i can;t lose you

It’s cigarettes
wrapped up
by thin lips.

It’s secrets
and our song
to the rhythm
of your hips.

Or maybe your
pink lipstick.

It’s heartbeats
in sync
and capsules
filled with
“I love you “s
for rainy days

It’s lips sewn shut
because you’re
my favorite part of me
and I can’t lose any
more pieces

It’s my eyes
following you
and my heart
falling apart
when you look
at me too.

~ZiXo // Falling for your best friend
(Anon request )

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hey baby! can you write a jughead x fem!reader?? with prompts 35 and 77, pleaseee💕

prompts, ‘Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me’ and ‘I can’t… I can’t lose you’”

spoilers: set after the season final, when Jughead receives the serpent jacket.

“Juggy.” You stare out toward the boy. His face turned stiff from the sound of your voice. “Jughead, what are you doing?” You watched the dark haired boy roll his shoulders in the dark leather jacket. The rest of the serpents had long left the area, as the pair of you stood. Jughead’s back was facing your direction, an open door was the only thing seperating you and the boy you loved.

“Y/N” he paused. “I think you should leave.” His face was void of emotion as the words fell from his mouth.

“What’s going on?” You stepped forward and losely held onto the back of his arm. Brushing your hand off his should with a deep breathe he turned around. He opened his mouth to speak but one look in your eyes had him shut up, starring at his feet battling a battle in his.mind that he knew he wasn’t going to win. For all the years you had known Jughead Jones, he was never at a loss for words. 

“Jughead.” You firmly said. “What are you thinking. Just tell me.” You watched the boy in confusion, the gears in his head turned at a rapid speed right infront of your eyes.

“Y/N, do you know why we came here tonight.“  He questioned still glancing at his shoes. You found yourself picking at your fingernails as you listened to him speak.

“Jughe-” “Look, this,” he gestured between the two you. “It isn’t going to work."  His eyes now staring into yours, you let out a small scoff.

"So what?” you question with a raise of your eyebrows. “You are breaking up with me? Over a jacket? Four years, just down the drain because of the serpents?”

“It was a long time coming, Y/N.” If he had said it any quieter and he would have be inaudible to your ears.

“Don’t pull that with me. We were plently happy, not even half an hour ago. What has gotten into you?” You glanced at him, to see if he had anything to say in return. “I stuck around.” You spoke in a rushed enraged tone. Throwing your arms around dramatically. “I stuck around through your parents divorce, I stuck around when you were homeless, I betrayed my brother’s trust for you,” With a sigh, you quieted down an octave, “I stuck around even when you went and kissed Betty behind my back! You cheated on me! And I forgave you! Did that just mean nothing to you?” “I can’t… I can’t lose you Jughead."  You heard the younger boy suck in a deep breathe and watched as he clenched his eyes shut.

"I dont want you anymore Y/N. You aren’t enough for me.”

  “You don’t actually believe that do you?”

  “I’m a serpent now. I have a new family, I dont need you anymore.” Tears were now falling from your eyes, your brain was racking every single situation where this couldn’t be possible. It had to be some sort of joke or, or bad dream that you were to wake up from any minute. “I think you should leave Y/N,” Your hands clutched the edges of your shirt, four years of building this relationship, twelve  years of friendship is going to be over, washed away all because of this.

“I love you.”

“Y/N we are over.” His voice was ever so calm, and the air was foggy, and everything was eerily quiet, the cold wind brushed against your cheeks, turning them a darker shade of red. You were beyond upset by now and all you wanted was to take your anger out on something or someone. You take a deep breathe, as you let your fist punch into Jughead’s chest.

“Go on,” You stepped back, sending your arms up. “Tell me. Tell me that you don’t love me.” He paused before answering which gave you the smallest bit of hope, that he was uncertain with his answer. But the quicker it came the quicker it went.

“I don’t love you anymore.”

