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Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

My commission from the freaking amazing and talented @plastic-pipes​ of Trini and Kim dancing mid air from the opening scene of Chapter 2 in my fic , Ghosts of the Past !

Pipe’s is freaking amazing and such a lovely person and you should all commission her!

Mark: *comes out of room with a Holy Bibel, Torah, rose beads in his hands and a Khata on his shoulders and waist.*

Livvy: What the hell?

Diego: Looks like someone found a religion.

Emma: Looks like someone found all the religions.

Mark: Children … let us pray.

Julian: You’ve got to be kidding me.

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Does Sam still have demon blood in him? I can't remember if he was like purified or whatever.

WELL ANON this is one of those things that never really got clarified and as such presents a tantalising LOOSE END to be picked up by fanfic writers and also potentially (I wish I wish I wish) by the show itself. Yes, in S8 when doing the trials Sam suggests that the process is ‘purifying’ him (in, like, THE MOST HEARTBREAKING SCENE OF ALL TIME omfg), but of course he never completes the trials. And so. Even if he’s right (and not just delirious, drowning in self-loathing), you could argue that the process was never finished and so there might yet be traces of demon blood in Sam. 

Jared has asked (and been asked) the question before and basically seems to be on the fence about it; he says that Sam probably ‘hopes that his powers don’t come back’ but does consider them ‘part of himself’; apparently at Dallascon 2015 said that he did think Sam still had demon blood in him (I can’t find gifs of that moment so I might have to go and watch the video to clarify); but then he was tweeting about it in summer 2015 asking for people’s opinions.

Personally my headcanon is that Sam still does have traces of demon blood in him (as he has traces of angelic grace - Cas wasn’t able to remove every element of Gadreel, remember). At the moment I’m, like, dying every week with how much I wish the show would tap into this for their ongoing storyline. Mary was of course (inadvertently) responsible for what happened to Sam with the demon blood in the first place - she made the deal with Azazel - so Sam’s powers re-emerging would force the two of them to address that issue (which mostly Mary seems to be handling by avoiding getting too close to Sam). Moreover, the British Men of Letters’ emphasis on killing anybody even remotely supernatural (MAGDA PETERSEN MY BEAUTIFUL PSYCHIC FAVE MAY YOU REST IN PEACE) would mean that a re-emergence of Sam’s powers would put him directly in the firing line, amping up the tensions between them and the Winchesters and providing the perfect staging ground for an articulation of the differences between how Sam and Dean have come to do things (closer to the way Sam has advocated since at least S2 - not killing monsters ‘unless they do something to get killed for’ [4x04]) and the BMOL’s approach (closer to S1 Dean or Gordon Walker, ‘it’s all black and white, there’s no maybe’ [2x03]), plus allowing Sam to get closure on the whole existence of his powers, all the stuff that was said by Dean in Season 4 about Sam’s powers defining him (”it’s not something that you’re doing, it’s what you are!” [4x21]). 

I mean it’s a fic waiting to happen. I’ll write it, maybe. (I even started writing it, kinda).

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Ohh myyy godddd I just fucking saw a kl//ance fan art that used the trials of the blade of marmora scene with the "your friend desperately wants to see you" part and like instead of s/hiro, they drew in l/ance and i'm so mad bc why can't they just let us have nice things?? every time sh//eith gets any kind of interaction or moment, the fucking kl//ance shippers have to take it!! I'm so mad! I used to actually like kl//ance but the shippers keep pulling shit like this and I just can't do it omfg

That’s infuriating but also kind of funny and kinda proves that they DO see the romantic potential of sheith. Cause I mean, them using this scene as romantic shipping material for kl/ance means that they obviously saw that it was romantic shipping material for sheith in the first place. Lmfao. (on mobile now so I can’t tag, sorry! #vld #wank)

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omfg doing a re read of TG and after kaneki tells touka she can't go with him post aogiri there's a scene of her lying down holding her parents ring that she has now given to him ;_;

i love that scene a lot and have been thinking about A LOT ;////; it makes me wonder when touka had the idea to give him the ring in the first place, if it was then or later, if it was generally spontaneous or something she thought about the morning after or something. maybe womdering what gestures you make when you love someone, having only one real example for it 😭

i also like the idea that touka said specifically that it “gives her strength” — since the world of ghouls is so ruled by strength, it feels like the significance of it is a little more poignant.

