i cannot choose.. i love him in both ; ;

OK but now that we know jake stans sean (no i don’t exaggerate you can’t tell me that) i just love to think of all the times they’ve interacted

like all those times when sean plays the hero jake is so annoyed but also stanning so hard because sean is so cool and collected and he just witnessed captain fucking america in action

and imagine jake being so conflicted he punched SEAN GAYLE and also being so honored he was PUNCHED BACK by SEAN GAYLE like.. it was the best moment of his whole life

and on that boat when you choose the option for both of them to put sunscreen on mc he’s just like “fuck this guy!!! fuck sean GAYLE that son of a fucking bitch how can i compete with those rock hard abs… imma fucking show him.. look princess i’m a better masseur!!”

A few things.

1. BEST EPISODE.  From the FS reunion (and all they did was cry on each other, but it was GLORIOUS) to AIDA basically going deranged crazy female when Fitz didn’t return her “feelings”? AMAZEBALLS. And May being badass. And Daisy being badass. And the secondary team standing up, protecting the team, and taking names. Action. Romance. Philosophy. IT ALL WORKED.

2. DID I MENTION THE FS REUNION?!? I mean…Fitz’s speech. Any doubt that he would have lingering feelings for pathetic worthless piece of shit robot was just…nullified. His heart only has room for HER. HER BEING JEMMA ANNE SIMMONS. And I just…that’s who Leopold James Fitz is. Who, despite being violated and manipulated in so many ways, tries to get through to worthless robot’s HUMANITY and get her to do good.  LIKE, TALK ABOUT FORGIVENESS.  And yet, he thinks he doesn’t deserve that forgiveness.  BUT HE SO DOES.  And there is the crux of it all - he is MORE than the programming, because when given he choose, Leopold James Fitz WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE THE PATH OF GOOD.  WILL ALWAYS LOOK TO THE GOOD IN PEOPLE (AND APPARENTLY THINGS.)  Is there any reason that Jemma Anne Simmons loves Leopold James Fitz?  Also, Jemma!  When she has to, she will do the hard thing for the good of that person.  She will ice Fitz to protect him.  


The vulnerability of the reunion.  No dialog.  Just Breathing.  Contact.  AND THEN ALL THE TEARS.  I mean, I cannot think of a better reunion scene than that because it was both a feast for the eyes AND MADE OF ALL THE FEELS.

3. AIDA still doesn’t get it. Like, she’s a 2 year old trying to be a fully formed adult and failing miserably. I don’t think she knows what any emotion is. Just feels something and tries to find the correct label. SHE’S STILL TRYING TO MIMIC. I mean, the only thing she wants to do is rage. Like, at the end, she’s trying to drown her anger and devastation with sex and yet, she can’t even do that right. So really, all she is consumed with is power.

4. Robot superior is still a really lame whatever he is. And he wants to use the Darkhold. Look how well that turned out for the other people who wants to use the Darkhold. I MEAN, HONESTLY.

5. ELENA. Going after her man. I MEAN, PLEASE BE OKAY. SAVE MACK.

6. ROBBIE IS BACK. It’s time for righteous vengeance.

7. Talbot. You know, I really miss the Coulson and Talbot banter. Le sigh.

8. Philinda.  HEE.

7 Days of Heaven (Prologue)

Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Day 1-Jaebum  Day 2-MarkDay 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson  Day 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam   Day 7-Yugyeom

Before everything and anything goes downhill, here’s to give you an insight on how the story will start.

This is short, plain, and very simple.  No warnings involved or anything like that!


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Movie night - Nathan MacKinnon and Gabriel Landeskog (smut)

Requested by anon: Can I request an imagine of a smutty threesome with Gabe Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon? Thanks girly :)

A/N: I don’t know about this, tbh. I hope you like it.

Word count: 1463


Master list

Originally posted by tboobs

“OH MY GOD, STOP!” I complain, kicking Gabriel so he stops tickling me. “It’s the last time I ever invite you two over.”

Nathan laughs from the other couch and I show him my middle finger, making him laugh even harder. Gabriel Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon are my neighbors, they are also professional hockey players, but they are my really annoying neighbors.

“You love to have us around.” Nate says and I roll my eyes, grabbing another handful of popcorn from the bowl that is resting on Gabe’ stomach.

We are having our weekly pizza and movie night, when they come over to my apartment and we watch bad movies and eat pizza. Today it’s Nate’s night, so he gets to choose a movie and we are waiting for the pizzas to arrive before starting the movie.

“‘On the road’?” I read the title of the movie on my TV screen. “What is it about?”

“I have no idea.” He answers and both Gabe and I roll our eyes. Nate always chooses the worst movies on Netflix.

“You are so losing your next turn if this movie sucks.” Gabe warns him; stretching his long body on the couch we are sharing and putting his feet on my lap.

It’s always the same, Gabe and I share my big couch while Nate lays on my smaller loveseat. It has been proven that the guys cannot share a couch and Nate is just really whiny when he cannot stretch. I don’t mind sitting with Gabriel though, he loves to cuddle throughout movies and he is quite comfy to lie on.

