ONE EVEN NOTICED, not Catherine, not Francis, not Mary, and especially not anyone in the writing or casting department apparently. 

Now let’s move onto Elisabeth, Catherine and Henry’s eldest daughter, dis chick from the pilot

Remember her? The one who married the Spanish dude, and then they had to have sex while a whole lot of old men watched, and Mary and her lil’ sweet naive buddies got all hot and flustered cos they were sneakily watching too? Yeah that one.

As you can see, this woman is clearly a BRUNETTE. Well, apparently Spain has really changed Elisabeth. Like, REEAALLY changed her. So good to see her back in 4x01! She goes by Leesa now, she’s blonde and older and basically looks like a completely different person…

Oh Wait.

I guess Catherine just has so many children she honestly can’t keep track and doesn’t even notice when they return to France looking like they’ve endured intense plastic surgery to reconstruct their faces, or somehow age them enormously.

Catherine has the names of all her children written in her bible, although her youngest son Hercule is missing, but I think the camera has just cut off the bottom of the page.

 At the end of Season 3, Catherine brings back this dude below to lowkey threaten Charles with MUrdEr (the most ooc Catherine has ever been, honestly this show is just…)

Now god knows who this one is, I mean it could be Lil’ Henry making a comeback from Season 1 when he was blonde and cute (see below) and got kidnapped by his insane potato-sack-wearing half sister

If so, he too has had a significant dye job at the castle salon. Except whoever this kid is in Season 3, he can’t be Henry because he’s considerably younger than Charles

I mean, what’s the deal? Charles gets hit by the ageifying-ray gun, but his little bro Henry doesn’t? How is that fair?? They never actually mention him by name, so possibly it is Hercule.

Which would mean that this hunky blonde dude Megan’s been posting on her Instagram and captioning with “My boys”… 


This makes absolutely ZERO sense, I do NOT understand. The casting directors and writers of Reign either don’t comprehend human viewer intelligence and the ability to pick up on the ENORMOUS INCONSISTENCIES THEY THROW AT US WITH WORRYING REGULARITY, or they themselves have serious memory issues. Or possibly they just don’t care. I really don’t know.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to watch Reign now is by ignoring these massively aged characters, ignoring the yawn storylines, ignoring when the only original characters we have left suddenly rewrite their whole personalities; I’m looking at you Catherine ‘I would literally die for my children’ de Medici, suddenly going, ‘Oh yeah Charles, I have loooads of other sons, don’t you forget that, I might just kill you to become regent again, k, love you, bye.’

I’ll just focus on the pretty clothes and Megan Follows’ profound talent to somehow make something out of this steaming pile of insanity.

Long story short, the only thing Reign is consistent at, is being inconsistent.

Even so, I’ll watch it every week cos I’m total trash. Rip me.

A Letter to the Sherlock Fandom

You may think that this is a lot of text and too long to read but I implore you to try so that you can better understand these points of view.

I apologise if this isn’t as eloquent or measured as I intended it to be but I am honestly so angry at the Sherlock fandom right now. Not all, obviously, many are conducting themselves amazingly no matter their opinion on the episode. However, there are a large (and loud) number who are not and not only are these people making the rest of us look bad and acting as if they speak for the fandom as a whole, I fear that they are doing (and may have already succeeded in doing) irreparable damage to what could have been a great community.

There are several points I wish to address in this post so I will try to dissect each one individually to the best of the ability.


No matter what you thought of the episode it is NOT okay, or even productive, to harass members of the cast or crew in any way (whether it be through social media, through official complaints (which can actually have further effects on their professional lives also which are definitely not yours to mess with) etc.). It started with Amanda back when season 3 was announced and that was just downright cruel and now it seems the lesson has not been learnt. They have worked hard on this show and even if it did not turn out as you personally expected it or wanted it to you cannot hate them for having a different view of where things should go than you. I have seen many people on Tumblr saying things along the line of ‘it our show anyway we can do what we want and it can be what we want it to be’. No. It is their show, we merely enjoy it - they created it and they have final say on what happens. I for one would not wish to see a world where the fans get to decide what happens as that would only ever cause further divide in communities and result in one section of a fandom having superiority over the others which is already happening in the Sherlock fandom with some Johnlockers/TJLCers.This harassment also extends to the harassment of other member of the fandom - labelling someone as homophobic because they don’t ship a same-sex ship is not only detrimental to the LGBT+ cause it puts up further barriers for the normalisation of non-traditional relationships.

On a similar topic, complaining to the BBC because you didn’t like the episode is not only petty but also counterproductive - these people are not asking for change in doing so they are calling for an end to the show and a witch-hunt in which those who created it are to be mocked in a public sphere. I have seen many people proudly posting images of their complaints and encouraging others to do the same and even petitions to a similar effect and it saddens me that people have become so arrogant in believing that the show is theirs and they were owed more that they would stoop to such levels. You were not owed anything. You didn’t like it, deal with it, move on.


