i cannot believe i bought these


So today I heard this story. I won’t say from where just to cover my butt, but it happened.

So a woman went into one of the two major chain pet stores and asked to buy… all of their birds. 27 birds, of various types. Employees questioned her and couldn’t find anything that was expressly a red flag (aside from you know… wanting to buy… ALL the birds they had in stock… weird…) and ended up selling this woman… all their birds. She didn’t buy cages, she didn’t buy supplies, just… almost a thousand dollars worth of… bird.

Then she went over to the OTHER chain pet store in her town, and attempted to buy all of THEIR birds. Second store employees got suspicious, called the first store to ask if she bought cages. Denied the sale upon hearing she didn’t, I think.

but wait, there’s more! You can probably guess where this is going…

Next day, the woman comes into chain store #1 and asks to purchase all their guinea pigs, mice, and reptiles. All of them. Obviously, staff is weirded out. One of the managers apparently gets suspicious and gets into contact with the apartment the woman lives at, by the address she put on the paperwork from the purchase of all the birds.

Apartment manager tells the store manager that the apartment has a 2 pet limit.

Actual red flag, refuses to sell her anything else.

It comes out this woman was going to RELEASE all these animals after buying them, and even goes so far as to insist the employees should let her do it if they ‘love animals’.

And I just. Wow. There’s so much wrong with that idea.

These are all captive born and raised animals. Pets. Species that don’t naturally exist around here. So for one, they cannot survive in the wild. They largely don’t know how to get food aside from having it given to them by humans. The birds she probably already let go will get eaten by any number of things, or starve to death more likely. If the animals do survive, they’re invasive and can seriously fuck up the ecosystem.

And yet this woman was convinced, spent HUNDREDS of dollars (if it wasn’t a stolen card idk really like… really?) because she thought releasing these helpless animals to wreak havoc in the wild was some kind of kindness.

It just boggles my mind. How can you claim to love animals and understand them so little? What she was doing was torture, perfectly happy to sentence those animals to a painful death.

And yea, chain pet stores sell animals to people who don’t take care of them, which isn’t much better. But um… dropping thousands of dollars to… let them into the ‘wild’ …. is not the answer holy shit.

Reminds me of the time PETA bought a bunch of lobsters to ‘save’ them from slaughter for food and released them into a freshwater river. Where they fucking died because they’re saltwater. lol.

I just I CANNOT BELIEVE people. Aiyeee. I feel bad for the birds this woman did manage to buy.

remember that time sebastian stan reached out to an organisation that works with less fortunate kids and asked if he could book out a cinema so he could give them all a private screening of Civil War and then bought all the food and drink for everyone there and then hung around to take photos and chat with them all, and he didn’t do a single bit of it publicity and people only found out bc of an instagram post from one of the people there?? bc i actually never stop thinking about it and how good his heart is

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lol why u like taylor swift

ill give you the abridged version: 

