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you know so much about bruce, please tell us some less know traits about him or just random facts or even headcanons please i love it when you talk about bruce!!!

oh my gosh, i love this ask. i’m glad you like it when i talk about bruce because i love talking about bruce and am always looking for the excuse to. ~just vengeance things~ include:

  • he is, actually, very sweet to civilians. he would sacrifice his identity if it meant saving a single person, and yes i can confirm his weakness is actually babies the ratio of times batman has held a baby compared to other characters is absolutely insane. and in BTAS, there’s an episode where he rescues a little girl and comes back to visit her just to make sure she’s okay. and in the BTAS tie-in comics, he rescued people’s pets, kept kids out of traffic, helped put out fires, the works. and also he went out of his way to find dick’s teddy bear
  • he has a sense of humor! i promise you! he just saves it for when no one’s looking, which is what he does with every trait someone might possibly misconstrue as cute. gotham knights made it canon that he talks to the bats in the batcave. he probably talks to them about cases when nobody else is around to bounce ideas off of
  • bruce paid for a class field trip after jason died because helping kids made the loss more bearable - he also visits troubled kids in canon and takes an active role in their life, to the point where one time he was concerned about kids he sponsored getting in a bad way and showed up literally at their house, because despite having 708983 responsibilities as batman he still makes time for that
  • this fucker has protocols in place for contacting him. the JL have to go through a goddamn system to get 5 minutes with him, and you just know it’s an excuse so bruce has to talk to people less, you just know it. also, this is in the same comic where plastic man recruits bruce to scare his wayward son straight, bruce is nervous about scaring a kid, and gives patrick an actual compliment (“of all of us, even clark, i thought you would make the best father. because i thought you would be the kind of father that would show his children that he loved them, instead of just telling them. i thought you would make them laugh all of the time.”) and encourages patrick to reconnect with his son
  • once put on enough make-up to trick people into thinking he was a guy dressed as bruce wayne who might possibly be batman, while he was actually bruce wayne who is actually batman. he disguised himself….. as himself. i fucking hate him. when oliver queen found out his identity how much do you wanna bet he was beyond pissed
  • i’m not kidding about the justice snuggle thing. he does actually do that, where he perches on something and puts his chin on his knees. he does it in front of gordon, and also the justice league. someone who refuses to show people he has 1 iota of personality is totally comfortable curling up like a small child. what even is this man
  • when tired and injured sometimes he just collapses wherever. in knightfall, he passes out by a dumpster, and a roof, and on the stairs. in the batman and robin 2011 run he makes it to a hallway and alfred finds him just like crashed on the ground. in batman: year one, he literally just sits in a chair casually bleeding all over everything until a bat crashes through his window
  • tries to tell people he cares for them in a really roundabout way filled with metaphors and lots of grand gestures. the only person who usually understands them is dick, and even then it’s like 75% of the time. if he actually says the word ‘love’, the vulnerability of the moment will cause him to keel over and die
  • master of the uncomfortable invasion of privacy. i cannot stress this enough. if you bought purple listerine instead of blue this week, he’s watching you. he has your number. he has a file on everything that breathes, and also he writes everything down. he has like 400 some files on hugo strange alone, he knows whether the man prefers coke or pepsi. also, three words: brother eye satellite 
  • whenever something emotionally traumatic happens he locks himself in the batcave for a while because he is a turtle (of justice) and the batcave is his shell
  • now, this one is mostly a headcanon i was talking with audrey about earlier (i say mostly because i’m 65% sure there’s a panel somewhere that made it canon that bruce helped train kyle, but my receipts folder is 5 miles long) but i do solidly believe bruce is one of the people who teaches inexperienced league members, along with other expertly trained league members like diana and dinah. not only because of his expertise in martial arts, but also because he’s had more experience than other heroes training individuals to be the best they possibly can. he is absolutely the tough love coach. he is the AP teacher that knocked off points for every little mistake and made you cry three times a week, but it was worth it when you got a 5 on that exam and were so far ahead of the curve in college the class was a breeze
  • summary: i love batman
  • a lot
  • like a whole lot
  • he’s trying his best

he is my very favorite

bts personality analysis: yoongi

yoongi is hard to analyse because his personality is so complex. he has a lot of sides that he shows the camera — the sleepy, the ‘swag’, the goofy. i think people misinterpret yoongi and see him as ‘lazy’ which is something that i cant even fathom thinking. we only see glimpses of this; when he is doing logs or vlives or at fanmeets — yoongi is the most passionate, kindest person i think ive ever seen. he has this desire so deep inside of him and in his mixtape, you could hear it. he has gone through so much to be where he is today and that makes him empathetic because he is aware of peoples struggles. yoongi is understanding. yoongi loves so deeply but doesn’t like to show it so he is perceived as cold. he cares so much about everything but he cant show it so he is perceived as careless. yoongi is irony. he is passion and desire and kindness wrapped all into one small body. please realise that yoongi cannot express his emotions as well as other members, so he puts his stories and thoughts into his songs.

yoongis personality is really layered, and i think that only a select few people that yoongi sees fit would be able to open him up and see all those layers. i feel like it would be hard to befriend yoongi because he seems to be selective in choosing who he likes and you have to be able to understand who he is and how he would react. but when you start to truly get to know him, yoongi is probably the most affectionate and clingy member in the group. he would be that boyfriend that acts like he doesnt want to be around you but really he would bring you in closer (literally in every analysis ive gone on a rant abt them i need TO STICK TO THE DAMN TOPIC AT  HAND). 

yoongi is very smart. he knows how emotions work and has developed a strong aura for himself which is very hard to do. although he is intelligent, he has a hard time with spontaneity. he needs to have a plan and needs to know everything that he is doing. in his vlive with hoseok, we could see the juxtaposition of their personalities: hoseok really just opened the face mask and put it on, but yoongi read the entire package front to back and followed the steps exactly as it was written. its a simple interaction but it is very telling about how yoongi reacts to situations. he is calculated without the cunning.