I cannot express how much I dislike this term. Sometimes, yes, the teasing of fans with a potentially queer couple is done in an interpretably malicious way. With Sherlock, this is not the case. The cast and crew have said from the start that Johnlock (the main ship brought up in such discussions) was not going to happen. If you missed that and were not aware - fine; but if you knew this and then continued to be upset that it wasn’t happening - that is on you.  It is not queerbaiting if there was never any potential for the relationship in the first place - especially when neither character has been canonically stated to be queer.

Fetishisation of Gay Relationships and the Anti-Straight Trend in the Progressive Community

Wow, that was a long title. I have seen many of the aforementioned complaints to the BBC, petitions and Tumblr posts claiming that by not making a ship such as Johnlock canon they have let down a large portion of the community who are LGBT+ and have not given them the representation they deserve. Whilst representation is good and everyone does deserve to be able to see someone like them on television, as I said before, we have known from the stat that this was not going to happen with these characters. If you didn’t understand that clear message - again, it is on you, not the creators who have always been honest about the future of such a ship. You can be upset that they did not become canon in the same way that you would for any other ship but you cannot claim that you have been robbed of representation, misled in any way or owed better because you were never promised it in the first place.

As for the title of this section, I have seen a common trend in fandom communities towards making canonically straight characters gay, which whilst harmless if not taken to the extreme (as I feel some members of the Johnlock community have) actually highlights a double standard and serious problem that must be addressed. If one were to take a canonically gay character, strip them of their identity and make them straight they would be called homophobic in an instant. However, when it is the other way around, no one complains. Heterosexual is an identity too and to keep classifying it as separate from the others, in a class of its own, is only going to slow down progress and make it harder for true unity to occur. By stating that two characters, one of whom has categorically stated that they are not gay (and of course only one would be enough) have to be gay because of they way they interact (via your personal interpretation - often though tinted lenses) you are not only arguing that two men cannot be simply very good friends without harbouring romantic feelings for each other, you are also denying John of his own self-proclaimed identity.

The Bad Side of TJLC

(The previous paragraph is also relevant to this section and thus again I must state that whilst shipping two characters is fine, outright ignoring their identity and labelling them yourself is not.)

On paper, TJLC (The JohnLock Conspiracy) is not too harmful, you can speculate as much as you want. Where it becomes harmful is where people delve into the realm of delusion. There are many TJLCers who wholeheartedly believe that Johnlock is already canon or has to be canon and it is these people who appear to harbour the strongest negative beliefs about the recent episode and who are doing the most damage to this community.

I have seen countless posts recently along the lines of the following: 'clearly we know more than Moftiss’, 'how could they not see it was so obvious’, etc. Such arrogance as to your own beliefs is extremely harmful to the wider community. You do not know more than the creators of the show, the show is as they intended it to be - anything that you find within the show (with your TJLC-tinted glasses) that supports your predetermined theory is simply you putting two and two together and making five. It was not intended and therefore not symbolic of your beliefs and so your interpretation is no more than that - an interpretation not fact.

Believe it or not, for those of us not in the TJLC community, JohnLock was not obvious - for someone like me, when I first heard of this ship and TJLC I was incredibly surprised because I saw no romantic connection whatsoever - just two friends; and that was all that they were intended by the creators to be. If you were aware of the cast and crews comment of the subject and still deluded yourself into believing that TJLC was true - that was on you. No one else is to blame for your beliefs not lining up with the facts of the show.

Your ship does not rule this fandom and you do not speak for the whole fandom so those of you saying they didn’t give the fandom what they wanted - you are wrong. They didn’t give you what you wanted. You don’t speak for me and you don’t speak for the countless others like me who actually enjoyed the episode and/or are not in any way JohnLock shippers.

Sherlock Holmes and the Delusion of the Fake Episode

For those of you who still believe in some way that the episode was a fake one, that a  new episode will come out and say that it was all a dream etc. Again, you are deluding yourself and this is not healthy and will only lead to disappointment. It is what it is. Failure to accept reality for what it is and move on from there, living in a constant state of denial is a serious problem.

I have so much more to say and honestly not the words to say it without going off onto too much of a tangent right now. I may add continuations (in fact I most likely will once I can formulate sentences again) to this if I think of anything.

I know that one post on Tumblr isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference and the fractures in this community may never heal but I honestly could not hold this in any longer.

You are welcome to ask questions or for clarification on any point made or any point you wish me to address.

Pulse - One Year Later

Here we are, one year later. I want to post something uplifting, something hopeful, but today has just been surreal, for lack of a better term.

Time passes and people forget. Guests forget. I remember for a week after that the uneasy quiet there was when Guests approached Cast. The sad smiles, the apologies, the questions. I remember the day we found out that every single call in was reason to panic, even more so if the person was a no call no show. Eventually everyone was found

Except one

After that, we had to band together and still put on a show, trying our best to not break down on stage. Some of us succeeded, others did not. But Guests didn’t stop coming, so we couldn’t stop either. So many hallow performances, I almost pity the Guests who came that week as they certainly didn’t get the best out of our Cast. 

But time passes and we eased back into the routine. Guests stopped being cautious, so we had to stop being sensitive. But everyday was a reminder, especially for those in the LGBT+ community, and doubly for those who knew or lost someone. 