  • she is an extraordinarily talented songwriter and musician
  • she writes all of her own songs, unlike 99% of all top musicians today
  • she’s real, not some manufactured pop star
  • she treats her fans better than ive ever seen/experienced anyone else, musician or whatever, treat their fans
  • she’s just genuinely such a good person, you see it in how she treats her fans, how she talks to people, little things she does that the media never picks up on
  • we have the same sense of humor from what i can see from tumblr
  • and like, let’s talk about tumblr for a second here. she came on here, onto this godawful ridiculous website that we are all stuck on, and followed fans, liked and reblogged their stuff… and then she went even further and like, sent some of them gifts?!?! and remembered their url’s so she could meet them at concerts!?! like who else does that point me to a single person.
  • before 1989 was released she invited hundreds of fans over to her houses so that they could hear the album before it was released. like what?!?! things like that just really show her character more than anything else
  • she randomly visits fans in their homes, she just casually pops up at their front doors to make them happy (for example a girl who had cancer, an old ex-veteran, a fan’s wedding, etc.)
  • she invited fans?!?! to be in a music video?!?!!? 
  • despite what buzzfeed and other /ridiculous/ media outlets lead you to believe, she honest to god does not stir up drama. like let’s break this down here: the drama with katy perry is literally all katy’s fault, taylor has never mentioned or interacted with her in any way… the only reason we know bad blood is about kp is bc kp cant seem to shut up about it; the taylor and nicki drama? was a miscommunication, and was resolved by the two of them. kimye? are trash who found a way to fabricate drama so that they’d get publicity, and yall were too thick to see the video clipping i mean honestly i cannot believe people bought that bullshit.
  • people love to slam her for being a “white feminist” and for not really talking about politics or other movements but like………. that isn’t her job??? she doesn’t get into politics because it wouldn’t make any sense for her to, and let’s be real if she said a single thing about a movement that doesn’t directly involve her yall would lose your minds and tell her to quit sticking her nose where it doesnt belong etc. like hypothetically if she stood up in favor of black lives matter tomorrow i swear every single person would go on twitter yelling about how “she’s fake and just doing it for the publicity”, or “who does this white girl think she is butting in where she doesn’t belong” so don’t even start with that
  • there isn’t a single actual reason to not like her??? like??? she writes amazing songs about fuckboys who have wronged her and stays in her own lane and sends flowers to people and treats fans like friends… and look if her music isn’t your thing then i get that, but to hate her and pretend she’s some evil snake?????? nah fam you read that on buzzfeed and didn’t think critically about it. 

My mother just did the most ‘white person in a horror movie’ shit ever she bought a 130 year old dresser that has the name 'Annabelle’ written in crayon inside one of the drawers and then crossed out viciously.


[ saturday, september 10th ]

So… This is what my wall looks like now! Don’t really like the way the photo looks but oh well, that’s as good as it is gonna get! I literally cannot believe my first day at university is on Monday and I still haven’t bought any supplies! I guess I just don’t know what to buy… Luckily, this week is just an Introduction to Mathematics and uni itself doesn’t properly start until the 21st, so I guess I still have time to figure out what I need!


If I can be remembered as the guy who did what he wanted to do, not what other people wanted him to do, and if I can remain authentic to what I believe in, I will consider myself successful. Success cannot be measured by other people’s judgments. It’s not about records bought or tickets sold. For me, it’s about doing something which I can look back on and say that was worth my time to do. As long as I can keep making music I’m proud of, I know I’ll be happy.

And even if I’m not, I’ll do it anyway. It’s in my blood.

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what do u think about the actual clothes that dan chose tho?? I think it was a good mix of funny + ridiculous + different aesthetics but I would’ve loved some more clothes that actually looked good on him and didn’t make me cringe x10000

YES DEAR GOD. i will give u a full rundown of my thoughts on each outfit. 

