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prompt for a hc maybe?? richie going missing and eddie doesn’t stop looking for him and when he finally finds him, he admits he was planning something cute

Eddie paced back and forth in front of the quarry, kicking stones with his Converse-clad feet and watching them splash into the water. He checked his phone. Richie was supposed to meet him there 2 and a half hours ago but, clearly, had forgotten their plans as usual.

Eddie sighed. He wondered why he always put up with Richie’s shit every day. With him making crude jokes, standing Eddie up, teasing him, calling him “Eds” despite how much Eddie hated it (even though, secretly, he loved it. But he wasn’t going to tell Richie that).

He rolled his eyes and began walking away from the water and through the trees to the street. He couldn’t be bothered waiting anymore. If Richie wasn’t going to bother putting effort into this relationship, than neither was Eddie.

But Eddie stopped as he reached the middle of the street. 2 and a half hours? That was definitely a longer amount of time than usual when Richie forgot their plans. Normally Eddie would wait half an hour or an hour, and eventually Rich would show up. He’d be huffing and puffing and out of breath, and Eddie would offer him his inhaler to steady his breathing. Richie would shove the inhaler away and hastily kiss Eddie, telling him how sorry he was and how much he loved him and that it would never happen again. But the very next week, it would.

But that was 30 minutes, or an hour. Eddie certainly had never ever waited more than 2 hours for his boyfriend to show.

Panic set in at the sudden thought of something bad happening to Richie, and Eddie began running. He didn’t even think of running home to get his car, or simply trying to call Richie on his mobile. He just ran and didn’t stop until he reached Richie’s feral looking apartment building. He found the apartment number 20 buzzer and rung it repeatedly, praying for Richie’s voice to come through the speaker like usual with an “oh, fuck! Eds, I’m so sorry!” But after anxiously swaying his body from side to side for a few minutes, Eddie came to the conclusion that Richie wasn’t at home.

He wasn’t at home?

Where else could he be?

Eddie wracked his brain, then began running towards the first place he could think of - Bill and Stan’s house. Again, the thought to go and get his car never even entered his mind. All Eddie wanted to do was find his boy. To know Richie was safe.

He was thanking God that all of the losers houses were close by as he rushed down Bostik Street, raced up Bill and Stan’s driveway and began knocking on the front door with so much force that it felt as if his knuckles may bleed.

“Stanley?! Bill?!” Eddie shouted, followed by another series of desperate knocks.

“What’s up?” Stan asked in a rushed tone, the door almost hitting the wall after he’d ripped it open.

“I don’t know where Richie is! He was supposed to meet me at the quarry hours ago and he’s not at his apartment! I feel like I’m losing my mind, Stanley, I don’t know where he could be! Have you seen him?” Eddie’s words came out of his mouth so quickly that Stan almost missed them. But he’d caught enough to know the gist. He didn’t know exactly where Richie was, however he did know that he was with Bill. But he was sworn to secrecy by the trash-mouth himself. So instead of having the weight of a lie resting on his shoulders, Stan decided to answer Eddie’s question in a way that let him tell the truth without actually giving away where Richie was.

“I haven’t actually seen him today, Eddie,” Stan answered honestly. I think he might have been with Bill, but I don’t know where they went.”

“Oh, God. They could be anywhere!” Eddie exclaimed. He thanked Stan for his help and began running once again. To where, he didn’t know. No thoughts other than finding Richie were entering his mind.

Stanley checked his phone, a message from Bill popping up with a simple “ready!”

“Hey, Eddie!” Stan called out. “Wait up, I’ll drive!”

The two boys drove around town in search for their loved ones. Stan was telling the truth when he said he hadn’t known where Richie and Bill went. Well, that was until Bill texted him the address. His tight grip on the steering wheel never loosened for a second as they drove down the streets of Derry.

“Where do you think they went, Stan?” Eddie asked. He was a lot calmer now. Stan had put the radio on and 80’s hits played softly throughout the car, greatly reducing Eddie’s stress levels.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Bill forgets to tell me everything,” Stan laughed. “He’s so damn absentminded sometimes.”

“But, you’re married?” Eddie said, confusion laced in his tone. “Married people tell each other everything, don’t they?”

“Marriage isn’t always about telling each other everything, Eddie. It’s about trusting each other enough to know that you don’t have to tell each other everything. You don’t always have to know where the other person is, because you trust them enough to know that there’s no need to worry. It’s about coming home at the end of the day and having that one person there that you can share whatever you want to with. And knowing that, if you don’t want to share anything about the day with them, you don’t have to. You can just sit on the couch in silence, and it doesn’t matter. Because you’re still with them.”

