i cannot believe i bought these


favorite animated movies (in no particular order) → the road to el dorado (2000)

tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?
the horse is a surprise.

[ saturday, september 10th ]

So… This is what my wall looks like now! Don’t really like the way the photo looks but oh well, that’s as good as it is gonna get! I literally cannot believe my first day at university is on Monday and I still haven’t bought any supplies! I guess I just don’t know what to buy… Luckily, this week is just an Introduction to Mathematics and uni itself doesn’t properly start until the 21st, so I guess I still have time to figure out what I need!

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Someone in the chat asked when will they get a dog and Phil said "One day" and Dan said "When a house is bought I guess" can you believe they're buying a house and settling down together

they just moved into their new duplex and they’re already talkin about an actual house and an actual dog i cannot believe this

if mulder and scully got to raise their kids pt 2

“oh you think your parents making out is gross? well check this out-”

“guys please please please dont embarrass me at this dance! i said i was sorry for insulting your outfits” 

“say mulder, is that the macarena playing?”

 “mulder they just asked you to not be so loud with your cheering, they didn’t banish you from the grounds”

“you banish my cheering you banish me”

“mulder our son got one base”

*voice cracking* “thats my boy”

“mom dad look at the trick i just taught daggoo- wait what-AAAAAAAAA OH MYGOSH BUY A LOCK ALREADYAAAAAAAAAA”

“whats wrong with your dad?”

“i just said i didnt believe in aliens-”

“why is mom grinning like that?”

“i just said i didn’t believe in aliens-”

“what did you do to uncle john?”


“say it will, say it to our faces”


“c’mon. you’re embarrassed of us arent you”


“and thats why you wont introduce us to your girlfriend”

 “this was taken at an OFFICIAL FBI party? jeez, now i get why uncle skinner is so grumpy with you two”

“hey mulder remember when i was in labor for twenty seven hours with your  son and you bought me a used copy of superstars of the superbowl”

“uh because youre my superstar?”

“mom that was kind of sweet-”

“he’d given me that same copy three times before”

“oh my god are they making out in our DRIVEWAY AFTER CURFEW- EMILY SCULLY GET BACK HERE-”

“oh you want to wear that to the dance? how about i try it on and lets see if you still want to”


“i cannot believe she fell asleep after that scary story you read her”

“i think someone owes someone ten bucks”

“dad is it okay if i go hang out with my friends instead of the conspiracy theory lecture today, we could go to a diff- stop giving me that disappointed look”

“uh, mr. william’s dad, my mom said alien hunting isn’t a real job so why are you at career day?”

“uh, emily? is mom… cool?”

“well she just kicked dads ass in paintball…”

“ohmygod dont look Will theyre at it again”

“scully what would you think of a trip to Blue Falls, Minnesota?”

“we’re not going to the ufo conference-”

“they have the worlds biggest ball of yarn-”


“god isnt your mom hot?”



“Red is very different than any album I’ve made before and the reason I was able to do that was because of the fans. I cannot believe what you’ve done in the last year. This album came out almost exactly a year ago and the fact that 6 million of you went you and bought it is crazy.”

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Hiya! I really liked your first hc and just HAD to request something. I don't know if this has been done before but could you do a hc for the RFA (+V and Unknown if you want) where during a canon route MC leaves the apartment to go shopping or something and accidentally runs into them? And it's like a "oh shit it's them" situation? Thanks! X

A/N: Hello, hello! I’m an INCREDIBLY sorry that I’ve kept you waiting, I do hope you see this nonny. College has totally been kicking my ass, and I have no free time. I finished some exams, and decided to reward myself by finishing this up. But, I’m super happy to hear you enjoyed my first headcanon ^^ Thank you for the ask!! I tried my best (had some trouble with V and Saeran but I will get better!!). Hope you like it! :3

