i cannot believe i bought these


favorite animated movies (in no particular order) → the road to el dorado (2000)

tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?
the horse is a surprise.

[ saturday, september 10th ]

So… This is what my wall looks like now! Don’t really like the way the photo looks but oh well, that’s as good as it is gonna get! I literally cannot believe my first day at university is on Monday and I still haven’t bought any supplies! I guess I just don’t know what to buy… Luckily, this week is just an Introduction to Mathematics and uni itself doesn’t properly start until the 21st, so I guess I still have time to figure out what I need!

My first drawing of Roger Taylor. 

Last summer, I had a long, long talk about art with an incredible artist, and she insisted I stop drawing on printing paper with the cheapest pencils. Then she went and bought me tons of paper and pencils and whatnot, which I’ve barely used at all as I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and draw until now. But goody, it turns out that certainly does matter what you draw on and what with! It was some getting used to at first, but then I found out that all the shading went more smoothly and there was a much greater distinction between the dark and light/hard and soft pencils.

It’s been proven time and time again that I cannot draw hair, and believe me, I spent twice the time drawing the hair than anything else. Still unhappy with the result, but what can I do, Roger surely did not use a hairbrush very often.

Also forgot my good camera back in my apartment, and I’m visiting my parents for the weekend, so that should explain the bad quality of the photo.


i did it i fuckin bought those pop figures of mika n yuu bc i will buy any merchandise for this franchise i am cursed. but also look at pop mika next to union creative mika i call them mika n mika jr

The Idiosyncradeck is officially all sold out!

A giant thank you to all of you who bought one, and for all the love this deck has received. I really cannot believe how well it has gone over with everyone.

And I would like to point out, if you were unaware, that there are new and better decks out there on the horizon! I have a few planned out in my head, and there are also a few that I have already started working on. So if you didn’t have the chance to buy the Idiosyncradeck, The Cracked Amethyst is going to have new ones for you to be excited about.

Thank you all again for all of your support, I really wouldn’t be able to this if it weren’t for all of you <3


“Because regardless of my faith, I am not a Catholic Queen. I am not a Protestant Queen. I am not a French Queen. I am your Queen! I was born on this soil; crowned after the English murdered my father when I was six days old. I was raised to fight for this nation. I. Am. Scottish. This country is in my blood as I know it is in yours. I believe in a Scotland that is independent, prosperous, and peaceful. A Scotland that cannot be frightened, bullied or bought by anyone! If you agree, then you will stand with me and tell this English delegation, who would urge you to bow to their Queen, what we have told countless invaders before them: that this is OUR land and that though they may spill our blood, they will NEVER TAKE THE SCOTLAND THAT WILL POUND IN OUR VEINS.” - Mary, ever the badass Queen of Scots

I cannot believe I just saw someone say that steve isn’t trash cause he “doesnt ignore nancy after having sex with her unlike we thought he would, experiences peer pressure from his friends that make him act like an asshole, buys new camera for jonathan and keeps it a secret that he bought it, swings bat like a cutie”… I’m sorry are we back in the 1950′s and no one told me??? 

Since when is not ignoring a girl you had sex with a quality and not human decency? Like, how did the standards for white guys get so low? He slutshamed a woman he slept with and constantly bullied a boy who had just lost his brother but he is being praised cause he “swings a bat like a cutie”? Some of you really need to evaluate the way you see men cause that is just so sad.

He was trashy and excusing him is trashy too.

a few things from today:

  • a grown man with graying hair passed me on the sidewalk on the way to the office this morning on a razor scooter
  • working out of a government building in downtown dc means sometimes picking up lunch from a sandwich place in the same building as the united nations group
  • riz was announced to be coming to swco which means i immediately bought an autograph ticket for him at swco which means i get to say something face to face about him tweeting my picture and his manatee beef
  • star wars can lift even the most sour of moods because a call from my dad put me in one and starting rebels put a smile on my face. (i cannot believe chopper and artoo were about to FIGHT. they were gonna THROW TF DOWN.)

life is weird, y’all. life is weird and i’m super bad at being an adult. 

Prompto Play Arts Kai Review

Welp. It’s here. After the U.S. Square Enix Store finally restocked it, I bought me one. And as an owner of 6 figures (both Play Arts and Play Arts Kai) I have never been more disappointed. I feel like I just wasted $130 + $9 shipping. I was really praying I wouldn’t get a shitty one, but I guess it was unavoidable. *Sigh*.

Lets start with details. Physically, he moves pretty well, as all Kai figures do. The paint job is…questionable? There are portions that look good and others…not so much. His face is missing the obvious redness and freckles, but that can be changed with a light paint job. Just…gotta commission that. I may be a digital artist, but I do not trust myself with a paint brush. Haha. The front of the jacket looks great and so do the bottom flappy parts, but that’s kinda where it ends. The back of the jacket looks TERRIBLE. 