Every time a Guest got pissed off about the security you can see somebody flinch, or maybe its just me. You try to wrap your mind around the fact that terror wasn’t the reality for these people. So you go from not talking about it, to causally mentioning it when dealing with these kinds of Guests. And the responses progressively get more infuriating. Going from “Oh, right sorry.” to “Oh, yea.” to “Oh, that thing that happened.” to “So?”. Because it wasn’t their reality, it was just the sad story of the week to them, and they forgot.

Even the Cast changed. College Program kids came and went twice, thoroughly diminishing the people who were actually here for it. So today was nothing more than a historical remembrance, and I cannot blame them. For we all see it everyday. Whether it be specific days like 9/11 or general like Memorial day, most people either just briefly acknowledge it or ignore it completely unless they had someone personally tied to the events. 

And you realize just how blissfully ignorant you were, because you know you will carry this scar, this experience, for the rest of your life. And you know that you don’t even have it as bad as the people who experienced it first hand, or lost someone who they were close too.

But you play different scenarios over and over in your head because it could have been you. You had been there before. You had close friends who go. It’s your community, a safe place to go and have fun. 

You wonder what would have happened if you had gone that night, or if your close friends had. And it is just so much more real because you can clearly picture the place and the people. And literally overnight the place, hell the name, that had been traditionally be associated with fun and freedom is now whispered because it is now associated with pain, fear, and death. 

But the world moved on so you can’t be sensitive about it. 

I admire those who have come back with strength because all I can remember is the fear. I smile around my community here that is so strong, but there is always a little pain behind it. 

So I’m stuck somewhere between hopeful and terrified. 

But who knows? Maybe one day time and circumstance will allow me to smile without pain again. 

Zendaya is probably Mary Jane or a Mary Jane adaptation part II

This is Mary Jane’s first ever appearance.

Notice the characters involved. The blonde is Liz Allen. The brunette is Betty Brant. Their are reasons why we aren’t getting a Betty Brant romance because usually when she is introduced, she is older than Peter and now of days it is taboo for adults to date teenagers. Peter tries, but Betty has always been an adult(except for the Ultimate Universe when she is too sleezy and stuck up that she would do anything for fame.) You don’t see Mary Jane’s face. They build it up as, “Oh my god, she is so pretty.” 

This is called anticipation. A lot of super hero movies introduce the female lead as an object of the main character’s desire if not already involved in the hero’s life. Mary Jane does not start out that way. She was introduced without Peter knowing her, but about her.

You want to know how dedicated Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were to her “real debut.” These panels came from Amazing Spider-man #25. She was finally introduced Amazing Spider-man #42. She was mentioned in Amazing Spider-man #15. Comic books were released every month. They centered a debut and anticipation of a character nearly 2 and a half years worth of anticipation and build-up.

Zendaya’s character “Michelle” is not apparent in spite being one of the most well known actresses in this movie. Michelle is the only character without a last name. We first see her after Peter starts swooning over Liz Allen and the trailer is not being subtle about it. It is literally right after we see Liz Allen. 

“But why are they keeping it secret then or why doesn’t she have red hair?”

Because people honestly think that what made Mary Jane so great was her red hair and green eyes. That she was a model. That she was gorgeous. But so was literally every other super hero love interest. What seperated MJ aside from her introduction from Iris West, Lois Lane, Batman’s literal graveyard of dead romantic leads is that MJ had depth.

From the very beginning, MJ had this lively personality and was fun compared to ultra-serious Gwen Stacy or popularity Alpha female Liz Allen. What made her substantial was that she was different from the get-go. What made her memorable is that as soon as you pinned Mary Jane as the party girl who does not care about drama going on, she flips the script again.

She was one of the first female leads in comics that actually show depth. The first in Marvel? Gwen Stacy. 

Spider-man used to have the most complex female characters for awhile. Like Gwen Stacy had sex with several people before she slept with Peter and no one thought less of her for it or shamed her. She also had a hot and cold relationship with Peter because she was annoyed with how much you can count of Peter being late or disappearing all the time. Gwen also had a bad habit of using sex for solace due to her boyfriend Pete being distant, Harry, her ex having a drug problem, and her dad dying. She was a human being with flaws.

Mary Jane Watson, however, was probably the most interesting. Beneath the party girl veneer, Mary Jane lived in an abusive home. She inherited her love of literary work and plays from her abusive father who was a college professor and a failed writer. She delved into romantic stories such as Romeo and Juliet to escape from the hell of her home and became the party girl to shrug off the stress in her daily life. Mary Jane, the party girl, was a facade. Who she really was is the fragile girl so deeply affected by witnessing an abusive marriage that she had commitment issues and refused to be tied down for fear that what happened to her mother would happen to her.

Yes, giving MJ depth and character is what made her iconic.

How this relates to Zendaya’s “Michelle” is that you can’t use this trope anymore. What made MJ significant back in the 60s will not fly here because that is a dime a dozen. There are no bullies like Flash Thompson and Cheerleaders aren’t as revered anymore.

As someone who has to adapt a story that does not fit in the times, what would you do? 