• Seeing Yoosung’s attempt at making omurice the other day really inspired MC to go out and make her own
• She wants to surprise him with her own version when they meet!
• Honestly, how cute would it be if the two of them were cooking meals together in the kitchen for the both of them to eat
• MC thinks it’s pretty cute
• Alrighty~ Time to prepare
• But when she went to check the fridge it was rather… barren
• Oh well… might as well spend the afternoon shopping for groceries, and use the evening to have her faux dinner with yoosung
• there wasn’t much to do in the apartment and the RFA members were probably quite busy with work or school
• She’s made a grocery list and checked it twice, and is already on her way to the store
•  All the ingredients are quickly found and MC is about to buy them
• But she gets to thinking that a salad would also be nice to have tonight
• She swerves her cart back to the vegetable aisle, making a mental list now
• MC stops at the tomatoes, trying image her salad having them
• “Scuse me! Sorry!”
• The voice is so familiar that MC can’t help but turn her head
• Her cheeks instantly turn red when she sees that it’s Yoosung
• “Oh. Uh. Sorry,” she’s talking so fast and trying to put the tomatoes in her cart that she drops them on the ground “No.”
• Yoosung, being the ever so kind gentleman, picks them up and hands the back to MC “Here you are. You might want to find some new ones since these have bruises.” He frowns a little for emphasis
• MC’s brows furrow slightly, it seems that she’s the only one that sees how dire the situation is
• And as if Seven had possessed her body, MC thinks up a small trick
• “Thank you! Hey… Would you like to go to dinner with me? Like a date?”
• Now it’s Yoosung’s turn for his cheeks to turn red
• But, he’s shaking his head from side to side “I’m sorry. There’s just… someone I really, really like. And I don’t want to betray her. I can’t.”
• MC has to try to contain all her excitement and smiling
*zen mode activated*
• She frowns, shrugging her shoulders and trying to act disappointed “Sorry to hear that. I hope she’s nice..”
• “She really is. She’s the nicest person I’ve met. SO encouraging and kind.”
• “Well.. Goodbye. Good luck with her.” MC slumps her shoulders and walks towards the checkout, and left
• By the time she was far from Yoosung she was cheering and jumping around “He likes me! He really, really likes me!”
• And as a final tease, MC texts Yoosung ‘I have a strong feeling you look cute in person

• Taking one look at her nails, MC knew she had to repaint the chipped polish.. But, it there didn’t seem to be any spare nail polish lying around the apartment
• MC could’ve sworn she’d seen Rika have painted nails… or was the Seven dressing up as her?
• A quick trip to the convenience store should do the trick
• Heck! might as well grab a whole set of polish and some other tools so she could have her own mani/pedi day
• MC briefly walks through the isles, searching for what she needs
• Ah ha! Found… but there seems to be a man searching for some polish too it seems
• MC nods, she appreciated men that weren’t ashamed of using makeup products, such as nail polish or eyeliner, or hell even buying products without the attitude of “ew”
• Taking a second look at his outfit, she cheerfully decides to make a suggestion at what colors could work with his outfit
• “Have you tried this deep purple? Oh! This dark burgundy would look really nice with your current look”
• The man looks at her and he seems… startled. very startled
• oh boo, MC, maybe you should’ve made your presence clear, you probably scared him by talking so suddenly
• but for some reason, she doesn’t think talking is what’s causing this reaction
• “Back off!” he abruptly says, wide-eyed and still unsure of what to do
• Huh?? Why is he telling her to back off?? they have plenty of personal space between them
• “I’m sorry for startling you, I-”
• “Why are you here?”
• Rather blunt? But alright, MC you can play along, maybe he’s mistaking you for somebody…
• “You’re not supposed to be here! You have a job to do!”
• Which is… the RFA, but how would he know?? Is he…? No. There’s no way..
• “Do we know each other?”
• MC decides to play the cautious route. Maybe he’s mistaking her for someone else? Maybe she’s mistaking him for someone else
• As if he spilled too much, the man bolts for the end of the isle and continues to run off
• MC shouldn’t follow… it wouldn’t be smart
• Call Seven.. or someone
• But… she feels her feet move automatically and her voice calling out for him to wait and explain
• She’s outside now, and there’s… no sign of him
• MC pauses, panting and trying to catch her breath
• She’s pulled into an alleyway, and OH GOD does her heART STOP BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?!?!
• It’s the mysterious man again, and when MC tries to yell for help, he covers her mouth with his hand
• “Don’t fail me. Paradise is waiting for you and the others. You’ll see. You’ll see very soon.”
• MC’s so scared she can barely breathe, and when the stranger lets her free and runs away once again, she collapses on the ground from utter shock
• It takes her a few minutes to regain composure and she calls a cab for the way home just to be safe
• She makes it home safe and sound, her hand on the doorknob, and she’s hoping Seven is watching and listening just so he’s aware
• “Was… was that.. the hacker I just met?”

