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oh my lord can you write little things or habits the marauders do that is cute or quirky. I'm trash for shit like that

eeeeekkk me too. (this is kind of gonna be messy)

  • James would eat breakfast every meal of the day if he could - Remus and Lily literally have to force him to eat things other than eggs, sausage, and toast.
  • Sirius cannot say no to a dare - like literally cannot say no. Someone dared him to ask McGonagall what she was doing that Friday night and if she’d like to accompany him to Hogsmeade - James and Remus kept him in a lip locking spell for a week.
  • Remus sneaks food into the library all the time. He doesn’t look like he would be that person, but the boys will be three hours into a night long cram session and Remus will suddenly whip out some chocolate (of course), a few bottles of pumpkin juice, and about four sandwiches per person (because he knows how indecisive James is and that he will end up taking half of every kind)
  • Lily cannot take James in his Quidditch robes. She just can’t deal he looks too good. Most people get excited for Quidditch for the game - James has taken to getting excited for after the game because of those post-match snogs behind the broom sheds (they’ve run into Remus and Sirius quite a few times now)
  • Sirius is the neatest eater ever. It’s probably due to his upbringing but he still makes perfect little bites with his perfectly held fork and knife. He hates it though and Remus is constantly taking him on midnight trips to the kitchens where he cuts them a huge slice of chocolate cake that they eat with their fingers (It’s actually very stress relieving)
  • James will put his arm around Lily during class and absentmindedly start twirling her hair around his finger (by the end of class Lily has one piece of especially curly hair due to him twisting it - she loves it.)
  • James receives so many packages from home and gives them to other students 99% of the time - usually nervous looking first years - because he likes watching their eyes light up when they receive a huge box full of sweets from the James Potter
  • Lily hits him every time he calls himself that
  • Peter always complains that James never gives him the sweets (there. there is a hc about Peter… selfish little git.)
  • When Remus is drunk he’ll randomly let out loud wolf howls
  • Sirius usually joins him and they run out to the black lake, howling and laughing (and snogging)
  • Every time they walk into Honeydukes James has a vision of proposing to Lily with one of the candy rings on display (he doesn’t get the courage until a few years later and Lily slaps him then kisses him when he does)

(I’ll probably post more of these later they’re fun :)