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alright buddies ,  so i can’t make fancy graphics for shit but uhh this my NYE post.  thanks

so like , considering today is both my birthday and the last day of the year , i really want to reflect on it?   making eden was a big step for me   - she was my first non fandom / non group oc and truly i hadn’t expected her 2 take off nor had i expected her blog to become a way for me to connect with so many people who i’d admired / been too awkward to speak to before !   it also helped me start seeing people for who they are ?  whether it’s good or bad and so yeah !  thanks 2017 , you weren’t all bad

but here are some homiez

@romebuilt   :    ROME AKA ETHNIC SUPREME , i really truly love you.   i can’t believe it’s been over three years   and you literally are the same icon you’ve always been.  you’ve never been afraid to speak your mind (legendary) and you’re honest (iconic).    lit every muse you’ve TOUCHED has been one of my faves and just ?    i want u to know you’re one of the few people on this site i would actively cry for and support.      i love you so much okay?

@variforme / @eyesofwater / @nottingale  : ALL Y’ALL IS NASTY.  with mr. lee this and show me the buttercreams and taejun’s peachy tushie y’all really out here sinning .    but i love you hennyways y’all are a RIOT like just coming into you guys after 7+ hours of work or after my long ass days at school  has truly helped to brighten my outlook on things ?   i’ve lit cried because y’all are frequently so supportive of me and concerned abt me.   nazy , texting you has done more good to me than i think you’ll ever know and just ?   i love you so so so much.   neo and shin ?    ny’all are two of the most creative people in the rpc and i love seeing you both not only talk abt ur canons but just salt abt things.  like i love u guys i’m gonna c r y brb    

@veraecity / @nevermorx  “  LISTEN.  …    LISTEEN you guys …   my gals. my ladies… .  my og crew i love you so so so so so much.     it’s rly sad that the second part of the year took so much time for us  ( cause me and eva had work and league stole aime for good … eva she’s not coming back . .  . gone forever. )      but no , i love you guys.   because we have so little time together now, when we manage to all get together in a stream or just in the chat i cherish so much of it.    eva , you’re totally going to kick school in the ass and i’m still so happy abt hearing about your job ok ?    aime ? idk much abt league but i support u and ur totes the best player around.    i love u guys ok

@sleuthis / @sevarity / @volchista  :  YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS.  NEWT NIHI AND SEREN    -  literally the most pro - dike people out there.   newt , i say this often cause i mean it but  ? you’re a rare soul ok ?  i’ve never seen anyone so kind and smart and talented like ?    you’re honestly too good for this world ?   nihi , i love u so much.   you listen to me rave when no one else does and that means the world.   and you’re so smart too like ? vari’s canon is iconic , she’s an icon and you’re an icon for doing it.    and seren  -    i literally cannot imagine not having known you ?   like , from when i first started to interact with you on zoya to now , you’ve been such a creative force in the rpc and you’ve only started to grow.   i just love you guys.   i rly do

@10ban  : VAL  , I’M STILL WAITING ON MY WEDDING     -   2017 tho … .  been a blast. we got called out by an OP for commenting on their post , to my simple question getting like 100 notes from personals hitting ur blog up to the return of itasei on the dash.     but that aside , i’m just glad that i’ve been able to talk to you more even tho i’m not currently in an animu fandom.  <3  i love you so much and i know our friendship is real considering we watched boruto together and survived.

@thndress  : YERI !!!!   my love !!!! oh my GOD i cannot believe i just met you like you’re already one of my favourite people.  everything u do is GOLD   - i love mayuree  ( and tell mingyu and isaiah 2 be safe and drink water )   and i just love how she and eden are already becoming bffs  ?????????? but also ?  i love that abt u as well ? you’re so easy 2 talk to and frankly i love the fact that i get to hear abt ur dog now ?    i love it i love it i LOVE it

