i can't with you roberto


Happy Birthday Robert Plant 💛

I’m still so unbelievably proud and elated at all of the fantastic people who will be participating in this zine.

I mean, I’m looking at the list of artists like:

Just the overall incredible amount of quality in this zine. 

And best of all, we have one more artist that we haven’t even listed yet, due to the fact that they want to remain anonymous for the time being.

I’m so excited and elated for this.

Otome Contest~ Round 2: Memorable Date

Last minute entry! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 I had so many exams this week, I’m surprised I even finished. (>__<)

“LETS GO ON A DATE!” Roberto announces, dragging you out of the villa before you could protest. You end up at the nearest skating ring, and struggle to adjust to frozen surface. After seeing you shiver, he’ll run off and find a hot beverage for you. He’ll ask you to hold his hands, because apparently he forgot his gloves at the villa. Then, he ’ll attempt to seduce you with his Alberto-snowman making skills and then destroy when you’re not looking.

[Robbie] done a lovely thing for us. Before we played the Champions League final, the night before, he called us into the team meeting, so we’re expecting and him give us, like, a briefing on Bayern Munich, and there was a message from all the players’ wives, all the players’ kids, and everyone was in tears. All the players were crying [laughs]. This was the night before the game and stuff, but it was like really different. No managers have ever done that before, but it was really nice, like, a really nice touch from him.
—  John Terry