I would keep the same structure. MJ’s iconic introduction needs to remain in tact because what made her significant was drowned out in the first series. So instead of keeping it unknown to Peter on who she is, keep it from the audience as well. And to do that, you have to introduce the character without actually “introducing” her. MJ’s party girl facade will not fly in the 21st century in a world where Cardi B and Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are like revered and celebrated for being that.And it would be way too obvious if Zendaya had red hair because people associate that with MJ and really, MJ does not have to a red head because red headed romantic leads in comics are so overdone.

The structure of Mary Jane and Peter Parker romance resembles Romeo and Juliet in the beginning. Like Peter, Romeo is fixated on Rosaline as a lone interest. You never meet Rosaline in the play and Liz Allen is a really obscure Spider-man character. As soon as he sees Juliet, Romeo becomes fixated on her. When he meets MJ, Peter does not necessarily drop everything and sprint to the alter, but he does show interest or as much interest as he does in her as he does long running Gwen Stacy.

The structure is this:

-introduce a faux lead to make audience care focus on the faux lead

-keep real lead out of focus

-then make the real lead the real interest

So I am hiding obvious tells from the audience while still keeping her character known? Men associate MJ with being impossibly curvaceous. I remember when Kirsten Dunst got the role and immediately comic book fanboys said that she was not endowed enough or something along the lines of that.

 I would be extremely subtle about it without it coming out of nowhere.

I would make Zendaya’s character seen and heard, but not apparent. Zendaya is gorgeous. Okay, no make up for the role. She is still gorgeous to me, but dudes are stupid and won’t pay any attention to anybody unless she is gussied up. Mary Jane is an actress. Well actresses do read a lot and tend to read up on obscure roles as research. Give her  a stack of books and novels of old novels that were adapted into classic, but obscure films.

I already went over 2 of the books in the stack. A Woman in the Dunes is the second book from the bottom of the pile. The third book is the Wings of the Dove. Both are classic movies with prominent female leads. 

The book on the bottom is Democracy which threw me off, but I finally found that there is a novel called Democracy that follows a woman dealing with politics. So, that is right up MJ’s alley?

But why complex female leads?

MJ as an actress resented that her talent was not being used properly and was routinely casted for her looks alone. She always desired complex leads. She wanted a challenge, as any actress worth her salt would.

I cannot figure out what the book she is holding is(looks like a notebook) and the book on top is due to her coffee blocking it.

So we have trendy, hipster MJ or MJ-esque character. Instead of having a bodacious bombshell, we have nerdy, exhausted Mary Jane who really looks like she needs a nap. I really do believe that this is Mary Jane or her adapted substitute. She is still MJ in spirit and character, but not the one we are most familiar with. 

BBC to adapt Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy as its first period drama with a non-white cast
The BBC is to screen its first period drama featuring an entirely non-white cast after securing the rights to A Suitable Boy, Vikram Seth’s sprawling novel set in post-colonial India.
  • but how can they possibly fit it in just 8 parts????
  • apparently Ofcom told the BBC they needed to chill out with the whole all white people all the time deal AND I’M SO HAPPY THEY DID
  • but also how long do I have to wait for meta on this Indian novel written in English and taking place in a newly independent India being adapted into a British series?
  • because I need that meta a lot
  • my head is full of nine million gorgeous incidental moments from this book and I assume none of them will make it in because it is immense
  • but all of them are necessary and I don’t know how to feel about this
  • like of course it’s an adaptation it’s gotta adapt I understand this but I also dON’T QUITE KNOW HOW TO FEEL
  • I wonder if they’ll keep the canon bisexuality, I really hope they do???
  • but seriously how are they fitting this in eight parts, they do know this is one of the longest novels ever published…?
  • nvm though it looks like they did War & Peace in just six so yolo
  • seriously though wow just W O W
  • I mean I basically can’t even imagine this? but damn it’s going to be incredible

I disagree that Clark Kent in the DC cinematic universe is not as “good” as Superman should be - and obviously “goodness” is an entirely subjective thing to interpret so whatever - and, more importantly, I REALLY really really dislike the framing of Wonder Woman as like, this profoundly naive, trusting, girl-like woman who comes to man’s world expecting it to be a kind and forgiving place and has her inherent purity somehow tainted by the cruelty of men! I fundamentally cannot stand that interpretation of Wonder Woman. Look, Diana is not naive, okay? The society that she grew up in exists because her mother and women like her mother were literally held in bondage by abusive men until they were able to break free and vow that they would never be subjected to that again. Diana grows up reading about the evil things men do to women in school every day. She doesn’t go to man’s world because she thinks it can’t possibly be that bad, or whatever. Diana is a missionary. And I think that casting her as this character who possesses some inherent innocence that MAKES her “good” in ways that Superman, for example, cannot be (ugh!) and that we as an audience need to see broken on some basic level for her arc to be complete comes way too close to something that looks like a desire to see something that is representative of the concept of womanhood degraded for entertainment. 

Diana is not good because she is innocent or naive, she’s good because truth and peace and love are her WHOLE FUCKING DEAL, she is literally a physical representation of those concepts, and as such she certainly can be made to suffer I suppose but she cannot be fundamentally broken in that way, just as the inherent power of a woman’s agency cannot be broken in that way.

