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Request: If request are still open, could you do something with Kylo accidentally killing the reader in a middle of a battle? I haven’t been feeling the best and I just need something to make me cry. I’m so sorry.

A/N: Idk why requests like these appeal to me so much like….I enjoy writing them even tho they literally rip my heart out??? Thank you anon for requesting this, I hope this makes you cry! [gif not mine]

Warning: Death

Word Count: 2.6K+

We’ll make it through. I promise you. The sound of the sweet voice rung in his head, the sight of something so innocent and pure that took the human form. We’ll make it through. I promise you. The same words repeated in his head, all he could think about was the lovely face he was once able to hold and kiss. The once lovely person he used to call his own. We’ll make it through. I pr-

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When someone you know (who’s connected to the family) implies they’ll hire you to edit their book (which is good because, you know, it’s my job), but instead they pay some other random editor, then ask you to “proofread” while balking at paying you a fair wage, but you agree to give it a look over (because family) only to find that whatever “editor” they did hire did an absolute shit job (I actually said, “I’m sorry to say this, but I cannot believe this has gone through a professional.”) and you know you could have done so, so, so much better.*

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*this sentence is not an example of my ability to edit, hahaha

Baby Spy’s first DS9 Steps

Oh man, I’m re-watching DS9 from the start, and Garak’s interactions with Bashir just crack me up. I just imagine Garak’s mortification.  


(OMG he isn’t getting it I’m not sure I can be more obvious.  By the Obsidian Order, he’s completely missed the point. Guess we’ll have to resort to one-word commands)

*terrorist walks in*

Garak: “LOOK.

(Nope.  No, he still has no idea.  I cannot believe this is what I have to work with.  What else can I try?)


(Well, at least he’s here, but HE ACTUALLY THINKS I’M TRYING TO SELL HIM A SUIT.  I’ll shove him in a changing room & hope by some miracle he keeps his mouth shut long enough to learn something. Quark was right about humans…)

A Dot Ham - Avengers x Reader

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Words: 2313
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: Hamilcast
Warnings: There may have been swearing
Requested: lol nope
Authors Note: THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE. I also included some hamilcast dialouge but i dont know if its completly spot on so hey, just deal with it LOL. I wanna see Hamilton. There are many many ham refrences, so beware! Idea for imagine came from @flynn-science

Masterlist. Request List.

“Hey, Tony, can I borrow an A-dot-Ham?” You walked into Tony’s office with a big smile.

“What did you just-”

“It’s from Hamilton,” You cut him off to spare from the weird looks, “Just give me ten dollars.”

“Oh,” Tony nodded, “The musical you like so much. Why haven’t you gone to see it yet?” Tony cocked an eyebrow.

You sighed with a roll of the eyes. “Have you seen how expensive those tickets are? I also cannot win the Hamilton lottery for the life of me! Now, can you please just give me the damn money?” You laughed at the end.

Tony pulled out the ten dollar bill and handed t to you. “Thank you!!” You squealed.

“Why did you need it exactly?”

You turned around quickly. “Uh, it’s Wednesday. There’s a Ham4Ham show today. Wanda and I were going to go, and we need a ten so we could get it signed-”

“On second thought, I don’t really care.” Tony cut you off with a small smile. You nodded and walked out, and as soon as you were gone, he pulled up the beloved album on his phone.

“Might as well give it a listen.”

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*Requested* Imagine deciding to go home and face your siblings after your twin Kol spots you in town.

(This is part 2 to: Imagine your twin Kol spotting you in town… This is probably the longest one I´ve written yet, but there were so many things to include in this one:D. Even though the first part is a Kol Imagine this one is mostly focused on Klaus, but Kol, Rebekah and Elijah are in it too of course. I hope you enjoy and now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 1.623

Your name: submit What is this?

It is a chilly night at the Mikaelson Mansion as Kol, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah are almost finished with the dinner they planned. Kol couldn´t sit still during it, because he desperately waited for you to arrive, but he is losing hope with every minute that ticks by.

As they finished their last course, Klaus and Elijah went into the study, presumably plotting someones downfall, while Kol and Rebekah are still occupied with eating desert. Since Klaus and Elijah are not that fond of deserts they left earlier, leaving him with his sister.

Rebekah: What´s the matter with you? You´ve been checking the time every minute. Don´t tell me you invited some dull girl form this dreadful town?”

Kol: “Ah, not exactly. But it´s still uncertain if our..quest arrives. It´s getting late.”

Right after his sentence he hears the doorbell ring and instantly vamp-speed towards the door, almost dragging his chair with him. He rips the door open and almost jumps into your arm, hugging you so tight you fear he might break you in two.

Kol: “I´m glad decided to come, even though you´re late.”

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(Ahh I love the idea of this blog, there's not enough IronPanther around!! <3) For one time I'd really like a sleep deprieved T'Challa walking into a conference with the Avengers and Tony is standing at the end of the table discussing things with Fury/Steve/The Team and T'Challa just moves over to him and buries his head onto Tony's shoulder while Alarmed!Tony doesn't know what's going on.

The days previous had been long, exhaustive, and seemingly non-stop action. Inhumans were only going to grow to be more of a problem the longer that SHIELD fought to control them, the more the general public heard about them and grew to fear them. The entire Avengers team – those pardoned by the UN after three long years, and those who had been left behind – had returned the night previous, stumbled to their own rooms.

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30 weeks pregnant!