yoongi and jungkook are a relationship that is hard to define - i find that most jungkook related relationships are like this but ill get more into that in his analysis. both yoongi and jungkook have trouble expressing themselves so it wont be the most overtly affectionate relationship but i see them both having a lot of respect for one another and just a chill duo who just wanna have a relaxed time. yoongi and taehyung are a fun pair to analyse because they are so different; yoongi values realism and taehyung values optimism. they both see the world in juxtaposing ways and thats why i think that they would be a good pair since i believe that opposites do attract. yoongi and jimin are one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because jimin just wants to please yoongi and yoongi likes to be pleased so its just ?? so perfect??? i rlly dont have much more to say but i just love yoonmin. yoongi and hoseok are my #1 go-to relationship in bangtan. they are the most complex members and together they just fit together so perfectly, as if there personalities were made to be mended together. yoonseok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lvoe them. yoongi and namjoon are a genius pair. their combined creativity makes for a fierce track and i can only imagine the products that they have in the folders on their laptops. they both have such immense thoughts that together i feel like it would be too intense to sit in a room with them.  jin is most pliant when around yoongi, since yoongi’s character is pretty intense, i wouldn’t have thought that jin would be roommates with him; it just doesn’t seem like a good fit. but it really is kind of perfect. jin has the ability to adapt his personality and knows yoongi’s boundaries and that’s why i think he is the best person to be yoongi’s roommate.

min yoongi - infp/pisces. passionate, emotional, competent, perfectionist.

kim seokjin

The Whitewashing of Damian Wayne

So I’m pretty sure I should start boycotting DC or something.

I just saw the art and description for ‘Super Sons: The Polarshield Project’ and…What. The. Hell. Did. You. Do. To. Damian. Wayne.

Damian Wayne is of Arabic and Chinese descent.

He has black hair, an olive skinned complexion, and Damian is a traditional Arabic name.

In fact, there was a recent storyline where he was fighting to save a Lebanese restaurant from closing down because it reminded him of his home.

And in the upcoming series, they’ve released a picture of him and some information:

They’ve given him brown hair, super pale skin, and he’s going by 'Ian’ which is an extremely American-UK name and the Scottish equivalent of John (which is especially weird because Damian hates nicknames).

Keep in mind that Damian is a fan favorite, and one of DC’s most prominent non-white characters. He speaks Arabic, and it probably is his native language.

And they’re freaking whitewashing him. NOT ONLY are they changing his appearance to make him look like a white boy, but they’re also changing his name to one of Western origin and essentially stripping him of his cultural identity and I just…

I can’t stand this.

I won’t stand for this.

I absolutely cannot condone one of, if not the, most blatant, egregious form of whitewashing I’ve seen in comics-or at least pertaining to Damian Wayne.

(And I really could care less about all those racist 'fans’ who claim that Damian is as white as his father-he is a person of color. Get over yourselves.)

THIS is Damian Wayne:


I let a ton of terrible things DC did to characters fly,

But THIS?!?!?

I draw the line at whitewashing a prominent person of color and erasing his cultural identity.

(And further-PLEASE stop fancasting him as white. It’s just horrible. I’m going to even take this a step further-don’t fancast Dick Grayson as completely white-he’s Romani. Get it right. No one fancasts Cassandra Cain as white, so don’t do it to them.)

I hope that if enough people take notice of this, DC will do something about it.

Because you know what?

Apparently to some people, it’s totally wrong if the lead actress of 'Ghost in the Shell’ is a white woman playing an Asian character-

But a comic inaccurately portraying Damian Wayne-who is Arab and Chinese, and has a canon olive skin tone-as a white boy, has the right idea?


I honestly don’t know if spreading the word will do anything. Does DC even listen to us anymore? But…I just had to rant about this because-to me, at least- this is not okay on so many levels, and it is certainly not something we should let slide.

