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Plot Twist
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Thank you so so so so much @iamzachvalenti  @uselessgaywhovian for helping this exist!!.

update: and also dad (oscar) for creating the au
  • Zach: Truth or dare?
  • Justin: Dare.
  • Zach: Okay, I dare you to pra-
  • Justin: Oh my god Zach I can't believe you're making me kiss Alex.
  • Zach: I didn't say you had t-
  • Justin: Well, a dare's a dare.
  • Zach: That wasn't the dare-
  • Justin: *leaning towards a very smug Alex* Here I go
  • Zach: *face palm* What a dumbass.
  • Justin: *jerks his head back* EXCUSE ME IM SORRY FOR DOING WHAT YOU ASKED
  • Zach: *grumpy* Oh just shut up and kiss him then.

friday night lights meme ≡ [1/5 male characters]: matt saracen 

i’m just having a moment, i don’t think i’m ok. i hate him. i don’t like hating people, but i just put all my hate on him so i don’t have to hate anyone else so i can be a good person, you know to my grandma, to my friends, to your daughter. that’s all i want to say. i want to tell him to his face that i hate him but he doesn’t even have a face.