• The new DVD edition of ‘Rental’ was now in stores. And MC had to get herself a copy, because who didn’t want to see Zen play the guitarist Robert David
• She wanted to get it as soon as possible so she and Jaehee could chat about it over the phone
• Honestly chatting to Jaehee about anything was fun
• But MC was determined to be well-versed in Jaehee’s hobbies so even more meaningful conversations could be had
• She’s entered the store, finds the DVD and is now looking around for more movie entertainment for the evening
• MC ends up finding a Zen plushie, and the tears are starting to form in her eyes as she tries to control her laughter
• She snaps a quick picture and sends it to Jaehee (and all the RFA members too lolololol)
• A message pops up almost right away
‘I just saw that! Are you in the same store?’
• MC is frantically looking around for Jaehee
‘UHm no’ she texts back, ducking behind a large cutout of Echo Girl
‘I just saw someone hide behind a cutout’
‘NOT ME! I’m at the supermarket and saw them’
• Some more internal screaming ensues
• MC can just see the quizzical look of “uh huh sure” on Jaehee’s face right now
‘Okay… so maybe I’m in the same store as you’ MC finally texts her back ‘It’s just really nerve-wracking to see you before the party. It’s as if we’re not ready, and fate says only at the party we can meet’
• MC can hear Jaehee giggling her head off on the other side of the store
• Wha-what?? Why??
‘MC! I was only joking about that person being you… but since it’s really you. I would love to see you’
‘But… but fate!’
‘I thought be both believed that through hard work and perseverance we can make our dreams true’
• MC meekly leaves her hiding spot, her head bobbing up to spot Jaehee
• But MC cannot find the short-haired woman anywhere
• She walks up to the counter ready to ask the clerk about her possible whereabouts
• “Are you MC?”
• She cautiously nods her head in response
• “A lady bought you these, and said she’s sorry she couldn’t meet you in person. There was an emergency at work”
• MC meekly smiles, looking at the wonderful gifts of DVDs and CDs given to her by Jaehee “Thank you”

• Hearing Seven talk about the Honey Buddha Chips + phD Pepper combos being heaven really makes MC crave snacks
• “I’ll bring you a whole box when we see each other!”
• All right, MC cannot wait that long, she has to experience this right now!!
• But this adventure seems much harder than originally planned
• None of the stores have any trace of the chips on their shelves or in stock
• So they weren’t kidding around when they said it was rare
• MC cannot falter!! She must prevail!!
• She spends the entire day running from store to store, it’s already getting into the late evening
• She opens the door to one of the corner stores farther away from the city and lo and behold, a familiar looking red-head turns her way
• Both let out a piercing scream and duck behind the isles
• The associate is already half asleep and having “whatever. this might as well happen” kind of day
• They’re kinda just sitting behind the counter, watching the entire scenario hoping one of them will just.. they don’t even know. At least something is happening
• MC and Seven just keep panicking, every isle they turn into is the same
• Oh my GOD!! Please, this is nerve-wracking
• Eventually, MC thinks she’s lost him and is turning around to check if he’s snuck up on her… alas
• Her back presses against someone else’s back
• *turn around fast pose motion*
• “Seven!”
• “MC!”
• They both stare at each other, mouth agape, unsure if this was reality
• Because, let’s admit, MC and Seven were not supposed to see each other like this
• Preferably a little less dramatic… but hey, it might just be the right amount of dramatic considering how they’d been clowning around in the chat room
• “I’m not supposed to see you yet!” MC blurts out, taking a tiny step back. “I didn’t know you’d be here!”
• “I didn’t realize this was the convenience store,” he responds, also taking a tiny step back
• “Those… chips looked good?”
• He laughs freely, smiling at her, but his voice is quiet and still shocked “They are”
• “We can pretend we didn’t see each other?”
• Seven nods his head, “Just to keep the members on their toes, huh? I’ll take you home.. You know, for safety.”