Holy fuck I can’t believe I can actually say I’m 30 weeks it’s felt like such a long time to get to this point

I posted a couple of days ago that I thought I strained my back well I’m now at the point of being close to tears when I’m walking or standing I’m so grateful I work sitting down or I’d have to take maternity leave early but I’m having to get taxis to work because I physically cannot walk 10 minutes to the bus stop, I’m like 99% sure is sciatica but damn it’s painful

I also found my first stretch marks all down the sides of my booty and the top of my booty where I’ve been forgetting to oil I’ve literally been lathering myself all over now thank the lord I don’t have them on my actual belly but I am now religiously oiling

My son also has a hiccuping problem and I’m making whale noises when rolling over in bed


I’m nursing my wisdom tooth removal and I’m on day 4. I’m getting there, but man, the discomfort and frustration with not being able to eat real foods hasn’t been a walk in a park. I also had a really shitty attitude about it, so way-to-go, self. 

I have 2 weeks left of school. 2 weeks of classes (but only 2 classes), a few assignments in there, and then a cumulative poster presentation of my work at my internship. I cannot believe I only have 2 weeks and still have a shit ton to get done. eek. 

I’m still jobless post-grad. I’m not worried about it. I know a lot of people don’t have a job the minute they leave school, but I know a lot of people do. I’ve been applying, but definitely not enough. I don’t have time to create cover letters for every job and go through the entire process, so I keep putting it on the back burner. looking for a job will become a full time job come early/mid-May. 

I should be okay for a hot minute job-wise, because I’ll be working at DoSomething for an extra month and a half past my internship helping close out a campaign. or that’s what my manager has been saying. he’s like this though–says something, but doesn’t follow through. (i.e. he kept telling me that he had a christmas gift for me on his desk when I got back from London. he didn’t (and I don’t expect a gift at all, but why even say it??). he’s wanted to take me out to lunch for my birthday. he hasn’t. I’m just not sure why he says these things at all, ‘cause I could easily live without them.)

I’m working from home tomorrow and Tuesday. my swelling is finally going done, but I’m still a bit uncomfortable, and it’s mostly because I don’t know what I could pack for lunch and eat, tbh. it’s also very easy for me to work from home. I’m also working from home on Tuesday because there’s an event in our office and literally everyone has to work from home. I’m totally okay with it. I’m also just gonna skip class on Tuesday. I haven’t missed one this semester and it’s not really necessary that I’m there because everything’s posted online. I’m looking forward to having a couple of slow, but productive days.

I’ve been off the exercise horse for a couple of weeks now and I just feel gross. I’m starting the Tone It Up Bikini Series (mostly just following the schedule of workouts) and really hoping I can stick to it. I’ve got trips coming up and things that could easily keep me from staying on track, but I’m gonna try my damndest! The next 2 weeks of busy babysitting and interning might not let up for it on a couple days, but I’m not gonna beat myself up over it. I just need something to keep me going!   

I’m semi-super super stressed and semi-really chill about everything that is and isn’t happening, and I’m just gonna let things happen. Next month I’ve got: UConn to see my brother graduate, finishing all my work, hopefully seeing Book of Mormon, maybe going to the ballet, my graduation, a bunch of fun celebratory lunches and dinners, a cooking class, Austin, maybe something for Memorial Day…there’s a lot going on, but I’m stoked for it all to happen! time to close this chapter of my life and see where I’m off to next! 

also I turned 25 a couple of weeks ago and I feel like 25 makes sense. 


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Can you do a spencer x reader fic where spencer and the reader have been dating for a while but the team doesn’t know until someone (can be whoever) walks in on them?


I heard Spencer’s whisper and glanced around, finding him peering at me from inside one of the offices that is currently not being used. I smiled slightly as he waved me inside. I glanced around, making sure no one was around, and then joined him in the small room. 

“Desperate, are we?” I teased. He smiled at me, but didn’t say a word. He tugged at the strap of my bag and I dropped it to the floor just as he pressed his lips to mine. He was fiercely gentle, all warmth and passion and care. I struggled to breathe, but not because I physically couldn’t get any air. Just because that’s one of the many things Spencer Reid does to me. 

Spencer has always been an interest to me. There’s just something about him. I love the way he thinks, first of all. His brain, for lack of a better term, turns me on. The way he thinks about things, his analytical tendencies, how quickly he can break things down, just the natural intelligence he possesses. But then, of course, there’s his looks. His golden curls and hazel eyes, the brightness of his smile, the way he moves…it all just does things to me that make everything spin. 

And when he kisses me? That’s a whole new battle against my senses that I love to fight. Many people write off Spencer as a nerd and they leave it at that. But for a nerd, or anyone for that matter, Spencer Reid does incredible things with his mouth. 

We were so wrapped up in each other that neither of us heard the knock on the door. So we startled when Penelope shrieked. I nearly fell, and would have if Spencer hadn’t been close enough that I could steady myself on him. 

“Oh my god!” Penelope gasped. “Oh goodness. Two things. No, three!” she said. “One, I’m very, very sorry for interrupting because I’ve shipped the two of you for so long and you looked like you were really enjoying yourselves. Two-I cannot believe I just walked in on this, because I’m pretty sure we’re all at work and this is more scandal than I ever expected out of you. And three- oh my stars, how long has this been going on and why didn’t I know about it?”

When Penelope had finished, Spencer and I glanced at each other. It appeared that our secret relationship had just gone public. 