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HDKJDJ I ALSO THINK ABOUT HOW ACTORS DEAL WITH THAT LIKE its human nature to get turned on if you're making out with someone?? it has always intrigued me and is one of the reasons i could never get into acting i get attached to ppl who i make eye contact with fkamcnsk

um did i ghost write this????

that’s the thing!!!! or like if i’m not attracted to the person i honestly cannot make out with them??? i wouldn’t be able to pretend like i’m enjoying myself so like honestly wouldn’t be surprised if henrik or tarjei like making out with each other bc same. i mean that natural connection only helps them right??

also as someone who has made out with boys and girls like its def not hard to get turned on but ya know,,, maybe thats just me

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How do you feel about anti IH shippers who say Orihime is horridly selfish for asking Uryu to take her to the top of the dome during the Lust Arc? I see constant posts about this topic and I'd like to know your points on it.

First off– sorry for taking so long with this reply! I had a lot that I wanted to say, but struggled to find a good starting point (plus work + irl stuff got in the way of me devoting any good stretch of time to this for a while). Thanks for the ask! I hope my response was worth the wait!

I just want to get this out of the way first: Orihime can’t win with the detractors in any conceivable way. She can do no right in their eyes. And I preface this post with that, because let’s examine what might have happened if she didn’t ask to go to the top of the dome:

Orihime would probably be shown worrying about Ichigo’s safety, maybe say something like “I just have to believe that he’ll win” while Ishida just stares at her and thinks “You better not lose, Kurosaki!! She’s waiting for you!” or something, like he usually does. Alternatively, perhaps Orihime asked Uryu to take her up to the dome, and he said “no”. And they just stood there worrying about Ichigo.

Since Ichigo was killed by Ulquiorra in canon, regardless that Orihime + Ishida were there or not (he said “you’re just in time”, meaning he was going to kill Ichigo anyways), it stands to reason that he’d kill Ichigo again. So he does. Ichigo is now dead. Uryu and Orihime sense his reiatsu fade, and this is where it could go one of two ways. (1) They could decide to go up to the dome to try and save Ichigo, thus aligning with canon and nothing really changes, or (2) They could remain where they are and Ulquiorra would come down and kill the both of them, and with Orihime dead, that means Ichigo and Uryu are also both permanently dead (since they’re composed of reishi when they go to HM or SS, and no one else can resurrect the dead).

And then, if option 2 were to come to fruition, Orihime would be predictably slammed, detractors waxing furiously poetic about her ‘idiocy’ and ‘uselessness’. “Why didn’t she go up to the dome earlier? She could’ve saved Ichigo!! God she’s so selfish and stupid and can’t do anything right!! At least she’s dead now so she can’t possibly fuck up anymore!!”

–And I mean, I think that’s a pretty canon-compliant rundown of a hypothetical alternative situation. But the point I was trying to make is that Orihime’s going to be nitpicked and microanalyzed (far beyond the point of constructive criticism, so anyone trying to play off their hatred for Orihime as such can just stop. You’re not fooling anyone.) no matter what she does. With that said, it’s why I don’t personally give any credence to Anti-Orihime that are so blatantly wrong and reaching, much like the argument that’s she’s “horridly selfish”. 

Orihime is a character with a lot of goodness in her, which is refreshing and nice. She’s selfless, is the type to prioritize others’ feelings above her own, she cries for others, is pained by the deaths of enemy and ally alike (especially in the instance of an enemy if she feels their circumstances were specifically heartbreaking or had a complex relation towards them), her kindness is endless, and she retains a genuinely cheerful demeanor despite being thrown headfirst into a world of blood, war, fighting, and combat –of things which she is (initially) neither emotionally nor physically equipped to properly deal with. It’s my personal belief that because she’s such a generally positive and kind presence within the manga (and by stark constrast, because she’s so widely and violently hated within the fanbase) that this is why it becomes such a monumental deal whenever she does something “bad”, whether it’s making a mistake or displaying an emotion that isn’t 100% perfectly selfless or kind.

And I mean this in the sense that there will be Anti-Orihime stans who absolutely take any hint of negativity with Orihime and just run wild with it. This is why you see so many people who cling to her one-time and now-resolved jealousy that was immediately resolved and never brought up again; why you have people insisting to this day that it’s compliant with Orihime’s character to be jealous of women close to Ichigo, despite this being grossly untrue (and disproven in canon). 

I think there’s a huge misconception amongst the Anti-Orihime community, where they sincerely believe that we, as Pro-Orihimes, think that Orihime is ‘perfect’/’without flaw’/’can do no wrong’. This is untrue. But apparently, because Pro-Orihime fans don’t constantly fixate and microanalyze Orihime’s depression, her self-loathing, her faulty reliance on Ichigo (which was as much her fault as it was his), her weakness and lack of resolve prior to the timeskip, we apparently aren’t really truly acknowledging her as a character. God forbid we acknowledge/relate to her flaws, but don’t want to constantly harp on things that have already been resolved, or would rather focus on what a positive presence she is in the story. Apparently, if you don’t constantly nitpick Orihime’s flaws, criticize her choice in clothing (of which she had no control over; she’s a fictional character with no free will of her own), bemoan her love for Ichigo as ‘unhealthy’ and ‘obsessive’, and continue to bring up past flaws of hers that have long since been resolved/addressed, you aren’t a ‘true’ Orihime fan.

