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[SPOILERS] Fairy Tail Chapter 532 & 533 Reactions

Mygahd, this is going to be a long one. You better snuggle up beneath a comforter or something because this is really a lot! LIKE, SO MUCH. (tons of pics too) By the way, I switched to mangastream because apparently there are different translations and this seems really good soo… yeah.

Ehem, let’s begin.

So first I would like you all to give this picture so much attention. Like damn, that’s really some ZerVis fanservice right there hahahaha

Moving onto the actual chapter though of 532, there IS plenty of sexual tension (or maybe it’s just me?)

I wish Zeref had just taken Mavis’ offer! What IF he could be mortal again? Wouldn’t that be great? But then Mavis would be left alone in Acnologia’s hands if he ever managed to end the world. They would be the only ones left.

Huhu, it really pains me that Zeref is hurting Mavis. But it’s kind of sad too, because once upon a time, this man loved her so much that she ended up dying even though she had the same curse. I bet it’s hurting him too, but he has to hide it T.T

AHHHH LOOK AT THAT SEXUAL TENSION!!! I’m telling you guys, if they weren’t enemies and if Natsu wasn’t around, they’d be all over each other. It makes me really sad that they’re enemies huhuhu they’d be a really nice family you know, if you put aside their, uh, flaws. HUGE flaws. BIG mistakes. Like Zeref’s psychotic urges.

I thought the sexual tension would be over until…

HAHAHAHA okay okay I know this is a really serious scene and it’s bad but… you know, if he wasn’t actually absorbing all of her magic, this is a pretty naughty scene and FT is an ecchi. It has become one, anyway. 

Nevertheless, the finality of Zeref taking away all of her magic and getting rid of his affection for her really hits hard. It’s painful. And when I reached this page I was just. “Oh. my. gosh.” that was all I was thinking about tbh.

I thought all these ZerVis feels would be over. But then this came.

Like UGHHHHH must you always play with my heart, Mashima? You are a jerk, honestly. I love my sappy romance hahaha or is this not enough to be called sappy? Meh, I loved this part anyways. I guess I kind of do like the whole idea of dying-by-the-hands-of-the-man-you-love. Technically she isn’t dead though, according to Zeref. Just drained.


DAMN! Like, DAMN! WOWWWW———-but wait.

If Mavis had Fairy Heart all this time… if she had infinite magic, that surpassed space and time itself, then why didn’t she just destroy Acnologia herself?? Or am I missing something important here and I’m just making useless assumptions? 

Irdk, but that was the first thought that came to mind when Zeref transformed into this. I just think it would’ve made this whole situation easier, y’know? Mashima likes it complicated tho. Like this scene, for example.

Bruh, I thought you loved your brother! That’s why you revived him, didn’t you? Ugh, I swear, he’s such a complex character. Writing about him in my one-shot is really difficult, but I decided I’ll just do whatever I want to do hahaha.

Back to the story. If Lucy manages to rewrite the book then, will Natsu live? I’m guessing that’s the next thing that will happen, after Zeref has killed him. And that painful truth tho! Huhuh, why is he so heartless?

I have run out of reactions LOL. I would love to ramble some more but really, this is too long. So, I hope you enjoyed this little ride and let’s all wait patiently for the next update!