@vorganes  : EVAN IF UR PLAYING SPLATOON I HOPE YOU’RE HAVING FUN BECAUSE U DESERVE IT AND I LOVE U.      you are so kind and so creative and just ?     everytime you talk to me it’s like i’m being hugged because you’re that comforting and considerate  ?   i love you so so so much and you deserve so much happiness in this world

@bcstgirl :  I AM THE WORST AT RESPONDING TO MESSAGES BUT THANK YOU FOR TOLERATING ME. i love peggy and i love how she’s officially the new mother of eden but also her big sister and best friend.  i just love their dynamic and i love how willing you are to support me both with blog stuff and with my actual life. it means a LOT to me so thank yousososososos much.


finally , here’s all the peeps i’m glad to have met or reconnected with over this year !   

@lycaean , @pugsleyaddams , @creeptwins , @silvaer , @quinn , @existench , @excults , @kaosmoke , @ensavaged , @nightscaped , @hermaeth , @lsexd , @theforcetm , @horrorsymph , @perishen , @inheritguilt , @daturida , @wonwars@batzoku , @cathydoll, @pulitzerlost , @webfluid , @taubc , @deathrisen . @rotdecay  + any one else i forgot !!

yet another year has passed and i still can’t make graphics for shit i need to fix this

well it’s officially 2018, which means infinity war is going to kill us all in a few months anyways so i wanted to get a few words in before then—here are some wishes for the new year!!

@jamesbuchanans: wins!!! my ride or die!!!!! #1 hoe since day one!!!! i love you *guitar strum* biTCH thank you for always doing the most for me staying up until 5 am bc we’re both dying in school and believing in my dumb ass!!! hopefully this year we can finally end our white boy nonsense that won’t happen

@captainevans: ah, becka. thank you for being my piece of home down south and keeping my head on straight literally every damn day. i’ve known you for two years now and they’ve been two of the best in my life, full of laughs and kindness and love you somehow decided to bestow upon me. for that, i am forever thankful. here’s to more happiness this year.

@spacenerdevans: nikki!! my favorite angel of all time, ilysm. you’re the purest, most wholesome person on this planet and i’m so, SO grateful to have you in my life. you need to stop making me so soft all the time though otherwise i’m gonna melt into mush and then i can’t tell you anymore how much chris loves you. i hope the year is a wonderful one for you and you find all the love you’ve deserved this entire time.

@buckybarrnes: damn adi did you really think i was gonna let you slide? absolutely not sis!!! can’t believe i finally met my long-lost twin. anyways thanks for always bitchin with me, maybe this will be the year college finally treats us right and we don’t have bad classes with bad lab instructors. i might even start disney stuff, just for you.

@tomshollandss: kelly, my love. i know we only really started talking recently but i honestly look up to you in so many ways, ever since i first followed you. you were one of my first tom mutuals, and your strength and warmth made me feel welcome in the fandom, something i’m so grateful for. i hope that we can get closer in the new year, filled with more fluff lmao.

my wonderfully sweet mutuals, who i hope have a 2018 that’s just as sweet as you are ♥ (i feel like i missed a ton of you and if i did i’m so sorry!!! i wish you all the best)


@beautifullybarnes@chriservans, @cuteparkers@daredvils@hddlstn@homecomign@hufflepuffholland, @hsjmatt@laufeybros, @mjmichellejones, @oscraisaac


@peterparkrers, @screamholland@sebbys@sexualthorientation@steverogesr@stripperskywalker@tbholland@tomhollandy@urulokid@yikesbucky  


okay so since i’m not talented or creative at all like the rest of my lovely followers, i can’t make graphics or anything like that but i wanted to do something because it’s the beginning of 2018 and there’s so many of you that i love and i’m so grateful for the friendships that i have made on here and the people that i have met and i just wanted to show my appreciation because all of you if we talk or don’t talk mean so much to me.