“Wow,” Eddie gasped. “That’s… Kind of, really beautiful, Stan.”

“Yeah, Billy turned me to mush,” Stan chuckled. Eddied laughed along with him in agreement, not realising the road they were headed down until Stan had parked the car.

“Why are we at Derry High?” Eddie asked. He gazed out at the old building which he had graduated from 5 years prior, his eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion.

Stan smiled brightly at him. “Go to your year 7 English class.”

“Wha- why? What’s going on?”

“Just… Trust me here, Eddie. Go.”

Eddie nodded and reluctantly stepped out of the car. He threw his short legs over the old rusted front gate, then began walking into the school.

As he wandered the hall, memories of himself and the losers club came flooding back: fights with Henry and the Bowers gang, making out with Richie against the lockers, jokes and banter going back and forth between the group. It made Eddie feel nostalgic, almost like he missed this hellhole.

He kept going down the hall until he reached classroom 50A, his old year 7 English room. It was the only room with the door closed and, when he opened it to be greeted with nothing but darkness, the only room with the blinds down.

Eddie peered back down the hall to see that Stan’s car now contained both himself and Bill. They both smiled at Eddie before the car disappeared and Eddie was left alone to the dark classroom.

“Rich?” He asked quietly. His fear of the dark kicked in and Eddie quickly reached his hand out to the left, struggling to find the light switch. Once he did, he was greeted with a plain old classroom. The whiteboard read “Welcome to year 7 English with Mrs. Clarin!” Eddie chuckled, remembering that that’s what was written on that very same board all those years ago.

He walked further into the empty classroom. “Richie?” He said again, this time slightly louder.

He walked over to Richie’s old desk and chair in the very back corner of the classroom and sat down. A white piece of paper was lying on the desk, fresh ink scribbled on it. Eddie picked it up and read it out loud: “if u r reading this then it means u r in my chair. get out looser”

A sudden realisation hit Eddie. This was the exact note that he had read back in 7th grade. He’d sat down in this very chair, and read this very note, which caused him to move a seat to the right. And seconds after he’d read the note in year 7, Richie Tozier had walked into the classroom and sat in that back corner chair.

Eddie looked up as he heard the door creak, and in walked Richie. He had a stack of random year 7 books in his hands, and was wearing  the same shirt he’d worn on the first day of school.

Eddie laughed. “What the hell are you doing?”

“You’re in my chair,” Richie said, gesturing to the desk that Eddie was currently occupying. “Get out, loser.”

Eddie giggled and moved out of Richie’s old seat and into his own. “What’s all this about?”

Richie took a deep breath in and smiled. “Do you remember the first time we ever met?” Eddie nodded. How could he ever forget? “It was right here. In these very seats. After you read that note and saw me sit here, it looked like you were gonna shit fucking bricks, Eds.”

The two of them laughed as they remembered the day so clearly. “You were terrifying back then, Rich.”

“Hey, I still am!” Richie protested. “Anyway. The second I saw you, I just felt something. I didn’t know what it was back then. Course, then I found out I was fucking gay when I was 15 and everything made sense.” Eddie would have laughed, but for some reason this felt more serious than Richie usually was. And he also was waiting for Richie to explain why the hell they were in their old school.

“Look, I’m not great with words,” Richie said as he stood up from his chair. He grabbed Eddie’s hands and pulled up the smaller boy, keeping their hands intertwined as he continued talking. “But the second I saw you, Eds, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Eddie gasped as he realised what was happening, and tears began welling up in his eyes. As he looked into Richie’s, he could see tear drops threatening to escape the taller boys too.

“And when I look at you now, I know more than ever how badly I want that. Eddie, please marry me?”

Eddie didn’t say anything. He just nodded his head and the tears from both boys came rushing out. They wrapped their arms around each other as sobs of happiness wracked through their bodies.

“Yes, God, of course,” Eddie whispered into Richie’s ear. He pulled out of the hug and grabbed Richie’s freckled face in his small hands and pushed their lips together. They moved in sink for a few moments before they needed air and pulled apart, though they continued crying.

“That’s why you stood me up?” Eddie chuckled as he wiped the tears from his face.

Richie nodded, laughter escaping his mouth as he too wiped his face with his arm sleeves. “Yeah. Well, Bill was supposed to pick you up at the quarry to take you here, but I fucking slept in and then I forgot to tell you I wouldn’t be there. It’s hard work planning something cute!”