Kris Scenario - When You Plan An Evening Out In NYC To Tell Him That You Are Pregnant At The End

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Scenario Masterlist

Anonymous said:

could we have a Kris scenario where he and his girlfriend are out to have a great date night in NYC, all planned by the girlfriend (like, Broadway show, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a horse carriage ride, the whole thing!), only to tell him at the end of the night that she’s pregnant and hasn’t said anything for a month because she didn’t know how to tell him, but she felt that that night was the right time, and at first he’s really bothered by it for a few days, but then surprises her one day!

“This is a nice place…” Kris said appreciatively as you sat down at a small table in a fancy, intimate restaurant in Manhattan. You smiled at him over the table, smoothing your dress behind you as you sat down.

“I read that they had good food.” You said starting to look through the menu. You decided pasta would be a safe bet - at least you weren’t craving something crazy that night.

“Maybe we should get some wine…” Kris commented, looking at the drink menu.

“Oh that’s really not necessary!” You said quickly. He looked back up at you, confused. You usually didn’t refuse a good bottle of wine. “I just don’t want to be buzzed tonight.” You said to explain. It wasn’t quite the right time to tell him.

“Alright…No wine then…” He said flipping his menu back to the food. You let out a breath inadvertently rubbing your stomach under the table. When the food later arrived, it came as a welcome treat for your hungry stomach. Eating for two hadn’t been easy, especially with the morning sickness.

“And then the show starts at eight…” You said checking your watch. You did have plenty of time to enjoy the meal though.

“We have enough time to relax a little.” He said with a warm smile, shaking his head at you a little. You weren’t sure if you could relaxed, hell, you weren’t even sure you had been relaxed since you found out you were pregnant and then could never find the right time to tell him. You could’ve probably used that glass of wine right then but you still couldn’t have it.

“I can’t believe you have some time off…” You said and he shrugged.

“Working me to the bone won’t make as much money as almost working me to the bone. I have to have breaks sometimes.” He said looking at you with that warm, loving look in his eyes.

“Well I am glad you could get time off…” You said and he smiled again. You hoped that when you told him, he would smile at that news too. Shortly after you finished the dinner, you went to the musical, deciding to walk the few blocks there. The whole time the bundle of nerves in your stomach grew. After the musical, you would tell him.

“I cannot believe you planned this.” Kris said to you as you walked through the doors to Once. You smiled rolling your shoulders back in a shrug.

“How often do you get to plan a date night in New York City?” You said and he laughed, looking up at the theater in awe. This was Broadway and it was just as glittery as you had expected it to be.

“You must’ve done a lot work to plan this.” He said looking around as you slowly made your way up the steps to the balcony. Kris held your hand, prepared to save you if you started to fall in your heels.

“It wasn’t that much work. I’ve been trying to see this show for a while.” You replied.

“Oh this is a play about a song writer…” Kris said reading through his playbill. You nodded, crossing your legs in your seat.

“My friend said she really loved this play. It made her cry.” You said, your eyes fixed on the stage rather than him.

“Oh you just wanted to see me cry, didn’t you?” He said nudging your side. You shrugged with a laugh just as the lights dimmed. The second the theater dark, you felt Kris’ large hands and long fingers wrapping and intwining with yours. You leaned against his shoulder to watch.

The musical still managed to move you to tears through the swirling worries spinning in your head. As each second went by, you knew you were infinitely closer to tell him the truth and as the seconds ticked away, you’re heartbeat seemed to  get faster and you were ever closer to breaking out in a cold sweat. Your thoughts kept building, just how would he react and what would think and thousands more questions you didn’t have answers to spinning through your head, and it seemed like they could swallow you whole.

“Wow…That was amazing…” Kris said from above you and you suddenly registered that the play was over and snapped up.

“Uh huh…” You said reaching to wipe the tears spilling out of yours eyes away. Before you could, his fingers were there taking care of it for you. You smiled shyly as he leaned in to kiss your forehead.

“So where to now?” Kris asked as you walked out of the theater.

“I don’t know…I don’t really want to go to the hotel yet.” You said and he nodded. “Why don’t we go to the Highline?” You said and he nodded. A short cab ride later and you walked up to the park. You walked through it for a short while before you stopped.

“What? Did you want to take a picture?” Kris said turning back to face you. You shook your head, your hands winding together out of nervousness in front of you.

“There’s something I have to tell you.” You said sucking in a breath to calm yourself. There would be no going back now.

“Ok.” He said stepping toward you with an apprehensive expression on his face.

“I’ve known for about a few weeks now but it probably happened about a month ago…Or at least that’s what they said…Anyway, Kris, I’m pregnant.” You said and your words stayed their, suspended in the air between you. You were looking at the ground so you couldn’t see the hundred different emotions running across his face as he processed the news.

“Why didn’t you tell me as soon as you heard?” He said in a colder voice than you were used to hearing him use with you. You flinched.

“I didn’t know how to tell you. It always felt like the wrong time…” You said trying to explain.

“Was it because I was busy in China? God, you still could’ve told me!” he said in an angry voice. You flinched again.

“I’m sorry.” You said but those words too hung in the hair like weights, crushing the two of you.

“I don’t even know what to say to you right now.” He said and you nodded. By the time you looked up again, he had left. That was the moment your tears started to fall. Tonight, you decided, you could be sad, but tomorrow you had to start working to get your shit together. But tonight you were going to cry. You called a cab and you went back to the hotel. You weren’t surprised when he wasn’t there so you just changed and climbed into the bed alone. You were thankful it didn’t take you long to fall asleep.

