i can't with your face killian

the one where Killian proposes

Because we didn’t get our proposal in the finale, I decided to write not one, but two proposal stories– one where Killian proposes, and one where Emma does. I had a rough draft of this one fleshed out before, deleted it, and then decided to do it again. I haven’t even started the second, but just know that it will get done. 

Ciao <3

I talked to your dad
go pick out a white dress
it’s a love story,
baby, just say yes

Killian Jones has faced countless awful monsters, staring them straight in the face without batting an eye. He’s encountered terrible storms, knowing that he would lose crew members in even their best scenarios, but braved them anyway. He’s even dealt with death itself on more than one occasion, each time fixing the cruel fate with a steady gaze. He’s handled the world’s worst, quite literally, and came out of it able to tell the tale. Yet, here he stands, absolutely terrified to his core, of speaking to the teenage boy standing across from him.

Mermaids? Sure, he can take the beasts. The god of the Underworld? Certainly worth an eye roll. But asking the son of the woman you love for his permission to marry her?

Nothing is scarier.

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The first thing Killian registers when he wakes up is Emma pressing her toes against his calves.

“Bloody hell, Swan!”

“Sorry? My feet are cold.” He can see from her sleepy smile that she’s not sorry at all.

“That much is obvious.”

“Not my fault you’re like a human space heater.” She scoots over to her side of the bed, but the pout on her face has him reaching for her and pulling her back against him in seconds.

She buries her face in his neck and hums. “You snore. It’s only fair.”

“I most certainly do not snore.”

“Yes, you certainly do.” She giggles and sits up long enough to kiss his cheek before cuddling back against his chest. “It’s okay though. I still love you.”

He sighs. Look at what she had gone and turned Captain Hook into. “I love you, too. Cold toes and all.”