“You idiot,” Eddie laughed.

“I can’t believe you want to marry me.”

“God. I can’t believe it too.”

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Exos reaction to you dating in secret and then realizing that they kissed you out in butlic in front of loads of cameras that they didn't notice before? :)

Something Chanyeol would do tbh. He’s so cute oml

Chanyeol: He had taken you out on a date late at night thinking that the two of you would be left alone and that he wouldn’t be recognized. There had been rumors about him dating circulating but he thought they’d died down after the media hadn’t been able to find any indication that he was actually dating… until he kissed your forehead as he walked you home, his arm draped around your shoulders and the moment had been caught on camera. 

Pictures of the kiss spread and pretty soon everyone knew that he was dating you. When asked about you on a radio show, he couldn’t help but go on and on about how wonderful you were. 

“Yeah I actually have the picture of me kissing Y/N framed in my studio.”

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Sehun: He hadn’t even thought about it before he kissed you in the lobby of the SM building. He was seeing you off after the two of you had had a quiet date in the dorm when he’d kissed you on the lips, pulling you closer to him by your waist. The cameras had caught the rather intimate moment. 

Sehun wasn’t pleased to say the least but he decided to be incredibly passive aggressive about it…

“No it’s totally not a problem… I’m glad Y/N and I were able to boost magazine sales and save some struggling tabloids…” 

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Kai: He had thought the two of you were alone when he’d placed a small kiss to your lips. He should have known that even at two in the morning there would be people trying to find proof that he was dating. Some fans had caught the moment and soon the pictures were everywhere. 

He wasn’t disappointed that your relationship had gone public but he was sad he hadn’t been the one to break the news to the fans. 

“I hope everyone supports us because Y/N is really special to me.”

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Baekhyun: He had been out on a date with you late at night. The two of you were walking to different food stands when Baekhyun pulled you close and placed a small kiss on your forehead and murmured that he loved you. The media had caught the moment between the two of you and just like that your relationship had gone public. 

In an interview, Baekhyun was asked about you to which he simply replied, “I wish I hadn’t been so careless, but I’m glad that Y/N and I are able to have dates during the daytime now because I was getting really tired of falling into holes in the street that I couldn’t see….” 

Originally posted by meadowgal

D.O.: He hadn’t even thought about how it would impact the two of you. He’d wanted to kiss you, so he’d placed a small kiss on your lips while the two of you were out on a late night date. Fans had caught the moment and he knew there was no way he could keep your relationship a secret any longer. 

“I wish I had been the one to tell the fans….” D.O. was explaining during an interview.

“He totally loves Y/N,” Baekhyun cut in, causing D.O. to blush.

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Suho: It wasn’t even a kiss on your lips, but it was enough. Suho hadn’t known that EXO was filming a live V App video when he’d placed a kiss on your cheek and hugged you closer to his side. It was a very pixilated moment caught on Chanyeol’s phone, but the fans hadn’t missed it… Chanyeol had gone silent as he began to read some of the comments with Baekhyun. 

“Ummm, Suho-hyung…”

Suho tried to play it off cool but in the end he gave in to the fan’s questions. 

“Y/N and I are very happy together.”

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Xiumin: Xiumin hadn’t known that there were fans outside the SM building when he’d kissed you goodbye. The fans had caught the moments between the two of you and had spread the photos. For the most part, the response was positive, but Xiumin was still beating himself up for not being more careful. 

“I wish I could have kept Y/N all to myself just a little longer…”

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Lay: The two of you had been dating in secret because he’d wanted to go on dates without having some fans following the two of you. Some fans had been speculating that he was dating and had followed him from the SM building when he went to pick you up for your date. He’d kissed you when he greeted you and the fans had caught the moment on video and soon the video was circulating. Lay tried to joke and make the best of the situation. 

“Now Y/N doesn’t have to stay up late just because that’s the only time we can go on dates!” 

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Chen: He’d kissed you just as the members finally found him to ask him to join the broadcast. He didn’t know they were doing a live broadcast and the members didn’t know that you were at the dorm… Chen looked like a deer caught in headlights. He and the members tried to play it off as the members worked to stop the V App, but the damage was done. 