@lolotoituaiga - @reneeapplebum - @thearchitectoftomorrow - @luctatio - @ringsoldiers - @tragicfated - @slahtiz - @c0ldbloodedmurder - @kalxidoscopc - @fateddivine - @steelfists - @of-goodandevil - @siimplyphenomenal - @rcmpcige - @lasskickcr - @wonderbvlla - @monumcntal - @despairsfreedom - @letotolaina - @av3ngersassvmble - @fomhorach - @fearedher - @beavtyandgrace - @topeconhiilo - @xobriemode - @sardonicxsouls - @phcnomenal - @tarnishedgvld -

Hello! Today my computer died xD(for now) so i can’t use my graphic tablet.
I can just do some tradditional arts, and normally tomorrow I can use my computer ^^ (and i have no indpiration today XD)

yesterday two years ago i had sat in a movie theater for 5 hours before the movie starts to get a good seat for TFA. today two years ago i decided to take on rey as a muse. while there was a year break, from august 2016 to october 2017, my love for rey never died.

i know i am not the best rey, i can’t make a theme graphic to save my life (someone pls save my theme wow) and my writing is mediocre at best, but for some reason about 160 people follow this blog (30 of which were last night alone).

since i have zero talent for a give away i thought i’d do a follow forever (under the cut). i love you all and i apologize now if i forget some people!!!

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so i can’t make a pretty graphic since i’m still on chromebook n’ i can’t be fucked to get on desktop, anywho, here we go!!

honestly, the last year has been terrible. we thought 2017 couldn’t be any worse than 2016 and yet, it decided to prove us wrong. there have been some really hard ups and downs, but we’re not going to talk about the downs. we’re going to talk about the ups! i’ve met some really great people this year, have held on to ones that have been with me for longer. hell, i’ve even been lucky enough to have some people return to my life that i never thought would.

all of you are amazing and honestly, without you and this hellsite, i have no idea where i’d be. you have helped me more than you realize, in ways that i can never express. each and every single one of you are a treasure and you need to know that i appreciate your existence.

now, because of who i am, it’s time for a bias list. some very special beans who have made my day on at least one occasion who i consider friends, even if we really talk or people who i just really admire. if you’re not on this list, please don’t think that means i think any less of you! i probably just forgot bc i’m… me.

mmkay! so, thank you for making my hear special.

@moonshadcws ; @heartsofvalor ; @mkvch ; @moonsworn ; @astrepur ; @oldhearts ; @queenmargo ; @moonoverbourbon ; @unearthlyxones ; @finestwolves​ ; @trcgicfate​ ; @letagin ; @britishnation ; @brokcnsouls ; @trustmeimawitch​ ; @jockantagonist​ ; @bowstrung​ ; @angelblccded​ 

and!! i’m forgetting some i feel but honestly just know that if we’re following each other i love you so much. thank you all so much. and guess what, guys?? 


I can’t understand why my graphic tablet is acting weird ;__; when I reboot my pc it says “usb device not recognized” in EVERY usb port until the luck comes and it’s recognized. And then, after 10 minutes and such, the cursor it’s stuck, the pen doesn’t work anymore, moving the mouse doesn’t do anything but a slight flicker of the cursor and I can’t do anything but reboot my pc. This 3 times in a row, and now the device is not recognized again

I’m crying…

dumplintwotimes replied to your post:

I know a lot of people have said this already, but…

What book are you reading?

I’m reading 魔女の家 - エレンの日記 by ふみー (the novel, not the manga). I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but there’s a free RPG-style horror game called 魔女の家. The book is basically the prologue to that game.

I can’t say how graphic the book will be, so if you decide to pick it up be warned that it is a horror novel.

Edit: Here’s the Amazon link

“A hunter of shadows, himself a shade.” –– Homer, Odyssey [ re: Orion ]


Happy New Year!!

I can’t make great graphics, but I tried? :P I absolutely love seeing Orion on my dash, I think your portrayal of him is wonderful. He is beautiful, tragic, hilarious, dark, fascinating, et cetera, and reading about him just makes my day. I can’t wait to write more with him and learn more about him. I don’t know what else to say other than keep doing what you’re doing, ‘cause I think you’re great!

- Your secret santa ;)