Fake Dating Series; Mingyu

- “i’m sorry….. i can’t date you…..”
- mingyu apologizes to the person once more, who remains quiet and only looks down with a sad expression on their face while listening to his words
- when the person leaves, mingyu jogs up to you, who’s waiting for him near the school gates
- you say “three in a week. i win.”
- mingyu scowls “BUT I JUST GOT PAID” and you say “WELL TOO BAD”
- you and mingyu have been best friends for as long as you can remember and everyone in the school knows it
- it’s no exaggeration when i say EVERYONE……
- mingyu is REALLY popular because not only is he handsome, but he’s smart and funny and kind and charming and??? everyone loves him
- they know you because you’re his best friend, and since you’re always with him, some people ask you for his number but you’re like no. ask him yourself
- but seeing him get all these confessions and getting asked out so often….. it’s so upsetting??
- because every time you’re with mingyu, every friCKING TIME, someone has to interrupt you two
- whether it’s flirting with him or asking him out, it’s so frustrating because heLLO I’M RIGHT HERE can i PLEASE just have one day with him and only him???
- mingyu notices it too, but he’s too nice to say anything about it….. but it’s clear he’s also starting to get fed up with it
- you and mingyu finally make it to his workplace, a coffee shop in which he works as a barista
- and you guessed it, a bunch of people from school come by often just to get served by him
- you’re sitting on one of the chairs by the counter, your usual spot, and wait patiently for mingyu to make you your favorite drink which he’s paying for LOL
- he passes it to you when he’s done, but not before taking a sip from it first and you’re like EVERY TIME
- while you’re both talking and joking around, a bunch of people suddenly enter the shop and you groan because you know you and mingyu’s conversation ends here
- mingyu greets them with a smile until he realizes that the person he just rejected is here and he’s like oh….. awkward
- when they go up to the counter, they ask “hey…. i just wanted to ask….. would you maybe….. think about what i said?”
- mingyu’s clearly tired of hearing the same thing over and over….. plus he was hoping to spend a peaceful afternoon with you aka his best friend
- mingyu’s face suddenly lights up and he says “i’m sorry….. like i said, i can’t date you….. because….” he takes a quick glance at you and takes your hand exclaiming “I’M DATING (NAME)”
- the whole shop goes quiet at his words and your eyes are wide in complete shock
- you look at him and scream with your eyes “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY???”
- mingyu shoots you a look that says “PLAY ALONG PLEASE”
- he looks back at the person and continues “now you know why i can’t date you. we’ve been together for a while now…. we just didn’t know when to announce it…..”
- but it’s not only that person who reacts, but the entire line of customers which so happen to be students from your school all go like NO WAY
- you sigh, lifting up your intertwined hands and saying “that’s right, so please don’t ask him out anymore” and they’re all clearly upset but understand that if mingyu likes you, then there’s nothing they can do
- mingyu serves the line of people and when they’re all gone, you say “i cannot. believe you.”
- you say “you really expect me fake date you??” and he says “you’re my best friend, aren’t you??”
- you say “well yeah but—” and he cuts you off “then PLEASE just “date” me for a while….. just for a few weeks to stop all this because it’s getting a bit tiring…..”
- you sigh “all right FINE….. it is kind of annoying, not going to lie. but you owe me for this. seriously.”
- mingyu grins “THANK YOU (NAME), HOW ABOUT DRINKS IN RETURN? THEY’LL ALL BE ON ME” and you cheer YAAAY because free drinks are always cool LOL
- you do your homework in the shop while waiting for mingyu’s shift to end, and when it does, you walk back to the dorms together
- he says “alright, well word spreads fast so you know what we’re going to do tomorrow?”
- you say “oh no stop please no” and he takes your hand and exclaims “I’M GOING TO WALK YOU TO CLASS AND HOLD YOUR HAND DARLING”
- you rip your hand out of his grasp and say “DO NOT CALL ME DARLING” and he say cries “what but you are my darling ;A;”
- mingyu walks you back to your dorm room and says “good night, lov—” and you say “don’t…. even”
- he laughs and pats you on the head instead, saying “good night, (name). i’ll see you after school at the coffee shop, your drink will be ready”
- you joke “wooow so you’re not even going to walk me to class?? some boyfriend you are”
- your best friend waves goodbye and you enter your room when he’s out of sight, but the second you walk through the door, your roommate attacks you and screeches “YOU’RE DATING MINGYU!!! KIM MINGYU AKA THE MOST POPULAR GUY ON CAMPUS!!!”
- and you scream “WHAT?? YOU ALREADY KNOW??” and they say “EVERYONE KNOWS”
- while they’re yelling excitedly, all you can think of is “why….. did i agree to this…..”
- you find mingyu outside the building like you do every morning but you know everyone’s eyes are on you two when you’re walking to class
- you say “you weren’t kidding when you said that word spread fast” and he says “ok i was kidding when i said that i seriously wasn’t expecting this”
- when you make it to class, mingyu gives you a hug and says “have a good class!!” while making a finger heart
- you’re like ew get tf away from me and mingyu fake cries
- when you enter class, you get to your seat and you’re attacked by the people next to you who exclaim “you’re dating mingyu!!! finally!!!”
- you say “finally???” and they say “we knew you’d both end up together eventually!!!” and you’re like umm what are you saying??
- you and mingyu become the talk of the school it’s crazy, like for once you’re not just “mingyu’s friend”, now people actually know your name and you’re just like wow. this popularity LOL
- after school, you get to mingyu’s workplace and like you expected, your drink is sitting in your usual spot and you grin as you take your seat
- mingyu says “well i did promise you free drinks sooo that’s the first of many” and you say “thank you!!”
- he asks “oh so how was your first day of being my s/o??” and you say “ugh i mean i knew you were popular but what the heck?? i was almost late to all my classes because i kept being stopped by your admirers”
- mingyu says “at least we know they’re all convinced”
- speaking of his admirers, they all suddenly walk through the door and mingyu immediately grabs your hand and says “well i’ve got work to do, you’ll be here right??”
- you take out some homework and say “of course…….. darling” and you cringe to death while mingyu cracks up
- this goes on for about three weeks now and the excitement is still so high it’s crazy
- while hanging around in the coffee shop on a saturday evening, mingyu asks “i’m off tomorrow, do you want to go on a date?”
- you exclaim “WOAH DATE??” and mingyu laughs “well i can’t say hang out because we’re you know”
- you say “don’t say it like that!!! it’s embarrassing??” and he says “ok but is that a yes or a no LOL”
- you say “obviously a yes….. where are we going??”
- mingyu says “there’s apparently a spring festival going on this sunday!! let’s go check it out!!”
- you say “NICE that sounds cool, it’s just like when we were kids” and he says “right?? okay well it’s in the afternoon near evening so i’ll come by at around 5pm”
- near 5pm the next day and your roommate asks “are you going to the festivals too?” and you say “yeah!! i’m going with my….. (cringe) boyfriend” and they say “wait…… you’re wearing that??? you look like you’re about to go to bed”
- you say “it’s just mingyu LOL” and at that very moment, someone knocks on the door and you know it’s him
- you open the door, surprised to see your best friend dressed up so nicely while you’re just standing there wearing like….. shorts and an old hoodie….. oh whoops
- but you just shrug and say “well you’re dressed like you’re going on an actual date”
- he grins “this is a date” and you’re like “slfjasljds I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY THAT”
- mingyu just says “BUT IT IS—” AND YOU’RE LIKE NO S TOP
- the event’s apparently in downtown, so you both have to take the train there, and the walk to the station is as normal as it can get, with you and mingyu playfully arguing and making lame jokes and puns like always
- you finally get to the station, but when the train comes…… it is PACKED
- which is crazy because??? is EVERYONE in town going to this event??
- mingyu says “well it’s like any other spring festival, it was bound to be packed. i say we take this one since there’s no point waiting for the next if it’s going to be just as packed. we only have a few stops anyway”
- you nod and you both push yourselves through the sea of people to get inside when the doors slide open
- but the second they close, everyone relaxes, making it so hard for you to even move….. your back is already against the wall, there isn’t any space left
- when the next stop comes, everyone is pushing each other out of the way either to get in or get out, and someone pushes mingyu, and he slams a hand on the wall you’re against to regain his balance
- your faces end up REALLY close to each other, and you could swear your face is burning and it’s not because it’s so cramped in there……
- he asks “are….. you okay?” and you say “yeah i’m fine” (you’re not)