Come on SE. That text looks like shit. Did you guys even try??? The studs aren’t even correctly following the patch, wtf. And what is that shit on the bottom????? 

His belt looks just as bad as some of the black from his pants are kinda staining it. The leopard print is…not there??? It’s just a bunch of yellow. Also, the skulls are missing from his gloves. 

Proportion wise? His shoulders are off enough for me to notice. His knees freak me out, but that’s probably because of the design of his pants. His face, hair and arms are fine. BUT AGAIN THOSE SHOULDERS THO. I’ve heard that this is a problem in other Promptos too? Am I the only one??? 

Also @ Square Enix Products, y’all should work on your shipping because this shit:


Is it worth it? To me, fuck no. Especially because he only comes with one weapon. My other ones come with MULTIPLE weapons. He should have a camera, too. If you’re too thirsty for Prompto, get it. Whatever. It’s your money. As for me, I’m gonna sit here and debate whether I want to sell this shit or not. I am so disappointed.  

Original Red Army Soviet Russian Soldier's WWII military Uniform M69. BEST PRICE see Description!

I cannot believe these are so relatively cheap. I was just googling around to see if you could find em but this is all original unless the seller is duping people. It’d be super LARPy to buy it for anything other than historical value/hanging up and too historically valuable to risk messing up (I bought an Army issued jacket- gross I know!- just for airsoft and nothing else) so it’s money on something to look at but. That’s so little $ for a big piece of history. Like whoever was issued this almost definitely killed at LEAST one N@z1 if they were ever in actual combat.

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a day in a life in manchester??

yes yes ye s


i yell about this to my friends a lot they all hate me anyway.

this video is so pure?? and good?? and soft?? and causes me to cry everytime?? they are so smol and tiny and i just want to pinch their cheeks and boop their noses and dan asking phil why he bought so much cereal and them being soft and dan stirring phils drink and running through the fountain spray and shake away and my all time fave part which is “and phil is in his own little world again… Dont trip!!”  and i 

send asks !! 

EDIT: i cannot believe i forgot the “you need to stop doing that!”, the sharing the weird twinkie, the piano playing!!! bubble blobble theme!! im!!


hi everyone its me
guess what i broke for the fourth time
thats right
it’s my tablet
this blog is either going on an art hiatus until i fix it or you’re gonna have to deal with my mediocre pencil sketches

Bad Boys Are Bad Boys 12

Part 11

 “I cannot believe you agreed to this,” Amelia said laying on your bed.

 “It’s not a date,” You said but it sounded like you were reassuring yourself as you put some makeup on. “I don’t like Adam like that and it’ll be nice to get out of the house.”

 “You could have done that with me,” Amelia said looking through your shopping bags. “You do realize that just about everything you bought today was in the punk style.”

 “Shut up. No it’s not!” You said walking out of the bathroom. Amelia looked up at you and raised an eyebrow when she saw your black and white stripped crop top, black pencil skirt, and the black clunky boots you had worn last week at the party. You had the same lipstick on and your hair was half up in a small bun so people could see your nose ring.

 “You still haven’t give that back,” Amelia said smiling. She had taken you shopping after class to try and make you feel better but nothing really helped. You had gotten some new clothes and vinyl but that was it.

 “We should have gotten me one,” You said looking at yourself in your full body mirror that was behind your door. Amelia reached down and pulled a fake nose ring out of one of her shopping bags.

 “I got myself a replacement,” She said smiling. You looked at her and smiled when you saw her waving it around.

 “Thanks for taking me out,” You said walking over to the bed and sitting down next to her.

 “That’s what best mates are for,” Amelia said looking at the nose ring and then at you. You smile at her making her laugh as she got up and pulled her phone out, opening the camera to take a picture of the two of you.

 “I don’t like pictures,” You said shaking your head.

 “You cannot say that when you have all of the photos up,” Amelia laughed posing for the photo. Giving in your sighed and smiled so Amelia could take the picture.

 “Girls,” Your mom said walking in. “Oh are you going out tonight?”

 “(Y/N) is going out with Adam,” Amelia said holding out her phone so your mom could see the picture she had just taken.”

 “That weird guy you were telling me about?” Your mom asked walking in and grabbing Amelia’s phone. “This is such a good picture.”

 “Yes mom and it’s not a date,” You said again walking over to the window. You saw that Calum’s room was dark making you a bit sad that he wasn’t there messing with his instruments.

 “Whatever you say. Have you talked to Calum yet?” She asked sitting down next to Amelia.

 “No she hasn’t,” Amelia said looking at you.

 “Oh my god!” You sighed. “I have to go. Amelia can you drop me off?”

 “How are you going to get back?” Amelia asked.

