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I work at a restaurant and we have deals online that we can't honor in store on the phone and one night this lady calls and says that our website is down & that she can't place the order. Obvi I can't do anything about that She begs me to honor the coupon "just this once" LIKE NO. I CANNOT. she called about 3 more times thinking that she'll talk to a different person even though it was just me and my manager and every time I would tell her no she'd call again til my manager blocked her number 💀

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Had a customer whose change back was $10. Gave them 2 5s. "Don't you have a 10?" Nope sorry I only have fives "but I really need a 10 can't you take it from someone else's register "I'm sorry, but we cannot open tills outside of a transaction." "Well can't you just go in the back and change it out for a 10" LADY HOLY FUCK GO TO A BANK. TBH we don't get 10s from the bank, if we happen to have one it's cause a customer gave it to us.... and that doesn't even happen that often since ATMS Do 20s

Lady Gaga {Sentence Starters}
  • "There's nothing wrong with loving who you are!"
  • "Sorry I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy."
  • "A little gambling is fun when you're with me!"
  • "You know that I want you, and you know that I need you."
  • "But I just can't be with you like this anymore!"
  • "I know you think you're special."
  • "I'll chase you down until you love me!"
  • "I won't give up on my life."
  • "There ain't no reason you and me should be alone."
  • "I don't wanna talk anymore."
  • "I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way!"
  • "Please, just let me go..."
  • "You should've made some plans with me!"
  • "I'm not gonna cry anymore!"
  • "Don't hide yourself in regret"
  • "I'm not your babe."
  • "I don't wanna think anymore."
  • "I want your love!"
  • "No, he can't read my poker face."
  • "You and me could write a bad romance!"
  • "We'd be so fantastic!"
  • "I promise I'll be kind..."
  • "I won't tell you that I love you."
  • "I can't see straight anymore."
  • "I'll follow you until you love me!"
  • "I can't remember, but it's alright."

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What are your opinions on Lady Stoneheart? I sort of can't decide what I think. In one way it is very cool - zombie mother gets her revenge. But I can't help bit feel that she finally was going to be reunited with Ned and instead comes back to life neither living nor dead.

Ah, Lady Stoneheart–you got right to the most painful part of ASOIAF for me, Anon! I have a lot of feelings about Stoneheart’s existence, all of them ridiculously painful. Of all the terrible things GRRM has done to the fictional people he made me love, this is the one thing I cannot quite see myself forgiving. I can acknowledge it as a stunning literary device. I mean, if that epilogue didn’t give you chills, you may just need to check your own heart for stone. It certainly is a graphic depiction of just how much of themselves a person can lose in the midst of war and grief and unspeakable atrocities. But this was Catelyn–my favorite character in this series and one of my favorites ever–and it simply hurt too much. NED WAS WAITING, GRRM!!! Could you not at least have let her have that?!?

Okay, emotional outburst completed, I will try to express a rational opinion on this character. Too often, I have seen two very opposite opinions of Stoneheart, both of which I find to be inaccurate.

The first is that Lady Stoneheart is sort of the opposite of Catelyn Stark. That the horror of the Red Wedding followed by a resurrection of sorts which she certainly did not choose created a monster who is everything Catelyn is not–vengeful, hate-filled, merciless. Well, Catelyn was certainly capable of mercy and Stoneheart is not, but the living woman could act without mercy when circumstances demanded it. She was extremely pragmatic, and could be quite ruthlessly so if necessary. She also hated. She was not hate-filled, certainly. She was a woman who loved far too much to be filled by hate, but she DID hate. Without question, she hated those who hurt her family. As for vengeful, well, it wasn’t Lady Stoneheart who said to Brienne, “Every morning, when I wake, I remember that Ned is gone. I have no skill with swords, but that does not mean I do not dream of riding to King’s Landing and wrapping my hands around Cersei Lannister’s white throat and squeezing until her face turns black.” Catelyn Stark was vengeful, all right, but she valued the lives of the people she loved above any vengeance for those she had lost. Most people have felt the need for vengeance. Many act on it. Catelyn was capable of controlling that desire, and Stoneheart is not. While she could be affected by her emotions (like most people), Catelyn was an extremely rational human being who truly cared about justice and honor. She thought things through. She tried to weigh her actions. She endeavored to listen to people–even those she did not like or trust. So, I agree that Stoneheart is VERY different from Catelyn Stark–but I think that to call her OPPOSITE is an oversimplification.

I take even greater issue with the opinion that Stoneheart is simply Catelyn becoming her “true self”–that her arc was always one moving in the direction of giving into her dark nature–a spiteful, vengeful monster of a woman who cared for nothing other than her own place in the world and that of her family. These people will postulate that she never cared for anyone outside her immediate family and was therefore not all that loving to start with. Her treatment of Brienne alone negates that manner of thinking, and while Ned and her children certainly dominate her thoughts, her inner monologue is filled with thoughts and concerns about others as well. She even spares a thought for Cersei Lannister as a mother who must love her children.