- mingyu says “there’s not much room left…… and you’ll definitely get hurt, so let’s just stay like this until our stop” and you just quietly nod your head like asjfshldjk what is happening to me????
- when you reach your stop, you and mingyu exit the train and stare in awe at the sight before you because the spring festival is so pretty under this sunset sky
- there are street food stands, games, blooming flowers and pretty lights….. you just think about how nice it is to be here with mingyu because it’s a nice throwback to your childhood and all the festivals you’d go to together
- you think it’s nice that for once, it’s just you two and not the whole school watching your every move
- but you were wrong
- mingyu says “i expected this” and from the corner of your eye, you can see a group of people a distance away pretending to look at the flowers
- and in front of you, you can see a few classmates of yours looking in you and mingyu’s direction
- heck there are even people purposely bumping into mingyu to get his attention????
- you know everyone goes to this festival but can you all look at the flowers instead?? can you go eat the food with your friends without having to be watching us?? can you not strike up a convo with mingyu when i’m standing right here??? can you let us LIVE
- mingyu clearly knows what’s going on and says “just ignore them for now, maybe they’ll leave after a while”
- but they don’t, they’re not even enjoying the festival, they’re literally just there spying on you guys like please leave
- you ask “why won’t they leave??”
- mingyu says “i overheard a few people say they don’t believe us being together, that’s probably why they’re watching us like hawks” and you say “really?”
- he nods “they said we act like we normally do. we apparently don’t seem like a real couple, someone even said that maybe i’m just using you to stop people from confessing”
- you’re say “well they’re not wrong” and he says “yeah but they can’t know that LOL”
- when you and mingyu are walking around, you sigh for the hundredth time that evening when you notice a group of people following you
- mingyu asks you “are they really still following us??” and you say “apparently. what do we have to do to convince them??”
- mingyu’s face lights up when an idea comes to mind, but his cheeks are red when he says “there’s one thing we can do….. but i’m not sure if you’ll be up for it.”
- you ask “what is it??”
- mingyu stops walking, making you stop as well, and he looks down at you and says “kiss me.”
- you exclaim “WHAT…. WHAT DID YOU SAY??” but he pulls you close and says
- “kiss me while they’re looking.”
- you begin “what the hell are you—” but mingyu’s the one to kiss you instead and your eyes go wide when you realize what’s happening
- you almost push him off of you but….. something stops you from doing so….. and instead you close your eyes and kiss him back…..
- when you both pull away, you look to the side to see the group of people in complete shock and you tell mingyu “i think it worked”
- they stop following you guys after this
- mingyu’s face suddenly turns red when everything sinks in and he screams “I’M SORRY THAT WAS JUST TO GET THEM TO STOP YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT I’M SORRY”
- you, who’s also red in the face, say “oh no it’s fine!!! i mean….. it was just to convince them right?? i know it didn’t mean anything”
- at your words, mingyu’s face falls slightly, but it’s too subtle for you to notice
- the “date” goes well but you just keep thinking of the kiss the entire time…..
- you know mingyu, he wouldn’t just kiss anyone, whether it’s on the lips OR cheek…. could he…. maybe….?
- you shake your head at the thought because there’s NO WAY like you’re his best friend, he chose you because he knew he wouldn’t be able to pull that off with someone else
- but something changed after that kiss
- over the next few days, you start to see mingyu as more than a friend……
- and to think this is all pretend……
- hurts?
- mingyu’s your best friend, holding his hand is normal, you’ve had piggyback rides from him before, and hangouts are just called dates because you’re now “a couple”
- but you can’t stop the rapid beating of your heart whenever he holds you close
- or whenever he grabs your hand while walking down the streets
- or whenever he smiles at you and calls you cheesy pet names to tease you
- you didn’t think this would ever happen but….. you think……
- you’ve fallen for your best friend
- while you’re eating lunch together, mingyu asks “i’ll see you at the coffee shop after school?”
- you say “i actually have a lot of things to work on, so maybe not tonight….” and he says “that’s fine!! work hard, i’ll see you tomorrow morning!!”
- that night, you’re sitting on your desk, twirling a pencil in your hand to try to finish up some homework but you just CAN’T CONCENTRATE
- even your roommate’s like “hey you haven’t touched your paper in the past hour” and you’re like “really?? i….. i didn’t even notice…..”
- they ask “what’s up?? is there something wrong??” but you lie “no i’m just really not in the mood to do homework. i’m all right”
- but you’re not…… you just keep feeling so sad because how long will you be able to keep this up??
- you don’t want to keep this going when you know your feelings for him aren’t fake anymore because you know that eventually…… you’re going to get hurt
- you have to end this now
- you check the time to see that it’s nine in the evening and mingyu’s shift ends in an hour
- if you catch him at work, he wouldn’t be able to leave and you could be alone to give yourself time to calm your heart which will most likely be broken afterwards
- you get up and your roommate says “you’re leaving?? if you are, bring an umbrella because it’s apparently going to rain a bit later” but you shake your head and say that it’s fine because you won’t be out for too long
- while walking down the streets, you think of these past few weeks with mingyu and even your childhood memories and to think your friendship will probably be ruined after tonight……
- the coffee shop is finally in view and you walk inside without your usual grin
- mingyu notices it immediately and gets a worried look on his face
- after a quick hello, when you sit in your usual spot, he asks “(name), are you all right??” and you fake a smile and say “me?? of course why wouldn’t i be??”
- but mingyu doesn’t believe you and says “no you’re not. but i know what’ll cheer you up, i’ll make your favorite drink in a sec!!” and he goes straight to work
- while he’s making your drink, you look around the shop to see that it’s pretty much empty….
- which makes you feel more at ease knowing that no one will eavesdrop….. well besides mingyu’s co-worker who’s in the back making pastries but it doesn’t matter to you that much
- you look at mingyu sadly, and you tell yourself that this all has to end now….
- you say “mingyu?”
- “hm?”
- “let’s break up.”
- mingyu stops what he’s doing….. and you could swear that the world went dead silent for a moment
- he whispers “what….. did you say?”
- you say “i’m breaking up with you. this whole fake dating thing—it’s over now, okay?”
- mingyu just looks at you in shock…… your drink halfway done, and his entire body frozen…..
- you get up from your seat and say “i’m going now then. i just wanted to tell you that.”
- you get from your seat and walk out the door, ignoring mingyu who’s calling your name
- your roommate was right; it’s raining outside, but you don’t care and run out into the streets to get as far away as possible
- you eventually slow down to a stop and look down, thinking about how you and mingyu’s friendship is all ruined now……. and it’s all because you let your feelings get in the way……
- while looking down, you soon realize….. rain isn’t falling on your head anymore
- you look up to find an umbrella over your head, and you turn around to see a panting mingyu
- you say “mingyu what are you—”
- he cuts you off and says “(name), wait….. before you say anything else….. why did you break up with me?”
- you answer “mingyu, we were never really “together”. i think we’ve convinced everyone enough.”
- he says “no. give me the real reason. i know you’re lying.”
- you argue “i’m not lying.”
- “yes, you are.”
- “no, i’m not.”
- “yes, you are, (name).”
- “no, i’m NOT”
- mingyu asks “what do you mean?”
- you look down and confess “i just….. can’t keep pretending to love you when i know i really do….. holding hands, going on dates, that kiss….. i can’t stand the fact that all this is fake…..”
- you keep your eyes planted to the ground and all you can hear is the sound of rain hitting the pavement
- until mingyu says
- “…it never was fake to me.”
- you look up, only to be caught off guard as mingyu takes a step forward and surprises you with a kiss on the lips
- he drops the umbrella and instead cups your cheeks while you hold onto his shirt tightly
- and it’s just crazy because you’re kissing your best friend in the rain and…… it’s something you’ve been waiting for forever even though you’d never admit it……
- when mingyu pulls away, you joke “idiot, pick up the umbrella, we’re going to get sick”
- but he just laughs and pulls you in for another kiss
- the next day at school, mingyu walks you to your class and as usual, people have their eyes on you two
- you notice this and smirk “well…. seems like they’re all staring at us again.”
- mingyu grins “yeah? kiss me while they’re looking.”
- (you do)