The next morning, you gathered your stuff, folding the clothes Kris had left into his suitcase. You still were sniffling but you didn’t start crying all over again, thankfully. You were just closing your suitcase when you heard a key in the hotel door. You knew it couldn’t be room service because you had put the do not disturb sign on so it had to be Kris.

“Your stuff is all packed. Just take it.” You said waving your hand to his bag as you faced yours, trying to look busy so you wouldn’t have to  face him and inevitably start crying.

“Y/N…” You heard him say in that soft voice you loved. It almost felt like a slap to your face…

“If you’re gonna go, just go.” You said your fingers gripping your bag just as desperately as you were trying to hold yourself together.

“You won’t even look at me…” He said and it took all your will power not to turn around. You couldn’t even reply. You heard his steps as he approached you.

“I’m not going to leave.” He said in a lower voice, almost directly above your head.

“Then why did you leave last night?” You asked him as his fingers hesitantly landed on your arm.

“I didn’t how to react. I was frustrated you had kept it from me. I was mad I hadn’t picked up on it when I had noticed you were acting differently. I was really mad at myself at myself after I left you alone like that. I was freaking out because being a father is scary. I was confused and I just started to worry and I couldn’t get any of my thoughts straight until I had walked through Manhattan and I realized I had left you all alone with this and that was the last thing I wanted to do.” He said, his hand sliding down your arm.

“And you think I haven’t been freaking out every second of every day?” You said turning to face him. His eyes were red and puffy, not unlike your own. 

“And you were doing it on your own but you won’t be any more, ok? I’m here and I know we can do this together.” He said with a hopeful light in his eyes.

“Alright…” You said and he smiled, leaning down to bring your lips together.

“I love you.” He said when he pulled away.

“I love you, too.” You replied as he knelt down in front of you. You felt his hands slipping up your shirt as he leaned forward, pressing another kiss there.

“I love you, too.” He said, talking to the baby. You couldn’t help but laugh. It was starting to feel real - you were going to be a family.

“Do you think you could come with me to the doctor in two weeks?” You asked him and he nodded.

“Do you know the gender yet?”

“No, that’s when I find out.”

“Then I’ll definitely be there.” He said standing up and wrapping his arms around you.

Somehow, with him with you, you felt like maybe you could actually handle this big change in your life.

Total Divas: Dean Ambrose x Reader

(4) This a continuation in the series on my blog. Please check them out. 

The italics are you talking to the camera like they do on the show.

The episode starts off with you sitting in your bed looking through some papers in a folder. Jon walks in wearing jeans and no shirt. He sits down beside you gently not to jar you while he drys his hair with a towel. “How many times you gonna read that?? I’m pretty sure that it says the same thing as the first hundred times babe.” He teases kissing you on the cheek. You roll your eyes and go back to reading. He gently shakes his wet hair causing droplets to go all over you and the folder. “JONATHAN!!” you try to scold him but you can’t hold back your laughter. He snatches the folder away from you and throws it on the bedside table. He gently takes your face in his hands and starts kissing you all over your face. You giggle and try to lightly push him away but he just climbs on top of you straddling your hips with his knees. Jon finally just kisses your lips. You pull away out of breath from laughter and smile.

“My surgery is tomorrow and I am scared senseless. The doctors gave me some papers on what to do before and what to expect but I keep getting the feeling I am forgetting or missing something. Jon keeps telling me to stop worrying and to just relax but its hard…”

 “There’s my (Y/N).” Jon smiles. “I don’t like seeing you all worked up and worried. Reading that file is just gonna feed your anxiety. You need to take your mind off of it okay??” You sigh and start to protest but he just kisses you again softly. “No. No if ands or… “ He slides his hands under your butt and gives you a light squeeze making you giggle again. “… buts about it babe.” 

The next part of the episode begins with Jon getting out of a car at the hospital. He goes to the back of the car to get some bags out and then walks to open the door for you. Jon helps you to the front entrance and then to the front desk to do your paper work. You two are then lead to a room to prep for your surgery. As you two walk down the hall Jon takes your hand in yours.

“I have never been so nervous in my whole life. I cannot believe that all of this happening so fast… You go your whole life thinking that stuff like this cannot happen to you… or won’t happen to you. I am so lucky to have Jon in my life. Without him there is no telling how much of a nervous mess I would be right now. He has kept me level headed through all of this.”

They show a montage of you sitting in your hospital room with Jon. Him making you laugh at various times. You two holding hands and you two sharing a kiss before you are taken into surgery. Then Jon standing the room alone running his hands through his hair and then sitting down with his elbows on his knees jiggling his leg nervously.

The episode ends later on with you back in your room still asleep. Jon gives a recap of what the doctor said about your surgery. “Yeah the doctor said that the surgery went perfectly actually. Couldn’t have been better. Also said she is going to be sore for quite a while but with patience she should be back better than she was before the injury.” He crosses his arms over his chest and looks back at you still asleep. “Its gonna be hard making her take it easy for a while.” He smirks at the camera. 

Eventually you wake up and as soon as you do Jon takes your face in his hands and kisses you softly yet passionately.

If you like this or have any feedback please let me know…I greatly appreciate it…THANK YOU FOR READING

Caught (stiles x reader)

Warnings- partial smut


You nervously made your way into your last class of the day, Science, and sat down in your assigned seat, which so happened to be right next to your crush Stiles Stilinski. You had had this crush on him for months now and you all talked nearly everyday, but it was just normal conversations and nothing special. You had already gotten your things out and you were ready to begin class, so when you teacher finally began the class she began to speak.