–Got a little off-topic, but I’m basically just trying to reiterate my initial point: Orihime will never be able to win when it comes to detractors. They will claw and fight and scream about how awful she is, then in the same breath turn around and accuse well-meaning Orihime fans of not truly appreciating her because we don’t constantly complain about her. It’s not logical, it’s ridiculous. It’s so completely ass-backwards and doesn’t make any sense, but I guess whatever helps people who don’t want to admit that they just hate Orihime sleep at night…

What I also mean to say is that this is why these people will absolutely jump on any potentially negative trait of Orihime’s. Why they will catch it in their sights, blow it completely out of proportion, and then use it as ‘proof’ of how actually ‘horrible’ and ‘terrible’ and ‘awful’ Orihime apparently is, when she isn’t. Orihime will always be a tool detractors bend over backwards to use as either a prop for another ship, as a prop to show how detrimental her relationships are with her friends, as a prop to show how unhealthy her feelings are by comparison to [insert other relationship here], as a prop to show how utterly lacking she is compared to [insert other female character here], or as a universal tool to be shoved with whatever guy that isn’t Ichigo to get her out of the way.

So as a result, any negative traits that are fairly innocuous, or get resolved later on are constantly harped on by the fandom and made out to appear as though they’re permanent, that Orihime hasn’t grown and developed beyond these negative traits, and that they are recurring and constantly present within her character, which is also untrue.

Now, in regards to her requesting that Uryu take her to the top of the dome and whether or not I think it was a ‘horridly selfish’ request? I don’t think it was ‘horridly selfish’ –that’s an extreme accusation, honestly. 

However, do I think it was selfish? To be honest, I’m not sure. 

Part of me wants to say that, yes, it could be validly interpreted as selfish if someone wanted to see it that way. Orihime wanted to do something, anything. She needed to. I don’t think she could handle being on the sidelines while Ichigo fought a dangerous battle yet again, especially since this was a huge recurring theme for her in the arc (her finding her own strength and refusing to be an idle player– a desire which didn’t really find its footing till the Fullbringer Arc), and the battle was much more different and dangerous than any other previous ones. I think she could tell that this fight was different than the others, and she was desperate to help, but couldn’t do it on her own, hence why she implored Uryu for his aid.

There’s a fault in seeing this as solely selfish, though. Because I definitely believe the people who aim to paint Orihime as “selfish” for this request are also aiming to pin the blame for the entirety of the events that happened during the Lust Arc on her. “Well, if Orihime hadn’t asked to go to the dome, Uryu wouldn’t have been stabbed or lost his arm!”, or something like that. But like I suggested with my hypothetical alternate scenarios, there was no way that Ichigo, Orihime, or Uryu would be escaping from Ulquiorra unscathed, or even alive at that point in time. (Also, you can’t blame Orihime for everything; Uryu chose to fight Ulquiorra, Uryu chose to try and stop Ichigo, just as he agreed to take Orihime above the dome despite thinking he shouldn’t. He was as active a participant in the events of The Lust Arc just as Ichigo, Orihime, and Ulquiorra all were.)

I also see Orihime’s request as her trying to take action in a scenario where she’s been robbed of almost all her agency and free will. She was taken prisoner and tricked into thinking she had control of the situation when she didn’t. She was repeatedly physically, emotionally, and verbally abused at the hands of Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Loly, Menoly, Aizen, and Yammy –an experience that was no doubt very triggering for her given her abuse-filled past. Hell, at the beginning of the Arrancar Arc, Orihime is set up with the belief that she isn’t strong, that she cannot be helpful to her friends, and that she has no place in battle because she lacks resolve. Time and again she’s told that she’s powerless, and time and again she’s forced into situations where she quite literally is. Like I said before, from day one, Orihime’s been suddenly cast into a world of war, fighting, blood, death, and vengeance– none of which she’s emotionally or physically equipped to deal with. But she tries anyway. It’s not enough, and it isn’t enough until the Fullbringer Arc rolls around, but she tries anyway. She makes an effort in a situation where everyone else has been screaming at her not to, that she absolutely cannot because “she’s in the way” or “she has no place to” or “her body and soul are tools to be used for someone else’s purpose”. And funnily enough, isn’t Orihime’s supposed “uselessness” and “lack of resolve” what detractors complain about most vehemently?

It might have been selfish, but it wasn’t “horridly” so. To say it was is to blow it way out of proportion and attempt to blame the actions of others on her, rather than, I dunno, have Uryu and Ichigo and Ulquiorra all be held accountable for their own actions. She tried and she failed. She wanted to do something, and it didn’t work, and she was wracked with despair one feels once they realize their inability to help. She was emotionally and physically tormented, but she still tried for her friends in spite of her own pain. Even if it was selfish (despite her literally wanting to risk her own neck for her friend), at least she tried to take control of a situation where everything had been ripped from her grasp. At least she didn’t allow herself to immediately give up and just stand by while Ichigo fought. 