  • the fuckin black ripped jeans: amazing, divine, brilliant, showstopping, etc. it’s AMAZING to see phil in jeans that fit him so well, his normal ones have a bit of give to them and can sometimes look a little baggy on his tiny legs. 
  • phil as a member of 83 piløTs: NO. hard no. what the fuck. the grey shirt was like … okay . the color worked, it fit his chest nicely, i couldve done with it being a standard silhouette rather than that longer length and so tight at the bottom, but i’ll give it a pass, whatever. the vans were actually great and fit his normal aesthetic and i dug the red color. but the beanie was So Bad and seeing all of those pieces together ……. no. he looked like he was a wannabe 16-year-old making a severely misguided attempt to hold onto his fading youth and i was dying from cringing
  • rose-core sensitive bad boy: good. i like the jacket a fuck ton. i like the jeans. the shirt w the jacket is a bit trash bc it’s so long but w/e i can deal. the hat sucks. why is it white. it makes no sense w this outfit. no no no no no 
  • fluffy coat: i love it bc i will never be over phil snuggling it up to his face and making puppy eyes at dan like … kill me? and i feel like phil would love to lounge in this and wrap dan up in it maybe or just drape it over both of them when theyre chilling on the sofa and im gonna cry now
  • bird shirt: as i said before, i rly liked this weirdly??????? ? wtf???? probs bc phil in all black, and again in sizes that fit him more snugly and accentuate his shape so well made my heart literally stop. he’s so fucking fine?????? and the bird wing fringe kinda works in a cool way, i’m into it. good shit. 
  • lumberjack dad: gross. i mean we are all blessed to witness the artwork that is phil’s arms so i can’t be too mad at this but also … i can … it’s the worst. sleeveless COLLARED shirts make no fucking sense at all, the flannel is horrible, the color is horrible, the jeans are horrible bc the color sucks and theyre way too big on him ……. nO
  • pearlescent hoodie: it’s way too light on him, and ugly kinda generally so …… another no … why dont people (and dan) understand that this man’s color schemes are dark/bold/jewel toned, not this milky, washed out pastel shit. i said it when this vid idea first came out and im still saying it … yall needed to go DARK and u DIDNT (i blame dan entirely tho) 
  • THAT suit: ok this is what i mean. aside from the obvious about how horrific this outfit is, this COLOR works so well with phil’s skin tone!!!!!!!!! bc it’s BOLD and JEWEL PINK ok, like it complements that pale ass alabaster, and this is what we needed more of and also damn i am not complaining about the cut in general, his legs are looking fine, and im still laughing so hard about the fact that it was so small he needed to physically hide his modesty
  • the camo dungarees: nope nope nope, didnt work for me, i hate dungaree shorts first of all, i hate camo second of all, and put both of them together esp not in a slim cut, but w those baggy wide legs instead … fuck that. i cannot believe dan thought this looked cool im going to legitly fight him. the color overall is not bad though. 
  • sushi underwear: 39420394234/10. best looks. dan bought phil underwear that is funny and cute and that phil would def actually like and wear and if youre not fucked up about this yet what are u doing in life
  • The Cheese: obvi amazing and great? artistic? beautiful? no im not just saying this bc the cheese dress gave us unprecedented thigh views and a shot of phil showing dan his ass?? 
  • phil as the definitely sufficiently beautiful newest member of BTS: not feeling it for the reasons listed above about pastel colors on phil’s skin tone. the white jeans could be good, maybe, if paired w smth dark on top but the yellow and white together??? nah. i like that this is the only outfit he seemed moderately comfortable in though, and how supportive and excited dan was about it 
  • 2004 punk rock glam: errrrrrrrrrr. gonna go w fashion diva!dan on this one and agree that this would probs look good on nobody ..? the baseball tee style doesnt work very well, it kind of takes away from the cute art on the shirt (like if this was just a regular black tee w that art, it’d be p nice?) and also those pants …. pass. not Horrible, just A Lot
  • metallic green envelope: i mean. do i even need to bother aahahha (but this one genuinely made me laugh a lot i loved how visceral phil’s reactions were and how dan just couldnt fight that urge to rub the material so vigorously) 

so ya overall i rly thought almost nothing in this vid worked on phil which i suspect was dan’s objective w what he selected (like going for the feel of PJ’s fashion videos .. if you havent seen those, watch them omg.)  as i wrote in some tags i kind of felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment when i was watching this bc phil looked soooooooo uncomfortable in a lot of these outfits? and fair enough–whether it was too small or revealing in ways he wouldnt normally go for or geared at teenagers rather than a 30-year-old man or jst overall unflattering, a lot of these outfits just didnt work for him and thats exACTLY why 1. i rly appreciated how dan completely ditched his snarky dark prince of sarcasm attitude to just uninhibitedly voice support and enthusiasm for phil with every single outfit, like he was out there truly being phil’s biggest fan and encouraging him to be less shy and just lighten up a little bit and he was making phil laugh the whole time and like … i die??? but also 2. i rly appreciated that phil made this video at all, knowing it would probs take him out of his comfort zone in this way. sdjfsdfsdflksdf it was jst such an important video on so many levels idk if ill ever be able to stop talking about it 

EPISODE THOUGHTS. These are immediate reactions and I know I’ll probably be typing out more thoughtful reflections later BUT FOR NOW