avas demon spoilers:

I don’t think it’s completely justified to fully take either Gil’s or Ava’s side here. Like people seem to be split into two groups and there isn’t much discussion in the middle ground.


Ava’s life is fucked, she is going through constant abuse, she found TWO people whose fate seems similar to her own and neither of them want to even consider joining her. And when she fucked the headquarters, she did it in self defense - nor did she fully know what would happen. Ultimately, she isn’t trying to do anything wrong. From her perspective, people are just being dicks to her for mostly no reason. Even the things she did wrong were usually under the influence of Wrathia. 

Then there’s Gil, who just wanted to help some people from the goodness of his heart. As a result he has seen countless innocents murdered and has been banished from him benevolent cult. 

Gil has been with TITAN, what, 15 years right? He has been raised by them most of his life, brainwashed since childhood. Then in come these strangers and start saying shit about it with nothing to back it up. 

Now Ava DID see Gil’s “demon”, which might’ve sprouted some trust between the two, were it not for the fact that Nevy fucking disintegrated right after. For all Gil knows, Nevy has been hurt or killed due to some maniac killer child. 

And meanwhile, Ava still isn’t trying to do anything wrong. She doesn’t fully understand what’s happening.

So Ava snaps, because from her point of view, she’s being mistreated for no reason. From Gil’s point of view, Ava is an evil person who killed the peaceful followers of TITAN and brags about it. 

These last few pages have been a clusterfuck of mistrust and misunderstanding. I admit I lean slightly more towards siding with Ava myself simply because I prefer her character over Gil’s, but I cannot really BLAME Gil for ripping the book apart or slapping her. 

It’s like, no one’s fully wrong and no one’s fully right and the only way to really choose a side here is to choose your favourite character out of the two and stick with them, which is what I think people are doing. 

The limits of violence: why Toffee won’t be defeated through force alone.

In this analysis, I’ll talk about the fight against Toffee in “Starcrushed,” compare it to “Storm the Castle” and “Into the Wand,” and discuss the implications of this comparison. This will be the first of two analyses I have planned for the season two finale. The second analysis will discuss the finale’s contrast between Moon and Star and include a breakdown of the narrative structure of both episodes. (The number of analyses may change based on whether or not I notice anything new between now and then.)

Since “Starcrushed” is still fresh in all our minds, let’s first go all the way back to the season one finale, “Storm the Castle.”

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this isn’t even about ableism it’s about being a decent fucking human being. of course sick kids who might not live much longer deserve more of a chance to meet taylor. taylor HERSELF wants that to be the case. no offense a LOT of this fandom is fucking sheltered and doesn’t understand that meeting taylor isn’t this thing that should only go to people who are “worthy” like lmao that’s so fucked up taylor is a PERSON and if a kid’s dying wish is to meet her, she’s gonna fucking make that happen.

and i hate to say this because i don’t believe in comparing pain (nothing is a contest ofc and i don’t even really believe that pain CAN be compared) but people who are physically healthy cannot even begin to FATHOM what a sick and/or disabled person goes through on a day to day basis. so suck it up, fuckers. you’ll meet taylor if you meet taylor. leave sick kids out of it.

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Allistics: This is not how autistic people act! There's no way an autistic person can do (insert task here)! | Me: Autism is a spectrum meaning each person is different, however, that does not erase the fact they're autistic. Only an autistic person can determine what they can and cannot do.

it’s not even just allistics I’ve had other autistic ppl come up to me and be like “um I really hope you’re joking by headcanoning Keith as autistic, I’m autistic and I know better, educate yourself smh” and I’m like sorry not sorry but if you don’t think Keith is autistic then I’m not the one who needs to be educated my dude

Help Urgently Needed

Hi, yet again I’m writing about the need for money. I am a student with severe mental health issues, responsible for 2 people and a cat (I am the only person paying rent, food, bills etc.) who simply cannot find a job due to the high amount of students and low amount of workplaces in the area.

As of today, my account is on -£900 (that’s a minus there, as in negative numbers), I have rent to pay in a week, an overdue water bill, overdue phone bill an upcoming gas bill and my boyfriend’s meds (he had an accident and needs to take large amounts of medication).

