i can't with your perfect face

  • Aries ☉: Scraped knees, band shirts, leather jackets, combat boots, cigarettes and loud laughter
  • Aries ☽: Bright Red
  • Aries ⇑: Somebody told me - the killers
  • Taurus ☉: Blue birds, the smell of freshly baked cookies, white lace, record players, your favorite books
  • Taurus ☽: Pastel purple
  • Taurus ⇑: Art Deco - Lana Del Rey
  • Gemini ☉: Big sunglasses, lemon ice cream, rainbows, bright colored flowers, French braids
  • Gemini ☽: Bright yellow
  • Gemini ⇑: Caught in the middle - Paramore
  • Cancer ☉: The sea, kittens, soft sweaters, childhood scrapbooks, teddy bears, cute candles
  • Cancer ☽: Baby blue
  • Cancer ⇑: Cry baby - the neighborhood
  • Leo ☉: The sun touchig your skin, golden glitters, crazy hair, running till your feet can't take it anymore
  • Leo ☽: Gold
  • Leo ⇑: Super rich kids - Frank Ocean
  • Virgo ☉: Clouds, Small tattoos, Tea with honey, Brownies, Polaroid cameras, self written stories
  • Virgo ☽: Silver
  • Virgo ⇑: Knee socks - Arctic monkeys
  • Libra ☉: Glitter lips, plaid skirts, pretty handwriting, perfume, Heart shaped sunglasses
  • Libra ☽: soft pink
  • Libra ⇑: Bubblegum bitch - Marina and the diamond
  • Scorpio ☉: Black cats, witchcraft, horror movies, taboos, dark chocolate, palm reading
  • Scorpio ☽: Deep purple
  • Scorpio ⇑: I wanna be yours - Arctic monkeys
  • Sagittarius ☉: Notebooks with stories, maps, late night conversations, sunsets, singing from the top of your lungs
  • Sagittarius ☽: Orange
  • Sagittarius ⇑: Perfect places - Lorde
  • Capricorn ☉: Trying to keep a straight face, sarcasm, coffee, riddles, old cars, the forest
  • Capricorn ☽: Dark brown
  • Capricorn ⇑: Money power glory - Lana Del Rey
  • Aquarius ☉: Neon signs, aliens, breaking rules, lightning, sour sweets, reading someone's mind, conspiracy theories
  • Aquarius ☽: Electric blue
  • Aquarius ⇑: UGH! - The 1975
  • Pisces ☉: Fairy lights, sleepy eyes, feeling like you're in a different dimension, soft hair, sparkling water, big eyes
  • Pisces ☽: Pastel yellow
  • Pisces ⇑: Cigarette daydreams - Cage the elephant

cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

I want to remember your face for the rest of my life.
—  Poets Love Her
  • Sana: [Walking into the basement] Hey what are you doing down here?
  • Tzuyu: I'm texting Chaeyoung
  • Sana: Hmm, texting. That's the most intimate thing you can do to a lover with your fingers... Other than washing their hair
  • Tzuyu: So I texted Chae and she hasn't texted me back. I can't believe I'm asking this but can you help me?
  • Sana: Oh, Tzuyu, yes. I am the perfect person for this job. Okay, let's get busy. What was her initial text?
  • Tzuyu: "I can't believe I miss you this much after 3 hours XO"
  • Sana: XO? Girl, marry her. What'd you write back?
  • Tzuyu: "Haha lame"
  • Sana: [Pulls a face]
  • Tzuyu: It's a joke I was insulting her. You know, flirting. Think she's mad?
  • Sana: I bet she's heartbroken
  • Tzuyu: [Throws down her phone]
  • Sana: No, no, we can fix this. We just have to write a very sweet, very heartfelt text, that will jumpstart the conversation.
  • Sana: [Starts typing on Tzuyu's phone] "Hey baby"
  • Tzuyu: I don't call people baby
  • Sana: You do now
Ho Ho Hold On A Damn Minute
  • Harry was alone on Christmas Eve, with Eggsy off to Mass with his mother. Trying to be on the protective mother's good-side, especially when he was a sugar-daddy caricature, Harry hadn't complained. He woke up late today and was making brunch when Eggsy bursts in through the front door.
  • Eggsy: I'm leaving the Church. Converting to Tolkienism or something.
  • Harry: *flips a pancake*....did Mass not go well?
  • Eggsy: *hugs Harry from behind, buries his face in Harry's back*
  • Eggsy: Harry, let's elope.
  • Harry: Absolutely not. *sets aside a perfect pancake and pours more batter into the pan*
  • Eggsy: *pulls away from Harry, genuinely horrified* Why not?!
  • Harry: Because, Eggsy, weddings aren't optional. Marriage is for the couple, but weddings are for the family. It binds them together with each other, with us, so we become one family. It's always been that way. I won't take you from your mother like a thief in the night, it's disrespectful. Can't have her thinking she's not integral in our family.
  • Harry: *Flips another pancake*
  • Harry: We'll make a day of it with everyone there and it will be a proper wedding. With dancing and embarrassing stories of us and celebration. Two families becoming one.
  • Harry: *sets aside another perfect pancake while Eggsy stares agape*
  • Eggsy: Hold on a minute, did you just propose to me?
  • Harry: *Pauses and turns to Eggsy* Well, you did, actually. You suggested elopement.
  • Eggsy: I was joking, because I was mad at this woman at church.
  • Harry: *hesitant* Do you....not want to get-
  • Eggsy: Shut up, I'll marry you tomorrow. It'll be a Christmas wedding! We'll do it at the church. It'll piss off that bitch sooooo much!
  • Harry: Eggsy, no.
  • Eggsy: Eggsy, yes. It'll be great! Daisy can be the flower girl, we can-
  • Harry: The rings aren't even ready yet!
  • Eggsy: - get Merlin to-....Ready? Yet?
  • They stare each other down for a moment, before Harry sighs and grabs his plate of pancakes.
  • Harry: I want a May wedding. No compromise. *walks off towards the dining room*
  • Eggsy stares into space for a moment, before snapping out of it and shouting after Harry as he moves towards the dining room.
  • Eggsy: Hold on a damn minute, Harry Hart. You have this planned. You have this planned?
  • Eggsy: Harry.
  • Eggsy: Harry!
  • For some reason he can't explain, Eggsy can't stop smiling.

sorta-kind a present/shout out to @justjackbitty because I spent the last week going through about 350 pages of their blog??? because Zimbits. So here’s a messy Zimbits. Not perfect but whatevs

If you haven’t read OMG Check, Please! ( @omgcheckplease) this doesn’t make sense to you. Go read it if you want idk man it’s your life


Inej is the only one who can touch his cane without being murdered on the spot ♡

  • Chanyeol: [Walking into the basement] Hey what are you doing down here?
  • Baekhyun: I'm texting Yixing
  • Chanyeol: Hmm, texting. That's the most intimate thing you can do to a lover with your fingers... Other than washing their hair
  • Baekhyun: So I texted Yixing and he hasn't texted me back. I can't believe I'm asking this but can you help me?
  • Chanyeol: Oh, Baekhyun, yes. I am the perfect person for this job. Okay, let's get busy. What was his initial text?
  • Baekhyun: "I can't believe I miss you this much after 3 hours XO"
  • Baekhyun: XO? Girl, marry him. What'd you write back?
  • Baekhyun: "Haha lame"
  • Chanyeol: [Pulls a face]
  • Baekhyun: It's a joke I was insulting him. You know, flirting. Think he's mad?
  • Chanyeol: I bet he's heartbroken
  • Baekhyun: [Throws down his phone]
  • Chanyeol: No, no, we can fix this. We just have to write a very sweet, very heartfelt text, that will jumpstart the conversation.
  • Chanyeol: [Starts typing on Baekhyun's phone] "Hey baby"
  • Baekhyun: I don't call people baby
  • Chanyeol: You do now

anonymous asked:

Hey, I hoped you could help me. I have a big problem while drawing faces. I can't draw both sides similar. The other eye or brow is always totally diffrent and it's frustrating. Do you know any tutorials or methods that might help? Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.