  • Tweek’s songs! What’s notable to me about this was the contrast between his first song and his second song? Once he was able to process his thoughts, felt supported, etc he was able to come up with that! He’s so talented omg. And THEN we get to see him harmonize with Craig. (I died @ the Cartman rapping throughout)
  • Craig was. So. Patient. With. Him. This episode did an exceptional job at illustrating WHY Creek fans latched onto them in the first place, basically confirming how they’ve been written all along with Craig as the steady and calm voice helping Tweek re-frame his thoughts (can I also point out the therapeutic techniques in this episode?)
  • When I first saw the previews I wondered whether they would juxtapose the Creek relationship with the Heidi/Cartman one but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I was ecstatic that they did? Heidi and Cartman’s final moment miscommunication was Craig’s moment of clarity. I know I just talked about how patient he was but at the same time I was also getting a little frustrated with him not really responding to how the situation was making Tweek feel. Like, if the president of the USA was tweeting about, claiming I was saying inflammatory things that I wasn’t I would be pretty anxious too? And they actually did test a missile over his house? So to see him learn from this and be the one to go to Tweek’s house and let him express himself and empathize with him was just…omg. Followed up with Tweek’s “Thank you Craig” and now I don’t know when I’m going to recover from this? When I’ll be coherent again?
  • Craig bought him a fidget spinner and it was pink with a “T” in the center. Craig picked that out for him. Craig looked at that fidget spinner and thought “this fits for Tweek” and bought it for him.
  • “Babe” and “honey”
  • Tweek baking!
  • Their relationship got stronger! They gave us the good ending! THey smiled at each other! The screen darkened so that all the focus was on them! Fan theories about their dynamic, why they work was all confirmed!

Anyways, I had an out of body experience tonight. I’m going to watch this episode every day for the next month. I cannot believe. I sjkaf

Jack’s Betrayal

Bitty sobbed, “I can’t believe you! How could you do this to me?” He glared at Tater. “How can you let him do this?”

Tater shuffled his feet nervously, too afraid to look at Bitty.

“We are all human. Cannot help it.”

Jack tried to place a consoling hand on Bitty’s shoulder before thinking better of it.

“Bits, I’m so sorry.”

“Store bought pie! And not just any bakery bought pie! I’m gone for one week and you buy pie in CVS, and your precious Falconers just go along with it. How did artificial sweetener and failure taste like, Tater?!” Bitty spat out.

“We spoiled, of course we not like it as much as yours!” Tater hurriedly assured Bitty. “But we are human, and pie is pie.”

“Bits…” Jack tried to placate Bitty again, but was rebuked.

“Fine! Since all pie is pie then Jack can get all of your food from CVS! Maybe he’ll feel fancy and try Kroger cakes! Y'all better really enjoy that because I’m making nothing!” Bitty stomped off.

“Noooo!!! Zimbonni, what are we going to do? No more pie!” Tater cried out miserably.

Jack’s ears reddened, but otherwise there was no change in his expression. “Come on, he’s my boyfriend. I’ll find a way. Maybe. There’s still some frozen pie at home if everything fails.”

Tater’s mouth dangled open. “There was pie?! And you not share it with us? You give us fake pie and have Bitty be mad at everyone but it is okay with you because YOU still have pie at home?! You are dead man walking, Zimmboni.”

Jack shrugged.