The doorbell goes off and Nate gets on his feet to collect the pizzas and pay. If you have the right to choose you also have the obligation to pay.

“Big pepperoni for me, big Hawaiian for Gabe, small and sad just cheese for (y/n).” Nate hands us our pizza boxes and we thank him. “Let’s watch the movie.”

The movie is starts slow while we chew on our pizza. I lay back when I’m done eating, leaving a couple slices of my pizza on the box, knowing that the guys will eat it later. The movie is quite confusing, with a lot of characters and a lot of issues. When Gabe is done eating he turns on the couch and lays between my legs, his head on my stomach and his left hand rubbing circles on the bare skin of my calves. The movie is quite explicit, talking openly about sexuality issues and desires; we get through the first sex scenes without thinking much of it, but the air turns quite dense when a threesome scene comes up on the screen. I take a sharp breath when Gabe’s hand travels from my calf to my thigh, caressing it softly and making me shiver. My friends have always said that the sexual tension between the guys and me was quite evident, but I had never thought much of it until now that my body is reacting like that to a simple caress. I bury my fingers in his thick blond hair, massaging his scalp and earning a content sigh from his lips. I keep playing with his locks when I feel Nate presence besides me.

“Space?” He asks and Gabe and I scoot over to the other side of the couch, so Nate can sit where I was sitting. I lean on him and he wraps his arm around my shoulders, kissing my temple.

“You good?” I ask, worried that I’m crushing him or that he is uncomfortable.

“Yeah babe, I’m good.” He whispers.

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Excuse Me

(Dick Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Because of your strict parents you had to keep your relationship a secret but it’s time to tell them about it

Requested: yes, by sweet @carryonmy-assbutt

Request: Hey there, omg i just found your blog and fell in love with you writing. If you’re still taking request can I request the Reader having very strict parents and Dick dating the reader (like the two of them do it in secret or maybe the reader has finally gotten the courage to tell their parents about dick and later meeting him. Their reaction can be up to you)

Warning/s: mention of sex

You grew up with very strict parents. You couldn’t do most things others your age could and you certainly couldn’t date anyone without their approval.

You respected your parents and their wishes but once you met the dashing officer Dick Grayson you just couldn’t keep away and not date him. Everything about him and the relationship was amazing. He treated you like royalty every chance he got.

You met his family and fit in perfectly. Bruce was thrilled to meet you and welcomed you in the family like his own kid. Jason teased Dick asking you things like, “How did you end up with a guy like Dickhead over here?” Tim liked you for your computer skills and often asked for help with his. Damian was careful around you at first but once he saw how happy you made Grayson he accepted you in the crazy family of his.

In a way it made you feel bad inside. You met Dick’s family and got along with them really well but even after a year of dating the famous Nightwing he still didn’t meet your parents. Dick would always assure you it was fine but you always had a feeling it wasn’t. You just knew your parents would flip out and forbid you from seeing him.

But one day when you woke up you had this sudden urge to call your parents, set up a dinner and introduce Dick to them. So that’s what you did, you called your parents and set everything up. After that you head to the bathroom but stopped once you saw yourself in the mirror. 

Your body was covered in purple hickeys from last night’s activities. Dick came behind you and hugged your waist, “I did gooood, didn’t I?” He said smiling smugly while burying his head in your neck and kissing it softly. “Oh shut up mister ‘I am a sex god’. I need to cover the ones on my neck for the dinner.” 

“What dinner babe?” Dick asked turning you around so you faced him. You smiled at him, “The one we’re doing with my parents.” Dick’s face was priceless, it was a mixture of happy, surprised and excited.

Once the time came for the dinner both you and Dick dressed in your best formal clothes and drove to the restaurant. “Reservation for (l/n) please.” You said and made your way to the table for four. Soon after your parents came and you swear your mother had a heart attack once she saw Dick and your father gasped over dramatically.

“(y/n)? What are you doing with this man?” You mother asked you while narrowing her eyes at Dick. “Mom, dad please sit down,” you said and they sat down waiting for your answer. You took a deep breath, “Mom and dad this is Richard or Dick, he’s my…boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?!” You parents roared at the same time, “You have a boyfriend?!” Your dad asked rather loudly. “Yes, I do and I love him very much.”

“I’m sorry (y/n), but we cannot accept this…this secretive relationship you have.” Your mom said, “Yes, you are right (y/m/n), you two have to break up.” Your dad added.

“Excuse me? Mr and Mrs (l/n) I understand you want only the best for (y/n) but you don’t even know me or our relationship and you’re already jumping to conclusions. Just give us a chance.” Dick said, his tone serious yet hopeful and fearful. 

“(y/n) you can’t have both, I am sorry but you have to choose between him and us.” 

“I choose Dick.” You said to your parents and they gasped again, “Guys I love you so much but I also love Dick very much and I choose him.” You parents shared a look as you and Dick began getting up and they could vaguely hear you mumble, “I knew this was a bad idea.”

“(y/n), Richard, wait.” You dad stopped you two, “(y/n) we can see you care about this gentleman very much so we are opened to hear about your relationship with this man.” Your mom smiled.