The boy brushed past your shoulder and slammed the door to his Father’s caravan shut. Sobs wracked through your entire body and you feel onto your knees, on the wet wooden floor. On the otherside of the door, the darkhaired boy let his tears silently fall down his cheeks, aware you were still outside he remained as quiet as possible as he slid down the door and let his head fall in his hands. He didn’t know when the tears would stop that night.

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Master List

so i pretend like it doesn’t hurt
i pretend like i’m okay without you
what i haven’t told you is that i can’t delete our pictures, i can’t get your smile out of my head, i can’t think of you without losing my breath and i can’t listen to frank ocean without wondering if you’re listening to him too
do you think about me?
was it easy to let all of it go?
everyone has a choice and my choice was you
i don’t know how to let everything go the way that you did
i wanted to melt with you
i wanted to run away without ever leaving our homes with you
i wanted to come home after a long day and feel like i had everything because i had you
i waited three years to be the girl you kissed goodnight
three years to be the girl you never stopped thinking about
while you took 3 weeks to let me go
—  excuse me while i wait another three years to forget you

you aren’t going back there alone
because I know that I can’t lose you
for if I did, I’d lose the part of me that is finally healing

and I believe in you, I trust you
and that took time and faith and you have earned it
you have somehow come to hold a piece of my soul

through the dangers this universe forces us to face
I know that I can get through it all 
as long as you are standing right next to me

you have become my shelter, my fire in the coldest night
and I’ll give up everything for the chance to be yours

—  Unfinished Stories #105 by Abby S

“Oh god,” their voice quivered. “You’re alive - I thought you were-”

They cut off as their crush stood up slowly stood up, eyes fixed on them. Dark, intent.

Their crush took a few slow steps closer.

They swallowed. “And it would have been all my fault-”

Their crush cupped their face and kissed them, quieting them to a soft moan. They broke after a moment for breath.

“I can’t lose you-” they began again, frantic, overspilling with words they thought they’d never get to say.

Their crush kissed them once.

“I love you,” they finished helplessly. And, this time, and they drew their crush into a searing kiss, melting against them.

Lilacs (Short Langst)

Lance refuses to meet the worried eyes of his friends around his hospital bed. Their concerned gazes burn into him with an intensity that shakes him to the core. It’s almost bittersweet.

He’s forced to look up when Hunk speaks;

“Lance, I know it’s hard, but please, please get the surgery. I-I can’t lose you buddy.” His voice is heavy with tears.

Lance shakes his head. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” Lance wishes that he could take away his friend’s pain. He knows that he can’t.

Keith steps forward and slams his fist against the mattress. “Why? Why can’t you just get the operation?!? You’re going to die without it!” His breathing is heavy. Tears leak out of his eyes.

Lance turns his eyes down to his lap and stares at the tubes feeding into his arms.

“I can’t forget. Life without them is meaningless. I-” Lance breaks off with a violent cough. His friends all jump up and rush to his side. Shiro pats his back, trying to calm him down.

Lance’s eyes water as he hacks up bloodied purple petals.

He looks towards the person who caused this, meeting their wide, worried gaze.

“I could never forget you. I love you too much.”

The room breaks into chaos as Lance falls against his pillow, hacking violently. His friends can do nothing as he chokes on blossoms. Pidge races from the room to try and find someone who can help.

By the time they return, It’s too late.

The room is silent as they stare at Lance with tears falling down their faces like rain. He almost looks peaceful, although that’s a given. After all…

Lance always did love lilacs.

-I tried to make it as neutral as possible. You guys can decide who it was that Lance fell in love with. It’s open to interpretation. I hope you liked it! :)

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Hey I was wondering if you could help me find any post season 4 fics where Bellamy ends up hearing clarkes messages

The Beating Dead Heart

Summary: After having passed out, you end up in hospital where your brother Matt and your best friend Caroline are anxiously waiting for you to wake up. But they are not the only ones who are concerned; so is Klaus. The two of you have had a thing for each other for some time – maybe this will make you realize how serious your feelings for each other are?

12. “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”
21. “You need to wake up darling because I don’t think I can do this without you.”

Pairing: KlausxReader

The four words shone brightly, bathing his face in a yellowish light. They were the only thing which Klaus focused on. They even managed to make his dead heart skip a beat.