Sns family discord be like:
  • Disclaimer - compiled real life events
  • Me, just woken up: Hhmmmmm, what should I do tod--?
  • Snsfamilydiscord chat, going wild: 103+ new messages
  • Me: God damn!
  • Me, 15 minutes of scrolling later: God damn... I missed? everything?
  • Me: Now who are we forcing into reading/watching what, when, where and why?
  • Member L: good night people
  • Me: Nuuu! *sigh* Oh, okay, sleep tight <3
  • Member H: Oh no, what did I miss nowwwww???
  • Me, dealing with fomo: SaMe dUde. *TT.TT*
  • Member I: *restarts a convo I missed but wanted to be a part of*
  • Me, kinda in love: *types furiously, tags like 10 ppl, oops they might be sleeping, oh well*
  • Member B: Guys check out this sns video that ripped me apart!
  • Member R, arted a thing and shares it on group: I did a silly, hehe
  • Me, staring at art for 5 mins straight: Damn, she good. Maybe...I can share some of my art. //Hey guys, I worded some sentences today and uploaded a crappy chappie, pls read, k thanks, bye// Well at least I put myself out the--
  • Member A: Need this now.
  • Member B: omg what if... *throws a hilarious scene idea at me*
  • Member C: LINK ME THIS ^^^^
  • Member D: <3
  • Me, outright sobbing, singing: Where I'm meant to be~~~
  • Member E: Guys! take this to the other chat, k thanks
  • Me and like six other snooping members, giggling: Oops
  • Member X: omfg guys I need an AU where *details an A+ fic*
  • Me, dying from want: Neeeddddd!!! Write it and finish it yesterday!
  • Member X: Sox, can't have an exam... but after
  • ~An hour later
  • Me, desperately: Fic me, fic me, fic me now!
  • Member N: *feeds me fics, like a loving enabler*
  • Member Y: guys! //this// live spectacles is awesome! look it!!
  • Me, red-eyed: Omg lolzor, hahahahahaha
  • Member Z: I can voice chat in 45 mins
  • Member O: I can come on in 15!
  • Me, pulling out my earphone: Hells yeah, more diverse voices to hear!! <3
  • Member F, that comes on once a day for like one hour: I love you guys so much
  • Me, overwhelmed, slightly tearful: I'm home.
  • ~15 hours later
  • Me, falling asleep over my cell phone while ranting about the possibilities of Team Taka and Team 7 getting along: It's 1 am, lol should prolly go to sl--
  • Member L: good morning!
  • Me, having missed member L: God damn it!!
  • ~2 hours later
  • Me, crying because my battery is on 1%: I'll miss you all, don't forget me!
  • New member, kinda shyly: Hi everyone
  • Me, typing furiously to welcome but the battery dies: And that's why I'm anti-ending! -.-"

Can we talk about this beautiful photo, and the awesome scene, and that DEREK AND STILES ARE RIGHT THERE TOGETHER OMFG
Ok, I’m fine, fine (not at all tbh). Just look at these faces, guys. I don’t need anything anymore but sterek like this (actually I wouldn’t mind if sterek is FINALLY endgame, but I’m realistic so). Sterek for me is nothing more but this - Derek is protective af and Stiles is, uhm, stiles af, because in which different way could I even described him?! Stiles is unique! He is a ton of sarcasm, hundreds of incredible plans with loving heart and painful fists (perfect if with a bat) and maybe I’m just in love a little, who knows?..
And it is where sterek always end up, protect each other and stand by each other’s sides. While Derek looks like ‘okey bitches I don’t give a fuck what’ s going on here but my baby is here not as far as possible because of you and you are going to suffer’, Stiles definitely looks like ‘bye bye freaks don’t think I will miss you Stiles’ done here so can go and leave all this fucking shit on his bae right now (come on Der-der rip all of their’s throats with your teeth see you at home)’

Hardships of a Fangirl
  • Me: *reads a fanfic on my phone in public*
  • Fanfic: *cute scene happens*
  • Person: she's really interested in her phone I wonder what she's thinking
  • Me: *internally screaming* my otp omfg what even gave you the right stop that I can't handle omfg adskjfa;sklf STOP THAT I CANT EVEN I JUST CANT UGH MY FEEL GOD DANGIT stupid dorks I hate you but I love you guys too ugh wtf I WANNA SCREAM ABOUT MY OTP AND SHARE MY FEELINGS WITH OTHERS NOW BUT I CANT
  • Person: yea she's really interested in it, I wonder why she can't stop smiling. It must be something really funny.