“At least my hand wasn’t up your shirt yet…”


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Luhan: He’d kissed you after one of his concerts. He’d thought the cameras were still on the audience, but when he heard the screams coming from the fans, he knew that he was very wrong. He turned to the camera and waved awkwardly, pulling you closer to him and placing a kiss on your forehead before the cameras cut back to the stage. He was embarrassed that he’d made such a silly mistake.

“There goes my idea for a cute Instagram announcement…”

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Tao: He’d kissed you without even thinking about it. The most he did with you in public was walk beside you so that the two of you were able to pass your relationship off as simply a friendship. But when he’d kissed you out of excitement, he’d blown your cover. He wasn’t even ashamed that photos of you two kissing were taken and he even posted a couple on Instagram. 

“We look really cute together Y/N.”

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Kris: Your relationship had been exposed in the most cliché way… He’d taken you to a basketball game thinking the two of you could blend in but he’d been caught kissing you on the jumbotron. Fans of his had been quick to catch the moment. 

“I cannot believe that we got caught on a jumbotron. This is absolutely ridiculous. How the heLL???”

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I really love your art.😍But I still cannot believe that Pj grew from cute fluffybunny to sexy skelly.😳How is that possible?

Gosh thank you for that compliment… and as for the rest of the ask…

PJ: “…fluffy what? …to sexy?… the he**?!?”

PJ: “Don’t you mean ‘freak accident’ to ‘a walking smudge’?”
(shows a pic of 4 year old PJ (labeled ‘freak’) and an arrow pointed to PJ (labeled ‘smudge’)

Yeah… PJ doesn’t really get that - and in a sense - neither do I. Honestly PJ’s look, while improving only due to not showing the internal strings by accident, didn’t really change much from youth to adulthood. Heck he kinda looks like a kid and would be mistaken as a kid several times through all of his life (also his short stature doesn’t help out much). 

But hey! Different people find different features attractive! ^^
I’m just dumb to that concept!

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HCs of the RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC having the best aegyo (it's like when K-POP idols are being cute and all that good shit)


P.S.: the first .gif under each is MC :)


  • he’s like s c r e e c h i n g at the top of his fuckin lungs
  • someone call the ambulance because he’s experiencing a heart attack
  • “Yoosung, give me some aegyo~~”
  • “N- no I c- couldn’t possibly…”
  • *5 seconds later*


  • cAN U NOT
  • he’s tryna be a good boy ok
  • holding his beast in BUT you go AND DO THIS???
    • literally his nuts are um …
  • he’s offended
  • “excuse me? WATCH THIS”


  • OH MY GOD??
  • her heart is doki doki (-ing) very intensely
  • turns away out of embarrassment
  • “M-MC I’m working..”
  • she’s so hesitant lmao


  • he doesn’t know how to react
  • he’s like ????? 
  • *cue nose bleed*
  • “S- sorry, excuse the sudden um”
  • it’s just sooooooooooooooo cute his kokoro can’t take anymore of it
  • “JUmin you do some aegyo too!”
  • uhm wat??
  • “… like this?”
  • he’s trying very hard ok


  • gurl u picked the wrong player
  • he’s going to kill it
  • “TAKE. THAT. OFF.”
  • no way in hell is he going to fail now
  • *does all three and doesn’t stop until you scream out of frustration*


  • he’s just
  • he can’t-
  • and there he goes, red as a tomato
  • he wants to run awayyyyyy
  • is high key starstruck haahah y u gotta be so kawaiidesu MC
  • is no longer able to look at u in the eyes because he’s like 
  • “Saeran~ show me some of your aegyo”
  • he tried his best (he just doesn’t understand how to control his muscles into cute expressions)


  • lmao he can’t see tho
  • it’s okay ur voice already made him super excited lol
  • he’s like chuckling and suppressing his growing smile because he’s really happy u just did that for him
  • “MC can you do that again? I couldn’t quite hear clear enough”
  • “I’ll do it if you do it”
  • “M- me?”
  • he starts blushing but he does it nonetheless 

hehe i hope you liked that Anon :)

also can you tell I love kpop

~Cherry L.

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What do you think about the new Star Trek: Discovery coming out next month?

I am very excited. As I said the other day, I love MORE so even though it’s not the era I’d prefer I’m very happy it exists. 