The rest of the night was spent in chatting and laughing between the four of you. You were happy to know your parents accepted you and Dick together. 

Netflix and Chill (Bucky Imagine)

            Word count: Around 700

           Bucky x Reader

           “Sometimes I don’t know why you like this show so much, doll.” Bucky mumbled to you as you excitedly clicked through the episodes. You were obsessed with Supernatural, and spent every moment of your life trying to get Bucky into it too. “Why can’t we ever watch other shows? Or even a movie?”

           “I know how much you love chick flicks Barnes, but I love Sam and Dean.” You replied, leaning onto his metal shoulder. Bucky tensed up at the sudden contact. After all his time with Hydra, he wasn’t really used to anyone touching him, much less his metal arm, without the intention of hurting him. He sighed, and tried to relax, smiling as you snuggled into his side as the episode started.

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deanthecat  asked:

Shadowhunters? ;)

  • Favorite character - Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (They are both number 1, I cannot choose, and will not choose ;) )
  • Second favorite character - Izzy Lightwood
  • Least favorite character - Valentine (Although I love him too, he is a great villain and I love Alan Van Sprang)
  • The character I’m most like - I had to ask my mother about this one, she brought up Magnus and how we both have a history of Mental Illness, and that it is extremely hard for me to open up to others about my issues… so… Magnus… and also we both Love Alec Lightwood! <3
  • Favorite pairing - Malec (obviously! XD <3 )
  • Least favorite pairing - Climon (I LOVE THEM AS FRIENDS! Their friendship is beautiful and I want it back!)
  • Favorite moment - No one should be surprised when I say the Magnus opening up to Alec about his past… And pretty much all of the Malec scenes, but also I love the Simon and Luke scene we got where Luke said, Simon is like a son to him… And the Parabatai Training scene in 2x11!
  • Rating out of 10 - 10 out of 10 would recommend, this show has given me more than i could have hoped for, not just from the content they give, but the friends it has brought into my life.


anonymous asked:

so, for kuroko no basket, who's your favorite character from the generation of miracles, and who's your favorite overall?

okay well my favourite miracle would be kise! hes so beautiful and a well written character! i love him

Originally posted by atsushihimuro

Originally posted by knbzone

(get you a man who can do both)

as for overall, you cannot make me choose between himuro and takao i would rather die.

Originally posted by kishou

Originally posted by kyoijin

how can someone expect me to choose between these two babes i wont do it!

thanks for this anon! even if you tried to make me choose between my two favourite characters to ever grace an anime


anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve and Tony always bringing their domestic disputes to the battlefield on the comms

“I cannot believe you saved Romanoff instead of me!” Tony exploded over the comms, and Steve just sighed, while the rest of the Avengers rolled their eyes.

“Stark, keep the comms clear.” Steve said, his tone warning, though it lacked any real heat, so of course Tony ignored it.

“I mean really! What’s the point in having a super soldier boyfriend if he chooses to save everyone but me?”

Steve heaved another sigh, and the rest of the Avengers found themselves both pitying and admiring the Captain for his endless patience and clearly unconditional love, that allowed him to put up with Tony Stark at times like this.

“Tony, you have a suit that can fly, and Natasha does not. It was an easy call to make.”

Though no one could see Tony, everyone knew he was pouting.

“You still should have saved me instead.” He muttered through the comms, and Steve finally rolled his eyes.

“It must have slipped my mind. Kind of like you doing the dishes, huh Tony?”

“It was one time Rogers!”

So I finally finally finally read The Hollow Kingdom.





Super spoilery explosion of feelings/comments ahead, comprised in bullet points since I need to organize this chaos somehow. 

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eternal-otomedream  asked:

How did you interpret the ending of the manga? Was Yuki really in love with Kaname or with both guys? I was so confused cuz she even had a child with Zero

Firstly, I would like toSINCERELY apologise for replying SO SO LATE! It was not fair on you and I’mterribly sorry for that! Hopefully the length of this reply remedies that lengthyperiod to a certain extent! Without further ado, I shall get on with the reply!xD

To be honest, how people interpret the ending will depend on which fandom they support.

In that sense, I shall outline how most YuMes would probably interpret the ending. But being devil’s advocate, one could also argue that Hino offers various hints of Yuuki sharing a deeper love for Kaname than for Zero. The Zeki fandom would very much disagree of course…

Focusing on a large majority of the plot, the story is arguably focused upon the pair to a large extent.

It is often YuMe’s complex relationship which drives the VK plot. Few of the many examples include:

  • Yuuki during her human years yearning to be by Kaname’s side and vice versa.
  • Yuuki wanting to know her past which involves Kaname and her family.
  • Yuuki being turned into a vampire by Kaname to rescue her from insanity.
  • Kaname and Yuuki sharing their lives together and the obstacles along with it e.g. the revealing of Kaname’s past.
  • Kaname sacrificing his dreams of living the end of his days with Yuuki to pursue the hooded woman’s wishes.
  • Yuuki chasing after Kaname - spends a great number of chapters doing this.
  • Kaname sacrificing his life for everyone (hunters and humans) in order to create a consensus.
  •  Yuuki giving her life to Kaname.