“Ok class! Listen up please!” Your teacher half way shouted until the room had fallen silent. “Thank you, now I will be starting class today by explaining to you all the new project that we will be doing and then I will assign you your partners.”

You got excited and began to sit up more in your chair. Projects were so much better than actual class work. “ With your assigned partner you will create an experiment to be presented in front of the class. I will also want a full page typed on how you went about this idea and a further explanation of the essay part will all be in the handout that I am passing out to you now.”

She walked around and distributed papers to every student in the class. Once she finished to reclaimed her place in the front of the class room and said,“ Now I will be telling you your partners. Please listen up, I do not want to repeat my self.” She went down the list until she finally reached your name and you heard her say,“… (Y/n) and Stiles…”

You had to stop and think for a moment, the words that she had said you replayed in your mind and then you finally came back to your senses and you quickly looked to your right to see Stiles leaned back in his chair as usual but now he was looking towards you with a sexy smirk across his face. He winked at you and you turned back around in your chair, you still could hardly believe what had just happened.

The class was nearing to the end and it had felt like it lasted an eternity. Finally, the bell rang and you quickly grabbed your things and ran out of the classroom and to your locker before anyone could speak to you. You grabbed your things as quickly as you could and then shut your locker door and nearly jumped out of your shoes to find Stiles standing right behind it, on arm against the locker next yours and he smoothly rested against it waiting on you.

“Stiles! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” You said. “Sorry, just wondering about the project, if maybe you wanted to come over to my house the Friday afternoon. My dad will be at work so we would have plenty of time to work on it.”

“Umm… Ok, sounds good! See you then.” You said somewhat nervously then walked away very proud of how you handled yourself during the conversation.

It was finally Friday and as you got home you struggled to find something nice to wear. You ended up just putting on a pair of jeans and a cute shirt. You straightened out your hair and put on light makeup. You then out your phone in your pocket, put on a pair of sandals, grabbed your books and went over to Stiles house.

Once you arrived you nervously knocked on the door. After only a few seconds of waited the door was opened to reveal Stiles in front of it, it hair as usual, but what he was wear was what distracted you. Stiles was in a pair of sweatpants without a shirt on, revealing his muscles. You tried to keep your eyes off him, but man it was hard! “Please, come in!” Stiles said kindly, as he stretched out his arm while opening the door, motioning you to move forward. You did and he closed the door behind you.

“So… We’re should we start?” You asked.

“Well we should probably try to just think of some ideas of things to do for it first then once we get that we can start to work on the essay first, that will give a guideline of how we will go about the rest of the project.” Stiles answered.

“Well someone really thought this through… Your pretty smart Stilinski…” You said smiling and grabbing on a folder and sitting down at a table next to Stiles.

“Thanks, but your totally going to be the brains of all this, you know that right?”

You laughed a little and nodded. “Yes, I figured…” He laughed a little and then you had began to discuss what you would be doing for the project.

After a moment of discussing it and thinking it over you and stiles had finally decided on a nice experiment to do. “So, do you want to start working on the paper now?” He asked.

“Sure, let me get my laptop out of my bag real quick.” You walked over to the door where you had set your bag down and you bent over to grab not even realizing the view you were giving Stiles.

You turned back around and briefly saw stiles trying to adjust himself without you noticing. You were both now turning slightly pink. This was it you thought… Now is your chance with Stiles, if you just play your cards right this could go well. You sat down a little closer to stiles this time, to were you were almost touching. You turned out laptop on and you and Stiles began to talk and type up the essay. You had gotten half way through and you looked a little towards your right, over to Stiles, and you noticed him shifting around a little. You stopped typing for a moment and you turned towards him a little and rested your left hand on his thigh, slowly moving it up.

“Wow! We’ve gotten a lot done already, and now I’m suddenly starting to struggle with finding the words and the right things to say. Maybe we should take a break…” You looked up into his eyes, that had until this point been staring at your hand but we’re now looking at you also. He face changed as soon as he realized what you were getting at, which seemed to be what he had wanted all along.

“You know, I might have an idea of what we could do in that time.” Stiles said moving his body closer to your and his face closer to your neck. He was now merely an inch away and you could feel his hot breathe against your skin, sending a chill down your spine. “What do ya say babe?” Said Stiles before planting a small kiss on your neck.

“Absolutely…” You said pulling his face up and kissing him. He immediately kissed back and he had one hand placed on your lower back, the other behind you neck as he deepened the kiss, as he was now lying on the couch with you straddling him. You moved your arms down, running your finger over abs, you smiled never breaking the kiss. Soon Stiles moved his arms down to your lower back and he say up turned him self off the couch as you wrapped your legs around his waist. He stood up and began to walk you both towards his room. The kiss still never broken.

He laid you gently on the bed and the crowded on top of you. The kiss now broken and you both gasping for air. He gave you one more quick kiss before running his hands down and playing with the hem of your shirt before eagerly ripping it off of you. He then moved his mouth to your neck and he began to leave wet kissed and suck wherever he felt. He would continue to suck on that spot until he heard moan escape from your mouth. Once Stiles found your sweet spot he began to suck on it hard, surely leaving a mark, and making you moan loudly. He smirked against your skin as he left wet kissed from your next and to your bra line. He reached around your back and was just about to unhook your bra when you heard the door open and a voice loudly say,“ Stiles!” and another voice say at the same time,“ Oh my God!”.