Hello! Sorry for taking a while to get back to you. I’ve been quite busy and really wanted to take my time to answer this properly, rather than just rushing an answer out for you.

Symmetry in faces is something that I struggled with for a long time. Even now, it’s rare for me to draw a face and have it be perfect on the first try. Before anything, I should note that most faces aren’t really symmetrical, and that faces that are too similar on both sides often fall into the dreaded uncanny valley.

The first tip I have for you is to zoom out. Even if you are drawing on paper, give yourself some distance between your eye and the page. This helps you get a better understanding of what the face actually looks like, rather than that one line on that one eye that you’ve zoomed 600% in on.

Next, I’d recommend getting in the habit of flipping your image, to check for mistakes. As you draw, your eye gets used to what you’ve been putting down, and can trick you into thinking that things are in proportion, when they aren’t. By flipping the image, you are giving your eye a chance to see the drawing as if for the first time again… So all mistakes will be easier to spot. This can easily be done in any digital art program. When drawing traditionally, you can hold your drawing backwards in front of a window, to see what it looks like flipped.

Don’t be afraid to use the tools at your disposal. I’ve never seen it as cheating, and I don’t believe that you should either. If you’re working on paper, get a ruler and trace out the line on which you want the eyes to sit, or even map out the proportions of the face. If you’re working digitally, you can do the same thing with a line tool, or do the ol’ “copy and paste” method if you’re really struggling… Although that can often lead to strange looking faces (as noted above). 

Lastly, I’d simply advise learning the proportions of the face and how to break them down. If you know where features should be in relation to other features, you’re more likely to place them correctly. When it comes to my style, I like to start the eyes where the nostrils end and have the corner of the mouth line up with the center of the eye. Of course, this changes depending on the character. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s not bad for drawing *attractivefaces.

If anything is unclear, just let me know and I’ll go over it again :)

4bd0lut3ly  asked:

Uhm .. how can I start writing if I never wrote before?

Can you walk? You couldn’t always. You weren’t born walking. One day you just…got up. You held onto something for support; maybe a chair, maybe a hand. You took two steps and fell. You tried again, you fell again. You tried when no one was around to catch you and fell really hard, but your dumb baby brain never even thought to give up. You fell and you tripped and you sat hard on your butt, but you were determined to walk. Were you, at nine months, planning to run a marathon? Win the Olympics? Run faster than a cheetah? No, you just really wanted to walk and you refused to stop. You looked really stupid in those early days with your fat little legs wobbling and a toothless grin on your face, arms waving about because you hadn’t quite figured those out yet either. Did that stop you? People laughed and pointed, spoke to you like you were a moron, all while walking around perfectly on their perfect legs and towering above you. Did that stop you?

Start walking. If you have to hold someone’s hand, keep walking. If you look like an idiot, keep walking. If you fall on your face, keep walking. If someone else walks better than you, keep walking.

One day, you won’t even remember what it was like not knowing how to walk.


my favorites of 2013 - 13 ships | (9/13)

Agron/Nasir (Spartacus)

Nasir: You would battle a god for me?
Agron: I would slay all who would lay attempt to wrest you from my arms.

She made an album with 15 poetic, intriguing, powerful tracks….you don’t even think of skipping a song because each of them or so uniquely different??? so you WANT to listen to them all…you NEED to listen to them all because reputation is a journey!!! one with ups and downs, along the way lessons are learned, people are loved and others are left but when we reach track 15 she’s ended up with all she’s ever wanted…and it’s not perfect, but it’s REAL! and she’s HAPPY! you can hear it in her voice as well!!! when the final track finishes you are left with a smile on your face…maybe even a tear rolls down your cheek and guess what????? you’ll go back and play it ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

…and again


i’m not sure what love is, but i think it’s hearing her say, “you’re an asshole,” while her smile betrays the words that just came out of her mouth. it’s getting a facetime call at eight in the morning so she can show you her outfit, because she thinks she looks really cute that day. i think love is blurting out exactly how you feel about her when she asks you why you’re looking at her “like that.” it’s unplanned and sloppy, the exact opposite of how you wanted it to happen; but the smile on her face tells you that it was perfect in its own way. love is being afraid to let her know about certain parts of yourself, but telling her anyways. it’s making breakfast with her in the morning, dancing with her despite your two left feet, and passionately singing the wrong lyrics just to hear her laugh.i’m not sure what love is, but it just might be magic.