 “Adam said that he would drop me off,” You said grabbing your small purse that you hated but you didn’t have pockets so you had to carry the small thing around.

 “Alright. Just text me when you’re done with the film,” Amelia said getting up and grabbing her shopping bag, the majority of the bags her’s. You said goodbye to your mom and rushed out to the car.

 “The closer we get to the theatre the more I regret everything,” You said getting nervous. You didn’t hate Adam but you didn’t exactly like him either.

 “That’s what I’m saying,” Amelia said as you looked at your phone. “We could have done something tonight and it would have been just as good, if not better, than this.”

 “I know but he seemed so desperate to get to know me more,” You said putting your phone down on the seat next to you.

  “Well, let’s put it this way,” Amelia started in a very stern voice. “If he touches you inapopritatly I’m going to kill him. If he hurts you in anyway I’m going to kill him.”

 “You’re not going to kill him,” You said shaking your head.

 “Good point, but let’s put it this way. If I’m not going to kill him and Calum hears about it, it will not be a happy ending for Adam,” Amelia said nodding.

 “Oh brother,” You sighed as you rolled your eyes.

 “I’m just saying, I’m rooting for you and Calum here,” Amelia said pulling up to the curb.

 “I know you are,” You said opening the door and getting out.

 “Call me if you need a ride home,” Amelia said before you both waved goodbye. Once Amelia was out of view you walked over to Adam who was waiting by the door.

 “You look nice,” Adam said smiling when he saw you. “A little too nice for just a film.”

 “Don’t get any bright ideas,”  You chuckled as Adam handed you your ticket. “Amelia and I went shopping and I bought this today, so I wanted to wear it.”

 “I’m not judging,” Adam said holding up his hand making you chuckle. You walked in and to your theatre, stopping when you thought you saw Calum ahead of you. “What is it?” Adam asked.

 “Is that Calum?” You asked redirecting Adam to look at what you were seeing.

 “It looks like him,” He said as Calum walked into the theatre you were about to walk into.

 “How the hell did he get into our theatre?” You asked looking at Adam.

 “That’s so weird,” Adam said shaking his head as you walked in.

 When you first arrived and walked up to Adam you had smelt alcohol on him but he had stepped away so quickly you weren’t it was alcohol, but now that you were sitting down next to him you knew he smelt like alcohol. The smell swarmed him like a cloud making it hard for you to breathe in fresh air. Trying to get away from the smell you coughed and shifted your weight, trying to get away from the smell.

 "Adam, did you have a bit to drink before coming here?“ You asked grouch your coughs.

 "Yeah,” He said looking up at the screen.

 "Adam, it’s not even five in the afternoon,“ You said looking at him.

 "Does this mean you’re going to take this away?” He asked holding up his personalized flask.

 "Holy shit,“ You said turning forward. "You’re crazy.”

 "But I keep life interesting,“ Adam chuckled. You sighed and sliding down into your seat as you looked around, stoping when you saw Calum sitting a couple seats down  in the row behind you. Not being able to take not talking to Amelia you reached for your phone but froze when you remembered that you had left it in her car.

 "This is ridiculous,” You sighed as the movie started. The entire time you were in he movies you were watching Adam’s hand inched closer to you and you couldn’t  help but feel like Calum was watching you. Once the screen went blank and the credits started to roll you stood up and walked out of the theatre, Adam waking up from behind you.

 "That was an interesting film,“ Adam said looking around. "What do you want to do now?”

 "I enjoyed the movie, thank you for taking me, but I really think you should go home and rest,“ You said looking at Adam.

 "The only way I’m going to go home is if you come with me,” Adam said wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you to him.

 "Ew,“ You said trying to push Adam off of you. Unsuccessful Adam chuckled and brought his hand to your bum, giving you a squeeze. "Adam!” You yelled.

 "Hey!“ Calum yelled running up to Adam and pushing his away from you.

 "Calum,” You said looking at him and then at Adam as he regained his balance.

 "What the hell?“ Adam yelled looking at Calum.

 "Do not touch my girl like that,” Calum said balling his hands into fists.

 "She’s not your girl,“ Adam said running his fingers through his hair. "And I’m pretty sure she was out with me and not you. Stop being a freak and just leave her alone.”

 "Adam,“ You said crossing your arms. Before Adam could say anything Calum punched him in the face, knocking Adam back down on the floor.

 "We’re leaving,” Calum said grabbing your hand and starting to pull you down the street. When you were out of the theatre you pulled your hand out of Calum’s and shook your head.

“What the hell was that Calum?” You asked as you followed him down the street. “You don’t have to look out for me. I’m a big girl.”

 Calum sighed and turned around to look you in the eye with his cold ones. “No one should touch you like that,” Calum coldly said before turning around and walking off. Standing there, shocked, you took in the tone. He had never spoken to you like that.