  • I have loved Michelle Yeoh since The Heroic Trio and I cannot believe she is going to be in Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have a massive crush on Jason Isaacs. He is my favorite Captain Hook and the Malfoys are forever my favorites in Harry Potter and everything I’ve heard about his character makes me think he will be my Problematic Fave™.
  • I have a lot of feelings about the extended Sarek family!!!!!!!! The lack of Amanda is really the only thing bothering me about the series. Frain recently confirmed she is introduced, at least.
  • Women supporting women!
  • Canon gay relationship!
  • I don’t care about ship design, I barely ever even notice it. 
  • I like the Klingon redesign, and I think it is smart. 
  • I’ve had CBS All Access since The Good Wife season 6 so that’s a non-issue for me. 
  • The uniforms are AMAZING. The metallic cording is TO DIE FOR. I want a jacket and I want it NOW. 
  • I love Star Trek! We get new Star Trek! I’m so excited!!!!

Commission drawn by @karpetshark

Joey (they/them, he/him) belongs to me

I am a bit late but it’s still pride month, but I just wanna say to everyone I am proud of being non-binary and oh my god, when I saw Lee send the finished drawing to me this morning, I think I almost died. This is just so ridiculously cute and I am in love with the way they drew Joey’s pear shape and his roo legs and the tailllllll….AAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Here’s a real short intro to Hotshot

like, here’s a lil insight to their personalities since i went to like 9 fansigns last time they had a mini album and they give you a LOT of time to chat.

Junhyuk: Leader, Main Vocalist
ex-SM trainee, strikes me as the smartest member tbh, hes super good at adjusting the way he speaks for your korean level so it’s easier to talk to him, pretty tall, really nice, super friendly, gets super embarrassed if you tell him how handsome he is and he is outrageously beautiful in person. 

Moonkyu (Timoteo): probably the most well-known/popular member pre-produce 101. Also ex-SM trainee, most people know him cuz he was nearly put in EXO and left SM when that didn’t happen. crazy good dancer. Remembers your face/name after meeting you once. Really hecking friendly and super hecking nice, absolute total sweetheart. Will tease Sungwoon. Will tell off San for being a grumpy cat. i cannot put into words how sweet and lovable he is, hes one of the nicest idols ive ever met

Sungwoon: Can get flustered pretty easily. Naturally very cute. a little shy but very warm. really hecking sweet. attentive to his fans. once sang at me cuz he felt bad he couldn’t talk to me in english. will hold your hand as he signs your stuff. will try really really hard to remember your name but doesn’t have moonkyu’s skills.

Taehyun: doesn’t believe you when you tell him he’s looking prettier/more handsome even though he gets cuter literally every time I see him. Only member to actively try to speak English to me even though I told him he doesn’t have to. Really sweet and friendly, really modest. if you meet him please tell him he’s cute because it made me real sad that he didn’t think he was cute.

San: the rapper. the tsundere member. not a big talker, bit shy I guess? used to really like to mumble and then be sort of amused when I had no idea what he was saying. Lived in France for a long ass time. I didn’t actually know he could speak english until he asked who is hotshot had the best english and we said taehyun and he was super insulted lol. He’s a lovable butt. gets real testy when sat next to Moonkyu cuz fans will chat with moonkyu for ages and San get’s bored and wants them to hurry up. Moonkyu will also snark if anyone beside him doesn’t remember fans’ names. do not be put off by san’s kinda cold exterior he’s hella fun to chat to in a ‘what a butt’ kind of way. idk i’m oddly fond.

Hojung: picked as the stupidest member by Sungwoon. He’s an air-head. Looks all beefy and stuff now but he is 90% aegyo and will do all the aegyo at the drop of a hat, constantly makes hearts and blows kisses at fans. i asked him for a selca and he literally just took a selca of himself with my phone. I think he’s a little scared of foreigners tbh. he’s really sweet but is kinda dumb.

I can’t even caption this I’m laughing too hard

Sherlock is secretly a massively cuddly person. After he and John start dating suddenly John finds himself with what’s essentially a needy puppy - 90% of the time he’s got Sherlock wrapped around him, and the other 10% of the time Sherlock is smiling at John behind his back with this incredibly gentle look on his face. 

John cannot believe how ridiculously affectionate Sherlock is - no-one would ever believe him if he told them. 

Sherlock Holmes: the clingy boyfriend. 




I finally ordered some items from @stimtastic! I honestly cannot believe how amazing spinner rings are. I think they’re a new obsession of mine.

And he watermelon stim toy bag is so cute! It just looks like a cute pencil case or make up bag, so it’s not too jarring when I pull it out in public. And I really like that aspect. (Not that I’m a shameful stimmer, but I do like to be discreet in area’s with my family).

It also fits a butt load of toys in it.