Detractors will argue otherwise, but Orihime persisted that day, and that has been, and will always be where her strength lies; in her persistence and her will to endure for the sake of others. What’s more, Uryu wanted to help Ichigo just as much as she did. He wouldn’t have agreed to go if he didn’t want to. He could’ve said no, but he didn’t. He didn’t have to fight off Ulquiorra while Orihime tried to save Ichigo, but he did. He didn’t have to try and convince a Hollowfied Ichigo to stop, but he did.

So I ask you, can the desire to risk one’s own life to save a friend validly be called "selfish”? Maybe so, but I’d rather Orihime be selfish in that way than flippant and emotionally detached. I’d rather she selfishly throw herself into battles, regardless of her friends’ feelings about her risking her life, than to let them think for even a single second that she didn’t care at all.


  • Lin: *leaves the Hamilton cast*
  • Me: Agh no, too much emotional conflict! I cannot possibly deal with this!!!
  • Barricade Day: *begins*
  • Barricade Day: *continues*
  • Me: You know what? I think I've reached a reconciliation with my emotions. It's true, fandoms contain sadness and death and agony, but we can all learn to accept that while we appreciate the beauty of books, musicals, and other forms of art. The characters of Les Mis will live on in my mind, and will continue to inspire us all for eternities. I'm going to be all right. We're all going to be all right.
  • George Blagden: The password is the name of the Cafe
  • Me: OH NO

anonymous asked:

Can you explain the story of zude to me like I don't get the hype, many people are saying it's legit only because it's two gay hoy guys on a American show.

Oh, Anon, they are so much more than just the hype! They started out as friends under the guise of being colleagues (Jude was Zero’s Junior Agent), but they were never just friends, or merely even best friends, they were seemingly each others’ only friend, so their desire and instincts to work as a “team” was quite literal and very honestly believable with both of them being driven, insecure, and guarded individuals with having no one else whom either could rely on. They were so organically compelled by this basic need to always care about the other before acknowledging their romantic/sexual feelings for each other (or before the actors even knew about them) in a way that made those feelings totally inevitable. Once these characters tapped in to those feelings, and gave in to them, it felt like a natural progression for both of them to be truthfully all-in with their relationship. They have found the support system they need in each other.

“I think about you first all the time.”

”You’re the most screwed up person I’ve ever met … and the only person that makes me feel normal.”

There’s also some thing wrong with the premise of your question and that’s some thing else that makes this couple noteworthy. Zero/Gideon is thoroughly bisexual, just doesn’t like any labels, and Jude doesn’t force any on him, take the lack inexplicably personally, or has shown any qualms about Zero/Gideon’s attraction to women since they’ve become a couple. Also, Jude can let his ambition cloud his vision from the possible emotional ramifications of the ruthlessness that he exudes when that ambition takes over his thought process, and Zero/Gideon is always there to clear fog and evoke a full-pictured sincerity from Jude while never leaving his corner. They push each other with out ever trying to change each other.

I personally feel like many shows have been making the same mistake lately, and that is to add angst after the fact and not allowing for audience gratification at all, but “Hit The Floor” keeps a good pace by resolving angst with enough time to set more up towards the end of each episode to get viewers excited for next.

The show in general deserves a great deal of respect for many reasons. None more than its dedication to displaying diversity. With a cast of mostly “minorities,” there are literally only 6-7 (there are those of us whom still have real hope that Lionel is also bi) out the current 17 regularly reoccurring characters whom are white and straight, and one of them is in a lesbian marriage with a Latina to aid in her immigration (again, I demand, Raquel cannot die!). Most of the cast itself gardeners esteem for needing to be multi-talented (the actresses needing to be stellar dancers and the actors needing to pass as pro ballers).

Even with out every thing I’ve just said, people should give this storyline, and “Hit The Floor,” a shot, because any one watching can easily assume that the writers, unlike on most other dramas, want the queer characters to be utilized and happy with timely resolutions of their own making, and not marginalized and stuck in despair, having little screentime that mostly simply supports other storylines. This couple, and this show, is definitely more than hype.

Things I’m ready to see in A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2:
-The Quagmires
-Esme Squalor (I’m so excited for her costumes and how they’ll portray her)
-Isadora’s couplets
-Hopefully more of Violet inventing things
-The hospital
-Everything to do with the carnival. The “freaks”, Olivia, the disguises.
These books were near to my heart when I was little and seeing a mostly accurate depiction of them is making me so happy. (the only inaccuracies being more information on VFD/ added characters and the ending of book 3 into book 4). Plus can we talk about how racially diverse this cast has been? Like it shouldn’t be a big deal but I find it so amazing that they are casting people of different races as the relatives when they didn’t have to. And the fact that Daniel Handler is writing most of the episodes and executive producing! I have so much faith in where this series is going and cannot wait for season 2 and 3


alright alright alright - this big bang was as long as can be. i’ve got one more wednesday of fic recs for you (maybe, or they might get combo’d with another set cause i dont have another full eight i dont think) but otherwise i have wrapped up my endless hours of reading kylux big bang fics. a thousand kudos to every awesome person that was involved in this big bang!