• MC had the day off
• Well, she likes to consider it a day off since emails were answered for the time being and the RFA members promised to find her more guests to talk to
• So MC takes the opportunity to learn a little more about the illustrious V
• And what better way to learn about him was to attend a gallery in his honor
• Apparently some of the previous buyers gathered together to showcase V’s photographs for the week in anticipation for the new party being held the next week
• MC enters the gala and is shocked
• Photos of such beautiful images were on the walls that MC lost all breath
• There’s ones of sunsets and sunrises
• Oh! Mountains and lakes with children swimming
• The close ups of eyes have MC double back and look again, for the photos are so clear and crisp that she mistakes them for solar systems for first look
• But there’s one photo that catches her off guard a little more than she’d anticipated
• A photo of Rika
• Her back was turned, sitting on a grey rock. She was wearing a long white sundress with small pink flowers pinned to the bottom half and a large white summer hair.
• The blonde hair that MC saw in pictures of her was braided down her back and she was watching the ocean
• “Wow. Even if you can’t see her face, you can feel her delight at the beauty.” MC softly whispers out
• “I thought so too.”
• She whips back turning to see who was talking so close to her, and was immediately startled to see V
• “V! H-hello. It’s a beautiful photo of Rika.”
• He’s nodding his head, partially out of agreement, but partially because of something else
• It was a soft type of nod, one that meant that the person seemed engrossed in what the other was saying. A sort of trance so to speak
• “V?”
• “Yes, MC?”
• She has to gulp down more surprise. “Wh-what? I’m not… How’d you find out so quickly?”
• He’s chuckling quietly to himself. “Seven told me.”
• “Oh… Well, it’s nice to meet you in person. So, why are you here?”
• They start up a small conversation about how some of the previous buyers really wanted to help out the RFA and contacted V asking if he could meet them so they could discuss donating the old photos once again
• It was all rather pleasant
• MC is about to excuse herself when V catches her arm “Why did you decide to come here today, MC?”
• “Well…” she draws out the word. “I guess I just wanted to know more about our leader. But after seeing his photos, I think I’ve come up with the idea he’s a very kind and selfless man… It was so nice to meet you V. I will see you at the party.”
• And before anything more can slip out, MC leaves the gala and heads on back home

• Whatever business classes MC took in high seemed to be forgotten at this point
• Seriously, it seemed like nothing was retained
• How was she supposed to show Jumin her knowledge of the subject?? He did seem impressed when she mentioned C&R’s stocks the other day
• But that was one comment
• She needed to be ready for more
• So… why not take a trip to the bookstore and stock up on some books about stocks.. haha (also marketing and economics, the whole shebang)
• After sorting through most of the shelf, MC begins to read the first chapter of a rather promising book
• She’s halfway through, totally engrossed and barely notices the little bell above the door ring
• welp, might as well look up to see what’s going on around the store
• “Is that Jumin Han?”
• Immediately the man in the suit along with his bodyguard stare in MC’s direction
• Oh GOD, she said that out loud
• MC! Bad MC! Think! Don’t speak out loud!
• “Ha! I actually said cumin.”
• It’s too late to save MC’s sorry butt also what kind of excuse was that????
• How was one to explain themselves? He is a famous business man… A-ha! Idea! … MC.. please
• “You’re the famous chef that uses cumin in his recipes right?? Cumin Han?” TOTALLY UNRELATED TO BUSINESS???? HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT????
• A WAVE of confusion flashes across each of their faces
• Even the store clerk is looking up from their book and is trying to piece together this disaster
• “… no. You have me mistaken,” Jumin’s brows furrow
• “Oh shoot!” MC snaps her fingers, trying to disappointed as believably possible. “I could’ve sworn that was him. The likeness is just so… similar”
• Girl, you should’ve just kept your mouth shut when he said no
• “Okay! Yep!” MC tries to correct herself as quickly as possible, but come on, the damage is done
• She grabs the nearest book and begins flipping through the pages, trying to seem busy
• But a hand covers up the letters and lifts the novel from her hands “Cumin Han, hm?”
• MC freezes, showing off an awkward, wide smile. “Hello, sir.”
• Jumin is watching her carefully, trying to piece her together as if she were some puzzle. This would either end with an arrest or a misunderstanding
• He’s looking at the book, and flips to a page with a photo of a landscape. “I took this photo, that’s how you know of me. I’m a famous photographer. I auction my photos.”
• MC almost spits, “No you don’t! You can’t take photos,” she blurts out, laughing at his seriousness “But V does, he auctions them off for charity.”
• And then she watches the corners of his mouth twitch up in a smile. “V of the RFA?”
• Without realizing what she had said, MC nods her head “That’s the V. Along with our only.. Jumin..”, she had already dug her own grave bought the tombstone and was now hopping in the coffin on her way down
• “So, this is our infamous MC… It’s good to meet you. I knew you sounded familiar.”