Such an amazing purchase. Definitely saving up for more rings in the future ❤️


Lo and behold, I bring you a Valentine’s oneshot. This popped into my head days ago and… I just couldn’t shake it. Dear god, someone draw this too. I want it framed.

Anyway, a Valentine’s oneshot with the otp, feat. Mar’i. <3

With mixing bowl in hand, Starfire turned around to face the kitchen island, humming a cheerful tune as she moved.

Her grip on the handle of the wooden spoon tightened as she started stirring the pancake batter up a little more, trying to get it at just the right consistency.

Starfire smiled as she caught a whiff of the vanilla extract aroma wafting from the pancakes.

When she initially came to Earth, she had been eager to share her numerous Tamaranian recipes for traditional delicacies; no matter how badly her friends’ stomachs may have reacted with the cuisine.

Whilst having an ability to cook by Tamaranian standards, she had been an atrocious cook with Earth food. Cyborg had chastised her about staying away from the kitchen on more than one occasion to ensure she didn’t burn the entire place down.

Of course, that didn’t stop her, especially when Robin would crumble at her pleading expression and the fluttering of her eyelashes. He even offered to teach her how to cook simple things so she could at least be on the right track.

However, as the years passed, Starfire had become extremely proud of her ability to cook. She hardly ever burnt things anymore and was always testing out new recipes to share with the people she cared about.

And so, here she was serving up pancakes for breakfast.

Twisting the dial of the stove to switch it on, she juggled the bowl in her arms and prepped the frying pan with oil.

Starfire continued to sing her wordless song as she prepared the morning nourishments.

Her ears perked up at the sound of brief shuffling from another room but she kept her emerald eyes focused on the sizzling pancakes, assuming it was just Silkie wriggling around on the rug in the lounge.

She found herself getting quiet, her humming coming to an end. Starfire felt like there was something nearing closer to her.

That’s when she saw it out of the corner of her eye.

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T-Shirt Reveal

Y/N giggles to herself as she finishes wrapping the various gifts, excited for everyone’s reactions later in the evening. She had been planning it for a couple of weeks now, and was getting nervous and excited to finally reveal all to everyone.

Joe walks in just as she’s tucking them away, eyes down on his phone.

“Hey, love. Zoe said they should be here soon.”

“They made pretty good time, then. Didn’t they?” She walks over to give him a quick kiss on the lips, brushing a hand through his hair.

“Guess that means more time for you both to giggle incoherently about who knows what.” Joe smiles down at her, tucking his phone into his pocket.

“Incoherent to you, maybe. But to us, its an entire conversation.”

“Girls. I’ll never understand them.”

“That’s the plan, babe.” She winks at him, moving past him to head to the front door as there’s a knock on it.

“Hellloo!” Oli greets, popping his head around the door.

“Why do you even knock, mate?” Joe questions, having followed Y/N. “You just waltz in anyways.”

“Polite thing to do, I suppose.” Oli shrugs, hugging Y/N hello. “Don’t want to just burst into your place.”

“Awe, aren’t you considerate.” She coos at him, jumping slightly as the front door swings open.

“I have arrived!” Caspar bellows, arms thrown into the air.

“You mean like that?” Joe points over at him, eyebrow raised.

“Huh?” Caspar lowers his arms, confusion taking over his face as the other three start laughing.

“Nevermind, buddy.” Joe pats his shoulder, moving to close the front door, but is stopped as Zoe starts calling down the hall towards him.

“Looks like everyone wanted to show up at once!” Y/N grins, her hands coming together in front of her, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“Are you going to tell us why you’ve gathered all of us?” Oli asks, while Zoe and Alfie waltz through the door, talking a mile a minute at Joe and Caspar.

“In good time.” Y/N winks up at him, moving forward to say hello to Zoe and Alfie.

Later on, after dinner is done and cleaned up, they’re all sprawled across the living room, chatting about life.

“Alright, alright. Gift time!” Y/N announces, jumping up and running into the bedroom quickly.

“Gifts? We’re exchanging gifts?!” Caspar’s panicked voice echoes across the room, and she shakes her head as she reenters, the packages she had wrapped earlier in her arms.

“Nope. Just a little something for a few special people.” She explains, handing out the gifts to the correct people.

“What are you up to, love?” Joe looks from the package to her, shifting forward on the couch, letting it sit on his lap.

“Just open it. All of you. Come on!” Y/N stands in front of them, smiling at all of them as they start to tear at the wrapping. Caspar frees his first, always excited to open a present.