As you may have noticed, many of these points are major turning points within the plot.

I totally agree with you. Both sides found that little twist of Yuuki baring both Zero and Kaname’s child rather…odd. It was also very unsatisfying as it meant the love triangle was never properly addressed at the end. Not to mention that it was not really fair on both male characters as Yuuki still remained indecisive as hell. One could say that the most decisive decision she ever made was to use her life to revive Kaname. If Kaname hadn’t torn himself from this love triangle through his ‘death’, Lord knows what Yuuki would have done. Probably would have stayed with Kaname as she often chose throughout the plot.  Kaname definitely received a very poignant ending after all he had experienced. But then again, I cannot say what is right and what is wrong because at the end of the day, Vampire Knight belongs to Hino and only her. It is therefore only her that should choose how her character’s story develops. 

Although it is clear that Yuuki cared for both men (and shared a life with both), despite the few years she was able to be with Kaname, I felt that her love for him was far more deep - built upon a complex foundation (which is not bad). In those few years they shared, dear God they experienced a lot. And just when everything was finally settling down with their relationship, everything rapidly came crashing - hence the tragic nature of their relationship. Somewhat like Romeo and Juliet. What I adored about their relationship is the sheer layers their love was built upon. Whilst Zero and Yuuki’s connection was formed from childhood and was only tested by Yuuki’s true nature of being a vampire - which really was not an obstacle as Zero just decided to overemphasise the whole situation - Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship faced constant challenges and tests. Kaname testing her love for him when revealing that he was NOT her brother and that it meant the sacrifice of her real brother. Kaname revealing that he had murdered the corrupted senate and had tainted hands. All of these challenges and many others were conquered.

This became particularly clear as the plot developed. I found that a lot of the time, Zero was often in the shadows, and that a large majority of Yuuki’s attention was focused upon Kaname. Now, some people are obviously going to get angry with this statement. Perfectly fine. Although Yuuki took care of Zero in his younger days and gave him attention when he required blood or was depressed. Some would argue that this illustrated love, but I shall say this was a strong relationship based on friendly terms. It was an unrequited love as Zero held affection for Yuuki, not the other way round.

When Kaname entered the room or subject, Yuuki’s world would immediately become overwhelmed by him. From the very beginning of the plot till the end (beginning and ending with YuMe - just saying! *cough cough*, Kaname and Yuuki both held a strong love for another. As she says in chapter 32:

“I’ve always liked him. Whenever I think of that man, my mind will whirl full with thoughts of him. So much that I could lose myself.”

Yuuki even demonstrated a jealous possessive side for Kaname when she thought of the hooded woman and Kaname together - Kaname being the only character to make Yuuki feel jealous and possessive. This is evidently similar to what Kaname often expresses towards Yuuki, and we all know how powerful his love for Yuuki was. Both were willing to end their lives for one another.

Despite Zero’s frequent attempts to show his affection for her, Yuuki continuously failed to see this which was evidently reinforced in the recent bonus chapter!!

It is only when Kaname leaves the picture (e.g. when he undertook the pursuit to fulfil the hooded woman’s wishes) that she began to notice Zero once again. Now, some people would argue that I am completely incorrect as Yuuki loved both Zero and Kaname equally. Say what you wish, but this is how I read the plot and I still stand by it.

Even Hino herself  says that YuMe’s relationship whether ‘in the future and in the past, a unique connection exists for all of eternity’. Note that Hino clearly includes future as well as past.

This unbelievably strong love YuMe holds will never extinguish as shown through the creation of Ai.

“No one can be a replacement for another person. That is why…farewells are always difficult.”

This quote can be applied to all characters in Vampire Knight.

In this case, one could say that no one could ever replace Kaname in Yuuki’s life. It is important, however, to understand what Kaname was in Yuuki’s life.

He was her fiancé. Her protector. Her world. Her everything. Her lover.

“I love you Kaname sama. You are the beginning of my world, and everything in that world…So even if I couldn’t remember my past…I wasn’t scared”

Even in the a thousand years after Kaname went into a slumber, Yuuki was preparing herself to give her heart to Kaname to revive him. If I had to choose an aspect of the story which showed the powerful love YuMe share, and to show it is VERY MUCH ALIVE even when Kaname no longer was ‘alive’, the final chapter exemplifies this point.

Yuuki gave Kaname not only a second chance in life (which is an incredibly precious gift given the misfortune he has experienced in his past life), she wanted to give him her world.

Allow me to repeat that: World

That is an extraordinary gift to give to someone.

Kaname was the only that Yuuki gave her world to.

Now if that does not show the power of her love for him I do not know what does!

Actions speak louder than words.

Overall, I will not deny the fact that:

  • Both male characters gave her happiness.
  • Yuuki spent her life with both men.
  • Yuuki had children with both men.
  • Yuuki shared a ‘love’ for both men. This love for both men, however, is different.

