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i’m about to do replies but friendly mushy jen reminder of how much i appreciate each and every one of you! seriously, unfollows are hard, and it’s always sad to see someone go, but to those who have been here since the beginning and to those who have recently joined us – thanks for being a part of this family. i’m so proud of all of you and all of your charaters and seriously, if you guys need anything or even just wanna plot, i’m an IM away ( or ask for my skype )! and honestly, i can’t make graphics for shit, so to see you guys make graphics featuring everyone’s characters is making me all emo and my tasks will probably be text based, but i’m just … so proud of you guys. OH ALSO i lost some plots with all the unfollows we’re doing so if anyone wants to do an angsty ex connection or even just plot up some drama, let me know. ok bye.

My best friend never finished the books, but she still loves the series and the whole HP universe (we went to the park at Universal two weeks after the grand opening). She’s 6 months pregnant and is already building a library for my little niece. I’ve told her I’m getting her the HP books, not just so my niece can enjoy the magic but maybe so my bestie can finally finish the series herself. I can’t wait!

(graphic by @hookedonce!)

Happy 31th birthday Massu! (in Japan, it’s 4th of July already, even in my timezone still not yet lol)

It’s been a while since my last Massu’s birthday post, and this year I can’t make any graphics or fanart for Massu’s bday *sigh*

Hope you enjoy your 31 years old day to the fullest, Massu. If you have a gf, go get married with her /slapped. I really want you to have a romance drama, hope you’ll get a role for it as soon as possible ((I still feel a bit upset that I can’t see Massu’s romance scene in Strange Fruit anywhere lol)). Be shining as always, and wishing all the best for you.

Special request: please Massu, make a comeback with テゴマス :“D or a regular TV show for NEWS. Or something like that. Well, I’m sorry for being a greedy fangirl. Lol.

the connellys

so because i can’t do cool graphics i’m just gonna type stuff. the connelly family is a family rich with irish blood. (like drink on all holidays, shun you if you don’t go to mass irish blood) colin connelly is a famous director who is a bit like ron howard while lucy connelly is a famous actress (now philanthropist) who met colin on the set of a movie she worked on with him.

the connelly family is large, rowdy, and everyone knows them but typically not before they turn 18 since colin and lucy did not want their kids to grow up in the spotlight if they could help it. once they turned 18 though they could choose to stay in the hollywood world or go off and do their own thing.

i would really like for them to look the same or look like they could be related to armie hammer and i would love for them to have traditional irish names as well!! genders are up in the air as well so if you have a character that fits holla at me! also all of the siblings will be on lachlan’s late night show at some point because he has a segment where he talks family with his siblings and it’s fucking hilarious ok so if the need to promote something they’re working on lachlan’s gotchu

desmond connelly. 38. celebrity chef. charlie hunnam. (played by melanie)
talulla connelly. 35. actress. blake lively. (played by momo)
lachlan connelly. 31. late night talkshow host. armie hammer (played by kathleen)
first connelly. 27. club owner. eliza taylor. (played by izzy)
first connelly. 24. occupation. face.
finn connelly. 21. actor. tom holland. (played by talia)
first connelly. 19. occupation. face.

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(Italian anon again) Maybe the reason is because Italian adaptations of dialogues in movies and such tend to be 'softened' and made less graphic, so I guess we end up as being less exposed and hence less used to graphic language in media. It feels so weird, embarrassing and low key funny, I can't take seriously a graphic dialogue in Italian.


suckadiick replied to your post: @suckadiick I see you lurking. I miss your Max…

( asfghkl let me live……… rn i’m trying to remake my graphics and shit honestly so i can reboot this loser i just bless i missed this fandom !?!?! )

I missed this fandom too tbh. I can’t do the graphic thing, how do you do the thing? I have just enough talent to crop icons, stick psds on them, and throw them on posts. 8′)

            Pero algún día vas a querer volver al verme bien, besando amor en otros labios.                                               El corazón te va a d o l e r  y vas a ver
                                        q u e   e s t a b a s   t a n    e q u i v o c a d o …