“A shirt?” He lifts it up, letting it fall open so he can read the text. “Wait..what?” His eyes grow wide as he looks over at Y/N.

But she’s not looking at him right then, instead her eyes are focused on Joe, watching his eyes scan the shirt before he lifts them to meet hers.

“Are you serious?” His voice is soft, and Y/N nods, bitting her lip, suddenly very nervous. “Oh my gods!” Joe jumps off the couch, pulling her into a tight hug.

“I’m going to be an auntie!” Zoe squeals, holding the shirt against her, so the words Best Auntie Ever are exposed.

Y/N rests her head on Joe’s chest, his arms still around her, as they look at their friends.

“Cheers, Y/N.” Alfie chuckles, turning his shirt to show the words I’m the Pointless uncle with a Blog.

“This is awesome!” Oli grins as he holds his up, a cactus wearing sunglasses with the words I’m the cool uncle next to it.

“What does yours say, Caspar?” Joe nods at his friend, who’s still sat there staring at the shirt on his lap. Almost as if in a daze, Caspar lifts the shirt and turns it around for Joe to read the words The coolest godfather.

“Are you sure?” His voice is timid, and he meets Joe’s eyes followed by Y/N’s.

“Wouldn’t have anyone else, Casp.” She reassure’s him, while Joe nods in agreement.

“What does Joe’s say?” Zoe reaches across Alfie for the shirt, laughing as she reads it.

On the shirt is written I’m A… followed by a list of three different titles: Thatcher, YouTuber, Father.

“These are perfect, Y/N.” Alfie looks around at the different shirts.

“And such a cute way of announcing it!” Zoe looks down at her shirt again, the smile still on her face.

“I couldn’t just announce it.” Y/N looks up at Joe. “Where would the fun be in that?”

“How long have you been hiding this?” He asks her, dropping a kiss on her lips.

“I’ve known for about a month. And the doctor says I’m nearly three months.” She grins up at him, “It’s been very hard keeping it a secret from you.”

“Well, you did good, love.” He laughs softly. “I cannot believe I’m going to be a father.”

“None of us can, mate!” Oli teases him, nudging Caspar in the shoulder, who finally shakes himself out of his surprised state.

“Yeah, we figured Zoe would be the first.”

“I’m quite fine letting Joe be the first in the family!” Zoe holds her hands up. “Gives me some practice.”

While they talk amongst themselves, Joe drops his gaze back down to the woman still in his arms, smiling softly down at her.
“I love you so much, you know that?” His voice is hushed, the conversation just between them.

“I love you too, Joe.”

“You are going to be a great mum.”

“And you are going to be an amazing dad.”

“Oh, I know.” Joe smirks, kissing Y/N as she giggles.

The White Princess Episode 1 Live Blog

You asked and I have delivered.  My live blog of the first episode of TWP is below the cut.  It’s four and a half pages of stream of consciousness notes I took while rewatching the episode.  I don’t go into historical accuracy, that’s just not really an aim of the show so I don’t think it’s fair to critique that aspect.  But I do think I touch on 15th C. social mores a little.  Hope you enjoy.

The opening credits are really cool.  They remind me a lot of the credits for TWQ.  The graphics are pretty awesome.  Love the Tudor Rose imposed at the end.  

I guess this first scene was used to establish a tie between the last series and this one.  I’m just glad it was brief while also giving an idea of what we are working with.  However, I think this scene wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen TWQ.

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hey! :) you must really like mh's interactions with jh (and i don't blame you lol) but what do you think about mh's relationship with the other members? thanksss!

ahhh! yes i love minhyuk+jooheon and even though they’re my favorite i really love minhyuk’s interactions with everyone so much!! im not sure exactly how much you wanted me to say but im really about to take this as an opportunity to talk about minhyuk+everyone and why they have a special place in my heart but you can also look HERE because i really tried to make this series highlight the dynamics between everyone :^)

i’m putting this under a read more because it ended up insanely long (over 1600 words…) but! if anyone wants to talk to me about any of this or!! wants to discuss any pairing!! please please please send me more messages :’) i really love all of them so much and idk this is just my take on everything and i’d love to hear your opinions whether they’re different or the same!!! i love love and monsta x all loves each other :-) under the cut is my feelings about each individual minhyuk pairing!

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((getting back to gijinkas despite not knowing how to draw humanpersons))

Now on to the second trailer!!!!!!!!!!