‘Y/N is in hospital’

Sure, Caroline’s message contained more words and more information than this but his eyes would not leave those four words. At least not until he finally got control over himself and vamp-speeded his way to the hospital, not caring about who was in his way.

Klaus cared about one thing and one thing only. You. And he would not rest until he knew that you were safe.

After passing countless of patients, relatives, and doctors and compelling all of them to lead him in your direction, Klaus finally noticed your brother and your best friend. His steps were firm as he angrily walked towards them.

Klaus: How is she?

Both Caroline and Matt jumped by surprise when Klaus’ loud and harsh words had been said.

Caroline: She’s still out. The doctors don’t know when she’ll wake up.

Klaus’ breathing got irregular, his mind was filled with different sceneries of what could happen – the worst one being too unbearable to even consider.

Klaus: I need to see her.

Before he had a chance to open the door into her room, Matt stepped in front of him and placed his hand on Klaus’ chest.

Matt: No, what you need is to take a breather. I’m generally not that keen about my sister being with you but I’m not letting you anywhere near her when you’re like this.

For a second, Klaus thought about just throwing Matt aside and enter the room to see you. But he knew that it would upset you. Instead he fought his inner intentions and tried to take a deep breath.

Klaus: What happened?

Caroline: She just suddenly passed out. The doctors say it’s due to exhaustion. But that wasn’t the serious thing. When she fell, she hit her head rather badly. They say that she should be okay but there’s really no telling before she wakes up.

After hearing what had happened to you, Klaus began cursing himself. He should have been there. If he had, he would have caught you before you had touched the ground and hurt yourself. When he spoke, his words were once again filled with spite and anger.

Klaus: Why didn’t you heal her?!

Matt: Because neither I nor my sister wish to see her as a vampire. And in this town, people with vampire blood tend to turn into bloodsucking creatures like you!

Caroline: Matt.

The tension between Klaus and Matt was filling the entire hospital and even though Caroline was slightly hurt about Matt’s words, she also did not want to have you turning into a vampire. But right now she just wanted to make sure that both Klaus and Matt were alive when you finally woke up.

Inside of Klaus, something changed. He had always known that you were human and that you intended on staying human – you were a Donovan, after all. But you being human meant that you were vulnerable and that you would not get to live that many years on this earth.

Somehow, you being a vulnerable human made Klaus, the invincible hybrid king, just as vulnerable. He needed to see you safe and sound. When Klaus spoke this time, his words were no longer harsh or filled with angry – they were filled with honest worry and caring.

Klaus: Let me see her. Please, I have to see her.

It was hard to tell if it was Klaus or Caroline and Matt who were the most surprised about Klaus saying ‘please’. Perhaps, it was due to that surprise that Matt slowly stepped aside and made it possible for Klaus to get into your room.

The first thing Klaus noticed when he saw you was how small and fragile you looked in that big hospital bed. Then, he saw how white your skin was. He had to close his eyes for a second to find the strength to fight the water in his eyes.

He slowly made his way towards you and sat in the chair next to you bed. Lightly, he stroked your cheek and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

Quietly, his heart began speaking.

Klaus: You need to wake up darling because I don’t think I can do this without you. I need you. Please.

For the second time of today, Klaus surprised himself by saying ‘please’.

He did not know if you had heard him and was surprised as well but suddenly your eyelids began to flutter until they finally opened and revealed your beautiful eyes. Klaus let out a breath that he did not even know that he had held.

Y/N: Where… am I?

Your eyes searched the room but nothing seemed familiar.

Klaus: You’re in hospital, love. You had a pretty bad fall.

After a few seconds, you figured out where the voice came from and your eyes found Klaus’. It took some time to comprehend what he was saying but there was still something that you needed to understand.

Y/N: Why are you here Klaus? With me?

Klaus tried to keep his face straight and pretend that your words did not hurt him. He understood that his previous actions could confuse you – usually, all he cared about was gaining power. But that was until he met you and got to truly know you. Now, you were all that mattered to him.