 “Why were you even there?” You finally asked running to catch up with him.

 “I watch films too,” Calum said over his shoulder.

 “Where are we going?” You asked looking around.

 “I am going to the hangout. You are free to go anywhere,” Calum said as he continued to walk straight. “Or you could come see what I have for you.”

 “So you’re giving me a choice?” You asked stopping in place. Calum took a couple steps before stopping and turning around.

 “I never make you do anything (Y/N),” Calum said before walking off. The fact that he still called you by your name made you wanna jump out of your skin.

 “Fine,” You said starting to walk again. Calum looked over his shoulder to see that you were still following him. He turned forward and smirked silently hoping that you didn’t see him. When the two of you got to the entrance he stopped waiting for you. As you walked behind Calum you were looking at the ground so you didn’t see that he stopped and you ran right into the back of him making Calum chuckle.

 “Oh brother,” You grumbled as you walked around him and to the door. Grabbing the handle you pulled the door opened stopping when you saw decorative lights hanging on the walls of the hang out, lighting up the place. “What the fuck did you do to this place?” You asked walking in.

 “We put lights up,” Calum said following you, leaving the door open. “For you.”

 “For me? Why?” You asked looking at him.

 “Because,” Calum said walking over to the acoustic guitar, grabbing the instrument by the neck and a chair. “Sit down on the couch,” He ordered.

 “I thought you didn’t tell me what to do,” You said walking over to the couch and sitting down, crossing your ankles. Calum grabbed a chair and sat the piece of furniture in front of you and then sat down, quickly tuning the guitar and then looking up at you.

 “So I wrote something on a night and showed it to the boys and they liked it so we started to write it as a song,” Calum explained looking at you, nervously messing his his nose and hair. “And I wanted you to hear it because it’s the first time I’ve ever written a song for a girl.”

 “Should I feel honored?” You asked.

 “Kinda,” Calum chuckled. “But it isn’t finish yet so I’m only going to play you a little bit of it.”

 “Okay,” You said nodding. Calum nodded and took a breath before he started to play.

“I don’t even like you

Why’d you want to go and make me feel this way?

And I don’t understand what’s happened,

I keep saying things I never say.

I can feel you watching even when you’re nowhere to be seen,

I can feel you touching even when you’re far away from.

Tell me where you’re hiding your voodoo doll ‘cause

I can’t control myself,

I don’t wanna stay, I wanna run away but I’m trapped under your spell.

And it hurts in my head and heart and my chest,

And I’ having trouble catching my breath.



Won’t you please stop loving me to death?”

“Then there’s a verse that’s a bit down but I came up with it,” Calum interjected.

“Every time you’re near me,

Suddenly my heart begins to race.

Every time I leave,

I don’t know why my heart begins to break.”

When Calum finished you sat there and looked at him in shock. He looked back at you for a moment waiting for you to say something. “What do you think?” Calum asked just as a loud thud hit the top of the hangout. It had started to rain so you knew that you were going to get soaked either way you were planning to leave.

 “Oh my god,” You whispered standing up.

 “(Y/N),” Calum said standing up.

 “No,” You said turning around and pointing a finger at him. “You don’t get to just write a song and everything be good between the two of us.”

 “I know that but-“ Calum started but stopped when you saw a tear run down your cheek as you looked at the floor. “What’s wrong?” He asked moving closer.

 “Do not come closer,” You said before walking out of the hang out and into the rain, rushing off until you were in the middle of the gravel. Stopping you looked up at the sky and shook your head.

 “(Y/N),” Calum said following you, slowly walking up to you.

 “Go away,” You said turning around.

 “You’re going to get ill,” He said continuing to walk up to you.

 “I don’t care Calum,” You said turning to him.

 “I know a song isn’t going to help anything,” Calum said stopping when he was in arms distance. “Look, I’m not good with relationship stuff. I’ve never actually felt this way toward someone. I’m a private person so when we got to the party I was that private person,” He said walking the rest of the way. “But I want to give that all up if it means that I can be with you.”

 “Calum,” You said looking at him.

 “I’m want to show you off at parties and at dinners with my family. What I did was dumb and I want to do anything that I can to make it up to you,” He said pushing some wet hair out of your face as he moved his body closer to yours. “Because what I wrote in the song is true. You’re the only one that makes me feel that way and I don’t want to loose it.”

 “Calum,” You said looking up at him.

 “Just say that you’ll let me make things right, Princess,” Calum said over the rain making you laugh. You nodded making Calum smile. He pull you to him and crashed his lips to yours, cupping your face. You wrapped your arms around Calum pressing his soaked shirt to yours as he moved his hands back down to your waist.

 “Let’s get back in the hangout,” Calum said grabbing your hand and pulling you back into the hangout, closing the door behind him so that the rain stayed outside and didn’t follow you in.

hope you liked it.