• MC had an itch to dance… and dance well
• With the new MV release from SHINing’s Baemin, MC really just wants to learn the dance. It’s so catchy and expressive and gosh darn beautiful!!
• But… all the tutorials she finds are hard to follow… plus Seven teases her every time she trips over the table and rolls over the couch sorry that the spins are so dynamic seven geeez
• It’s not long when Seven links her a dancing class with one of Baemin’s backup dancers
• OH she is SO signing up for this!!!!
• She’s lucky that Seven linked her the flyer hours before sign up was even known, otherwise she’d never have the opportunity
• And then the day comes
• She’s prepared thoroughly
• Watching videos, getting acquainted with the choreography so she’s not completely lost, and plenty water for hydration
• And went she steps inside the studio her eyes automatically see Zen
• Up front
• With the instructor
• As their helper
• She’s about to turn on her heel and leave when she hears him.. Zen..
• “Hey! Where are you going? Class is starting now.”
• “Uhm..” MC is looking for ALL exits at this rate “I’m just looking for the best spot…”
• “Right here!” he practically drags her to the empty spot near him “I”m really good so you won’t be missing a thing.”
• She internally sighs to herself, and although this isn’t what she wanted, MC is so relieved he doesn’t know it’s her
• And then the actual instructor starts a roll call, he’s halfway down the list when he calls out “MC! MC here?”
• “Uh,” MC does one of those awkward half laugh half LET ME LEAVE things. And Zen whips around to look at her
• “MC? Really? It’s you?” He keeps whispering
• “Oh, no no. That’s my… cousin. She was sick today and asked me to fill her place. Said she’ll call later.”
• Zen almost seems disappointed, but as long as it’s MC’s relative he can show off a little “Tell your cousin more about me. I’m quite the star.”
• Oh Zen
• The instructor shrugs, and shortly begins the class soon after
• They’ve gone through three songs already, and Zen keeps glancing at MC hoping that his skills will impress her “cousin”
• They sure are impressing her though
• As soon as the class ends, MC BOOKS it
• She gets on the messenger as soon as she gets home, and the first thing she sees is Zen’s text “MC! I met your cousin today”
• MC has to log off for the day, otherwise, she’ll laugh way too hard and let something slip

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i know we're all talking about whether or not malec will do the deed but can i just say how excited i am for the alec giving magnus a gift scene? i can't wait to see magnus's reaction, judging by the stills we got he is not expecting it at all!

Yesssss, Anon! Finally somebody who also remembers that this will also happens in that episode—and for that I am actually way more excited than the “sex” or not scene tbh.

I mean seriously, the stills and Magnus’ facial expression on a simple picture pretty much ended me already. It looks so soft and precious and pure. Can you imagine how this will be when we all watch that scene? When Alec gives Magnus that present, his face full of surprise and awe like he cannot believe that Alec went and bought something for him? And when Alec explains to him what it means? That he wanted to get Magnus something that will protect him? (I am sure Magnus knows the meaning but ….)