Safe to say, I need money ASAP.

Like really ASAP

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I do both OC’s and Fanart and can work from reference pictures, photos, descriptions or create designs based on guidelines. I can also do character sheets and costume design pages.

Here are some examples of my work as well as current prices:

If you can’t donate or commission me, please at least share.

Thanks in advance


lmao i’m sorry but reyskys need to sit down. we have a movie where finn is completely sidelined and your biggest worry is rey’s parentage, get a grip. rey random is good. literally the core message of tfa was that rey’s original family is unimportant and never coming back but she can choose her family AND SHE CHOOSES FINN. if you make rey a skywalker you completely **** on the importance of finn coming back for her when no one else ever has, the importance of her bond with him and her active choice of loving him as a friend or more. like literally this is one of the few things rian did right, one of the few things that will allow jj to salvage this mess in episode 9. if people weren’t so obsessed with the white characters of this franchise no one would think rey is a skywalker because it’s abundantly clear the whole point of tfa is that she and finn both come from nothing, find each other, and become something greater because of who they are, not what they come from. if people put the amount of effort into talking about finn’s backstory as they did with rey’s maybe he wouldn’t have been sidelined. but no we have people out here saying “i care as much about finn as you but reysky comes first” no you DON’T care about finn as much, evidently! and if this is because of fears with shipping, the proper argument against reylos who want rey to be random so she can get with kylo is not plugging your ears and going lalala she’s his cousin, it’s the fact that they’re NOT related and STILL would never get together because he’s evil and has kidnapped and tortured her. because she and finn have a beautiful loving bond. rey random has always been obvious and there never even should have been speculation about this in the first place. the lightsaber called to her because it’s not luke’s lightsaber, it’s anakin’s, and she’s the next chosen one after anakin. like i cannot even begin to fathom people being so upset about this, there’s nothing bad about it and plenty of good. rey is still there and the same person. if you only liked her or tfa on the condition that she turns out to be a skywalker then you didn’t really like her or the movie and you clearly don’t care about finn. finn, who is also still there, who has been sidelined. in 3 days when this is confirmed i genuinely invite everyone to move on from rey parentage discussion and start being upset about finn’s treatment, start campaigning for episode 9 to do him justice, make them know we want him to be force-sensitive again like he was in tfa, make them know we want him to be an equal co-lead with rey again like he was in tfa, make them know we want their relationship to be the heart of the movie again like it was in tfa. enough with the obsession about rey’s parentage that frankly has been part of finn’s sidelining in this fandom and franchise. sure the marketing has been teasing it but if no one cared they wouldn’t be teasing it. if these leaks are true, which i’m 99% sure they are, MOVE ON and start caring about more important stuff

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ok let's talk about stigma! what were your intial thoughts about it? favourite lyric? how often have you listened to it? thoughts about tae's comment that he always wanted to make a song like it..............

let’s fucking talk! ok my first thoughts lmao well stigma (the lyrics not the song) was more or less my introduction to BTS and it got me here so……..yeah my first thoughts were this is a……. coming out song,an actual fucking Gay Anthem 

it really fucking resonated with me especially as a Gay™ that was brought up on very traditional values and in a religious heavy environment and actually hearing the song just completely cemented that because taehyung is an emotive singer, you can easily understand what he’s feeling at the time he’s singing something (see also: the hug me cover listen and cry my kid is a very emotional Emo Gay™) and going from those very high to very low notes (god fucking bless the astonishing vocal range on that boy) lent those already amazing emotional lyrics and the narration an even stronger emotional punch, which is not surprising since he had a hand in both the lyrics and composition, my boy is a fucking musical genius:’)

i could go on and on about the analysis of every lyric (i literally can i’ve listened and gone through it a thousand times i’m not even exaggerating ajkhdaksjf) but I’ll just say that I really admire him because he really bared ALL in that song like I can’t stress that enough he made every last fear, doubt and tentative feeling of hope and self-acceptance he had free for the taking and that for me is so fucking…….fearless. (which is also just one of the many reasons why I hate the ‘their sexualities are their personal business and we shouldn’t discuss or assume we shouldn’t even mention it!!’ philosophy some people have got going on here but i digress) 

I’m also so impressed that through the lyrics he managed to convey the confusion of feeling so much hopelessness and the tumultuous emotions in feeling like ‘i’m really fucking sorry that this hurt you and that you you can’t accept it/me, that really fucking hurts’ but at the same time the really fucking freeing feeling of ‘fuck it it this is who i am and I cannot and do not want to change or hide it, not anymore’ (which……uhhhh……..I wonder what the fuck that can be about). I’ve only really came across one other song that managed to do that successfully in a way that it felt like a very personal recounting of the singer/songwriter’s experience but at the same time also felt like they understood me and my own experience on a deep personal level

To answer your question about the lyric I love literally every lyric because every last one lends something to the overall meaning but if i had to pick one i’d go with 숨겨도 감춰도 지워지지 않어 (Even if (I try to) hide it, or conceal it, it can’t be erased) which I think is pretty self-evident why it’s my favourite after that long ass rant rip i’m sorry I just love him and his unapologetically gay ass a whole fucking lot

so yeah……..stigma is a Gay Anthem

Off Limits - Sirius Black / Part Nine

read previous parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

this will be written as a hufflepuff!reader, if you don’t feel comfortable with that please don’t feel obligated to read! although i promise it’s not that big of a detail!

word count: 3,117

summary: Sirius and Regulus Black don’t acknowledge much of their relationship beyond the fact that their brothers. You befriend Regulus quickly, and are taught to avoid Sirius as much as possible. However, your best friend takes a turn and you just might find yourself needing the help of the mischevious Gryffindor boy.

author notes: sooo this is the longest thing i have ever written!!!! i am screaming!!!! i really really hope you all enjoy it omg we only have one more part to go i cannot believeeeeee….anyways feedback is always welcome and i love you all so much

Inside the meeting room, there were mixed conversations. All speculating why the meeting had been called. Dumbledore was sometimes an urgent person, and did like things to be done with haste, but normally not like this.