Stiles jumped in fear and you quickly covered your self with the covers of his bed. You looked over to see Scott and Sheriff Stilinski standing in his doorway. “Dad… I-i can explain…” Stiles aid nervously.

“Scott, what the hell are you even here for?” Before Scott could say a word Sheriff Stilinski was back at it again.

“Stiles! I cannot believe you! I trust you to be home by yourself and then I trust you even more by saying you could have a friend over to work on a school project! Then you go and defy me by trying to sleep with her! You are to young, I want her out!”

You had now out your shirt back on and you began to walk over to Stiles. When you heard him say,“ No, dad! You cannot just make her leave! And I didn’t defy you we worked on our project, for a while and we got a lot done, we just needed a break…” stiles smirked over at you and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ugh… Whatever I have to get back to the station, I will be home later and we will talk about this. And when I get back I better not find you with her in that bed of yours!” Stiles father began to walk away.

Apparently Stiles wasn’t happy enough with the punishment he would be receiving later so as his father walked away he answered,“ So… Just so we’re clear here… No beds but the couch and floor are cool?”

Stiles father said nothing and just walked away. You turned to him and began laughing as did he and Scott as well.

“Well it almost time for my mom to be home, I better get going. I will see you later tho Stiles. Bye!” You said giving him a kiss. “Bye Scott.” You said as you left through the door.

You heard Stiles behind you saying,“ Hey, you should come over next week so we can finish our project… Maybe we can finish that second one too!” He winked.

You laughed and rolled your eyes then went home.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Scott continued with their conversation. “So you never answered me… Why were you even here?” Stiles asked.

“Well I came to see how you were doing… Clearly you were doing very well…” They both laughed.

“You know maybe next time you could knock…” Stiles said.

“Well i would have but once you dad got here and heard it all going on he was a little past knocking levels of anger.”

“Was it that bad?”

“Oh yeah…” Said Scott and he turned to look at Stiles who had now turned completely pink.

… I cannot believe I uploaded a photo of my legs a few years ago that would have never been an option, I’ve always carried a lot of issues with my body in the past ‘putting on a brave face or a fake smile’ when someone would complement me not really believing what there saying but now that has changed now I accept and receive there complement and say ‘yeah I am alright hey’ …

I’m grateful for my chubby body I love it I’m showing it kindness we go through a lot together my big chunky legs walk my son to and from school everyday, work, walk the dog, do the house work mummy duties and wifey duties, we do a lot together … So I’m celebrating them ‘thank you thick thighs’ ..✔️

Secrets Part IV

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: hachievans

Summary/Request: Part One (X) Part two (X) Part three (X). Based off (X) (X) (X): You’re new to Beacon Hills…everything is mighty strange…

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harry potter reread: philosopher’s stone pt v
  • after getting the nimbus, ron and harry “found the way upstairs blocked by Crabbe and Goyle.” does malfoy just fucking wait around for harry or what? does he methodically plan his every move based on what harry’s doing? ‘malfoy i’m hungry’ 'HUSH goyle we must wait here on the off chance that potter comes by’
  • wood mentions a quidditch game that went on for THREE MONTHS!!! why can’t wizards just make things easy for themselves
  • ok so wood doesn’t know what basketball is but he pulls out a bag of golf balls to practice with, do you think he knows about golf? or did he just marvel at them when he got the bag like 'what curious muggle trinkets are these' 
  • “Ron, however, was to be paired with Hermione Granger. It was hard to tell whether Ron or Hermione was angrier about this.” YOU TWO GET MARRIED LATER HA HA HA
  • when ron tries the levitation spell he just screams WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA “waving his long arms like a windmill.” you ridiculous tall child
  • on halloween, quirrell doesn’t rush in bellowing about the troll at the top of his lungs, but runs ALL THE WAY to the staff table and gasps it before 'fainting’. do you think when he was down on the floor voldemort was hissing 'YOU FORGOT YOUR STUTTER, YOU’RE NOT COMMITTED ENOUGH TO THE PART!! merlin i cannot BELIEVE this amateur, I CAN’T WORK IN THESE CONDITIONS’
  • when snape gets bitten by fluffy, harry walks in on filch helping to bandage the damaged leg. snape is just “holding his robes above his knees” to treat the wound, which has put the horrific idea in my head that he doesn’t wear anything under his robes. sexy legs snape
  • to cheer harry on, the gryffindors make a banner saying 'potter for president’ which is really cute but you can tell they struggled with that one. 'quick what else begins with p?’ 'uhhh president’ 'what? the uk doesn’t even have a presidency. fuck it we’ve been working on this for hours. dean paint the lion now’
  • “When Angelina had scored, Harry had done a couple of loop-the-loops to let out his feelings.” this is the equivalent of a football player suddenly breaking out into a dance after somebody else scores
  • i’m not the first person to pick up on this but the weasley twins bewitch snowballs to hit quirrell in the back of the head and so voldemort repeatedly gets hit in the face. he must’ve been absolutely livid, just imagine him trying to contain his rage
  • madam pince brandishes a feather duster at harry which means she probably doesn’t use magic to tidy the library. gotta keep busy somehow i suppose
  • i’m SO in love with the fact that molly makes harry a sweater, she is such a wonderful sweetheart. and harry genuinely treasures it because he’s never been given anything made with so much love - the dursleys only give him 50p!!! AND THE TWINS FORCING PERCY’S SWEATER OVER HIS HEAD! look at these children being brought together by knitwear. my heart has grown 3 sizes
  • “Harry watched Hagrid getting redder and redder in the face as he called for more wine, finally kissing Professor McGonagall on the cheek, who, to Harry’s amazement, giggled and blushed, her top hat lop-sided.” STOP IT YOU SAUCY MINXES
  • i watched the last two movies the other night and i love that even this early on in the books the trio symbolise the hallows. when harry looks into the mirror he sees his dead family members, whereas ron sees himself as head boy, holding both the house cup and the quidditch club. harry represents the resurrection stone and ron the elder wand, solace with loved ones and eternal glory respectively. good foreshadowing there
  • ’“I don’t need a cloak to become invisible,” said Dumbledore gently.’ please picture dumbledore creeping along the halls in full camo gear