Yes she lived a life with Zero and he brought her happiness which is what Kaname would want. However, one could argue that Yuuki forced herself to move on as at the end of the day, she knew very well that Kaname and her were unlikely to meet again. Yuuki was granting Kaname’s wish of him wanting her to always be happy. One could argue that although Yuuki may have been reluctant to grant Kaname’s wish of him wanting her and Zero to be together, as was shown in the two months she spent by his side grieving severely and feeling guilty, out of her love for Kaname, she granted his wish.

One can look to the final moments Yuuki shared with Kaname to see further proof of her love for Kaname. Her heart wrenching pleas and tears clearly show Yuuki is well aware of the foreboding truth. This heart wrenching moment exemplifies how great her love for Kaname is that she cannot imagine a world without his voice. Just because Yuuki had a child with Zero and lived with him does not mean Yuuki never loved Kaname or that that love ever faltered. I am certain that in those years, that love blossomed, particularly as she watched Ai their first and only daughter grow. The way Yuuki’s eyes soften and the way she tenderly cradles Kaname’s cheeks in the final moments she has with glow with love.

So, is there anything else I interpreted at the ending? Yes I did.

In the final pages of chapter 93, a butterfly appears and lands on Kaname’s finger. It is in these final illustrations, I believe, show Yuuki ending with Kaname. This butterfly perching on Kaname’s finger is clearly/or what I interpret to be, Yuuki’s embodiment. As was shown in various chapters, as Kaname’s embodiment is a wolf, Yuuki’s is a butterfly.

On two occasions, Yuuki pledges promises to Kaname concerning her returning/remaining by his side.

1)” I will definitely come back to onii sama’s arms!” (Before it was revealed Kaname was not her brother)

2) “Is it okay if I stay by your side despite that? By your side forever?”

After spending years with Zero who has now died many years ago at this point of the story (as it is VERY unlikely that he did survive for 1000 years, given he is not a pureblood like Yuuki) and Kaname now awake, Yuuki appears to be returning to Kaname’s side once again in the form of a butterfly. By ‘returning to Kaname’s side once again’, I am alluring to the fact that on countless occasions, despite fate tearing the two away from one another, they always seem to find a way of being reunited. Examples include:

  • When Yuuki was turned into a human and Kaname could only watch from a distance. Resolved when Kaname turned Yuuki back into a vampire when she was on the brink of insanity.
  • When Kaname pushed Yuuki away when he began the process of preparing himself as the sacrifice for the furnace for Yuuki’s sake. Despite putting on the cold façade, Yuuki returned to Kaname’s side much to Kaname’s surprise.

In this case, even triumphing the power of death, Yuuki and Kaname are once again reunited. Some would argue that this does not show love. But who is to say that the love you hold for someone ceases when you leave the physical body? Love is eternal. Eternal YuMe.

In this sense, I interpret Yuuki’s love for Kaname to glow the brightest at the end and it to be a YuMe ending. One could argue that Hino’s decision to focus upon Yume in the last final pages suggests this may be so. Even the final few chapters took a great focus upon YuMe’s relationship. I reinforce this point once again: Just because Yuuki had a child with Zero and lived with him does not mean she did not love Kaname or that her love decreased. Watching Ai grow, it is likely her love blossomed not withered.

Extra note by beautifulxbutxtragic Very well-said and I could add that how Hino named their child Ai 愛 (means LOVE!) is really important as well. Vampire Knight is truly a tragic love story about them.

Extra note by Yume-Ship: 

Will always desire their beloved.

Apologies for any grammatical errors!

Thank you for your brilliant question!!

anonymous asked:

Can i get a touch repulsed nico? I noticed that i am a few days ago, and i really need this,,, ((valdangelo would be appriciated))

yes you can my friend!!!!!!!! one of my fav things is ace nico cuz i am ace and also cannot stand to be touched mostly as well,,,,, so yes take this

- Nico and Leo started havin a thing for each other some point on the argo II, and after the war they rescue calypso and Leo figures out that no, he really does love Nico and chooses to be with him (thats a whole nother drama tho tbh lmao)

- They start dating and its amazing because they both really get each other, and they dont feel so alone anymore. Leo doesnt need to seek attention from Nico like he does with everyone else, Nico doesnt need to hide from Leo because he actually likes spending time around him.

- but there is just one little problem in their relationship. everytime Leo gets the slightest bit to close to Nico, he pulls away and makes an excuse to do something else.

- Leo doesnt get it at first because Nico doesnt tell him. Theyve been dating for like 3 months and havent gone farther than holding hands and a peck on the lips when Nico’s in a good mood. Is it him??? does Nico not like him??? does he regret dating??????

- hes incredibly insecure about it for a while and they are both dumb because they could just talk about it but noooooo they are foolish boys.