Klaus: You might now believe me but there’s really no place I’d rather be than right here.

A smile crept onto your lips and you felt you cheeks getting warmer.

Klaus: I came as soon as Caroline told me what had happened. I don’t recall a time where I’ve ever felt so scared. I can’t stand the thought of losing you, Y/N.

Your hand slowly found his and squeezed it.

Y/N: Well, then it’s a good thing that I don’t plan on going anywhere.

For some time, the two of you just smiled at each other, your eyes filled with gentleness.

But it did not take long before your eyelids began feeling heavier and you began yawning. Klaus, of course, noticed it right away.

Klaus: You should rest.

You nodded tiredly and yawned once more. Just before you closed your eyelids, you saw that Klaus was about to stand up. You instantly held his hand tighter.

Y/N: Wait! Will you stay with me, Klaus? Please.

Klaus body got warm and he could not help but smile an honest and genuine smile. It had been a long time since anyone really depended on him.

Klaus: Of course, I promise, love. I just quickly need to go out and tell your brother and Caroline that you have awoken. But besides that I promise to stay by your side for as long as you’d like me to.

He had not even finished speaking before you fell asleep with a smile on your face. Gently, Klaus bowed down and pressed a kiss on your forehead, careful not to wake you up.

He knew that there would be difficulties with you being human and him being a vampire. But right now that did not matter. All that mattered to Klaus was the smile on your lips. The smile that he wished to see every single day for the rest of his life.

The smile that made his dead heart beat again.

Lady Midnight Deleted Scene

Livvy: Cristina is really cool. I like her.

Emma: Good. I like her too.

Livvy: So, I think we should set her up with Julian.

Emma: Liv, Liv…*shouting* I can’t hear you. I am losing the signal.

Livvy: I am standing right next to you, Emma.

Emma: what… sorry, I am going through the tunnel… *makes krshkrsh noise* can’t hear anything… bye *runs away*

Livvy: *sigh*

"I can't lose you."

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“Where are you going?”

Harry urgently asked in a strained voice, still dressed in his CEO work suit, matching the same pace you’re walking.

You kept your face straight, gripping the long dress you were wearing with him hot on your heels, following you until you were out of the back exit of the hotel that was allotted for Harry so paps weren’t able to see him, especially in a business party that caused traffic all over the place.

“We’re talking about this,” he said, his tone being a lot more urgent than before, worry and pain evident.

“Since when did we talk not unless it’s about your business or when we attend your own business galas and parties?”

“Y/N, we’re gonna talk.”

“Now you want to? When was the last time you said I love you? When was the last time we went out on a proper date, just the two of us?”

“Love-…” he tried to start, the both of you stopping in the middle of a parking area, tears continuously coming out of your eyes and his.

“When was the last time that you remembered that you have a fiancée and it’s just not about you being the CEO of your goddamn company?”

Harry went silent, swallowing his pride and the lump in his throat, his lip caught in between his teeth.

“Harry, I am so tired of compromising. I am so tired of understanding when-…”

“I can’t lose you.”

He said in a whisper, loud enough for you to hear since you were the only two people there, shaking his head back and forth.

“We’re not breaking up.”

You let out a pathetic whimper, the times when Harry stood you up turning into a flashback, but you didn’t want to relive those.

“Look, I can lose my company but I cannot afford to lose you!”

He desperately said, the sentence ending in a stern tone but as vulnerable as him when it still did, wanting to get an answer from you and for you to look at him.

“I’m not making you choose between me or your business.”

He pleaded with his eyes, his figure mere inches away from yours, still refusing to meet your eyes.

“I know. I don’t do things without a reason, that’s why I proposed. And goddamn it, Y/N, I was irreasonable these past few months.”

Your breathing got caught in your throat, the tight hold in your dress being released.

“I’m not going to hold you back. I’m not going to make you choose between our marriage and your business, you know that.”

Harry didn’t say anything, closing off the space with him pushing you towards him by holding the small of your back, wrapping his arms around.

“But if it comes to that, I’ll choose you; every single day.”

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