i can't with you eli

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal



(\T∆T///) ❤❤❤

i have the sudden, overwhelming desire to write a body swap fic where Graves and Newt are on the receiving end of a miscast spell and have to suffer the admittedly hilarious consequences

You know you’re fangirl asf when you’re listening to a love song and instead of thinking of someone that you like, you’re thinking of your OTP

When @skazuhira-miller and I first started chatting I remember we were talking about Liquid wearing clothes and so I said he should wear a bra???? Just because lmao and then we were talking about or own styles, she told me about this one bralette she had and I was like GOTTA DRAW HIM IN IT IT’S PRETTY and we joked about it the whole night. So these are ancient but too golden not to share.

bonus very tired 90′s Liquid wearing a turtleneck bc every snake looks good in them. 

lightofcrimea replied to your post “"Titania… um… well… look, please don’t judge me, but… what are…”

“B-because, I, um… I’ve had… some interesting dreams, and… I’d like to… make them real?” She looks pleadingly at the Paladin.

Titania could only barely suppress the laughter that came to her lips- but managed to stifle it rather quickly.

“Sorry-”  She murmured- still smiling at Elincia.  “-It’s not funny, per se, but are you asking me to be your mommy?”  She said.  “I honestly wouldn’t have pegged you for that.  Bondage and masochism, yes, but not mommy.”  She said- taking a sip of her drink- feeling no need to disclose the fact that she found her…literature, while she was traveling with the Mercenaries.  She was a young woman once too.

“…Hah!  Why not- I suppose I’d be willing to try something new.”  She said- getting up from her seat, and stretching out.

“But let’s be clear- if people start calling me a cougar behind my back, I’ll know who’s responsible.”

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the holiness that is Umi’s abs…

Other doodle of Umi’s abs: [here]


- I can’t imagine losing someone you love like that. Losing everything that you know. I’m sorry, Joel.
- That’s okay, Ellie.


I had a free day, so why not. Though I had to draw Eli two times, since I lost first unsaved file due to outage.(shame on me for not saving)

Exchange of gazes at the lockers* from 2nd chap of Otonokizaka Private Academy by jstonedd

I was thinking about something else but then it turned into two portraits 


*lockers not included ⊙︿⊙