Aggressively Miscellaneous Sentence-Starters


  1. “None of this would have happened if you just kept your read receipts on like a normal person.”
  2. “I didn’t even like them when they were alive. I’m supposed to suddenly give a damn now because they’re dead?”
  3. This is how you treat the person that shares his/her weed with you?”
  4. “Hey… don’t get saucy.”
  5. “It wasn’t a big fire. Small fire. Baby fire. Fire-ling.”
  6. “Jesus! You’re quiet. We should really put a bell on you.”
  7. “You cannot live off convenience store chicken tenders. You’re going to get listeria again.”
  8. “Does anybody want to get deep into voodoo with me?”
  9. “No offense but your roommate is kind of a twat.”
  10. “I was feeling really down about myself so I bought $47 worth of puzzles on my lunch break. It helped.”
  11. “You carry around a pack of Pokemon cards wherever you go but you didn’t bring your freaking Epi-pen with you?”
  12. “Is now a bad time to tell you that I never learned how to swim?”
  13. “Kind of can’t believe I shaved my legs for this.”
  14. “…sure, how could I possibly take offense to that?”
  15. “Loser buys lunch. For a week.”
  16. “That’s a terrible revenge plan. There’s not even any knives involved.”
  17. “When did we get a cat?”
  18. “Delete that picture or I’ll delete you.”
  19. “I’m a little concerned that someone who doesn’t build things has this many hammers.”
  20. “Hey, is this book of spells real, or just for show?”
  21. “What’ll it take to buy your silence?”
  22. “Your spelling is almost as bad as your flirting.”
  23. “Oh no. Your 90s R&B playlist. Are you okay?”
  24. “Why does your car smell like peppermint?”
  25. “If anyone asks, I was here all day. Actually, no. I was downtown, reading to blind children. Yeah, that’s better.”
  26. “That is an excessive amount of liquor for three people.”
  27. “I’m just going to key his/her car real quick.”
  28. “I’m going to shove that fidget spinner down your goddamned throat in about three seconds.”
  29. “You have the handwriting of a doctor…who writes with his mouth.”
  30. “I’m really sorry I set your dryer on fire again.”


  1. “Who would’ve thought Armageddon would have such a bug problem?”
  2. “God, this is a bad idea and we haven’t even done it yet.”
  3. “I’m not saying this is a suicide mission. I was just wondering what you wanted me to write on your wooden grave-marker.”
  4. “Do you think class will be canceled if the planet actually explodes?”
  5. “I really hope those weren’t gunshots.”
  6. “In this world, you learn to let go.”
  7. “I can’t eat anymore month-old fruit cocktail.”
  8. “You stay here. Lock the door and call 911.”
  9. “I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… we have to save him/her.”
  10. (“You’re bleeding!”) “The blood’s not mine.”
  11. “Do you have a better idea?”
  12. “Look, if it’s either this or die…we don’t have a choice.”
  13. “The power grid is down and so are the phone lines. Looks like we’re on our own.”
  14. “We can either hunker down and wait this out, or we can try to find a way out of dodge. Your choice.”
  15. “We’re down to four bullets, so your aim better be fantastic.”
  16. “I figure I’ve got at least another hour before I bleed out.”
  17. “Well, the screams came from that way so we should probably go the other way.”
  18. “This is so not how I pictured the end of the world.”
  19. “You think the barricade will hold?”
  20. “There’s only one road out of this godforsaken town.”
  21. “Things were so much easier when the dead stayed dead.”
  22. “Quit your bitching. You’ve got another arm, don’t you?”
  23. “Aliens are much uglier in real life than they were in movies.”
  24. “Fifteen feet of snow so far and no end in sight. I sure hope we bought enough bread.”
  25. “The water is rising so unless you know how to build a boat, we need to get to higher ground.”
  26. “You must be here to rescue me. You’re too pretty to be the Angel of Death.”
  27. “You’d be surprised what you’ll eat when you don’t have any other choice.”
  28. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
  29. “This is my territory and I make the rules. If you don’t like it, you’re more than welcome to go live among the flesh-eaters.”
  30. “Welcome to hell. I’ll show you around.”

i’ve seen a lot of bad discourse on here but the worst was when someone claimed that asexuals were categorized under “bisexual” the whole time because like. literally every bisexual person has talked about how people have fetishized them. so many biphobic stereotypes revolve around our sex lives and sexual proclivities which is diametrically opposed to asexuality. how can people who are stereotyped as adulterous, filthy, hedonistic, threesome-loving kinksters that are incapable of love or loyalty or commitment be possibly lumped in with people who don’t experience sexual desire. i just cannot believe that people genuinely bought into this claim. bi people are constantly shamed for how much sex they seemingly or actually have. 

like. just. just think about this for a minute. people hate bisexuals. people are scared of bisexuals. we’re called carriers of STD’s, we’re told that we’ll cheat on our partners, people are scared that we’ll steal their boyfriends or girlfriends, people come to us for threesomes and automatically associate non-monogamous sex with us, and people talk as if we sexually harass those we’re attracted to or that we coerce people into having sex with us. we’re called slutty and excessive and stereotyped as reckless, substance-imbibing party animals.** 

how. how could asexuals possibly be lumped in with a group like that. as it stands, erotically, bisexuals and asexuals are completely opposite in the way their sexuality is received under heteropatriarchy (and this is assuming that “asexual” can be a coherent class, which is a stretch). how could anyone sit on their laptop and type out “asexuals were just under the b all along”. when has an asexual ever been asked for a threesome or called kinky or accused of adultery. literally. 