“Maybe someone’s been captured and gave up locations,” Sirius muses aloud, more so directed at James, who was seated beside his wife on the other end of the table.

“Possible,” James agrees with a nod. “This could be it, Pads,” he begins in an tone with climbing excitement. “Who do you think Dumbledore would send on that mission?”

“Not you, surely,” Lily mumbles, looking more anxious than angry.

Beside her, Peter is quiet, and you swear you can see him tremble. How would he hold up in a fight against the Dark Lord? You weren’t sure. Your eyes flick to Remus, the more sensible of the group, and he looks apprehensive, but you know he would help his friends if they truly were involved with such a dangerous task.

Suddenly, the fireplace in the room crackles and green flames spread around as a tall body steps out. Dumbledore smiles pleasantly at the room, striding to the head of the table without a word. A guy would recognize as Frank Longbottom opens his mouth to speak, but the Headmaster holds his hand up slowly.

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alright my dudes, have I got the competition for you. Since I’ve noticed a lack of Amy content recently, I figured I needed to fix that somehow, so here’s ya girl with a great competition. There’s five categories:

- Edits

- Moodboards

- Aesthetics

- Fanart

- Lockscreens/Wallpapers

and, basically, whoever makes the best in that category is gonna win.

How all this shit is gonna work:

basically, post your submission under the tag #peebsconcomp , and also put somewhere in you post (in the actual post or in the tags) what category you’re submitting it into! I will reblog every post on my blog under the tag #peebsub: (whatever category it is), and every like on the post will equal a vote for that submission! At the end of the competition, August 10th, I will tally up whichever posts have the most likes in each category, and determine a winner! 

The winners will receive their choice of a icon/wallpaper/header/moodboard/aesthetic/edit, and a promo!

The only rules I really have about this is one, the submissions have to have Amy in them (obv), and that you cannot vote for your own submission. Yes, you can reblog your submission a million times so that everyone who follows you sees it, but you cannot like your own submission! If you do, I just won’t count it as a vote lmao.

I can’t wait to see all of your lovely submissions! Let’s get creating!!! <3

also! i am so so happy they’re bringing jamila back. not only because i feel like this is a person who seems to have sana’s best interest at heart and because they have important things in common (religion, and them wanting to work in the medical field), but because them talking would allow sana to finally be able to let go of something that happened in the past, something that has been obviously bothering her and that she hasn’t been able to forget, it would allow her to get the closure she needs and move on, with a new friend. i cannot wait to see them sit down and talk :)

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hey um I don’t know if u do headcanons or if ur just a fic only kinda person but can I get something relationship-wise for gavin reed? I swear I’m like the only person who likes himfnfbfb but if u just REALLY don’t like him n feel like u can’t write for him I’m not gonna make a big deal out of it

LISTEN KID I may HATE that WEIRD BEARD MAN but I’ll do anything for my kids. I know what it’s like to love the unlovable characters, I can’t turn you down Sweet Anon. HowevER, I Cannot Legally speak of this man without roasting him so I can’t promise this’ll be how you like. 

This is also my first list of headcanons I’ve ever read so this might be awful? Very much out of my realm of expertise. 

(There is not a gif in existence of this man being chill oof)

Gavin Reed Relationship Headcanons

  • you definitely didn’t see it coming, considering whenever you made contact with Reed in the office it was through bumping shoulders or brawling over the last keurig cup.
  • but there were a f e w signs
  • He wasn’t a Garbage Monster to Connor when you were around because GOD does it piss you off
  • He jokes and bugs you far more than anyone else in the precinct but you’re pretty much the only one he has yet to ask out
  • There’s a coffee on your desk like Every Morning and everyone knows mornings in the break room are for Gavin’s breakdowns meditation sessions
  • Whenever he had to work a case with people, he’d always leave after the ‘fun’ was over, leaving them to do the evidence logging and paper work.
  • He n e v e r did that to you. 
  • These were small things you didn’t really notice
  • Until he almost had a fucking panic attack in front of you trying to ask you out at an office party
  • you were confusion
  • ??w h a t?? . png
  • you didn’t really like Gavin excessively, but you were thinking ‘might as well see where this shit show goes’
  • you doubt you’ve ever seen more relief when you agree to o n e date
  • speaking of dates
  • oh m a n
  • he is so F U C K I N G STRESSED.
  • He is in panic mode at the start of every date even when you start expressing affection
  • dontbeadickdontbeadickdontbeadick
  • goddamnit
  • Halfway through every date he calms down and enjoys himself 
  • it’s a little disturbing seeing him be vulnerable and Real ™ to be honest, but he’s much better that way
  • He’s just very scared you won’t like the real him but he’s also very scared you’ll leave him because he’s a Dick ™ all the time
  • But with your help he tries
  • he really does
  • he actually??? Called Connor Connor??? And like keeps to it??
  • You and Connor had a good 20 minute talk in front of the water cooler about this because how Fucking Wild
  • Fowler totally notices Gavin’s both emotional and overall work improvements (doing his fucking paperwork)
  • And he seems even better when you’re around??
  • Yeah you and Gavin are on like every case together now whhoops
  • He takes you to/from work everyday because as a cop that has crime stats on hand and you live in fucking neo-Detroit he is Scared For Your Safety
  • Whenever you do have a case by yourself or just not him he Always ™ finds a way to barge in, he wants to protect you but honestly it ends up making things a Fucking Mess so fights are p frequent
  • But what’s important is that you’re talking and you’re both learning
  • Feel like Gavin is definitely a tsundere type bitch so he HATES PDA but also gets very jealous very quick
  • so instead of the sweet hand around the waist super smooth ‘hello bb who’s this’ it’s
  • just an overall panicked nervous boy that is trying really hard to not be a dick.

He’s alright.

(Did you enjoy this??? I tried my best?? Anon if you don’t wanna reply off anon please send me what you thought i’m very interested?? How do you tag asks?? AAAh?)

