i cannot color to save my life lol


Gucci Soho Leather Mini Chain Bag

. Accessory & Decor 
Found under Decor > Misc Decor > Sculptures > Plants & Bed/Bathroom > Plants > Accents for $850

. 8 Different Color Options

. Package File & Sims3pack

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Mesh by the lovely Julies7821​. Thank you so much honey for letting me use your mesh!! These would have not been possible without it because I cannot mesh to save my life lol  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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I was tagged by @charlehesketh <3

Relationship status: I’m in a lovely poly relationship 

Favorite color: Purple, silver, green, burnt orange 

Lipstick or chapstick: I cannot apply lipstick to save my life so chapstick

Last song: ‘California’, by Grimes

Last movie: The nightmare before christmas

Top three shows: The Long Firm, Stranger things, The walking dead - shockingly LOL I have RP blogs for all these shows (Ruby, Steve & Billy, Negan)

Top three ships: Jonathan x Steve (Stranger things), Charlie x Eggsy (Kingsman) &  Peter Parker x Wade Wilson (Marvel)

I’m going to tag uhhhm
@pixelshiftexe @simonhenriksson @cleverterry @byersism I know it’s not 9 but..shut up LOL <333


Okay, so idk how to color so I’m leaving it white lol This was something that I’ve been working on but never got to actually doing until now!! So please enjoy! <3
I cannot draw hands to save my life