stayinyourlehane  asked:

Hi. I was wondering if you could give me a working link to Crumpled Paper by mandyjpg? I have looked for a working link but cannot find it. Thanks.

Here you go! :)

Crumpled Paper - Dan is walking home when he finds a small crumpled piece of paper in the rain. He picks it up, calls the number and he cannot believe that it’s the voice mail of AmazingPhil from YouTube.

- Gabriela

anonymous asked:

Dear Tilly, I just got my wisdom teeth out and would love nothing more than to read another of your wonderful stories....have a wonderful day/night 💕

Once upon a time… 

A princess was born. 

She was beautiful. Her hair a dark, brown. Her eyes a cold, frozen blue. Her face was small and plump. She was the perfect looking child. It wasn’t hard to tell she would grown up to be the most beautiful ruler of this city. Already, everyone loved her. 

Her first word was “papa”. 

Her first step was at the age of one. She took three steps. Right into the wall. 

She loved the smell of flowers. But always seemed to grab the thorns. 

One day…She almost fell down the stairs. That was when her mother started to worry. “Look at me, Ashika.” She said. 

Her daughter who was almost three swallowed. Then craned her head. Her ice blue eyes looking too far to the right of her mother. Her bottom lip stuck out, her chin starting to wobble. It was when her mother let out a sob that Ashika began to cry too. 

“She is blind!” Her mother howled. “She is broken!” 

Ashika believed those words for the next fourteen years. As she was hauled up in her bedroom day after day. She knew every corner, nook and cranny of her bedroom. She knew where the corner of her bed was, the one window that allowed her fresh air. She knew where her clothes were hanging and which dresses were her favourite. She didn’t know, however, the worker that always brought her food. She guessed it was a girl around her age just by her voice. The girl didn’t speak often though. Only on days that Ashika was particularly sad. 

Like today…on her birthday. Not even her parents had come to visit her.  

She had her head out of the window. The breeze whipping her hair from her face. The smell of flowers filling her nose. A whistling filling her ears. Perhaps that was why she didn’t hear the girl enter the room. Or when she had called her name. It was only when her thin, slender hand had gently squeezed her shoulder that she jolted away from the window. She moved so vastly she almost tripped over the rug not the floor. She turned her attention towards where she assumed the girl was. 

Her vision was dark blurs. She could roughly see a figure (or was that the wardrobe?). Her lips quivered. 

“Are you going to cry?” The girl asked. 

“I…I don’t know.” Ashika said honestly. 

“Please don’t cry…I brought you cake. You should smile.” She tried to sound hopeful. 

“Is it…from my parents?” 

There was silence. The blur moved. “Uh, no. Actually I brought it.” 

Ashikas heart sank and yet…there was still something in her chest that…fluttered. “What’s your name?” 


Ashika had never had a friend before. Her parents didn’t allow guests to see her. So she wasn’t entirely sure how to act. Should she invite Devi to had cake with her? Should she try to compliment her? How did you make friends?

Devi spoke again, doubt in her voice. “I…I have an uncle who is blind. There’s something he likes to do when he meets people, to get to know them.” 

Ashika felt her lips quirk into a smile. “What does he do?” 

She heard footsteps. Bare feet against the floor. “May I?” There was silence as Ashika lifted her brow. “Oh! I mean, may I take your hand?” 

They both shared a careful laugh. Ashika lifted her hand and soon, Devi was holding the back of it. Her skin was rough but her hands were gentle as the lifted Ashikas hand to Devi’s face. 

“He likes to touch peoples faces. That way he can know what they look like.” 

Ashika was so lost for words so instead, she let her hands trail along Devis face. Over her thick eyebrows. Her share jawline. Her thin nose. Her big eyes and her…lips. 

Ashika didn’t think before she spoke. “You’re beautiful.” 

“Oh no, princess! You’re the beautiful one!” She exclaimed. 

“Can we not both be beautiful?” Ashika giggled. 

With her hands still on Devis face, she felt the girl smile. 

Then an idea struck Ashika. “Do you think you could help me? To learn more about being…broken?” 

“You have nothing to learn.” Devi said so strongly that Ashika pulled her hand away. “Because you’re not broken.”

Ashika closed her eyes. She needed a moment to collect her thoughts. She had known Devi for barely a day and already this was her closest friend. A girl who told her she wasn’t broken when her parents had told her for so many years. Who was she to believe? 