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Me, squinting about the time skip spoiler and the speculation that Keith won’t enter cyrosleep with the rest of them: y’all, that will be a Third Time that he loses Shiro (and also by extension yet another family), wtf Voltron writers, what do you have against these Boys???? If the show goes this way, it’s the ultimate power move - fanon Sheith will never be more angsty than canon

FANON SHEITH IS ALREADY NOWHERE NEAR AS TRAGIC AS CANON SHEITH AND EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT THESE TWO IT HURTS MY POOR HEART,, ok but really–the parallels here would be killer. Keith disappearing for a while and then showing up years later with a scar, irrevocably changed in a way he himself cannot name–someone who suddenly feels like a stranger to Shiro, a person he once intimately knew that he must relearn from scratch. 

That’s a reversal of their roles at the beginning and just capitalizes on all these thematic parallels where they’re wrenched apart at the seams only to come crashing back together like some sort of cosmic destiny. Defying the stars and fate at every turn. Things are impossibly different, there’s more gaps in time that they’ll never be able to fill, lost to the universe forever. But still, Shiro takes a chance. “It’s good to have you back.” 

And then, the warm familiarity of that same smile when Keith echoes, “It’s good to be back.” 

When a God Breaks You Down and Builds You Up Again

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but I wanted to process my feelings on the conversation a little more before I jumped in. I’ve been seeing a few different posts going around about how the language some people use to describe their relationship with their deities can seem very similar to those in abusive relationships, namely people who describe their gods as having broken them down and built them back up again. I happen to be among people who use language like that so while I initially felt very defensive, I saw it as a good opportunity to reflect on this relationship and parse out why I personally didn’t feel it was toxic. 

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“The legacy I want to leave behind is that I worked as hard as I could with what I had at the time, and that I made people laugh and spread some positivity throughout the world that stays longer than I ever could.”

This moment really stood out for me. There are some YouTubers out there who only do what they do just for fame and money. But then there are YouTubers like Jack, who know that what they are doing and the impact it leaves in the world and how he wants to help people put a smile on their face every day. I’m really grateful that there is a person like him on YouTube who spreads kindness and positivity throughout the world and I cannot begin to thank you enough for that!


Hey guys….so I did a bad thing. And waht’s worse is I did it without even thinking. I would like to formally extend an apology to danaduchy for the use of their screen shots in this stupid edit of mine. I found a funny textpost I wanted to use, so I went to google and looked up ‘Older Nocts and Ignis’ and danaduchy’s images popped up in the search results. There was no link back to their profile, so rather than digging any deeper to try and find proper credit for these images, I just went a head and used them like a jackass. I put no thought into the effort that went into getting these screenshot in the first place, nor did I put any effort into doing them any justice by crediting the person who took that time in the first place. It was a careless mistake that has really upset the original content poster, and I cannot apologize enough. I never meant to hurt or anger anyone when making that post. I have no way of making it up to you, and can only apologize from my carelessness and theft of your content. I am 100% in the wrong here, and I am so sorry for any distress I have caused. I don’t know if you will forgive me, but please at least know that I acknowledge I have wronged you, I am sorry, and I will do what I can to make this situation better and ensure it never happens on this blog again. I can’t say it enough: I am so sorry. 

violetrages  asked:

theodore nott and susan bones bond over having magical creatures as patronus. Susan has a theastral patronus and Theo can see them. Theo has a sphinx which reminds him of his mother.

  • theo was able to see thestrals by the age of fourteen.
  • he lost his mother, and it was the hardest thing he had ever had to go through.
  • she was the only person he ever felt connected to, and he had lost her. 
  • susan had been able to see thestrals for as long as she could remember, and that had always haunted her.
  • theo was surprised when he was able to cast a patronus; he did not think it would have been possible for him.
  • and when it turned out to be a sphinx, he cried for days.
  • his mom’s patronus was a sphinx.
  • when susan first saw her patronus during the battle of hogwarts, she swore she froze in time.
  • how could the purest part of her soul be a symbol of the very thing she despised most?
  • but in that moment, she swallowed it down and kept fighting; that’s all she could do.
  • it was after the battle, and theo was sitting awkwardly away from the crowd.
  • he had stayed to fight; he knew his mother would have believed in this cause.
  • she hated his father’s choices.
  • susan made her way over to theo, and it surprised him.
  • people were still acting as though he did not exist.
  • she had a long open gash down her cheek, and he was sure at this point it would scar.
  • she looked as exhausted as he felt.
  • “it was very honorable,” she whispered, “for you to stay.”
  • theo didn’t know what to do other than shrug.
  • “i hate my father. i knew it would make my mother proud. i’m sure your family would be proud of you too, susan.”
  • she glanced over at him with tear filled eyes.
  • one fell down her cheek, but she didn’t sob.
  • no.
  • he watched her swallow the rest down.
  • “well, it was the right thing to do.”
  • he watched as she locked her fingers together in her lap and looked down at them.
  • they were silent for a few moments until she tucked a red curly lock behind her ear and commented, “your patronus is cool. i’m fascinated by sphinxes.”
  • he swallowed hard.
  • “you saw my patronus?”
  • he had only used the patronus charm once at the beginning of the battle.
  • “yeah, and it’s better than mine.”
  • “what is your’s?”
  • he watched as she furrowed her brows together.
  • she looked torn.
  • “um,” she whispered, “it is a thestral.”
  • “that’s really rare,” he replied, “it must mean you’re gifted.”
  • she scoffed.
  • “or it means i’m cursed. what kind of practical joke is that anyway? the creature that represents my soul is the very animal that represents my loss. how funny.
  • he took a deep breath.
  • he felt for her; he really did.
  • “i have seen thestrals in person. they are beautiful creatures. i think those who have seen death are the only ones who can see them because they understand something the rest of the world cannot.”
  • her eyes turned wide at the realization that he had lost someone too.
  • “i’m sorry,” she said, “i had no idea.”
  • “most people don’t.”
  • they then sat in silence. 
  • he realized susan, like him, was a person of few words.
  • after awhile, she got up.
  • but before she left, she softly placed her hand on his shoulder.
  • “keep in touch, theo,” she said seriously, “i know you understand.
  • and as he watched her walk away, he realized he did understand.
  • susan bones was like him but stronger.
  • and she was someone he needed in his life.