Catelyn doesn’t become “darker” or even more vengeful as the story progresses. The anger and hatred she feels for those who harm people she loves is always there, and she is always dealing with it–but ultimately putting it aside in order to accomplish what needs to be done for the living. She does, however, become sadder and more exhausted. She thinks repeatedly of how all joy is gone for her in a world without Ned. She longs to rest. Yet, she doesn’t do that. She does not allow herself to quit even when life holds nothing for her–because her children still need her. Even when she thinks all of those children are lost except Robb, and she truly feels she has lived long enough and that Ned is waiting, she doesn’t give up. She tries all she can think of to save her son–offering to give up all rights to vengeance if only Robb can go free. She’ll give her life for that without hesitation.

And she isn’t even allowed to do that. She watches her son murdered before her eyes, keeps her last bloody promise, and begins to tear at her own flesh in the madness of the grief which has been steadily increasing in this poor woman’s heart throughout the books.

And then, she’s brought back to “life.” The ultimate sacrifice she would have made for her son is completely rejected. He is gone, and she is returned to a living death, deprived even of her hope of an afterlife where Ned was waiting.

So, I look at Lady Stoneheart and see what’s left of Catelyn Stark–not a “complete opposite”, not a “natural progression.” I see a sad, twisted remnant of a woman who has had everything that made her herself stripped away and destroyed. Her love, her joy, her honor, her sense of justice, her compassion, her rationality, her loyalty—all gone. Her grief, anger, and hatred are all that remain. Lady Stoneheart is NOT Catelyn Stark. Lady Stoneheart is the suffering and anguish of Catelyn Stark given bodily form and unleashed upon the people around her. And that, to my mind, is a tragedy of heartbreaking magnitude for everyone involved. 

the thing is… you don’t have to like regina. it makes no difference to me if you like regina or not. but if you’re making ‘family’ ouat sets that don’t include her, if you’re making ‘powerful lady’ sets that don’t include her, if you seemingly cannot manage to include her in all the ‘general’ content you make? you’re actively erasing a woc from a completely white cast and i don’t understand why you can’t see how wrong that is 

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I can't tell you how many times we've told customers we cannot give them just a half a slab of ribs. We won't sell the other half 🙄 a lady asked for a slab and a half and when I told her we couldn't do the half she looked at me like I was crazy. Bitch I know what I'm talking about. Don't look at me like that

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Mellllllly Omg so I just remembered how when an interviewer was asking about lady zayn for bse Liam said she had large breasts and then zayn posted that selfie where he clearly had larger pecs and I'm like LIAM MUST LIKE THOSE AND THAT WHY HE DID THAT. Also I'm in class rn and I cannot keep a straight face I need to chill and can't 

LISTEEEEEN you mentioning that made me think of this:

AND I had one of those war type flashbacks to Zayn saying this in a interview:
“That was just a random tweet I tweeted. Somebody was staring at Liam’s chest and I thought I would jump on the comedy band wagon and I tweeted the awkward moment when someone’s staring at your girlfriend’s boobs.” 

And now i’m 

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Well, I've just been staring at the kiss gif for a while and I just can't see tongue. Couldn't when I first saw it months ago and still can't. Sorry to burst your tonguey bubble ladies, but I am pretty sure that snappy-back bit of pink is Phryne's bottom lip (which was wedged firmly between Jack's lips). There ain't no tongue. :(

Well, either I am going mad because I just wanted to check back on the kiss gif which I know I saw last night but I have spent ages searching for it and I cannot find it. It’s not even in my posts and I’m sure I re-blogged it.

  I have to admit I was with you because the lipstick on Phryne’s bottom lip only ever covers the front of the lip and the rest is natural colour and can be mistaken for her tongue but then when I saw the gif it appeared to move from outside her lip to back inside her mouth. Other images bear out your theory I agree but the gif made me think again.  

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Seanan, I can't imagine how anyone could ever think of what they said to you was okay. It's disgusting and I want to give you a hug. You're an awesome lady and argh. I'm just so mad for you and this situation and that this sort of thing is apparently considered acceptable.

See, here’s the problem:

Again, I cannot link to the original blog post, because it has been taken down (and because honestly, the blogger does not need to have the world land on their head today for a mistake they made years ago), but apart from that caption, the text of the article was not mean-spirited.  They were Describing What They Saw.  And what they saw was Male Author, Font Of Wisdom, Too Wise And Sage To Comb His Beard, next to Female Author, Bubbly And Kind, Wearing Surprisingly Not-Shapeless Clothing For Her Size.

Was the blogger in the wrong for their caption?  Absolutely.  But this is the same trend that we see over and over again, in all media.  “Brooding Hero and Beautifully Willowy Heroine.”  Both phrases describe, but one describes him, as a person, while the other describes all the lunches she’s skipped to fit into that catsuit.  It makes the appearance of women a matter of public debate, and it shames us all.

Yes, it’s harsher when it’s applied to women, and especially to fat women.  I am no more medically obese than my friend X___, who is much thinner, is medically underweight; using that phrasing for me is inaccurate and unkind.  But we need to change all the discourse, and stop commenting on people’s bodies unless invited to do so.