- Leo stops trying to touch him. he doesnt get it. he worries about it night and day and Nico feels SO GUILTY because he knows this is upsetting his boyfriend, and he just wants to make him happy. So one day he finally decides to *try*

- He initiates it, trying to make out. Theyve never gone farther than a small kiss, and here Nico is practially on top of him in his lap kissing the every-loving hell out of Leo. But Leo can feel something wrong, he knows Nico doesnt want this and he stops him and hes like”look,,, buddy,,, neeks,,, are you sure you like,,, actually want to do this???” and thats it thats all it takes. Nico just starts crying and he really cant stop himself because he wanted to try and be normal for Leo

and Leo is like “oh my gods???? what is wrong, did i fuck up do you not want to be together what did i do i’m so sorry” and panicking and shit and nico is like “NO YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG, I LOVE YOU IM SORRY I CANT DO THIS I JUST WANTED TO MAKE YOU HAPPY BUT I CANT” and he finally just SAYS WHATS WRONG FFS and explains because no, its not leo, he literally just cant stand the thought of being touched, he never could with anyone but he loves leo so much and he was going to try for him because he doesnt want to be a bad person

and that is just like a huge relief for leo and hes like “u dumb,,, i was so stressed i thought u hated me,,, no we dont have to do anything u dont want to oh m y gods nico,,,,” because like hell he was gonna make his wonderful bf do anything he wasnt comfortable with??? he coulda just said so??

- and after that everything is okay. better than okay. now that they both know whats up they go back to cute dates and happy times and shitty puns, and Leo always asks if its okay to give Nico a kiss before he does and they are the best

so anyway yeah a cute thing, but also this is totes why communication is key. as someone who personally cant stand the thought of being touched, i can tell you ive had trouble in the past because i wasnt really able to articulate it too well. if ur partner loves you and is a good person, they will understand that sex/touching is not for u and it will be a-okay my friend

A Glimpse Of Sunshine:  The Offer Arrow 3x16 Review

I’m walking on sunshine whoa

And don’t it feel good hey alright now

Give me a minute guys. I’m basking in the Olicity sunshine. How do those rays feel to you? I’m loving them.


You know what feels really damn good? Writing OLICITY first again. There hasn’t been a whole lot of happy to write about and quite frankly there hasn’t been enough going on with Olicity to warrant leading a review off with them.

Oh…how the times they are a changin’ because this review is 90% Olicity.

I warned everyone we were bottoming out. “I don’t want to be a woman you love" in 3x12 culminating in 3x15 Raylicity sex were the Olicity low points. Bottom of the barrel, but I promised an upswing was coming. The writers had to tear Olicity down, so they could rebuild it. Can you feel that wind in your hair fandom? That’s because you are flying on a rainbow. The Olicity rebuild has thus commenced. Strap in Oliciters. This is going to be a whole lot of fun. Let’s dig in.

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anonymous asked:

Could Sam and Castiel both be Dean's Colette? I really can't see Sam not being as equally important as Cas in the Love being the cure for the MoC thing, especially given the importance they give to the brothers' devotion to each other in the whole of the show. I've always thought that if they were truly going to use parallels for Cain's and Dean's stories, then Sam would both fulfill Colette's and Abel's role but in a subversive way (Sam's Abel remaining good), with Cas as Colette as well.

Yes. And no?

Romantically speaking, I expect Colette to be Cas, yes.
I also expect: for the ‘other part’ of this ‘powerful force’ to be The Power Of Love; for romantic love to be the one that ultimately gets through to Dean when the moment comes.

But this is just because the Carver Era so far has told me: that the most important thing in the universe aka the most powerful force is Love, and that Only Romantic Love (plus the very mysterious Dean-Cas love, who knows what it is, it is a mysterious mystery love) can get through to people when they’re lost to their dark side, while exclusively-friendly/fraternal/familial love cannot. This is a set-up, they set it up that way.

However. The Carver Era has also introduced another concept that is equally important, which is “Love and Love”. About these we can infer that: they have different roles in Dean’s life and that Dean needs both.

Again, it’s just the way they choose to set it up. Because of that set-up I expect that both “loves” are going to be important in helping Dean get out of this and helping him recover (and stay out).

I’m not sure I answered your question? In short, I think strictly speaking Colette is a parallel for Cas, but that Dean is still gonna need both types of Love as a steady, long-term presence in his life to get well and keep being well. I say “strictly speaking” because Colette had a role in Cain’s life that a brother couldn’t have had, that applied to Dean’s situation translates into the role that the lover he sectretly craves for would have, as someone who is only Dean’s, part of Dean’s life outside Sam and outside You Only Live To Protect Sammy.

The Phantom of the Opera sentence meme

“It’s him!”
“Drink it up!”
“I am your angel of music.”
“My power over you grows stronger yet.”  
“Listen to the music of the night.”
“Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams.”
“Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.”
“Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar.”
“Those who speak of what they know find too late that prudish silence is wise.”
“You must be always on your guard!”
“Hold your tongue!”
“Who is that shape in the shadows?”
“Whose is the face in the mask?”
“Damn you!”
“You little demon, is this what you wanted to see?”

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To All of my Anons over the Past 24 Hours

Not surprisingly, I got a ton of anons, some angry with Darren, some supportive, and many angry with me. I am going to make one statement and then I am moving on from the tweets that were and were not made, unless something further develops from Darren himself (or his team).  So if you want to read my response, its under the cut.  I warn you, its long.