** = bi people who love partying or threesomes or having sex or drinking are NOT to blame for any of this and they aren’t bad people, and they’re just as affected by all of this as every other bisexual, so please don’t look at this post and assume that i’m attacking them. i’m talking about how heteropatriarchy assigns these labels and stereotypes to us and how we face violence as a result. the bi person who love sex & the bi person who hates sex is equally vulnerable to these stereotypes. 

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Someone in the chat asked when will they get a dog and Phil said "One day" and Dan said "When a house is bought I guess" can you believe they're buying a house and settling down together

they just moved into their new duplex and they’re already talkin about an actual house and an actual dog i cannot believe this

if mulder and scully got to raise their kids pt 2

“oh you think your parents making out is gross? well check this out-”

“guys please please please dont embarrass me at this dance! i said i was sorry for insulting your outfits” 

“say mulder, is that the macarena playing?”

 “mulder they just asked you to not be so loud with your cheering, they didn’t banish you from the grounds”

“you banish my cheering you banish me”

“mulder our son got one base”

*voice cracking* “thats my boy”

“mom dad look at the trick i just taught daggoo- wait what-AAAAAAAAA OH MYGOSH BUY A LOCK ALREADYAAAAAAAAAA”

“whats wrong with your dad?”

“i just said i didnt believe in aliens-”

“why is mom grinning like that?”

“i just said i didn’t believe in aliens-”

“what did you do to uncle john?”


“say it will, say it to our faces”


“c’mon. you’re embarrassed of us arent you”


“and thats why you wont introduce us to your girlfriend”

 “this was taken at an OFFICIAL FBI party? jeez, now i get why uncle skinner is so grumpy with you two”

“hey mulder remember when i was in labor for twenty seven hours with your  son and you bought me a used copy of superstars of the superbowl”

“uh because youre my superstar?”

“mom that was kind of sweet-”

“he’d given me that same copy three times before”

“oh my god are they making out in our DRIVEWAY AFTER CURFEW- EMILY SCULLY GET BACK HERE-”

“oh you want to wear that to the dance? how about i try it on and lets see if you still want to”


“i cannot believe she fell asleep after that scary story you read her”

“i think someone owes someone ten bucks”

“dad is it okay if i go hang out with my friends instead of the conspiracy theory lecture today, we could go to a diff- stop giving me that disappointed look”

“uh, mr. william’s dad, my mom said alien hunting isn’t a real job so why are you at career day?”

“uh, emily? is mom… cool?”

“well she just kicked dads ass in paintball…”

“ohmygod dont look Will theyre at it again”

“scully what would you think of a trip to Blue Falls, Minnesota?”

“we’re not going to the ufo conference-”

“they have the worlds biggest ball of yarn-”


“god isnt your mom hot?”


fic: How to (Try to) Propose to Phil Lester

title: how to (try to) propose to phil lester

genre: fluff / rating: pg-13 / warnings: swearing

word count: 5500

description: “we have one month, the best proposal wins, and the loser has to get the other’s name tattooed on their ass at the wedding.”

or, the one where they both intend to propose to each other on the same night and dan isn’t having any of it.

“You’re a fucking idiot.”

Phil doesn’t even blink. “Most people say yes when their significant other of over six years proposes, but then again we’ve never really been ‘most people’ have we?”

a/n: when i spend two months writing a fic, you know it’s gonna be good. i hope. enjoy!

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You should tell people about the bioshock incident

it’s not even an INCIDENT i’m just REALLY BAD AT AIMING IN VIDEO GAMES and NO ONE EVER BELIEVES ME until i explain that when bioshock came out i bought it and had to beat the whole game with the wrench, buying all of the wrench upgrades, because i cannot aim for shit.