Like here he is, Alec Lightwood, buying Magnus a gift. To protect him. The meaning, people. Magnus Bane, a century old warlock, getting surprised by his 23year old shadowhunter. He will fall even more in love with Alec than he already is.

fic: How to (Try to) Propose to Phil Lester

title: how to (try to) propose to phil lester

genre: fluff / rating: pg-13 / warnings: swearing

word count: 5500

description: “we have one month, the best proposal wins, and the loser has to get the other’s name tattooed on their ass at the wedding.”

or, the one where they both intend to propose to each other on the same night and dan isn’t having any of it.

“You’re a fucking idiot.”

Phil doesn’t even blink. “Most people say yes when their significant other of over six years proposes, but then again we’ve never really been ‘most people’ have we?”

a/n: when i spend two months writing a fic, you know it’s gonna be good. i hope. enjoy!

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恋人は公安刑事 - Her Love in the Force Jp
誘惑ランジェリー - Temptation lingerie substory

This is one of my favorite substories in HLITF. The 6 main characters get 2 chapters each, one her POV, one his POV and they compliment each other very nicely without much repetition. The things that go inside these boys’ heads, I swear. I also enjoyed it because it furthers their relationship and the boys  found something about themselves they didn’t know before. Buying your loved one underwear is such an intimate experience.

If you want to read spoilers, under the cut:

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Lengthy post alert: I cannot believe what happened yesterday.

I bought tickets for the Champions League final months ago, in the hopes that OL would make the final and bring Alex to my home town of Cardiff!

As a precursor to this story, my wife and I live in Cardiff but have journeyed all over North America watching USWNT and NWSL matches, including the WWC final in Vancouver. We are avid travelers and love to incorporate soccer matches into our trips abroad!

So you can imagine my surprise when I come out of my local grocery store, having done some food shopping after a normal day in work, to see the huge OL team bus pulling into the stadium across the road! My wife had laughed at me that morning for putting my Alex jersey in the car (“you never know, we might bump into her in town at lunch time!!”)

There were literally no other fans around - we just wandered over to the barrier outside the player entrance and waited a few minutes before the team started coming out. We called out to Alex when we spotted her and as she came right over to chat with us - it was so surreal! Having been to USWNT matches I know how crazy it can be after games with screaming fans pushing and shoving, trying to get the players’ attention. But here we were in the evening sun, outside Asda of all places, chatting with one of our favourite players of all time.

Alex is a class act and I can’t wait to see her and OL take on PSG tonight! #AllezOL!

Easter Special! ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine ✘

A/N: EASTER SPECIAL WITH SEB, YAY! I’ll be posting more (3) in Easter style today. Check:

Next: Imagine… Barry giving you an Easter egg. 

After: Imagine… You giving an Easter egg to Grant.

Last: Imagine… You and Earth 2 Barry shopping eastereggs.

I hope you guys like it!

Beta: @lyss-91 sz

Imagine… You and Sebastian Smythe exchanging easter eggs.

Originally posted by sexonastickstan

“Time for us to exchange the Easter eggs!” You said excitedly, pulling your boyfriend to sit with you on the couch. You both  were still holding one hand behind their backs, hiding their gifts to each other. 

Sebastian smirked, stroking your leg with his free hand.

“Well, Ihave two egg-shaped things that…”

“Sebastian Smythe!”

‘’Fine. I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with Easter eggs.“ Sebastian said with disinterest. If he wanted chocolate, he would only buy it in the market. What was the big idea about Easter eggs?

‘’Like you do with Halloween?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Fair enough. ” He put his easter egg between you two. You screamed and wrapped yourarms around his neck, hugging him awkwardly, being careful not to break thewonderful easter egg.

“I cannot believe you bought a Flash easter egg for me!” Seb smiled convinced and proud of himself, he knew you would love it.

“I know, I’m the best boyfriend. Just remember that when you’re about to trade for him.” Sebastian said wryly, pointing to the times when you stopped paying attention to him to watch The Flash.

You rolled your eyes and let go of him, putting your easter egg on the couch.

“You can thank me now.” You said after he took a few seconds staring at the easter egg.

“And you bought me a Barbie Easter egg because…?” Sebastian raised an eyebrow aconfused, causing you to shrug.

“You always complain about how easter eggs for kids are just so much better than the ones adults are supposed to eat, (Y / N)!” You smiled, knowing deep down that he was happy to have gotten a kid’s easteregg and not any chocolate.