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  • I really love the new Nonnatus House. The architectural details are stunning and the whole place feels so comfortable and cozy, like they were always there.
  • Turner Family Dinner! I love seeing Shelagh all domestic. With her hair down wearing a headband.
  • Shelagh is trying so hard, finding an activity for her and Timothy to do together. But Mr. Please-Diagnose-My-Dead-Latin-Name-For-a-Butterfly is apparently too good for the science museum.
  • “It’s Sister Julienne.” What we didn’t see on screen was bold Shelagh all “Drop your fork, get off your ass, and get down there NOW. She’s my mother, and so help me God, she will not die before I make her a grandmother.”
  • Why did Patrick drag Timothy along with him to check on Sr. Julienne? Surely Timothy thought those long waits in the car were over once his dad married Shelagh.
  • Yowser, first fight. I actually love that Shelagh feels comfortable enough not only voicing her opinion, but in a raised voice. And the way she immediately apologizes for her outburst. But we’ll have a bit less of that finger pointing, Patrick.
  • The nervousness between Shelagh and Sister Julienne was so palpable and adorable. Shelagh’s navy suit is also adorable.
  • Have tensions ever been higher in Poplar? Nonnatus House, Turner House, Noakes House, St. Gideon’s. Everyone is like

    ….except Cynthia, Fred, and Sister Winifred. Perhaps Cynthia has taught them her breathing exercises. Actually, Fred probably does everything he can (like change bike tires and help vicars unpack) to stay out of the female drama.

  • Shelagh having lunch in her old seat at the dining table! Oh, the nostalgia.
  • We’ve all said it, but it’s fabulous the way bold Shelagh waits for Sr. Evangelina to finish her snide remark and then promptly takes the shoes and insists they be mended, while strutting off in her high heels. She is becoming confident in her decision and who she is and she won’t allow others to trample over her or keep quiet the way she may have in the past.
  • The St. Gideon’s dance was absolutely adorable. Like

  • “I think I might just have fallen a little bit in love with you.” Yes, Patsy, I think we have, too. You wear cropped slacks, bring your own whiskey, and apparently have a knack for cleaning and organizing. Welcome aboard!
  • Angry Dr. Turner releases his inner moral outrage again!
  • I love how everyone assumes Sister Monica Joan is shouting because she’s hurt, but really, would Sister MJ shout “help” over something as trivial as an injury? The nun knows what really requires help. “Forget about the intruder breaking in - MY FRICKIN’ PIE IS GONE!”
  • We finally had a “Case of the Missing Cake” where Sister MJ was not the culprit.
  • “Just because food has…gone missing.” She so tactful, isn’t she? I’m sure Sister Julienne didn’t tell her that being the Nonnatus Referee was among her duties.
  • Calm down, Sister Evangelina. Shelagh has actually done none of the planning for your Jubilee - have your words with Nitty Nora and the cake decorating committee.
  • Jacob is one determined fella. Snagging Sally’s address, catching the bus, enduring stares and misunderstanding, and hobbles all over Poplar to get to his Sally.

  • I love how everyone in Nonnatus House (and Hot Prison Vicar), treated Jacob and Sally normally and never talked “down” to them. Trixie holding the teacup so he could drink….

  • Sister MJ can’t catch a break, can she? Even PC Noakes assumes it’s her out frolicking in the streets late at night.
  • Sister Evangelina revealing her dark personal secret to Peter was like Sister Julienne confiding in Fred two weeks ago. Peter is removed enough from Evangelina’s everyday life that it made so much more sense for her to unburden herself to Peter - who is not only an objective listener, but has seen men like Vincent - rather than one of the women at Nonnatus.
  • Did anyone else find it interesting (and squeee-worthy) that Shelagh and Cynthia joined in the Divine Office hymn in the back of the chapel? I would love the show to delve into Cynthia’s personal storyline from the book (next season?). It was also lovely to hear Shelagh’s voice again and I always wondered if she would ever want to join the sisters for compline, the way lay people go to daily Mass or night prayers.
  • While heartbreaking, it was almost a blessing Sally’s baby was born early and did not survive. Imagine the turmoil and divisions among everyone involved had the baby lived…
  • If Trixie doesn’t want Hot Prison Vicar, can I have him?

  • “We can’t choose where we love, can we?” “No, nor can we choose what happens when we do.” I love how they both not so subtly acknowledge to the other that things done out of love cannot be wrong. Each woman is referring not only to the other, but to herself, when she speaks - Sister Evangelina’s “stealing” to help the brother she would rather cast away but won’t because she still loves him; and Shelagh’s leaving the order to be with the man and child she loves. Shelagh has tried to make amends with Sister Evangelina, so it is even sweeter when Sister Evangelina offers the olive branch after Shelagh gives her an opening to do so.
  • I am dubbing this relationship Evangelagh.
  • Sister Julienne has Shelagh on their prayer list. Sister Julienne has Shelagh on their prayer list. Allow me to bring back our first piece of evidence that she wants Babyturnerland as much as we do…

  • Talk about progress. We went from a snippy “Mrs. Turner” at the start of the episode to a love-filled “Shelagh.” And then Sister Evangelina had to go and say Timothy is her child, so she already is a mother. And then she had to reminisce about his birth and the late Mrs. Turner #1 and Patrick handing a baby Timothy to her…

  • She is such a tough hard-ass, but she can be just as sappy and sentimental as the rest of them.
  • The arm grasping and back rubbing! I cannot…
  • “All I want to do is pass it on. And I don’t know how…or to whom.” // “You just bid your time, He’ll show you His plan. Mark my words.” And it was in this garden, ladies and…ladies, that the seeds of adoption were planted.