1. “so much flippin’ glitter” I love that the Trolls do lowkey have curse words. I really wanna see Branch drop some of them xD

2. Bridget’s hair is so flippin’ cute and I love how she’s just casually sitting on a throne with Gristle now like it’s nbd that they’re married and in love DEAR GOD I CAN’T HANDLE IT 

3. Holla Day! I cannot believe she got Branch to participate in that and that he looks so flippin’ happy about it. Like guys, he must love her so much. Look at his face!

4. SHE BOOPED HIS NOSE ARE YOU FLIPPIN’ KIDDING ME?!?! I am going to die from all of this guys. I do not think I can handle it. 

5. Is Branch trying to rap? Guys, is Branch trying to rap?!?! He’s so adorable at it, I love it. 

6. I am literally going to put “Trolls” and “Trolls Holiday” on a list for my mom so that she will get them for me because I need this in my life so badly. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to react when Trolls 2 comes out because dear god even just these few scenes are literally making my heart beat faster. I have a problem. 

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The foxes at Eden's Twilight and Work by Rihanna comes on?? (Neil knows this song because of Nicky obv) and Neil being slightly tipsy and singing to Andrew, "If you had a twin, I would still choose you" ???? I think of them every time I hear that omg

Yes god, I’m so here for this

In which Drunk Neil™ is the most precious

  • it’s time for another trip to Eden’s Twilight and Nicky is ready to paartaaaayy
  • so he’s drinking all sorts of shots and going completely wild and Kevin is drinking at his normal pace which fyi is like the world is ending and Aaron is also drinking. Neil and Andrew do some shots together and then Neil does a few more with Nicky and by a few I mean somewhere in the region of a dozen
  • so Neil is drunk off his ass for the first time because before this he’s always had to focus and not lose control but now Neil is free as a butterfly and Nicky pulls him onto the dance floor and Andrew watches because he is the Mom Friend™ and has to look out for his Neil
  • then Work comes on and Neil recognises it because it is Nicky’s favourite song at the moment and as such he plays it all the damn time
  • Kevin is one more replay away from suicide. Aaron is a repeat away from homicide
  • Now Neil doesn’t know most of the words, he knows the chorus because how can you not but the verses??? Except for one line
  • when Drake’s part starts he starts dancing towards Andrew and Andrew honestly cannot handle this because I believe that Niel Josten is an incredible dancer and it is incredibly hot. Unfairly hot if you ask Andrew
  • “If you had a twin I would still choose you”
  • that is the one line in the whole song that Neil knows
  • ladies and gentlemen a round of applause for Neil Josten because Aaron is actually chuckling and Kevin is properly laughing, Nicky is on the floor because how cute are they???
  • Andrew just looks impassive but his lips have parted ever so slightly because Neil is the most radiant human being he had ever laid eyes on and he just can’t help it
  • “289%”

    seasidevocalists  asked:

    Youngjae's new instagram pics. Legit when I saw it I thought, "I've seen God."



    And then he blessed us again!!!


    He is so stunning and so beautiful and so cute all at the same time and I cannot believe how blessed we are to get to see this perfection!!! Not to mention, two pictures at once??? This Angel of Sunshine is spoiling us!!!

    Really though, he’s been spoiling us and doing a number on my heart (a.k.a. ruining it, making me weak, shattering me, and leaving my heart an exploded mess) with so many of his selcas lately!! I mean,

    WHAT IS THIS??? His flawless jawline!!! His soft cheeks!!! His precious ear!!! His lovely mole!!! His pouty, pink lips!!! The mole on his neck that I am totally weak for!!! His cute little nose!!! All in one picture!?! 

    AND THIS PICTURE MAY BE SUPER BLURRY, BUT THAT GAZE!!!! BURNING INTO MY SOUL!!! HE’S SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! And his lips are way too nice looking here agdafkhkag…

    AND THEN AGAIN HERE!!!!! THAT STARE!!! MAKING ME WEAK EVERY TIME!!! Honestly… I have seen God because that gaze ended me. But look at those cheekbones!!! And the way his hair falls into his eyes!!! Help me. I can’t even breathe right now. He’s too attractive.


    And then, help me understand how he can go from that HOT-AS-THE-ACTUAL-SUN look to:


    He is honestly the most amazing, beautiful, perfect blend of the cutest and most precious Sunshine, and the most stunning, gorgeous, and handsome Sun, and his selcas, especially these new ones, are such an example of it. I actually lost my breath when I first saw the newest ones… I’m just so overwhelmed by his perfection!!!