“And what’s the Barbie for?”

“I like Barbie.” Sebastian rolled his eyes.

“That’s what I thought.” He smirked.

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Why does it bother you when people say Stu is the 5th Beatle

i’ve been sitting on this for a few hours (i apologize anon lmao) and im on mobile cause i cannot access my laptop today soz

it bothers me that people consider stuart to be “the fifth beatle” because he made the least contribution to the overall image, sound, etc. he was john’s art friend that bought a bass guitar with money from one of his paintings, and didn’t bother with lessons or anything to actually learn the instrument. i believe he was mostly there to be near john (as said because him and paul would quarrel over john’s attention).

he was with the band the shortest amount of time. the beatles can date back to 1957 all the way to 1970, and stuart was only active in the band from 1960-1962 (those arent exact, i dont wanna risk losing this if i look it up right now) but yes, he unfortunately died in 1962, but he was already in germany when he died, engaged to astrid, and i believe he would not have continued to play in the band if he had survived.

i think it’s a better choice to call brian or george martin “the fifth beatle” because they contributed the most to the group as a whole. brian was their manager from 1962 to 1967, and if he had never died, i believe he would have continued to be their manager until their separation in 1970 (that all depends on belief if he committed suicide or not). he cleaned them up with their suits and organized their record deal, something that not a lot of people can do. george martin was their producer from 1962 until their separation in 1970. even after that, he remastered songs in 2015 for streaming websites. he composed for orchestral bits in lots of songs, as well as played instruments himself. he was extremely crucial to their sound.

was stu a beatle? yes. should he be included in the beatles’ history? yes. does he deserve “the fifth beatle” title? i don’t think so. if anyone thinks otherwise and wants to have a discussion, feel free to drop in my ask!!!

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I know it's just a show, but boy do I have this sinking feeling in how they did this season. I just cannot believe that Isabella truly was just such a shit plot device to curb the romance and I can't believe this is the outcome. I am so disappointed Gotham. I absolutely would have bought them becoming enemies in pretty much any other way, but the way they did this just...

Oh anon  *pats your shoulder and gives you a hug* 

Gotham fucked up… and that’s putting it blatantly. I mean I love the show, I wouldn’t have fallen so deep into the fandom if I just liked it but even my love for it doesn’t cloud the momentous screw up called Isabella. Chelsea Spack deserved better than this. She deserved to be remembered as something far greater than a stupid plot device used to split up what was a fantastic pairing. 

And yes, pairings aren’t everything. I am a huge multishipper. Huge. I mean zsaszma almost ties in with nygmobblepot for me but that’s not the point. The point is… all the stupid tick tock posts and the sharing of the nygmob art works. The point is building the hype to only have our souls crushed at the very end. It’s baiting… which is a word I’ve avoided saying on my blog until now, despite screaming it at my friends. Gotham teased and taunted us and it hurts because they also made us so invested. 

In the end you are right. There are tonnes of ways for Ed and Oz to become enemies but no, no they had to do it via to the most ridiculous thing ever (once again i love Chelsea and isabella could have been so interesting, they could have made her a villain but y’know… then they would have had to twist her character too). Like Oswald had one ep, ONE, of being happy in love, trying to work up the courage to do something people struggle with everyday and what does Ed do but fall for the woman in the past…. after 12 hours. Stop being so desperate Ed! 

Anyway… yes, back to the point. They didn’t need Isabella to come in and destroy their friendship. The writers were lazy, they’ve been sloppy for a good portion of the season and I am betting the finale is going to be so action packed we’ll have to watch it three times to get a good scope on what the hell is going on. 

The upcoming docks scene does have me a little intrigued. That’s where Ed died and became the Riddler. It’s only fitting he does so again. I love the kid but he’s been dead for a while now. Someone toss him in the lazarus pit… i mean Gotham has already twisted his character so much they may as well give it a some context now although frankly it’s too little too late.  

Give me Oswald running the Iceberg Lounge and being all mafia boss and I’ll be happy. 

Sorry for the huge rant, it’s almost 4:30am and I haven’t slept. Gotham rage is keeping me awake. Where’s the alcohol?

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