  • Damn, Jacob has a great death stare.
  • Jacob touching Sally’s red sweater.
  • Beside You…. As if we didn’t have enough feels the first 55 minutes, they have to insert songs at the end that kill us even more.
  • Shelagh gives Timothy independence with the space she leaves between them, while giving all her love as she walks at his side.
  • I won’t even go into all the feels over Timothy dropping his sticks, hobbling to reach his father, Shelagh catching him, Patrick catching them both, the Turner Family Hug…

  • The perfect gift for someone who wants nothing for herself is boundless love. The testimonies of the residents of Poplar was the best gift Sister Evangelina could ever receive. All while sitting on her throne under her floral arbor.
  • Except, of course, a new pair of shoes. I made a very high pitched noise when Sister Julienne looked back and Shelagh gave a cheeky little smile.
  • Now I see why Patrick holds the brylcreem hostage. Timothy goes a bit overboard if it’s not rationed, doesn’t he?
  • Shelagh in her short-sleeved blue floral dress. Why did this dress not have more screentime than Sister Evangelina’s shoes?
  • Next week: “Hello Timothy’s Mum and Dad.”

The Steroline Feels Are Strong

Can we talk about the fact that Stefan is so sad that the babies aren’t his ?? 

Like… its not just that he loves Caroline, but he wishes those babies were his and hers… Its not just about him wanting to be a dad .. with Caroline pregnant, he wishes the babies growing inside HER were HIS. 

Its one thing to have a girl friend and quite another to want to be the father of her babies ! ! !

My emotions. . 

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Also, Lily basically tells him to be prepared for her to sacrifice their love for the kids… he could have cut his losses then and there and decided that he doesn’t want to go through that.. but he doesn’t. Even though Lily basically predicts heartbreak for him, he still doesn’t leave. 

He loves her too much to walk away even though he knows that she might choose the babies over him someday.


Originally posted by bitemytonguedarling

I donno how 2 scenes can just turn me into such a blubbering mess.. the power of steroline yo !!

I cannot marvel enough at that phone call. It was so honest and sincere. 

His words are not complicated or super layered.  You don’t have to wonder what its about because its straightforward and to the point. Simple honest truth is always what Caroline responds to.. and he knows that. 

Caroline: I know this is happening to the both of us. - This is so important. She recognizes that he is affected too. Perhaps its Valerie’s revelation playing at the back of her mind, but she knows that he is definitely shaken by this and this will be a difficult time for him. This is her putting Stefan first even though she needs support. 

And Stefan reciprocates by putting her first. They are both looking out for each other. I can’t ! ! !

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Also, he doesn’t say, you are going to get through this.. he says WE are going to get through this TOGETHER. 

WE okay??? WE. TOGETHER.

They are now and forever a WE.. got it ??

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anonymous asked:

Bucky Barnes or Sebastian Stan?

I’ve tried so hard to answer this question before for myself and I can’t do it. It’s so hard. 

It really depends what kind of person you are in order to choose.  

Bucky (before he became the Winter Soldier) is the face of charm and respect. He doesn’t judge off of looks and he’s a bit of a lady’s man. He’s also been through immense pain and torture, so he deserves the world. There’s never been a life on this earth that has gone through the pain that he has. He’s optimistic, humble, kind-hearted, and a bit sassy. He wasn’t shy before he became the Winter Soldier, but through the loneliness and suffering, he’s become somewhat nervous and very cautious. 

Sebastian is extremely sweet, kind, and gentle. He’s also a major dork. He geeks out about all sorts of things and he’s very fun to be around. He’s also extremely hilarious. Plus, he’s very Romanian. Sebastian has the ability to woo any girl he wants and have them fall head-over-heels in love with him, but he doesn’t shove it in anyone’s face. He’s incredibly respectful, and he keeps himself at the same level as everyone else. He doesn’t like to push his fame, he enjoys the small things in life, and he’s very relatable. He, like Bucky, also doesn’t judge people by their looks. He doesn’t say hardly anything bad about anyone. 

So, all-in-all Sebastian is more dorky, but Bucky is more nervous. 

Both of them deserve the universe and should be given whatever they want and more. 

I honestly cannot choose between the two! I’m sorry I can’t answer your question. I have tried!! It’s impossible for me! But maybe my list made it easier for someone else to choose. I don’t know. 

Multumesc foarte mult!! Have a wonderful evening, my dear! 💙