Le visiteur du futur - s2-e1

God Can’t Save the Queen- P1

{Junker Queen/Reader}
{This is mainly just an intro, so there isn’t that much interaction between the reader and the Queen yet, but there’s the basic plot set up, as well as the introduction to the Queen’s personality.}
{@overwatch-yanderes​, this is what I’m working on, if you’re interested}

“So this is the ‘lil bludger who was mucking around the supplies?…” The voice was dry, but, oddly enough, not laced with any venom. There was no anger in her tone, no tremble in her speech, nothing to indicate the severity of the trouble you were in. Or, as you were calling it, the ‘level of your fuckedness’. Part of you wanted to hope that the Queen’s impassive voice meant a lack of care- but you knew that she never let anyone off easy. One couldn’t claim Junkertown’s throne without being absolutely ruthless.

Seeing as you had tried to steal vital supplies… Well, you were pretty sure you’d be delimbed, stripped, then tossed to the dingos, though not necessarily in that order. It all depended on the Queen’s judgment. No matter what horrid things the others called for, in the end it would be her, and her alone, that decided your fate. From what you had heard, of course, her imagination was far more twisted than even the worst of the Junkers.

“Ya know what, blokes?” She said, after a long pause, slowly rising from her throne. Instantly the air was filled with tension, and you could hear the scuffling of nervous feet behind you. Something had changed in her voice. It was lower, rougher, like her vocal chords were scraping against gravel. More than that… you could finally hear the anger you had been dreading all along. “I’m startin’ get damn hot under the collar. So you dipshits better have a good fucking explanation for how some dodgy ‘lil shit nearly got to waltz right out the front door!”

From what you could tell, there wasn’t a single person in the room who didn’t flinch at her words. Even if anyone had managed to avoid the instinctive recoil, they wouldn’t have managed to prevent it after what followed, nor could they prevent the scattering of their ranks. The Queen grabbed one of the rusty, iron torches nearby and hurled it into the gathered crowd. Someone screamed, another few howled, and most of the rest tried to move away from the center. All the while the Queen glared down at them, the hunger in her eyes making it clear that she wasn’t done yet.

Which meant that when she turned to face you, you felt yourself go rigid. Assuming the rumors about her were right, and most of them were, she was more than capable of picking you up and tossing you into the crowd, just as she had done with the torch. There was a solid moment where you thought that she intended to do just that; one of her hands reached down to grab your hair, forcefully tugging you towards her throne. You didn’t bother resisting.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day, doll. I’ve got bigger problems than your sorry excuse for a ‘heist’. So sit your arse down, look like a good ‘lil spunk, and wait for me to rassle these mongrels,” the Queen growled, pushing you onto the ground. Without sparing you another glance she returned her attention to the crowd. Someone had managed to put out the fire, though not before a few junkers got scalded, of course. But they all knew that something far worse than flame was coming for them. “You dipshits better listen up! Every drongo who was on guard duty gets to say hooroo to a limb- if you don’t got any left, then it’s the scrap heap for ya!”

There was an odd mix of cheering, jeering, and panicked grumbling in response. Evidently there were plenty of people eager to see blood- perhaps a tad too eager. Regardless, the Queen wasn’t done yet, and she raised her fist in the air, waiting for the crowd to quiet down. They, out of fear, went nearly silent in mere seconds.

“Any buggered bloke who was even in a room this shit went through gets ten lashes… and five more for every sorry whimper the bastard lets out.” This time the silence stayed, even as the Queen returned to her throne, sat down, and casually propped her feet up on your back. Although you could no longer see her face, you were certain she was smirking. “What are you bogans waiting for? Get the flog and the shears, you idiots!”