Exhale. Inhale. She could hear it all. The way that Devis breath hitched just before she spoke. “I don’t wish to intrude on your thoughts, Ashika but I have to tell you. You’re not broken. You’re not any less because you cannot see. My uncle works at the markets. He can hear approaching customers. He can smell when the rain is coming in. He can walk from home to work to the park. He is not broken. And neither are you.”

Ashika could hear the truth in Devis words. And she knew in that moment her life had changed forever. 

SHOUTOUT TO MY LACK OF APOSTROPHISE BECAUSE OF MY FEAR OF GETTING THEM WRONG also I’m sorry this story doesn’t really have a plot but I started writing it and it kept getting bigger and bigger so I thought I’d end it before I wrote an entire story. P.S. they totally fall in love. and Ashika becomes princess with Devi by her side and they have like twenty dogs. I hope you feel better soon!

So I was listening to music in the office while I’m grading some assignments when Professor Stark walks in with someone else, Professor Banner I’ll have you know, to see me dancing along to the music. I was pretty sure I was about to get scolded before he started bopping his own head to the beat and then Professor Banner told me that the music was mentally stimulating. I… Cannot believe that just happened. Who knew the boss man would like a bit of chillstep?

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Re: Marriage equality. Doesn't it bother you when you are more moral than your Holy Book? Doesn't it cause the slightest bit of cognitive dissonance?

I’ve tried to parse this question a couple of times now, and I’m still kind of at sea as to the meaning.

So to answer the second question first (because I definitely understand that one): nope. No cognitive dissonance here. I mean, do I think the Bible itself as a document comes out in favour of marriage equality? No, it seems entirely apathetic on the point.

But no, I don’t have any cognitive dissonance being an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and being a Christian.

But I used to. Because literalism is very tempting in its simplicity.

So let me take you on a JOURNEY, anon, because I don’t quite understand the question, but I think I see the shape of the answer.

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ohmygod i was reading a post on my dash and remembered a thing

did i ever tell you guys about this time back in my previouS PREVIOUS job where this creepy guy who…well, i don’t want to call people ugly but his is a face that would not rake in museum tickets, let’s just say that, and honestly he was (is???) creepy af, okay, gawd, he probs thought i was into him idk coz i talked to him a lot but that was because i was a) mostly new and b) on the same team as him so it was unavoidable, and some of the other people didn’t really like him, like he could be really annoying and creepy in that “drooling sack of cesspool sad” kind of way. anyway. i don’t want to say that maybe he thought there was something or maybe he liked me idek i hate saying those things out loud about myself but it felt like that???? coz this one time, holy fuck, this one time, this was when i was still religiously walking to and from and that office, and i was night shift, thIS ONE FUCKING MORNING OHGOD he was like “do you want me to walk home with you?” whiCH WAS SO FUCKING OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE and i was really uncomfortable and i was like “haha no thanks, i appreciate the sentiment tho” anD GUESS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS

he literally, legitimately fuckiNG FOLLOWED ME ON MY HALF-HOUR WALK BACK TO MY CONDO

and i couldn’t fucking shake him because he was like 4 feet behind me just walking in silence and i had my headphones on and my music just loud enough but i couLDN’T FUCKING SHAKE THE FEELING OF HIM just the fucking knowledge that he was liTERALLY BEHIND ME and i was hoping maybe he was going to turn at some intersection and head on home bUT NO FUCK NO all the fucking way to my condo building and when i got there he waved and said “bye!” like it wAS SO FUCKING NATURAL FOR HIM to just folloW ME HOME WHEN I CLEARLY SAID NO and needless to say i slept uneasily for about two weeks i mean he never tried anything before or after that, buT THAT WAS LEGIT THE CREEPIEST THING

or i thougHT IT WAS

until this one time, monttttths later, i was walking to the office, it was about 7:30pm, and i’m waiting to cross this street, right, and this foreigner (i’m gonna say he was middle-eastern, about late 30′s to upper 40′s) walked up beside me and i was like yeah okay that’s fine coz we’re all waiting to cross right. buT THIS GUY FUCKING STARTS TALKING TO ME. not even just your polite casual “hi” like fuLL ON CONVERSATION and just saying the creEPIEST FUCKING THINGS like “do you always go this way?” “i think you’re quite pretty” “how old are you?” “how long have you been living in this area?” and i fuCKING HAD MY HEADPHONES ON AND WAS JUST TRYING TO IGNORE HIM and trying to walk faster and i just could not fucking believe that this guy would fucking creep on me in full view of a ton of other pedestrians and i mean just it wAS FUCKING SCARY he didn’t follow me all the way to work, he had to turn away after about 15 or 20 minutes and i caNNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU the relief i felt but i was pretty fucking shaken and after that i kept changing my routes to the office and basically stopped walking to work, i started taking the cab more often even if it cost quite a bit even without traffic (because of the flag down rate)

oh yeah, like taking the cab is going to protect me from creepy fucking assholes coz hahaha more than ONCE i got creepy drivers. now i don’t mind chatty taxi drivers, i really don’t, if they’re fun or if they’ve got opinions on current events, then i like to listen and have conversations, but when the chats are like “how old are you? do you have a husband/boyfriend yet? what?! at your age?! impossible! you’re really pretty! what’s your facebook, i’ll add you up” i jUST NO F U C K N O and that happened to me mORE THAN ONCE and i always end up giving some fake random name that would not be memorable

moral of the story this is why sometimes men are scary to me and if you’re going to sit there and tell me #NotAllMen then i will literally shove you down my toilet after a night of heavy eating so you can eat my entire ass