and without further ado, here are this weeks eight recs:

An Indecent Proposal by Silential

Working towards a PhD in engineering was difficult enough without Hux on his thesis proposal committee. But with his funding at stake, Ben would do anything - even write inane weekly reports, meet personally with the man, and put up with his power trips and ego. The worst part was that as insufferable as Hux was, Ben couldn’t get him out of his head.

my comments: there’s something about this set up of tropes that is just such a weakness of mine. this one was so well one, and i featured office sex. like 10/10 would recommend office sex, esp well written office sex

Moiré by dreamingofawolf (rl4sb4eva)

“These are a small!”

“And that’s not going to work?” Mitaka asks, stepping closer and holding out the large latte towards the slowly reddening man.

Kylo fixes him with a stare that could melt glass and gestures down at himself. “Probably not, no.” He snatches the coffee from Mitaka and takes a large gulp, shoulders coming down slightly. Still waving the scrap of fabric.

“I am assuming the suggestion of standing on the fire escape for a few minutes to encourage some shrinkage wouldn’t be appreciated?” Hux asks, halfway through devouring a muffin from the bag of pastries and digging through to find another to occupy his hands when he’s finished. He lets his eyes flick to the man’s underwear. “Or likely to help much.” He mutters to himself.

my comments: i have a deep love for fashion aus. model aus. photographer aus. that whole genre. this one was very well done. the characters believable in their universe, and in character as they interacted with each other. also like wonderful mental images of men in too skinny jeans and all that so like - bless for that one

others who say I have every right by theonlytwin

Ben’s first thought is that maybe the tutor will be taller than him. His second thought is that he’s a spy.

In a universe where Hux’s mother defected to the republic, young Ben Organa tries to deal with emotions, wrists, Ahsoka acting all-knowing, Ahsoka being all-knowing, essays, voices.

my comments: so this fic features adorable padawan ben meeting tiny hux, which instantly should be a yes please. bu it gets even better than that because. we also get a wonderful cast of oc padawans. ahsoka tano. millicent the cat. and like??? i cannot recommend this fic enough. its so nice and g rated and fluffy, you deserve this fic in your life

Points of Pressure by Cylin, sleepywreck

At the beginning of Starkiller Base construction Hux is overworked and overstressed and Kylo Ren’s assignment to the Finalizer doesn’t help at all. Until it does. They do not talk and, technically, do not touch. But it cuts Hux open and soon they are covered in blood.

Or how Hux fell in codependency with Kylo Ren without them saying a word to each other.

my comments: so so if you’re kinky for the force i recommend this fic, but its so much more than thtat. its miscommunication, its the ghost of touches, its me being an emotional wreck the entire time while reading this fic. 

Relic by Gentlyrot

After an argument, a heated night, and a rush to leave, Hux finds that Ren has left behind his helmet in his quarters. Hux isn’t brave enough to return it. Ren isn’t humble enough to retrieve it. And Hux has some complicated feelings he needs to sort out.

my comments: otherwise known as these two are stubborn idiots who can’t sort out their feels for each other quick enough and so i spend the entire time with my hands over my face with low key second hand embarrassment/frustration as i wait for them to sort this out

Simple Mistakes and Wedding Dates by StrokeofStupidity

Hux is not a huge fan of weddings. They take too long, are overly sentimental and dancing is a chore. But when his roommate and somewhat friend Kylo Ren, invites him to a friend’s wedding, who is he to say no? It sounds perfect… except for the fact that Kylo’s relatives are making them share a bed, and offering them relationship advice, and giving them fond, amused looks. It’s almost as if everyone thinks they’re a couple, but that would be ridiculous! Right? RIGHT?

my comments: JEWISH ORGANA-SOLOS. JEWISH SKYWALKERS. JEWISH MAZ. JEWISH EVERYONE EXCEPT HUX Basically this fic is so great and i am of course, like in love with there being jewish repersenation. but also like this fic is such a fun read. well worth it

Sugar Town by Tethysian

Hux and Kylo find themselves trapped in a suburban utopia and are forced to learn how to get along with each other until they can find a way out of there . The longer they stay there, the stranger the world and their neighbours start to appear, until they begin to realize it’s affecting them as well.

my comments: holy shit. this au has changed me. i dont want to spoil anything in my comments so just. trust me and prepared to have you mind blown half way through the fic ( i think ive reread this three times now?)

Touch by Aunatrix

General Hux always noticed small details, tics of his fellow officers and patterns some liked to stand by. Kylo Ren had many of these tics that Hux liked to call extreme behaviour problems but the one tic that came to the front of the mind was Ren’s constant attempts to avoid touch.

While Hux would have ignored it, after all everyone had their own issues to deal with, the was a want for Kylo to touch him that drove him foreword.

my comments: Hux teaching Ren how to have sex might just be the greatest concept ever. you know youre a sinner and into that so go read it, trust me