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Do you know of any other Anna-centric fics? Off the top of my head all I can think of is You Are by livinglamb. I'm in some serious need of some Anna. I'm primarily an Elsanna shipper, but I'll take any pairing at this point. Or it doesn't have to involve pairings at all so long as it's Anna-centric. I'll take any length too. I'm sorry that this is so out of nowhere.

oh dude, i feel you so much

I tend to prefer fics that concentrate on Anna as I find they tend to be more ic (or at least are more palatable than super ooc elsa’s)

There’s not a ton that are strictly from Anna’s POV, but there’s some where she gets the majority of it or is written super well (I say this as someone who predominately reads Elsanna, so I do admit my suggestions are limited.  bri-ecrit has several Kristanna lists I believe that are very good).  Here are some off the top of my head that I’ve read recently:

  • Stolen Ice - M rated - 30+ chapters - Elsanna - Heist fic with great writing and really good plot.  I believe Anna has been the majority of the pov at this point, but Elsa’s povs are really good as well.  Written by Aesla:   X
  • Entry Point - T rated - One-shot - Elsanna implied - Anna’s POV - well written one-shot about Anna realizing she may have feelings for Elsa.  It’s all from her pov, but she is 14 at the time.  Written by Bearbutts:  X
  • Radioactive - T rated - One-shot - Elsanna - Anna’s pov - I just really love this one, an interesting concept.  Written by Sailorbutts:  X
  • Annacest Drabbles - T rated - 3 one-shots - Anna’s POV - more of symbolistic annacest than actual, well written and interesting.  Written by Justonemoreartist:  X
  • The Clean Flame - M rated (though still quite T at the moment) - 4+ chapters - switching POVs - later elsanna - my current obsession, super well written, well paced, very ic, and really understanding about the idea of isolation and how it would effect the girls.  Switches POV’s back and forth, but the Elsa ones are different than they usually are and imo super ic.  Written by Hotskytrotsky:  X
  • Icescarred’s drabbles and headcanons/writing in general I find to be awesome, just poking around her blog is good I find.  Most pairings can be found.  X
  • Tempest - T rated - 20+ chapters - Elsanna - AU - switches POVs though Anna gets a fair amount of them.  I haven’t caught up in a bit but it’s well written and has interesting twists to it, as well as being different than the usual fics.  Written by Kaiserklee:  X

There’s others as well but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.  You can always check my rec tag for stuff, and uh I also guess go check out the Anna week tag for stuff as well.

my audio files of Benedict Cumberbatch who has such a heavenly beautiful and sexy voice.

some of them are audio books, radio plays, radio readings, or narration for documentaries, even commercial video convert to audio.

I don’t know if that’s all or not, but those are my collection so far. 

sorry that some of them are not in good quality.

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